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And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth

until the hour of separation.

Khalil Gibran


As I pour myself a double shot of Bourbon, my Blackberry buzzes again. My heart stops
and lurches with anxiety. Is it Ana?
*It was good to see you. I understand now. Dont fret. Youll make a wonderful father.*
It was Elena. I dont respond back. I meant what I said to her. I said my farewell. I dont
know if she really understands, but its been over between us for a long time. I needed
to say my peace. I down my drink in my glass and pour myself a triple shot this time. I
cant call Anastasia. Im still mad, but Im also feeling empty and missing her terribly.
What do I want? What does any man who willingly gets drunk want? Memory loss: my
current mission is reaching this free prize at the bottom of my Bourbon bottle.

When I finally reach my free prize at the bottom of the bottle, I feel woozy, a little
incoherent, and things seem to be coming in twos at me. The two waiters are standing
in front of me with the bill. I take out my wallet. My fingers attempt to retrieve the
money or credit card whichever I can grasp. Money decides to come out easier. It looks
like I have four $100 bills.
How much do I owe you? I ask my speech slurred. I look at the bill but the numbers
seem to walk away and change sizes to my blurry vision. I cant see a damn thing.
Both of the waiters who look remarkably like twins with each other extend their hands
for the bill. One of them finally manages to grasp it to check the number for me.
Its $183 Dollars sir.
I take the cash and slap it on the table. Two for the bill, and one for each of you.
Tttippp, I slur. My mind cant do math right now.
Each of us, sir?
Yeah, for you, and you I say pointing to each waiter. They both smile with identical
Thank you, sir. We appreciate your generosity.
I stand up on my feet, but I feel the floor calling me. I hold onto the table to steady
myself then make my way to the door. The cool air hits me in the face as soon as I step
outside and momentarily I feel a little steadier. Now, which direction was my house?
I look around.
Hey, my man! Do you a have smoke? asks another fellow drunk. I pat my chest with
my hands.
Nope, fresh out.
Thanks, all the same, he says with his breath smelling like cheap beer. He salutes me
with his index and middle finger and walks away with unsteady steps. I think I can
walk home if I can just make to each light pole without falling down. Yes, thats seems
like a good goal to me. Now, I try to walk to the next light pole that looks like more
than 100 feet away. I might have to use the park benches, and building walls to make it
there. Change of goals: make it to the next building wall and then to the light pole.

Anastasia is pregnant. I knocked her up. Shit! That means I wont get to have sex with
her. Damn! I still didnt get the free prize. No memory loss!
Hey, goal number 1 is complete. I made it to the next light pole without falling. Now I
have to turn the corner. Two light poles distance. I live at Escala. How many light poles
away is the building?
Taylor! I yell. But he doesnt answer. Oh yeah. Hes not here. Hes home, safe with
Gail. He didnt knock her up. He can safely have sex. Not Christian. Christian is going
to be a dad. A terrible dad. Oh God! Im sick! I double; my back to the light pole. My
stomach tightens, and heaves. Huh, Anastasia hurled like that in that bar. It was the
first night I slept with her. Anastasia... I have to get home to her. I stand straight. No
puking. I walk the distance of three other light poles, very... very slowly. The ground
isnt steady. It moves and dances under my feet. Its a balancing act to get home.
I finally see the building straight ahead. Maybe four more light poles. One light pole
Two light poles Three light poles, and four Home free!
I push the door. It doesnt open. I push more. It doesnt open. The doorman rushes.
When he sees me, he takes a second look and pushes the door open, and I pull it. I knew
Mr. Grey! Good evening I mean good morning sir.
Morning? What time is it? I slur. He checks his watch.
Its 1:30 a.m. sir. I walk in, and the door man comes after me, and calls the elevator.
Whats your name?
Sebastian, sir.
Yes, I knew that. When the elevator doors ding open, I walk in, trying not to stumble.
Sebastian holds the door for me. I salute him like my fellow drunk saluted me.
Good morning to you, tooSeb Seb
Sebastian, sir.
Sebastian. The door closes to Sebastians dumbfounded face. It takes me two tries to
enter my code on the panel. The elevator takes me up with the speed of light velocity, or

at least thats how it feels to me. Im shaken like a rotten egg. When it reaches to my
penthouse, it stops and the doors open. I fumble with my keys. I walk in to the foyer,
and hit myself to the table that walked right into me!
Shit! I try to move away, but the table follows me scraping on the floor.
Shit! I say again pushing it away. Leave me alone! There are double doors ahead of
me, and I push them open. Someone, some angel runs toward me.
Christian, are you okay? she asks. Oh, thats my knocked up wife! My seductive
Mrs. Grey, I greet her in a slurred speech. Shees! She looks better than an angel. She
looks like shes in a 1930s style satin nightdress. Looks like a classic beauty. Soft to
touch. Warm to hold, and die to fuck!

Oh Id love to do that. You look might fine, Anastasia.

Where have you been? she asks.
I put my fingers to my lips and smile.

Shhh! I warn her. Shell wake someone up. Oh, yes, the baby. Then we wont have
any peace and quiet.

I think youd better come to bed, she says.

With you I snicker. Id go to hell with her. All she has to do is to ask. She frowns at
me. Shes beautiful even when she frowns.
Let me help you to bed. Lean on me.
You are very beautiful, Ana, I say and lean on her. The whiff of her scent hits me like
a truckload of bricks. I inhale her scent. She wobbles on her feet. Is she drunk?
Christian, walk. I am going to put you to bed.
Okay, I say. Bed. Its not as far as a light pole. I can make it. Concentrate Christian.
She stumbles through the corridor supporting me.
Bed, I say grinning. Bed. What Id like to do to her in bed. Or here in the hallway.
No, not in the hallway. She doesn't feel steady on her feet.
Yes, bed, she says as she maneuvers me to the edge, but I hold her. I love holding her.
Does she know that? She makes me feel safe. Whole.
Join me, I say. Im awake. I think
Christian, I think you need some sleep. Oh, no. Shes saying no to me! Shes never
going to have sex with me. Its the baby. She doesnt want me. She just wants the baby.
And so it begins. Ive heard about this. I say, sorrowful.

She frowns. Heard about what? she asks.

Babies mean no sex.
Im sure thats not true. Otherwise wed all come from one-child families.
I gaze down at her. Youre funny.
Youre drunk.
Yes, I say, smiling. But wait, I didnt forget. I couldnt. Shes still pregnant. Im going
to be a terrible dad. Ive nothing to offer.

Come on, Christian, she says softly. Her voice just soothes me. Lets get you into
bed. She pushes me gently and I flop on to the bed. My arms and legs spread open.
Shes standing by my feet, looking like a sex goddess.
Join me, I say. My voice comes out slurred; words are hard to get out of my mouth.
Lets get you undressed first. Undressed Now thats the idea. I grin. Christian
might get lucky after all.
Now youre talking, I say playfully.
Sit up. Let me take your jacket off.
I sit up, but the bedroom feels like a gyroscope. Getting in and out of focus. I flop back
down. The room is spinning, I complain.
Christian, sit up! she orders me. I like that. She takes charge. I smirk up at her. Mrs.
Grey, you are a bossy little thing

Yes. Do as youre told and sit up, she commands putting her hand on her hips. After
two attempts I locate my elbows and struggle to sit up on them. She grabs my ties, and
undoes it. But she wont pull it off. Then she saddles me and pulls my jacket off my
arms. I get a whiff of her delectable scent again.
You smell good.
You smell of hard liquor.
Yes I say proudly. Bour-bon.
Her hands drop my jacket somewhere, and she puts her hands on my tie. My hands are
resting on her hips. Oh, the soft, silky feeling of the fabric. I like the feel of this fabric
on you, Anastay-shia You should always be in satin or silk. I run my hands on the
smooth fabric up and down on her hips then jerk her forward, and press my mouth
against her belly where the tiny trespasser resides.
And we have an invader in here.
Youre going to keep me awake, arent you? I ask Junior. And take my wife away, no
doubt. I look up at my wife again. Shes been mine all this time. I dont want to share
her, and now I wont have a choice. She will only want him.
Youll choose him over me, I say forlorn. She will. And I will never be the center of
her world again. My Anastasia will be his. She wont want me.
Christian, you dont know what youre talking about. Dont be ridiculous Im not
choosing anyone over anyone. And he might be a she.
Shit! I never considered that! A girl!
A sheOh. God! I flop back on the bed, and cover my eyes with my arms. If shes
anything like Anastasia, and if she has boys running after her Oh shit! I cant think. I
cant. I should sleep. Im too tired to think. Exhausted. Sleep. Yes, sleep. The room
spins once more even though my eyes closed. But, the heavy darkness of sleep slowly
pulls its blanket over me, and Im out.

***** *****

I have a lingering pounding headache as if someone untalented is practicing drums

inside my head. How much did I drink? I finished the bottle of wine, and the bourbon.
Theres only the seeping light from the window, but even that is bothering me. My
hand travels to the pillow next to me, but its undisturbed, and cold. I sit up abruptly,
and feel like I hit my head to the wall. Wheres Anastasia? Fuck! Shes not here! She isnt
here. Did she get up early? Is she in the bathroom? I jump out of bed, and look around.
Nothing is disturbed in the room. My jacket is off. So is my tie. My shoes and socks are
taken off. I dont remember taking them off. But I dont remember much about last
night. Fucking free prize of memory loss now finds me!
Ana! I call, but she doesnt answer. I rush out to the living room, and theres no sign
of her. Mrs. Jones is in the kitchen.
Gail, have you seen Ana this morning?
No, Mr. Grey. Not since last night.
I only saw her last night after you left, sir she says her face takes a fearful
What happened? What did she say?
Not much. She was crying and wanted to have white wine, she says and I wince, but
decided on a cup of tea instead. She didnt eat, just took her tea and went to the library.
That was the last time I saw her, Mr. Grey, she says with a worried look on her face.
Oh shit! She may have gone to stay with Kate. I run to my bedroom to get my cell
phone. I turn it on, and theres a text message from Anastasia. My heart stops. Oh, God!
She left me! I find myself collapsing onto the bed with my Blackberry in my hand, and
open her message up with shaky hands.
FW: *It was good to see you. I understand now. Dont fret. Youll make a wonderful

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Anaaaa! I call out, but no response comes. I dial her cell phone number. It rings and
rings, and goes to her voice-mail Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! I dont leave a message. I
hang up and dial again. It rings ominously. I walk around to see if I can hear Your Love
is King, but nothing is heard. It goes to voice mail again.
Ana! Where are you? Im worried about you. Please my voice goes to a whisper.
Call me. Ill come and get you. I hang up, and with shaky hands I dial Katherine
Kavanaghs phone. When she answers the phone, she sounds groggy.
Hello? Who the hell is this at this hour? she replies miffed.
Its Christian Grey, I say through gritted teeth. Is she tired because Ana woke her up
at night? Did she pick her up from Escala?
Christian? Whats wrong? Is Elliot okay? she asks immediately.
How the hell shall I know about Elliot? Im calling you about Ana. Is she there with
Why would she be here with me? she asks confused, and then her voice turns icy.
Did you do something to her? Or maybe I should ask this instead: What have you
done to her? she is suddenly wide awake.
Im looking for my wife, and I havent done anything. We had an argument last night,
and I cant find her this morning. I want to know if shes with you or not. Is she there
with you? I ask menacingly.
Why would I tell you if she was?
God damn it Kate! Im worried about my wife! If you have an ounce of concern for
your friend, you would tell me if she is with you or not so I can go look for her and find
her! I shout.
She isnt here! Geez! Why is sheshe starts saying, but I hang up on her. She isnt
with Kate. God! Where would she go?
Taylor! I shout as I dash out of my room and dial Anastasias cell phone once more.
When it goes to voice-mail again I hang up. Taylor, Sawyer and Ryan are already

assembled in the living room and waiting for me. Im completely shaking as if theres
an earthquake.
Mrs. Grey is missing, I say swallowing. Has any of you seen her this morning?
No, I havent sir. Not since last night, he replies. I start breathing through my nose
like raged bull.
Sawyer? Did you see her last night? Or did she come and ask you to give her a ride
No sir. The last I saw her was yesterday after she got off work and we all came home,
he says dumbfounded.
My eyes turn towards Ryan. I havent seen her at all. Yesterday or today, sir, he
replies completely chagrined. I start breathing heavily. The clothes I'm wearing from
yesterday are wrinkled. My shirt is unbuttoned, my tie is missing. I feel my hands
automatically flying to my face, and rubbing forcefully over my face and into my hair.
My fingers clump and pull my hair on their trail. My heart is beating so fast, I can feel it
in my throat. I shake as if I am left in freezing weather. I try to steady myself.
Mr. Grey, Taylor says calmly. We have to look for her. Lets look for her in the
house first, he turns to Sawyer and Ryan taking charge. He starts with an efficient and
authoritative voice. Leave no door unopened. Ryan and Sawyer, you take this level. I
will go with Mr. Grey. If you can find her, call me immediately and if we cant find her,
lets assemble back here. Understand? he orders.
Yes, sir, says Ryan and Sawyer and disappear immediately.
Gail, you remain in the kitchen area. If Mrs. Grey comes back, keep her here, and let us
know, he orders her. She nods.
Mr. Grey, lets go, sir, he says and we start looking for her all over my bedroom. My
jacket and tie are on the floor. We go to the closet, but I dont see any clothes having
been packed, or no empty shelves, or coat hangers. Did she just leave with the clothes
on her back? I so vaguely remember what we talked about. What did I say to her last
night after I got home? What did we do?
Gail said she went to the library. I rush to the library, and there sits her empty tea cup,
but nothing else. Theres no telltale sign that she spent the night in the library. I run to

the Play Room. The door is locked. Ana! Anaaaa! I call out to her. I rattle the door
handle, but it doesnt open. If its locked, she wouldnt be here. We search the entire
level to no avail. I dial her phone number one last time. For Gods sake! Please, answer
the phone. Lets talk, I plead and hang up.
We get back downstairs and Ryan, Sawyer, Gail are already assembled waiting. Taylor
joins in their ranks. I walk back and forth before them anxiously. I finally stand before
them. It appears that Mrs. Grey isnt home. I want you to have no stone unturned.
Check the security cameras, and video feed from last night. See when she left. Also
check the video feeds from the exit cameras to the garage, to the entry and all exit points
of the building. See where she went, who she went with, and what time. We need
establish a starting point so we can go look for her at the right place. Sawyer, youre in
charge of examining the video feed. Start with the camera trained over the elevators,
and Sawyer, you and I say without finishing my sentence because everyones eyes
immediately trained on someone who is behind me. I turn around. My eyes are wide,
worried and anxious. There stands Anastasia wrapped in a duvet, one hand clutching
her purse. She looks beautiful, innocent, and damned angry still. I gaze back at her wide
blue eyes. Fear finally leaves place to anger. Where has she been? Who did she go to?
Did she come from outside? Why didnt we see her? Was she home all along? She says
nothing to me though her gaze scans my disheveled appearance in my day old clothes.
Sawyer, Ill be ready to leave in about twenty minutes, she mutters and wraps her
duvet around her tighter as if shes using it as a shield against me. Sawyer nods at her,
and immediately I feel the intensity of the gazes of my security personnel on me. My
eyes are on Anastasia, unblinking. I fear that if I blink, shell disappear.
Would you like some breakfast, Mrs. Grey? Gail asks. Anastasia shakes her head in
Im not hungry, thank you, she replies.
Where were you? I ask her finally finding my voice. Its low, husky, and demanding.
I hear rather than see Taylor, Sawyer, Ryan and Gail scatter around to their particular
corners and offices to leave us alone; not wanting to face the music that is about to be
composed between Anastasia and I. Anastasia completely ignores me and she marches
towards our bedroom.
Ana! Answer me, I say calling after her. I walk behind her in rapid footsteps into the
bedroom, but she makes her way to the bathroom, and locks the door behind her.
Ana!! I shout pounding on the door with my fists. Ana, open the damned door!

Go away! she shouts.

Im not going anywhere.
Suit yourself, she replies.
Ana, please, I beg. Please open the door, I say, but I hear the water running. She
doesnt reply. Ana, let me explain. Talk to me. But my voice is effectively blocked out
with the sound of the water. I lean against the wall opposite to the door with my hands
behind my back and wait for her to finish her shower. She stays in the shower for nearly
twenty minutes. When she finally unlocks the door to face me, Im extremely wary;
timid. I feel like a cornered lion. She walks passed me as if I dont exist, and makes her
way into the walk-in closet.
Are you ignoring me? I ask in complete incredulity. She gets pregnant because she
didnt get her shot even though we agreed on not having children this soon, and shes
mad at me and ignoring me!
Perceptive, arent you? she murmurs sarcastically without even looking at me. She
searches for something to wear in the closet. She picks her plum dress, my favorite dress,
her high black stiletto boots, and makes her way to the bedroom. When she comes face
to face with me, she pauses for me to move out of her way, determined. I finally make
way for her, losing my fight against the gentleman in me. Anastasia makes her way to
the dresser. From the mirror perched on the dresser she peeks at me as I'm standing in
the doorway. I keep watching her, motionless. Unable to walk forward or backwards.
Theres nothing I want more than to hold my wife, and shes so distant; treating me like
a stranger. As Anastasias eyes are locked on me, she drops her towel covering her
naked body. Her naked beauty makes me gasp but I attempt to restrain it. She is
gorgeous. But she ignores what the sight of her does to me.

Why are you doing this? I ask in a low voice.

Why do you think? she replies in a deceptively soft voice, and opening a drawer she
chooses and pulls out a black lace La Perla panties.
Ana- I make to move towards her but stop as she shimmies into her panties.
Go ask your Mrs. Robinson. Im sure shell have an explanation for you, she mutters
as she searches for something. God damn it! I dont want to have anything to do with
Elena! I broke all ties with her last night.

Ana, Ive told you before, shes not my I say but she cuts me off.
I dont want to hear it, Christian, she says waving her hand to me dismissively. The
time for talking was yesterday, but instead you decided to rant and get drunk with the
woman who abused you for years. Give her a call. Im sure shell be more than willing
to listen to you now, she shouts at me. Then pulls her matching bra out of the drawer
and puts it on and fastens it. I walk further into the bedroom my hands on my hips
accusingly. Why was she looking for something to blame me with? Had she lost her
trust in me? Was that why she was snooping? Lets see what Christian was doing when
he was getting drunk, ten fucking sheets to the wind.

She flushes in response. Thats not the point, Christian, she scolds me. Fact is, going
gets tough and you run to her. Thats not how it happened. I didnt seek her out.
My mouth falls into a grim line. It wasnt like that, I start explaining.
Im not interested, she dismisses me as she picks up a pair of black thigh highs
with lacy tops. She walks to the bed, sitting on it, and pointing her toe outward; she
pulls the stockings and gently pulls the delicate material over her long legs.

The gnawing question thats killing me right now is, where did she go last night?
Where were you? I ask, my gaze never leaving her hands traveling up on her legs.
But she pretends I dont exist and continue. She puts her other stockings on. The stands
up, and bending down, she starts towel drying her hair. My gaze never leaves her body.
When shes done towel drying her hair, she stands back to the dresser, and grabs her
hair dryer.
Answer me, I say in a low and hoarse voice after she ignores me quite a while. She
turns the hair dryer on, and continues ignoring me as she dries her hair, sorting the
strands with her fingers. I glare at her with narrowed eyes. She is unbelievable! She is
the one who didnt get the shot. Shes the one who got pregnant despite having had
many talks about birth-control. She knows how freaked I get about this! She knows that
Im freaked out right now. Yet, she chooses to ignore me. When she turns the dryer off,
I ask again.
Where were you? My tone is a chilling, low whisper.
What do you care? she shouts.
Ana, stop this. Now, I order. She just shrugs, and I move quickly across from the
other side of the room towards her. As I reach out to her, she whirls and steps back.
Dont touch me, she hisses, making me freeze in my tracks. Why couldnt I touch her?
Shes my wife. My woman
Where were you? I ask demanding. Its eating me up alive. My hands fists on my
side. Was she with someone else? Jose? Ethan? Who? Was someone else comforting her
while I got myself wallowed up in my own fucking misery?
I wasnt out getting drunk with my ex, she seethes. Did you sleep with her? she
asks in an accusatory tone, making me gasp. How could she possibly think that? I
would never cheat on her.
What? No! I gape at her. It wounds and pains me to think that she could even
consider the possibility of me cheating on her. This makes me angry.
You think Id cheat on you? I ask outraged.
You did, she roars, by taking our very private life and spilling your spineless guts to
that woman.

I cant believe what Im hearing. She thinks Im dishonorable? Im a lot of things, but I
would never consider cheating on my wife. Does my own wife think of me so
Spineless? I breathe. Thats what you think? I have to know. My eyes are volcanoes,
Christian, I saw the text. Thats what I know.
That text was not meant for you, I growl in response.
Well, fact is I saw it when your Blackberry fell out of your jacket while I was
undressing you because you were too drunk to undress yourself. Do you have any idea
how much youve hurt me by going to see that woman? she asks.
I pale in her epiteth. I made a mistake, because Im a fucking idiot. I was mad, and Im
still mad, because shes not giving me a chance to explain. The fact is, when she gets
mad, she gets in a roll, and pick up her baton, and runs with it.
Do you remember last night when you came home? Remember what you said?
What the hell did I say? Im frozen momentarily. I stare at her blankly because I dont
remember jack shit. I must have royally fucked up, because shes totally pissed.
Well, you were right. I do choose this defenseless baby over you. Thats what any
loving parent does. Thats what your mother should have done for you. And Im sorry
that she didnt Because we wouldnt be having this conversation right now if she had.
But youre an adult now... you need to grow up and smell the fucking coffee and stop
behaving like a petulant adolescent.
You may not be happy about this baby. Im not ecstatic, given the timing and your less
than lukewarm reception to this new life, this flesh of your flesh. But you can either do
this with me, or Ill do it on my own. The decision is yours. While you wallow in your
pit of self-pity and self-loathing, Im going to work. And when I return, Ill be moving
my belongings to the room upstairs.
I blink in complete shock. Is she leaving me? She is leaving me! Oh God! Shes breaking
Now, if youll excuse me, Id like to finish getting dressed, she says breathing hard.

I feel like she just slapped me. I take a step back, looking at her, my demeanor
hardened. Is this what you want? I whisper. She wants to be away from me, away
from our relationship.
I dont know what I want any more, she says fervently, her expression mirroring
mine. She turns her back to me, dips her fingers into her moisturizer and gently rubs it
in over her face. She peers into the mirror, checking her flushed face with wide eyes.
I cant take the idea that she doesnt want me in her life. You dont want me? I
Im still here arent I? she snaps at me. She takes her mascara tube and taking the
brush, she applies it over her eyelashes.
She must have been thinking about this since yesterday if she came to that conclusion
Youve thought about leaving? I ask as my heart squeezing tightly into a knot. I cant
live without her! I am desperate for her. Cant she see that?
When ones husband prefers the company of his ex-mistress, its usually not a good
sign, she says with disdain in her tone. Then she applies her lip gloss. My eyes are on
her, and I havent touched her since yesterday morning. Its been about 24 hours. The
short literal, but miles apart virtual distance is killing me. She picks up her boots, and
strolls over to the bed, and sitting on the side of the bed, she puts her boots on, tugging
them up to her knees. Shes just in her underwear and her boots. And Im fucking
frustrated, hot for her, desirous, and she wont have me. She doesnt want to have
anything with me. Or does she? Is this a tactic for her win her argument? Shes a good
negotiator. A tough one. Anastasia can bring any man to her knees. Shes about to do
that to me. But, I have my own set of tactics I can employ.
I know what youre doing here, I murmur in a warm, seductive voice. She has zero
resistance to my seduction. I know her better she knows herself.
Do you? she squeaks her voice cracking. Its the first chink in her armor. I swallow,
taking a chance, I step forward. She steps back holding her hand up to half my advance.
Dont even think about it, Grey, she hisses menacingly.

Youre my wife, I counter softly, contentiously. I want whats mine. She is mine; my
wife, my woman.
Im the pregnant woman you abandoned yesterday, and if you touch me I will scream
the place down.
My eyebrows rise in incredulity. Youd scream? I ask, hoarsely.
Bloody murder, she counters, narrowing her eyes, not backing down.
No one would hear you, I murmur, my gaze intense, passionate. Please let me touch
you. The only way I know how to resolve problems is in bed, Ana.
Are you trying to frighten me? she mutters breathless, scared. What? No! Im only
trying to communicate with her the only way I know how. And she wont let me.
That wasnt my intention, I say frowning. Her chest is heaving up and down with
short breaths.
I had a drink with someone I used to be close to. We cleared the air. I am not going to
see her again.
You sought her out? she asks, wounded.
Not at first. I tried to see Flynn. But I found myself at the salon.
And you expect me to believe youre not going to see her again? she hisses with pure
fury. What about the next time I step across some imaginary line? This is the same
argument we have over and over again. Like were on some Ixions wheel. If I fuck up
again, are you going to run back to her?
I am not going to see her again, I say with a petrifying decisiveness. She finally
understands how I feel.
She just blinks at me. What does that mean?
I straighten and run my hand through my hair completely exasperated, anger rising in
me, and Im completely silent. Because she tells me to talk about what happened, but
shes unwilling to listen. Shes angry, and shes running with her conclusions, and not
hearing me out. Were not resolving anything because our anxieties are running high.
Why can you talk to her and not to me?

I was mad at you. Like I am now, I growl.

You dont say! she snaps. Well, I am mad at you right now. Mad at you for being so
cold and callous yesterday when I needed you. Mad at you for saying I got knocked up
deliberately, when I didnt. Mad at you for betraying me, she says her voice choking at
the end.
Her declaration shocks me as if she kicked me in the groin and slapped me at the same
time, making me flinch. I never betrayed her. I know I behaved like an ass, but she
doesnt listen to me, and she isnt listening to me now. Im rudderless when Im around
her. She takes all my control away. What the hell am I supposed to do? How do I
express myself? She swallows, getting ready to say something.
I should have kept better track of my shots. But I didnt do it on purpose. This
pregnancy is a shock to me, too, she mutters. It could be that the shot failed.
I glared at her wordlessly. Of course it fucking failed. It has an expiration date. A date
and time where it runs out of her system! Thats why she has to take her shot at the
prescribed date.
You really fucked up yesterday, she whispers, with fury. Ive had a lot to deal with
over the last few weeks.
You really fucked up three or four weeks ago. Or whenever you forgot your shot, I
hiss back.
Well, God forbid I should be perfect like you! she shouts glowering. I glower back at
her. We stand silently like this for a few minutes.
This is quite a performance, Mrs. Grey, I whisper. Shes delivering it well, standing
up to me, fighting toe to toe.
Well, Im glad that even knocked up, Im entertaining.
I stare at her blankly. She insists on taking me the wrong way. I need a shower, I
And Ive provided enough of a floor show.

Its a mighty fine floor show, I whisper as I step forward. I want to hold her, touch
her. If I just touch her, I know we can solve this, melt the glacier growing between us. I
need her desperately right now. She immediately steps back.
Dont, she hisses menacingly.
I hate that you wont let me touch you, I whisper. I need her desperately. Cant she
see that?
Ironic, huh? she mutters.
I narrow my eyes again. I let her touch me. I worked on getting over my fear for her,
and yet shes denying me whats mine. We havent resolved much, have we?
Id say not. Except that Im moving out of this bedroom.
What? Dont do this to us, Ana! Why are you tearing us apart? My eyes flare and widen
with fear briefly. She doesnt mean anything to me.
Except when you need her.
I dont need her. I need you, I plead with her. She must see that. Shes all I need. I
want to be all she needs, too.
You didnt yesterday. That woman is a hard limit for me, Christian.
Shes out of my life.
All the man I need Whitney Houston
I wish I could believe you, she says with utter distrust, and thats the knife that sticks
to my heart.
For fucks sake, Ana.
Please let me get dressed, she says dismissing me. My heart is ripped out. Is this the
end of us? Im numb, desolate, bereft of feeling as if a tornado came and swept away
everything and shuffled my life upside down.
Ill see you this evening, I say, with a flat voice, beaten, crushed. I head to the
bathroom, and slowly close the door. Mechanically I take my clothes off, and turn the
water on walking into the first cold then scalding hot water.

What are you doing to us, Ana? Why are you shredding us into pieces? Questions left
unasked, words unspoken leave me choking, worried, and utterly spent. I slowly slide
onto the shower floor and let the water wash me free of my sorrow.
When I come out, Anastasia is gone, the bedroom has her lingering scent, but only so
much to tell me shes gone and away from me. I go out to the kitchen. Mrs. Jones is busy
Can I fix your breakfast now, Mr. Grey? she asks.
She left with Sawyer for work a little bit ago, she replies in a soft voice.
Did she eat breakfast? I ask.
No, Mr. Grey, she says shaking her head.
Can I fix you your usual breakfast, sir? she asks hopeful.
Not today, Gail. Ill eat later at work. Thank you, I say softly. Taylor is waiting by the
entrance for me.
Mrs. Grey was in the Playroom, sir, he says without a preamble. I cock my head to
the side quizzically.
How do you know?
Weve searched every room, every shelf in the room. The only room that was locked
was the playroom. I went to check it, and it was unlocked. The key was still inside the
door, he replies.
I quickly take the stairs to go to the playroom. Just as Taylor indicated, the door is still
unlocked. I walk into the room and am greeted by the scent of soft leather, lemon and
oil. When I hit the light switch, and the soft lights come on and illuminate the red room.
Nothing is disturbed in the room. The only evidence that Anastasia has been in the
room is the small dent she left on the chesterfield sofa. I softly caress it. I look around
for another indication that she was here, but there is none. I walk towards the door,
turn off the light, and get downstairs. Then taking my jacket, I nod to Taylor to follow

me, and we take off. The ride to the garage is quiet. We walk to the SUV in the same
As the garage gate is lifting, my Blackberry buzzes. I feel hopeful immediately thinking
Anastasia is calling. But my face falls when I see the caller.
Hi Elliot, I answer.
Were you able to find your wife this morning? he asks.
I see that Kate called you. Yes, shes at work right now.
I hope she isnt leaving you five minutes after you guys got married. Not that Id
blame her, he says jokingly.
Fuck off Elliot! Im not in the mood.
Hey, bro. I'm sorry, don't be uptight. If you want to talk...
Nothing to talk about. Im sure youve had fights with your fiance. Just a simple
argument where she got mad at me, thats all.
Alright, Ana! he whoops his cheer.
Look, Im almost to work, and Ive got a lot to do today. Talk to you later, Elliot, I say
and hang up. I just stare out the window as we stop on a red light. The people are
running to and fro purposefully, getting on with their lives and businesses without
knowing that only a few feet away from them someones heart is ripping apart,
breaking into pieces, and theyre completely oblivious to my agony.
When Taylor pulls into the Grey House parking lot, he drives to my reserved parking
space. After he turns the vehicle off, he jumps out and opens my door. I ease out of the
SUV and walk towards the elevators. The ride is silent again. When Andrea sees my
stoic face, good morning Mr. Grey, she says without her usual cheer.
Coffee, sir? she asks.
Yes, I say as I walk into my office.
I take to my seat and fire up my computer. Before I dive into work, I need to do one
thing. Taking my Blackberry out, I scroll the numbers, and dial.

Yes, Mr. Grey, he answers.

Sawyer, how is Mrs. Grey?
She was shaken and crying a little, he answers, and I close my eyes in pain.
Did you get her something to eat?
I asked but she said she wasnt hungry, he replies. My stubborn wife. The last time
she went into her self-imposed hunger strike was when she broke up with me. She
punishes us both.
Just in case, check on her throughout the day. Im sure Taylor has informed you; Mrs.
Grey is pregnant. Shell need to eat, and needs to be careful.
Ill be sure to keep a close eye on her, sir, he says.
Call me if shes not well, or need anything.
Yes, sir, he replies.
I take a deep breath, and look at Taylor, and Andrea walks in with my coffee. She puts
the coffee before me, and takes out her iPad.
You have quite a few meetings today, Mr. Grey. The first meeting is with Finance.
There are four things in the agenda with the meeting. The purchase funds, allocation of
the base payroll, operational expenses, and the sale of Triway Electronics which is going
to be finalized today. That meeting is at 2:00 p.m., sir, she says and dives into my full
load work schedule. For once, Im grateful for a very busy day. It should leave me little
time to bask in my own misery.

His phone rings softly playing the Godfather Theme song.
Godfather Theme song
I thought I told you never to call me on this phone, he answers his phone curtly after
verifying the caller.

We may have the bail accepted as early as tomorrow, he replies as if he hasnt heard.
There was no other way to reach you this soon.
His eyes glower with excitement. He leans in as if hes going to share a secret with the
man on the phone.

Fine We will meet in one hour, the same place. Ill have my instructions.
And the payment is required plus ten percent for their trouble.
I have it ready. And my terms are the same as ever. I hope you keep them in the
forefront of your mind. If not, all involved will be dealt harshly.
Yes, he answers firmly.
See you then.
Well, well, well he thinks to himself. It's time to fuck his oldest enemy up. Not oldest
by age, but oldest by how long he has been brewing his revenge against him.
Excitement is almost unbearable. Hes been feeding a fund for this very day for years,
right in his own personal safe. Its been his cash revenge fund. Hes put aside quite a lot.
They dont say revenge is a dish best served cold, for no reason. Its been properly kept on
ice for six long years. He opens his safe, and puts the $10,000 bank straps each
containing one hundred individual $100 bills. He counts twenty five straps for the bail.
Then counts two and a half stacks and places it in an envelope. In a separate quadrant
in the briefcase, he puts fifty other stacks methodically. With more than three quarters
of a million Dollars, he leaves his place of business, and makes his way to the

He enters the restaurant purposefully in his usual self-confident demeanor. The male
host whose name tag read Tyler looks up smiling.
Good afternoon, sir. Do you have a reservation? Tyler asks.
Yes. Its under the name of Brioni.
This way Mr. Brioni. Your party is waiting, he says to lead him.
That wont be necessary. I know my way around, he says as he holds a hand to stop
I just wish to take you
Good for you, young man. No need to wish it. I can do my own walking, he says as
he stops Tyler with a domineering stare of his and turns to get to one of the reserved
private rooms.
Mr. Brioni, Tyler calls, and the man doesnt answer as if it isnt his name. Sir, he
calls again, and the man in his impeccable suit turns this time with his forbidding gaze
pinning him in place. We are required to escort our patrons to their seats, Tyler says
in a small voice.
I dont wish to be escorted. I know the way, he enunciates. Tyler nods fearfully. The
man who calls himself Brioni has a foreboding, threatening stare. Tyler knows that if
the man had the opportunity he would be getting his own balls on a platter from this
man. The suited man turns around and makes his way to his destination.
Mr. Brioni, my ass, mutters Tyler under his breath. What dumb mobster would
name himself after the suit hes wearing? he whispers. Its not worth my life to find
out, he thinks to himself.
When the suited man enters the small dining room, Albert stands up to meet him.
Nice to see you again, Mr. Lincoln, I mean sir, he says with a hidden sarcasm in his
Sit, and cut the shit, Lincoln order, and Albert obeys immediately.
I have pulled a lot of strings, and called in a lot of favors to make this happen, Mr.
Lincoln. Its not the easiest thing to do to go against one of the most respected
businessmen in the state, not to mention one of the richest! Albert replies as he sits in
his seat.

Youre getting paid for it. Im in no mood to hear you bitch about it, Lincoln says
menacingly. However, your payment will transact tomorrow after our man is freed
just to ensure the end result, Lincoln says.
Hyde is a psychopath. Revenge is clouding is his judgment. He has a big grudge
against Grey, his wife and his father.
His wife? What did the little cunt do? I assumed he was doing this to hurt Grey,
Lincoln says. This may just better serve his purpose.
Guess he tried to fuck her and it backfired on him. She kicked his balls.
Well, well Grey got himself a loyal wife, Lincoln says contemplating. Wouldnt it
be the icing on the top to shatter his confidence in her?
I dont know Mr. Lincoln. He is murderous. If Hyde gets his hands on her, he will
torture her, and then kill her. He cant leave a witness behind with what he has in mind.
Grey has the means, resources and the motivation to find Hyde if he knows who fucked
and tortured his wife.
Then you make sure nothing points to us, and Hydes own ego and rage will serve our
I dont think we even have to tell him what to do. Hes itching to get his hands on her,
Albert says.
Be that as it may, I like to be in charge to ensure the desired outcome even if Hyde
doesnt know that I am. Now heres what I want you to do. There is the bail money, and
the 10% in the envelope to give our associates for their trouble for making the
anonymous payment. The $500,000 is the first installment to Hyde to ensure he does
what he is set out to do. He shall never know who I am. I want both his sister and his
wife fucked, and tortured beyond repair. I want Grey to know that they suffered, and
suffered greatly, all thanks to him. Hyde needs to clean up his trail, and be swift and
decisive about it. And he cant remain in the country for obvious reasons. Because hell
be the suspect number one.
Yes Albert says with a pregnant silence.
What? Lincoln snaps.
Are you sure this is wise?

Wise? Dont you grow a fucking conscience on me! Call it public service, divine
intervention in which you get paid handsomely. No trail leading to you, because all
transaction is handled in cash.
Yes, says Albert. Fuck! The blonde mistress tits alone are worth the trouble he was
going to go through. This small side endeavor would fund his personal project
handsomely. Lets do this! he says decidedly, and extends his hand to shake

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another

person is essential to your own

Robert A. Heinlein

I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am

when I am with you. I love you not only for what you

have made of yourself, but for what you are making of

me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Workday is long, busy and tedious. Tiring to the point of exhaustion, but I dont want
to go home first time in a long time. I sigh. Its not true. I want to go, but Im still angry.
Our problems are unresolved. Anastasia is going to move out of our bedroom. How did
we manage to fuck this marriage up so quickly? I cant take the idea of her not being
with me. I cant just see her at home and not touch her, hold her or kiss her. Im
miserable. I have everything anyone would covet for. Im rich, the way the womens
stare at me tells me Im good looking enough, and to top that, I have a beautiful wife
Im in love with. What the hell is the problem? She doesnt want you anymore; thats the
problem, my subconscious reminds me. Dont I know it!

I call Gail at 5:00 p.m. knowing Anastasia isnt home yet.

