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Effective Channel Management Master Class: 2015

20th -21st AUGUST 2015, (Hotel Holiday Inn: Mumbai)

Empowering your channel operations through better efficiency and visibility to manage multiple channels and
improve profitability

- V4C Professional Trainings

Booking Per Delegate at INR 36000 + Taxes

A good channel manager is one who invests his time and

knowledge in order to build trust and confidence with their
channel partner

10% discount on the booking of 3 Pax Or More

-Taylor Deakyne
Having a strong relationship with your channel partners is vital to pour in revenues for your
organisation. Channel partners drive your sales and take care of your needs to help
generate higher sales. One of the key aspects in channel management is prioritizing on
earning your channel partners trust and their confidence in working with your organization.

Youre Renowned Course Trainer

Kartik Raina Founder of Learning Facilitators,
Ex CEO -Dabur Foods

Ex CEO Dabur Foods.

Ex-Managing Director Best Foods International (Unilever Best foods)
Ex- Managing Director - Dr Morepen.

Attend this Premier Training and Gain Insight Into:

Ex-CEO Dalmia Consumer Care.

Director, Sales and Marketing for West African operations of Nigerian

Establishing excellent networks with your channel partners in order to motivate and drive
channel partners trust
Capturing the attention of your channels and convincing them to provide mindshare for your


Kartik Raina is an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management

Studies, specilisation in sales & marketing. He began his career with RHL
(now Procter & Gamble) in both sales and brand management. He has
worked for SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline) in various roles in
sales & brand management. He was head of all India sales as well as Country
Manager, Bangladesh. During his tenure at GSK he headed the sales training
function in India and also training faculty for 9 countries. He was head of
consumer division for Fareast Mercantile Company, Nigeria where he
handed purchase of fish from Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands and Greenland
for sales in Nigeria. He moved as GM (sales & marketing) for Dabur (India)
Ltd initiated their move to a more professional way of working in their sales
and marketing activities.
He was elevated to CEO of Daburs Foods business. He conceived and
launched Real Fruit Juice.
He left Dabur to work overseas as the Director, sales and marketing for
West African operations of Nigerian Hoechst and later as Managing Director
of CPC (now Unilever Bestfoods) for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
On return to India he launched two major brands as Head of the business I.e.
Dr. Morepen (As Managing Director )and Chabaaza. From 2005 he has
been running his own training and consulting company called Learning
Kartik Raina is a Senior Advisor with YFactor as well helping them to assist
companies like HUL, Hemas Holding , Bajaj Corp,Tata Motors,
Benckiser,Future Group, RPG, Neo Cricket and list goes on.

Reviewing and reconstructing strategies that can promote efficient price management in order
to reduce costs and increase rewards
Promoting effective ways to engage revenues
Using data mining and management for convenient tracking of your channels
and provide for the rural channels
Handling channel conflicts by understanding your channel partners needs
Equipping your channel teams with negotiation skills in order to communicate well with channel

V4C training courses are thoroughly researched

and structured to provide intense and intimate
practical training to your organization.
Our format:
Pre-course questionnaires
An in-depth tailored programme to address market concerns
Diverse real life case examples & Comprehensive course
Interactive roundtable discussions and breakout sessions
Practical exercises for each session
Strictly limited numbers to allow for greater interaction and oneto-one interaction with the trainer. So register early to avoid

Pre-course questionnaire

Few of his Clients:

GSKCH Ghana & Nigeria

AIRTEL - Mobility
AIRTEL New Structure
TATA CHEMICALS (Salt/Pulse etc.)
RAL Ltd. (Nippo Batteries, Nuby & Glide)
PETRONAS (Malaysia)

CHI Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria
FONTERRA Sri Lanka (New
Zealand Diary)
GSKCH- India
GSKCH-Malaysia, Singapore,
Vietnam, Thailand,
Indonesia, Philippines, China
& Taiwan

To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from this event, a

detailed questionnaire will be sent to you to establish exactly what
your training needs are. The completed forms will be analyzed by
the course trainer. As a result, we ensure the course is delivered at
an appropriate level and that relevant issues will be addressed. The
comprehensive course material will enable you to digest the subject
matter in your own time.

