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ENG 281: Engineering Mathematics I (2, 1, 0) 3 Units

Approximate methods. Introduction of different equation,
transformations, determinants, introduction to digital
computer programming.
ENG 282: Engineering Mathematics II (2, 1, 0) 3 Units
Vector Theory: Elementary vector algebra; differentiation
of vectors. Vector and scalar field functions. Gradient,
divergence, curl and directional derivatives, orthogonal
curvilinear coordinate lines, surface and volume
integrals. Divergence theorem, Greens theorem and
Stokes theorem. Elementary tensor calculus.
Complex Analysis: The algebra and geometry of complex
numbers, De-Movires theorem; transcendental functions;
the other root of unity and of a general complex numbers.
Functions of a complex variable and some of their
elementary properties. Integral transforms. Fourier and
Laplace transforms with their applications

ENG 381: Engineering Mathematics III

Calculus of several values, limits, continuity, partial
derivatives: total differential of a function; Higher order partial
and total derivatives Differentiation of composite functions.
Directional derivatives and gradient of a function. Integration
of total differentials with applications to mechanics. Taylor
series, the extremum of function of several variables, Line
integral with applications.

ENG 382: Engineering Mathematics IV (2, 1, 0) 3 Units

Engineering Statistics: Some aspects of probability
Theory: Random Events, Frequency Analysis, Data
Reduction Techniques, Random variables. Distribution
and density functions, expectation and other moments.
Discrete distributions. Binomial, Poisson, Multinominal
distributions, continuous distributions. Normal, ChiSquare, t-F and Gamma distributions.
Sampling theory, estimation of population parameters and
statistical tests. Regression analysis and analysis of
Operational methods I: The Laplace transform and
application (excluding the use of the inversion integral
and the convolution theorem). Fourier series.
Operational methods II: Integral transforms theory. The
Fourier transforms. The Laplace transform including the
convolution theorem and the Bromwich integral.
Application to circuit theory and the solution of ordinary
and partial differential equations.

ENG 481: Engineering Mathematics V (2, 1, 0) 2 Units

Special functions of Mathematics Physics: Second order
linear ordinary differential equations; singular points; the
method of Frobenius; Introduction to special functions of
Mathematical physics.
Solution of differential equations of the second order by
separation of variables. The gamma and beta functions
Legendre polynomials, Bessel function, Hyper geometric
Numerical Methods in Engineering: Numerical analysis.
Numerical analysis with applications to the solution of
ordinary and partial differential equations. Interpolation
formulae. Finite differences and finite elements.

Application, the solution of non-linear equations. System

of linear equations. Numerical evaluation of eigenvalues.