Hello Mr. Grey, Gail answers.
Gail, I wont be home for dinner tonight. Im working late in the office. If Mrs. Grey
asks, thats where Ill be, I say.
Yes, Mr. Grey, Gail replies. Ill inform her, sir. Anything else you wish, Mr. Grey?
Yes, tell Ana I love her! Tell her I hate this distance between us. Tell her I miss her
terribly. I miss my wife! Tell her Ive been a proud ass
No, thank you Mrs. Jones, I say softly and hang up.
I give myself to my work for the rest of the evening. I havent called or e-mailed
Anastasia all day. She hasnt called me, e-mailed or texted me either. I couldnt go for
three hours without some sort of interaction with her. Its been nearly two days since I
touched her. We worked out other problems before. The vows, her topless showcase
during our honeymoon and the subsequent punishment, the car chase, Ana keeping her
maiden name at work, the time when she broke the protocol when I was in New York
even though she said she would come home, Hydes break-in. We worked through
all those. When has she not been challenging? Since the minute she fell through my
door. She wasnt even supposed to be there! That alone was challenge enough. Isnt that
why I fell in love with her? Why cant we work through this? She is as stubborn as I am,
and I love her!
The light in my office is dim, and I work in the light of my computer. My tie loosened,
my jacket slumped behind my chair. My Blackberry vibrates on my desk, and my heart
lurches. Her name on the screen with her smiling picture both elates me and shatters
my heart.
Ana, I answer the phone in a cool voice, though there are volcanoes brewing beneath
Hi, she says gently.
I inhale softly. Hi, I greet her in a lower voice.
Are you coming home? she asks. Yes, but you wont let me touch you, and youve
moved out of our room.
Later, I reply.

Are you in the office? she asks. Does she think Im hanging out and partying with
Yes. Where did you expect me to be?
Ill let you go, she says without answering my question. But I know what shes
thinking. The silence is deafening between us. Its louder, speaks volumes of the
distance weve created between each other.
Simon and Garfunkel The Sound of Silence
Goodnight, Ana, I say finally.
Goodnight, Christian, she replies. I hang up. I toss the Blackberry on my desk, and
cover my face with my hands, finally shoving my hair back in exasperation. I finally
have the courage to leave for home by midnight.
Our room and bed is empty. Cold without her. I know that shes upstairs in her former
bedroom where she moved herself to. I slowly open the door to her former room. Shes
curled up beneath the duvet. I slowly sit on the side of the bed to not to disturb her. My
fingers tentatively reach out to her face. I dont want to wake her. The simple touch of
my fingers to her face is feels like stabs in my heart, hurting me. I close my eyes in
agony. My fingers slowly slide to her hair fanned on her pillow. I feel the dampness on
the pillow. She was crying. Why cant we work this out? Two stubborn people, too
fucking proud to admit were wrong. I slowly stand up from the bed, and pull a chair
by the bed. I take off my silver tie I put on this morning in hopes that she would see it,
but she was gone before I came out of the bedroom. I toss it on the floor
unceremoniously. I watch her for hours sleeping, like I did the first night we spent
together when she was drunk. Why the hell do we hurt each other like this? How do we
pass this problem? Im no father material. It scares me to death. Im going to screw this
kid up! Im going to be shitty like my birth mother. But I love my wife with every fiber
of my being. What do I do?
I doze off for a short time in my most uncomfortable chair. But theres no place Id
rather be than here right now. I wake up with the first lights of the day. Anastasia is still
sleeping. I dont want her to see me here. I make my way downstairs slowly, and go to
our bedroom to take a shower and get ready. Im dressed and ready to be out the door
by 6:30 a.m. Mrs. Jones fixes my breakfast, and by the time I finish the last bite, Im
ready to walk out the door. Gail looks at me with pleading eyes. But, she says nothing.
Taylor is waiting by the entrance.

Yes, sir, he replies and we leave for Boeing Field-King County Airport where Charlie
Tango is. I send her an e-mail on the way to the airport.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Portland
Date: September 15, 2011 06:45
To: Anastasia Grey
Im flying down to Portland today.
I have some business to conclude with WSU.
I thought you would want to know.
Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Taylor and I get to the airport, and get into Charlie Tango. Flight checks, and after
clearing with the tower, we take off at about 7:30 a.m. from the airport to Portland.
When we get to Portland its about 8:40 a.m. Taylor had a car reserved already which is
waiting for us outside. We get to WSUs Farming Division to meet with the directors
and see the new crop projects they want to introduce. But Im not in my element. My
mind is pre-occupied, and I find myself asking them to repeat themselves.
I tour the facility and listen to their findings, and I give my okay to allocate funds to
their new project with the condition that they send detailed descriptions and findings
on bimonthly basis to my company for evaluation. I go to a quick lunch before taking
off back to Seattle.
We are driven back to the airport where Charlie Tango is fueled and ready to take off.
Just as we make our way to the helicopter and harnessed, Taylors Blackberry rings
with voice mail. He picks his phone up.
Thats strange. I didnt hear the phone ring. Its Sawyer, he says. He opens an app up
on his phone. A red dot moves along on a map of Seattle in a rather speedy fashion.
Mrs. Greys car is on the move, he says. This is an unscheduled trip, he mutters and
without listening to Sawyers message he calls him back immediately.

Sawyer, why is Mrs. Greys vehicle on the move on an unscheduled trip? he asks in a
commanding tone, and I stop in my tracks. Is something the matter with Ana? I listen to
Taylor's one way conversation.
I see, he says and looks at me with concern. Mrs. Grey is unwell, and Sawyer is
taking her back to Escala, he says to answer my unspoken question. Oh no! Im not
home, and my wife is sick. Shit!
Tell him, were sitting at the tarmac, but will leave soon. We should be in Seattle in an
hour. If she needs a doctor, he should take her there. Otherwise, let her rest. Ill be home

Yes, sir, he says. Sawyer, were sitting at the tarmac in Portland and well be leaving
here shortly. We are going to be in Seattle in about an hour. Take Mrs. Grey home; see if
she needs any medical attention. If not, let her rest, but keep an eye on her. Mr. Grey
will be home shortly after we arrive in Seattle.

A friend should always underestimate your virtues and

an enemy overestimate your faults.
Mario Puzo, The Godfather


Her cell phone rings, but the number is unlisted. She doesn't like to answer calls from
Anonymous numbers, but some of the writers prefer their numbers to be unlisted to
keep it from the stalking fans.
Good morning, this is Elisabeth Morgan, she answers.
And my chariot arrives, says the male voice mockingly. She freezes in her seat.
Jack! When did you get out?
This morning, and I believe we have an unfinished business, Elizabeth.
Look Jack! You got your freedom. Enjoy it. This will get you into more trouble.
Oh, no you dont! We have a deal where you help me so I dont accidentally publish
your spread out cunt all over the internet, he threatens. But you already know that
its not the worst of it. You were tied up and fucked by not only one, but two men at the
same time! How would that image go with dear sweet Mrs. Morgan? You may not get a
job as an editor, but Im sure the road to porn industry might open up for you.
Although I dont know how many offers you might get since youre not a spring
chicken anymore. So, DONT FUCK WITH ME Elizabeth! You do exactly what I tell you
to do. I know the map of your body, I know how hard you like your fuck, the bite of the
cat, the clamps, and I know every dark desire of your heart in bed or elsewhere. If
youre a good girl now and obey, you might just experience some of that again, he
hisses like a snake. Now, you know where the black Dodge is. And if you follow my
instructions to the letter, you will get your reward, and you may not have to work
under that cock sucking, gold digging whore! How does it feel to be bossed around by
the little girl you hired only a few months ago, by the way? Hmmm? he asks.
Elisabeth and a lot of other women working at SIP resent Ana badly, and half of them
wouldnt think twice to aid in finding a way to get her flat on her face. The bitch was
nearly penniless until they gave her a job, and she goes and marries the second richest
man in Seattle. Christian Grey! The man is richer than dirt, and sexier than Greek gods.
Every girl is burning with envy at the SIP. This would serve her right.
Fine, Jack, she says grudgingly. What do I need to do?
Good girl. Well, first of all, we need to bait our trap. And Greys little sister will do just
fine. Since you work with the cockblocker, itd be best if you get Greys sister right after
her gym session. They all have a set routine.

I dont know what gym she goes to, Jack, says Elizabeth.
Dont worry, I do. Now be a good girl, and come and pick me up. I have my supplies
at your apartment. Meet me there.
Fine. Give me a few minutes. Ill have to sneak out without letting anyone know.

***** *****
You look a little different, Elizabeth says to Jack when she sees him outside of her
building. His hair is cut short, earrings removed, and he looks remarkably well dressed
for a man who just got out of jail and is about to kidnap two women. Hes totally
I dont wanna be seen on your buildings camera. Be a dear and get the tranquilizers.
All 10 packs of it. I have a duffel bag with some supplies, all ready to go. We will
discuss the rest once you get downstairs. You might want to get a change of black
outfit. Something inconspicuous and a baseball cap. But dont change yet. Thats for
later, Jack says without wasting a word.
When Elizabeth returns with the requested supplies from her apartment, they go to the
parking lot, and uncover the black Dodge parked in a deep corner of the parking lot.
How are things at SIP? Jack asks.
Different. Changing since Grey took over. Reins are tighter, so is the security. And
theres a constant watch, a body guard with Ana. Its disgusting actually. What did
Grey see in that scrawny bimbo? says Elizabeth in contempt.
Jealous? asks Jack fueling her hatred.
I have worked just as hard as you did for my job, Jack! She comes and takes over your
job within two week. Well, okay, we hand it over to her, but I didnt know her husband
took over the company. And now she owns all our asses, including Roachs! Nearly all
the female editors have contempt for her. But Jack, this, this road were taking, its got
no return. I dont wanna go to jail!
You wont get caught to go to jail.
She will know. She can surely identify me for what you are planning for me to do.

No, she wont. Weve talked about this before. If it had worked out the first time, and
you did what you were supposed to do, I wouldnt have gone to jail, and we would
have had five million Dollars and sipping Mojitos in the Caribbean. As it is, Ive made
bail thanks to someone else who was fucked up by Grey. You get the little sister into the
car. Ill take care of her here. Then, we call the gold digger for our payment. She gets the
money, and you collect her with the money from the bank making sure she isnt
followed. If you do it right, you get the biggest payday of your life! says Jack with no
intention of sharing the payoff.
If Im going to do the majority of the footwork, I want to be in 50/50! My career and
freedom are also in line, she says.
You hold your end of the bargain, and you shall get 50/50. But I want to thank the
bitch personally. Bring her here as soon as she collects our payment, he says grinning.
Now, pull the SUV over here, says Jack. If my timing is correct, the little sister will
come out in about 12 minutes. Tell her who you are, and that Ana is sick. Ill take care of
the rest once she enters into the car.
Okay, Elizabeth says nervously. How do I know what she looks like?
Cant miss it. She looks an ostrich, Jacks says.
What? This is no time to joke, Jack! Im shaking here!
Long legs, big tits, dark hair cut into a bob. Like this, he says pulling out a printed
picture of Mia Grey. Elisabeth looks at the picture and swallows. She takes a deep
breath and pulls the Dodge in front of the gym. Mia emerges in her tight yoga pants
and a bra top, with her gym bag slumped on her shoulder and her iPod ear buds
plugged into her ears. Elisabeth rushes to the steps to meet Mia.
Im sorry, Miss Grey? she says all flustered.
Yes? Mia replies.
I apologize for coming to you here, but Im Elizabeth Morgan from SIP. Im Anas
boss. Your sister-in-law, Ana is unwell, and I guess she cant reach her husband for
some reason. Weve taken her to a local hospital; shes undergoing some tests right
now. Weve no idea whats wrong with her, and the doctors wont give me any
information since Im not next of kin. She told me to fetch you before she was taken into
a test. I didnt know how to reach you. Can you please come with me? She really needs
someone with her! Elizabeth says with genuine anxiety, but all for different reason.

Oh my gosh! I better call my mom! Shes a doctor. She can meet us at the hospital.
Please do that in the car. We dont have a moment to spare! Elizabeth rushes Mia
holding her elbow in a pleading tone. Mia enters into the passenger side of the vehicle,
and Elisabeth enters into the drivers side, and immediately locks the doors turning the
Dodge on. As Mia turns to toss her gym bag to the back seat, she notices Jack.
Who are you? she asks confused.
Hello, Jack says as he snakes his arm around her neck and covers her mouth and nose
with a towel doused in chloroform, and as the fight slowly dissipates from Mias limbs,
Jack stabs her with enough dose of horse tranquilizer that could put down a horse.
Step on it! he hisses Elisabeth who watches him with gaping mouth. She manages to
put the SUV in gear with shaky hands.
Ill give you the directions, Jack says as he pulls Mias limp body to the back of the
SUV. Jack directs Elizabeth towards the industrial side of the city where there is a
clump of abandoned buildings, old factories with broken windows and graffiti over the
walls. It smells musty, dust, and decay. He pulls Mias body and slumps it over his
shoulder carrying it inside the building. He lays her on a mattress stained with dirt,
body fluids, possibly blood and fecal material. It smells, but then again, the bitch wont
need it long. Shes just the bait, and bait belongs in the ocean. She wont mind at all. He
ties her hands and feet, and gags her mouth, not that she will wake up anytime soon, if
she wakes up at all.
Phase One complete, he says as he walks out of the building, utterly content with
Now what? asks Elizabeth.
Now, we dip the bait in the water. Smile, its payday! he says, and shows Mias cell
phone. He scrolls through the numbers, and finds Anas cell phone in the list.
The phone rings a few times, and Jack gets anxious thinking Ana might not answer the
phone. That wasnt in the plans. But she does.
Mia, comes on Anas voice brightly. Jack grins wider than he ever did. Its his
paycheck speaking after all.
Well, hello there, Analong time no speak.
Jack, she replies in a choked, fearful, small voice. Just the affect he was aiming for.

You do remember me, he replies in a soft tone, smiling bitterly.

Yes. Of course.
Youre probably wondering why I called you.
Yes, she says hesitant. She might hang up.
Dont hang up. Ive been having a chat with your little sister-in-law.
What have you done? she whisper her fear.
Listen here, you prick-teasing, gold-digging whore. You fucked up my life. Grey
fucked up my life. You owe me. I have the little bitch with me now. And you, that cocksucker you married, and his whole fucking family are going to pay.
What do you want? Ah, the question hes been waiting for many weeks.
I want his money. I really want his fucking money. If things had been different, it
could have been me. So youre going to get it for me. I want five million dollars, today.
Jack, I dont have access to that kind of money. And, how is that my problem, Jack
thinks to himself.
You have two hours to get it. Thats ittwo hours. Tell no one or this little bitch gets it.
Not the cops. Not your prick of a husband. Not his security team. I will know if you do.
Understand? He shouts. Shes silent. Is it fear, or did she hang up?
You understand! he shouts forcefully.
Yes, she whispers. It is indeed fear, Jacks proud of his performance.
Or I will kill her. He can hear Anas loud gasp on the phone.
Keep your phone with you. Tell no one or Ill fuck her up before I kill her. You have
two hours.
Jack, I need longer. Three hours. How do I know that you have her? she asks, but he
hangs up on her. No chances to have time to think. She only has time to get the money.
Now, its Elizabeths time to perform. Time is ticking after all.

When We Two Parted

WHEN we two parted
In silence and tears,

Half broken-hearted
To sever for years,

Pale grew thy cheek and cold,

Colder thy kiss;

Truly that hour foretold

Sorrow to this.

The dew of the morning

Sunk chill on my brow-It felt like the warning

Of what I feel now.

Thy vows are all broken,

And light is thy fame:

I hear thy name spoken,

And share in its shame.

They name thee before me,

A knell to mine ear;

A shudder comes o'er me-Why wert thou so dear?

They know not I knew thee,

Who knew thee too well:

Lond, long shall I rue thee,

Too deeply to tell.

I secret we met--

I silence I grieve,
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.

If I should meet thee

After long years,

How should I greet thee?

With silence and tears
Lord Byron
Sea-Tac tower, this is Charlie Tango requesting permission to land.
Helicopter Charlie Tango, cleared for landing at Sea-Tac airport, make approach
circling left to helipad 11 arrival route 4. Remain 700 feet from the other helicopter.
Please use caution wake turbulence. Cleared to land.
Landing at helipad 11, arrival route 4. Remaining 700 feet from the helicopter, I reply
and we land at Sea-Tac. I take off the cans, and unbuckle the harness as Taylor is doing
the same. His Blackberry rings ominously as soon as he turns it on, and he looks up and
answers immediately.
Sawyer! Whats up?
He listens, and his face blanches, taking up a deathly color.
She did what? he shouts. Where are you?
Slow down, are you running?... Driving?...Where?
What is happening? I ask my eyes blazing but I don't get a chance to get an answer.
Because my Blackberry starts buzzing.
Grey, I answer curtly.
Mr. Grey, says a monotonous voice. This is Troy Wheelan at the Pacific Northwest
Bank. Mrs. Grey is here to withdraw five million Dollars in cash, sir. This obviously
he says but I cut him.

She is doing what?

Withdrawing five millions dollars sir which is highly irregular for our bank without
any prior notice, but luckily we do hold all the cash reserves for the Pacific Northwest,
he babbles on some shit proudly as my world crumbles around me.
I dont give a flying fuck what your bank holds, or reserves. Did you just say my wife
is there to withdraw five million dollars?
Yes sir, shes currently sitting in my office. Im preparing the paperwork. But it is
highly irregular as I said, and we need to verify what assets to withdraw these funds
from. My heart is beating in my ears. I cant breathe. My wife, my love is leaving me
with five million dollars of our money. Shes going. I find myself holding onto Charlie
Tango, and Taylors eyes go wide.
Before you do anything, I want to talk to my wife, Wheelan. Put her through.
Ah, shes waiting for me to complete the paperwork.
You will complete no fucking paperwork, if I sue your bank down to its last penny.
Now, put my wife on the fucking phone, now! I shout holding the phone in front of
my mouth. My hands are shaking, everything is crumbling, and my heart is being cut
into slices. Im breathing heavily. Taylor has a terrified look on his face; totally shocked.
Anas voice comes on the phone.
Hi, she says softly.
Youre leaving me? I ask in a harrowed whisper. I have never felt the anguish,
dejection, heartbreak and torment as I do this minute. I would rather die than to hear
her confirmation. But I need to know. Please baby, dont leave me.

No! she says completely surprised at my question. Then what is she doing? But, her
answer changes.
Yes, she says in a whisper. She said yes, shes leaving me.
I gasp my sob; my universe is destroyed, and I fall to my knees, lifeless, powerless.
Death would be better than this grief. I would rather die than to hear it. Did she ever
love me? Even a little bit? She said she would never leave me, and now I buckle over
my knees, my hand pulling a clump of my hair.

Ana, I I cant finish my words. I have no words. My faculties leave me. Ill take
everything I said, every hurt I inflicted. Just Just... Dont leave me. My choked sob
finds its escape and my anguish blankets me.

Nothing's gonna change my love for you - Glenn Medeiros

I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.

Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.

Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.
I hunger for your sleek laugh,

your hands the color of a savage harvest,

hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,

I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.
I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,

I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,

and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight,
hunting for you, for your hot heart,

like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.

Pablo Neruda


My heart and my world are shattered beyond recognition with her confirmation. Why
then did she say shed never leave me before? Was it part of a grander scheme? I want
to believe that she loved me. How can I though? Im unlovable. Unworthy. I have to
know why she was with me if she didnt love me. She told me she didnt care about my
money at every chance she got. Why now? The idea that she might have wanted me for
money is killing me. I dont want it to be true. I dont want my dad or Elena to be right.
I thought the love we had was sacred. What I feel for her is sacred. It will never change.
Even if all she wanted from me was money. But I need to hear this from her even it kills
But why the cash? Was it always the money? I ask finally in a barely audible voice,
the torment of my soul is evident in every syllable I utter.
No, comes through a teary whisper. Its me, then. I screwed it up.
Is five million enough? I ask. What is five million when I lose my soul, the love of my
Yes, she whispers.
And the baby? I ask. I dont recognize my own voice. I am losing my wife, and my
child. She finally saw that Im unfit to be a father, to be her husband. We argued before.
Fought. Sulked for days. But we always found a way to make up. What about our baby?
How can I possibly worry the loss of someone whose existence scared the life out of
me? But I do.

Ill take care of the baby, she murmurs. She sounds like shes made up her mind,
further breaking my heart, killing me slowly.
Killing me Softly Roberta Flack
Is this what you want? I ask, tormented. I have to know. I want to beg her, see a shred
of hope. Please tell me no! Give me something to fight with.
Yes, she replies emotionless.
I think the pain of death is preferable to this one single word; because Im dying. I
inhale sharply, painfully. She plunges the final stab into my heart and twists the knife
with this one word, one confirmation. Take it all, I hiss. Ive lost her. Nothing else
matters. Property, money, company They mean nothing without her. Shes stripped
me bare of my soul; no need to protect the shell.
Christian she sobs. I feel the love in that one word, and maybe its my minds selfpreservation, a wishful thinking, trying to make me believe what isnt there. The ache is
sharp; my heart is bleeding, cut into a thousand pieces. Its for you. For your family.
Please. Dont, she begs, tearfully.
Take it all, Anastasia, I choke. Love destroyed me. But, I would rather love her all my
life and feel this pain, than go through an existence devoid of loving her.
Christianshe begs. My mind is betraying me once again making me feel her love
that isnt there.
Ill always love you, I declare my love in a hoarse, cracking voice, and hang up on
Michael Bubl Thats all
Taylor is on the phone talking to someone, but I dont care. Im collapsed on the floor
next to Charlie Tango heaving, trying to push the sobs back, and they keep coming back
relentlessly, incapacitating me. I need to call the bank back and get Whelan on the
phone. I will still do what Ana wants, what she needs from me. She can get all the
money she wants from me. Everything if thats what she desires I call the bankers
direct line.
Troy Whelan speaking.

Its Christian Grey. Ive spoken to my wife, I say fighting to push the emotions back.
My wife Am I calling her by that title for the last time? Give her the money.
Whatever she wants.
Mr. Grey, I cant he starts his usual shit about how this is so irregular, out of their
norm. I cut him off. Today is the last day I want to listen to anyone whine.
Liquidate five million of my assets. Off the top of my head: PKC, Georges, Atlantis
Corps, Ferris and Umatic. A million from each.
Then he starts the same shit I expected him to say:
Mr. Grey, this is highly irregular. Ill have to consult with Mr. Forlines.
Im playing golf with him next week, I hiss at him. Just fucking do it Whelan. Find a
way, or Ill close all the accounts and move GEHs business elsewhere. Understand? I
shout my demands.
Whelan is speechless at the end of the line. Taylor is on his phone and pacing back and
forth, wearing a track on the tarmac and is getting louder than I am.

Are you absolutely sure? he bellows. The tone of his voice briefly diverts my attention.
When? He stops in his place. What time exactly? He says and checks his time; his
eyes widen and he stiffens in his tracks.
Why the fuck would you wait to call this long? You fucking charge over a $1,000 an
hour! If Mr. Grey doesnt fire your ass he says and stops. His voice switches from a
furious tone to Defcon-1.
You did? I dont give a shit! Do you realize that its been four hours since he was
released? Who did they release him to?... Do you have an address? his eyes widen with
the response he gets. You, fucking incompetent bastard! Stop yapping! Hang on! he
says and walks towards me, his gaze somber, full of rage, looking like an uncaged
predator, mirroring me. Hes put his Blackberry to his chest to muffle our conversation
from whoever is on the other end of the line.
Well sort the fucking paperwork out later, I add, my attention drifting to Taylor.
Yes, Mr. Grey, says Whelan and I hung up. I rub my eyes, both hands in my hair
pulling forcefully as look at Taylor.

Anas leaving me, Taylor, I mutter with agony in my voice, my soul is desolate. But I
still want to go to the bank and want her to tell me that to my face. I deserve better than
a phone call from a bank manager, I think! She can give me that much. Then Ill let her
go. It should take the bank a little while to complete the procedure, I say.
I put my reputation on the line that she isnt leaving you! I know caddy bitches, and
Mrs. Grey isnt one. This isnt her way, Mr. Grey! Taylor says with speedy fervor.
Shes withdrawing five million dollars. Its over I fucked it up, I say as my entire
body is trembling.
The hell its over, Mr. Grey! I need you to run with me to the SUV please, he says and
continues talking full speed as he yanks my arm. I have profiled countless people in
the past. Even a blind man would know that she doesnt care about your money! Your
fucking incompetent attorney just informed me that Hyde is out on bail!"
"What?" I ask stopping in my tracks.
"Jack Hyde is released on bail!" he repeats.
"Sometime this morning. Mrs. Grey withdrawing five million bucks just after the
fuckers release from jail cant be a coincidence."
"Do you think he's blackmailing her with something?"
"I don't know. There's a lot of missing pieces in this story, and not everything is what it
seems. It's possible. The asshole been out for the last four hours or possibly more! Ill
tell you the details in the car, sir. Can we keep please keep running? We dont have a
second to lose! he says emphatically, angry and for the first time I realize that Taylor,
too has lost control. Then he holds his Blackberry on his ear but I extend my hand
firmly for the phone as we run through the parking lot to get to the SUV.
With fucking pleasure! he says and thrusts the phone into my hand.
Who the hell is this? I bark, adrenaline coursing through me, giving me a shot of
energy. A weak voice answers.

Its Trent Baxter, sir. Nearly three hours ago, we were informed that Mr. Hyde was
released on bail.
And you call us now? I shout, my blood boiling. My wife may be in danger because
of my fucking attorneys incompetence!
We tried to call you hour and a half ago sir, but both your phone and Taylors went to
voice mail. We tried calling GEH, and your assistant told us that you were in Portland,
and may be in mid-flight which is why we waited to call you until this time.
You said three hours, I say my voice is low and deadly as I continue to run faster than
I ever did and we make it to the SUV within excruciatingly long few minutes. Three
fucking hours! I shout to the top of my lungs. Three hours ago I was available! You
were supposed to prevent this from happening, and if there was an off chance that he
was to be granted bail, you were to be informed immediately, and inform me!! Ill deal
with your fucking ass tomorrow! I growl with malice as slide into the passenger seat of
the SUV. Taylor hits the gas before we close the doors.
Im sorry Mr he says, but I hang up, cutting him off. After handing Taylor his
Blackberry, I immediately dial Anastasias phone on my own Blackberry. Now that I
know the fucker Hyde is granted bail and like a moronic petulant adolescent I didnt
speak to my wife for the last couple of days Ive no idea where we stand. Something is
definitely off, and somehow Taylors trust in her chagrins me in the lack of trust I had in
my own wife. This is not Anastasias way. She would tell me off if she really didnt
want me. If Hyde is behind this, I have to find out. She said, no at first when I asked
her if she was leaving me. Her shock in hearing my question was as great as mine in
asking it. Then she changed her mind in a split second. Something is horribly wrong
with this picture. I wait on the line as Anastasias phone rings and rings ominously, but
she doesnt answer. I hang up, my insides are twisting.
I speed dial Sawyer then put the Blackberry in the cradle.
Mr. Grey, Im at the bank, he answers without waiting for me to say a word. His
voice echoes through the speakers in the SUVs sound system.
Do you see Mrs. Grey? Did you get to talk to her?
Shes just walking out with the bank manager, he says and waits. Im looking at her
right now. Shes holding her finger, saying, just a minute he says waits.
Were on our way to the bank! Keep her there until we get to the bank!

Taylor, ETA? I ask turning to him.

Ten minutes, he says as he floors the gas.
Well be there in ten minutes. Can you manage to keep her there? I ask acidly.
She just walked back to the managers office. The manager is looking surprised by her
going back to the room. He just followed her back into his office. Oh shit, Mr. Grey! I
have a feeling shes going to try to evade me again, sir. But, Im not leaving without
her! he says with determination.
Sawyer, were going to cross under the bridge, the reception may get lost. Stay with
her! Well be there in a few minutes! I urge him. I press my foot down on the floor as if
I too have an access to the accelerator. But of course I dont. The line goes dead.
My heart is drumming in my ears. My hands are fisted, rattling the center console.
She aint in it for your money, Mr. Grey! Taylor says fervently, his gaze fixed on the
Maybe not But Ive been ass.
"I really am mad at her for not coming to us if Hyde is blackmailing her! But, I can't
focus on that right now. We have to rescue her from Hyde!"
"What if she really is...leaving?" I ask, my voice low.
Mr. Grey. Lets focus on what we do know, the facts: If Mrs. Grey was in it for money,
she would have taken a lot more. I will speak out of turn, but to give you an unbiased
perspective. Five million is pocket change for you, sir! You are worth twelve billion
Dollars, for Gods sake!
She said she didnt want it when I told her to take everything I mutter.
That doesnt sound like someone who is there to take your money! I have an ominous
feeling that Mrs. Grey is in imminent danger. I think shes acting this way because
fucking Hyde is out of jail on bail! We dont know the connection yet, sir. Every fiber in
my being is telling me that Hyde has something to do with this. He might be
threatening her. With what? That, I don't know, he bellows.

A violent shudder goes through me as if someone walked over my grave. My breathing

increases and my gaze is fixed on the road ahead trying to get to my wife. Taylor hits
the breaks and the tires screech and leave a long trail of skid marks as he overshoots the
banks parking lot. He immediately makes a right turn into the parking lot as the tires
drag and the vehicle tilts to left momentarily, then parks the SUV right in front of the
bank. Without turning the car off, we both rush into the bank. We find Sawyer arguing
with the bank manager loudly.

I'm asking you one last time: Where did Mrs. Grey go? he is barking at Whelan.
If you do not remove yourself from our bank, I will have you forcefully removed, sir,
Whelan is threatening Sawyer. An armed security guard is approaching towards the
small cluster of two. As Taylor and I rush into the bank full speed, we come to a
skidding halt and barely avoid a collision with two.
Where is my wife? I ask Whelan.
Mr. Grey! Whelan gushes. This gentleman has been most impolite seeking the
whereabouts of Mrs. Grey, he complains.
Of course he does, you fucking ass! Hes her personal bodyguard! Where did Mrs.
Grey go? Whelans mouth drops open, and he gestures the bank guard away. The
patrons and employees alike are focused on our group, and watching us.
Mrs. Grey saw this gentleman here, and said that someone was following her, and she
wanted to exit from the rear of the bank he says, and through the employee exit,
he qualifies.
Did you give her the money?
Yes sir.
Track the car! I order Sawyer.
Thats the thing sir. The car is immobile. Its parked right here, Sawyer lifts up his
phone to show me the dot marking her vehicle.
I can answer that, says Whelan trying to get on my good side. Mrs. Grey left in a
black Dodge SUV. A female friend of hers came to pick her up in black pants and shirt

and a baseball cap. Come to think of it, Mrs. Grey was very surprised and rather
unhappy to see her there. I couldn't say the same about the other person, though.
What did she look like? Come on man, speak! I shout.
Well, tall, slim, dark hair. She had nondescript clothing, all black and a baseball cap as
I said, and sunglasses. But Mrs. Grey recognized her and called her Elizabeth.
Fuck! Elisabeth Morgan?
She didnt say the last name.
Ive got the cell phone on the move! Taylor says and shouts to the Whelan as hes
heading towards the exit. Call the cops! This might be a kidnapping! and we run out
to the SUV to follow the signal from Anastasias Blackberry.
Wait! shouts Whelan behind us as hes trying to catch up in rapid steps. This might
be important. After Mrs. Grey went back into my office, she asked me to give her a few
minutes to make a phone call. Then, right before we went out from the backdoor she
asked me to lend my cell phone to her which I did and of course and she now has my
phone with her. Does it make sense to you? Because it sure doesnt to me he says.
Of course it does! She knew her cell phone would be taken and she wanted to be
found! Check for your cell phone in the bushes, someplace inconspicuous,
trash, dumpster behind the bank. If it's there, we know for sure that they've kidnapped
her! I shout. "If you find it, make sure the cops know that this is a kidnapping!" I hear
gasps among the female patrons and employees alike and a few of them already make
their way to the back of the bank to assist the manager. My wife knew I would track
her! She was leaving breadcrumbs, clues behind her so to speak. This is a life and death
situation. We run out at top speed.
Taylor and I jump back into the SUV and Sawyer follows us. Taylor puts his phone in
the cradle. The red dot indicating Anas Blackberry moves on the map becomes my life
line, symbolizing my wifes position, telling me that shes alive. Things slowly start
falling into place. Im both hopeful and terrified. Hyde attempted to kidnap, torture and
fuck my wife; thats why he was in jail. Now that he succeeded in kidnapping her, Im
writhing in agony in my seat with worry eating me up alive.
Lets move fucking faster, Taylor! I bellow. Taylor runs every red light, swerves, and
weaves between cars, and even drives on the sidewalk narrowly avoiding a few
pedestrians before he can jump the SUV in front of a Ford Sedan. I see the red dot

coming to a halt by the old industrial part of town. Most of those buildings are
abandoned, and I seriously start fearing for her life more than ever. Because the red dot
is ominously blinking in the same spot on the map. Did they dump her phone, or did
they take her out of the car? What are they doing to her? If Ana was getting the money
for herself, she wouldnt be going to a fucking abandoned factory! I know shes
kidnapped by Hyde. And that gut wrenching feeling is tearing me apart. Its now a race
between life and death! My legs are shaking; my hands are fisted repeatedly thumping
like the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
ETA is two minutes! Taylor warns, momentarily breaking my ominous thought. I
start praying. Please let her be okay! Please, dont let harm come to my wife and my
baby! Please keep her safe! I love her! I love my wife! Please I mutter my prayers
under my breath. My lips move but no sound comes out. I violently wipe an escaped
tear with my knuckle. My gaze is fixed on the road, and when the edge of the peeling
paint, and broken windows of the old warehouses and abandoned factories start
appearing, I can hear my own heartbeat thumping in my chest with surmounted
uneasiness. We are only about fifty yards away from the red dot. When Taylor enters
into the concrete road with cracks on it, giving the SUV's shocks a workout, I finally see
the black Dodge SUV parked on the side, and then hear a single shot being fired,
shattering my world. My heart stops; all sounds cease to exist except the loud gushing
of blood as if a tunnel opened up in my ears. No!! No!
Anaaa! I shout and I can see my agony reflected in Taylors face. The SUV comes to a
screeching halt and I yank the door open and run full speed in the direction of Anas
body on the concrete ground. I hear other vehicles come rushing, tires screeching,
people shouting but I see nothing but my Anas body is on the dusty, concrete road,
lying motionless. A revolver by her hand. She shot the fucking bastard! Momentary
relief floods me but it's short lived.
Ana! I shout. My voice reflects the torment, and agony Im drowning in. I would
harrow hell for her, but this this is killing me. When I reach her, I sink to the ground,
and hold her in my arms, and see her eyes close as I reach her.
ANAAA! Its the sound of mournful anguish coming out of me. I wrap my wife in
my arms, and vaguely notice Taylor securing Elisabeth Morgan who has her hands up. I
hear the sirens in the distance.
Taylor! I shout. Tayloooor! despairing. He comes running as Sawyer is pointing a
gun at Jack who is writhing on the floor. My babys face and body forming bruises
already, she's cold, her breathing shallow, barely noticeable. Hold my girl! I say.

Taylor is the only person I can trust her safety at the moment. He doesnt hesitate, and
cradles Ana into his arms.

I turn in his direction with one goal in mind. I am going to kill Hyde with my bare
hands. I rush in his direction. Understanding my intent, he wobbles onto his feet
pressing down to his bloodied leg with one hand, and half wobbles, half runs away
from me. I speed up, and leap on top of him. We roll on the concrete floor a few times. I
sit on top of him pressing down on his wounded leg with my knee, and land my
punches on his face.
"Fuuuck!" he screams in pain and struggles beneath me while tries to knee me with his
good leg.
"Mr. Grey! Your sister is here!" Sawyer shouts as he comes out of the old warehouse
with Mia's body is lolling in his arms. With the added sight of my sister to the picture, I
totally lose myself. I grab Hyde off the ground and bring him up.
"You fucked with the wrong man's family! I shout with nothing but murder in my
eyes. I grab him at the nape of his neck, and pulling back my leg, I knee him in the groin
repeatedly as he feebly tries to fight me off. Then I swing a right hook into his chin, and
hear the crack. "Fight me!" I shout. He tries to swing his punch ineffectually.
"Come on!" I taunt him. I grab his head between my hands firmly, and head butt him
forcefully three times. The force if our collision rattles my head, but I don't care. Pain is

welcome. It makes me feel something again. He groans but manages to land a punch to
my left side. It barely registers. I have one goal in mind.
Mr. Grey! The ambulance is here! I vaguely hear the sirens and shouts. A woman
Hold your hands up! someone shouts. I ignore the warning. I land successive
punches on Hydes chest; he can barely stand on his feet. He falls to the ground
screaming in agony. I lift him up by his hair and punch him repeatedly until my
knuckles are bloodied. I feel two people pulling me off him with all their strength.
Its enough Grey! Youll kill him! Hes unconscious already! Go tend your wife; shes
being taken to the hospital! the voice orders. My eyes are glazed with murderous rage.
I struggle out of the hold of the cops who are using all their strength to keep me
immobile. I punch one of them and two more takes his place trying to tackle me down. I
grab the right arm of one with both hands, my back turned to him using the strength of
biceps and forearms. I raise my arms above my head, and twisting his arm with force of
both my arms, the cops body obeys and he flies through the air and lands on the
ground on his back loudly. Another cop tries to subdue me by coming behind me, but
using the shoulder elbow lock, I dislocate his shoulder.
Jesus Christ, Grey! Stand down! You took Hyde down! Stop! shouts an authoritative
male. I recognize the voice of Detective Clark.
Hands up, or well shoot! shouts another skittish cop. I dont listen. Im outside of my
body; fighting with every cop who is blocking my way to Hydes worthless ass
methodically with the precision of a well-oiled machine. I want to kill him! I see medics
attending him, and putting him on a gurney. The cops are trying to prevent me from
reaching him.
Detective, get your men to stand down! Keep them away from Grey! Hes distraught.
Cut the man some slack! Ill take him! Its Taylor.
Get him to stop Taylor! My men are only trying to subdue him so he doesnt harm
anyone else! He cant take law into his own hands! Not in my jurisdiction! barks the
detective back at him.
Do you really wanna argue that now? Remember who the victim is here, Detective!
Grey doesnt have a weapon! Your cops do! Have them holster their weapons! Dont
force my men to shoot cops! We will if they fire one single shot on him! Get your men to
stand down! I hear Taylor shout. I feel like a cornered wild animal.