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Sessions for Day 1

Why you cannot miss this event

Secessions for Day 1

Opening : Ice Breaker & opportunity for facilitator and attendees to set general
expectations for two day event
Session One
Designing & Developing Channel Strategies
How would you design your Go to Market Model- B2C & B2B
Channel Design factors that influence choice of Channel(s)
Channel Objectives by product category and Industry type
Understanding your channel partners background and objectives when selecting
channel partners

Exercise: Specific practices that will assist you to make the right channel choices
and implement the appropriate Go to Market Model for your business
Session Two
Implementing Effective Channel Strategies
Increasing penetration ie. More Outlets/Channels
Selling more within existing Channels
Seizing the potential of Tier II, Tier III markets, sales and service channels.
Making your channel strategy more cost-effective by creating effective value
propositions, programs and performance metrics

Exercise: Reviewing your current channel strategy and structures and formulate
action to create more effective operations throughout India
Session Three
Case Study Presentation - Working with the Rural Channels to
Enhance your Revenue
Implementing flexibility in your rural channel distributions
Making your costs justifiable to your profits over factors such as space, distance
and time
Bridging the gap between working for the computer literate and working with the
computer illiterate
Familiarising yourself with the consumer behaviour of the rural market and
understand their market trends

The Indian economy is a growing economy where new products and companies
are set up and introduced to the market every day. With plenty of players
entering the market, what most organisations are looking for in many industries
are solutions to manage their channel partners efficiently without affecting their
profit margins.
Effective channel management is something that Indian organisations need to
make it work in their business. Positive long term interactions are what
organisations are looking for because in todays time, its more than simply
getting the product from the company to the customer. The customers are now
in the drivers seat when it comes to purchasing power. Customers are looking
for value in what they purchase and channel partners are those who create the
force in delivering the value that the customers are searching for.
V4C Professional trainings will not only give you insights to how you can
increase your return on investments but will also benefit you in so many other
ways where you can bring the most out of your partnership with your channel
In a time like this where we face a global slowdown, there is a need to stay
ahead of the race. Attend this training to gain insights and to learn the
strategies that you and your Organisation must equip yourselves with in
order to stay in the lead.

Facilitators Channel related work with the following


Session Four
Aligning Organisation Objectives and Channel Partner
Expectations to Ensure Channel Partner Loyalty

Effective Channel Management Training Marcus Evans Pvt Limited

Advanced Channel Management Training Marcus Evans Pvt Limited
Strategic Dimensions of Value Chain for Sustainable Development"
UGC National Seminar
Rural Marketing Strategies Rural Networks Pvt Ltd
Effective Negotiation Skills - Negotiating for Success Management Talk

On-boarding and inducting channel partners

Utilising your channel partner relationship to find out what are their expectations
from you
Managing channel partner needs: Bringing them closer and using non monetary
Designing loyalty and incentive programs

Amity University Summit Amity University & Plenty More Conferences

Exercise: In this session we will review best practices in India and internationally
that will allow you to devise strategies to keep your Channel Partners engaged and
motivated to work with your organisation

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer HealthCare, India, China, Singapore,

Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines , Vietnam, Nigeria & Ghana.
(Developing new Go To Market Models & related Ways of Working,
Manualisation of SOPs as well as training of sales managers)
Tata Chemicals (Competencies of sales force, training & Channel Audit)
Tata Steel (Rural Activation)
Hindustan Unilever (Rural Activation),
Airtel - Mobility & DTH
HCL's Consumer Businesses
DSS Group (Olympus)
Abbott Nutrition (International) - India & Malaysia
TGI Group - India & Nigeria
Cadbury (Kraft) India
Group Danone, Singapore
E Merck - India
Radiohms Agencies (Nippo, Nuby & Glide)
Ruchi Soya Industries
Golden Peakock Overseas

Session Five
Building a Robust and Sustainable Relationship with your
Channel Members
Moving from Un-trusted Unknown to Trusted Advisor Accelerating the journey
Having a mindset of channel members as partners in progress rather than
Effective Communication - Delivering your requirements in a simple manner for
easy understanding
Jointly handling the challenges faced by your channels to help them achieve
profitable sales growth
Managing wholesale channels

