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Name of Candidate: Jerilee Watts

Lacovia High School


Ms. Tomlinson


Social Studies



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Female headed single parent families – its advantages and disadvantages on
the community of Beadle Dr Santa Cruz St. Elizabeth

Task One
Statement of the Problem
Aims and Objectives
Task Two
Method of Investigation
Task Three
Task Four
Procedure Used to Collect Data
Task Five and Six
Presentation and Explanation of Data
Task Seven
Interpretation of Data
Task Eight
Task Nine

Acknowledgement Without the assistance of a number of people. Tomlinson for providing me with the guidance in the completion of this study. . so I would like to thank all the respondents to the questionnaire for their time. the completion of this study would not be possible. patience and co-operation during the course of this study. I would also like to thank my mother for being my driving force throughout this study and a special thanks goes out to my friend Andrea Powell who was there every step of the way while we were issuing and recollecting the questionnaires and lastly I would like to thank my teacher Miss.

is capab. because one parent is missing for reason or the other. The next question you may ask is. but has not yet found a job”. Single parent families are very prominent situations in Jamaican society as. in many households there is only one parent this parent usually being the mother. Unemployment “refers to a situation where a person is in the labour force. Like many other communities similar to Beadle’s Drive. Sitting on 26 acres of land the community is . The community of Beadle’s Drive is located in St.Introduction A single parent family is a situation in which “only one parent is living with his/her child or children”. what are the effects of these situations on the family as a whole? The answer to that question is that the effects are largely negative. Elizabeth just a two minute drive to Santa Cruz. so u may ask two questions: Firstly. The main issue plaguing these families is that a large number of these single parents are unemployed. society view these areas as “ghettos” (which I personally believe is a state of mind). The terms defined are the two key terms of the study and are what this study will be based upon.le and willing to work. the single parent family is a highly dominant one. how do these families cope with the effects of unemployment? This is why I believe it is clause able to carry out this study.

setting the stage for the continuation of the trends of single parent households and unemployment. I think that in order to gather substantial information on the topic at hand a total of around 50-55 female headed unemployed single parent households have to be visited (remember that not all 85 households are female headed single parent unemployed). . From time to time these mothers do get jobs but just stop working or get laid off for one reason or another. with the only parent in the family usually being the mother and majority of these mothers are unemployed.comprised of approximately 85 houses. I have been a member of the Beadle’s Drive community for almost five years and over these years I have noticed that many of my friends and people who I know are a part of single parent family households. In this community teen pregnancy and negligent fathers are also at a high rate.

Problem Statement What are the effects of unemployment female headed single parent families of Beadle’s Drive? Aims and Objectives   To explain the main cause of unemployment among these families To determine the impact which these situations have on the child/ren  of these families To identify the strategies used by these families to cope with unemployment .

it is very convenient to the respondents as it can be completed at any time and it is highly confidential as respondents identities are not required.Statement of the Method of Investigation The instrument used to collect the data for this study was the questionnaire. . Being that this is a primary study the best method which I thought could be used was the questionnaire as it has many advantages. such as: it does not take a long time to complete.

All the respondents selected were all at home when . comprising of a total of 85 households. The respondents to the questionnaires were not picked in any particular way. I just selected the women which I thought would be most cooperative in the completion of the questionnaire.Fortunately I was able to print the projected 50 copies for the study and with aid from a friend I was able to distribute all 50 copies of the questionnaire. we tried to at least give a questionnaire to the age groups which were on question one of the questionnaire. However at least seven questionnaires were distributed on each terrace in the community and we ensured that the questionnaires were issued evenly to women off different ages. A total of 25 questionnaires would have been prepared for distribution to supply substantial data for the study .Method of Data Collection Beadle’s Drive sits on 26 acres of land.

many of these respondents originate from poor backgrounds so they were not able to . or just not complete them over the time allotted. making unfinished schooling the main cause of unemployment among these individuals.It was projected that around 20 questionnaires would be returned as some of these women would neglect these questionnaires. Description and Analyses of Data The main cause of unemployment. lose them for some reason or the other. The other causes making up the chart are that are they were not able at a lack of higher education accounting for 33% of the chart. of this 44% of the respondents had their first child between the ages of 13-19(age of schooling). as seen in figure 1 is that many of these respondents did not finish school. After the respondents were given one day in which to complete the questionnaire from December 17th to December 18th. my friend and I collected them on the 19th December 2010 of the 25 questionnaires 23 were returned 3 more than was projected. This mainly because they got pregnant while they were in school this represented by figure 3.vsited. This shows the ages of respondents when they had their first child.