Stand down! Back away! Holster your weapons! I hear the detective shout. Taylor
runs towards me. Cops are slowly stepping back; their weapons are slowly getting
holstered. Taylor approaches me with measured steps, his hands are up to show me he
means me no harm.
Mr. Grey! Theyre taking Ana to the hospital. Please, she needs medical attention
immediately! Taylor says and his words dont register at first. I find myself getting into
a defensive posture. But he grapples me from behind and I realize that I start sobbing
helplessly as reality sinks in. I struggle in his hold, but the fight is leaving me.
Dont fight me Mr. Grey! Ana needs help right now! She needs you! Now! The
ambulance will leave without you if you dont come!
My wifes name is my lifeline getting me out my murderous rage. I turn and look at
Taylor, my eyes clouded, my face wet with tears mixing with dust and dirt. Ana? I
ask in a choked voice.
This way, Taylor says and he guides me quickly in the direction of one of the
ambulances. Two medics are feverishly attending Anas motionless body on the gurney
as Taylor pushes me in.
Hes not supposed to be in here! says one of the medics.
The hell, Im not! Shes my wife! I shout.
Let him! I hear the Detective and catch the pity in his eyes.
Anastasia has an oxygen mask on; her arms are hooked to an IV line, and some other
fluids. Shes strapped tightly and theyve already cut the clothes out of her body which
are on a small heap on the floor and they covered her modesty with a light blue
disposable sheet. Seeing her motionless, bruised, and barely breathing kills me inside. I
gently hold her hand, trying hard not to jostle her. Someone closes the door behind us,
and sirens blaring, were on the move to the hospital.
Broken Seether and Amy Lee

Yet each man kills the thing he loves

By each let this be heard
Some do it with a bitter look
Some with a flattering word
The coward does it with a kiss
The brave with a sword
Oscar Wilde

The shades of moods Boss had been in the last two days will cover the color spectrum
from end to end. I have seen him in fits of rage, contempt, aggravation, apathetic,
bewildered, angry, joyful, jealous, lusty, happy, predatory, and even downright weird
and goofy around Ana, but Ive never seen him in despair. This is a new one for him.
Hes never been out of his element, and yet, he was completely preoccupied in
Portland. Im just hoping that he gets us to Seattle in one piece. Right before we leave
Portland I notice that I have a missed call from Sawyer.
Thats strange. I didnt hear the phone ring. Its Sawyer, I say, and Mr. Grey is pure
attention. Knowing that he had a fight with Ana yesterday morning, and she hasn't
even seen his face since yesterday morning, this could be important. I immediately
check the tracker on my phone set for Mrs. Greys vehicle. Its on the move.
Mrs. Greys car is on the move. This is an unscheduled trip, I mutter. I dont have to
say that twice to make my Boss nervous as if I stuck his hand into a wasp nest. I dial
Sawyer immediately without listening to his message.
T! he says anxiously.

Sawyer, why is Mrs. Greys vehicle on the move on an unscheduled trip? I ask
accusingly; my tone commanding.
I wanted to let you know Mrs. Grey is with me. Shes unwell. Im taking her back to
Escala he says.
I see, I say getting concerned. Mrs. Grey is pregnant and my insecure boss went batshit crazy on her couple of nights ago. Hell, I know its not easy to be a dad, but damn,
when he turns his charm on full blast like that even my knees start shaking and he
could try the patience of a saint! But poor sap is crazy over his wife, and thats his
saving grace. He looks at me anxiously. Worry is written all over his face. Mrs. Grey is
unwell, and Sawyer is taking her back to Escala, I answer his questioning gaze. He
tries to gather his composure, and slides back his Im-in-control persona, and answers:
Tell him, were sitting at the tarmac, but will leave soon. We should be in Seattle in an
hour. If she needs a doctor, he should take her there. Otherwise, let her rest. Ill be home
soon. I really hope that they sort their shit out soon! I feel so uncomfortable being the
middle man in their communication like two teenagers who aren't speaking and using
their friends as mediaries.
Yes, sir, I reply and convey his message to Sawyer. Mr. Grey quickly conducts his
flight checks and takes off the airport just as soon as the last word leaves the mouth of
the Airport Traffic Controller. He remains tense all through the flight. Hes a stubborn
man, and I can see that his pride, ego, and his mulish nature combat against his love
and desire he has for her. But, he finally manages to focus on the flight and lands us in
one piece in Seattle.
I turn on my Blackberry first thing as soon as were on the ground, and my fucking
Blackberry rings like the messenger of doomsday. I answer without delay after seeing
Sawyers name on the Caller ID.
Sawyer! Whats up?
Mrs. Grey tricked me and ran away from Escala! What the hell did he just say? My
blood freezes, and then runs hot immediately, searing me.
She did what? I shout in shock. Where are you? I ask and his answer comes
muffled, breathless. I cant understand every other word hes saying because hes
talking in rapid fire.
Slow down, are you running?

I was.
Im in the SUV, chasing her car in streets of Seattle. Well, tracking more like it. Her
vehicle is motionless. Shes parked it somewhere.
You wont believe it! At the bank!

What is happening? Boss asks in his dont-you-dare-fuck-with-me-by-being-evasive

mode. I open my mouth to answer Mr. Grey, but he gets a phone call of his own. Without
taking the blazing intensity of his eyes away from me he answers. His face changes
suddenly to one of shock, betrayal, and utter disbelief.
She is doing what? he shouts, then listens to the person on the other line.
I dont give a flying fuck what your bank holds, or reserves. Did you just say my wife is
there to withdraw five million dollars? he growls like a wild beast.
Taylor? Did you hear me? I need your instructions, Sawyer shouts.
Repeat the last thing you said! I order.
Mrs. Greys car is parked at the bank, and I just drove into the banks parking lot right
now. I suspect that shes in the back someplace, because Im not seeing her at any of the
desks here.
From Mr. Greys shocked expression, I have a feeling hes got a call from the bank. This
is so unlike Mrs. Grey.
Sawyer! Remain on her tail. Call Ryan! I have a feeling something big is going down!
Then I get another glimpse of Mr. Greys face in a mood I have never seen him in before
with this intensity: pure, undiluted anguish unlike the one he had when Ana left him.
This look is accompanied by betrayal. Every cell on my body is on full alert telling me
that all is not what it seems. I never dismiss my intuition. Thats what made me a great
solider. I have to remain in charge to get us through today. It may save more than one
I have to call you back! I say and hang up on Sawyer and dial Welch.

Taylor? Where the hell have you guys been? I have been dialing you every other
minute in the last hour!
Im here now! I say and see my unconquerable boss collapse on the tarmac on his
knees as if begging his wife, sobbing! Oh, fuck! What the hell did she say to bring this
man to his knees, to rip him apart like this in anguish? Ive seen men put through
torture back in the day in the hands of the enemy. But, this shit is a new level in cruel
and unusual punishment.
Welch! Shits hitting the fan from every direction, and I have a feeling this is just the
What is going on?
Something is happening to or about Mrs. Grey, and I cant put my finger on it yet.
Gather your best man together and track Mrs. Greys vehicle and her phone. Shes the
key to all of this for now! I have a feeling we will converge at the same point I say
and I hear another incoming call.
I look at the caller ID. The number belongs to Mr. Greys attorneys firm. What could
they want now?
Welch, the fucking blood suckers are calling! I gotta get this! I repeat: I need you to
gather a group of your best men, and track Mrs. Grey! Something happened to her
today to make her act bizarre! Check her phone records from today, and for Gods sake
hurry the fuck up! I say, and he says, wait! You didnt hear he says, but I switch
the line.
What? I seethe with anger, losing control.
Taylor This is Trent Baxter, one of Mr. Greys attorneys says calmly on the phone.
Baxter, what the hell is going on? I bark.
I wanted to inform you and Mr. Grey that Jack Hyde had been granted bail this
morning, and with that declaration, all the blood rushes into my head, and finally
something makes sense. Rage to rival my Boss spreads over me like poison in
bloodstream. I could kill someone with this incompetence! Grey has left Seattle what,
about half a day, and everyone manages to fuck everything up royally! I want to make
sure that I heard him correctly.

When? I ask in a menacing voice.

Sometime this morning, he replies evasively, like the fucking lawyer he is. I come to a
halt on the tarmac where Ive been wearing down a trail.
Let me rephrase my question then. Clearly you do not understand me. What time
exactly? I ask enunciating. He pauses, his voice is lower.
The bail was granted at 8:00 a.m. but the processing of the papers took over an hour,
and he was released around 9:00 a.m. this morning give or take fifteen minutes. But my
sources say that it could have been as late as 10:00 a.m. I check my watch. His report is
all over the place. The fucker could have been free for five or six hours! Four hours by
the worst accounts. I start pacing again, unable to find anything to hit.
Why the fuck would you wait to call this long? You fucking charge over a thousand
dollars an hour! If Mr. Grey doesnt fire your ass I shout; Im a cocked pistol, blowup
is imminent. But the fucking lawyer tries to interfere.
But we did call! We tried to call both Mr. Greys phone and yours!
You did? I ask to confirm in a mocking voice.
Yes, hour and a half ago. The phone went to voice mail. Then we called the GEH, and
Andrea Parker said that you guys might be in mid-flight.
I dont give a shit! Do you realize that its been four hours at least since he was
Yes, I realize that, but we only learned about it three hours ago. Cut me a little slack!
I'll cut you a slack alright! From here to hell!
Who did they release him to?
We dont know who provided the bail, or who he went with.
Do you have an address?
Look Taylor, everything about his release is a mystery. I will go to the courthouse and
get the details. All the information we have about his release is vague. Hold on a
second he says having the gull to put me on hold during the biggest emergency we

My assistant was checking on the address and just uncovered that it was one of those
mailbox addresses that appear like a regular physical address. So, we got nothing! My
eyes widen with this mans inadequacy.
You fucking bastard! I shout.
Calm down Taylor! Well sort this out today he says coolly. The audacity!
Stop yapping! I say with ferocity barely contained by the skin of my teeth, and walk
towards my boss who looks like hes died a thousand deaths within the matter of a few
minutes. Hang on! I hold the phone to my chest to prevent the hyena from hearing
our conversation. Boss says something to the person hes on the phone with and hangs
up. Then he looks at me with red rimmed, swollen, grim eyes. His appearance has all
the evidence that hes been through a hundred wringers, beaten, tortured and his soul
ripped out from the roots.
Anas leaving me, Taylor, he chokes out. And in those four words, I see the man on
fire, burning in his own personal hell, tied in the purgatory. My boss has many faults.
But one of his biggest faults is that he does not trust enough to the one person he ought
to trust. Because a man may be deceived if he trusted a little too much, but he will put
himself through torment like Mr. Grey is doing right now if he doesnt trust enough. He
doesnt trust in his wifes love for him! Hell, I trust it, why cant he? He wants to go to
the bank to hear it from Anas own lips. Hallelujah! No matter what the reason, this is
his first sane reaction! But I gotta set my boss straight.
I put my reputation on the line that she isnt leaving you! I know caddy bitches hell
do I know them. I was married to one. I tell him that its not Mrs. Greys way.
Shes withdrawing five million dollars. Its over I fucked it up, he says. Oh, God
damn it Mr. Grey! What is five million to you? Its fucking pocket change. Sometimes I
just want to knock some fucking sense into his brilliant, but self-deprecating brain! If
my ex was with Grey, shed take the twelve billion he has, and also carve another large
portion from his future income he would ever make. Mrs. Grey isnt a greedy brat. Ive
seen her broken over this man into thousands of irreparable pieces! Gail told me how
tormented she was when he upped and left when he heard she was pregnant. Their
own damned fault is that theyre both very stubborn and proud to admit their faults.
Everyone in the house can see that, why cant they? I need a fucking vacation once this
whole shit settles!
The hell its over, Mr. Grey! I say determined. He still fucking doesnt realize that his
wifes life may be in danger. Run with me to the SUV please, I say and practically

drag him after me. I quickly explain that Hyde is on bail, and his fucking incompetent,
exorbitantly expensive attorney is on the phone whose ass I would love to kick to hell,
but my only consolation is that I know my boss will be roasting him in the Grey fire
momentarily. I would enjoy the attorneys punishment a lot more had the
circumstances been different, but we are on a rescue mission right now. Ill just recall it
at my leisure later on a down day. Cant let today to be one of them
I cant shake the ominous feeling even after Mr. Grey chews the lawyer up. He finally
understands that Mrs. Grey is in imminent danger, and hands me my phone and using
his own Blackberry when we get to the SUV, and as I put the metal to the pedal, he dials
Anas number, but I can see the distress on his face when she doesnt answer. He dials
Sawyers phone and places the phone on the cradle. Sawyer's answering distressed
voice echoes in the SUV's speakers. Im so fucking glad that we have at least eyes and
ears on ground zero. But Sawyer says that Mrs. Grey went back into the bank
managers office. He says that she might try to evade him again, and knowing her, she
Taylor, ETA? asks Mr. Grey getting me out of my reveries. When I tell him ten
minutes, he relays the time to Sawyer.
If she is on the run, theres a reason. Why five million? Why not ten? Why today? Why
not wait for a divorce and take him to the cleaners get five billion instead five million
since he doesnt have a pre-nuptial? There are too many red flags in this. I have profiled
enemies I have not laid eyes on. Mrs. Greys personality is a given. She is madly in love
with Christian Grey. Even if she was to break up with him, she wouldnt use this
method knowing how badly it would damage him. No, Im certain its the fucker Hyde
threatening her with something. I dont know what it is yet, but, he will have hell to pay
once Mr. Grey catches up to him and I will do everything in my power to let him. We
lose Sawyer as I speed through under the bridge. I know that hell is brewing in Mr.
Greys soul, and I cant take the tormented edginess in his demeanor. He looks like hes
one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, especially with his tense drumming.
She aint in it for you money, Mr. Grey, I blurt out, but he needs to hear this from
someone who is unbiased. But he manages to have his self-pity take over his good
judgment. I try to steer his mind looking into the events objectively. Because if we have
to save her life, we are running against the clock and there is no room for his selfdeprecation today whatsoever. He finally manages to see the facts from my point of
view. Hallelujah!

The ride to the bank is short, and long at the same time because were both on edge. The
tension runs like red hot wire through us and ready to mow anything that got in our
way. Mr. Grey runs out of the SUV before I can put the vehicle into park. I ran after him
barely closing my door. I immediately know that Mrs. Grey is gone from Sawyers
fighting stance against the bank manager who is threatening to remove him with the
security. Fuck this shit! How many things can go wrong today?
Mr. Greys in control once again and his dont-you-dare-to-fuck-with-me demeanor is a
welcome sight both by me and Sawyer. After setting the bank manager straight, he
informs us that a woman named Elisabeth came to pick Mrs. Grey up with a black
Dodge SUV. The only Elisabeth who knows both Mrs. Grey and the asshole Hyde is
Elisabeth Morgan from SIP. Welchs research didnt catch that connection. Apparently
Mrs. Grey wasnt expecting to see her. I know that Mr. Grey is finally on the same page
with me. Thank fuck!
I order the bank manager to call the cops as we run out of the bank to track Mrs. Greys
phone. The bank manager remembers some more crucial in information about Mrs.
Grey's visit which makes me feel certain that we are dealing extortion and kidnapping.
Sawyer! Call Welch! Have him track Mrs. Gs cell phone and have him meet us there
with the fucking Calvary, like yesterday! I shout with urgency.
I put my Blackberry on the cradle to follow the red dot on the map indicating Mrs. Gs
location. As long as shes the dot thats moving, theres less of a change that shes being
harmed. The dot moves towards the coastal road around the old industrial quarters
which are abandoned and mostly occupied by vagrants and druggies. I know Mrs. G
wouldnt be going to that side of town by her own choice.
Lets move fucking faster, Taylor! shouts Mr. Grey, and even that tone is welcome. I
break enough traffic laws to be permanently lose my drivers license, and Im quite
surprised that I dont see any police cars following us other than Sawyer behind us
breaking just as many laws as I am. When the red dot stops on the map, the silence in
the vehicle is thick, suffocating. I can see Mr. Greys breathing become heavy. Hes
unable to sit still in his seat. If the man could grow wings, he would have flown the
coop already.
ETA is two minutes! I say giving him a heads up. I keep my gaze on the road, and as I
reach the dilapidated warehouses, but I dont slow down. I hear other vehicles and
distant sirens finally. A single gunshot is heard on the road ahead and its as if it hit Mr.
Grey in the heart. The tormented anguish is spreading through him like the bubonic
plague. I dont ever want to see my boss this broken again. The SUV Im driving is the

first one to reach the crime scene. I hit the brake as I get close to Mrs. Grey on the
ground, and for the first time we realize that it is her who fired the shot, but only
managed to injure the fucking bastard!
Anaaa! screams Mr. Grey in a grief stricken unrecognizable voice I wish never to hear
again. He shoots out like an arrow from his seat and runs to his wife, sinking onto the
ground to pick her up in an intimately despondent way, holding her close to his chest,
rocking back and forth. I jump out of the still running vehicle only a few seconds after
Mr. Grey with my weapon cocked and aimed. Sawyers SUV is the next one to screech
halt within a few second after us, and he runs out in our direction also with his gun
drawn. As I run near Mrs. Grey, I can see that shes beaten and roughed up and
unconscious. God damn it, Mrs. Grey! Why wouldn't you ask for help? A revolver is
lying beside her hand on the concrete ground.
God damn it to hell! I shout my exasperation. I take my Blackberry out as I run. I
press the three numbers.
911. Whats your emergency?
We need an ambulance or more right now! I shout and briefly explain the kidnapping
and give her the location.
Then I hear Mr. Greys agonized voice again, ANAAA! like a wounded predator. Is
she dying?
"Hurry the hell up, please!" I shout at the operator.
My eyes darken in anger and shift the focus of my attention on Elizabeth Morgan who
is holding her hands up in the air and shouting her apologies.
Fucking too late! Have a nice time in being someones bitch in jail! I shout as I
forcefully cuff her hands. Then I hear my name as if a child calls a parent with need,
trust, and desperation. Taylor! I straighten up to get to Mr. Grey but his voice comes
even more forceful.
Tayloooor! I am next to him in three seconds. Hold my girl! he says, trusting Mrs.
Greys wounded body into my arms. I hold her with my heart breaking. My fucking
nose burns, and some tears pool up behind my eyes which I push back. I fixate my gaze
on the writhing body of Hyde on the floor who is screaming like a howler monkey. That
stops the tears in their tracks. Sawyer is pointing his gun at him, and I hear more
screeching cars. When Hyde sees Mr. Grey with nothing but murder in his eyes, the

fucker stands up and starts skipping like a kangaroo as hes holding his bloodied leg
trying to run away. Mr. Grey speeds up, and for a moment I think hes flying, because
his feet are off the ground, and when he lands again, hes on top of Hyde and theyre
tumbling on the ground. The fight begins. Welch and his men are already on the
ground stealthily dressed like the former Black-ops they are and scanning the buildings
and the vicinity with their guns drawn checking if theres any additional threat. Sawyer
joins them. Not two minutes later he rushes out with someone in his arms.
Mr. Grey! Your sister is here! he shouts, and that breaks something else in Mr. Grey
and he becomes a relentless machine delivering methodical blows on to Hyde.
Two ambulances and police vehicles finally arrive, and they bring out a gurney to
secure Mrs. Grey on as her husband fights her assailant.
Hold your hands up! the cops shout not knowing who the victim is. Among the
group of police officers, Detective Clark is there as well. When Mr. Grey head butts
Hyde and continues to methodically and repeatedly punch him, the cops who have not
been able to keep Hyde off the streets try to wrestle Mr. Grey off of his wifes and
sisters kidnapper. It takes a football team of them to break his hold of Hyde who is by
now barely holding onto his life. They pull Hyde away so the medics can tend him
while trying to restrain Mr. Grey. But he manages to keep his focus on Hyde like a heat
seeking missile and fights off the officers who are trying to hold him down. Within less
than two minutes, he floors and subdues three of the cops. Other officers start drawing
their guns. Detective Clark shouts his warning.
Its enough Grey! Youll kill him... but Mr. Grey is very close to the gurney where the
medics are treating Hydes injuries and he wants to get to him. Clark urges him to go to
Mrs. Grey, but Mr. Grey has completely lost himself in his fury and grief and fights off
two more cops to open his path to Hyde.
Theres a lot of commotion and Clark isnt capable of keeping the lid on his own
fucking officers! One of the younger cops with an itchy trigger finger shouts:
Hands up or well shoot!
Welch and his men are already stealthily surrounding the group of cops who are
aiming their weapons at Mr. Grey. I have had enough of this shit sent to this mans way
today. Itll be a cold day in hell if I let anyone shoot at him!
Detective, get your men to stand down! Keep them away from Grey! Hes distraught.
Cut him some slack! Ill take him!

Clark shouts some shit at me saying this is his jurisdiction and Grey cant take the law
into his own hands! Its not like the detective and the cops did a great job protecting the
mans wife and sister! He should be the one to talk!
I point out the weapons directed at them, and if they dont stand down, and fire a single
shot directed at Grey, I will order to shoot! I will remove my boss from the ground if
they leave him alone.
Finally Clark is smart enough to give the order to stand down. His ass and the rest of
the cops asses would be on the line had they shot Grey after his wife was beaten nearly
to death and his sisters condition is completely unknown!
I approach Mr. Grey slowly, without making him feel like hes cornered. His eyes are
wild, glazed and hes not himself. I hold my hands up to get to him. Im his only friend
here. Its my job to protect him.
Mr. Grey! Theyre taking Ana to the hospital, coax him softly. Anas name brings him
to the surface from whichever hell hes been to. Please, she needs medical attention
immediately! I say letting him feel the urgency in my tone, but also let him know that
shes alive. Hes still crouched in a defensive posture, and I seize him in my grip from
behind. He struggles in my hold, but the fight in him is gone, and he starts sobbing.
Dont fight me Mr. Grey! I soothe him. Ana needs you and I soothe and coax him
to the ambulance where his wife is getting the first medical help, and though one of the
medics protest, Clark finally comes to his senses and tells them that its okay. I close the
door behind him and slap the door twice letting the driver know hes good to go to the
hospital. I nod at Welch and once the ambulance is out of sight, they lower their
You were gonna shoot cops? asks Clark incredulous.
Lets put it this way. I wasnt going to let your officers to shoot an innocent man who
died a thousand deaths today with his wifes kidnapping, beating, and we dont know
if shes going to make through the day not to mention his sister! Put your fucking
priorities straight, Detective! While upholding the law with your high ideals, you
managed to allow that fucker I say pointing at Hyde, to nearly kill off a mans
family. Greys wife is pregnant! Hyde made her lie to her husband making him believe
she was leaving him so Grey wouldnt follow her. Made her withdraw five fucking
million dollars to pay for the ransom for his sister! Christian Grey has had more shit to
deal with today than you could ever deal with, in your lifetime. Put yourself in his

place, then speak. Hyde clearly used Mr. Greys sister as a bait to lure Mrs. Grey! Do
you really want fuck a man like Grey and get him to be your enemy for allowing this to
happen? I suggest that you and your crew clean this shit up and make sure that those
scumbags never see the light of day!
Welch, secure everything, and have your men escort Miss Greys ambulance. Sawyers
already left after Mrs. Greys ambulance. I say.
This is my crime scene! barks Detective Clark.
Good luck with that, I say to Welch and walk to the SUV to drive to the hospital.
The first thing I do is to call Mr. Grey on the phone.
This is Carrick Grey, he answers the phone.
Mr. Grey, this is Taylor. Theres been an incident sir, and I suggest you and your wife
go to the hospital immediately.
What? he asks shocked and worried. I hear the leather of his chair squeak as he
abruptly stands up. Is it Christian?
No. Its Miss Mia. Im assuming you relented on her security, and she was kidnapped
by none other than Jack Hyde and by the looks of it he drugged your daughter and
used her as a bait to lure Mrs. Grey for a ransom. So she in return told your son she was
leaving him, withdrew five million dollars to save Miss Mia. And now shes beaten half
to death, fighting for her life! I shout. I hear an agonized gasp on the phone, but I am
on a roll. Had he not consented for Miss Mia to leave without her security detail, this
wouldnt have happened today.
How are they? he asks in a choked voice.
I dont know sir. Mrs. Grey is beaten up, bruised, and unconscious. Her life might be
in danger. Your son, I say enunciating, is going out of his mind. He nearly lost the
only person he ever loved. He can use a parent right about now, I say speaking way
out of turn, and I want to be even more out of turn telling him not to have any of that
highhanded Ill give you the distance you want, shit because I too have reached my
limit but I hold my tongue. I just want to find Gail and hold her as long as I can the first
chance I get.

Mr. Grey really needs someone who can show him that they love and care for him,
sir, I say.
Which hospital Taylor?
Northwest Hospital in Seattle. Ill see you there sir. Im going there myself, now.
Taylor! Thank you for looking after my son! he thanks me in a grief stricken voice.
Yeah I say and put the SUV in gear.

you may kiss me, and cry; and wring out my kisses and tears: they'll
blight you - they'll damn you. You loved me - what right had you to
leave me? What right - answer me - Because misery, and degradation,
and death, and nothing that God or Satan could inflict would have

parted us, you, of your own will did it. I have not broken your heart you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine. So much

the worse for me that I am strong. Do I want to live? What kind of living
will it be when you - Oh, God! would you like to lie with your soul in the

Emily Bront

My wife lies motionless, her fingertips cool. The only indication I have of her being
alive is the steady beep from the heart monitor. The ambulance blares through the city
and find its way to the hospital.
I need you baby! I want you to fightfor you, for me, for our baby, I whisper. Please
Ana, I beg, and my lips tremble with a choking sob. Wake up baby I cant live
without you. Why didnt you come to me? Why Ana? I agonize. I love so much,
baby I need you, I utter my love for her in a low voice.
I Want Love Elton John

What injuries does she have? I ask as I violently rub the streaming tears away from
my face with my fisted hands. My teeth clenched, my body is rigid, and I have never
felt this helpless. Not in a very veryvery long time. Not since I was four.
Were just trying to stabilize the patient, sir. The ER doctors will inform you just as
soon as theyre done evaluating her condition! one of the medics say and continue
strapping my wife, and putting on various needles and lines into her delicate arms.
Several long minutes later, the ambulance arrives at the hospital and theres another
flurry of movements as number of nurses and doctors rushing to take her in.
Talk to me! says a female doctor to the medics.
Level II trauma. Suspected facial or cranial fractures with no airway compromise. We
have not determined if theres any internal bleeding. Husband said that the patient is
pregnant. Doesn't have cardiac injuries, but possible broken ribs. Didn't have time to
check the pelvic injuries, but she has extensive bruising. No arterial bleeding or spinal
cord injury. Extremities might have multiple fractures. No penetrating trauma, but has
head injuries, and she must be checked for cerebral hemorrhage. She's been unresponsive...
he continues as I run after them, but they shut the door and effectively keep me out of
the Trauma center where they are examining her.
Shes MY WIFE! I shout as I struggle with the security to enter into the room.
And well do everything to stabilize her, and keep her alive, sir. You wont be helping
us if you are in the room. Let the doctors do their jobs!
She needs me! I agonize.
She needs the medical attention more! says an older nurse approaching me. I know
this very is difficult for you. But you will be helping her if you just let the doctors do
their job. They will come out and inform you of her condition just as soon as they
stabilize her. Please, sit down, sir she says, trying to lead me away from the door.
I got him! says a familiar firm voice.
Come on Mr. Grey. Shell be alright. We saved her. We saved Mia, too.
Oh, Mia! Wheres Mia? I ask absently. The medics counted several injuries Ana
sustained and I'm worried to death.

They took her here as well. Im sure shes in one of these rooms. Well find out soon
enough. How about we fill out the paperwork while we are waiting for the ER doctors
to come to talk to you? he coaxes me.
Christian! cries out a distressed womans voice. I look up, and my mom and dad both
barrel down the emergency room and they both take me into their tight embrace.
What happened? she asks in sobs.
My dad looks at her admonishingly and shakes his head. Hows Ana, and wheres
We just got here mom, and Im not allowed to be in there with my wife! I utter in a
monotonous voice as shock is finally taking over my body and emotions, shutting me
I have to find my daughter! my mother sobs getting up. I vaguely notice that she has
her white doctors coat on.
Nurse! she calls one of the admitting nurses.
Yes, Dr. Grey? she answers.
I need to find a patient. Mia Grey, she says her voice cracking with my sisters name.
My dad goes to her and holds her in his arms.
Shes been admitted a short while ago, doctor. Shes was administered large doses of
Rohypnol, and some tranquilizer which we have not been able to determine yet, the
nurse says looking at her tablet. She leads them towards the desk to give them more
Mr. Grey? Taylor says softly. Lets finish the paperwork, sir, he says bent out of
shape to keep me, to keep my mind occupied.
I cant keep my mind on the documents. Taylor starts filling them.
Mr. Grey, does Mrs. Grey have any known allergies? he asks.
Huh? I ask not comprehending.
Does Mrs. Grey have allergies? he repeats.

No... No she doesnt.

For the next half hour, Taylor keeps me engaged, and make every possible effort to
keep my mind out of the trauma room.
When a doctor finally comes out of the trauma room, I stand up and meet her.
Anastasia Grey? I ask.
Are you next of kin, sir?
Im her husband, Christian Grey, I say, and she smiles.
Weve stabilized Mrs. Grey, and shes being taken into a private room. You may go
and stay with her, sir. In fact Ill take you to her, she says, and I follow her on her
wake. Taylor closely and protectively follows behind.
I enter into a large room similar to Rays current room. Shes hooked on various
apparatus, and lines.
What are her injuries Doctor?
Bartley. Im Doctor Bartley. Mrs. Greys ribs are bruised, Mr. Grey and she has a
hairline fracture to her skull, she says and I gasp. But her vital signs are stable and
strong, she adds in response to my reaction. Im not convinced.
Why is she still unconscious, then? I ask.
Mrs. Grey has had a major contusion to her head. But her brain activity is normal, and
she has no cerebral swelling. Shell wake up when shes ready. Just give her some time,
she reassures me. Hearing Anastasia will be okay, gives me a degree of hope. But I
wont be okay if she lost our baby. Because I know she wont be okay. She wanted
junior. She wanted our baby. My baby.
And the baby? I ask anguished, distraught.
The babys fine, Mr. Grey, she replies and I let out a breath I didnt know I was
Oh, thank God! I praise, relieved. Oh, thank God

My family is intact. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have my family, my wife, my
baby. Nothing else matters Nothing
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica


I collapse in a chair by her bed. Then gently hold her hand with no attachments, and
bury my face in it.
Fragile - Stevie Wonder & Sting

Ill leave you alone with her, Mr. Grey. But we will conduct additional tests to confirm
her stability and progress, and of course to see if there are any changes to her
condition. When I look up to thank the doctor, I can only nod in response. Now that
the adrenaline is running out, I feel a kaleidoscope of emotions; relieved, exhausted,
angry, cautiously optimistic, in love, and in a punishing mood starting with my wife.
And by God if she ever tries to pull anything like that again, I will spank the shit out of
her! As the doctor walks out, I see Taylor by the door, his lips thinned into a tight line,
his jaw clenched, his eyes staring at the light pointedly which is a trick I have used in
the past to prevent shedding tears. Taylor too is relieved, upset, worried and angry
about Anastasia.
He clears his throat. Im glad Mrs. Greys prognosis is positive, sir. Ill go talk to
Sawyer and Welch and see where we are.

I nod. Tell Welch, I need to see him as soon as hes done with the my voice breaks, I
stop, take a breath and continue, scene. And find out where they took the fucking
Yes, sir, he replies. As he opens the door to exit, Gail is standing on the other side of
it, her hand held up as she gets ready to knock the door.
I can see Taylors eyes soften, and something in him melts. His lip quivers, but he
doesnt say anything. He just holds her in his embrace, and presses his lips firmly on
her forehead and holds her there for long few minutes. Wordlessly they look at each
other, and she nods understanding he has a job to do, and lets him walk away.
Gails eyes are red rimmed, and though shes impeccably dressed in her usual
professional manner, she looks bewildered and out of sorts.
Mr. Grey! I came as soon as I could. How is Mrs. Grey? she asks dabbing her eyes
with a crumpled tissue in her hand.
Her prognosis is positive so far, Gail, I say with difficulty.
Oh, Mr. Grey, she says and makes her way to me in rapid steps. In an unguarded
moment, she opens her arms in the gesture of a hug, but realizes who shes trying to
hug, and holds back, but, I hold my hand up and gently touch her shoulder.
I know, Gail, I say nodding.
Is the is the baby okay? she asks tentatively.
Yes I say relieved. Yes, the baby is okay.
Thank God! she sighs relieved, reflecting my sentiment.
The door to Anas room swings open forcefully as the teary eyed Katherine Kavanagh
rushes in followed by my brother Elliot. She makes a beeline to Anas side.
What happened to her? she asks partly accusatory because only a day ago I called her
looking for Anastasia when she spent the night in the playroom.
Kate! Elliot says admonishing, and then he comes and holds me in a bear hug. I find
myself reciprocating and needing his embrace. When we let go of each other, I notice

that he still has his hard hat on his head, work clothes, and steel toed construction
Dad called on his way here. I rushed from work and Kate from hers, he says in a
choking voice. He said Mia is at the hospital too and that it was Hyde who kidnapped
them and you and your men rescued them, but didnt have time to explain a whole a lot
because he was rushing to the hospital. What the fuck happened?
"Mr. Grey, I'll leave you with your family, and come back and check on Mrs. Grey
later," Gail says, and I give her a broken smile in response.
My personal hell unleashed I say in hoarse voice. And like Taylor did earlier, I find
myself looking into the light to prevent shedding my mutinous tears. The details are
just surfacing. Im waiting for Welch to come and give the particulars of the bigger
picture. But we have a general idea, I say running my hands through my face and my
hair. I swallow and then I sink back to my chair, and hold Anastasias hand, gently
kissing it all over. Kate moves by the side of my brother, holding onto him, she wipes
away her tears and finally she buries her face into his chest. He tightens his embrace on
her; it kills me that I cant do to my wife right now as she lies in her bed silently.
Oxygen is being given to her to aid her breathing in order to help her heal her body
faster, but she can breathe on her own. I caress the hand I take into my gently, kiss it
once again, and cover it with my other hand. My gaze fixed on my wifes still face, I
I had to go to Portland for business. Right before Taylor and I flew back, we got word
that Ana wasnt well, and was going home. As soon as I landed in Seattle, my world
just fell apart. Sawyer called and said that Ana ran away from Escala. Katherine lifts
her head up from Elliots chest looking at me with widened eyes first, but then she
narrows them.
I received a phone call from my bank telling me that Anastasia was withdrawing five
million dollars. I thought that confirmed that she was leaving me-
Ana would never do that! She doesnt care for your money, Grey! Kate defends her
best friend.
I know, I say in a small voice, disgusted of myself that others have more trust in her
than I let myself trust. Its not a trust issue, maybe. More that Im not worthy of her.
But I didnt know what to think. I asked her if she was leaving me, and she first said,
no, but a second later she said yes. She said yes! I say my voice unrecognizable, the

pain is fresh. My entire world was crumbling. Finally when Taylor got a phone call
saying Hyde was released on bail, I called Ana back to prevent her from following
through whatever crazy scheme she was going to follow against Hyde, but she
wouldnt answer the phone. We rushed to the bank but Hyde was working with
Elisabeth Morgan! I didnt know she was partners in crime with him... She worked with
Anastasia every day at SIP! I utter in pain.
Elisabeth and Hyde kidnapped Mia, and we understood later that he blackmailed Ana,
and thats why she was withdrawing the money. She could have told me, but she didnt
and broke my heart and went to meet the fuckers to pay his ransom and save Mia! Im
so angry with her, with myself, with everyone!
Im extremely angry with her, myself! What the hell was she thinking? Why would she
think that she could handle this psycho and his maniac assistant? She could have she
could have says Kate unable to bring her sentence to a close, she starts crying again.
We tracked her phone to locate her. When we got there, she shot the fucker Hyde on
the leg after he beat her an inch of her life. So here we are. I say as both Elliot and Kate
look at me with the identical shocked expressions.
She did what? Kate squeaks in a high pitched noise.
She shot Hyde. But by the time we arrived at the scene, Ana was unconscious with her
sustained injuries, and Mia was drugged. Seeing my wife on the cold concrete nearly
dead, Mia lulling lifeless in Sawyers arms, I lost myself and I nearly killed Hyde for
what he did to them and now here you are witnessing my worst nightmare come true,
I say shrugging.
I see my brother go rigid, his lips thinned, his eyes darkened with malice which is a
mood I have never seen him in.
Im sorry Christian! he says. Ana risked her life for our sister. Its the most
courageous, and selfless thing anyone had ever done for our family, he says words
choking him.
Not to mention the stupidest! Kate shouts.
Shhhh! You must be quiet. Mrs. Grey is supposed to be resting, not having a
convention in her room! She has been through a trauma, admonishes a middle aged
bulky nurse as she closes the door behind her. Her name tag reads Nora, RN.

Im here to check her vitals, and we will take her to do some tests and scan her brain
I thought the doctor said her brain function was normal, I say alarmed.
And wed like to keep it that way. Thats why she is in a hospital so we can monitor
her, Mr. Grey. We must see all the changes in her -- good or bad so that we can take
necessary steps to prevent the undesired outcomes and make sure her treatment is
making the progress we desire, she says as she takes Anas temperature, marks her
chart with inputs from the several monitors that are in the room.
If you dont mind, I will have to examine Mrs. Greys body, and I'd like to keep her
modesty. She will need some privacy, says Nurse Nora wanting to kick everyone out.
Uhm. Yeah, well visit tomorrow again. Well go and find Mia and Mom and dad,
Elliot says as he tags Kate's hand and they exit the room.
I want to stay, I say to Nurse Nora with unblinking eyes.
But Mr. Grey, she will need her privacy.
Dont worry Nurse Nora! Ive seen my wifes body before. I will remain in the room, I
She may not want you to see her like this; most patients dont she repeats her
Im not leaving! I growl, and she begrudgingly sighs and continues her examination
of my wife. She doesnt pull the sheet down but opens different sections and checks the
bruising, and takes notes on her chart. When shes nearly done with her check-up, two
technicians appear at the door. I look at the nurse questioning; worried.
We have to take Mrs. Grey for an MRI, she explains.
She has a contusion to the head and a hairline fracture as Mrs. Greys doctor told you.
That must be monitored. Im sure one of her attending physicians can explain the
purpose of her MRI scan to you, Mr. Grey.
How long will she be gone?

