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VOL. 123, NO.




Local police will

use new grant
to perform racial
equity training

Department of Justice
Award Will Provide
Implicit Bias Training

The Dane County Board of Supervisors voted last week to accept a grant
from the Wisconsin Department of Justice to provide racial equity and implicit bias training for law enforcement
This grant award is well aligned
with Dane Countys ongoing efforts to
reduce inequities in the criminal justice
system, according to supporters.
The upcoming training for Middleton, Fitchburg and Sun Prairie on racial
equity and implicit bias fits into our
goal of providing relevant training
which will benefit our staff and the
people we work with and for, commented Middleton Chief of Police
Chuck Foulke. We are grateful for the
See BIAS, page 3

City sets
hearing on
utility district

The Middleton Common Council

has set a public hearing for Tuesday,
August 4 to create a new water and
sewer utility district that would facilitate the development of Bishops Bay.
The council discussed the purpose of
the public hearing given that the financing mechanism planned to create
See HEARING, page 3

Ghost deer meets its end

Photo contributed

Middleton Police responded Tuesday, July 14 to a report of a deer killed by a car on Airport Road at Quisling Park. That, in itself, was nothing unusual
in a region where deer are ubiquitous. But this was no ordinary buck it was a rare white deer. These ghostly creatures held special meaning for ancient
cultures ranging all the way from Celts to Native Americans.
Middleton resident Mike Bauerle said he and his 13-year-old daughter, Megan, observed the deer just hours before its demise, spotting it at approximately 5:30 a.m. on the corner of Evergreen and Airport roads. I had to look twice, Bauerle stated. It still had all white felt on its antlers, which
really made me look.
I was driving, and by the time I could reach for my phone and pull over, it was gone, he added.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources State Big Game Ecologist Kevin Wallenfang, a Middleton resident, said the DNR does not regularly
track white deer. But he did say he had heard tales of the beautiful buck roaming the wilder portions of Middleton. Other local residents also reported
seeing the buck in the days and weeks before it died.
Its a shame, said Bauerle. Maybe itll serve as a reminder to lookout on that road. There are a lot of bikes, and if an all white deer isnt safe,
maybe you want to think about biking on that road, too.

Local philanthropist
Lucille Taylor honored


Photo contributed

Come and explore the high seas and visit Treasure Island when the
Middleton Recreation Department presentsThe Jolly Roger and The Pirate Queen by Craig Soldaroon Thursday, July 25 through Saturday,
July 27 at 7 the Performing Arts Center.
The 29 cast members range in age from fourth grade through high
school.Tickets are $5 for students and senior citizens and $7 for adults.
They will be available at the door. Read more about the show on page 5.

MILWAUKEE, WI-More than 500

recreation, park and therapeutic recreation professionals and advocates from
throughout Wisconsin will gather at the
Kalahari Convention Center in the
Wisconsin Dells for the Wisconsin
Park and Recreation Associations
50th Annual Conference & Expo,You
Aint Seen Nothing Yet.
The five-day event includes more
than 70 educational sessions, pre-conference institutes, trade show with over
135 vendors, and leadership meetings
featuring programs and speakers that
addressed a number of pressing social
issues including alternative funding
sources for park and recreation opera-

tions, youth/senior programming, diagnostic protocols, supervisory and administrative techniques, and legislative
issue updates.
On Thursday, Nov. 5delegates to the
conference will participate in a special
Awards Banquet whereMiddleton resident Lucille Taylorwill be the recipient
AssociationsFellowship Award, the
highest award given to a layperson in
recognition of outstanding service to
the parks and recreation profession and
to their community.
Taylor shared a vision and a promise
See TAYLOR, page 4


Roller derby comes to Middleton



The Mad Rollin Dolls local roller

derby league held their second summer
bout in Middleton at the Keva Sports
Center. The event was the debut of
roller derby in Middleton.
The Mad Rollin Dolls is made up of
four home teams, including the Quad
Squad, Reservoir Dolls, Unholy
Rollers, and Vaudeville Vixens, and
two inter-league teams, the Dairyland



Dolls with an A and B team and Team

At the bout the Dairyland Dolls B
team took on the St. Paul based Minnesota Nice, while Team Unicorn
squared off with the Quad Citys Mississippi Massacre.
Mad Rollin Dolls usually holds its
bouts at Hartmeyer Ice Arena in Madison. Due to a scheduling conflict they
were not able to use that venue and instead moved the event to the Keva
Sports Center. Gaile Schwickrath,
general manager of the Mad Rollin

Times-Tribune photos by Cameron Bren

The Mad Rollin Dolls Dairyland Dolls B team and Team Unicorn took the track onSaturday, July 11at a new
local venue - Keva Sports Center, 8312 Forsythia St. - in the second home bout of the summer season.

Dolls, says they may use the facility

Schwickrath is a skater herself on
the Dairyland Dolls B team and uses
the name Splatter Alice on the track.
She said the spectator turnout wasnt as
high as usual but was still pretty good.
She said bouts usually have attendance
of more than 1000 people.
Schwickrath says the sport is one of
the fastest growing in popularity in the
area and around the world. She explains that it started as an endurance
race in the 30s and 40s but that the
crashes were always very exciting.
She says it waned in popularity but
stuck around up to the 80s where it was

very staged and WWE-esque. She

says the modern iteration of the sport
came to be in the early 2000s.
Schwickrath says she believes the
sport is growing in popularity so rapidly because it is creating a new community for women who have not been
introduced to athleticism.
Women find a place where they can
experience success even if they are not
considered to be athletic by popular
standards, Schwickrath says. They
can find a lot of confidence in the sport
and the organization.
Mad Rollin Dolls is also volunteer
run non-profit organization. Everyone
in the organization has a job everyone
and has a voice and a vote, Schwickrath explains. She says the organization gets members involved and can
teach leadership skills.
Emily Mills (a.k.a. Hammer Abby),

is a skater for the Dairyland Dolls B

team. She says the sport is centered
around a volunteer and DIY attitude.
Hammer says roller derby is very
accepting and popular among LBGT
communities, and also accommodating
to parents and strives to be a family
friendly sport.
Most roller derby leagues have been
established by and exclusive to
women, though Hammer points out a
few mens leagues have started up in
the last couple years.
Hammer also says the sport keeps
getting younger and younger athletes.
She says she didnt start skating till she
was 30, and now she is skating with
more girls in their twenties.
Watching the action, it seems like
roller derby could potentially lead to a
lot of injuries. Hammer says roller
derby is a full contact sport that is no
more dangerous than any other full
contact sport like football or hockey,
but like any other full contact sport
there are occasionally broken ankles
and wrists.
A portion of the proceeds from the
bout went to benefit Fetch
Wisconsin,an organization that saves
the lives of at-risk dogs in high-kill
shelters by providing care, rehabilitation and finding a loving home.



assistance provided by Dane County in

obtaining the grant and to the YWCA
for their expertise in racial justice training. We see this as a continuation of
our on-going efforts to address racial
disparities in our communities.
Here in Middleton, a portion of the
grant will be for the police departments fourth quarter in-service training, which will be held this fall.
The grant, in the amount of $22,302,
will primarily fund training for the
members of the Small Cities Law Enforcement Consortium, (police departments of Sun Prairie, Middleton and
Fitchburg). Additionally, it will fund a
daylong training session on implicit
bias offered to all Dane County law enforcement officers on September 30,
2015 and a follow up Implicit Bias:
Train the Trainer workshop in 2016 for
ongoing sustainability.
Racial equity and implicit bias
training will help deputies carry out
value based duties and serve our community well. This short term gain will
be wrapped in our long term commitments to prioritize fair and equitable
treatment for all Dane County resi-


the utility district is unprecedented in

Legally the public hearing is required by state law to inform affected
property owners, in this case there is
one, Bishops Bay developer Terrence
Wall. Some council members suggested holding an additional public
input session before moving forward
since the plan involves taking some
risk with tax dollars.
Consideration of the utility expansion was sparked by the Bishops Bay
development. Rather than have the developer construct only what is needed
for Bishops Bay, which is typical, the
city decided to explore investing in a
partnership with the Town of Westport
to extend
water and sewer
lines further


dents said Sheriff Dave Mahoney.

We are delighted to host this effort
and hope to continue in the future.
Lastly, the award will enhance communication between our juvenile justice
enforcementinforming both systems
of ongoing and impactful efforts.
Racial inequities in criminal justice
will not disappear on their own.. said
County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan.
I applaud the local law enforcement
agencies for taking steps to embed
racial equity into their hard work, as
well as increasing communication between systems.
Foulke, Chief Patrick Anhalt (Sun
Prairie) and Chief Thomas Blatter
(Fitchburg) summed it up this way in a
joint statement released last week: We
appreciate the support that the State
and the County have provided on the
important issue of bias free and objective policing. Every day our police officers deliver a remarkably high level
of policing services to our communities and this training will help us to
continue that commitment.

in anticipation of future development.