description of figure 1) All respondents highlighted that they still gain funds even though they are unemployed. Lastly other reasons made up the remaining percentage of the chart. The other methods may aid these mothers to some extent but are not very dependable so the most viable means of these mothers to support their families is to get employed.. I . Unfortunately most of these women depicted in the pie chart. as while I was researching the topic at hand it came to my attention that gambling often times lead to the loss of valuable funds needed to support the family.figure2 depicts the methods used by these respondents to gain aid. The third reason highlighted by the respondents is plain simple. From my observation I have seen where some o these respondents are comfortable with their lifestyle therefore resort to just being lazy. Second to the gambling factor is that these respondents receive aid both from family members locally and overseas. some the respondents just do not want to work. Locally accounted for 15% of the chart but overseas played a more significant role maybe because of the exchange rate and other factors. (example located in presentation of data.pursue their education at a higher level because of a lack of funds. use the negative practice of gambling to gain money which is one of the big negative effects of these single mothers being unemployed. the forth reason is Jamaican work system which I feel is no cause but it makes up 10%manyof these respondents have the attitude of blaming everything on the government and the organization of the society therefore this is why you find these respondents blaming their unemployment on the system.

ect. if you calculate how many days this child would be absent from school for the year he/she would be missing a lot of lessons. . Table I depicts how long these respondents unemployed 35% of them have been unemployed for over ten years and this is really an appalling figure. Depicted in figure4 the very respondent unanimously highlighted that the effect of their situation on the children is largely negative. Thirdly 9 of the respondents stated that their situation had no effect on their children as they see no changes in their children’s behavior. so this cannot be good on the child’s part. 29%say it gives their children a positive drive in a sense to say that their children are viewing them as parents and saying that they will not end up like their parents so it gives them a boost and they will strive to survive in life. However based on my point of view I believe that the effects rightly stated by a majority of the respondents that their situation definitely impacts their children. with 58% of the respondents stating that their child/ren are more negatively impacted by unemployment. Lastly 4% of the respondents were unsure towards the relationship between their situation and their children. clearly seen in table 2 majority of the respondents can only afford to send the child/children to school three times for the week this is really negative.strongly believe that these aids play a factor in establishing why the majority these respondents have been unemployed for over such a long period of time.


Figure 3 Figure 3 is the representation of the percentage of the age respondents had their first child. the age group 2026 made up 29% of the chart. the age group27-33 made up 27% of the chart and 34 and older did not account for any percentage of the chart. . The age group 13-19 accounted for 44% of the chart.

. while the respondents chose responses of no effect and not sure 9% and 4% respectively.Figure 4 Figure 4 represents the effect which unemployment has on the children of these families. the positive effect gained 29% of the responses. Respondents which said the effect of unemployment on their children is largely negative accounted for 58%.

The most popular of these alternate sources was that these respondents chose to try their luck with cash pot and other gambling mediums. as 44% of the respondents had their first child between the ages of 13-19 years old. gaining 36%.Interpretation of Data Of the respondents some of them refused to work but those were willing to work. based on observations done it was seen that the majority of these friends are unemployed and majority of the respondents do not want to go to the church for aid because they feel that the church will offer them god’s word rather than tangible aid meaning that . there were impediments which were blocking these respondents from gaining employment. based on the data collected this is because the respondents believe that they would be more than likely able to acquire the aid from this source and that they would be more than likely able to acquire the aid from this source and that they would acquire more funds from these sources being that it would be foreign exchange. which accounted for 40%. Family members living overseas was next best source. the respondents had to rely and other sources to aid with the supply of basic needs (figure 2). Based on the data collected the root cause of these respondents being unable to finish school was that many got pregnant while they were in school.Fourth on the chart was to gain aid from churches and friends. As a result of being unable to gain employment. Of the respondents 44% were not able to gain employment because they were unable to finish school. Why this was second lowest on the chart. Rather than local family members who gained 20%.