The MRI scan is about thirty minutes. Would you like the attending Physician to come
and talk to you? Dr. Singh is on duty right now.
Yes. I need to get more information. But, first, I want to go with my wife.
"We can't take you to the MRI room Mr. Grey. The hospital rules require us to only take
the patient. Perhaps you'd like to talk to the Doctor first."
You said thirty minutes? I'll wait," I say and she nods at the technicians.
When Anastasia is wheeled out of her room, I follow her outside, and find Taylor
standing at the door.
Wheres Welch? I ask.
He tied up the loose ends with the police and hes on his way here, sir, he says.
What loose ends?

I had Welch's men pull guns on the police, sir, when you were trying to get to Hyde,
and they trained their guns on you, ready to shoot. That loose end
Will they get arrested?
I hardly think so, sir. The police and the judicial system fucked this up so much that
they are going to be only more cooperative with us. Not after what went down, and

how ineffective the cops were in apprehending Hyde. You dont need to worry about
that. Welch got his foot so high up in the Police Departments ass, theyll be shitting out
nails and his expensive leather for the next two months!
What about the court and the bail?
Thats another thing. Your lawyer decided to earn his keep, and managed to drag his
thousand dollars an hour ass to the courthouse all day today since the fucker Hyde was
released on confidential bail and your lawyers werent informed of it due to some
convenient paperwork mix-up for 3 whole hours. By the time we learned about it this
afternoon, Hyde had been free for six fucking hours! They were supposed to be
informed of any attempt for bail! Not after the court sees no opposition from the
aggrieved party, and releases a criminal to commit yet another crime within two hours
of release! he says angrily.

Six hours? I say stuck in the original declaration. Rage brews anew in me. I dont
know who to turn my wrath on to first. The police, Hyde, courts, the bail bondsman
Some of the information is coming to light after your lawyer finally got fire lit under
him. The bail that was granted to release Hyde was confidential. There were attempts to
post the bail anonymously but that cant be done. The confidential posting was in cash,
and track of it stops at the poster. The poster has no prior relations, and his name so far
is not released, and the bondsman has no prior knowledge of Hyde. Its a virtual dead
end. You know what that means sir... he says raising his eyebrows.

Yes. Its a well-orchestrated plan to get Hyde out knowing what he would do to my
family, I reply seeing the malice in the scheme.
Exactly! When Welch gets here he says and Welch turns the corner to talk to the
nurses station. Seeing us he makes his way towards the two of us with somber face.
Speaking of the devil says Taylor.
Im sorry for Mrs. Grey and your sister, sir, he starts. I nod.
Give me the deeds!
Its as you and Taylor suspected. I interviewed the bank manager, employees, and
surveyed the crime scene. The last anyone heard from your sister or seen her was when
she was at the gym. She had not taken her security with her, and your father confirms
that he relented on it past few days. I worked out a deal where I or one of my men will
get to listen in on the initial interrogations of Hyde and Morgan. Miss Morgan got a
phone call from Hyde this morning. She swears up and down that she didnt know he
was getting out, and blackmailed her into
Blackmailed her how? I ask.
Apparently Hyde fucked her in ways that would totally ruin her reputation, and she
couldnt ever get a job in a respectable workplace, and apparently she comes from a
conservative family. Her mom is still living. She said it would kill her mother if she
found out.
So, she opted on killing my family instead? I ask with fury.
It appears that he didnt give her much time to think. Apparently he forced her to
cooperate before. She was the Dodge driver when your car was chased, for instance. He
told her that he would leak the information to the media and make it look like it was all
her idea. But then money got into the equation today and she was more than willing.
Hyde promised her of the take; though I have serious doubts that he would give her
anything. Its too early to speak, but I think he had all the intention to dispose of the
women, sir, including Miss Morgan.
What? I ask my eyes wide, my nostrils flaring, my hands run to my hair.
Its not set in stone yet, but there were horse tranquilizers enough to kill a couple of
elephants, as well as makeshifts weights to tie to a body and dump into the ocean. Your
sister was given a date rape drug called Rohypnol which is illegal to manufacture, sell

or use in the United States but doctors can order it from neighboring countries for
medical purposes; its available in Mexico. You just cant get it off the pharmacy shelf...
Unless of course Hyde has had this plan in his back pocket for a while or someone
provided him with those things beforehand. That's something we still have to
How can you be absolutely sure? Because if thats the case, I want you to find each and
every person so I can personally destroy them!
Heres the thing sir: Hyde was just released that morning. When did he have time to
go to the doctor and convince a doctor to provide him this injection when its illegal to
use it here? He didnt. Whats more, maybe you can find the pill form of the drug from a
dealer. But this was an injection, and harder to come by. Rohypnol is given for sleep
disorders in its original purpose; its a sedative and starts its effect 15-20 minutes after
administration, and just one doses effect may persist more than twelve hours, and this
shit causes short term memory loss; thats why its an effective date-rape drug.
But theres more We found a chloroform bottle in the SUV. It was evident that he
used that first on Miss Mia to knock her out. It was 900 ppm which I gave to the
hospital so they can get a better idea what was forcefully administered to Miss Mia. The
problem with that is sir; 500 ppm of chloroform poses immediate danger. And
breathing what was administered to your sister even for a very short period can cause
dizziness. That rag he held onto your sisters face was soaked with it. Shes very lucky
that she passed out immediately because even if she was to swallow 10 ml of
chloroform, it could have killed her! We also found a syringe with a broken needle with
the horse tranquilizer in it. They pulled the rest of the needle out of your sisters
shoulder Im told. He probably ended up breaking the needle possibly in his nervous
attempt to subdue Miss Mia. When that didnt work he reached for the closest drug
which was Rohypnol.
I listen to Welchs account with growing fury; my vengeance is slowly brewing inside. I
want to know everything that was planned so that no one ever attempts to harm
anyone I love. When the time comes, I will exact my due with interest. They all fucked
with the wrong man!
What else? I ask completely in control, and impassive.
We also found about five-hundred thousand Dollars of cash in ten-thousand Dollar
sleeves that is other than what Mrs. Grey had withdrawn from the bank. But that was
Hydes personal stash which Miss Morgan swears up and down she had no idea about.

In fact she was quite surprised and angry to learn about it. Their forced relationship is
already breaking down, and Miss Morgan was yapping like a particularly annoying
parrot. Shell bring Hyde down to save her own ass
Tell my fucking lawyers that I want the fullest extent of law applied to both. I want
you to locate the financier. I have my suspicions on a few people. I wrote the names
down, I say handing him my list. Follow each one, each lead, account their
whereabouts, phone records, associations without exception starting with the time
Hydes identity was made public. Look for patterns. And I want you to find the
connection. Hyde knows me; not just through the media, but before... way before. He's
known me, and I want to know how, where, when. I dont remember him, but I have a
feeling that Michigan is the connection. Go to Detroit and find out what that connection
is. He had parents. So, it wasnt adoption; we werent brothers. But theres something
we are overlooking. I want you to find out what that is.
Yes, Mr. Grey. I will have to put things in motion in Seattle first to follow the hot leads,
and I will take off to Detroit.
Good! I want to be informed of everything. Get the fucking lawyers on board, or I will
fire the lot of them!
Also, your assistant Andrea called, sir, says Taylor.
What would you like to do about the press release? Apparently the reporters are
camped outside of Escala, the Grey House, and of course theyre all over the hospital
ground. I have men standing all over the building to prevent anyone slipping in to take
a picture or get one of the nurses or orderlies to do so. A press release might alleviate
part of that pressure on the hospital staff.
The idea that some paparazzi lurking around to get a shot of my wifes beaten body, or
my sister in her drugged stupor is unbearable.
Tell Andrea to have the PR release minimal information, but enough to take not make
it worth the paparazzis while to sneak in here. Have them coordinate with the police
department to see what information is to be kept confidential.
Will do, sir.
Sawyer comes with a well-insulated restaurant bag.
We thought you might be hungry shrugs Taylor.

***** *****
When Ana isnt brought back to her room in forty-five minutes, I start getting nervous.
When I go to the nurses station, I find Nora.
Yes, Mr. Grey, she say looking over her half-moon glasses in a no-nonsense attitude.
She looks like my third grade teacher Mr. Udanski. Their similarity is not in their
appearance but their attitude. She gives me Mr. Udanskis you look like a troublemaker, Ive-got-my-eyes-on-you, look. If this woman had smile muscles, theyve lost
their function with limited use some time ago.
My wife isnt back yet. You said the MRI was going to take thirty minutes. Its been
forty-five minutes.
Yes, I said that. The process, scanning her brain will take about thirty minutes. I didnt
tell you how long it was going to take it for them to prep her for it. And besides, MRI
lab isnt on this floor. She is taken to the Radiology which is in the Outpatient building.
What the fuck!
Mr. Grey, do not speak to me in that tone! she says with her hands on her hips.
Youre asking me the information about Mrs. Grey's scanning which I am providing.
There is no need for you to use profanity!
Get me the fucking doctor immediately! When she looks at me with a blank
expression, Now! I shout making the other nurses turn heads, and a few of the
visitors sticks their heads out of the rooms.
Nora, unfazed shakes her head, and picks up the intercom and pages the doctor. Taylor
takes out the hospital map out of his pocket and locating outpatient center runs out of
the corridor to find Anastasia. Dr. Singh shows up in a few minutes just as Im fuming
with last drop in my cup.
How can I help you Mr. Grey? she asks. Her face falls when she notices my
unyielding, furious expression.
Is something the matter?
My security personnel specifically informed the hospital the circumstances which
involved my wife and sister. My wife has been taken for MRI fifty-one minutes ago.
Nora here has informed me that she would be gone thirty minutes. And now she tells

me that the Radiology is located at the Outpatient Center. I was not allowed to
accompany my wife. Had I known where she was being taken, I would make sure that I
would go along with our personal security. Im sure the hospital administration made
you aware of the reporters and the paparazzi camped around the hospital, and here you
are allowing my wife to be transported to the Outpatient Center without any protection!
Do you know how angry I am? Would you like it if your battered and bruised body was
the centerfold in a gossip magazine? Do you realize the psychological damage it could
do to her once she finds out?
Mr. Grey! No such thing happened. Im sure shes taken with our regular precautions
which are plenty. Yes, there is an outpatient Diagnostics and Imaging Center at the
hospital located in the outpatient center, but thats only for patients who are not
checked into the hospital. We have another one for patients that are
Dr. Singh, nurse Nora calls.
There was a backlog of several patients for the Inpatient Imaging which is why it
shows here that Mrs. Grey is taken to the Outpatient Center. Thats why I informed Mr.
Grey as such.
Oh, dear! Dr. Singh exclaims and rushes to the desk to grab a phone. She gets into a
heated argument with someone on the phone.
This is not the protocol! I dont care how the patient is sent! she says pausing.
I have NOT authorized it! Do you have the patient or not? Her face blanches, and my
blood rushes to my head, my breathing speeds up. I cant believe this is happening
I dial Taylor.
Where are you?
On my way to the Diagnostics, he says as I hear his rapid footfalls. He must be
running. I have Ryan on site, but theyre refusing to give information to him about
Mrs. Grey. Have the Doctor authorize it so we can make sure shes there, he says, and I
hear him say something to someone.

Dr. Singh! I shout, she looks up from the phone. One of my men is at the Outpatient
Diagnostics Center. Names Ryan. Have him grant access to my wife, now!
Your man is the third person who wanted to have access to Mrs. Grey in the last hour.
Thats why they locked her in after your man entered and they were calling the
Do they have my wife in there or not?
Im told that they locked her in with two technicians in the MRI lab. Some other guy
named Taylor is there now asking for your wife.
Let Taylor in! I shout at the doctor.
Taylor, are you there?
Hang on a minute he says and the voices turn into shouts.
Taylor! Taylor! What the hell is going on? I start breathing heavily.
Mr. Grey, the receptionist says that theres an altercation between your men, the
security and couple of unnamed individuals, Dr. Singh reports as her ear is glued to
the phone, her eyes wide, unbelieving.
Where the hell is the Diagnostics? I ask. Nurse Nora gives me a detailed map and she
wisely says nothing for a change. I run full speed and Sawyer who is waiting outside of
the doors to Anas unit looks up and sees me running, and follows.
I heard, he says tapping his ear piece. By the time we make it to the Outpatient
Center, we can see the police cars and one frowning Detective Clark. Taylor follows two
men who are handcuffed and the cops are interviewing a bloody nosed hospital
Taylors shirt is partially untucked, but other than that he doesnt have a scratch on
Ana? I ask.
Shes inside. There are nurses with her, and shes being cared for, he says, and I notice
the smashed Nikon camera.

Did you check their person? Cell phone or any other item?
Yes. Theyre all in police custody, and Im sure theyll collect this as evidence. Mrs.
Grey is inside the lab. They will take her back to her room immediately, he says. When
he sees my expression on my face, he continues.
She was never in danger, sir. She was in the lab, being tested the entire time. The
rooms are locked and the staff noticed that those two fuckers were paparazzi. At least
the hospital did one thing right: They warned their staff to be vigilant against paparazzi
and reporters.
The hospital Director makes his way towards us nervously in quick steps.
Mr. Grey! Im sorry for this incident, sir. Weve tried to take the necessary precautions
as soon as we were informed of the reporters and paparazzi and
Do you realize that my unconscious wifes security was compromised?
We assure you sir, we will do everything in our power to ensure Mrs. Greys privacy
and security- starts a woman in a smart business suit in her late 30s.
Who the hell are you?
Im Marilyn Beaumont. Im the Director of PR at the Hospital.
I dont want your assurances, promises, or your PR pitch Miss Beaumont. What I want
is real security. From now on, I want to accompany my wife in every room shes taken
even if it is the surgery room, and I want my security team to have access to all paths,
ins and outs of the places my wife is to be taken. I want you to search every staff
member who has had access to my wifes care to have their cell phone memory
checked. Because if I find one grainy image of my wife that might even resemble her in
even a kiddie paper, I swear to everything that is Holy, I will sue the shit out of this
hospital! I hiss menacingly. Both the director of PR and the Hospital Manager turn
white as ghosts.
We are ready to move Mrs. Grey back to her room. Im sure youd want to go with her,
sir, says one of the technicians who wheeled her out earlier.
Mr. Grey, Im sorry starts Clark cutting my way.
Not now, Clark! I hold my hand.

I need a statement!
Taylor cuts his path. Mr. Grey said not now, Detective. Hes accompanying his wife
back to his room.
Alright. Tomorrow then! he says with a promise in his voice.

***** *****
Love is a fire that burns unseen,
a wound that aches yet isnt felt,
an always discontent contentment,
a pain that rages without hurting,
a longing for nothing but to long,
a loneliness in the midst of people,
a never feeling pleased when pleased,
a passion that gains when lost in thought.
Its being enslaved of your own free will;
its counting your defeat a victory;
its staying loyal to your killer.
But if its so self-contradictory,
how can Love, when Love chooses,
bring human hearts into sympathy?
Lus de Cames
Mr. Grey, your wife is doing well. Theres nothing to worry about. Her one hour stay
away from her room didnt compromise her well-being, because she was being cared
for on the hospital grounds.
Youll excuse me if I have a hard time believing in that statement doctor.

I understand your concern as a loved one she says pausing. The understatement of
the century: concerned as a loved one.
I have her scan results sent here, and I will show the findings, she says. Her laptop
screen livens up as she moves her mouse. Then she double clicks an icon and finds my
wifes name in the list. Then she opens it.
Were looking at Mrs. Greys brain here. When a patient has a cerebral contusion, that
patient has a bruise in his or her brain tissue. She point to a region of her head where
she fell.
In this region shes suffered some small blood vessel leaks into the brain tissue, and
our main concern was blood clots. But weve examined her brain thoroughly and we
are still confirming that theres no swelling in her brain tissue and shes showing signs
of progress.
What are you giving her to help aid her healing?
We are trying to help her body heal itself naturally. Because generally contusions are
likely to heal on their own without medical intervention. But what we are giving her is
fluids and vitamins for her and the baby, and the pain medication to manage her pain
she says and my eyes widen. She smiles.
Dont worry Mr. Grey. Its not harmful to the baby. This is another reason we are only
using the absolutely necessary medication. We want to care for your babys well-being
as well.
Thank you Doctor Singh.
This is the longest day of my life, and by far the worst. I want to leave it behind me; I
want my wife back, healthy, smiling and happy.
When the doctor leaves her room, a male nurse comes and checks Anas vitals and
leave. I sink back into the chair next to Anas bed and start keeping vigil next to her. In
the matter of another hour, the nurse comes back in again, examines her vitals, and
checks various parts of her body under the hospital gown. Then as he leaves, he says, I
will turn the lights down since its late. Its better for the patient as well, sir, he says,
and dims the lights after I nod. When hes gone I take the coffee Taylor brought from
the local coffee shop and take a sip as I watch my Ana in the semi darkness. The only
sounds in her hospital room are the ones from the machines. Ana remains in her bed

motionless. Not a single toe or finger or eyelid moves. I lean in and move the hair fallen
onto her face. Nurse Nora cleaned her body from dust and dirt after she was taken into
her room, giving her a sponge bath. I put the coffee cup back and lean into her.
I really miss you baby Please come back to me, I whisper. Giving her a gentle kiss, I
sit back and hold her hand, placing kisses all over it. I love you Ana. I dont know how
to express the intensity of my love for you sometimes. It is so overwhelming, it hurts. If
I loved you any more, I dont think I could function under normal circumstances.
And and my greatest fear has always been was losing you. Losing you to someone
else who could be normal with you, or to something Ive done in the past, or something
I do to you or even to our baby.
Sleeping at Last Turning Page
And today I say closing my eyes trying to dam the tears behind, I thought I lost
you for good because I was an ass with the way I reacted to the pregnancy. My greatest
fear became my biggest nightmare. Just as I got a glimmer of hope maybe, just
maybe, you werent leaving me, I found you on the cold concrete, motionless, lifeless,
and something in me died. My last shred of humanity vanished. You see Ana, there is
no me without you! I cant exist in a life where you are not a part of my day, where
youre not a part of a single hour of my life. You revived me when you met me, baby. I
didnt know I wasnt living. You gave me life! You see baby, thats why you have to
live: for me and Junior. Im ready to share you now. Just dont leave me I say and
realize that her hand Im holding is soaked in my tears.
Theres gentle knock on the door. I lift my head up to see who is coming in. Its my Dad.
One look at my face and he knows how shattered I am.
Jesus Christ, son! he says and makes his way towards me.
Hi, I say standing up, but he opens his arms, and holds me in a bear hug, kissing my
temple. When he releases he holds his hands over my biceps and examines my face.
Im sorry, Christian. I really am very sorry for Ana, for Mia, for you and your mother.
Seeing you, my resilient son, broken like this is going to haunt me for a long time. What
can I do, son? Tell me. Let me do something for you and Ana. I think you are very tired,
exhausted. A good nights sleep would help you. Go home, take a shower, and sleep a
few hours. Ill wait with Ana.
Im not leaving her, I say unyielding.

Christian, you should sleep.

No, Dad. I want to be here when she wakes up.
I will sit with her. Its the least I can do after she saved my daughter, he says and for
the first time I fully remember that my sister is too in the hospital.
Hows Mia? I ask with concern.
Shes groggy scared and angry. Itll be a few hours before the Rohypnol and the
other drugs that were administered to her are completely out of her system.
I know. Im feeling seven kinds of foolish for relenting on her security. You warned
me, but Mia is so stubborn. If it wasnt for Ana here my dad says his voice breaking,
as he reverentially watches Anas motionless body.
We all thought Hyde was out of the picture. And my crazy, stupid wife--- Why didnt
she tell me? I lament in utter torment. Why? Why? Am I that hard to approach? Was
she that angry with me that she didnt want to talk to me about a life threatening
danger? About Jack Hyde! Why wouldnt she ask for my help? Im dying with the
agony of it. I could have lost her and our baby. In losing her, I would have lost me. I am
strong that I wouldnt die, but I would be tormented till the end of my life. How could I
live with my soul in grave?
Christian, calm down. Anas a remarkable young woman. She was incredibly brave,
my dad says.
Brave and headstrong and stubborn and stupid, I utter between my suffocating sobs
that I try to push down.
Hey my dad murmurs his hand in my hair. Dont be so hard on her, or yourself,
son Id better get back to your mom. Its after three in the morning, Christian. You
really should try to sleep. You look beat son. This has been a day of realizations Go to
sleep, start the day fresh, he says and hugs me.
I sink back in my chair, and as I hold Anastasias hand, I drift into an uneasy sleep.

***** *****

Someone turns the lights on early in the morning. I blink and try to sit up in my chair
stretching. My arms and legs are sore. As soon as I remember where I am, I find myself
calling for Ana.
Shes right here, Mr. Grey. Ill check her vitals, empty her catheter bag, and give her a
sponge bath, and then Ill be out of your hair. Her doctor will make the rounds in about
two hours, says Nora as she continues with her tasks. She replaces the IV bag, checks
her monitors and completes other tasks.
Taylor comes in with breakfast for me.
Thank you Taylor, I say. He nods.
How is Mrs. Grey sir? he asks with his voice taking a hard edge. He shifts foot to foot
and then clears his throat. Gail, Sawyer, and Ryan want to know.
She looks the same. But last night the doctor said she was improving. I just want her to
wake up.
Ill tell em, he says, and as his hand reaches the door handle he stops. Hes struggling
to say something.
Spit it out, Taylor. You helped rescue my wife and sister.
Here it goes, then... I am very angry at Mrs. Grey for pulling this shit by herself! Facing
that mother fucker and his bitch accomplice. For not coming to us We could have
avoided " he says and pauses. "...Sawyer was devastated, and angry at her and at
himself for having been tricked twice. Hes holding himself responsible for Mrs. Grey
being in the hospital.
Ill talk to Sawyer. My wife is stubborn, and mulish when it comes to her way of
thinking. Anything else?
Yes. They told me to speak on their behalf. Were all very, very happy that shes well
and on the mend, he says without turning to face me, his voice soft. I know exactly
how he feels. My wife has conquered the hearts and minds of all my staff. Shes
managed to piss them off royally, and worry them to death at the same time.
Oh. Welch told me to tell you that the money recovered from the crime scene has been
held as evidence, and it will be released today. He will take it back to bank unless you

dont want him to. Theyve already fingerprinted Mrs. Greys Blackberry and it has only
her fingerprints, so thats been returned. I have it here with me. And just I was coming
here, her dad called her, but I didnt answer. I thought youd like to know.
I havent told him yet, but hes a floor down from here. Do me a favor. I dont want to
leave Anastasia. Go see Mr. Steele and briefly explain him what happened, and tell him
Anas in the same hospital. Im sure he would want to come and see her. I would go
and talk to him, but I just don't want to leave Anas side. Apologize for me.
Yes, sir, he says and leaves.
Now comes the task of informing Anas mom. Georgia is three hours ahead of Seattle.
Im sure shes already up. I take a deep breath, and dial.
Hi Carla. Its Christian, I say.
How nice to hear from you Christian! How are you?
Im how am I? Devastated, aged fifteen years overnight, broken, hurt, unstable, still
in love with my wife who is currently fighting for her life, and about to be a dad which
is scaring the shit out of me. Im okay, Carla. Start it and get over it! I remind myself.
Hows Ana?
Thats why I called you. Anas in a hospital.
What? Whats wrong with my baby?
She was kidnapped yesterday, and weve rescued her. Shes in a hospital in
Seattle right now.
Oh my Lord! Im coming to Seattle! she shouts crying.
Mrs. Adams Carla You dont need to do that. And if Ana sees you so upset, itll
make it harder for her to heal. Shes fragile right now.
Can I talk to her, please?

I wish you could, but Im afraid not. Shes still unconscious. Ill update you on her
condition when there is something new. The doctors said that shes on the mend. Her
body needs this downtime to rebuild.
Can you make absolutely sure that those doctors do everything in their power to heal
my baby? she asks between sobs.
I promise, Carla.
Take care of my baby, Christian.
I will.
I hear a scuffle outside Anas door, and an ornery man arguing with a nurse.
Sir, you must remain in your wheelchair! Youve been in an accident! his nurse
Is my daughter behind this door or not?
Yes, she is Ray, I answer him. Bring his wheelchair in nurse. She nods repeatedly as
if her off switch is broken while shes dreamily gazing at me. I dont think I can look
deserving of that reaction since I slept in my day old clothes and Im completely
Taylor told me of the stupid shit she pulled! Im so damn angry with her stubborn
attitude. She could have been killed!
She nearly did!
Why would she try to play the hero on her own instead of coming to you? Didnt she
have any care for her life? Didnt she think what it would do to you, to me, to
her MOTHER which Im sure Ill be hearing an earful soon!
She didnt come to me I thought she was leaving me. I didnt know it otherwise until
we heard that Hyde, the man who kidnapped her was released on bail.
Christian Im sorry! I've aged within the last thirty minutes! Ive nearly had a heart
attack! Shes my only child! Shes my little girl! he says squeezing the branch of his
nose to halt his tears. He opts for anger, because anger is easier to deal with.

Ray half raises his body off the wheel chair, and holds his right index finger to make a
Christian! Im so damn angry at Ana right now, if you dont take her across your knee,
I sure as hell will. What the hell was she thinking? he shouts. His remark surprises
me. My eyes brighten for the first time since we had a fight.
Trust me, Ray, I just might do that.
Mr. Steele, you are getting your blood pressure up. How about you come and visit
your daughter this evening? And besides, I hooked you off some of your monitors.
Your doctors may not be very happy about it, sir, says his nurse nervously.
Alright! I dont want you to get in trouble, just as long as you get me back here
tonight, Ray replies.
Keep me posted on her condition, Christian, he says in a grave voice.
I will. You go take care of yourself now.

***** *****
You have some delivery here, says a bright cheerful candy striper who looks like a
retired teacher. Lets see here. This lovely bouquet is for Mrs. Grey she says and
deposits pink roses. She goes back to her cart and checks, then finds more flowers and
puts them on various spots in the room.
She nearly emptied her cart! They must really love her! she cheers. Have a good
day! she says and someone opens the door for her as I give her the semblance of a
Mr. Grey, says Detective Clark. Taylor stands at the door with an impassive face, his
feet apart, his hands clasped on his back. But I know that look that says, do you want
me to throw this asshole out? I shake my head imperceptibly.
I uhm was hoping I could speak to Mrs. Grey, he says. Taylor gives him the areyou-for-real look.
Detective, as you can see, my wife is in no state to answer any of your questions! I say
angrily. But what Clark has in his eyes for Anastasia is reverence.

I know I wanted to see how she was after yesterday. Shes a headstrong young
woman, Mr. Grey.
I wish she killed the fucker! I respond. He smiles without disagreeing with me.
That would have meant more paperwork for me, Mr. Grey but then again she
would have done service to humankind.
What do you mean?
I had time to question his accomplice. And Miss Morgan is singing like the proverbial
canary. Hydes a twisted son of a bitch. He has a serious grudge against you and your
That changes my focus.
Did she say why?
She doesnt know the why, but she knows that Hyde's dislike is irrational, violent,
and full blown hatred.
If the bitch already knew that, and already suspected what Hyde can and did do to my
wife and sister, how could she be a part of his mad scheme? Had she not a shred of
humanity, compassion left in herself? I hiss.
Hyde was blackmailing her. She said that she succumbed to his charms a few years
ago, and he had hard core, deviant, and rough sexual relationship with her, and
recorded everything. But there's more. The kind of shit hes done to her and with her
isnt the kind you want to write home about. If she didnt cooperate, he was going to
mail all her bondage, and multi-partner sexual acts to all the employees at SIP and
distribute online for free. She panicked and feared him so much that she obeyed
everything he ordered her to do!
Obeyed? She didnt have a mind of her own in deciding what is right and wrong? This
is not a consensual sexual act she was committing. This act directly put the lives of two
women in grave danger. This was a crime!"
I know that Mr. Grey. That brings up my earlier suspicion. The one I mentioned you
and Mrs. Grey in Portland. In light of what Miss Morgan has revealed, we are going to
call his former PAs again for an interview. Hyde wont be able to talk for a while, he
says as he looks at me significantly. But I am really looking forward to what he has to

say. Mr. Grey, I am very glad that you didnt kill him. I would hate to take you in for
involuntary manslaughter while you were clearly so distraught.
That would still be self-defense considering he kidnapped my wife who is now
unconscious, and my sister who is barely coming to herself.
Im happy to report that shes awake, though still a bit groggy, he says and opens his
Your sister said that Elisabeth Morgan came to her after she was out of the gym and
told her that Mrs. Grey was sick at the hospital, and that she couldnt reach you, and
she needed a family member. She didnt give her time to think, or talk. She was
nervous, but now she thinks it was because of the act she was about the commit. And
when she entered into Ms. Morgans vehicle she was drugged by Hyde. She doesnt
remember anything else until she woke up in the hospital. Taylor said you two were in
Portland at the time her kidnapping.
When did you get back he asks, and I recount the incidents up until we found Ana
and Mia. Clarks face is grim.
Once the interview is over, he extends his hand. Youre a very lucky man, Mr. Grey.
You found a rare gem in Mrs. Grey. She must really love you to put her life in danger
like that, for a member of your family. She also blocked Hydes advances towards her at
SIP when Miss Morgan or his other assistants Im betting failed. Shes been loyal to you
all the way. Yes, sir. You are very lucky indeed, he says and leaves.
What an odd thing to say I murmur.
Its his way of saying he respects Mrs. Grey, Taylor replies.

***** *****
The doctor visited three times already and the nurse four. Theyve done their routine
checks, and gave me the same reassurances Ive been getting all day, but theres not a
single movement from my wife which is killing me. As I pace around the room, my
gaze fixed on Anastasia, the door opens softly. My mother sticks her head in.
Hi, Christian! May I come in?

Of course mom, I reply.

How are you, sweetheart?
As good as can be expected under the circumstances.
I talked to Anas doctor, and read her chart on my way in, she says her eyes glinting.
I am to congratulate you! You two are going to make me a grandmother!
Oh, mom! Ive done some terrible things! I say, my heart is tormented with the agony
of what I had said to Anastasia.
What do you mean, Christian? she says her voice changing.
I freaked out when she told me she was pregnant! Instead of falling onto my knees or
swinging her around the room with joy, I yelled at her for her incompetence for
forgetting her birth-control shot! When she started crying I asked her if she forgot to get
the shot or if she got pregnant on purpose I say in a pained voice.
You didnt!
"I did. I behaved horrendously!"
If you apologize to her when she wakes up, she'll forgive you.
No, she wont mom. I fucked up! I walked out on her! I was so angry! You see, my
wife didnt even tell me my sister was in danger, and she attempted to rescue her on her
own, because I fucking wasnt talking to her! I was only communicating with her
through Gail or Taylor and Sawyer!
What? my mother says shocked. What do you mean you werent talking? her voice
takes an angry tone.
Ive done something Im not proud of and it will torment me till the day I die, because
she wont forgive me for it.
What did you do? my mother asks forcefully.
Mom I choke with my sobs.

Christian! What did you do? My mom demands.

I was so angry. So very angry, I cant help and the dam breaks lose.
Hey my mom soothes me taking me in her arm which I willingly go.
I dont remember being this angry with someone in a I cant think of the time.
ever, I finish. When she said she was pregnant, all my insecurities resurfaced. All
the fucking poisonous warnings everyone gave me were floating before my eyes.
Dadwith the prenuptial Elena with love being useless shit! With Elenas name my
mom holds my face to look at me.
I walked out on Anastasia. I called Flynn, but he was unavailable. Then I started
walking in the streets aimlessly. I found myself at her salon. I didnt think anyone
would be there at that time of the night. There she was locking up, I say. My mother
gives me an admonishing look.
I had no place to go mom! No one to talk to Even the man I pay a truckload of
money to listen to me wasnt available to listen. I was drowning, and she was familiar,
so we went to a bar for a drink.
You could have come to us! my mother admonishes.
I didnt want to be judged. I didnt want to be told how this could be a scheme by my
wife to get my billions! Or I didnt want to be told how a wonderful dad I would make
when I know in reality, Im shitty, useless I say my voice drowning.
And you thought the woman who took your innocence could provide better comfort
to you than your own family?
You dont understand, mom! Youre perfect! A wingless angel! I see no fault in you
None. Then theres dad. Smart, sane, always have an answer for the worlds problems,
and mine. He has never done anything out of the norm, or abnormal. He too is perfect. I
couldnt go to Elliot! Hes never knocked anyone up, and Mia is too inexperienced to
comprehend what Im feeling. I needed someone who knew my flaws and just listen to
me vent. In doing so, I hurt my wife! I made a mistake!
You told me youd cut all ties, my mom admonishes in a quiet voice.
I know, I said that. But, I didnt know what I was doing when I walked out on Ana. I
had lost all control. I was walking aimlessly. We went for a drink and had a talk.

Is that all you did?

Yes! I say fervently. I love my wife madly, mom! Yes, she drives me crazy like no
one can, but she loves me like no one can, and I, her.
If you tell me that you told Elena of Anas pregnancy as if you were talking of an
abomination, I am going to be as angry with you as Ana was! Not only it is private,
between you and your wife; but you going to Elena, and talking about her pregnancy in
a tone that is hurtful to your wife, your future child and not to mention to me. It also
devalues your relationship with Ana by going to someone she truly dislikes!
I didnt tell her of the pregnancy mom I only said Ana wants us to have a baby; even
that I regret saying. I needed the closure, the finality And, seeing her finally put it all
in perspective for me. Something everyone said, but I didnt get. You know with the
child. For the first time I felt What we did it was wrong, I say hanging my head.
What she did darling Children will do that to you. Make you look at the world in a
different light.
She finally got the message and so did I I hurt Ana, I whisper.
We always hurt the ones we love, darling. Youll have to tell her youre sorry. And
mean it and give her time.
She said she was leaving me, I sob my soul crumbling again.
Did you believe her?
At first, yes.
Darling, you always believe the worst of everyone, including yourself. You always
have. Ana loves you very much, and its obvious you love her.
She was mad at me.
Im sure she was. Im pretty mad at you right now. I think you can only be truly mad
at someone you really love.
I thought about it, and shes shown me over and over how much she loves me to the
point of putting her own life in danger.

Yes, she has, darling.

Oh, Mom, why wont she wake up? I ask in despair, tears streaming. I nearly lost
her, I say as I bury my head into her shoulder as she hugs me.
She will wake up when her body is healed enough, darling. She has no swelling which
is a huge plus. Her last MRI scan shows significant improvements. She can wake up
anytime. Its up to her body, she says, giving me relief.
How about Elena? If I hear you getting near her after all of this
No, mom! I already told you, its been over for years. I only want my wifeif shell
have me, I say. I dont want to explain what went down more than I would to
You will have to work hard to gain her trust back, darling. At times you will get angry,
and at other times she will. Every time you are angry with her, you cant do something
that could potentially damage your relationship. How would it make you feel if Ana
ran to a former boyfriend? she asks, and even the idea of Ana being with someone else
in the hypothetical is enough to chill my blood.
I cant bear it, mom, I whisper. I cant think of my wife with someone else. What if
she still wants to leave me? Logically, I know that she wont, but I cant shake off the
Christian! After all shes done for our family for your sake I might add, putting herself
and her baby in danger, the baby you and she had a fight about, do you think shes
done that so she can leave you? You have to stop your self-deprecation; see what we see
in you. Ana, your dad, me, your brother and sister Its time you start seeing yourself
through our eyes. Since you were four years old, I tried to respect the distance you put
between us and the walls you erected. Because, you couldnt tolerate a simple touch. Do
you know what it means to not to be able to hold your child? Not to be able to comfort
him when he cried? Just a simple hug, darling... I couldnt give that to you and we had
to learn to love you from a distance. From arms length. Its taken twenty-four years for
you to let me hold you like this she says and tightens her embrace. I know its all
been possible because of my wife who taught me to love and to be touched. I cant
imagine a life without her caress, embrace, kiss, warmth and love.
I know, Mom Im glad we talked.

Me too, darling. Im always here. I cant believe Im going to be a grandmother, she

says excitedly.
Mom leaves with another hug and kisses, and I go back to my wife, continue my
bedside vigil. I hold her hand and squeeze her fingers. I miss her terribly.
Oh, baby, please come back to me. Im sorry. Sorry for everything. Just wake up. I miss
you. I love you When nothing is right between us, Im bent and broken. Past few
days anguish has been a brutal teacher. Finally helped me to accept that you really love
me Me This worthless man I love you regardless of your love for me. If you
torment and torture me, tear me to pieces, I will continue to love you as long as I
continue to be. Youre in my every thought, in the darkest corner of my soul. Youve
conquered my from cell to cell; you are part of my existence, part of me. Come back to
I kiss my wife as worry and anxiety twisting my heart. Then lean my head onto her bed
and arms close to reach her, I go to another restless sleep.

***** *****
I feel the sensation of someones touch in my hair. A gentle, weak caress. Its fragility
startles me; I lift my head suddenly and Anastasias hand falls off weakly back onto the
bed. She woke up! She touched me!
Hi, she says in a weak raspy voice.
Oh, Ana, I choke. I clutch her hand, squeezing it tightly, holding it up against my two
days old stubbled cheek. That single word is a shot of life for me.
I need to use the bathroom, she whispers.
Bathroom. Thats what she wants to do first. She has a catheter. I gape at her in shock,
because all kinds of emotions are coursing through me right now like the Jeopardy
wheel, and Ive no idea which one Im going to land on. I frown and finally say,
Anastasia struggles to sit up though she is incredibly weak.
Ana, stay still. Ill call a nurse, I stand abruptly, because I dont want her to fall back
to sleep and check out again. I reach for the nurses buzzer, and hit it.