The land that would receive service is
considered the City of Middletons targeted growth area for residential.
The new lines would be part of Middletons utility district and Westport
would likely buy water wholesale from
Middleton and pass the cost off to residences serviced by the new utilities.
In January the common council met
jointly with the planning commission
to settle on a funding mechanism for
the project. They approved a plan
where developers would pay a special
tax determined by a deferred special
assessment. Bishops Bay is the only
development currently underway, but
it will eventually pay a significant portion of the special tax. As other developments come on board they will pay
an assed tax until all costs have been
The councils concerns of risk center
around the fact that there are no developments currently proposed for the


continued from page 1

File photo

Middleton police chief Chuck Foulke, pictured here speaking with the Middleton City Council about issues of
racial equity earlier this year.

land in question besides Bishops Bay.

The city will have a lien on all the
properties in the district until the fees
are paid off, but until the land is developed the city will not have anyone to
pay those fees.
Alder JoAnna Richard asked why
there wasnt a separate process of the
plan to to deal with the financing.
Setting up the utility district is one
thing and we have to have that legal description, but why is it coupled with the
finance? Richard asked. What is the
big picture for people to understand?
What is the public understanding of
when we take this step it obligates the
city for that step. Even though it is one
property owner, the city is being the
banker in the situation and they should
understand that.
Is that the nature of the public hearing or is it about the district being created should and should they be
separated? Richard added.
City Attorney Larry Bechler said

that only creating the district does not

bind the city to move forward with any
projects and that everything will need
to be approved and authorized by the
council before implementing.
The fact that you have created a
utility district doesnt authorize any expenditures or projects, Bechler stated.
It is not a separate legal entity, it simply creates a mapping device for if and
when you implement projects.
The city has never done one of
these before, Bechler went on. I realize it is different but the whole basis
for this is, while the city is borrowing
the money and has already been approved by the council, the funding will
be paid for annually by the developer
who is the only property owner in the
district. We can only do that with the
utility district in place because it creates the ability to charge a special tax.
City administrator Mike Davis said
even though this is not tax incremental
financing it is somewhat analogous to

continued from page 1

We create a utility district that development pays for the cost on an annual basis, probably through taxes,
Davis said.
Bachelor responded saying that the
only parties who would pay for any
borrowing are those owning property
within the district.
Alder Richard asked why a bank
couldnt finance the project rather than
the city. Alder Hans Hilbert responded
saying that the city has an interest because it is a targeted growth area.
I just think it sets a bad precedent,
Richard said.
Mayor Kurt Sonnentag said he believes that if the utility doesnt get created there will be no new
developments beyond Bishops Bay. A
motion to set the public hearing and include additional information with the
public notice passed unanimously.
Notice of public hearing is being
published in this paper and on the citys



to the city of Middleton, bequeathing

the majority of her life estate to help
plan, design, and construct a new community park facility for the city.
Her generous gift to the city was
pledged in several parts.An initial donation of $100,000 was made in 2014
to fund the large custom playground,
park entry signs, and park master plan
design.Her generosity also prompted
other community members to rise to
the occasion, and the park has now garnered a great deal of attention and additional funding.
In the spirit of public open space
supporters, Lucille Taylor was selected
as the Honorary Fellowship Award recipient for 2015 in recognition of her
outstanding contributions to the city of
Middleton and the creation of the Harvey John and Lucille Taylor Memorial


WPRA is a statewide, non-profit
service organization dedicated to extending the social, health, cultural and
economic benefits of parks and recreation through its network of recreation/park professionals and civic
leaders. There are approximately
2,000 WPRA members who include
state and local experts on recreation,
urban planning, aquatics, at-risk-youth,
therapeutic recreation services, and
parkland development and services.


continued from page 1

At right, Lucille Taylor works

with Middleton Public Lands manager Penni Klein while planning the
Harvey John and Lucille Taylor Memorial Park.

File photo by Matt Geiger

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Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen starts Thursday

Ahoy Mateys!
Come and explore the high seas and
visit Treasure Island when the Middleton
presentsThe Jolly Roger and The Pirate Queen by Craig SoldaroThursday,
July 25 through Saturday, July 27 at 7 the Performing Arts Center.
Gentleman Roger Goodman has
every intention of living his life in a

conventional way once he marries the

wealthy Sarah Huffington until he
overhears her telling her friends how
shed much prefer a dashing, daring pirate. Willing to walk the plank for
love, Roger immediately buys a ship,
recruits a crew and even hires a pirate
tutor, Long John Sliver, to show him
the ropes. Meanwhile Sarah, fed up her
life, also gathers a crew and trans-

forms herself into the Pirate Queen,

setting off for adventure.Furthermore,
Sarahs parents happen to be out on the
high seas on a ship of their own. As
luck would have it,everyone ends up
on Treasure Island, which is already
occupied by the retired pirate Bluebeard and his crew. Thats too many pirates for one landmass, and the
hilarious loose cannons explode.

Photos contributed

The 29 cast members range in age from fourth grade through high
school.Tickets are $5 for students and senior citizens and $7 for adults and
are available at thedoor.



This is why we give

MOM Testimonial: an ongoing series



For Middleton Outreach Ministry

The Vang family farm

The Greenway Station Shopping Farmers Market takes place
every Thusday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.,
rain or shine in the parking area near
Claddagh Irish Pub.
The selection this year is increasing to include 19 vendors, including
the Vang family, which brings fresh
produce to the market.
My family and I got started because we love to harvest our own
PawouaVang. It has changed because we started out with a small
land, but now we have 22 acres of
land with just our produce. My par-

ents future plan is to continue harvesting our own produce and continuing going to the local farmers
Vang says the family decided to
return to the Greenway Station
Farmers Market this year because it
is a good place to sell their fruits,
vegetables and freshly-cut flowers.
[A]ll of our produce is pesticides
and chemical free, Vang said.
We love to come to the farmers
market and share our experiences
with our customers, Vang said.

Our familys ties to MOM run deep

and strong! As a young girl my wife,
Lisa, stocked the MOM shelves on
Sunday mornings when the food pantry
was located in a small storage closet in
the basement of St. Lukes Church.
Shortly after we moved back to Middleton we got involved in MOMs
Sharing Christmas program, and have
been helping spread holiday cheer ever
since. Over the past seven years I
have had the privilege of serving on
MOMs Board of Directors. Most recently, my college-aged son, Peter,
structured his summer employment so
that he could have Fridays off in order
to volunteer at the Pantry. Lisa and I
are truly grateful for the opportunity to
provide MOM with a $25,000 gift toward the Building Hope Strengthening
Communities Capital Campaign. We
know that the new building will only
continue to expand all of the ways that
they provide hope to our community
through their innovative programs.
Why we give to MOM:
We love the local impact that
MOMs dedicated volunteers and
donors make every day. We have
heard many incredible stories how
MOMs programs have been gamechangers for families.
We are passionate about MOMs
mission! Providing a hand-up to those
in our community with the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter.
We have never gone to bed hungry
or worried about having a roof over our
head, and we want to provide a glimmer of hope to those less fortunate.

Photo contributed

Tim Carey (left), seen here with MOM executive director Al Ripp, is vice
president of the MOM Board of Directors and owner of T5 Real Estate.
Fundamentally, we believe we all have
a responsibility to give back.
MOM is in the business of providing
hope - what a great organization in
which to invest! The return on this
type of investment is infinite!
What Im most proud of accomplishing as a MOM Board Member
MOMs decision to adopt a policy in
which its clients can shop at the pantry
as often as they need. This policy truly
ends hunger for real people in our community.
The new MOM facility, which provides a dignified shopping experience
to our clients and a productive, positive
working environment for our staff and
For 35 years, MOM has worked tirelessly to address the most critical and
basic needs of the Middleton, West
Madison and Cross Plains communi-

ties. The $1.4M Building Hope,

Strengthening Communities Campaign
supports the purchase and renovation
of the consolidated facility at 3502 Parmenter St. in Middleton that houses the
MOM food pantry, clothing center and
administrative offices. The campaign
started in the summer of 2013 and has
raised more than $1 million so far with
the help and generosity of individuals
and businesses from the area. MOM is
asking for community help in raising
the last $400,000 needed to meet the
goal to help MOM eliminate a long
term mortgage and allow them to redirect those funds to help more people
with more services.
To learn more about MOMs efforts
to prevent homelessness and end
hunger through the Building Hope,
Strengthening Communities Campaign, visit


