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This CONTRACT OF LEASE is made and executed at the NDKC-CSSG office ,

this day of _______________, 20__, by and between:
SWEETZEL M. LLORICA, NDKC-CSSG P.I.O, hereinafter referred to as the

_________________________________________Bona fide student of NDKC,

taking up ____________________________________________, hereinafter referred to
as the LESSEE.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SWEETZEL M. LLORICA, CSSG



Signed in the presence of:

Dr. Jonathan Gabo, Ph.d


Locker for rent is a CSSG S.Y.2012-2013 and CSSG S.Y. 2013-2014 Project. It
is offered to students use for the storage of their learning materials and
other items related to their studies and other school related activities. The
NDKC-CSSG reserves the right to manage lockers to preserve the health and
safety of all individual on campus.
The NDKC-CSSG has established guidelines to ensure responsible use and to
control the contents of its lockers. By utilizing the lockers, students
acknowledge and agree that locker use is a privilege and subject to
immediate termination upon due determination of any violation of the
provided guidelines.

Locker Rental Guidelines:

1. Lockers are available only for College Students currently enrolled at the
Notre Dame of Kidapawan College.
2. Students are to use lockers exclusively to store school- related
materials like books, school supplies, and personal items. Food and
beverages should not be stored inside the locker.
3. Storing of valuable materials is highly discouraged. NDKC-CSSG will not
be responsible for the loss or damage of the stated items. In addition,
the CSSG also will not be held responsible to the loss of other things.
4. Students will be held responsible for damage to lockers beyond
expected wear and shall pay a corresponding amount for the damages.
5. The NDKC-CSSG may, in its sole discretion, carry out or authorize
searches/ inspections of lockers under conditions listed below.
The following instances shall be the bases for the NDKC-CSSG to
exercise an inspection of the locker every end of the month.
a. Suspected contents that may be illegal, illicit or deemed by
the College to be offensive, inappropriate and harmful to the

general welfare of the students and personnel; and/or upon

the request of school authorities.
b. May contain materials that would cause physical damage to,
or defacing of the locker.
c. Spoiled/ rancid food, garbage,or odorous contents or other
conditions that are deemed a potential health hazard.

6. A penalty of thirty pesos will be imposed if caught violating the

following prohibitions.
7. The rental fee is Php 200.00 in every semester. First come, first serve.
8. Lockers may not be utilized during Summer Break. Lockers will be
cleaned during this time and all materials left in lockers will be removed
and discarded.
9. Lockers will be closed at the end of the semester. After 3 days of
expiration of contract, the CSSG will be authorized to unlock the lockers.
Hence, users should remove all the contents upon the expiration of the
contract; otherwise, the CSSG is not responsible for any loss or damage
beyond the contract period.