Please, she begs. I need to get up. The second she opens her eyes up, my single
minded wife does only what she wants. I dont know if its okay, or even allowable for
her to get up. She just needs to wait for the nurse, but of course, those simple rules do
not apply to Anastasia.
Will you do as youre told for once? I snap, aggravated. Then the door opens, and
Nora bustles in with her jet black dyed hair with her XXL pearl earrings.
Mrs. Grey welcome back. Ill let Dr. Bartley know youre awake, she says as she
makes her way to Anas bedside. My name is Nora. Do you know where you are?
Yes. Hospital. I need to pee, she repeats her request.
You have a catheter, Nora tells her. Ana looks at me anxiously, then back to Nora. I
know that look. Its the look that says, I dont give a shit about what you say. I do what
want to do, but Nurse Nora doesnt know that yet. Shell find out.
Please. I want to get up.
Mrs. Grey, Nora protests. Good luck with that.
Please, she presses.
Ana, I warn, but my wife struggles to sit up come hell or high water. Nora finally
reaches to her breaking point and gives in.
Let me remove your catheter. Mr. Grey I am sure Mrs. Grey would like some privacy,
she says looking at me pointedly, trying to fucking dismiss me from my OWN wifes
bedside. Nora, youre already on my shit list from yesterday. Dont push your luck!
Im not going anywhere! I say and glare at her angrily.
Christian, please, Ana whispers as she reaches out, she holds my hand squeezes it
briefly, weakly. I squeeze it back, and finally give her an exasperated look. She woke
up, not more than five minutes ago, and already wore me out emotionally.
Please, she begs again.
Fine! I snap and run my hand through my hair exasperated. You have two minutes,
and not a second more, I warn Nora. Then I lean down and kiss her forehead before
leaving the room. As soon as I close the door, I look at my watch and start timing.

Two minutes to the second I burst back into the room, and theres Nora trying to help
Ana out of bed.
Let me take her, I say, as I make my way to my wife.
Mr. Grey, I can manage, the nurse scolds me. Do not fuck with me today, Nora! I give
her a hostile glare.
Dammit, shes my wife. Ill take her, I hiss through my gritted teeth. I move the IV
stand out of my way.
Mr. Grey! she protests again, but I ignore her, and leaning down, I gently pick Ana
off the bed. She wraps her arms around my neck, and finding her even lighter than she
was a few days ago wounds me deeply. I take her to the en suite bathroom while Nora
pushes the IV stand.
Mrs. Grey, youre too light, I mutter disapprovingly and gently set her on her feet.
But she sways in her place. Her muscles must be weak. I turn the light on, and she
closes her eyes tightly. Shes still standing.
Sit before you fall, I bark, while still holding her in place. She finally does.
Go, she tries wave me out with a feeble gesture of her hand.
No. Just pee, Ana.
I cant, not with you here, she protests.
You might fall.
Mr. Grey! Nora butts in but we both ignore her.
Please, she begs again.
Fine! I cant take anymore today. I raise my hands in defeat giving in. Ill stand
outside, door open, I say and take a few steps back just outside of the bathroom door
with a fuming Nurse Nora.

Turn around, please, she asks again. Why the fuck is she feeling this way? I fucked
her in all manners possible, and heres she is meeting a simple biological need, and she
cant do it with me around. As soon as I turn around, I hear her let go. Then I hear the
water running in the sink.
Im done, she calls as shes drying her hands on the towel.
I turn and close the distance between us in a few short strides, and pick her up off the
floor and hold her in my embrace again. I pause for a minute, and bury my nose in her
Oh, Ive missed you, Mrs. Grey, I whisper, and Nora behind me muttering to herself
silently, I take Ana back to her bed, and lay her down, unwillingly. My arms feel empty
without her.
If youve quite finished, Mr. Grey, Id like to check over Mrs. Grey now, Nora says
quite mad. I stand back to give her way.
Shes all yours, I reply in a more controlled tone.
Nora huffs and turns her attention to Ana with a softened expression.
How do you feel? Nora asks with a lot of sympathy in her voice, and a bit of
irritation. Its funny that she can accommodate us both in the same sentence.
Sore and thirsty. Very thirsty, Ana whispers.
Ill fetch you some water once Ive checked your vitals and Dr. Bartley has examined
Nora reaches for the blood pressure cuff, and wraps it around Anas upper arm. Ana
looks up at me anxiously. When she takes in the tiredness, and haunted expression on
my face, she looks worried. Her eyes takes an inventory of my body. My messy hair,
unshaven face, well wrinkled shirt. She frowns.
How are you feeling? I ask ignoring Nora. I sit down on the bed, a little out of arms
Confused. Achy. Hungry.
Hungry? I blink in surprise. Shes hungry! Hallelujah! She nods.

What do you want to eat?

Anything. Soup.
Mr. Grey, youll need the doctors approval before Mrs. Grey can eat.
Woman, my wife has been nearly gone out of my life twice within the last few days. Do
you think Ill deny her one request when she came back to me? I take my Blackberry out
and dial Taylor.
Ana wants soup
She does? I mean shes awake? How does chicken noodle soup sound?
Ill run to Fairmont Olympic to get some then. They have the best chicken noodle
soup, he replies.
Thank you.
My pleasure, sir.
I hang up and face Noras admonishing eyes on me.
Taylor? Ana asks to divert my attention. I nod.
Your blood pressure is normal, Mrs. Grey. Ill fetch the doctor, she says as she
removes the cuffs and without another word she walks out radiating disapproval.
I think you made Nurse Nora mad, Ana observes.
I have that effect on women, I smirk. She laughs in response, and stops suddenly.
Yes, you do.
Oh, Ana, I love to hear you laugh.
Nora comes back with a pitcher of water. Both Ana and I keep gazing at each other
silently as Nora hands a glass of water.
Small sips now, she orders.

Yes, maam, Ana mutters. Now, why cant she be that easy to agree with me? My eyes
are glued on her, watching intently.
Mia? Ana asks after shes done drinking.
Shes safe. Thanks to you.
Did they have her?
Yes, I reply and she frowns for some reason.
How did they get her?
Elisabeth Morgan, I say simply.
I nod in the affirmative. She picked her up at Mias gym. Ana frowns again not
comprehending the whole picture.
Ana, Ill fill you in on the details later. Mia is fine, all things considered. She was
drugged. Shes groggy now and shaken up, but by some miracle she wasnt harmed, I
say with my jaws clenched. What you did I say falling silent, the pain coming back
bathing me again, was incredibly brave and incredibly stupid. You could have been
killed, I say, my eyes chilling with the horror of the idea. But I am angry too. Angry at
her for not asking me for help. Not sharing that with me.
I didnt know what else to do, she whispers.
You could have told me! I shout emphatically, my hands are fisted in my lap.
He said hed kill her if I told anyone. I couldnt take that risk.
I close my eyes with the horror of what Jack had intended to do. He didnt want to
release neither one of them. By harming them, he would inflict the greatest harm in me,
and wound me beyond repair.
I have died a thousand deaths since Thursday.
What day is it?

Its almost Saturday, I say after checking my watch. You have been unconscious for
over twenty-four hours.
And Jack and Elizabeth?
In police custody. Although Hyde is here under guard. They had to remove the bullet
you left in him, I say bitterly. I dont know where in this hospital he is, fortunately, or
Id probably kill him myself, I say my face darkening.
Anastasia pales. Her eyes pool with tears, and a deep shudder goes through her body.
Hey, I say, my voice filled with concern as I lean in. I take the glass out of her hand,
and then I gently, tenderly fold her into my arms. Youre safe now, I whisper against
her hair. Her tears start rolling.
Hush, I stroke her hair as she weeps into my neck.
What I said. I was never going to leave you.
Hush, baby, I know.
You do? she says shocked.
I worked it out. Eventually. Honestly, Ana, what were you thinking? My tone is
You took me by surprise, she mutters into my shirt collar. When we spoke at the
bank. Thinking I was leaving you. I thought you knew me better. Ive said to you over
and over I would never leave.
But after the appalling way Ive behaved my voice barely audible. I tighten my
arms around her again. I thought for a short time that Id lost you.
No, Christian. Never. I didnt want you to interfere, and put Mias life in danger.
I sigh out all my anger, exasperation, and hurt.
How did you work it out? she asks.
I tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Id just touched down in Seattle when the bank called. Last Id heard, you were ill and
going home.
So you were in Portland when Sawyer called from the car?
We were just about to take off. I was worried about you, I say softly.
You were?
Why is that such a surprise to her? I frown. Of course I was. I skirt my thumb over
her bottom lip. I spend my life worrying about you. You know that.
Worrying about you, loving you, caring for you. You are the center of my universe.
Youre half of my heart.
Half of my Heart John Meyer

When you are sorrowful look again in
your heart, and you shall see that in

truth you are weeping for that which has

been your delight.
Khalil Gibran
The Cranberries - When you're Gone

Jack called me at the office, she murmurs; I stiffen immediately with his name. He
gave me two hours to get the money, she continues shrugging. I had to leave and it
just seemed the best excuse.

She gave several people a near coronary. Im still very angry about it, and shes lying in
bed barely recovering. Remember the misery of the last two days, my mouth presses
into a hard grim line. And you gave Sawyer the slip. Hes mad at you as well.
As well? she questions. Does she think Id be happy about it?
As well as me.
She hesitantly touches my face, running her fingers over my two days old stubble. I
have missed and craved her touch for days now. I close my eyes, and lean into her
fingers. I need her more than my next breath.

Dont be mad at me. Please, she whispers. Mad, doesnt even begin to cover what I
feel. Raging mad, furious, pushed into violence
I am so mad at you. What you did was monumentally stupid. Bordering on insane.
I told you, I didnt know what else to do.
You dont seem to have any regard for your personal safety. And its not just you
now, I add angrily. She put our babys life in danger as well! Her lip trembles. In
worry? Concern?
Im startled with the door opening suddenly because Im so fixated on my wife.
Good evening, Mrs. Grey. Im Dr. Bartley, the Doctor introduces herself. Anastasia
takes in the young African-American doctor with white coat over her gray scrubs.
Welcome back. Im going to examine you now, she says and starts examining
Anastasia thoroughly. She checks her vision by shining her light into her eyes, her

coordination by making her touch the doctors fingers, and then touching her nose
while closing one eye and then the other, and finally checks all her reflexes. When
Nurse Nora comes in to help the doctor, I go to the corner of the room and call my dad,
and then Anas mother.
Christian? she answers the phone anxiously.
Hi Carla! Anas awake! She squeals in delight over the phone and I have to pull it
away from my ear.
Im so happy! Is she well enough to talk to me?
Im afraid not. She has just woken up and her doctor is examining her. I dont know if
shes strong enough just yet, but Ill have her call you at the first chance she gets. I just
wanted to make sure that you knew.
Thank God shes awake! Thank you for letting me know Christian! Take care of my
baby! she says fervently. How are you holding up?
Now that shes awake, Im a thousand times better, Carla. Thank you for asking, I say
and can hear her give a sigh of relief at the other end of the phone.
Me, too, she confesses.
I have better let you go, Carla. Ill have to call Ray, and Kate to let them know. They
too are anxiously waiting to hear about her.
Thank you for easing my burden Christian. Ive been worried sick, and crying over my
baby. Take care of her please, she asks.
I most definitely will, I say and we hang up.
I call Kavanagh next.
Hello Christian, she answers coolly.
Kate, I called to inform you that Ana woke up.
What? When? Is she alright? What do the doctors say? Can I talk to her? When will she
be discharged? Did she tell you what happened? Can I come and visit her? Come on!

Answer me! she speaks in rapid fire. Yep, shes is in the right line of business, but she
needs to learn to wait for the answers.
When you give me time to put a word edgewise, Ill answer, I say, and she snorts.
She woke up only a very short time ago, I am calling you right after calling her
mother, I say and that earns me an aaah! Thank you! from Kate.
The doctor is just examining her, so I dont know what they will say about her health.
You wont be able to talk to her right now, because as I said, shes being examined. As
for visiting, I dont know what her doctor has in store for her, or where they will take
her for tests or exams. You can certainly try, but I cant guarantee her being in her
Oh! Okay. Well, thank you Christian for letting me know, she says sniffing. Ill let
you go back to her then. It really means a lot to me that you let me know, she says.
Thanks. You can let Elliot know. I still have to call her dad, I say.
Okay, she answers.
The next in line is Ray. But he doesnt answer his phone. I leave him a message letting
him know that Ana is awake. My eyes are on Anastasia as the doctor is probing her
ribs; she winces in pain. I hold my breath and force myself to remain in my corner. I
know the doctor is doing it for her well-being, but all my senses are alert, and ready to
stop the doctor, if necessary by force.
These are bruised, not cracked or broken. You were very lucky, Mrs. Grey. Ana
scowls. I glower at the doctor.
Foolhardy, I mouth at Anastasia.
Ill prescribe some painkillers. Youll need them for this and for the headache you
must have. But alls looking as it should, Mrs. Grey. I suggest you get some sleep.
Depending on how you feel in the morning, we may let you go home. My colleague Dr.
Singh will be attending you then.
Thank you.
Someone knocks on the door, and I look up. Taylor enters with a black cardboard box
with Fairmont Olympic emblazoned in cream on the side of the box.

Food? Dr. Bartley asks surprised. Give my wife a break! She hasnt eaten for nearly
two days!
Mrs. Grey is hungry. This is chicken soup, I answer her question.
Dr. Bartley smiles in response. Soup will be fine, just the broth. Nothing heavy, she
says looking at both of us pointedly. I glare at her back. She and Nurse Nora leave the
I pull the wheeled tray over to Anastasias bed, and Taylor places the box on top of it.
Welcome back, Mrs. Grey, he says in a gruff voice.
Hello, Taylor. Thank you.
Youre most welcome, maam. Taylor wants to say something else. He hesitates,
unable to leave the room. He looks like he has something to say to Ana.
You worried us all Mrs. Grey, he murmurs, unsure of his own voice. I look at him
intently. He raises his eyebrows.
Im sorry Taylor, Ana replies, chagrined. I dont want Ana to be upset, but what
Taylor says confirms what I have said to her. I dont want to be out of turn, Mrs. Grey.
But please maam, if there ever is a next time; let us take care of the problem. We are
trained to deal with it. You dont know how we all aged with worry and fear for your
well-being, he says as he glances at me. Anas eyes flicker back to me. Gail, Sawyer,
and Ryan all want me to tell you that theyre very happy youre awake, he says
swallowing with a semblance of a half-smile. My wife won everyones hearts but also
earned all of their anger as well with her heroics.
I unpack the box, taking out a thermos keeping the soup hot, soup bowl, side plate, a
linen napkin, soup-spoon a basket of bread rolls, silver salt and pepper shakers on her
tray. Ana looks at her food hungrily.
This is great, Taylor, she says enthusiastically.
Will that be all? he asks.
Yes, thanks, I say dismissing him. I have a lot to speak with my wife. He nods.
Taylor, thank you, Ana adds.

Anything else I can get you, Mrs. Grey?

Anastasia glances at me eyeing my clothes. Just some clean clothes for Christian, she
says. Taylor gives her a genuine smile.
Yes, maam.
I look down at my shirt, perplexed.
How long have you been wearing that shirt? she asks.
Since Thursday morning, I reply, giving her a lopsided smile.
Taylor leaves to fetch my clothes per my wifes request.
Taylors real pissed at you, too, I add grumpily as I unscrew the lid of the thermos to
pour some creamy chicken soup into the bowl.
I gathered as much, she murmurs softly.
Ana closes her eyes, and inhales the aroma of the soup with steam curling on its
surface. She dips her spoon and tastes it, savoring in her mouth.
Good? I ask, perching on the bed once again.
She nods delightfully, not sparing a word, and continues to eat as if shes been starving.
Ive never seen my wife this ravenous. She stops to wipe her mouth with her linen
Tell me what happenedafter you realized what was going on, she demands.
Remembering the pain, I feel the constriction in my heart, and the exasperation courses
through me anew. I run my hand through my hair again and shake my head. She
continues spooning the soup into her mouth like theres no tomorrow. The sight of it
makes me overjoyed.
Oh, Ana, its good to see you eat.
Im hungry. Tell me, she probes again.

I frown remembering the pain. Well, after the bank called and I thought my world had
completely fallen apart I pause. The pain is so new; her questions reminding me of
the agony, driving the knives into the unhealed wounds of my soul. Its unbearable. She
stops eating. Her face falls.
Dont stop eating, or Ill stop talking, I whisper in an adamant tone. But I can barely
hold an impassive face without falling apart again. She doesnt eat. I glare at her. She
slowly dips her spoon back into her bowl, and starts eating again. My breathing slows
down, my heart rate is barely back to normal, and I resume talking.
Anyway, shortly after you and I had finished our conversation, Taylor informed me
that Hyde had been granted bail. How, I dont know. I thought wed managed to thwart
any attempt at bail. But that gave me a moment to think about what youd said and I
knew something was seriously wrong.
It was never about the money, she snaps at me, an unexpected anger flaring at her
face. How could you even think that? Its never been about your fucking money! she
nearly shouts, but she must be in pain, because she winces. My jaw drops open with the
ferocity of her profane declaration for a second. I narrow my eyes on her.
Mind your language, I growl at my wife. Calm down and eat. She just glares
defiantly instead.
Ana, I warn her.
That hurt me more than anything, Christian, she whispers. Almost as much as you
seeing that woman. Her face falls in agony caused by heartbreak. Seeing what I have
been feeling reflected on her face, and telling me once again what I have done wrong
makes me wince as if she slapped me on the face. All of a sudden the burden I have
been carrying for the last few days starting with our fight over the pregnancy weighs
me down; I feel emotionally depleted, bone tired, weary. I close my eyes for a short
while, shake my head, and resigned to whats to come.
I know, I sigh. And Im sorry. More than you know. I have been burning in hell for
the past couple of days, tormented with what Ive done, worried to death she wouldnt
wake up, and I wouldnt get a chance to get myself forgiven by her. I look at my wife,
my eyes are incandescent with penitence. Please eat. While your soup is still hot, I
plead her in a soft voice. She picks her spoon up and continues to eat. I briefly close my
eyes and breathe a sigh of relief.

Go on, she whispers, as she takes a bite of her white bread roll.
We didnt know Mia was missing. I thought maybe he was blackmailing you or
something. I called you back, but you didnt answer, I scowl. I left you a message
then called Sawyer. Taylor started tracking your cell. I knew you were at the bank, so
we headed straight there.
I dont know how Sawyer found me. Was he tracking my cell, too? she asks.
The Saab is fitted with a tracking device. All our cars are. By the time we got near the
bank, you were already on the move, and we followed, I say and she starts smiling ear
to ear. Why are you smiling? I ask curiously. Is this amusing to her?
On some level I knew youd be stalking me, she answers still grinning.
And that is amusing because? I ask.
Jack had instructed me to get rid of my cell. So I borrowed Whelans cell, and thats the
one I threw away. I put mine into one of the duffle bags so you could track your
money, she answers.
I sigh. Our money, Ana, I correct her softly. We knew that she borrowed Whelans cell
phone because he told us about it. It was later found in the dumpster, or so Welch tells
me. Eat, I remind her. She rips a piece of bread roll and wipes the bowl clean, then
pops it into her mouth. As shes chewing her last bite, finished, she says.
Good girl, I answer.
Theres another knock on the door. Without needing an answer, Nurse Nora enters into
the room, carrying a small paper cup. I clear her tray and start putting the items back
into the box.
Pain relief, Nora says smiling, and shows her the pill inside the cup.
Is this okay to take? You knowwith the baby? she asks tentatively, eyeing me.
Yes, Mrs. Grey. Its Lortabits fine; it wont affect the baby.
Anastasia nods, gratefully. She swallows the pill down with a sip of water.

You ought to rest, Mrs. Grey, Nurse Nora orders her, but looks at me pointedly. I
Youre going? Ana exclaims, completely panicked.
I snort in a most ungentlemanly manner. If you think for one moment Im going to let
you out of my sight, Mrs. Grey, you are very much mistaken. First I thought I lost my
wife, and then I feared she died. Ive been in purgatory in the past couple of days. Why
on earth would she think that Id let her out of my sight?
Nora huffs and hovers over Ana readjusting her pillows to lie her down.
Goodnight, Mrs. Grey, she says, and gives me the evil eye with her deprecatory
glance and leaves the room. Her dislike of me surprises me, not that I give a shit about
it. I dont think Nurse Nora approves of me, I murmur to Anastasia.
I stand by the Anas bed. Im dead tired. I eye my chair thats been my companion in the
past couple of nights.
You need to rest, too, Christian. Go home. You look exhausted, she tries to persuade
Im not leaving you. Ill doze in this armchair, I protest.
She scowls at me, and then shifts onto her side in the bed.
Sleep with me, then, she asks.
I frown. I want to. I really do. In fact, theres really not a thing in the world I want more
than to hold my wife in my arms all night. No. I cant, I say halfheartedly.
Why not?
I dont want to hurt you.
You wont hurt me. Please, Christian.
You have an IV.
Christian. Please, she demands. How can I say no when shes like that? How can I
deny her of sleeping with her when thats exactly what I want, what we both need?

I peer at her for a moment indecisively. I am fearful of hurting her, but I need to hold
her. Didnt I read somewhere that even sick babies heal faster when theyre held?
Please, she begs again as she lifts the blanket, inviting me into the bed.
Fuck it, I say, and take off my shoes and socks and climb next to my wife. Gently,
ever so delicately wrap my arms around Anastasia and when she lays her head on my
chest, I am finally in heaven, my burden lifted. I kiss her hair.
I dont think Nurse Nora will be very happy with this arrangement, I whisper
mischievously, and somehow Im delighted with the idea of making Nora mad.
Anastasia giggles, but stops quickly. Dont make me laugh. It hurts, she complains,
Oh, but I love that sound, I say forlorn, my voice low. Pain, agony laced with
enormous guilt goes through me again. Im sorry, baby, so, so sorry, I utter my
apologies, kissing her hair again and again, inhaling her scent. Im sorry for everything.
Sorry for fighting with you; the reasons of which now seem insignificant. We are going
to be parents. Im unprepared, scared shitless, incompetent, and that every time I think
about it, worry spreads over me like the bubonic plague because I am completely scared
of the kind of father I would be. The hand Anastasia puts over my heart relaxes me and
centers me here. I gently put my hand over hers. I want to hold her tight, but I know I
cant do that tonight knowing shes barely healing. But the strength I want to exert is
not only because I reaffirm touching her, or fulfill the hunger and yearning I have for
her. Its to soothe the overwhelming love I have for her. I let my love embrace her
tighter, rather than my arms tonight. I have yearned, coveted, begged for this embrace.
Its not just holding her person but her embracing her soul; her spark, embracing that
disobedient angel that is my wife in her fragile body.
Pregnant silence grows between us. Each of us wanting to say something but holding
back. Anastasia is the first to break that silence.
Why did you go see that woman? she asks finally. A stab in my heart. My biggest
Oh, Ana, I groan in pain and penitence. You want to discuss that now? Cant we
drop this? I regret it, okay? I plead with her.
I need to know, she presses on. Anastasia is nothing if not persistent.

Ill tell you tomorrow, I mutter, completely irritated. I dont want Elena getting
between us. Its a done deal, a finished story. I want to change the topic. Oh, and
Detective Clark wants to talk to you. Just routine. Now go to sleep, I coax her. She is
silent for a moment.
I kiss her hair again, feeling her, I close my eyes. Anastasia gives out a heavy sigh. Shes
thinking, and shes not done interrogating me. I know she will continue with it, and I
want to tell her, but not now, not when I am just holding her for the first time in what
feels like eternity.
Do we know why Jack was doing all this? she asks curiously.
Hmm, I murmur. I had not expected that line of questioning. Im tired, and ready to
sleep with my wife. I dont want the bastard or Elena tainting this moment. Later, I
say yawning. My breathing slows, my chest slowly rises up and down in gentle
breathing, her head on my chest, lulling, also tired. There is not much I want right now,
because I have everything I need; love of my life in my embrace in the night fall.
Inhaling the scent of her hair, feeling the taste of her skin, and her delicate breath
caressing my chest. Her smile, laughter and giggle and the memory of her kisses are
intoxicating me, pulling me into sleep with promises of more. I finally give in to the
beckoning darkness and drift into sleep.

***** *****
God damn it to hell Ana! Why cant you tell me what is wrong? I ask. Her mood has
been all over the map.
Im pregnant! she spits it out. Im not shocked with the news. I still ask her, What?
in horror.
Dont you want the baby?
I dont know what I want! I cant be a good father! Youre having a baby with the
wrong father material. Ill end up screwing this babys life up! Im not ready to be a
father I shout my frustration.
You would make a wonderful father! she says fervently.
I wont! How the hell would you know? I feel the anger rise in me. Uncontrollable,
overwhelming, incapacitating anger. Fury even!

Its unexpected, but I want this baby. Hes ours, she whispers.
I cant! Im not ready! I cant share you with anyone! Im the one who needs you, and
you go and get pregnant! I havent even had you to myself for a year! One fucking year!
Why would you do that to us? Why would you forget to get your birth control shot?
Was it on purpose? A scheme?
No! If you dont want our baby, you dont want me! We come as a package. No baby,
no Ana! she shouts.
Is that what you want?
No! Thats what you make me do! I want to have my baby!
Christian calls a soft sultry voice. Her blonde head is clearly visible in the dark. Her
blue eyes are shaded with her long fake eyelashes.
You dont need her or the baby! You deserve me! What I have to offer. What my body can do for
you Remember? she croons.
I want Ana to want me!
But she doesnt want you She only wants the baby and your money, and maybe
another man who can be a daddy to her child. A normal man like Jose or Ethan Dont
worry, she shakes her head. You dont need a baby, Christian. You are a Dom! You
are the Master of your craft! Youre the master of all women who wish to submit you.
Except that cunt
Shes the one I want! I bellow.
But, she cant possibly fulfill all of your desires. Look at her! And she is pregnant
she spits in disgust.
With my child! I retort. Why do I suddenly feel the need to protect Junior?
Remember how much you loved tying me up, flogging me until my buttocks glowed
with a warm shade of pink just like the way you like it and then fucking me senseless?
You can do that again to me I cut her off.

I dont think of you that way Elena!

What? You think she desires you? She wants the baby! says Elena pointing
Anastasias growing belly. How can she possibly fulfill all your desires like that?

Whereas I have proven to you that I can in any way fulfill your heart desires,
Christian... she drones like the she-devil.
I can make you beyond happy by submitting to you at all times... You can gain the
control back in your life. 24/7 round the clock, Christian! No one will take a single
breath without your permission. Come, she says with a crook of her finger.
I love my wife!
You love what Im offering more come, she beckons me again.
Anas body gets heavy with the child.

Look at that! Elena says with revulsion in her voice. She is disgusting!
Largeunable to accommodate you, and your needs. Im offering you this to do as you
wish, she says running her hands over her barely clad body her whip in hand. She
holds it and traces a line with the whip over my arm making me flinch immediately.
Dont! Dont touch me! Only Ana can!
Come on Christian! she bares her teeth like a predator. Dont you remember this?
she shows me a vision of a submissive tied with changing faces, and suspended, legs in
stirrups in dim light in my playroom. Look how sexy this is! Observe the breasts with
those clamps providing the maximum pain and pleasure to fulfill the need in your dark

I turn away. I no longer want that!

How about this? Can she do any of this?
The changing images of subs gagged, tied in various enticing positions, submissive,
bent to receive anything I can give, whipping, fucking, spanking, belting I turn away.

Anastasia is all I want. Shes what I need!

What does she have to offer? she barks, and grabs my hand to hand me the whip, and
her hand touches my chest, burning me

Dont touch me! Ever again! Only Ana can!

You want me! You need me! I made you what you are! You are me
Youre wrong Elena. I no longer want you. I only want my wife. I love her more than
life itself.
She has nothing to offer except a growing belly, she laughs, and pushes Anastasia to
the cold concrete floor with the bottom of her high heeled black leather boots. Anas
body falls onto the ground with a thud. When Ana screams in pain, my heart shatters.
Elenas face changes to Hyde.
Do you know who I am little bird? I know who you are! He says and lifts his foot up
to kick my wife already writhing in pain. I jump on Hyde, attacking him to protect
Anastasia. I lift my fist up and blow a punch on his side, and another one on his chin.
He tries to push me away. We roll on the ground. He hits me with a left hook. I feel
nothing. He lifts his leg in an effort to kick me off him. I grin with malice in my gaze. He
lands a punch on my side, and I retort by punching him in the face again. His lip splits
and blood oozes out slowly dripping.
His hands grasps my biceps, a wild grin comes to his lips. The face changes back to
Thats right baby Do it again! I know you love it! Hit me! Hurt me! Fuck me! Do
what you want with me!

I scramble away from her like Ive been hit with a bolt of lightning.
Get it through your head! I dont ever want you! No more! Ana is all I want! I
scramble to my wifes side holding her in my arms.
Well croons Elena. I suppose I can always train your son, she says as she rubs the
hair of a copper haired young boy.
Noooo! I scream in agony. My voice is choked and silenced in my throat. My eyes
opens up immediately; sweat pouring out of me, my breathing is so rapid, my lungs are
ready to burst. When I take in my surroundings, my heartbeats start slowing down. I
look down, swallowing.
Thank God! I whisper. Anas here with me, sleeping curled in my chest. Were at the
hospital. I slowly get up trying not to wake Ana up, and get off the bed. Nurse Nora
comes into the room, and she looks at me with her eyes narrowed. If shes seen me sleep
with Ana in her bed, she says nothing.
Mrs. Grey should be sleeping another couple of hours. I gave her pain meds earlier. It
puts her to sleep because shes weak, she says.
Thank you for letting me know, I say and slowly get out of the room. Taylor is
waiting outside.
I need you to run me to Escala quickly Taylor. So I can clean up, I say.
I brought you clothes and toiletries yesterday.

You did?
Yes, sir. You were asleep, so I left them on the chair in the corner, he says.
I get back into Anastasias room, and taking the bag, I go to the en suite bathroom. I
lock the door and quickly shave, and take a shower. Finally feeling completely clean
washing off the last three days not only dirt and grime, but also the misery, I come out
of the bathroom refreshed. I fold the dirty clothes and put them back in the gym bag
Taylor brought to take home. Im now dressed entirely in black; I could be mistaken as
Jonny Cashs backup singer if he was still alive. I go back out again to meet Taylor.
Lets go grab some breakfast for Mrs. Grey, I say, and he gives me a rare genuine
Yes, sir. I know just the place nearby.
Sawyer is just outside of the double doors entering into Anastasias hospital ward.
Sawyer, move down to Mrs. Greys door, and have Ryan wait at the entrance here, he
orders as we exit. No entry is granted to anyone except the Doctors on the list, and her
assigned nurses and family, he reminds him of the visitation rules. You have todays
staff list? he asks him.
Sawyer takes a list out of his pocket. Yes, T. Ive memorized the names and the faces,
he replies.
Well be back in about thirty minutes, I say.
Hospitals cafeteria isnt too bad, but this place is very close, right by the hospital in
fact. The food is great, and theyve got fast service, Taylor says.
"Let's take a detour, first. I want to see my sister for a few minutes. Do you know what
room Mia's in?
Yes, sir. She's one floor below, Taylor replies.
I want to stop by her room before we go pick Ana's breakfast up.
There's another one of Welch's men at the entry to the ward, and by Mia's door.

Where are her own security personnel? I ask frowning.

They're all in the vicinity, sir. The blend in the ward sir, just in case someone tries to get
into the ward avoiding our security with the pretense of hospital personnel.
Good, I reply.
When I open the door Mia is dressed in her jeans, blouse, an high heeled pumps, talking
to a male doctor with my mom. They all turn to look at me.
Christian! she shouts excitedly.
The young doctor's eyebrows shoot up.
If you have no other questions Miss Grey and Doctor Grey, I will leave you alone with
your boyfriend, he says. Smooth.
That's my brother, silly! she replies her doctor playfully, and I can see the happy glint
in the doctor's eyes. I scrutinize the doctor up and down. I thought my sister was going
out with Ethan Kavanagh.
Hello, darling, my mother greets me. The doctor nods.
I see. When you have rested for a few days, make an appointment with my office, and
we'll check your progress, and test if the drugs you were administered had any effects
on your body, Miss Grey. Good day, Miss Grey, Doctor Grey, Mr. Grey, he says as he
leaves the room with another backward glance towards my sister.
Mia jumps into my arms, hugging me hard.
Hi Taylor! she greets him, and to his surprise, she gives him a hug as well.
Thank you for coming to our rescue and please thank Ana for coming after me to save
me from those maniacs.
I will. Are you discharged?
Yes, I am. We're going home-- she says and my mother adds:
Where I will make sure that she will not leave my sight again till she is 30!

Oh mom! I'm okay now.

My is right. If you had not relented on your security, we would have avoided all this,
because those fuckers wouldn't get a chance to kidnap you! As it is, both you and Ana
got hospitalized as a result, and both of you could have died!
I'm sorry Christian! I'm so sorry! she says worried as I crush her to my chest.
I've died a thousand deaths since the kidnapping. Seeing Ana cold on the concrete, and
you lulling and lifeless in Sawyer's arms... I lost myself. My world collapsed,
imploded, I say kissing the top of her head.
I feel awful, angry, disgusted, and guilty. I'm so sorry Christian! I'm sorry for getting
rid of the security, I'm sorry for Ana being kidnapped, the ransom, what you and mom
and dad and Elliot have been through. How's Ana? Mom said that she woke up.
Yes, she did, I say with relief. She too might be going home soon. They'll probably do
some tests on her and examine her before they give the green light.
How are you feeling son? my mom asks as she gives me a hug.
A thousand times better now that Ana is awake. I was just going to go and pick her
breakfast. She's still sleeping, I say. She still has a lot of healing to do. Has a lot of
bruises, and she's still extremely weak. But I thank God every minute to sparing Ana's
and Mia's lives, and that they're both getting better.
Oh, Christian! Mia gushes, and hugs me again. I'm so glad to see you.
How did they convince you to go with them or did they force you in the vehicle?
Mia sighs.
I was so stupid. I have heard the name Elizabeth Morgan before, I think. When I came
out of the gym, she came up to me running and said Ana was in the hospital and she
was unable to reach you. She said as a family member she came and found me there,
and was taking me to the hospital to be with her. I didn't think! She didn't give me time,
because she did look anxious and worried. But now that I think about it, the anxiety
was because she was going to kidnap me; and not because Ana was in the hospital. I
told her my mom is a doctor and that I would call her. She told me to call in SUV. So
without thinking, I entered into her vehicle. When I turned back to toss my gym bag, I
saw Hyde. I was shocked to see another person in the car. He said, 'hello' grinning, and

put a towel on my face. I'm told that it was chloroform. I don't remember the rest until I
woke up at the hospital, she says shaking her head.
I realize that I have gone rigid in my places, my knuckles gone white because my hands
are fisted so hard. Mia realizes that. She takes my hands into hers. I look down.
We're okay now Christian. Thanks to you and Taylor and Sawyer and Welch and all of
your men! I'll never complain about security again.
Thank Anastasia! Without her, none of this would be possible. We wouldn't know you
were kidnapped, and I wouldn't think of chasing Ana and end up finding you both, I
say still rigid.
I don't know how to thank her. It was brave, and selfless, and most courageous thing
anyone has ever done for me! She's my savior, guardian angel, she whispers. She must
feel tired, because she sits downs on her bed, yawning.
She's still under the influence of the trace amount of tranquilizers still in her system. I
had better take her home, darling, my mom says.
Yes, of course mom. I just wanted to make sure my sister's okay. I can't stay too long
either. I don't want to leave Ana alone. I want to be back before she wakes up. The
nurse said she might sleep two more hours, but I want to be back way before than that,
I explain.
I love you Christian! I'm so grateful to you, your men and most of all Ana! Mia says
picking up her purse, and giving me a goodbye hug.
I love you darling.
I love you, mom.
I will call you later to find out about Ana, my mom says, then kisses my cheeks.
Oh, what the hell! I say and hug her to her surprise.
Then we leave.
When we get to the bakery; I see the modern setting, and people in line with for their
breakfast orders. I order a breakfast for me and Ana, and Taylor gets coffee. Her food is
packed to go, and taking a seat, I eat my egg white omelet and toast and drink my
coffee. By the time we get back to Anas hospital room, its been forty four minutes since

we left. I go into Anastasias room with her food safely wrapped into a paper bag. But
Anas bed is empty. I panic immediately. Did they take her for more exams? Sawyer
was at the door but he didnt say anything.

Ana! I shout for her.

Im in the bathroom, she replies sounding like she has something in her mouth.
Maybe shes brushing her teeth. I hear the water run. I put her oatmeal with dried
fruits, pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, orange juice, and the Twinings English
breakfast tea on the tray with wheels. When the sound of running water ceases, Ana
opens the door and comes out.
Good morning, Mrs. Grey, I say happier than I felt in days. I have your breakfast, I
smile with the pride of someone who is taking care of his wife. She grins ear to ear
when she sees me, and climbs into her bed. I pull the tray with wheels, and reveal her
breakfast. She takes her orange juice and gulps it down quickly then digs into her
oatmeal. I sit down at the edge of her bed watching her in amazement. I have never
seen her eat with so much gusto before. Ever! The way she appreciates her food and
takes it in is so fucking sexy. I smirk, shaking my head. All this time I tried to get her eat
a little more, and she always ate like a bird. And now seeing her devour everything on
her plate gives me a particular joy. And getting her eat only took knocking her up. So,
that was the key. I smirk again.
What? she asks with her mouth full of pancakes.
I like to watch you eat. How are you feeling? I ask.
Better, she replies again between a spoonful of oatmeal, a bite of bacon and a forkful
of pancake washed down with a gulp of Twinings tea. I am completely amazed.
Ive never seen you eat like this, I say to her curious gaze.
She looks up at me and her face falls. Its because Im pregnant, Christian.
I snort in response, and an ironic smile creeps up on my lips. If I knew getting you
knocked up was going to make you eat, I might have done it earlier, I say trying to
soften the mood.
Christian Grey! she gasps, shocked at my remark. She sets the oatmeal bowl down on
her tray.

Dont stop eating, I warn her.