This I believe is the cause of such a high unemployment rate in the country as according to Encarta Encyclopedia 2009”the unemployment rate in Jamaica is in excess of 11%. Secondly these effects are largely more negative than positive and this is not just bad for these families but society as a whole as this can increase the dependency ratio and halt the development of the country.” . Findings Conducting this study was no easy task. Especially in the children in their education. Children are not responsible for themselves so therefore depending on what little economic aid these families gain. but it has brought to my attention a few good and bad attitudes towards being employed in the community of Beadle Drive Santa Cruz these include: Firstly the effects of these unemployment situations affect both the mothers and the children of these families it is not a one sided affair as is clearly proven by the data. The next thing that I have found out is that these individuals have become so caught up in the lifestyle of acquiring alternate aid. they have fallen into a comfort zone and have become extremely lazy.they (the church) would be more likely to tell them that God will supply their needs rather than giving them some money or some food. determines how often children go to school among other effects. Last on the chart were other means of acquiring aid which was a mere 4%.

As for the children which are the most vulnerable in these situations. . Figure 4 shows how respondents believe that their situation affects their child/children of these respondents 58% said that this is that most of the respondents are wise and honest enough to know and admit that their situation cannot be healthy for their child/children’s’ moral upbringing and values. even the majority of the respondents’ agreed that this is the case as seen in Figure 4.One other thing that I have found out is that in this situation children are more vulnerable to the negative impacts rather than the positives.

What do u think is your cause of unemployment. You would have the school to either teach . therefore not able to finish school accounted for a large percentage from data of a next question asked. so that they can still be taught while they are pregnant and after they have given birth. Forty four percent of respondents stated that they got pregnant between the ages of 13-19. this is usually the period of time which these respondents are in High School. getting pregnant while in school would force them to drop out of school and being unable to complete their secondary education. because as the data shows being unable to finish school because of early pregnancy was the main cause of unemployment.Recommendation In one of the previous sections of this study data was presented on a question from the questionnaire. Implement a program especially for them something like a school or class to reduce the problem from the main cause. Seeing that being unable to finish school is such a major cause of unemployment among respondents my recommendation is to set up a system which caters for young girls who get pregnant while they are still in school. which asks respondents at what age they got pregnant with their first child.

You would make this class free of charge because remember a large amount of these respondents do not have the financial aid to support a school. .This school would indeed be successful as I believe a significant portion of these girls would be willing to go back to school and catch up back with their school life and the opportunity of being a second chance at life would indeed motivate them to attend school. You would however not just teach these girls academics but also how to take care of their babies because many of them being their first child would not know how to properly take care of baby . I also believe it would be successful because these girls after finishing the course would now be equipped with the necessary skills for life. in order to acquire employment.these girls necessary the necessary skills needed for the working world or you would get teachers to continue teaching them what they were being taught in school so u would split them up by age group into different classes for different classes for different stages of teaching. You would give the girls the option to either go back to school after they have given birth or continue with the school until they have finished the course.

Table showing how many years respondents have been unemployed and the percentage of respondents between the years of unemployment Years of Unemployment Under 1 Year 2-5 Years 6-10 Years Over 10 Years Percentage of Respondents 17% 21% 27% 35% Table 1 Table 1 is the length of unemployment among the respondents 17% of the respondents have been unemployed under a year.21% have been unemployed for 2-5 years.35% of the respondents have been unemployed for 6-10 years and 27% of the respondents have been unemployed for over 10 years. .

9% said two times per week.2% said four times per week and 31% said five times per week. .55% said three times per week.Table showing the percentage of how often respondents can afford to give their child/children lunch money to attend school Times per week respondents can afford to give their child/children lunch money to attend school 1 time per week 2 times per week 3 times per week 4 times per week 5 times per week Percentage 3% 9% 55% 2% 31% Table 2 Table 2 is showing how often respondents can afford to give their child/children lunch money to attend school 3% of the respondents said they could only afford it once per week.

Presentation and Explanation of Data Figure 1 .

10% blamed the Jamaican work system. Aid from local family members gained 20% and Aid from the church gained 4% . Cash pot and other gambling mediums garnered 40%. Aid from family members living overseas gained 36%. 8% just desired not to work and 5% of the respondents pointed out that there were other reasons for their unemployment for example one respondent pointed out that she was unable to seek employment because she had too many young children to take care of therefore she had no time to work.Figure 1 depicts the reasons respondents are unemployed. Figure 2 Figure 2 shows the alternate sources of income for the respondents as a result of them not being able to get a job. It can be seen that 44% did not finish school. 33% were hampered by a lack of higher education.