Ahmed, Azam Syed, 37, Exceeding Zones and Posted Limits,

08/30/2014, $98.80, 6995 Friendship
Ln, Middleton, WI 53562
Ahmed, Azam Syed, 37, Non Registration, 08/30/2014, $98.80, 6995
Friendship Ln, Middleton, WI 53562
Ahmed, Azam Syed, 37, Vehicle
08/30/2014, $98.80, 6995 Friendship
Ln, Middleton, WI 53562
Antczak, Amy M, 40, FYR while
Making Left Turn, 09/07/2014,
$98.80, 3049 Old Chapel Rd, Rockford, IL 61109
Barrios Almaraz, Agustin, 42, Operating after revocation, 09/10/2014,
$124.00, 3810 Ridgeway Ave, Madison, WI 53704
Barrios Almaraz, Agustin, 42, Inattentive Driving, 09/10/2014, $111.40,
3810 Ridgeway Ave, Madison, WI
Betancourt, George L, 57, Exceeding Zones and Posted Limits,
09/07/2014, $98.80, 1521 Golf View
Rd # G, Madison, WI 53704
Bringe, Claudia S, 58, Unlawful
U Turn at Controlled Intersection,
08/31/2014, $98.80, 3664 Saddle
Ridge Rd, Deerfield, WI 53531
Brown, Daniel J, 24, Operating
while Suspended, 08/30/2014,
$124.00, 301 Prairie Grass Trail, De
Forest, WI 53532 3056
Burnette, Jazmen J, 20, HR Unattended Vehicle, 08/24/2014, $187.00,
1826 Helene Pkwy, Madison, WI


Busch, Shelley R, 41, HR Unattended Vehicle, 08/30/2014, $187.00,
1712 Park St, Middleton, WI 53562
Campbell, Emily R, 27, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 09/07/2014,
$98.80, 5309 Century Ave # 6, Middleton, WI 53562
Campbell, Emily R, 27, Operating
while Suspended, 09/07/2014,
$124.00, 5309 Century Ave # 6, Middleton, WI 53562
Cody, Corey A, 22, Motor vehicle
liability insurance required,
08/30/2014, $10.00, 7966 St Highway 188, Sauk City, WI 53583
Cook, Cord R, 21, Fraud
Hotel/Restaurant Keeper,
07/17/2014, $187.00, 7701 N Denzer
Rd, North Freedom, WI 53951
Dougherty, John F, 57, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 09/07/2014,
$98.80, 5219 County Road Yz,
Dodgeville, WI 53533
Fait, Ryan D, 32, Motor vehicle liability insurance required,
09/07/2014, $10.00, 5333 Brody Dr
# 104, Madison, WI 53705
Felland, Jeffrey E, 39, Traffic Control Signal Violation red, 09/04/2014,
$98.80, 3726 Hammersley Ave,
Madison, WI 53705
Findlay, Lyndsey D, 34, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 08/30/2014,
$98.80, 742 Bear Claw Way # 102,
Madison, WI 53717
Garcia Ramos, Inocencio, 38, Inattentive Driving, 08/27/2014, $111.40,
6517 Raymond Rd #1, Madison, WI

Garcia Ramos, Inocencio, 38, Operating while Suspended, 08/27/2014,
$124.00, 6517 Raymond Rd #1,
Madison, WI 53711
Garcia Ramos, Inocencio, 38, Operating vehicle without insurance,
08/27/2014, $124.00, 6517 Raymond
Rd #1, Madison, WI 53711
Gohre, Jamie T, 35, Disorderly
Conduct, 09/06/2014, $155.50, 1314
N Gammon Rd #C, Middleton, WI
Golueke, David Joseph, 64, Motor
vehicle liability insurance required,
08/30/2014, $10.00, 2111 Harley Dr,
Fitchburg, WI 53711
Gombola, Jonathan, 35, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 09/05/2014,
$98.80, 3480 Leflore Ct, Verona, WI
Gonzalez, Mario A, 29, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 08/10/2014,
$98.80, 6806 Erdman Blvd, Middleton, WI 53562
Grimes, Jessica A, 26, Unlicensed
-Sellers/Solicitors, 09/04/2014,
$187.00, 618 North St #1, Madison,
WI 53704
Hoffman, Gary A, 51, Disorderly
Conduct, 08/27/2014, $250.00,
N2344 Trails End Road, Lodi, WI
Hoffman, Gary A, 51, Disorderly
Conduct, 08/27/2014, $250.00,
N2344 Trails End Road, Lodi, WI
Holley, William J, 70, Non Registration, 09/03/2014, $98.80, 6617
Hubbard Ave, Middleton, WI 53562
Holloway, Janiqua J, 20, Operating
vehicle without insurance,
05/02/2014, $124.00, 5148 Anton Dr
# 207, Fitchburg, WI 53719
Holloway, Janiqua J, 20, Display
Unauthorized Registration
Plates/Tags, 05/02/2014, $161.80,
5148 Anton Dr # 207, Fitchburg, WI
Holloway, Janiqua J, 20, Failure to
Apply for a Transfer of Title,
05/02/2014, $98.80, 5148 Anton Dr #
207, Fitchburg, WI 53719
Holloway, Janiqua J, 20, Operating

w/o a Valid Drivers License,

05/02/2014, $124.00, 5148 Anton Dr
# 207, Fitchburg, WI 53719
Huang, Shan, 29, Improper Left
Turn, 05/21/2014, $98.80, 5730 Highland Way #216, Middleton, WI
Huseby, Cody T, 22, Vehicle Registration Revoked/Suspended/Cancel,
08/24/2014, $98.80, 3093 Trenton
Dr, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Johnson, Chad A, 43, Speeding 25
MPH Zone, 09/07/2014, $98.80, 5534
Century Ave #2, Middleton, WI
Kellum, Shana I, 42, Motor vehicle liability insurance required,
09/07/2014, $10.00, 5737 Bittersweet Pl, Madison, WI 53705
Khan, Samina J, 48, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 07/23/2014,
$98.80, 3319 Saracen Way, Verona,
WI 53593
Kim, Dahan, 29, Exceeding Zones
and Posted Limits, 09/07/2014,
$124.00, 6329 Pheasant Ln # 117,
Middleton, WI 53562
Kregness, Joshua M, 28, Disorderly Conduct, 09/05/2014, $250.00,
138 Lathrop St, Madison, WI 53726
Lawson, Late M, 43, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 09/18/2014,
$124.00, 4710 Bellingrath St, Mc
Farland, WI 53558
Lopez, Robert Armando, 38, Non
Registration, 09/02/2014, $98.80,
1010 E Goreham, Madison, WI
Marin, Manny, 21, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 09/12/2014,
$174.40, 9 Marsh Ct, Madison, WI
Marin, Manny, 21, Operating w/o
a Valid Drivers License, 09/12/2014,
$124.00, 9 Marsh Ct, Madison, WI
Marin, Manny, 21, Operating
While Intoxicated, 09/12/2014,
$861.00, 9 Marsh Ct, Madison, WI
Marin, Manny, 21, Operating
With/PAC .08-.099, 09/12/2014,
$0.00, 9 Marsh Ct, Madison, WI


Miller, Michelle L, 29, Exceeding

Zones and Posted Limits, 08/30/2014,
$98.80, 6335 Pheasant Ln #E100,
Middleton, WI 53562
Mrkvicka, Laura L, 25, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 09/04/2014,
$98.80, 5760 Highland Way #212,
Middleton, WI 53562
Ouchakof, Marcia L, 58, FYR
from Yield Sign, 08/27/2014, $98.80,
3730 Basalt Lane, Madison, WI
Ouchakof, Marcia L, 58, Motor
vehicle liability insurance required,
08/27/2014, $10.00, 3730 Basalt
Lane, Madison, WI 53719
Park, Steven J, 42, Criminal Trespass To Land, 08/02/2014, $98.80,
2024 Overlook Pass, #3, Middleton,
WI 53562
Parker, Leslie M, 42, Speeding 55
MPH Zone, 08/30/2014, $98.80, 6717
Schroeder Rd Apt 6, Madison, WI
Roessler, Nicole E, 33, Theft,
08/01/2014, $691.00, 2017 Main St,
Cross Plains, WI 53528
Rosenberry, David S, 55, Failure
of Transferee to Obtain Title,
09/09/2014, $98.80, 1105 Spahn Dr,
Waunakee, WI 53597
Roznowski, Emily J, 22, Neg.
Handling Burning Materials,
07/24/2014, $98.80, 5730 Highland
Way, Middleton, WI 53562
Sambrook, Joseph R, 33, Disorderly Conduct, 09/01/2014, $250.00,
3417 Dorchester Way, Madison, WI
Sambrook, Joseph R, 33, Loitering, 09/01/2014, $187.00, 3417
Dorchester Way, Madison, WI 53719
Sambrook, Joseph R, 33, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,
09/01/2014, $187.00, 3417 Dorchester Way, Madison, WI 53719
Sambrook, Joseph R, 33, Possession of Controlled Substance,
09/01/2014, $1,006.00, 3417 Dorchester Way, Madison, WI 53719
Seals, Amy L, 24, Operating while
Suspended, 08/31/2014, $124.00,
2929 Todd Dr #2, Madison, WI
Stilson, Jacob R, 28, Non Registration, 09/19/2014, $98.80, 5614
University Ave, Madison, WI 53705
Swiney, Percell Thadeus, 20, Operating while Suspended, 09/10/2014,
$124.00, 1911 Pike Dr # 107, Fitchburg, WI 53713
Swiney, Percell Thadeus, 20, Operating vehicle without insurance,
09/10/2014, $124.00, 1911 Pike Dr #
107, Fitchburg, WI 53713
Swiney, Percell Thadeus, 20, FYR
when Emerging From Alley,
09/10/2014, $98.80, 1911 Pike Dr #
107, Fitchburg, WI 53713
Taylor, Jeremy D, 27, Disorderly
Conduct, 09/06/2014, $250.00, 6500
Highway K, Waunakee, WI 53597
Troxel, Ronald L, 63, Method of
Giving Signals, 09/05/2014, $98.80,
2124 Hillebrand Dr, Cross Plains, WI
Vaassen, Abbey R, 28, Exceeding
Zones and Posted Limits, 08/28/2014,
$98.80, 641 Bear Claw Way, Madison, WI 53717
Vanderbosch, Quinn J, 24, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,
09/08/2014, $187.00, 1625 Sheridan
Rd # 203, Wilmette, IL 60091
Wiege, Candace V, 30, Operating
while Suspended, 09/01/2014,
$124.00, 1905 Greenway Cross 6,
Fitchburg, WI 53713
Wiege, Candace V, 30, Operating
vehicle without insurance,
09/01/2014, $124.00, 1905 Greenway Cross 6, Fitchburg, WI 53713
Winter, Donna J, 64, Method of
Giving Signals, 08/29/2014, $98.80,
7201 Spring Hill Dr, Middleton, WI
Zimmerman, Steven T, 23, Operating While Intoxicated, 08/30/2014,
$811.00, 17 Mesa Ct #3, Madison,
WI 53719.