Christian, we need to talk about this, she says softly.
I still, fear taking over again. Whats there to say? Were going to be parents, I mutter
shrugging, trying to look casual, but failing miserably. Anxiety and panic are crawling
over me, suffocating. My eyes widen with fear. Anastasia pushes her tray aside, and
crawls down the bed to me, and takes my hand in hers, immediately helping me find
my center, but the ever present fear is still strangling me.
Youre scared. I get it, she whispers. Does she? Shes never been in my shoes, or lived
through the horrors I have lived. She doesnt know my deficiencies. I gaze at her using
all my effort to look impassive.
I am, too. Thats normal, she whispers.
What kind of a father could I possibly be? I ask in a hoarse, barely audible voice,
finally voicing my fear.
Oh, Christian, she sniffles, trying to stifle a sob. One that tries his best. Thats all any
of us can do.
AnaI dont know if I can
Of course you can. Youre loving, youre fun, youre strong, youll set boundaries. Our
child will want for nothing, she tries to reassure me.
And also fucked up to the point of having nightmares about my train wreck of a past.
My days or nights arent free of the worry and fear that Id be a sucky father, and fear
that my child would be abused because of my fucked up parenting skills. She doesnt
know the kind of nightmares torturing me at night.
Fear, the fresh sting of my earlier nightmare freezes me in my place; I stare at her.
Doubt is written all over my face. This is one thing I am afraid I wont be good at;
something I will screw up, and it will end up being detrimental to more than one
Yes, it would have been ideal to have waited. To have longer, just the two of us. But
well be three of us, and well all grow up together. Well be a family. Our own family.
And your child will love you unconditionally, like I do, she says her eyes brimming

with tears. I dont doubt her love for me. Not anymore. Can a child, our child love me
like she does? I am unlovable yet, Ana loves me, and I nearly lost her. The emotions
flood over me unbidden, fresh. But my wife is my rock. Here she is in her weak state,
still bruised and battered, but braver than I am, giving me hope, elating me. What have I
done to deserve her?
Oh, Ana, I whisper hoarsely. Pain and anguish of her near death is still so real, so
close, so overwhelming. I thought Id lost you. Then I thought Id lost you again.
Seeing you lying on the ground, pale and cold and unconscious it was my worst fears
realized. And now here you are brave and strong giving me hope. Loving me after
all that Ive done.
Yes, I do love you, Christian, desperately. I always will, she says fervently. After all I
didwalking out on her, seeing Elena, she can still love me. I take her head into my
hands gently, and wipe her tears away with my thumbs. I gaze into her eyes unable to
hide my enormous fear of the prospect of fatherhood and my wonder of her.
I love you, too, I breathe and I do what I wanted to do for days; I kiss my wife softly
and tenderly, adoring her. If she has faith in me, who am I to disappoint her? Ill try to
be a good father, I whisper against her lips. Because I love my wife. I dont want to
screw this up and drive my wife into someone elses arms, care and life, and my child
along with her. Theyre both mine!
Truly, Madly, Deeply Savage Garden
Youll try, and youll succeed. And lets face it; you dont have much choice in the
matter, because Blip and I are not going anywhere.
Why Blip? I raise my eyebrows questioning. I had the name Junior in my head.
Junior it is, then.
But I like Blip, I smile shyly, and kiss my wife once again.
I love holding her in my arms, and keeping her in my embrace, but I need her to eat
since she has missed quite a few meals in the past couple of days.

Much as Id like to kiss you all day, your breakfast is getting cold, I murmur against
her lips, unwilling to break away from her still. Just touching her lights up all my
synapses, putting me on full alert of her body. Kissing her and not having sex is like
turning my libido on full blast building up pressure and torturing myself with no relief
in sight. I gaze down at her with completely darkened, sensual eyes. I want my wife.
But, shell be off limits for a while if I can help it, so better not torture either one of us
with pent up frustration.
Eat, I order softly. She swallows. She wants what I want, and thats something we
cant have. She crawls back into her bed carefully placing her IV lines out of her way in
order to avoid snagging. I pull the tray back in front of her. She starts eating her food
You know, she mutters after she eats a bite of her pancake, Blip might be a girl.
A girl? Oh, shit! I know what men want from girls. I run my hand through my hair in
exasperation completely alarmed. I am anti-gun, but this might be one reason I might
become a pro: to protect my daughter from the predators. I am once again alarmed. A
boy, a son I can talk to. But a girl? Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! But then again, I have Ana. She
managed to get me see the light. She can do anything! I run my hand through my hair
again. Two women, eh? When she sees the alarm flash through my face, she asks.
Do you have a preference?
Preference? I ask, alarmed.
Boy or girl.
I frown. I dont know. Healthy will do, I say softly, still bewildered with the topic.
Eat, I snap so willing to change into a different venue.

Im eating, Im eating Jeez, keep your hair on, Grey, she says watching me with
scrutiny. I sit down in the armchair that has been my companion while Anastasia was
unconscious, and pick up the Seattle Times. The reporters have been camping all over
the hospital to get the full story.
You made the papers again, Mrs. Grey, I say in a bitter tone remembering the
incident with paparazzi.
Again? she asks.
The hacks are just rehashing yesterdays story, but it seems factually accurate. You
want to read it? I ask.
She shakes her head. Read it to me. Im eating.
I shake my head smirking.
Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde Travis Tritt
Seattle Times
Anastasia Grey, the wife of mogul Christian Grey and his sister Mia Grey were
kidnapped by Jack Hyde and Elizabeth Morgan on September 15th, 2011. Both Hyde and
Morgan were former employees of the Seattle Independent Publishing where Mrs. Grey
currently works as an editor. Our sources indicate that both Hyde and Morgan had
been Mrs. Greys former bosses. In order to extract $5,000,000 from the Greys, Hyde and
Morgan developed an ingenious plan and kidnapped Miss Mia Grey outside of her gym
and called Anastasia Grey telling her to get the five million dollars money within two
hours, and deliver it to an undisclosed location without telling anyone if she valued the
life of Mia Grey. Mrs. Grey withdrew the money and went to save her sister in-law
following her kidnappers' orders to the letter. However, Hyde who had a personal
grudge against Mrs. Grey beat her up so badly that she ended up in the hospital
unconscious, but not before she managed to shoot Hyde on the leg. Ironically, they are
now both being treated in the same hospital.
Mr. Hyde was released on bail the morning he kidnapped Mia and Anastasia Grey. He
was in jail for attempted kidnapping, breaking and entering into Mr. and Mrs.
Christians Greys posh Seattle apartment, Escala.

Our sources indicate that the modern day Bonnie and Clyde have been co-workers and
sexual partners. Like Bonnie, the sassy Miss Morgan has the sex-appeal, and Hyde has
the troubled past. Both excelled in school and ended up working in the same publishing
company. They stayed out of trouble until Mrs. Grey started working at the SIP. The
young, beautiful and nave Mrs. Grey has been described as an easy target to reach the
unreachable Christian Grey and his millions; the chink in his armor. But not as nave as
they thought she is since Mrs. Grey still she managed to shoot Jack Hyde. The two
women have finally been rescued by none other than Christian Grey and his personal
security detail.
The whole incident makes the rest of us wonder with concern whether the Justice
System releases dangerous criminals back into the society since the same Justice System
released a criminal like Hyde who was in jail for attempted kidnapping, breaking and
entering into Christian Grey's home. Clearly the same offender attempted to commit the
very same crime upon the same victim within two hours of his release on bail. We have
learned that Mr. Greys attorneys have made every effort to block any attempt to bail
and unfortunately they were unsuccessful in the end. The question left unanswered is
then is this: Who is running our Justice System?

When I finish reading the story, Please read something else. I like listening to you,
Anastasia says.
I read her a report about a booming bagel business and the fact that Boeing has had to
cancel the launch of Boeing Sonic Cruiser; a concept airliner with a delta wing-canard
configuration. This is right up in Pellas alley. This aircraft was distinguished from
conventional jet airliners by its delta wing and high-subsonic cruising speed of up to
Mach 0.98, which is about 746 mph. I frown as I read it. Maybe I should give Pella a call.
He warned me time and again that there were more than one person, and he accurately
predicted that one of them was a woman.
Are there others after me and my family? Who financed Hyde's release? Who gave him
the cash? I dont want to think about those when Im with Anastasia, but my mind
keeps drifting back. She picks up on everything, and considering that shes not well and
pregnant, I dont want to worry her in any way at all.
When I finish reading, Ana is contemplating on something. Something is brewing in her
mind. But then theres a knock on the door as she opens her mouth to say something.

One of the last people I want to see today enters into the room apologetically: Detective
Mr. Grey, Mrs. Grey, he greets us. Am I interrupting?
Yes, I snap at him. But he goes on ignoring my protest.
Glad to see youre awake, Mrs. Grey. I need to ask you a few questions about
Thursday afternoon. Just routine. Is now a convenient time? he asks.
Sure, replies Ana halfheartedly.
My wife should be resting, I say acerbically.
Ill be brief, Mr. Grey. And it means Ill be out of your hair sooner rather than later.
Well, the sooner they all get out of our lives, the better. I stand and offer my chair to
him, and sit next to my wife on the bed protectively. I hold her hand letting her know
that she can rely on me, and squeeze it reassuringly.

Mrs. Grey, we have a general idea of what happened on Thursday, and we have Miss
Morgans statement. But we need to get your account of the events. When did Hyde
first contact you?
It was after lunch on Thursday. I had just come back to my desk, and my cell phone
rang. My caller ID displayed Mias name, and I thought it was her calling and
Then what happened?

To my utter shock, the caller was Jack Hyde. He immediately told me not to hang up
and that hes been having a chat with my little sister-in-law, she says swallowing. He
said she stops takes a shuddering breath, and looks at me. He said she stops.
What did he say Mrs. Grey? Everything you say is important in getting him
She nods. He said, listen to me, you prick-teasing, gold-digging whore. You and Grey
fucked up my life. You owe me. Then he said he has the little bitch with him now that
that cock-sucker I married and his whole fucking family are going to pay! her voice
rising. She leans so much into me, if she could go any further we would be fused
together! My eyes widen in anger, and I feel that the beating I gave the fucker isnt even
enough in what he put her through.
Go on Mrs. Grey Clark coaxes her. Ana nods, takes a deep breath as another violent
shudder goes through her.
I asked him what he wants. He said he wants his fucking money. If things had been
different, it could have been him. Then he said he wants me to get five million dollars of
my husband's money. I told him that I didnt have access to that kind of money. But he
didnt give me any choice with his demands. He gave me two hours to find five million
Dollars! Just two hours! she says tears pooling into her eyes. "He kept emphasizing
that I couldn't let anyone know. Not Christian, not our security, not the police! He
said... he said..." I hold her tighter in my arms.
"Shhh.. I got you. Detective this is upsetting my wife!"
"No, Christian, I want to get over with it, so I don't have to recall it again... Please," she
looks at me with tears. My lips go to a tight line, my eyes wide, but I nod.

"He repeated several times to me that he would know if I let anyone know about this
and once he finds out I said anything about him, he would kill Mia. Then he told me to
keep my phone with me, and added, 'tell no one or I'll fuck her up before I kill her. You
have two hours!' Just as I tried to ask for more time, he hung up on me leaving me no
other choice. No time... As I left work, I told my assistant to tell Elisabeth that I was not
feeling well and that I was leaving! I informed Elizabeth of my leaving, and she
informed Jack... I didn't know!" she shudders with a sob.
"Then you went directly to the bank from work?" Detective probes with a straight face,
seemingly unaffected, but I can see his pupils dilate. He reins in his emotions well.
"No. I had to go home and find something, a checkbook with my name on it, and I had
to lose Sawyer because I couldn't endanger Mia's life," she says and I stiffen next to her.
"It wasn't easy. But, I called Sawyer and asked him to help me upstairs, and when he
when up, I left the apartment quickly. When I left the building, Sawyer was running
after me and chasing my car. I immediately went to the bank and asked for the Bank
Manager and told him that I wanted to withdraw five million Dollars."
"What did the bank manager say to that?"
"Well, I forgot that my driver's license still had my maiden name, and the bank manager
wanted to call Christian but I found my Amex with my married name on it. The
manager said it was unconventional to withdraw that amount of money. I didn't want
Christian to know, because I didn't want his life or Mia's to be in danger... I thought I
was convincing with the bank manager, but it was still taking a while, and time was
something I didn't have; if I was running out of time and consequently Mia was
running out of time. I didn't want her to get raped, hurt, and then killed! I didn't want
her to be tortured, you see... I was ready to do anything to save her..." Ana says slowly,
tears streaming as she recalls.
"But the manager called Christian anyway," she says her face falling. "I had to tell him I
was leaving him, so he wouldn't follow me! I had to hurt him, break my husband's
heart just so his life wouldn't be in danger!" she utters holding onto me tightly.
"I'm sorry ma'am to have you recall all this. I'll get through my questions as quickly as I
can. How did you leave the bank?"
"Sawyer was waiting in the bank's waiting room when I came out. So, I asked the bank
manager to take me back to his office. I called Mia's cell phone and Jack Hyde
answered. He already knew that my security followed me. He told me to go to the back

of the bank. I told the bank manager to take me out from the employee entrance in the
back. Then I asked for his cell phone as I went out because I put my Blackberry into the
money bag so Christian could track his money."
"Our money!" I grunt. She rolls her eyes.
"And when we came out, I was shocked to find Elizabeth Morgan waiting. She had the
black Dodge. After the money was loaded into the Dodge, the bank staff went back in.
And Elizabeth asked for my phone and I gave her the phone I got from the bank
manager. She tossed it into the dumpster saying it was to throw the dogs off the scent."
I am disgusted with the callousness and disregard of Ana's and my sister's lives in
Elizabeth Morgan. I will fucking allocate unlimited amount of funds to exact my
revenge on all involved parties, and make sure that she goes to prison indefinitely.
"If you don't mind me asking ma'am, how did you think you would get away from
Hyde and Miss Morgan?" Clark asks curiously, and frankly I'd like to know the
brilliant, I mean idiotic logic behind that as well.
"I didn't have time to think, Detective. I thought I could just toss the money at Jack, and
grab Mia and run..." she says naively, blinking up at him. That was her best plan? I
vibrate in anger and frustration, holding the bridge of my nose in order to hold back my
headache at bay; the detective's must be feeling the same because lips go into a thin
nervous line.
"Then it's a good thing your husband didn't listen to you and followed you anyway.
Did Miss Morgan tell you why she was cooperating with Hyde?"
"I asked her why she was doing this, because she didn't like Jack. She didn't answer my
question and just told me to keep my mouth shut. When I asked her if he had some sort
of hold on her, and she slammed the breaks angrily before I had a chance to put my seat
belt on. At that moment I knew she was prepared to do whatever Jack asked her to do
because he was holding something over her head, and I realized I may not be able to get
away as quickly..." she says staring ahead as if she's reliving the horror of the events of
Thursday, and I along with her.
"When Elisabeth arrived at Jack's hideout, Jack came out and he looked quite different.
His hair was cut short, earrings removed and he was wearing a suit. He looked like he
was ready to take off to someplace. I asked him where Mia was. He says 'first things
first, bitch,' and had Elizabeth check the money, and confirmed with her that she threw
away my cell phone. Then out of nowhere he backhanded me across the face. It was so

unprovoked, and ferocious, it knocked me to the ground. I just remember my head

thudding on the concrete, and the excruciating pain in my head. It filled my eyes with
tear, and my vision got blurry immediately, and my skull was pulsing with throbbing
pain. I think I screamed. I wanted to protect our baby, but I couldn't..." she sobs with
her hands covering her face. I am resonating with anger and tension once more. I run
my fingers up and down on her back to soothe her.
But I am so furious and full of rage, I have half the mind to find Hyde and kill the
fucker and end his worthless life! But, that would be too good for him.
"Then I remember Jack following through with a vicious kick to my ribs. It was so hard,
it knocked my breath out of my lungs. He screamed at me saying 'that's for SIP, you
fucking bitch!' All I could do was to pull my legs up into infant position. Just as he was
getting ready to deliver me another kick, Elisabeth told him not to do it there in broad
daylight. And that gave me just a second to pull the gun out and shoot. I just remember
hearing screeching cars, breaks, shouting, and footsteps. Then I heard Christian... I
heard my husband's voice. Then it was lights out for me... until I woke up yesterday,"
she finishes her statement with tears still rolling down her cheeks, holding onto me as if
her life depends on it.
"I wish you'd aimed higher," I mutter.
"Might have done womankind a service if Mrs. Grey had," Clark finally agrees with me
about something.
"Thank you, Mrs. Grey. That's all for now."
"You won't let him out again, will you?" Ana asks scared.
"I don't think he'll make bail this time, ma'am."
"Do we know who posted his bail?" I ask.
"No, sir. It was confidential."
Confidential... When Welch checks through my list, I will find the fucking bastard, and I
will make him or her pay for it. Hit him where it hurts.
As Clark is leaving Dr. Singh and two interns enter into the room to examine Ana. I
wait and keep a watchful eye on my wife. Dr. Singh looks happy and she declares that
Anastasia is fit to go home. I have never felt the kind of relief I feel now.

"Mrs. Grey, you'll have to watch for worsening headaches and blurry vision. If that
occurs you must return to the hospital immediately," she warns.
Anastasia nod in response, and looks delighted with the prospect of going home.
As Dr. Singh is leaving I stop her. "Dr. Singh, may I have a word with you?"
"Of course Mr. Grey," she says and I lead her out to the corridor leaving the door ajar
behind me.
"How can I help you Mr. Grey?"
"Is it safe for my wife to have sex?"
She smiles in response.
"Yes Mr. Grey, it is."
"How long do you recommend her to wait before we can resume our normal sexual
"There is no danger in Mrs. Grey resuming her sexual life. She will need to take it easy
for a little while; perhaps wait a week or so or at least nothing rough until her ribs heal.
But as long as she's careful and you're gentle with her, she can still have sex."
"Okay. I just want to be perfectly sure: you're giving us a green light? She can have
"Yes, Mr. Grey, that's fine," she smiles broadly.
"Thank you," I say and shake her hand.
When I get back into Anastasia's room again, I'm much happier knowing I can make
love to her again.
"What was that all that about?"
"Sex," I say with a wicked grin. She blushes.
"And?" she asks.
"You're good to go," I smirk.

"I have a headache," she smirks back at me.

"I know. You'll be off limits for a while. I was just checking."
She frowns, disappointed. She has missed sex, too. I like that. I like that a lot.
Nurse Nora comes into the room, and removes Anastasia' IV. She still manages to give
me her stabbing stares. I shall remember Nora going down history as one of the few
women who has managed to resist my charms. I smile after her as she leaves the room
with Ana's IV stand.
"Shall I take you home?" I ask.
"I'd like to see Ray first."
"Sure," I say. This will be good. Ray will probably give her a piece of his mind.
"Does he know about the baby?"
"I thought you'd want to be the one to tell him. I haven't told your mom either."
"Thank you," she replies happily.
"My mom knows," I add. "She saw your chart. I told my dad but to no one else. Mom
said couples normally wait for twelve weeks or so... to be sure," I say shrugging.
"I'm not sure I'm ready to tell Ray."
"I should warn you, he's mad as hell. Said I should spank you," I tell her. "I told him I'd
be only too willing to oblige." She looks at me shocked.
"You didn't!" she gasps.
I wink at her. Handing her a bag, I say, "Here, Taylor brought you some clean clothes.
I'll help you dress."
As I help Ana to get dressed, I see the widespread bruises over her body, and my anger
grows in leaps and bounds. Those who inflicted pain on my wife and sister and anyone
involved in aiding them will pay dearly. As we leave the room, I'm extremely relieved
that this ordeal is nearly behind us. When we get to Ray's room, I leave the two of them

alone. The second I close the door, Ray's angry, and concerned parental voice echoes
outside of his room. Anastasia profusely apologizes for being irresponsible, and tries to
smooth him over. As I wait by the door, I call my parents to let them know Anastasia is
being discharged. My Blackberry buzzes and I see Welch's name on the caller ID.
"Grey," I answer.
"Mr. Grey, Welch's here. I'm on my way to Seattle; we'll be departing Detroit shortly,
and I need to see you about my findings tonight."
"Can't it be done over the phone?"
"No. I'm afraid not. It's got to be face to face, sir."
"Okay. My wife is getting discharged today. I'll be taking her home soon. Tonight then.
Let Taylor know the exact time you'll be at Escala once you get back."
"Will do, sir. I'll see you tonight."
I hang up. I continue to wait by Ray's door, and I would thoroughly enjoy him chewing
Anastasia out for the way she behaved even though I don't want him to get his blood
pressure up, but I am now preoccupied with the news Welch is going to deliver. He
said he can't talk about it over the phone. It must be very bad. When Ana says her
goodbyes to Ray, I take her hand and we leave through the rear exit of the hospital to
avoid paparazzi and reporters. Taylor leads us through the employee entrance, and
takes us to the waiting SUV.
I make a mental list of things to do to locate the bail poster, and the ways in which I can
collect my due for what he did to my wife, my sister, and nearly causing the
miscarriage of our baby. But the concern of what Welch might have discovered in
Detroit gnawing at me. Anastasia is talking to her mom on the phone, trying to calm her
down. I think Carla is sobbing so hard, even Sawyer can hear her in the driver's seat
whose gaze Anastasia is studiously avoiding.
I hold Anastasia's hand throughout her conversation with her mom, brushing across
her knuckles with my thumb, getting increasingly nervous.
"What's wrong?" she asks as soon as she hangs up.
"Welch wants to see me."

"Welch? Why?"
"He's found something out about that fucker Hyde," I snarl. "He didn't want to tell me
on the phone."
"He's coming here this afternoon from Detroit."
"You think he's found a connection." I nod in response.
"What do you think it is?"
"I have no idea," I reply with furrowed brows, still perplexed.
First time in what seems like forever, everything is right between my wife and I. My
wife and our baby are well and in my embrace. She's discharged from the hospital.
There is still a lot of unresolved problems with the fucker Hyde, another hidden enemy
who aided Hyde. But, right now, we are going home. Home... where I will get to hold
my wife in my arms, in our own bed and keep her safe. For everything else, there's
always tomorrow.



Taylor pulls into the garage at Escala, and stopping the SUV by the elevators he drops
us off to avoid the photographers and reporters. I take Anastasia out of the SUV. My
arms still wrapped around her waist, I usher her to the waiting elevator.
Once were in the elevator, I ask, Glad to be home?
Yes, she says in a whispered tone. She looks around the elevator. Neither one of us
have been home since Thursday. The last time I was here was early Thursday morning
before Anastasia woke up. But, finally being in our home environment, having left the
danger, the kidnappings, hospital stay behind, Anastasia inexorably has a breakdown.
She starts shaking violently.

Hey- I say wrapping my arms around her as I pull my wife closer. Youre home.
Youre safe, I whisper over and over again to make her realize that the danger is over. I
kiss her hair.
Oh, Christian, she starts sobbing. The dam bursts and she weeps into my chest.
Hush now, I whisper, cradling her head. I nearly lost my wife, my baby, my family.
The only woman who means something for me, and her sorrow immediately bring
forth the protective husband in me. Worry over her well-being, and revenge in equal
measure brew inside me. Its difficult for me to see her broken like this and not be
furious at those who inflicted this pain, the nearly irreparable damage. She continues to
weep into my chest. The elevator door dings open and I swoop her off the floor and
carry my wife into the foyer. She wraps her arms around my neck and continues to sob
I take her into our bedroom and carry her into the bathroom, and seat her down to a
chair. Bath? I ask.
She shakes her head No, almost violently.
Shower? I ask with increased concern and fear choking me. She nods. I turn the
shower on, and Ana starts sobbing into her hands. The water running in the shower
emulates her flooding emotions. Im a man who is used to being in control, used to
having problems solved immediately. Seeing my wife in beaten, bruised, barely back
from the brink of death, having lost weight so much in a matter of couple of days, and
emotionally distraught maybe for a long time kills me inside. I promised to safeguard
her, protect her, care for her, and I failed.
Hey, I drone. I kneel in front of her, and gently pull her hands away from her face;
cupping her tear-stained cheeks, I comfort her. She gazes at me, her eyes bewildered as
if lost, but trying to find her focus. She blinks away her tears.
Im sorry, Christian. Just sorry for everything. For making you worry, for risking
everythingand for the things I said, she says as she cries more.
Hush, baby, please, I croon kissing her forehead. Im sorry, too. It takes two to tango,
Ana, I say smiling. I never thought Id be quoting my mother. Well, thats what my
mom always says. I said things and did things Im not proud of, I murmur with
contrition and remorse. Lets get you undressed, I murmur in a soft voice. She looks
at me with red rimmed wide blue eyes, and wipes her nose with the back of her hand. I

kiss her forehead again, and stand her up, and make short work of taking her clothes
off. But I show particular care when I pull her t-shirt off her head, because I dont know
how sore her head feels. I take my own clothes off lightning fast, and holding her hand,
I lead my wife to the shower under the hot cascading water. I pull Anastasia into my
arms, and hold her there for a long time as the water washes down the dirt, sorrow, and
problems of the last few days which felt like years. Holding her like this in my arms
when I thought she was leaving me, and then I thought she died when I found her is
both relieving as well as surreal. The worry at the hospital that she may not wake up or
recover nearly killed me with anguish. I am beyond grateful for having her in my arms
right now. We are home. Knowing that there are people, who mean and wish harm on
me, and on the people I love without a second thought for the sake of reaching my
millions, or trying to exact revenge constricts my heart, and gives me a fervent
determination to protect those I love; fiercely and violently if necessary.
Heavy in Your Arms - Florence & The Machine

Anastasia cries over my chest, silently, and with heart wrenching sobs until she runs
out of tears. I hold her and kiss her head as she lets out all her fears, worries and stress
and let the water wash it off her. I rock her soothingly in a gentle rhythm, holding her
skin against skin, her cheek rubbing my chest hair. All I want to do is to protect her,
love her, and keep her safe. She finally stops crying and steps back.
Better? I ask cautiously and she nods in response.
Good. Let me look at you, I say wanting to take inventory of her injuries. She looks at
me blankly but I take her hand and examine her arm, take note of the bruises on her
shoulder and cuts and scrapes at her elbow and wrist. Each one breaks my heart. Jack
Hyde beat my wife up, kicked her on the ground because of his hatred for me, because
he wanted to have her and she denied him. I kiss each and every one of her bruises as if
my kisses would make them better; heal them somehow. I take the washcloth and
shower gel from the shelf and squeeze the gel onto the washcloth, lathering it. Sweet
scent of jasmine fills our nostrils, but it doesnt make me feel calm as it would have
normally done after seeing my wifes bruised up body.
Turn around, I ask her. I start lathering her injured arm, her neck, shoulder, her back
and her other arm. When I turn her sideways, I trace her side and the large bruise
where she was kicked; Anger boils in me, ready to erupt. When my fingers reach the
particular bruise darkened in a purple and blue shade, she winces immediately with
pain. I can see that the bruise is deep, extending into her muscles and ribs. I close my

eyes as if Im the one who is pained, and my lips turn into a thin line. Air hisses through
my teeth. Anger is the least of what I feel.
It doesnt hurt, she murmurs to placate me, but I have a hard time believing it. Shes
trying to soothe me. I have this murderous rage rise in me. Hyde made every effort to
kidnap my wife, and there is every evidence that he didnt want to let her or Mia leave
the place alive. When his first efforts failed, he made a second effort. If he was given
another chance, I know he would make another attempt on her life if he had the chance.
I just want to eliminate him, and the danger he created for my family. My eyes are
blazing volcanoes, dangerous, meeting hers. I want to kill him. I nearly did, I whisper
remembering how close I came to kill him. It took the police officers to pull their guns
on me; but even that wouldnt have stopped me. It was only the knowledge that my
wife needed immediate medical attention and I wanted to be with her when she was
getting it. My breathing increases and I try to push the memory away. I squirt a little
more shower gel into the washcloth and gently, and tenderly I wash her sides, her
buttocks and her back. Then I kneel before my wife as if submitting to her, and wash
her legs reverently. I see the bruise on her knee, darkened, looking painful. I lean into it,
and gently kiss it. Then wash her lower legs and her feet. Anastasias hands reach down
and caress my wet hair, her fingers lacing through my wet strands. I slowly rise to my
feet. As I stand up I get to take in the bruises on her ribs again.
Oh, baby, I groan in a tormented voice. I have to distract myself from jumping out of
the shower, making my way to the hospital and finding the fucker to ending his
miserable life so that he can never harm another human being again.

Im okay, she soothes me. She reaches up, her hands caging my face, and pulling me
down to her lips. I hesitate. Because a kiss is never just a kiss for us... Just a simple touch
onto her lips will turn us both on. I cant do that when shes injured. Her lips mold into
mine anyway full of need and desire and she starts kissing me passionately despite my
hesitation. Her tongue forces its way into my mouth, and Im lost. My tongue meets

hers, caressing it in gentle but sensual strokes, reacquainting itself with her mouth. And
my cock stirs, growing and pressing against her body. Oh, fuck! I cant do that!
No, I whisper against her lips, and pull her back away from me. Lets get you clean.
She pouts, upset at me for breaking the connection between us after seeing how serious
I am about it. I dont want to put her in danger by having sex with her. I havent had
my wife in days, and I dont want to lose control. Even if Im very gentle, she might get
hurt with her bruised muscles, and injured ribs. Shes mad; Feisty even. Putting her
hands on her hips, she glares at me angrily like a child who is told she couldnt have
candy, her reaction makes me grin. I kiss her briefly, but break our connection to not to
arouse her further.
Clean Not dirty, I enunciate.
I like dirty, she responds.

Me, too, Mrs. Grey. But not now, not here, I say. Without giving her chance to say
another word, I take the shampoo, squeezing some into my palm; I take it to her hair,
and start washing it. She knows I mean business, and finally closing her eyes, gives
herself to the gentle rubbing by my fingers, relaxing under the water. After thoroughly
massaging her hair, I let the warm water run the suds out of her hair, and run over her
back into the drain in lazy rivulets. Once I wash her completely, I start washing my
hair, and body. She wants to wash me. I let her because I am craving her touch in any
way possible. But when her hand lingers on my cock, her soapy hand gliding up and

down, trying to pump me, and giving me a big hard on, I have to remove her hand, and
endure the repressed desire accompanied by a pulsing painful erection.
When we come out of the shower, she somehow looks happier, energized, and relaxed.
I wrap her in a large plush bath towel, and wrap one around my hips. Anastasia starts
drying her hair while Im drying mine with a towel.
I still dont understand why Elizabeth was involved with Jack, she mutters confused.
I do, I reply darkly remembering the fuckers hold on her.
She is completely surprised, and looks up at me. When she sees me drying my hair, my
chest and shoulders still wet with glistening water, she makes a visible effort to gather
her thoughts. She looks like Im something to eat; her gaze never leaving my body. I am
incredibly tempted, with her gaze having a direct line to my cock, my barely tamed
erection seeking full growth again.
Enjoying the view? I ask.
How do you know? she asks trying to ignore the fact that I caught her staring. Even if
I didnt see her staring, my body has a direct connection. When we are near each other, I
feel her presence, her gaze, her mood.
That youre enjoying the view? I tease.
No, she scolds me changing the topic. About Elizabeth.
Detective Clark hinted at it.
She raises her eyebrows, in her usual manner demanding me to tell her more.
Hyde had videos. Videos of all of them. On several USB flash drives. She frowns,
completely shocked with this information.
Videos of him fucking her and fucking all his PAs, I say without giving her the
details. Her eyes widen with understanding.
Exactly. Blackmail material. He likes it rough, I say frowning. Thats sort of like me. I
like it rough, and I have still images of my subs though they were made aware of the
picture were being taken both for recreation at the time as well as against any exposure.

It is not unlike me. I am immediately disgusted of myself, and filled with self-loathing. I
have fucked harder, tried more kinky shit than Hyde can even dream of.
Dont! Anastasia warns me. I frown at her, not comprehending her meaning.
Dont what? I ask and regard her with uneasiness and worry. Did I do something to
hurt her?
You arent anything like him.
My eyes harden. She knew what I was thinking. Of course she would. We understand
each other wordlessly often.
Youre not, she says stubbornly.
Were cut from the same cloth, I murmur with disgust.
No, youre not, she snaps. How could she think that? We both have had fucked up
childhoods. I dont know my dad; his dad died in a bar brawl. My mother was a crack
whore, his was a drunk, and a drug addict. I am an adopted child by the Greys, and he
was in and out of foster homes. He had a troubled childhood boosting cars; I drank as a
teen, and fought with everyone possible and was kicked out of three schools in one
year. I could have ended up in juvie like he did had it not been for Elena focusing my
attention in sex, and my parents keeping a tight leash on me. We are the same shit!
You both have troubled pasts, and you were both born in Detroit. Thats it, Christian,
she says fisting her hands on her hips.
Ana, your faith in me is touching, especially in light of the last few days. Well know
more when Welch is here, I say dismissing the topic. She isnt going to change my
views on this. I am disgusted about myself; about how I behaved and distanced my
wife from me with my own disturbing behavior; Im responsible with her falling prey to
Hyde because I wasnt trusting enough to ask her the right questions at the bank. I am
lucky that shes alive and with me today.
Christian she starts, but I cut her off with a kiss.
Enough, I breathe into her lips. I expect her to pester me more, but she doesnt. She
stops with a pout.
And dont pout, I say. Come. Let me dry your hair. After shes dressed in
sweatpants and a t-shirt, I sit her between my legs to have full access to her hair while

effectively quieting her down. Drying her hair and having this access to her relaxes us
both. Once the drier is silenced, I take her to our bed, sit her in front of me and I start
combing her hair with a hairbrush.
So did Clark tell you anything else while I was unconscious? she asks.
Not that I recall.
I heard a few of your conversations, she retorts. Which conversations did she hear?
My hand with the hairbrush stills in her hair. What did she hear? How much did she
Did you? I probe nonchalantly.
Yes. My dad, your dad, Detective Clarkyour mom, she says. She heard just about
And Kate?
Kate was there? she asks.
Briefly, yes. Shes mad at you, too, I tell her.
She immediately turns in my lap. Stop with the everyone is mad at Ana crap, okay? she
Just telling you the truth, I murmur perplexed with her sudden conniption.
Yes, it was reckless, but you know, your sister was in danger, she says. Remembering
how close they both came to dying makes my face fall again.
Yes. She was, I say holding her chin up.
Thank you, I say and register the shock in her face in the face of my gratitude for her.
But no more recklessness. Because next time, I will spank the living shit out of you, I
threatened with nothing but truth in my tone. She gasps.
You wouldnt!
I most certainly would, I say, my tone serious. She searches my face and sees the iron
determination. I have your stepfathers permission. I smirk. She is trying to see if Im
kidding. She launches herself at me, and I twist so that she falls onto the bed and right

into my arms. This could have led to dirtier acts, but she winces with pain. The sight of
her nearly writhing in pain drains the blood out of my face. Behave! I censure her,
angrily; both at her and at myself for giving in.
Sorry, she mutters, and her hand caresses my cheek.
Her touch means a lot to me, and I nuzzle into it, kissing her hand gently. Honestly,
Ana, you really have no regard for your own safety. I tug the hem of her t-shirt and
put my fingers on her belly where our baby is residing. Anastasia stops breathing.

Its not just you anymore, I whisper as my fingers skate over her waistband, and her
skin underneath. The wonder is that my child, our baby that we made together is
growing inside my wife. But right at that moment, I feel Anastasia gasping with desire,
and her body getting hot, her face getting flush with lust. I tense immediately, and stop
moving my fingers and gaze down at her. I deliberately move my finger away from her
belly and just tuck a lose strand of hair.
No, I whisper. I want nothing more right now than to have my wife, make love to
her, and bury myself so deep in her for days; but we cant. Not without hurting her, and
that is something I will not do.
She gazes at me with a look laced with disappointment, intense desire, and carnal lust
all bundled in one.
Dont look at me like that. Ive seen the bruises. And the answer is no, I say in a firm,
determined voice. As I kiss her forehead, she squirms beneath me.
Christian, she whines.
No. Get into bed, I say sitting up.

You need rest.
I need you.
That takes me aback and it takes all my self-control to tear myself away from her. I close
my eyes and shake my head, trying to cut some of my senses off to prevent giving into
her will. When I finally regain control, and make up my mind that her safety comes
before her desire for me, I manage to open my eyes decidedly. Just do as youre told,
She finally manages to nod, however reluctantly. Okay, she says pouting like a small
child, making me laugh out loud. Im going to heat something up. Mrs. Jones has been
Christian, Ill do it. Im fine. Jeez, I want sex I can certainly cook, she says as she sits
up clumsily and with difficulty. But I can see the pain in her eyes as she tries to hide her
Bed! I order pointing to the pillow, my eyes flashing.
Join me, she murmurs, trying to entice me.
Ana, get into the bed. Now! I order once again. She looks at me with narrowed eyes,
and then scowls. Standing up, she drops her sweatpants brusquely to the floor,
managing to glare at me the entire time. I try not to smile at her antics, but its hard not
to do it. I pull back the duvet to let her in.
You heard Dr. Singh. She said rest, I remind her in a gentler voice. She gets in the bed
and folds her arms in exasperation. Stay, I command again, finally making my wife
do as I order. She scowls deeper.
I go to the kitchen and heat up the chicken stew Mrs. Jones has prepared. I fix two trays;
one for Ana and one for me. Taking the food to our bedroom, I sit Anastasia up in the
bed so she can enjoy her food. I sit on the bed cross-legged and eat with her.
That was very well heated, she smirks, and I grin at her in response. When she
finishes all her food, she looks full and ready to sleep.
You look tired, I tell her, and take her tray away from her.

I am, she says yawning.

Good. Sleep, I say kissing her. I have some work I need to do. Ill do it in here if
thats okay with you.
She nods, but unable to keep awake, her eyes close.
I take the trays out to the kitchen, rinsing them; I leave the dishes in the sink. Then
taking my laptop, I walk back to our bedroom, and sit on my side of the bed to work. I
go through my piled up e-mails. Ros and Warren have been in Taiwan for the signing of
the documents and inspecting the shipyard. She says all is going well and that they are
coming back today. I go over the signed documents, and her annotations. God! There is
hundreds of e-mail accumulated. I sort them by category and go over the most
important ones. My Blackberry buzzes with an incoming text. Its a message from
*Welch is here to see you.*
This is the dreaded meeting, but one I must go through to find out the link between
Hyde and I. It will give me a better understanding why the fucker is obsessed with me.
I text back.
*Take him to my office. Im coming.*
When I get to my office, Welch is sitting down and a large manila envelope is on my
desk suspiciously waiting for me. He gets up to greet me, and Taylor is waiting his
hands tied on his back at ease. I walk to my seat, and show him his chair again to seat
him down.
Tell me about your trip, I start the conversation.
My starting point for the search was at your former living quarters. The apartments
are still there, but I wanted to see if the former occupants included Hyde and his
mother at any point. But there were no records of your paths crossing in any way when
you were with your birth mother. You havent gone to school, or joined in a play group.
You had no known relatives. After confirming that you had no connection with Hyde
while you were with the birth mother, I searched for a connection after you were taken
away from the scene of death. What I discovered is interesting. Do you remember the
brief time you were in foster care before your adoption was finalized by the Dr. and Mr.
Grey? he asks.

Foster care? I was in foster care? I ask him completely shocked.

