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Joe Metellus

10008 National Blvd # 189 Los Angeles, California 90034 (954) 632-

Private and Special Events (Los Angeles County, California) 08/08 –

University of Florida/Broward County Extension Education (Davie, Fl)

12/03 – 08/08
Extension County Faculty
• Worked with county, district, state, and national affiliates and partners to develop and support
programs and events
• Educated and provided direction on educational programs, event and marketing best practices for
optimizing value and cost
• Responsible for youth, adult volunteer, and business partner recruitment, training and management
• Completed all supervisory duties for staff, volunteers and community partners development
• Contributed to County Program and Department’s 3,5 and 10 year strategic plan
• Created promotional work to support program: marketing and fundraising locally and across the state
• Evaluated all events and programs including educational programs, fundraising and marketing events
• Communicated across the board and responded to inquiries from the University of Florida or other
Land-Grant Universities, County Commissioners, and the USDA
• Maintained accurate and current records and reports: including financial, educational, constituent
mailing lists, and a volunteer and participant database
• Updated website information, current events, and other news with the County and State
Communications Staff
• Performed other administrative duties and worked on internal team programs

Urban League of Broward County (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) 10/99

– 12/03
Program Specialist/ Coordinator for Project ABLE (Asset Building Leads to Excellence)
• Responsible for daily operations of program including: outcome, goals, budget & staff management
• Assisted in developing partnerships with community partners and volunteers
• Planned, managed, and evaluated special events

JC Career Center (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) 05/99 –

• Taught comprehensive program on self and career development
• Assisted and evaluated students
• Promoted JC Career Center and special events

Florida Atlantic University- College Reach Out Program (Boca Raton, Fl) 10/97 -
Facilitated group sessions, provided academic assistance and translated for Haitian Creole/ French

Florida Atlantic University (MS- Educational Leadership-Adult & Com. Ed/HR) Completed 18 of 36
University of Florida/Florida Atlantic University (BA- Communications)
Plantation High School (Diploma)
Plantation High School (Academy of Finance- Financial Studies Diploma)


• Strong organizational skills, able to multitask and highly computer proficient
• Strong communication skills (written and oral) and able to build strong relationships with diverse
• Knowledgeable on volunteer management systems and fundraising (in-kind donations and
• Team player and motivator with excellent interpersonal skills
• Good time management skills and able to work with deadlines
• Familiar with non-profit and corporate business environment

Available upon request