Honor Roll - Semester 2

3.6 or Higher,
(* designates a 4.0)

Brooke Acker,
Miram Anglin,
Olivia Aumann,
Mackenzie Bakken,
*Alexis Basel,
Bryson Bauer,
Morgan Bauer,
Katherine Bekasova,
Shane Bick,
*Haley Bills,
Carson Blair,
Shareef Bnyat,
Nathan Borden,
Karen Bresnahan,
Ashley Brophy,
Brogan Brunker,
Benjamin Bucheit,
Claire Buenfil,
Brianna Buss,
Madeleine Callahan,
*Grace Chen,
*Meixi Chi,
Nicholas Chiaverini,
Lillian Chmielewska,
Natalie Cho,
*Jin Seop Choi,
*Chloe Cole,
Felicity Cole,
*Logan Collien,
Emily Cory,
Clara Cownie,
Henry Cryns,
Payton Cushman,
Haiwen Dai,
*Tucker Dalrymple,
Thomas Davis,
Nickolas De Oliveira,
Alexandra Dean,
Katherine DeJarlais,
Tara DeLeo,
Sydney DeMartino,
*Benjamin Dickmeyer,
*Kian Djamali,
Payton Dower,
*Michael Draves,
*Emily Duecker,
Boston Edler,
Emily Eid,
*Holly Essert,
Osama Fattouh,
Jacob Feldt,
*Seamus Fleischman,
*Katiya Fosdick,
Sydney Friedle,
*James Frusciante,
Amber Fuerbringer,
Ian Fumusa,
*Reshma Gali,
Blake Gallay,
Jiayuan Gao,
Jackson Goth,
Sophia Grande,
Sean Green,
Elizabeth Grosspietsch,
Jordan Gundrum,
*Calvin Guse,
Ashley Harris,
*Grace Hartung,
Nora Hellenbrand,
Caroline Hippen,
*Payton Hodson,
Alexander Hoerres,
*Ashley Holahan,
Jacob Hoskins,
*Hao-Yu Huang,
*Rachel Huber,
Lauren Hurd,
*Samuel Jaeger,
John Jones,
Abigail Karbusicky,
Aubrey Karls Niehaus,
Jaime Katovich,
Samuel King,

Geena Klubertanz,
Shuka Konishi,
Avery Krantz,
*Kathryn Kulie,
*Isabelle Kunze,
Jacob Lamers,
*Owen Lamson,
*Leta Landucci,
*Youn Joo Lee,
*Raymond LeMonds,
Andrew Lepage,
*Colin Liegel,
Izabella Ljumani,
*Zachary Logan,
Veronica Lohrei,
*Eleanor Mackey,
*Hunter Martin,
*Rachel Matejka,
Claire Matsumura,
*Marie Mayers,
Nicole McCue,
Jennifer McGinnis,
*Casey McKean,
Sydney McKersie,
Robert McPherson,
*Nareg Megan,
Logan Melum,
*Kaden Mettel,
*Nicholas Michaels,
Samuel Mikelsons,
*Madeline Mintz,
*Camille Moreau,
Katherine Morris,
Macey Moser,
*Clara Nemr,
*Emma Neumann,
*Max Newcomer,
Iris Ohlrogge,
*Athena Olszewski,
*Peter Opitz,
Alexus Orr,
Andrew Ostlie,
AdityaSai Pakki,
Jessica Parente,
Margaret Patterson,
*Britney Paul Rajamanickam,
*Jacob Peterman,
Bria Peterson,
Grace Peterson,
Devon Pinder,
*Noah Pollard,
*Robertson Powers,
*Ann Pugliese,
Nicholas Quartaro,
*Erika Rader,
*Jack Rader,
*Cole Ragsdale,
Nicholas Rawling,
Morgan Reed,
Quinlan Regan,
Allison Richards,
*Alec Riddle,
Stanley Parker Roberts,
Jillian Robertson,
*Alan Roden,
*Mallory Rongstad,
Davis Roquet,
Samuel Roquitte,
Griffin Rose,
Carley Ross,
*Shea Ruhly,
Josie Salgado,
Sophia Schafer,
Adam Schiebler,
Erika Schoonveld,
Carsen Schulz,
Maureen Sheehan,
*Hui Shi,
*Olivia Shoemaker,
Kunwarjit Singh,
Pahulpreet Singh,
*Dhruv Sinha,
Mark Smink,
Caleb Smith,
*Samantha Smith,
Umer Sohail,
*Nitin Somasundaram,
Cami Spellman,

Nicholas Spevacek,
Anne Squires,
Claire Staples,
Brendan Steele,
Katherine Stigler,
*Charlotte Sue,
Kelvin Sun,
Taviahna Tanin,
Jack Tankersley,
*Eleanor Taylor,
Henry Taylor,
Erika Thomas,
Abigail Thompson,
Lauren Thompson,
*Joel Ticknor,
Zoe Tillett,
*Nathan Trinkl,
*Anton Tung,
Peyton Turner,
Jennifer Turski,
Emily Udomtanapon,
Anthony Valtierra,
*Balaji Veeramani,
*Cassandra Vining,
*Eliot Waddell,
*Derek Waleffe,
*Alexander Warholic,
Jack Weiler,
Casey Wempner,
Halle White,
Ethan Wildes,
Jaimie Williamson,
Aaron Wills,
*Jack Wilson,
Nathaniel Wiltzius,
Merete Witkovsky,
*Rachel Woody,
Chloe Young,
*Kirstin Yu,
Julia Zeimentz,

Alex Accola,
Joshua Acker,
Kalli Acker,
*Melissa Ahn,
Arria Alton,
Christian Anderson,
*Katrina Anderson,
Samuel Anderson,
Andrea Aranda Sanchez,
Brenda Aranda Sanchez,
Sasha Arkhagha,
*Meghann Armstrong,
Rohit Balaji,
*Gabrielle Ballweg,
Tyler Benedict,
Elizabeth Berryman,
Emily Beyer,
Harrison Bielski,
*Lew Blank,
*Elizabeth Boettinger,
*Sophie Boorstein,
Megan Borgmeyer,
*Riley Bowers,
*Madeline Brazas,
*Ellen Bresnick,
Katy Briggs,
Kaitlyn Brockway,
*Jane Buck,
Megan Caldwell,
Lindsay Callahan,
*Megha Chalke,
Allen Chang,
Anna Clark,
Maggie Cluney,
Christian Collin,
Leah Coyne,
*Gillian Croasdale,
Johanna Crump,
Matthew Cushman,
*Madison Dagitz,
*Linnea Dahmen,
Luke DeBiasio,
Luke Delaney,
Abigail Drake,
*Taylor Ducke,
*Ryan Dunk,