Yes, sir, you were. For a brief time. I want to first give you a general picture of the
circumstances surrounding your adoption to help you better understand how and why
you were in foster care which will greatly explain how you and Hyde were at the same
place, and at the same time, he says. I am immediately pure attention, my eyebrows
rising. Im in such a shock; he could knock me over with a feather!
What? Did you say that I was with him at the same place and time?
Yes, sir, I did. Im coming to that, but I need to explain how that occurred in the first
place. According to current adoption laws, if a couple is approved for adoption already,
theres usually no waiting period for open adoptions within the individuals home state
granted that the child is also a resident of that state. But the laws were different then. I
think its very important for me to make the adoption laws clear to you in 1987 the
year you were adopted, sir. I almost didnt uncover that and we could have easily
overlooked your foster home stay. Because the year you were adopted, there were
several changes to the adoption laws. It wasnt easy for me to uncover them, because
some of them applied to your case and some didnt, and it is incredibly difficult to
locate information because the records arent kept in one place, and some are achieved
and some are simply nonexistent. Its a big maze, but I contacted Pella. He pointed me
in the right direction with the changes to the adoption laws, state archives as well as
records by different foster care agencies. In the state of Michigan, if a child is to be
adopted, the child must be completely free of any legal guardian at first, and must
become the ward of the state. Thats one of the primary conditions of a childs
If the prospective adoptive parent is married to one of the parents and the step-parent is
a candidate for adoption of that child, the biological parent who is the spouse of that
adoptive parent must first agree to sever his or her parental rights and the child must
fully become a ward of the state for the duration of the adoption process. The rights of
the biological mother or father who is being replaced with an adoptive parent must
have already been severed either voluntarily or by the state. I have checked the
adoption laws and that was the law at the time of your adoption. Your biological
mother died, and you didnt have a biological father in the picture. You became the
ward of the state. Even if the Grey family was qualified to adopt you, the laws stated
that your blood relations must be sought out. If no one came forward, then you would
become adoptable. During that process the child to be adopted couldnt live with the
adoptive parents. Thats how you were placed in a foster home.

So, how does Hyde come in to the picture?

Thats the other issue. I have located the family who fostered you. Legally, the names
of the minors cannot be made public knowledge to others. Apparently those laws were
even stricter before. And the state social services do not have all the records. States have
been working with many foster care agencies. Unfortunately their record-keeping is
woefully behind times. Not all the records are available, and much of the information is
missing. The court documents are nonsensical. I had to go through all of the court
records to discover that you were in fact in foster care. But the name of the agency
wasnt available in the records. I had to locate an employee who worked at the time of
your adoption, and she led me to the known foster care agencies of the time. One the
third try I managed to get a name of the agency and from there the name of the family
who fostered you, he says solemnly.
Who was it? I ask in a whisper.
Janice and Chuck Collier, and their twin sons and teenage daughter. The family took
in foster children for years to supplement their income. You werent the first one to be
fostered with them, or the last, sir, he says. I look at him impassively, I am anything
but. How does that tie in with Hyde?
You see, because I represent you, I can reach your records, and find out about them.
But legally, we arent allowed to do that about Hyde. I basically hit a dead end there
until I located the family. Well, Mrs. Collier, to be exact. Her husband passed away of a
heart attack about two years ago. She still lives in the same house. You were placed into
the Colliers care for two months and nine days. Thats how long the court allocated for
any possible blood relative of yours to come forward to claim you, and once no one
came forth, your adoption process went though. Meanwhile, you remained with the
Collier family as a foster child through the conclusion of your adoption. Mrs. Collier
remembers you, he says.
She does? What did she say? I ask surprised.
Mrs. Collier is about 67 years old now. She and her husband fostered tens of children
over the years, but she remembers you. She said that you were four years old but
looked a lot younger than your age; you were scared, and didnt talk. She remembers
you being very malnourished. She said you bonded with her and liked to sit next to her
while she read to you; but never on her lap which she found odd for a child of that age.

You tried to remain distant from her husband. She said that you had a very distinct and
unusual fear of adult males. She told me of one story: Apparently her husband, an exarmy man liked punctuality at the dinner table, and you were playing with a small toy
car. When Mr. Collier called you to come to dinner table, you got scared and hid in the
cabinet under the sink, clutching to your blanket, he says. My eyes widen and I
swallow hard.
Go on I ask. I remember nothing of this. Its driving me crazy. I remember just
about everything of my past, but not a shred of memory of this time.
And before you came to live with them, the foster family had two other foster kids.
One of the children was returned to her maternal grandmother just a couple of days
before you were put in their care, and there was one other child still remaining in their
home. A nine year old orphaned boy whose mother went to jail for drug possession.
She remembers his first name, but not the last name.
What was the name? I ask, unable to recognize my rough voice.
Jack. His name was Jack.
She said that her family had many foster children over the years. She wouldnt have
remembered you but, two things stuck out with you: you didnt talk, and that you were
adopted by a rich family which surprised her.
Why would it surprise her? I ask miffed.
She said she liked you a lot but she assumed a very rich family like that would adopt a
baby or he says stopping, and clearing his throat.
Go ahead, dont sugar coat it for me, Welch! I order, my eyes ablaze.
a non-special needs child with less baggage, or better breeding. She said that she
wasnt saying it to be unkind, because she has fostered so many children, but you didnt
speak, didnt let people to touch you, hid with the sight of an adult male, but in
desperate need of care. According to her a lot of those children went unadopted
including the ones she fostered. They ended up remaining in the foster system until
they reached 18, or a relative claimed them which she said was also rare. Thats why she
was extremely happy for you to have found a good home.
Anything else?

Yes, I have couple of pictures, he says handing me two faded pictures. The top
picture is of a dilapidated small house with an oddly yellow front door and a roof
window. The front porch looks worn out and paint peeled off from what I can see, and
the front yard is nondescript.
I shuffle the house picture below, and bring up the other picture. Its the picture of a
family in front of the house with the yellow door. The adults in the picture look to be in
their mid-40s, a husband and wife by the looks of it. The man has buzz cut, thick in the
middle, and wearing worn-out clothes. The womans hair is scraped back and blonde;
she too is wearing bedraggled, overused clothing. But, they both seem cheerful. The
man has his hand draped over his irritable looking teenage daughter. His twin sons
look to be about twelve years old seem cheerful and grinning.
The Colliers? I ask.
Yes, sir. Chuck and Janice Collier, their twin sons and teenage daughter. I recognize
myself in the picture, hiding behind a red haired boy. My nostrils flare and my eyes
widen. I gaze at my picture for two solid minutes. I look dirty, extremely malnourished,
scared, dressed in mismatched clothes, clutching a dirty childs blanket. I look like a
two year old, not a four year old. Im hiding behind a reddish blond haired, scowling
boy who looks to be under ten years old.
Who is the other boy? I ask.
That- Welch says significantly, is Jack Hyde.
Is it confirmed?
Yes, sir. He was in the foster care system until his mother reclaimed him. Mrs. Collier
didnt remember his last name, but she remembers his first name and him being an
aggressive child. She said that he got hostile towards you after your adoptive parents
came to visit you about a week before your adoption went through, he says, and that
statement immediately raises alarm bells. I had to backtrack to locate Hydes foster
family records because he had been in a few different homes for a lot longer periods.
But those records were a lot harder to find, because his state records only had one entry
and some of the records were achieved and I had to pull a lot of strings and pay off
workers to get access to his information. But meanwhile, I went back to the same foster
care agency that placed you with the Colliers to cross check and verify the information
Mrs. Collier provided and had them let me look at the records for about 15 minutes.
There he was. I just took pictures of the records because I wasnt allowed to make
copies, he says and pushes the large manila envelope towards me. This file contains

information both on you and Hyde and it puts you both in the same place with the
Collier family -- between May 13ththrough July 22nd of 1987. You and Hyde shared the
same foster family for two months and nine days. Thats how you two first met; thats
where he knows you from! The thumb drive in there also contains all the videos hes
made fucking his assistants and Elizabeth Morgan, he says emphasizing.
I look at him bewildered, speechless for a moment.
Where did you get that?
Lets just say that its a good will gesture from the local law enforcement for our
further help and cooperation.
What about the police investigation here? Have you heard anything other than this?
Theyll take a while to reconstruct the scene, sir, and the fucker is still in the hospital,
but not talking. Of course Morgan woman is chirping away to save her own ass. But, I
wanted you to be the first one to get the information. Do you want to submit our
findings to the police?
Yes, to my lawyers as well. I want to make sure that the fucker doesnt see the light of
day again. This will show them that its not a random act of violence but rooted in the
Yes, sir. I will inform you if any new information resurfaces, he says before he leaves.
Taylor glances at me solemnly before he leads Welch out. I look at the files Welch
brought and a cold chill runs over me. I stick the thumb flash drive into the USB port,
and several files open. I click on each one and note him fucking different women with
different hardcore BDSM styles. The fucker likes it rough. Shit! Hes like me in more
ways than one! Taking the two pictures Welch brought, I walk back to our bedroom like
a zombie. Anastasia is still sleeping. I sit in the armchair watching my wife, the only
person who is anchoring me to here and now.
The fucker Hyde almost killed her because of his hatred for me, for not getting who and
what belongs to me. Im shaken to my core, my face is ghastly. I am missing a chunk of
my past. I dont remember anything about it. Nothing! Not a single vision or a simple
memory. Why? I remember everything else before and after. Why not this period? I
look at the picture over and over again, and yet all I see is the faces of strangers. I dont
remember them. I am a man who likes to know everything; knowledge gives me control
and power. Yet I dont wield that power over my own past. Its driving me insane. I still

have to make the connection between what Hyde had written in his ransom note, and
this missing information. The fact that Hyde knows something about me that I dont,
and that fuckers wielding control over my past is tormenting me inside.
The sun is setting behind me, and the dusk is settling over Seattle sky like a blanket. Its
the magic hour. The crimson and orange lights of the sunset are slightly seeping into
our bedroom. The last lights of the day in pink and crimson colors dance on Anastasias
face. I am fixated on her as if without her I will be lost forever. She stirs in bed, removes
her arm from her forehead, and blinks a few times. Upon seeing my tormented face she
sits up immediately.
Whats wrong? she asks, wincing.
Welch has just left, I mutter.
And? she asks anxiously.
I lived with the fucker, I manage to whisper.
Lived? With Jack?
I nod in response my eyes wide, still stunned.
Youre related?
No. Good God, no.
She moves in bed, making room for me, and opens up the duvet, patting the space next
to her in bed. I kick off my shoes, and immediately get in bed with her. I need to be
close to her. I cant be inside her when shes physically hurting like this; but I still have
to have physical touch. I need her desperately. I wrap one arm around her, and curl up
next to her, putting my head on her lap. Her hand reaches into my hair, and she starts
running her fingers through my hair soothing me. I can feel her penetrating gaze on me.
I dont understand, she mutters.
I close my eyes, and strain to remember the past, furrowing my brows.
After I was found with the crack whore, before I went to live with Carrick and Grace, I
was in the care of state of Michigan. I lived in a foster home. But I cant remember
anything about that time, I say still tormented with the lack of memory of that time.

For how long? she whispers her question.

Two months or so. I have no recollection.
Have you spoken to your mom and dad about it? she asks. I havent even thought
about asking them. I dont like asking help from anyone.
No, I reply simply.
Perhaps you should. Maybe they could fill in the blanks.
I hug her tighter, and curl up as close as possible to my wife. I extend my hand holding
the pictures. Here, I say. Ana leans down and turns the side table lamp on to see
better. She silently observes the pictures for a long time.
Finally, I hear her whispered voice: This is you. Her eyes teary. I nod.
Thats me.
Welch brought these photos?
Yes. I dont remember any of this, I mutter in a flat, insipid and desolate voice.
You mean remember being with foster parents? Why should you? Christian, it was a
long time ago. Is this whats worrying you?
I remember other things, from before and after. When I met my mom and dad. But
this I dont remember this. This is like a huge chasm.
Her hand caresses my hair again absently, and I lift my head up under her arm.
Is Jack in this picture?
Yes, hes the older kid, I say closing my eyes tightly shut, trying to center myself.
Trying to remember and trying to forget, to shove away the bad memories. I hold onto
my wife with all Ive got, embracing her as if something is going to toss me out of her
orbit, and Ill be lost forever.
When Jack called to tell me he had Mia, he said if things had been different, it could
have been him.

I close my eyes and spew my epithet. That fucker!

Of course he would. If what Mrs. Collier said is correct about Hydes aggression after
meeting my parents, he would think that I cheated him out of a family he could have
gotten. Hes really sick in the head.
You think he did all this because the Greys adopted you instead of him?
Who knows? I say in a bitter tone. I dont give a fuck about him.
Perhaps he knew we were seeing each other when I went for that job interview.
Perhaps he planned to seduce me all along, she mutters disgustedly.
I dont think so, reply, finally my eyes open. The searches he did on my family
didnt start until a week or so after you began your job at SIP. Barney knows the exact
dates. And, Ana, he fucked all his assistants and taped them, I say holding onto
Anastasia tighter.
A shiver runs through Ana. She contemplates for a minute.
Christian, I think you should talk to your mom and dad, she urges as she shifts in the
bed, sliding back, she comes eye to eye with me. Her concerned blue gaze locks with
my bewildered eyes. I am tormented that I lived with someone a very long time ago,
and this person attempted to harm me, my family and business over and over again. It
took me a long time to uncover this fact, and the void in my head, the lack of memories
regarding that time is a black hole inside.
Let me call them, she whispers. I shake my head in the negative. I dont like asking
for help from anyone, even from my parents. I have learned to take care of myself, and
Ive done that all my life. Please, she begs. I stare at her, distress and vacillation lacing
every fiber of my being, reflecting through my gaze. I dont know if I should call my
parents. Ive not asked them for anything for years. But, Ana is my rock. Maybe they
can shed some light into that time of my life.
Ill call them, I whisper.
Good. We can go and see them together, or you can go. Whichever you prefer, she
says softly. I dont want to take her for a car ride in her injured state, or leave her alone
at home. If my parents are available, they can come here. But I doubt they are.
No. They can come here.

I dont want you going anywhere.
Christian, Im up for a car ride.
No! I say unyielding, but smile at her. The trip may not be necessary. Anyway, its
Saturday night, theyre probably at some function. They participate in a lot of charities
and attend social gatherings with their friends and colleagues.
Call them! she insists. This news has obviously upset you. They might be able to
shed some light, she says. Then turns her head and looks at the alarm clock. It reads
6:54 p.m. I gaze at my wife for a moment impassively, contemplating. Theres only love
and concern on her face for me. I dont want to add worry to her already full plate.
Shes pregnant, too. Stress wouldnt be good for her or our baby.
Okay, I acquiesce. I sit up, and take the cordless phone sitting atop the side table. As
Anastasia wraps her arm around me and rests her head on my chest, I take a deep
breath and dial my parents home phone.
Grey residence, my father answers.
Dad? I respond completely surprised to find him home. I called him at home hoping
they wouldnt be there.
Hi Christian! Hows Ana? Are you back at the hospital? he asks concerned.
Anas good. Were home right now, I say and take another shaky breath. Welch has
just left. He found out the connection
Connection? With Hyde?
Yes. The foster home in Detroit.
Oh! I have totally forgotten about that! Then he speaks to someone in a muffled voice.
Its Christian, darling. He found the connection with the Hyde character then he
replies my moms question. The foster home in DetroitYes, I was surprised as well,
he says.

I dont remember any of that, I say in a barely audible voice. Ana hugs me tighter,
and I squeeze her shoulder in response.
Well, your mom remembers it.
Yes, we can come and talk to you about it if you like.
You can? You will?
Yes, I suppose we can leave as soon as your mom can grab her jacket and purse.
Great! I respond, hanging up. My parents are willing to drive here to explain
something about my past? Why am I still surprised about it?
Theyre on their way, I tell Ana, unable to shake off the astonishment from my voice.
Good. I should get dressed, Anastasia says.
I hold her tighter as if Id lose my sun if she were to move a few feet away to get
dressed. Dont go, I whisper.
Okay, she says snuggling into my side, and holding me until the feeling of loss

***** *****
When my parents arrive at Escala, we meet them at the Great rooms entry. My parents
beam at us. My mom makes a beeline to Anastasia and gently hugs her while my dad
shakes my hand.
Ana, Ana, darling Ana, my mom whispers her gratitude. Saving two of my children.
How can I ever thank you? she asks, making my wife blush. Then my dad hugs
Anastasia, kissing her forehead. But my ever rambunctious sister grabs Anastasia and
squeezes her tight forgetting she has bruised ribs! I see Ana gasping and wincing, as
Mia mutters, thank you for saving me from those assholes.
Mia! I glower at her. You need to be careful! Shes in pain.
Oh! Sorry, Mia says chagrined.

Im good, Anastasia tries to placate. But she takes a sigh of relief when Mia releases
her. She takes a good look at my sister and notes her tight black jeans, pale pink frilly
blouse. Then her eyes imperceptibly drift to her own clothes. She looks just wonderful
in her wrap dress, and flats. I want her to be comfortable when shes healing. Mia
rushes towards me and gives me a strong hug putting her arms around my waist.
Once Mia lets go of me, my parents look at me expectantly. I hand my mom the
pictures. They both lean into the pictures, and my mom gasps, her hand immediately
flying to her mouth to stifle the outpour of her emotions. Her gaze is full of recognition.
My dads face is somber as he wraps his arm around my mother to lend her strength.
Oh, darling, my mother caresses my cheek.
Taylor comes to the entryway and clears his throat. Mr. Grey? Miss Kavanagh, her
brother, and your brother are coming up, sir.
What? I didnt invite them. Not when Ana barely got home and still hurting. I frown.
Thank you, Taylor, I mutter, completely bewildered.
I called Elliot and told him we were coming over, my sister says grinning. Its a
welcome home party, she says shrugging. So, this is all her doing. My parents glare at
my sister with displeasure as Anastasia looks at me sympathetically.
Wed better get some food together, Ana announces. Mia, would you give me a
Oh, Id love to, she replies. As Anastasia and Mia make their way to the kitchen, I
lead my parents into my study.
After my parents enter, I close the door, and show them to the chairs before my desk. I
go and stand leaning onto my desk.
I dont remember anything of that time. In fact, this is the first time I ever heard that I
was in foster care.
It completely escaped my mind as well. Its been so long, my dad says turning to my
I remember it well, she says softly, swallowing hard. We adopted Elliot, so we were
clear as adoptive parent candidates. But since your birth mom died and there was no
father name registered, the state by law had the obligation of waiting to see if any blood

relatives come forward to claim you, she says. My gaze is hard; my lips are taut and
pursed into a tight line. I am so glad that no fucking family members came through
from any of my blood relations. If they couldnt be a decent family to their daughter,
what good could they do for me except contribute to my fuckeduppedness?
It was the longest two months we waited, concerned that someone might come
forward and take you. Someone who may be detrimental to your well-being... I have
seen a lot of children abused in the hands of their relatives; you were in greater danger,
because you have already experienced that in your former home, darling.
Was her pimp my biological father? I ask, bracing myself for the worst.
No, he wasnt, says my dad resolutely.
How can you be sure?
Ive seen him at the police station when he was called in to give his statement. He
looks nothing like you, and he adamantly denied that you were his, claiming he had a
vasectomy, and he did have proof which he provided later. Were hundred percent sure
that he wasnt related to you in any way. He claims that your biological mother didnt
know who the father was, he says and I give a sigh of relief.
Have you met my foster parents? I ask wanting to confirm what Mrs. Collier stated to
A few times. The last one being was the week before we the adoption papers were
finalized, my mom replies.
Do you remember seeing the other boy? I ask both of them.
To be honest son, we werent paying attention to the other children in the foster
familys home. There were other kids in their home, but we didnt know which ones
were their own or if there were any other foster kids. So, obviously we didnt want to
offend them in any way by scrutinizing their children. We came and spent time with
you and brought you a toy, and some basic clothing items. I nod. I knew nothing of
this! Seemingly a simple piece of information, but a missing chunk of my past. An
important piece My mind keeps going back to the possibility of what would have
happened if someone did come forward. What if the fucking pimp even claimed that he
was my dad and continued to abuse me? What if what if Im completely unsettled,
tense, and agitated as if this happened just yesterday. At this moment, Im so fucking

shaken as if I just dropped out of the sky aimlessly; I dont feel like the domineering
CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc., but a lost boy.
I shake my head. I dont remember any of it. I remember all the other shit from
before with the crack whore, the pimp, the abuse. Still have nightmares about them.
And more after the adoption. But I dont remember any of this! Nothing, I whisper, my
eyes wide.
My mom reaches and holds my hand in hers.
Im so very happy that you called us to help you remember, she says.
Ana told me to call you. I dont know if I would have. She wanted me to I say
Shes a wonderful girl. She loves you, son. I dont know what we would have done
without her. She gave you back to us in so many ways, lit you up like fireworks, and
now saved Mias life. Shell make us grandparents, too! Shes heaven sent! my mother
gushes with tears as if Anastasia just walked on water after healing a colony of lepers
all in one evening.
I have never been so happy for having been proven wrong, Christian, my dad says.
What Ana has done for our family cannot be repaid. She put her life, her babys life in
danger for our daughter, and she loves you madly. She makes you communicate with
us. Do you realize how long its been since weve had this kind of heart to heart or even
close to it without counting the hospital?
That would be almost never.
Its not because we didnt try. The last time I really tried to reach you was when you
left Harvard and we had that blow-up. After that you put up thicker walls around you,
son. After that no matter what I did, how much I tried to connect with you, you were
distant; miles away. Always cordial, respectful, but an independent entity, not as much
a father-son, though I have attempted to be close to you. This, he says gesturing
around the room with his hand, this is a first. But I am happy to know that you are
close your mom. I want you to know, we he corrects himself, we want you to
know that you should be able to come to us with anything without fearing or expecting
of our judgment, or criticism, or apprehension, he says as my mom nods fervently, her
eyes brimming with tears, one hand clutching to mine, the other stifling a sob over her

We only have Ana to thank for giving you back to us, my mom whispers.
I know mom. Do you remember anything else about my foster care? I ask my parents.
Well, when we visited you, the foster mom made some delicious baked goods which
were amazing and offered us some and you seemed to love her pastries, and she was
cooking dinner as we were getting ready to leave which smelled heavenly. She was
very polite. Asked us to stay for dinner, but we didnt want to intrude on them, and left.
Its been a long time, but I do remember that, my mom says.
Thank you for sharing this information mom and dad, I say, still dismal and shaken. I
stand up. My mom hands me the pictures back, and I put them on my desk. I'm reeling
a million miles an hour; so much shit to sort through in my head. I show my parents out
of my study in a daze. The loud sounds of visitors greet us outside the door. When I
walk back to the great room after my parents, Im still ashen, but when I see Anastasia
with a glass of champagne in her hand, my eyes widen. What the hell is she thinking?
She cant have alcohol when shes pregnant!
A Million Miles an Hour - Eastern Conference Champions

I see Katherine Kavanagh, and greet her coolly while walking towards Anastasia.
She responds, Christian, in equally cool measure. My eyes are locked on the glass
Anastasia is holding. Your meds, Mrs. Grey, I say pointedly. She narrows her eyes on
me. My mother joins us with a glass of champagne of her own.
A sip will be fine, she says with a wink. I scowl at them both.
Hey bro! Did you catch the Mariners and the Rangers game? he asks.
No. How was it?
We lost 7 to 6. But it was a great game!
Who scored? I ask following him to the couch.
Well, Gentry singled to left, and Napoli scored from the Rangers first. But then Suzuki
reached on infield single to shortstop, Kennedy and Ryan scored and Saunders to
second he starts giving me play by play.

My eyes drift back to my wife who is embraced by my parents who are kissing her
cheeks and talking to her. My sister sits next to Ethan Kavanagh and theyre holding
hands. Ethan jumps in to the conversation.
You did miss a great game, Christian! It was so close. I really thought we would win!
Carp homered to right, and Seager scored for the Mariners but it wasnt enough to catch
up! I bet we would have won if Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan didnt leave the game
in the top of the third inning with neck spasm! he says excitedly.
Come on! That shit is no biggie! my brother says.
Of course it is! Andrus and Hamilton of the Rangers hit back-to-back home runs in the
third inning, man! We needed him
When my parents and Anastasia walk back into the great room, Anastasia comes and
snuggles next to me with her drink still in her hand.
One sip, I hiss at her, and take the glass out of her hand.
Yes, Sir, she says completely submissively while batting her eyelashes and disarms
me immediately. I put my arms around her, pulling her into me, and having my family
around, turn back to my brother to continue talking about the last Mariners game.
After everyone has eaten, and the dishes picked up, we send my family, and the
Kavanaghs off. My wife needs rest.
I hold Anastasias hand; walk her back to our bedroom.
My parents think you walk on water, I mutter as I take my shirt off. She is in bed
curled up and watching me, eye-fucking me to my delight.
Good thing you know differently, she snorts.
Oh, I dont know, I say as I pull my jeans off.
Did they fill in the gaps for you?
Some. I lived with the Colliers for two months while Mom and Dad waited for the
paperwork. They were already approved for adoption because of Elliot, but he waits
required by law to see if I had any living relatives who wanted to claim me.

How do you feel about that? she asks pressing on my earlier concern.
I frown. I dont like it at all. About having no living relatives? Fuck that. If they were
anything like the crack whore I say in disgust. I dont bring the rest of the thought.
Its disturbing enough as it is.
I put on my pajamas, climb into bed, and pull my wife into the safety of my arms.
Its coming back to me. I remember the food. Mrs. Collier could cook. And at least we
know why that fucker is so hung up on my family. Oh, shit! I remember! I remember
something else. Fuck! I mutter as my hand runs through my hair. Im gaping at
Anastasia in shock.
What? she asks concerned.
It makes sense now! I declare.
What? she asks exasperated.
Baby Bird. Mrs. Collier used to call me Baby Bird.
Anastasia looks at me blankly. That makes sense? she asks raising her eyebrows,
The note, I say gazing at her. The ransom note that fucker left. It went something
like Do you know who I am? Because I know who you are, Baby Bird.
Anastasia still looks back at me with a blank stare.
Its from a kids book. Christ! The Colliers had it. It was called, Are You My Mother?
Shit! I loved that book, I say my eyes widening. I remember it now! The memories
come flooding.
Understanding reaches Anastasias eyes.
Mrs. Collier used to read it to me. Her lips part to say something, and close again, not
knowing what to say.
Christ. He knew That fucker knew!
Will you tell the police?

Yes. Of course, I will. Christ knows what Clark will do with that information, I shake
my head trying to clear my head of the shithead Hyde. Anyway, thank you for this
For what? she asks.
Catering for my family at a moments notice.
Dont thank me, thank Mia and Mrs. Jones. She keeps the pantry well stocked. I shake
my head. She doesnt understand how special she is. My wife still has a hard time
taking a compliment.
How are you feeling, Mrs. Grey?
Good. How are you feeling? she asks me. Im perfectly healthy.
Im fine, I say frowning. Do I look ill?
She smiles and starts trailing her fingers down on my stomach and over my happy trail.
I grab her hands knowing exactly what shes trying to do. Oh no. Dont get any ideas.
She pouts, making me sigh. I am dying to make love to her. But I cant when shes not
well enough. Ana, Ana, Ana, what am I going to do with you? I ask kissing her hair.
I have some ideas, she says squirming beside me. But she immediately winces, and
holds her ribs automatically with pain.
Baby, youve been through enough. Besides, I have a bedtime story for you.
She looks up blinking. You wanted to know I say, my voice trailing off. I swallow
uneasily, but still determined to bare my soul for my wife. Her eyes widen
understanding. I manage to deem my wife speechless for a change.
Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue
his secret drinking habit, I start my story. I turn in bed so Im on my side and we are
lying face to face. I gaze into Anastasias eyes, wanting to capture all of her reaction.
So I was in the backyard at the Lincolns, clearing some rubble and trash from the
extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place

Anastasias jaws drop open, completely shocked that Im sharing my darkest history
with her. But, this is a night for revelations. I want nothing left unsaid between us. Shes
my wife, the mother of my unborn child, she is my everything.

Roberto Carlos - Como Grande o Meu Amor Por Voc

I have so much To tell you
But with words I can't convey
How big My love
For you is...
And there's nothing To compare to it
(No way) to Explain to you
How big My love
For you is...
Not even the sky Or the stars
Not even the sea Or the infinite
Nothing is bigger Than my love
Or more beautiful ...
I become desperate Seeking
Any way To tell you
Como grande How big
My love For you is...
Don't ever forget even for a second
My love is The biggest in the world
How big My love
For you is...

Bedtime Story

Anastasias lips part as if her deep inhalation cant get enough air into her lungs. Shes
curious, but also at the precipice of a decision. Is she ready for this? I close my eyes, and
swallow hard trying to decide if I want to tell her everything. After what we lived
through this week, our lives changed irrevocably, and I want nothing standing between
us. Not even the whisper or a ghost of my fucked up past. When I open my eyes back
up, Anastasias gaze is fixed on me with all its intensity. Memories of that fateful
summer come flooding. I take a deep breath and the floodgates open.
Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

It was a hot summer day. I was working hard, I snort remembering. I havent done
such backbreaking work in such a long time. I shake my head, amused with the thought
how hard I worked for that small amount of money. The work was backbreaking,
shifting all that rubble. I was working on my own, and Ele- I say remembering. It was
Mrs. Lincoln then. Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some
lemonade. We exchanged small talk, and I made some smart-ass remark and she
slapped me. She slapped me so hard, I say with the ghost of the pain, my hand
reaching up to my cheek again, caressing.
After slapping me so fucking hard, burning my cheek, she grabbed my face with her
hands, but didnt touch me anywhere else, kissed me ferociously with dominating,
intense stroking of her lips. Elenas kiss was possessing, all-consuming as if she lit me

on fire and let me burn up from within with a fire that was never going to go out. It was
a feeling I had never experienced; I never thought I could experience it. She awakened
the beast in me. I continue talking about my first experience with Elena.
But then she kissed me. And when she finished, she slapped me again, I murmur,
blinking. To this day, Im still perplexed about it. I was a troublemaker, unworthy of
love, or care. Because I was and still am a beast inside. You see, the single day out of the
year I felt comfortable was Halloween. Because that was the only day the ghouls and
the monsters in me matched the scenery outside, an ironic day that made me among the
norm. Elenas kiss awakened the hungry monster in me then; a sexually starved beast I
never knew existed inside me came to force with full power. And the pain, pain that
came along with dark, the ghoulish, scary side in me pain was familiar, welcome
Id never been kissed before or hit like that, I confess.
I look down to Anastasia. Elena is her hard limit. I dont know if I should tell her about
this, but I want to. I want no barriers between us. No dark spots left hidden.
Do you want to hear this? I ask.
Indecision crosses her face. Only if you want to tell me, she says in a small voice,
facing me.
Im trying to give you some context.
She nods, encouraging me to continue then. But Anastasia looks shocked, her eyes are
wide, and shes speechless. I search her face for a trace of disinterest, fear, or any
indication that she doesnt want to hear this. I finally see the encouragement I'm seeking
in her face, and roll onto my back staring up at the ceiling.
Well, naturally, I was confused and angry and horny as hell. I mean, a hot older
woman comes onto you like that- I say shaking my head. Fifteen year old boys, no
matter how much the fifteen year old girls think of them being hot and irresistible,
arent exactly the material older women are looking for. But, I now recognize Elena's
initial dominating presence. She wanted someone she could train and completely
dominate. I never had a chance of escaping it. Elena first had a sharp intake after
my dumb-ass remark, and her stance immediately changed to a dominant one. She
pushed her shoulders back, squaring them, her head slightly came forward like an eagle
ready to capture a prey. I was unable but to respond to her stance automatically,

because Ive never seen anything like it before. In fact, I dont ever remember seeing
Elena with that dominating stance in all family gatherings.
I hear a controlled intake of breath from Anastasia at my comment on Elena being hot.
My observation was retrospect of how I felt about myself, and how insignificant and
worthless I thought of myself to be. An intake-charity case; a damaged fatherless
shitless kid born from a whore who was on drugs. Beaten by her pimp, starved to the
point where I wouldnt mind eating yard trimmings had I have the opportunity, or a
chance to go outside as that insignificant four year old I once was. So, Elena kissing me,
this worthless man-child and slapping me to straighten my foulmouthed behavior
immediately zeroed in all my interest in her. All of a sudden I was the focus of this hot
Confused, interested, horny and for a change, I wanted this experience to continue. I
was introduced to a sensation; triggered by Elena's lips on mine, and her forceful slap to
jolted me in and out of my body, disciplining me. I craved all of it with such intensity as
if all the fifteen year hunger Ive had for physical touch was about to be sated in the
form of a promised feast of sensations with her. Elena's behavior said that she wanted
me and her kiss made me want to experience that again and again.
Feeling Anastasias gaze on me, I continue my story.
She went back into the house, leaving me in the backyard. She acted as if nothing had
happened. I was at a total loss. So I went back to work, loading the rubble into the
dumpster. When I left that evening, she asked me to come back the next day. She didnt
mention what had happened. So the next day I went back. I couldnt wait to see her
again, I whisper, finally letting Anastasia into my dark past; feeling like Im in a
confessional, pouring out all my sins to one person who has the power to forgive, and
clear the slate for me.
I dont know what Anastasia is thinking, but I can feel the judgment that is passing
through her head, towards me but mostly for Elena.
She didnt touch me when she kissed me, I murmur and turn to my wife gazing at
her, trying to see what shes thinking. I see her quizzical face directed at me. You have
to understandmy life was hell on earth. I was a walking hard-on, fifteen years old, tall
for my age, hormones raging. The girls at school I stop there. Girls thought I was a
handsome guy, but I couldnt let them get near me without freaking out. I was a
fucking freak! I couldnt let the girls or anyone for that matter to touch me. Such a
simple, non-thought requiring gesture for many was a trigger for me to go berserk. Its

not because I wasnt turned on, or that my hormones werent wreaking havoc on my
body when it came to the opposite sex. My fear of touch overtook my life, and there
was no way of getting rid of it. Anastasias face softens with understanding.
I was angry, so fucking angry at everyone, at myself, my folks. I had no friends. My
therapist at the time was a total asshole. My folks, they kept me on a tight leash; they
didnt understand, I utter in one long breath. My gaze flow to the ceiling again,
looking but no seeing. My hand runs through my hair in exasperation as if this
happened yesterday. Nothing soothed my soul, nothing sated the anger I had in me; not
the brawls, not the therapy, not the advice from my parents, or their worries, not
restrictions, or limits, and I was one fucking tight ball of negative energy ready to burst
anytime. There was nothing that could contain me and not be damaged by me. I was
damaged goods! Even breathing took an effort. Everything angered me; I was mad at
the universe for having me exist, and be like this. My world was chaotic, bolts of energy
charging out of me, uncontrolled, untamed, volatile and violent directing everywhere
and everyone. Then Elena came, containing it for me. I realize that Anastasia is
unusually still beside me.
I just couldnt bear anyone to touch me. I couldnt! Couldnt bear anyone near me. I
used to fightfuck, did I fight. I got into some god-awful brawls. I was expelled from a
couple of schools. But it was a way to let off steam. To tolerate some kind of physical
contact, I say stopping.
Fighting served a couple of purposes. It gave me pain when I got hit, and that allowed
me to feel something, anything. And however little or however negative it was, that
was means for me to touch without intending, or focusing on the act of touching and be
touched even if it was violent. All the stress made me ready to burst at any moment.
I search Anastasias face. Shes silent, frozen like a statue; her eyes are wide in utter
shock. I frown. Am I scaring her? Theres no indication of that. I think she wants me to
go on. I turn my back and continue to stare up at the ceiling again.
Well, you get the idea. And when she kissed me, she only grabbed my face. She didnt
touch me, I say in a barely audible voice. Im not expecting Anastasia to understand
that. Imagine someone giving you food and water after you were starved for fifteen
years if it was possible to survive such an ordeal. That was my feeling, and of course
being fifteen years old, I took whatever she was willing to give me, do to me or for me,
and held onto it like a life raft. I was finally breathing.

Elena was my mothers friend and she frequented our house often. I had not paid
attention to her before although anyone could see that she was a hot attractive woman. I
had once caught my mother asking when she was going to have children. Elena said
that preferred my mothers children as opposed to having children of her own. And the
irony isnt lost on me, now.
Anastasia folds her hand beneath her pillow and rest her head on the pillow in a way to
restrain herself. Why?
Well, the next day I went back to the house, not knowing what to expect. And Ill spare
you the gory details, but there was more of the same. And thats how our relationship
started, I summarize. But the memory of the second day rushes in unbidden.

When I reached the Lincoln house that day, Elena opened the door, wordlessly let me in,
waved away my mother with a delightful smile. Once my mother drove away, she closed
the door, looked at her watch, youre twelve minutes late, she said with her gaze icy,
chilling me to my core and furious at the same time making her hot like a volcano. I was
quite surprised at the contradicting look.
Elena, my mom had I said trying to tell her that my mother had me take out the
trash and quickly do a couple of chores before I left, but she didnt let me finish my words,
slapping me hard across my cheek and then backhanding me. I can still feel the ringing in
my ears with remembrance.
Mrs. Lincoln! she corrected me firmly and decidedly, then grabbing hold of my head,
slightly pulling me down because I was still taller than her. She kissed me savagely,
punishingly, brutally in fact, biting the inside of my lower lip, drawing blood. The
coppery taste in my mouth was welcome despite the savagery of her act. I was hooked.
I dont do late! If I asked you to be here at 9:00 a.m. I did NOT imply it to be 9:01, or
8:59 a.m. I meant precisely at 9:00 a.m. You are to be punctual. And you are to do as you
are asked. Do you understand me, Christian?
Ah, yeah, I remember muttering, confused.
What? she asked slapping me across my face again.
Y..Y...yes, I squeaked then. She backhanded me after my slurred speech.