Exercise: This session will discuss initiatives and activities that will enhance your
channel relationship building skills

Program Schedule for Day 1 & Day 2

8.30 am : Registrations
9.00 am : Course Begins
10.30 am : Refreshment Break
11.00 am : Course Commences
1.00 Pm : Networking Luncheon
2.00 pm : Course Recommences
4.00pm : Afternoon Refreshments
5.30 Pm : Course Concludes

He has also been visiting faculty at various Management schools


IIFT, New Delhi

SP Jain Institute, Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai campuses
IMT, Ghaziabad and Dubai
IBS, Hyderabad
IMI, New Delhi
IIM, Ahmedabad

V4C Training & Conferences reserves the right to change the venue of, or speakers at the conference should circumstances require. V4C Group

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Sessions for Day 2

Secessions for Day 2 :Session One

Handling Channel Conflicts: With a Channel and between Channels
The Genesis of Channel Conflicts: when dealing with large number of channels
from various backgrounds, handling both conflicts company channel and inter
Using strategies of conflict resolution
Coping with situations that can arise from the sudden termination of a channel
partner due to Conflict
Exercise: Assessing real life examples that will help you take effective steps when
faced with a conflict
Session Two
Measuring Channel Productivity and Reviewing Cost Effective Ways to
Maximise Profit Margins
Improving the productivity by conducting Coverage Reach and Frequency analysis
Incorporating reliable methods to maximise revenue and manage the cost of your
channels better so as to improve Channel Partner ROI .
Enhancing Partner's Sales Force productivity
Exercise: The session will offer different insights & examples from different
industries on Performance Metrics to track and improve Channel Partner
Session Three
Building a Sales Force to Manage Channels
Ensuring appropriate sales structures and systems
Ensuring role clarity and support at each level and creating a proper mindset
Recruitment, Induction and Training of company and Channel Partner sales force
Specialising your team into working with a set number of channels to ensure
appropriate attention is paid to every channel.
Developing sharper negotiation skills

Who Should Attend:

Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, General
Managers, Senior Managers, Regional Managers, Managers of:

Key Account
Business Development

From Industries:
Consumer Durables
Chemicals and

Trade Marketing
Distribution Development
After Sales and Service
Channel Development
Strategic Alliances

Electricals and Electronics
Real Estate
Automobile Manufacturers

About the Endorser

The CMO Asia ( network is dedicated to high level
knowledge exchange through Thought Leadership and Peer
Networking opportunities amongst decision makers across industry
segments from across Asia. CMO Asia is represented by members
from across 25 countries.

Exercise: This session will examine Best Practices and methodologies followed in
India and Internationally to ensure that the sales force is well equipped to handle
and negotiate with channels in the company's Go To Market Model
Session Four
Using Management Information System (MIS) for Better Management of your
Sales, Field Force and Efficient Tracking of Channels
Devising data analytics and corrective action strategies to keep track of your
Overcoming the issue of inconsistencies by creating a robust system to track your
channels progress
Use of technology from Distributor Management Systems to Handhelds
Exercise: Delegates will examine and learn how to develop and use a database to
keep track of all current and potential channel performance
Session Five
Looking at the Future Channel Innovations
The Digital Space - including On Line, Telemedicine etc.
Modern Trade
Multi-Level Marketing
Value of Servicing
Exercise: Delegates will be exposed to & discuss new types of Channels in India
and their experience so far. This will be used to shortlist any possible innovative/new
channels that they can exploit for their products.

About the Media Partner

Audience Matters is a online web portal on media marketing and
advertising. It covers genres like print, electronic, digital, marketing and
advertising. Our key features are daily news updates, weekly interview
and column updates from media honchos. We also feature the latest
advertisement or program promo on the video section of the site. The
main page also has an event update column wherein we post pictures
of the latest events and happenings of the industry.

In-House Training Solutions

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helped with the research and organisation of this event, particularly the
trainer, who has kindly committed and supported the event.

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V4C Training & Conferences reserves the right to change th e venue of, or speakers at the conference should circumstances require. V4C Group

Effective Channel Management Master Class: 2015

20th -21st AUGUST 2015, (Hotel Holiday Inn: Mumbai)

- V4C Professional Trainings

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