Tyree Eady,
Morgan Eder,
Sarah Engle,
Audrey Evert,
*Christian Fermanich,
Catherine Ferrante,
*Katherine Fink,
*Kelsey Fischer,
Hanna Fisher,
Courtney Florin,
Julia Fonder,
Isaac Galang,
*Jahnavi Gali,
Christopher Geanon,
*Ryan Gebert,
Grace Gerrard,
Maya Gibson,
*Margaret Go,
Paula Gonzalez,
Adam Goren,
*Madhu Gowda,
Molly Grindle,
James Griswold,
Arshad Habib,
*Margaret Hagan,
Alexander Hallquist,
Isaac Hanson,
Mariah Hanson,
Lauren Hartig,
Elizabeth Hathaway,
*Kirby Heck,
Alexander Heidenreich,
*Neeloufar Hematti,
Chloe Hendrix,
*Alexa Herl,
*Daniel Hershberger,
*Louis Hinshaw,
Molly Hoferle,
Emma Hoffman,
Colin Hogendorn,
*Elise Hokanson,
Kayla Holmes,
Rose Horky,
Tiancheng Hu,
*Alexandra Hujanen,
Mark Hutson,
Elizabeth Jordan,
Kathleen Jurgella,
Julia Kaplan,
Ryan Kapp,
Jonas Keeler,
*Julia Khomyk,
*Cha Mee Kim,
Aleksei Kiselev,
Rohan Kodali,
*Kei Kohmoto,
Lucas Kostecki,
Austin Krantz,
*Olivia Krigbaum,
Gunnar Kunsch,
Phyo Kyaw,
*Andreas Kyrvasilis,
Ryan Land,
*Paola Lara Santiago,
*Clairine Larsen,
Morgan Larson,
Maxwell Lawrence,
Daniel Ledin,
Nicholas Leffel,
Alyssa Lemirande,
Bria Lemirande,
Adam Levy,
Bryson Lewis,
Creighton Lewis,
Preston Lewis,
Daniel LHeureux,
Zeyu Li,
*Carly Liegel,
Zoe Lincecum,
*Helena Lonetree-Miller,
Rebecca Lorfeld,
Kim Mackey,
*Epiphania Maka,
Leif Mann,
Fatima Martinez Roldan,
Marissa Masnica,
*Sarah Matejka,
Anthony McCann,

*Mary McCarthy,
William McCarthy,
Sydney McConnell,
Taylor McDonald,
Margaret McGill,
Kelly Mead,
Abigail Meyer,
*Grace Mikelsons,
Morgan Miles,
*Danielle Millan,
Willem Mueller,
*Storm Murphy,
Eric Neidhart,
Nicholas Nelson,
Kyra Neuser,
Alex Nisbet,
Jessica Nonn,
*Anna Nordhaus,
Olivia Nyffeler,
Cailey OConnor,
*Kylie Peters,
*Tryn Peterson,
*Madeline Pflasterer-Jennerjohn,
Madison Phillips,
*Jack Pientka,
Quinn Pierstorff,
*Morgan Pincombe,
*Madeline Pope,
Killian Powers,
Shruthi Prabahara Sundar,
Anitha Quintin,
*Maxwell Raisleger,
Caleb Randall,
Samantha Reid,
*Kristen Reikersdorfer,
*Sophia Revord,
Noah Roberson,
Lauren Robertson,
Christopher Rogers,
Veronica Roll,
Jacob Rozum,
Eric Sacchetti,
*Aria Salyapongse,
*Emily Satterlund,
Simrnjit Seerha,
Celia Semrad,
Michael Shaten,
Maya Shea,
Parker Sigmon,
Jackson Smith,
Titus Smith,
*Sahil Soni,
Margaux Sorenson,
*Ashley Soukup,
Cole Spitler,
*Kallie Stafford,
*Rachel Steiner,
Karl Stephan,
Ryan Swiersz,
Alexis Thomas,
Alexa Thompson,
Alissa Trainor,
Molly Trehey,
Phoebe Tuite,
Renu Venkatesh,
*Laura Vergenz,
Amelia Viegut,
*Emma Waldinger,
*Jessica Wang,
*Elise Warda,
Kathleen Wernecke,
Sara Wettstein,
*Lola Whittingham,
Shanna Wiegand,
Brett Wipfli,
Camille Wirkus,
Michael Wolfinger,
*Samantha Worden,
Irene Wright,
*Michael Xie,
*Zoe Ystenes,
*Hexiao Yu,
Rachel Zander,
Nicholas Zeinemann,
Samuel Zopf,
Luke Zoroufy,
See HONORS, page 9



Jacob Aegerter,
Kristie Ash,
*Anna Ashley,
Jeremy Auenson,
Mitchell Bacon,
Samantha Ballweg,
*Shelby Ballweg,
Pace Balster,
Sallie Bestul,
Hunter Bindl,
Sophie Bliss,
Cole Bollig,
Nicole Bong,
Charles Booher,
Sophie Braman,
*James Buenfil,
Amanda Butler,
Natalie Callahan,
Sophia Chung,
Madeline Clark,
Maxwell Collien,
Lauren Coons,
Ellen Cottingham,
Kiara Cruz,
*Chase Cunniff,
Nicole Cushman,
Courtney Dahlk,
Katie Danforth,
Sierra DeMartino,
*Elizabeth DiTullio,
*Timothy Dorn,
Grace Douglas,
Thomas Dunn,
Oliver Epstein,
*Autumn Erickson,
Ethan Erickson,
Amy Ernst,
*Kelly Esenther,
Natalie Fabbri,
Sarah Faber,
Dorsey Falk,
Drew Finley Haag,
Claire Fralka,
Kira Galang,
Daniela Garcia-Perales,
Gabriel Garlough-Shah,
Andrew Geng,
Rachel Gralnek,
Autumn Grim,
Graylynn Groelle,
Heather Haack,
Elizabeth Haberland-Ervin,
Perrin Hagge,
Evan Handowski,
*Kaitlin Hanrahan,
Jacob Harnois,
*Casey Harper,
*Kristin Hartung,
Ryan Hawkos,
Bryce Hellenbrand,
Sydnee Herrling,
Greta Hevesi,
Katherine Hibner,
*Estelle Higgins,
Kira Holmes,
*Sakura Honda,
Amanda Huff,
Jordan Hylbert,
Sarah Ihrig,
Samuel Inman,
Savanna Jackson,
Stephanie Jarosz,
Bennett Johnson,
Riley Kalsbeek,
Amanda Kalscheur,
Emma Karbusicky,
Bryan Kim,
Michael Kjentvet,
Jonas Klare,
Zoie Kloida,
*Connor Kooistra,
Logan Kossel,
*Christina Kosta,
Chandler Krajco,
Alex Kushner,
Megan Lange,
Edward Larson,
Maia Lathrop,
*Thomas Lawton,
Daewon Lee,
Ethan Lengfeld,
*Joseph Levin,
Heather Levy,
Andrew Lewis,
*Victoria Lin,
Christian Lindblom,
*Audrey Loomis,
Kaitlin Machina,
Regina MacLean,
*Cody Markel,
Katherine Marshall,


*Brennan Martin,
*Celia Mayne,
Kevin McMahon,
*Vanesa Meneses,
Joshua Meyer,
*Taryn Mills,
*Michael Mondi,
*Genevieve Moreau,
Brandon Munoz,
*Angela Newman,
*Abigail Nichols-Jensen,
Taylor Norton,
Jamie Oesterle,
Timothy OShea,
*McKenna OSullivan,
Charlotte Patterson,
Akash Pattnaik,
Jadrien Paustian,
Antonio Perez Wilson,
*Morgan Peter,
*Madison Pincombe,
*Alissa Pollard,
Kyle Puchalski,
Travis Raffel,
Morgan Roberts,
*KateLyn Robson,
Wesley Rock,
*Ana Roden,
Samantha Roll,
Jacob Ross,
Erin Sandy,
Ava Schiebler,
Eric Schmidt,
Katherine Schmidt,
Brennan Schmitt,
Jacob Schmitz,
Jordan Schulenberg,
Alexander Selkirk,
Kyle Shimniok,
Kaisey Skibba,
Loren Skibba,
Sebastian So,
Kalyn Sonday,
*Kathryn Stein,
Erin Stone,
Camden Stoppleworth,
Allison Thompson,
*Hannah Thompson,
*Sarah Thornton,
*Tanvi Tilloo,
*Victoria Trantow,
*Sheyenne Tung,
*Samantha Valentine,

Tylor Adkins,
Tyler Bambrough,
Kyle Beckwith,
Sean Benedict,
Emily Bergum,
Emma Birkelo,
Lauren Boettinger,
Carly Boles,
Alyssa Boss,
Conal Bruce,
Chloe Buchholz,
Hannah Bunting,
James Caldwell,
Morgan Charlton,
Bradley Chernak,
Amelia Crow,
Meredith Dahlk,
Katherine Davis,
Cole Dennis,
Alyson Dietz,
Kayleigh Dietz,
Abby Digney,
Hanna Docter,
Samantha Dresen,
Joseph Duff,

John Vincent,

Morgan Falk,

Matthew Wakai,
Arik Waldinger,
Abigail Webber,
Brock Wehling,
Anna Welton-Arndt,
Jenelle Wempner,
Kenyon Wensing,
*Sarah Wexler,
Arianna White,
Kyle White,
Zachary Whritenour,
Hana Wiebeck,
Haley Wild,
Mena Williams,
*Theodore Williams,
*Riley Wittwer,
*Amanda Wolfinger,
Gray Woodward,
*Taylor Wussow,
*Allie Yan,
*Mackenzie Zander,
Emily Zeimentz,
*Tammy Zhong,
Logan Ziegler,
Jack Zocher,
*Zachary Zuengler,


Nicholas Friedl,
Dimitris Friesen,
Genevieve Fuhrman,
Margaret Garren,
*Sydney Goeden,
Connor Green,
Ryan Green,
Rachel Hartig,
Tessa Hellenbrand,
Abigail Henke,
Christopher Hines,
Timothy Hinkens,
Audrey Hinshaw,
*Erin Hoffman,
Hannah Howe,
Andrew Jiang,
*Kaileigh Johnson,
*Alban Jonuzi,
Nicolette Jordee,
Evan Joslyn,
Julien Kaestner,
Allison Kelliher,
Karlee Ketelboeter,
Anna Kim,
Evan Kivolowitz,
*Heidi Knoche,
Kennedy Kooistra,
Emily Krueger,
Riley Kuehn,
Sadie Kvistad,
Sydney Lee,
Melia Leighty,
Fiona Ljumani,
Megan Lund,
*Jennifer Mangas,
*Margaret Mangas,
Ellis Mayne,
Maria McMahon,
Allyson McMurray,
Carley Meyers,
Leah Meylor,
Joseph Morris,
Shannon Mousseau,
Kyle Mueller,
Maygan Neisius,
Marissa Nelson,
Mae Nolen,
Kelsey Nonn,
Nikki Noughani,
Steven Oakes,
Emily Oberwetter,
*Michael Olsen,
Shelby Olstad,
Chris Olszewski,
Ellen Opitz,

continued from page 8

*Tyler Orcutt,
*Devin Ott,
Marilyn Perkins,
*Kennedy Peter,
*Alexander Peterson,
Kira Peterson,
Alison Petrick,
Jennifer Phillips,
Garrett Piernot,
Carlos Pimentel,
Andrew Plumb,
Paige Prestigiacomo,
Abigail Quintana,
Derek Ramsey,
*Tia Rashke,
Jordan Redders,
Madelynn Revord,
Tara Roach,
Colin Roberts,
*Soren Rozema,
Kyra Rubin,
Jose Saldivar Osorio,
Avery Sampson,
Nicole Satterlund,
*Tamara Scott,
Jolyon Scudder,
Rachel Severson,
Miranda Shanks,
Maegan Sheehan,
Kaylee Simon,
Arielle Stadler,
*Ashley Stahnke,
Jack Stanton,
Max Stenklyft,
Abigail Stoppleworth,
Megan Sullivan,
Anna Swenson,
Tanner Tanyeri,
*Rachel Thornton,
Ralph Turner,
Harish Veeramani,
*Jack Verstegen,
Katelyn Waldenmaier,
*Roger Waleffe,
*Alison Weber,
Anne Wernecke,
Elisabeth Whritenour,
*Rachel Wians,
*Sarah Woody,
*Michelle Xie,
Su Jin Yoo,
Travis Zander,
Emily Zeker,
Jonathon Ziegler.



Andrea Steinbrenner and Rev. Philip

December 19thwedding at Bethany
Lutheran Church in Fort Atkinson.
The bride-elect, daughter of Rev.
and Mrs. Ethan Steinbrenner, is a 2005
graduate of Luther Preparatory High


School in Watertown. She earned a

bachelor degree in 2010 from Martin
Luther College in New Ulm, MN. She
is currently employed and living
abroad in Hong Kong, China. The
bridegroom, son of Rev. and Mrs.
Randy Hunter, is a 2007 graduate of


Luther Preparatory School, a 2011

graduate of Martin Luther College, and
2015 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran
Seminary in Mequon, WI.
They will reside in Menasha, WI
where Hunter is currently serving as a
Lutheran pastor.

Andrea Steinbrenner and Rev. Philip Hunter plan to wed December 19, 2015
in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.




Little birds, big appetites

Photos by Rob Conhaim

Middleton resident Robert Conhaim recently captured these images of purple

martins growing up (very quickly) on Strickers Pond.

Staying cool


Times-Tribune photo by Matt Geiger

Times-Tribune photo by Matt Geiger

Preston and Christian Stevens were busy during last weeks sweltering heat, running the Penguin Palace snow
cone stand on Parmenter Street.

Stormy weather on Thursday of last week caused organizers to move

Poolpalooza at the Walter R. Bauman Aquatic Center to Friday afternoon. The delay didnt appear to hurt attendance, and kids flocked to
the city pool to enjoy duck races (above), mascots, Middleton Public Library activities and food specials.

29ers shut out Ashton


Dubler returns
from injury,
Farrell tosses
complete game


Special to the Times-Tribune

ASHTON Kevin Dubler returned

to the Middleton 29ers starting
lineup on Sunday following a threeweek absence while recovering from a
hamstring injury.
Thats what happens when you try
to steal a base and youre not a base
stealer, Dubler said with a chuckle.
Its feeling pretty good and Im just
trying to take it day-by-day and gameby-game.
Dubler was not only in good spirits
but also good form and his teammates
in particular starting pitcher Drew
Farrell were happy to have him
Farrell tossed a three-hit, completegame shutout and Dubler added two
hits, including an RBI-double, to lift
Middleton to a 6-0 victory over Ashton
in a Home Talent League Northern
Section game.
The victory enabled Middleton (122) to secure the outright Northern Section title and kept the 29ers in position
to earn a No. 1 seed in the upcoming
Were a bunch of veterans. We
know whats down the road. Were just
trying to hit it full stride at the right
time, said Dubler, who was injured in
Middletons 3-1 loss to Ashton on June
28. Baseballs all about timing. If we
can do that, I think well be in pretty
good shape.
Dublers timing was indeed perfect,
returning to provide a spark against
Ashton (8-6), which had ended Middletons nine-game winning streak to
open the season.
Hes a difference-maker, offensively and defensively, Middleton


manager Brandon Hellenbrand said of

Dubler. The way he works with Farrell, they are on the same page. Theres
a big difference when (Dubler) is not
in the lineup.
Farrell was in mid-season form, allowing just six baserunners including
Kevin Peternell, who opened the Ashton first inning with a single and was
stranded at first base.
Ashton didnt advance a runner past
first base until the ninth when Aaron
Gowan reached on an infield error with
two outs and moved to second on a
walk to Shane Adler.
Farrell then induced 2014 HTL
Most Valuable Player Garret Novinski who was playing in his final
game for Ashton before moving to
Tucson, Ariz. to fly out to left field
to end the game.
He pitched a heck of game. He was
getting ahead of the hitters all day,
Shane Adler said of Farrell. He was
keeping the ball low and hitting his
spots. He didnt throw that many
breaking balls but when he had to, he
was able to put them where he wanted
Farrell struck out only one batter but
his ability to throw strikes early in the
count kept Ashton off-balance all day.
He threw well today. We hit a lot of
balls at them, too, Ashton manager
Dave Adler said. We lost a heartbreaker (Saturday) to Waunakee but
Nick Maier went out there and pitched
well, too. It should have been 3-0 instead of 6-0. I think the guys were a little down after yesterday (5-4 loss to
Waunakee in 11 innings).
Middleton took the lead for good
with a pair of runs in the second inning.
Josh Hinson led off with a single to left
for the first of his three hits. Ross Hellenbrand was hit by a pitch and AJ
Redders followed with a bunt single to
load the bases.
Jeff Schafer then reached base on an
infield error which scored Hinson.
After Cole Cook grounded into a force
play at home, Andrew Zimmerman
lifted a sacrifice fly to left to score
Redders for a 2-0 lead.
With the wind blowing in, there
were balls hit hard on both sides that if
See 29ERS, page 15

Eric Simon throws to first for an out.


File photo




Three wins in four days for Gators


For the Middleton Times-Tribune

With the summer swim season in

full swing, the Middleton Gators competed in two meets and defeated three
teams within four days. On Wednesday, July 15 at Parkcrest Pool, the
Gators beat the Parkcrest Penguins
with a score of 537-497 and the High
Point Pirates with a score of 537-478.
On Saturday, July 18 the Gators defeated the Shorewood Sharks, winning
with a score of 549-470.
At the Parkcrest and High Point
meet, Gator swimmers won a total of
31 events and smashed two Parkcrest
Pool records.
Audrey Alexander won the 25meter backstroke Kyra Woodall won
the 25-meter breaststroke in the girls
8-and-under age group. The girls 8and-under A team finished first in the
100-meter medley relay.
In the boys 8-and-under events,
A.J. Charles won the 25-meter backstroke and the 25-meter butterfly. Sam
Wolf finished first in the 100-meter Individual Medley (IM), while Miles
Wagener was first in the 25-meter
breaststroke. The A teams won the
100-meter medley and freestyle relays.
Five Middleton swimmers won
their events in the girls 9-10 division.
Ryanne Woodall won in the 50-meter
freestyle, Salma Gad in the 50-meter
backstroke, Natalie Charles in the 100meter IM, Olivia Budzinski in the 50meter breaststroke, and Sammi Kubsh
in the 50-meter butterfly. In the 200meter freestyle and medley relays, the
A teams finished first.
In the boys 9-10 races, Jack

Alexander was victorious in both of

his individual events, the 50-meter
freestyle and the 50-meter breaststroke. Jack Madigan was also a victor
in his two events, the 100-meter IM
and the 50-meter butterfly. Ben Keiths
43.09-second swim won the 50-meter
backstroke, while the A teams were
first in the 200-meter medley and
freestyle relays.
In the girls 11-12 division, Molly
Haag captured first in the 50-meter
butterfly with a time of 35.30 seconds.
The A team of Hailey Barrett, Emma
Pinder, Molly Haag, and Melanie
Golden finished first in the 200-meter
medley relay.
Nate Lamers, competing in the
boys 11-12 age group, magnificently
smashed two Parkcrest pool records.
Lamers swam a 26.95-second 50meter freestyle, scoring first place and
defeating the former pool record of
27.61 seconds set in 2011 by Michael
Draves. In the 50-meter butterfly,
Lamers finished in 29.84 seconds.
This time won the race and shattered
the former pool record of 30.89 seconds set in 1991 by C. Wood.
Lamers also competed on the winning relay team for the 200-meter
freestyle relay with Owen Mosley,
Eddie Zhang, and Jack Schutte.
In the girls 13-14 age group, the A
team of Alexis Barrett, Peyton Turner,
Sarah Wood, and Molly Warriner won
the 200-meter freestyle relay while
Paige Prestigiacomo won the 100meter freestyle in the girls 15-18 division.
At the home meet against the Shorewood Sharks, Gators swimmers won a
total of 34 events and two additional

The Gators will

compete against the
Team on Saturday,
July 25 in their last
dual meet of the 2015
swim season.
pool records.
In the girls 8-and-under events, Audrey Alexander, Carly Kubsh, and
Grace Charles won the 25-meter backstroke, the 25-meter breaststroke, and
the 100-meter IM, respectively. The
A teams finished first in the 100meter medley and freestyle relays.
In the boys 8-and-under division,
A.J. Charles won two events: the 25meter butterfly and the 100-meter IM.
Sam Wolf also won the 25-meter
freestyle and Colin Gabert was first in
the 25-meter breaststroke. The A
team of Luke Chandler, Miles Wagener, A.J. Charles, and Sam Wolf
placed first in the 100-meter freestyle

Girls 9-10 division competitor Natalie Charles was the winner of the
100-meter IM with a time of 1:34.64
seconds. Meanwhile, in the boys 9-10
division, Ben Keith won the 50-meter
backstroke and Jack Alexander finished first in the 25-meter breaststroke.
The A team of Jack Madigan,
Matthew Golden, Keith, and Alexander placed first in the 200-meter
freestyle relay.
Nate Lamers again overtook two
pool records in his boys 11-12 age
group events. Lamers time of 35.62
seconds in the 50-meter breaststroke
secured first place and crushed the former 35.84-second Middleton pool
record set by David Chen in 2012.
Lamers 29.79-second swim in the 50meter butterfly also captured first
place and set a new Middleton pool
record previously held by Michael
Draves 30.39-second race in 2008.
Alex Starr and Owen Mosley also
won the 50-meter backstroke and the
100-meter IM in the boys 11-12 division, respectively. The A teams captured first in the 200-meter medley and
freestyle relays.

In the girls 13-14 age group, Cora

Mack won the 100-meter freestyle and
Molly Warriner was first in the 50meter butterfly. The A team of Mack,
Julia Carr, Berkely Smith, and Warriner won both the 200-meter medley
and freestyle relays.
In the boys 13-14 events, Archer
Parkin took the 50-meter butterfly
while the A team of Parkin, Drake
Demitrios, Thomas Hosseini, and Andrew Kruck came in first in the 200meter medley relay.
Girls 15-18 age group swimmer
Emma Karbusicky finished first in two
events against Shorewood: the 200meter IM and the 100-meter breaststroke. Victoria Lin was also
victorious in two events: the 100meter backstroke and the 100-meter
butterfly. In the 100-meter freestyle,
Caroline Hippen finished first. The A
team of Caroline Hippen, Karbusicky,
Victoria Lin, and Paige Prestigiacomo
took the 200-meter medley relay.
In the boys 15-18 races, Isaac Hanson impressively won two events: the
100-meter backstroke and the 100meter butterfly.

Hosting a Cardinal Classic




Kevin Ripp (right) and CJ Fermanich converge for the trap and steal
against Beloit Memorial.

Photos contributed

Middleton Cardinals Boys Varsity Basketball hosted a 16-team tournament on Saturday, June 27. They finished
2-1 in pool play and 4-2 overall. Pictured above, Parker Sigmon goes in for a layup against Monona Grove.

Middleton Cardinals Boys Varsity

Basketball hosted a 16-team tournament on Saturday, June 27. The Cardinals finished 2-1 in pool play and 4-2
The Cardinals lost 48-44 to Racine
Horlick while beating both Watertown
and Monona Grove handily in their
pool. Pool play is done with 20 minute
running clock halves. During the single
elimination tournament, each game
was a one 8-minute regulation WIAA
quarter. Middleton defeated Stoughton
in the first game before hammering
Horlick 29-8 in a rematch. The Cards
then lost a close game to eventual
champion Janesville Craig in the semifinals.
Middleton finished up summer
league play going 4-1 in back to back
nights in the Stoughton and Sun Prairie
leagues this past week. Cardinal coach
Kevin Bavery said Middleton ended
summer league and tournament play
with an overall summer record of 2414.
It seems like a lot of games, said
Bavery, but the clock is running, less
fouls are called, and a typical summer
game only lasts about 45-50 minutes.
And whether we play 10 games or 50
games or anything in between it really
comes down to how much each individual comes in improved come November stronger, as fit as possible,
and with an improved skill set.

So how different are games in the

summer and what are teams looking to
get out of it?
Its almost a different sport really,
and you cant draw too many conclusions from it, said Bavery. We are
certainly trying to build a new chemistry between returning players and
new candidates as well as see some key
offensive and defensive concepts develop. But we you arent in a daily
practice mode and dont have a consistent group of players game by game its
very different from what we are able to
do during the season.
You certainly want some success
yet you want to be challenged as well,
he continued. We had 22 different varsity candidates rotating game to game,
plus 4 additional JV candidates filling
in some spots throughout the summer,
so a lot of guys got opportunities and
thats the main thing. We clearly
showed glimpses of the potential we
could have next season, but also we
were humbled enough to know that
there is a lot of work to do ourselves.
And we found out just how good
Janesville Craig, Sun Prairie, Madison
East, Madison West and other schools
in our league have the potential to be
next season as well, Bavery concluded. But we love our guys and the
WIAA change to 2 18 minute halves
should play in our favor as teams will
have to play with more depth and that
is clearly one of our strengths.



the wind is blowing out or just calm it

might be a different game, Brandon
Hellenbrand said. We took advantage
of a couple of miscues by them and
were able to bring in some runs early.
Middleton made it 3-0 in the fifth inning when Brandon Scheidler was hit
by a pitch, moved to second on a wild
pitch and scored on Dublers double to
right-center field.
It was unfortunate he had to come
back today when we played them,
Shane Adler said of Dubler. He always kills us. But they played better
than we did today.
The 29ers added another run in the
seventh when Scheidler hit a windblown single that landed in short rightcenter field and eventually scored on
Ross Hellenbrands single to left field.
That drew a sigh of relief from Farrell, who retired 12 of 13 batters spanning the fourth through eighth innings.
Its always nice if you have a threeor four-run lead. You can pitch to contact and if you avoid the big inning
youll be fine, he said.
Farrell not only avoided a big inning
by the Ashton offense, but he was so
efficient he only needed 94 pitches to
secure the victory.


Drews always around the plate so

its pretty easy to catch him. Were on
the same page and we just stay fluid
with everything and it seems to work
out for us, Dubler said of the chemistry that has developed catching Farrell.
His pitch count was low and they
were swinging early in the count. I just
told him to make quality pitches early
and if they do get to two strikes, well
try to expand the zone. They didnt
chase a whole lot so kudos to them.
Farrell credited back-up catchers
Eric Simon and Zach Kasdorf with
keeping him on track during Dublers
But Farrell said having Dubler back
in the lineup gave the 29ers an emotional lift.
A couple of balls were hit hard but
other than that it was a lot of ground
balls and my defense played great like
always, Farrell said.
But its always awesome to have
him behind the plate. The other guys
stepped up great but its always a bonus
when youve got a guy like (Dubler)
back there and were on the same
Middleton capped the scoring in the
eighth when Scheidler hit a sacrifice
fly to left to score pinch runner Dylan
Acker and Dubler added an RBI-single.
Right now were playing pretty

Middleton:0 2 00 1
01 2 0 610 1
Ashton: 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 3 1

Pitching (IP-H-ER-BBK): Middleton Farrell

(W, 9-3-0-2-1). Ashton
Maier (L, 9-10-4-3-0).

Hitting leaders: Middleton Hinson (3x4),

Scheidler (2x3), Dubler
2B Dubler.


good baseball but I think we can play

better, Brandon Hellenbrand said.
But we are playing well and Im
happy with where we are at.
With only regular season games left
at Lodi and Sauk Prairie, Middletons
goal of securing a No. 1 playoff seed
remained within reach.
Three weeks ago, we had a stretch
where we lost one, came back and won
a close one and then lost another one.
So its important to us with the playoffs
around the corner to get hot at the right
time and ride that wave, Middleton
shortstop Cole Cook said.
Scheidler agreed.
Our first goal of the year is to get
the division wrapped up and we did
that, Scheidler said. Now our second
goal is the one seed and thats up to us
the next couple of weeks. We control
our own destiny. After that its the playoffs and an even playing field. Its
going to be fun.

continued from page 12


Habhab says
woman hit by
fleeing robber
should have
been ticketed
Dear editor,

Regarding the Hard Times article:

I am completely embarrassed for your
paper that somehow this made it to the
final cut, not to mention front page!
I was so appalled I couldnt believe



what I was reading. Sure this woman

has run into some hard luck but I can
bet you will find a lot more people in
Middleton that are having a much
harder time.
That she let her insurance lapse is
somehow deserving of a charitable d

should have gotten a ticket for not having insurance on the vehicle.
She can get the vehicle running for
$2,783.00 but she really wants the
body fixed. How many people would
be so appreciative to even have a car
and now she wants us to pay for her
body shop repairs because she let her
insurance lapse. She is eligible for
restitution, however that will be tough
given the guy will be in jail.



And even if she did get restitution

she would donate it to a
charity. Would that be her charity/gofundme account?
Bev Habhab

Open your
home & heart

Every generation hopes that the

world will be a safer, more peaceful
As a nation we have worked, prayed
and fought for this dream. I am an Area

Representative for International Student Exchange (ISE) working toward

this goal! ISE is a non-profit company
that brings students from 58 different
countries to live with American families and attend their local high school
for the school year. Host families (all
types of families accepted) are expected to provide a loving, caring and
supportive environment as well as
meals with the family. Students have
their own spending money for all
school expenses as well as for all personal needs and medical treatment
through their own insurance. Our boys
and girls are wonderful, eager, kind
and respectful and wish to have a great
family to bond with this school year.
We have a lot to be proud of in our

communities and I feel that we should

share that with others! Contacting me
right away is the best way to be sure
there is room in your school once the
family completes an application.
If you would like to get more information about opening your home and
hearts to a young person and have an
experience of a lifetime, please call
right away!
Pam Williams
International Student Exchange
Regional Advisor
(608)-444-5811 or email






Tinglum, 89,
began celebrating his
new life in
heaven on
Friday, July
Beloved by
all, he will be
missed here for his kindness, sharp wit,
intelligence, devotion to his wife, Esther, and family, helpfulness to all
neighbors and friends, and his persistence to eat pie first. He loved and was
loved by all the dogs in this
world....and one cat, Kattepuss.
His wife of 68 years, Esther, was his
love and his heart. Their loving devotion to each other served as an example
for all the family to see and follow.
Jahns family love was carried on to
their 4 children: Penny Derringer (Jay
Maynard), Liesel (Tim) Reilly, Hillis
(Cathy) Tinglum, and Jay (Kristen)
Tinglum. Then there were the grandchildren: Bren, Becca, Adam, Kirsten,
Jacqueline, Jack, Nick, Margie, Jahn,
Jamie, Lisa and Michelle. Then, the
great-grandchildren: Tyler, Carson,
Brillan, Brighton, Kara, Tre, Nadia,
Bella, Isaac and Aiden. Then there
were the special nieces and nephews
and multitudes of others who claimed
him as their Papa.
Jahn was preceded in death by his
parents Ottar and Margit, brothers Ole
and Sverre, sister Liesel, daughter-in-



Jahn Hermann Tinglum

law Sharon and great-grandson Tyler.

Born in Norway in 1925, Jahn and
his family emigrated to the U.S. when
he was 2 years old. Jahn enlisted in the
Navy right after graduating from high
school in Black River Falls, WI. As he
was serving on a ship in the
Pacificduring WWII, he was wounded
and awarded the Purple Heart. Many
years later, his service was still recognized as he became one of the privileged veterans to be invited on one of
the earliest Badger Honor Flights to
Washington D. C.
Following his Navy experience,
Jahn obtained a B.S. in Education from
the University of Toledo, OH and later
obtained an M.S. in Science Education
from UW Madison. Jahn then moved
his family to Port Edwards, WI in 1951
where they spent the next 15 years.
In Port Edwards, Jahn was a high
school science and math teacher and
also coached football and curling. He
then expanded his career to become
principal (still teaching and coaching)
and eventually became Superintendent
of Schools for the Port Edwards school
district (JEHS). His time spent at
JEHS (K-12) was greatly respected and
In 1967, Jahn moved the family to
Middleton, WI where heworked at the
Department of Public Instruction in
Madison until retirement in 1985. Jahn
and Esther moved from their home in
Middleton to Oakwood Village in
Madison in 2011. During the 48 years
spent in the Middleton/Madison area,
Jahn became well-known for his vol-

unteer activities such as donating over

30 gallons of blood to the Red
Cross, serving on the buildings and
grounds committee for many years at
their church (Middleton Community
UCC), driving seniors around for 30
years with the Middleton Outreach
Ministry, Oakwood Village, fixing anybody and everybodys lawn mowers,
clocks, watches, cars, motorcycles and
anything mechanical. He and Esther
were honored with being voted the
Good Neighbors for the Middleton
Good Neighbor Festival. Jahn was also
known by every dog who ever walked
by as theyd pull their owner into
Jahns garage to be handed a dog biscuit and friendly scratch and pat on the
Jahns life was marked by many
highlights of family, study, travel, hobbies and wild adventures. He was involved with the Sons of Norway and
Ygdrasil Norwegian Literary Society
for many years. He and his brother
planted 6,000 trees in 1957 on the familys woodlot. He obtained his pilots
license in 1988 after retirement. He
and Esther traveled extensively with
trips taking them to Alaska several
times, Norway twice, Cayman Islands,
Canada, Switzerland, a French barge
trip, Peru, Galapagos Islands, Costa
Rica and several places in the U.S. His
big smile was so evident while backpacking in Wyoming at 70 years of
age, zip lining through the treetops in
Costa Rica, climbing Machu Picchu,
anaconda hunting at night in the Peru-

vian jungle, stepping over sea lions in

the Galapagos Islands, enjoying their 2
houseboats, 1 airplane, 3 travel trailers,
panning for gold in Alaska, piloting a
barge in France while drinking coffee
and many more adventures.
Jahn loved: his family, pie, all dogs,
one cat, all desserts, the smile and hug
of a child, lefse, Esthers chili, eggadosis, singing Norwegian songs with his
still-strong voice, nature, reading a
good mystery or Western, AFS (American Field Service) students, learning
and teaching, fixing anything, Norwegian humor, telling a good joke, flying
his airplane, Norwegian Christmas
with the family, the northern Wisconsin
woodlot, the Green Bay Packers, entertaining the great/grandkids and more
He loved us. We loved him. His
legacy continues through all of us.
Thank you God for this incredible
man! We look forward to seeing him
The celebration of Jahns life will be
held on Saturday, July 25 at the Middleton Community UCC (United
Church of Christ), 645 Schewe Rd.,
Middleton, WI 53562. There will be a
visitation at 4:00 pm, a celebration of
Jahns life at 5:00 pm followed by a
light meal at 6:00 pm.
In lieu of flowers, Memorial Contributions can be made tothe Middleton
Community UCC Church in memory
of Jahn. Please share your memories

Cress Funeral and Cremation Service

3610 Speedway Road, Madison
(608) 238-3434












BETTER? Call our office with news
tips or ideas. 836-1601.








Mallards come
to Middleton

Photos by Morgan Skalitzky/TDSTelecommunications

The TDS TV Little League Game of the Week came to Middleton recently.
The Madison Mallards and TDS staff, alongside mascots Maynard G. Mallard and Clicky, visited the little league game between both Middleton teams
(ages 9-10) at Firefighters Field on July 7.
Mallards staff performed the same on-field promotions seen during Mallards baseball games and also recorded the game and provided in-game public address announcements and music. Players received ball caps to wear
during the game and Mallards game vouchers.

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