Yes, maam, is the correct answer, she hissed, her gaze fixed on me.
Yes, maam, I responded looking at her devotedly, Then she pulled my face in and
kissed me brutally once again. Once she let go of my swollen lips she rewarded me with a
pleased, predatory smile, a smile I tried to earn from thereon.
I need you to come every day this week at the exact time I tell you to come, and you will
perform what I ask you to perform, she said with dual meaning even I, a horny teenager
couldnt miss.
On Wednesday, I have I said and she gave me a pointed look, and then slapped me
again, making me blink.
Wrong answer. I do not tolerate disobedience.
Yes, maam, Ill be here, I managed to respond.
Good. Now, your work is waiting in the backyard, she said to my confused face,
completely impassively. Thats how it all started. Within that week Elena had me quit
drinking, cutting class, fighting and gave me the first taste of cane, and my first sexual
experience. She made all the decisions for me, and I was only to obey. For the first time in
my life, I didnt have to think how to handle something, someone or a problem. It was
already decided for me. All Elena had to tell me was to jump. And if I had her permission
to speak, I didnt even have to ask how high, because Elena would have already specified
the height, length, and the duration of that jump already. My chaotic world focused
because the chaos was eliminated by her taking full and absolute control over me.
Afrojack - Take Over Control

I shift in my place, turning on my side, I look at Anastasia.

And you know something, Ana? My world came into focus. Sharp and clear.
Everything. It was exactly what I needed. She was a breath of fresh air. Making the
decisions, taking all that shit away from me, letting me breathe.
I can see that its painful for Anastasia to hear this; but this is my life, uncensored. This
was the person, the man-child I once was; out of control, undisciplined, chaotic,
argumentative, disobedient, and detrimental to my own well-being and future. Had my
life not found the focus it needed, I dont know where I would have been without the

correct and right interference for the person I was. It is entirely possible that I may have
found that, but maybe along the way I would have caused other damages to myself,
and inadvertently to my family until that focus came into my life. There is a time and a
place for certain experiences in life Like the fucking clich says everything happens
for a reason, and perhaps it was necessary for me to live that at the time however
wrong it was. Because I wasnt getting the right help anywhere else. Nothing was
working. I do understand now that Elena had used me for a pupil; sex-slave in training,
a boy-toy of a bored trophy wife. She could have still helped me without abusing me.
But Elena had her way, and I could never argue with it. Could she have waited until I
was old enough to give consent? She could have, but Elena never had qualms about my
age. She possessed me, and enjoyed the experience.
My last declaration causes a flitter of pain go through Anastasias face, but she doesnt
stop me, or argue with me, or tell me shes disgusted by me.
And even when it was over, my world stayed in focus because of her. And it stayed
that way until I met you, I say, and the shock in Anas face is evident as the light of
day. I smooth a stray lock of hair behind her ear. I know what she thinking, but her
brand of chaos is exactly what I needed after having learned to control, and focus.
Because this is in my nature. I want control; I need control like the air I breathe. But I
already learned to exercise that. True to my nature, I also need the excitement, the
chaos, the challenge Anastasia brings into my life. I didnt know this was a need until
she stumbled through my door.

You turned my world on its head, I say closing my eyes, remembering the first feeling
of challenge she gave me, drunk dialing. The first night, Ana sleeping in my bed... I
couldnt close my eyes to sleep a wink, because all I wanted to do was to watch her. I
immediately felt that this was the woman I needed in my life. It was beyond wanting
her. It was raw, primal, irrevocable need. My life found its purpose when I found
Anastasia. I look at my wife; shes pure attention.

My world was ordered, calm and controlled, then you came into my life with your
smart mouth, your innocence, your beauty, and your quiet temerityand everything
before you was just dull, empty, mediocreit was nothing.
Her face softens; her breathing shallow and her eyes wide as she listens.
I fell in love, I whisper. I hear her breath hitch, and she stops breathing for a while. I
caress her cheek.
So did I, she murmurs. Her response fills my eyes with love for her brightly.
I know, I mouth. She takes a deep breath.
You do? she asks.
Yes, I confirm. Of course I do. The knowledge of her love is the most welcome and
most valuable possession I have in my heart; it means I have my wifes heart and soul.
Finally, she whispers as she shyly smiles at me. I nod.
And its put everything into perspective for me. When I was younger, Elena was the
center of my world. There was nothing I wouldnt do for her. And she did a lot for me.
She stopped my drinking. Made me work hard at school You know, she gave me a
coping mechanism I hadnt had before, allowed me to experience thing that I never
thought I could.
Touch, she whispers, still pained.
I know this is hard for her to hear. But without Elenas help, I dont know where I
would be at that time of my life. Because, for the first time in my life, my problems
werent drowning me and it wasnt a constant fight to stay afloat to breathe. It was not
hard to obey her, because she too was flawed like me and so unlike my perfect family. I
was well aware of her dark side starting with the first slap on my face; but in that dark,
her commanding voice was the only sound I heard and it guided me, darkening
everything else that gave me fear, pulling them into the shades, not erasing or
disappearing them but blending them into the darkness so I no longer saw them, and
let them affect me until I was able to build layers of protection to shield myself on my
own. Elena taught me to conceal and mask all my fears, keeping them at bay and shed
my inhibitions, introduced me into a lifestyle that has become my coping mechanism.

I had not thought about or even considered of the wrongs of that relationship until
recently. I remember a school break and coming home from Harvard. My mom gathered
all family and friends to celebrate my homecoming. My brother Elliot thought he was
doing me a favor and brought his then girlfriend and her roommate for a possible match
for me. The girl was like white over rice on me, trying to get to my good side, and she was
cute, Ill give her that, but I wasnt in the market for someone. I had Elena; she was all I
wanted or needed. And Elena had me, by the balls, literally. She glanced at me coolly
during my mothers dinner. Getting in my arm later, she said, Christian, dear, I have to
hear all about your school, and walked me by the dock. My parents thought of her an
aunt to their children. When we reached to the relative darkness of the dock, she dropped
the whole charade and turned around and slapped me so hard.
You have crossed the line by tolerating that bitch. I do not share, Christian. This was
intolerable, and you have misbehaved, and deviated from what I expect of you when you
were away. I am going to do something about that. When I leave in the next 10 minutes, I
want you to get in any car you can, and get to my house precisely fifteen minutes after
I'm gone. Mr. Lincoln is away on a business trip, she said, and in the glimmer of the
moonlight, I could see her angry, cold blue eyes, baleful, and full of fury.
When you get there, she said her hand grasping my cock, and balls squeezing tight
until my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I want nothing on you, except a cock
cage, she enunciates without elaborating. Elena could come up with the most cruel or
unusual punishments. I didnt know what I was to expect. I dont even know what
excuse I gave my family and left fifteen minutes after she did to make it to her house on

The door to her house was open and she was in her all leather domme outfit. I silently
went to her dungeon, and stripped my clothes off. Placed my cock into the cock cage
which was no easy and neither was it pain free feat considering I had a massive erection
with expectation. I had to go through all the microeconomics formulas and equations to

divert my attention from my arousal to contain my cock within the minimal confinement
of the cock cage.

Elena walked after me, ordering me to go and stand by the wall decorated with shackles
and metal handcuffs. Neither the cuffs nor the shackles were attached to the wall; rather
to a free unit which you could turn the sub around and apply punishment both in the
front or the back. She was going to beat the shit out of me, knowing she meant to leave
her mark all over my body from my wrist, to my cock to my toes. No shorts or t-shirt for
me for the next two weeks. She cuffed my ankles first and then the wrists making sure
they were extra tight, then pulled the chains to make me spread eagle against the cold
stone wall. Despite the punishment I was going to receive, my cock tried to
grow. Microeconomics formulas were childs play for me; I could count them in my sleep.
I had to think of something harder. I started reciting the Periodic Table in French in my
Tableau Prodique des lments, I started in my head. Hydrogne, Hlium, Lithium,
Bryllium, Bore, Carbone, Azote, Oxygne, Flour, Non, Magnsium, Aluminium,
Silicium, Phosphore, Soufre, Chlore, Argon, Calcium, Scandium, Titane, Vanadium,
I could hear Elena choosing an item off the wall for my punishment. I placed my face on
the cold stone, and the metal confinement holding my cock, and squeezing my balls were
also transferring cold from the stone wall. My mind was briefly occupied thinking what
she was going to hit me with. I tried to entertain the idea that was something easy like a
paddle or a riding crop, but Elena was brutal with her punishments. I knew she would
choose something like a whip, flogger, wet leather belt, or a cane She tested the air
behind me and I heard the multiple strands flying behind me, thinking, fuck! Its the cat
of nine tails! and they hurt like hell, even digging into the skin, removing it, leaving

multiple welted marks all at the same time. Even the French periodic table isnt enough to
get my mind distanced from the punishment, though I could normally handle a shit load
of beating. But this time she wasnt holding anything back.

In order to cope with the pain, I started counting the periodic table with atomic weights
and numbers, all in French. Hydrogne breathe deep, and hold, nombre atomique:
un. Groupe: un. Priode: un. Configuration lectronique: 1s1. Nombre doxydation: -1 +
1.lectrongativit: 2.2
Then I felt the tendrils of the cat land across my back my arms, and my buttocks and I
even felt the warm oozing of blood on my mid back. One of the tendrils reached my caged
cock as her blows started raining strategically. My balls must be purple by then, but I
just wanted to get through the fucking punishment! I didnt know how many of them I
received raining down on me systematically starting with my back and arms, then going
down to my buttocks and legs after cross welting my back over my shoulders and back
again until I reached to a point where I wanted to safe-word her, but fearing of
disappointing her, I didnt. I wanted to float out of my body, go to a pain free place where
my legs didnt tremble, my arms didnt shake, my face wasnt screwed shut tight in pain
and where I didnt have to recite the fucking periodic table in French! But no such luck
was possible because in order to cope with pain, I squeezed my hands the only part of
my body I could move - so tightly that my nails were digging into my palms and drawing
blood all unconsciously!
That wasnt the first time Elena exerted her dominance over me spectacularly, forcefully
and undoubtedly, and neither was it the last time, but that was the first time she brought
me only a hair away from my breaking point, and yet I still couldnt say no, stop, or red

to her. I wanted her to punish me for existing. Not for a dumb girl who showed interest
in me in Elenas presence. But, for being here, on earth. Punish the unworthy, unlovable,
unimportant; fill the void in me with so much pain that I didnt have to think that
fucking desperate hole in my soul that was sucking the life out of me. But it was also my
turning point in realizing that what I got from Elena was a way to cope with this hole,
the feeling of worthlessness, and not love. Because she allowed me to experience human
touch; a woman's touch with intense pleasure and morbid pain.
But, more than that, on that day, she turned me around still shackled, cuffed and
stretched out, put my punished back to the wall, making the warm blood dry against the
cold stone, and used a cane to welt and excite me by whipping my front side. Despite the
pain, my body responded, and my cock turned blue and purple trying hard for an
erection, not fitting into the confinement. After having been satisfied with the beating she
delivered, Elena unlocked the cock cage, and proceeded to suck me.

"You are not allowed to come! You must hold it in; if you can't, I will make sure that
your punishment will keep your off your tight ass for an entire month!" she said with her
predatory smile. Once she was done sucking me, making my cock throb for a release, she
let go of me. She unlocked my shackles and cuffs and I nearly sagged to the wall behind
me, but I didn't give her the satisfaction of seeing me nearly break down.
Now, fuck me for my pleasure only! she ordered leaning back onto the punishment
bench, and I thrusted hard into her, reciting the Tableau Prodique des lments
backwards until she screamed her release, leaving my cock bruised, and dangerously
desperate for release. But the pain of unreleased load inside me hurt me like hell all the
way to my toes, yet somehow something cleared in my head. I could control me. I could

control pain, I could take a very hard punishment fuck, and still come out okay. I knew
then I was finally in control of my life, of my world, and everything in it. I could be a
dominant. I could be okay. I finally broke the wall of fear. I had none. That is not until
Anastasia got into my life.
I look at my wifes face. Touch, she said. Yes, I had learned to experience touch with
Elena, but I learned to live my life with Anastasia. I nod at her.
After a fashion, I say without elaborating, I frown, trying to chase away the memory.
I look at my wife with fear. There is dark in my past. Dark I had to learn to deal with,
dark I had to walk through to get to the light. Darkness that consumed me, consumed
my life, and everything I did, then my sun rose, and chased away the shadows. And my
sun is currently looking at me pleading for more.
If you grow up with a wholly negative self-image, thinking youre some kind of reject,
an unlovable savage, you think you deserve to be beaten.
I know it well; and Ive taken a lot of punishment, beating, and I welcomed the
feeling. Welcomed it! Desired it, wanted it! Because that was my norm. Thats all I knew.
I pause and run a hand through my hair. Ana, its much easier to wear your pain on
the outside... I say, confessing. By wearing it outside, it matched the torment I was
going through inside. It gave me a morbid sense of normalcy. Elena didnt hold
anything back with her punishments and she didnt take any shit from me. But, her
methods of control, however brutal they showed me how to channel my anger at the
intensity I was feeling them. Somehow she always knew, and held nothing back in its
release and collected her own dues in blood, skin, flesh, blue balls... Nothing was off
limits except the no-go zone with hands. The only time she broke that rule, I stopped
being her sub. I was strong, controlled, and mastered the art of channeling my demons
and storms inside my soul. I was a pupil no longer.
She channeled my anger, I mutter as my mouth thins into a bleak line. Mostly
inward I realize now. Dr. Flynns been on and on about this for some time. I was only
recently that I saw our relationship for what it was. You know... on my birthday.
I had a suspicion that I wasnt the only sub Elena had. Clearly I was in Harvard and it
would take me 3 or 4 weeks to see her between visits, and she had the need to
dominate, exert pain, and to fuck not that she stopped dominating me even if I was
across the country. I had suspected that she had other distractions besides me, but I was
her favorite boy toy since I was the best, darkest, and most intense. She liked controlling
me; breaking into the unbreakable stallion. I think she continually wanted to exert her

dominance over me even after the sex between us was over. She managed to top from
the bottom, I now realize. That became clear on my birthday when she lost it completely
and confronted Anastasia.
Without having any control over her own behavior, in my parents home for fucks
sake, not caring who would hear her, and clearly my mother has heard her, Elena had
shown both to me and to Anastasia that she wanted to continue dominating me. When
Anastasia and I were engaged, Elena realized that she was going to lose any hope of
controlling me knowing that Anastasia hated her with a passion and my girl was
someone Elena couldnt control, and she in return couldn't control me through her. She
panicked knowing I was in love with Anastasia and her hopes to get to dominate me
once again would be ended, and our horrendous fight ensued. But I didnt realize this
until very recently, until I thought it through.
I was Elena's longest male relationship. Longer than what she had with her husband,
and she got to dominate me for five years of that relationship. She knows that no other
woman had done that to me, except her. I am one of the wealthiest, able mind and
body, and strongest men on earth. By GQ and People Magazines standards apparently
Im one of the sexiest men alive. Clearly, having played a major role in shaping me,
Elena doesnt like to lose me to someone she cant dominate; someone who will most
definitely cut her access to me. In a way, I submit to my wife, voluntarily. Thats got to
be killing her. Because Elena is nothing if not competitive, and possessive. But I am a
bigger dominant than she is, and I protect what is mine, and those I love fiercely. Elena
is a done deal; a phase that needed to happen, but all in the past.
A visible shudder goes through Anastasias body, no doubt with the mention of Elena
on my birthday, bringing forth the ugly memories into the forefront of her mind. I want
all of that erased.
For her side of our relationship was about sex and control and a lonely woman finding
some kind of comfort with her boy toy.
But you like control, she whispers correctly assessing her husband.
Yes. I do. I always will, Ana. Its who I am. I surrendered it for a brief while. Let
someone make all my decisions for me. I couldnt do it myself I wasnt in a fit state.
But through my submission to her, I found myself and found the strength to take
charge of my life.. Take control and make my own decisions.
Become a Dom? she asks wondering whether it was my decision.

Your decision?

Dropping out of Harvard?

My decision, and it was the best decision I ever made. Until I met you, I say and her
face wears an expression of awe.
Me? she asks having a hard time believing.
Yes, I whisper as my lips quirk up in a smile. The best decision I ever made was
marrying you.
Not starting your company?
I shake my head without breaking my gaze.
Not learning to fly?
I shake my head again. You, I mouth. Undoubtedly, my best decision. I found half of
my heart which was missing all along. A lot of people go through life without finding
their other half, and its unfortunate because until that happens, theyre aimless not
realizing theyre settling for second or third or fifteenth or hundred and fiftieth best.
And yet, I found her, and I fell madly and irrevocably in love with her. Elena knew that
before I had a name for my feelings.
She knew, I whisper.
Anastasia doesnt understand. She frowns.
She knew what?
That I was head over heels in love with you. She encouraged me to go down to
Georgia to see you, and Im glad she did. She thought youd freak out and leave. Which
you did. Elena perhaps thought that once Ana was out of my life, Id get another sub,
and move on until she and I resumed a sexual relationship. Her intent only became
evident in her very controlled, very well-rehearsed mind -- which didnt let any stray

thought out -- on my birthday because of her panic in hearing our decision to get
married; her thought of losing me to her inferior in Elena's mind. Yet, Anastasia is
superior to any other woman I know. And in Ana's absence after she left me, I realized
a lot things: I was in love with the love of my life madly, irrevocably, insanely,
completely and soul shatteringly. I couldnt live without her and I would do anything
to get her back into my life. Anything it took! I have never, ever felt this way for anyone
at all. Not for Elena, not for any sub I fucked, not anyone else I have encountered.
Anastasia has become the sole focus of my life; suddenly becoming the most important
individual, because on a deeper level, I knew that her soul called out to me. Having
Ana in my life has been essential to my well-being and my sanity. It would kill me if she
was with anyone else. And since most my time have been consumed just with thinking
about her; she became the sole woman who made me feel safe, centered my universe,
making my heart and soul complete, and finally made me normal within Christian Grey
Anastasia pales; clearly displeased knowing that Elena has had so much interference
even though she didnt let it out and has done it most covertly.
She thought I needed all the trappings of the lifestyle I enjoyed.
The Dom? Ana whispers.
I nod. It enabled me to keep everyone at arms length, gave me control, and kept me
detached, or so I thought. Im sure youve worked out why, I add softly.
Your birth mom?
I didnt want to be hurt again. And then you left me. And I was a mess, I whisper, my
voice barely audible. I wanted to hurt and punish myself when she was gone. I wanted
my outside match with the pain and torment I felt inside. I spiraled out of control,
because Anastasia took the center of my universe away, and left me aimless,
purposeless. My birth mom died on me. Not that she was good mom, but she was a
mom. She just checked out of life, took the easy way out instead of facing her problems.
And Ana She left me instead of confronting me. Anastasia leaving me that morning
was the third worse incident of my life. The first one was finding her nearly dead, and
second was talking to her on the phone at the bank when she told me she was leaving
me, after having her as my wife, making me think that she was leaving me, not just by
herself but with a part of me in the form of our child.

Ive avoided intimacy so long I dont know how to do this, I whisper. Im going to
make spectacular mistakes. I dont want her to run away from me every time I screw
up. And part of the reason I didnt tell her everything about me was because of this
fear that she would leave me. Leaving me is the logical thing to do. Im bad,
worthless, rotten to the core, and shes good. Its doesnt add up. Elena was different,
because I didnt have to worry about losing her. She was dark, and bad like me. I could
understand that. What I had difficulty of understanding was that all these good people
loved me and I tried to keep them at arms length, because deep down I knew I was
unworthy of them. Yet their love was given to me freely, a gift. I didnt understand that
until I nearly lost my wife.
Youre doing fine, Anastasia murmurs, encouraging me. She traces my lips with her
index finger, and I pucker my lips to kiss it.

Do you miss it? she whispers hesitantly.

Miss it?
That lifestyle.
Yes, I do, I reply with another confession. Her face falls. I dont want Anastasia to
think that she cant be enough for my needs. I want her to realize that this is what I have
known, what gave me control, and what made me who I am to a certain degree. But,

what Ana gives me is far more than that. I want her to understand this is what I miss
about it, and not who I miss.
But only insofar as I miss the control it brings. And frankly, your stupid stunt I say
losing my breath, I stop with the pain the memory brings, that saved my sister, I
whisper, completely awed by her act for me and my family because she loves me,
though I still dont know why after having behaved horribly towards her. She put her
life in the line, and the life of our baby a baby she and I argued about only two nights
before. Thats how I know, I whisper.
Really know that you love me.
She frowns. You do.
Yes. Because you risked so much for me, for my family.
I was ready to love her all my life even if she didnt love me, or even if I didnt
completely understand her affection towards me. I thought loving her was enough. I
have heard her say that she loves me countless times, but still having these dark secrets,
I felt that she couldnt possibly love me, this man I loathe if she truly knew everything
about me. Yet, she surprises me at every corner. She loves me regardless of my flaws,
and fuckeduppedness, knowing my deepest darkest secrets.
Anastasias frown deepens and the usual V, Ive come to love forms between her
You have a V here when you frown. Its very soft to kiss. I can behave so badly and
yet youre still here, I murmur. Awed at my wife.
Why are you surprised Im still here? I told you I wasnt going to leave you.
Because of the way that I behaved when you told me you were pregnant, I say
running my finger down her cheek. You were right. I am an adolescent.
Anastasias eyes widen, remembering.
Christian, I said some awful things, she says trying to take back her words. But I put
my index finger over her lips and silence her softly.

Hush. I deserved to hear them. Besides this is my bedtime story, I murmur and roll
onto my back again.
When you told me you were pregnant I say addressing my wife, but also invoking
the tiniest member of my family, blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, I stop. Id
thought it would be just you and me for a while. Id considered children, but only in the
abstract. I had this vague idea wed have a child sometime in the future.
Her eyes widen with another hidden desire, but I dont probe it. Because there are
things Anastasia wants to do, and goals she wants to reach. I have seen her fervent
desire in London when we visited the Austen house. She devoured the information. She
wants to discover the future Austens and Brontes.
Well, you pulled the rug from under me. Christ, was that unexpected. Never in a
million years, when I asked you what was wrong, did I expect you to be pregnant, I
say sighing. I remember the raging, boiling anger, overtaking me, and making lose
I was so mad. Mad at you. Mad at myself. Mad at everyone. And it took me back, that
feeling of nothing being in my control. I had to get out. I went to see Flynn, but he was
at some school parents evening. I pause and arch my eyebrow. Even Flynn let me be
on my own in water, half drowning, and expected me to pick myself up, and grow. In
hindsight, it was what I needed.
Ironic, Anastasia whispers, and I smirk. Indeed. Then I start recounting the aftermath.
So I walked and walked and walked and I justfound myself at the salon. Elena was
leaving. She was surprised to see me. And, truth be told, I was surprised to find myself
there. She could tell I was mad and asked me if I wanted a drink.
Its now or never. I have to get rid of my demons, exorcise them. I want to feel fresh; not
this heavy load pulling my shoulders down. Anas lips part, her chest rises up and
down in rapid succession. I dont want to upset her, but I need to get this out.
We went to a quiet bar I know and I had a bottle of wine. She apologized for the way
she behaved the last time she saw us. Shes hurt that my mom will have nothing to do
with her any more its narrowed her social circle but she understands. We talked
about business, which is doing fine, in spite of the recession Now, I get to the real
point Anastasia is curious about. I mentioned that you wanted kids.

My wifes face is shocked. This is not what she expected. She blinks and frowns. I
thought you let her know I was pregnant.
I know she thought that, but I would never betray Ana that way, even if I was
extremely mad as I was then.
No, I didnt.
Why didnt you tell me that? she asks, completely surprised. Did my wife hit her
head harder than I assumed? She never gave me the chance. We had a fight and she put
me through the silent treatment, and moved out of our room, breaking my heart, and
scaring the hell out of me.
I simply shrug. I never got the chance.
Yes, you did.
I couldnt find you the next morning, Ana. And when I did, you were so mad at me
I say sighing. I thought she hated me, and she would be well within her rights if she
did, but I needed her desperately.
I was, she finally murmurs.
Anyway, at some point in the evening about halfway through the second bottle she
leaned over to touch me. And I froze, I whisper, throwing my arm over my eyes with
the renewed disgust and apprehension. I cant divulge more into it, but Ana needs to
She saw that I recoiled from her. It shocked both of us, I confess. I had allowed Elena
to kiss my cheek before, and she could touch my arms which did not create any
negative reaction from me. But I had always assumed that it didnt have the sexual
connotation she meant that night. Even in my drunken stupor I knew the difference. My
body at so many levels knew that Elena wasnt what I wanted or needed.
After her initial shock, Anastasia tugs my arms, wanting me to look at her. I lower my
arm, and turn my gaze into her wide blues. I must look like ghost with blood drawn.
My eyes are wide, and Im scared of Anas reaction.
What? she breathes her horror.
I frown and my throat works on a swallow. Hard.

She made a pass at me, I whisper, still shocked at one level. Had I allowed myself to
think that Elena would never do anything to regain me back into her life as a sexual
partner? How could I be so stupid for something that was so evident like the nose on
my face.
It was a moment, suspended in time. She saw my expression, and she realized how far
shed crossed the line. I saidno. I havent thought of her like that for years and
besides, I say swallowing again I love you. I told her that, I love my wife.
Anastasias gaze is firmly fixed on my face, searching. The truth in what I say? Or to see
if theres more to the story. But shes searching
She backed right off. Apologized again, made it seem like a joke. I mean, she said shes
happy with Isaac and with the business and she doesnt bear either of us any ill will.
She said she missed my friendship, but she could see that my life was with you now.
And how awkward that was, given what happened last time we were all in the same
room. I couldnt have agreed with her more. We said our goodbyes, our final goodbyes.
I said I wouldnt see her again, and she went on her way. I summarize it as clean as I
can, but completely truthfully.
Anastasias nostrils flare, and shes deep in thought for a moment. Theres fear and
anxiety in her face. Did you kiss? she whispers her question.
No! I snort my answer. I couldnt bear to be that close to her.
When will she understand that she is my life. She, Anastasia alone.
I was miserable. I wanted to come home to you. But I knew Id behaved badly. I
stayed and finished the bottle, then started on the bourbon. While I was drinking, I
remember you saying to me some time ago, if that was my son And I got to thinking
about Junior and about how Elena and I started. And it made me feel uncomfortable.
Id never thought of it like that before.
I dont tell her about my nightmare where Elena had her hand over our son. Thats too
hard for me to think about. I dont want to upset her.
Thats it?
Pretty much.

Oh? leave it to my wife to simplify and understate something.

Its over?
Yes. Its been over since I laid eyes on you. I finally realized it that night and so did
Im sorry, she mutters.
What is she sorry about? I frown and ask. What for?
Being so angry the next day.
I snort again. I have written the book on angry. I deal with angry. Baby, I understand
angry, I say pausing. You see, Ana, I want you to myself. I dont want to share you.
What we have, Ive never had before. I want to be the center of your universe, for a
while at least.
You are. Thats not going to change! she utters fervently believing in her statement.
Thats not true. Shes been an only child. I know how other things, careers, children take
precedence over even the love of your life at times. Thats why most people have
problems in their relationships, because they let other things take over their lives
gradually. I feared losing her, and maybe falling into the trap of that complacency. I
didnt want that future to be inevitable as such. I got scared!
I smile sadly, resigned to our fate. I will never leave her even if she loves another person
more than she loves me. Ana, I whisper, my voice aged. Thats just not true.
Her lips quiver, and her eyes shine with unshed tears.
How can it be? I murmur and the dams burst.
Shit! Dont cry, Ana. Please, dont cry. I caress her face.
Im sorry, she says with trembling lips. I brush my thumb over it, soothing her.
No, Ana, no. Dont be sorry. Youll have someone else to love as well. And youre
right. Thats how it should be.

Blip will love you, too. Youll be the center of Blips Juniors world, she whispers.
Children love their parents unconditionally, Christian. Thats how they come into the
world. Programmed to love. All babies even you. Think about that childrens book
you liked when you were small. You still wanted your mom. You loved her.
My brows furrow, I withdraw my hand, and fist it against my chin.
No, I whisper. No, I didnt love the whore. She didnt love me! She allowed some
douche bag to abuse me. She did nothing, not a damn thing to stop! And when the
going got though, she checked out! I dont love her!
Yes. You did, she insists crying. Of course you did. It wasnt an option. Thats why
youre so hurt.
I gaze at her, unable, and afraid to look elsewhere. If I do, the horrendous memories
will flood.
Goodbye Christian, were her last words. Not, goodnight! Goodbye. She knew she
was leaving me alone in the world. She knew! She hurt me by not protecting me, by
leaving me! By being the shittiest mother! Im afraid to love her What does that make
me? I continue staring at my wife with a raw, pained expression.
Thats why youre able to love me, she murmurs. Forgive her. She had her own
world of pain to deal with. She was a shitty mother, and you loved her.
She did have her wretched life to deal with. She had no control over her life either.
Someone else made the decisions for her, but all the wrong decisions, and all the
detrimental choices. Men endless number of them. And the fucking pimp! I have this
urge to find the fucker and make him pay for what he did to her. For destroying every
shred of humanity in her so thoroughly that she couldnt find a way out, except to kill
herself before her four year old child. She was a bad mother. But she did a couple of
things I loved. She baked me a birthday cake. Chocolate. I felt special, and cherished.
Then she would let me comb her beautiful hair. Just the two of us. No one else
bothering. A rare moment of joy.
I used to brush her hair. She was pretty, I whisper.
One look at you and no one would doubt that.
She was a shitty mother, I whisper, and even I have a hard time hearing my voice.

She nods in agreement, and I close my eyes, the pain is raw. Im the son of a crack
whore who was a shitty mother. A horrible one who didnt have the capability to
protect her own child. Ive been told of mothers in the middle of African desert where I
send food shipments. Women having nothing to wear, nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat,
and they fiercely protect their children in worse conditions. And yet, my own damn
mother didnt do that for me! Dont they say that the apple doesnt fall far from the
Im scared Ill be a shitty father, I whisper. Then itll be someone elses life Ill be
fucking over.
Anas hand gently reaches to my face, and she strokes in. I find myself leaning into her
touch, fill me with warmth, and center me here and now.
Christian, do you think for one moment Id let you be a shitty father?
Her determined voice is what makes me open my eyes. I gaze at her for an eternity. My
wife is my rock. This little girl can kick my ass with two words. I smile, and feel relief
for the first time. No, I dont think you would, I say caressing her face with the back
of my knuckles.
What did I do to deserve her, deserve her love? My wife is the strongest person I know.
Shed kick my ass, and Elenas all in the same day two strong dominants, and raise a
child fearlessly on top of that. I am in awe of her, of her strength. God, youre strong,
Mrs. Grey. I love you so much. I kiss her forehead. I didnt know I could.
How can I love someone more and more each day? But she manages to surprise me at
every corner.
Oh, Christian, she whispers.
Now, thats the end of your bedtime story.
Thats some bedtime story she murmurs.
I smile at her remark, completely relieved having left the darkness behind me. Hows
your head?
My head?
Does it hurt?

No, she replies, confused.

Good. I think you should sleep now.
She frowns, unwilling.
Sleep. You need it, I command sternly.
She pouts. I have one question.
Oh? What? I ask, wary again.
Why have you suddenly become all forthcoming, for want of a better word?
I frown, thinking.
Youre telling me all this, when getting information out of you is normally a pretty
harrowing and trying experience.
Is it? I ask in response, knowing full well that Im not one to divulge information.
You know it is.
Why am I being forthcoming? I cant say. Seeing you practically dead on the cold
concrete, maybe. The fact Im going to be a father. I dont know. You said you wanted to
know, and I dont want Elena to come between us. She cant. Shes the past, and Ive
said that to you many times. Youre my present and my future.
If she hadnt made a pass at you would you still be friends?
Thats more than one question, I say evasively.
Sorry. You dont have to tell me, she murmurs flushing embarrassed. Youve
already volunteered more than I ever thought you would.
My gaze softens. I sigh. No, I dont think so, but shes felt like unfinished business
since my birthday. She stepped over the line, and Im done. Please, believe me. Im not
going to see her again. You said shes a hard limit for you. Thats a term I understand, I
utter most sincerely.
Anastasia lets out a soft sigh of breath.

Goodnight, Christian. Thank you for the enlightening bedtime story. I lean down and
kiss her, and her lips take over mine possessively, lighting up the fireworks, and my
blood is singing my body.
Dont, I whisper. Im desperate to make love to you.
Then do.
No, you need to rest, and its late. Go to sleep, I say turning off the side table lamp.
I love you unconditionally, Christian, she murmurs as she cuddles into my side.
I know, I whisper, smiling shyly. But I love you more.
Lullaby Dixie Chix

A Last Confession
What lively lad most pleasured me
Of all that with me lay?

I answer that I gave my soul

And loved in misery,

But had great pleasure with a lad

That I loved bodily.

Flinging from his arms I laughed
To think his passion such
He fancied that I gave a soul
Did but our bodies touch,

And laughed upon his breast to think

Beast gave beast as much.

I gave what other women gave

That stepped out of their clothes.
But when this soul, its body off,
Naked to naked goes,

He it has found shall find therein

What none other knows,

And give his own and take his own

And rule in his own right;
And though it loved in misery
Close and cling so tight,

There's not a bird of day that dare

Extinguish that delight.
William Butler Yeats

How Sweet it is to be Loved by You

I wake up with the first light of the day. I can never oversleep even if I had an
exhausting week. Sunday had passed with resting and a few phone calls from Welch. I
only want Anastasia to recover, so Im not going to allow anything - work or otherwise
to get in the way of her healing. But, yesterday she insisted that she wanted to go see
her dad at the hospital. I gave into it, and the only outing we made was to the hospital
to see Ray. But, to my surprise, she didnt tell him that shes pregnant. Why? I wont
dwell on it for the time being, however it left a question mark in my head.
I come in to the kitchen in my pajamas and Mrs. Jones is already bustling for the day.

Good morning, Mr. Grey. Breakfast sir? she says looking up at me not surprised to
see me not going to work today.
Yes, Mrs. Jones. Omelet, some fruits and a cup of coffee, please.
Yes, sir, she replies and eyes Taylor who is fidgeting in his place at the entry to my
surprise. Im not surprised that hes standing in his usual spot, but that hes fidgeting.
Taylor never fidgets. Im immediately pure attention, my face taut.
Taylor? I ask with a quizzical eye, my brow lifting.
May I have a word with you sir? he asks.
Yes, I reply still confused, and direct him to my office. On our way to the office,
Sawyer and Ryan see Taylors nervous walk, and my confused face. They give each
other a concerned look. What the hell is wrong?
I walk into my office, and Taylor closes the door behind us.
I walk around my desk, and take my seat. I look at the desk first where I fucked my
wife which feels like a long time ago, and then lift my gaze up to the head of my
security who looks like he swallowed a frog and trying to regurgitate it by force if
necessary. Clearly he wants to say something, but the words dont seem to find him. I
nervously tap on my desk waiting for him to speak. He clears his throat but the frog he
wants to get rid of wont let him speak.
What is it? Is it about Hyde?
No, sir.
The security youve assigned to Anas dad? Is he doing his job alright?
I spoke to the two guys who are watching Mr. Steele. Hes doing good job and being
very stealthy; so no, its not about Mr. Steeles security either.
Did Welch find out who paid Hydes bail? I ask getting impatient.
Havent heard from him. So, I guess not yet, he replies absently. Taylor doesnt do
absent. This must be personal.
Is your daughter and ex-wife okay? genuinely concerned for him.

Sophies is wonderful, and the caddy bitch is still flying on her broom. At least thats
the way she sounded when I talked to her this morning, so Im guessing shes okay
too, he replies.
Taylor! Youre making me nervous, and you know I dont do nervous, especially not
after last week. Spit it out man! What is it? Are you leaving us? I ask crossing my arms.
I wouldnt blame him if he was after last weeks stress, but I would do everything to
keep Taylor employed with me. Hes the best employee I got, and with what we went
through together all week, I allowed myself to think hes as close to a friend I have as
possible. That would be a great loss for me. Maybe not for him.

Leaving? he asks, completely confused. No, no, of course not. Its I dont know
how to put this in words. Just a little dazed.
Are you well?
Yes, I think so, sir, I am, he replies and he wrings his hands like Ana does when shes
nervous. I narrow my eyes to see what the deal is my right hand man. I remember Mrs.
Jones giving him a look. Is Gail pregnant, too?
Taylor! Is Gail alright?
Yes, and its about her and me. I, uhm he says smiling, I asked Gail to marry
me, and she accepted. Thats what I wanted to talk to you about. Im still in a shock that

she said yes, considering Ive asked her for nearly the last four years, he says
astounded. And I thought Ana took too long making me wait a week for her answer.
Gail tortured him for four years! Damn! I grin immediately.
Congratulations, Taylor! I stand up and shake his hand. Im very happy for you
both! But does this mean Gail wont be working for us? Mrs. Grey and I would love her
to continue working here. Shes become part of the family. I couldnt think of someone
else taking her place.
Oh, no. She wants to continue working, he says and something crosses his face, a
dislike of the idea of someone else at home here, in her place. I suppose its better for
him to be close to her considering I require his presence in Escala 24/7. It would be too
hard for marriage. I also hate change. Both Anastasia and I are very fond of Gail.
Getting someone in the midst of our growing family would be hard. But, this is a
decision they both have to make. Anastasia likes to work, but if it was up to me, Id
rather have her at home.
Do you want her to continue working here? I ask.

Of course, sir. Gail loves working for you and Mrs. Grey. And of course shes
completely stoked about the baby. I dont think shed want to leave Mrs. Grey in
someone elses care. I agree and support her in her decision.
Well then, when is the happy day?
I dont know yet, sir. If Gail were to agree, Id say this afternoon, but we dont have a
date yet. But I do know that wed like it to be before moving into the new house as well
as before your baby is born," he says, and making us a priority in their personal affairs
would not have made my radar in the past since I pay him amply, but I find myself
more attuned to his kind gesture. After what he had done last week, I'm in his debt.
Let me know what you need. Your wedding and honeymoon will be a gift from Mrs.
Grey and me, and once you determine the dates, Ill make sure the jet is available for
you to utilize for your honeymoon. Ill let Andrea to have accounting allocate a budget
for your use, and I'll e-mail you the details once it's available, I say.
Mr. Grey, thats he says shaking his head unbelieving, thats extremely generous
of you both. Iuhm for once my right hand man is lost for words. Thank you! he
says finally, and leaves the room without another word, more dazed than he already

was. I shake my head, smiling, and happy. When I get to the kitchen, my breakfast is
ready. Gail takes my omelet from the warming drawer and pours my coffee.
Congratulations Gail, I say finding Mrs. Jones somehow inappropriate since she will
soon become Mrs. Taylor. She smiles shyly, and her that smile is completely blissful.
Thank you, Mr. Grey, she replies.
Im very pleased to hear that we wont lose you after you become Mrs. Taylor."
I love working and looking after Mrs. Grey and you, sir. Im very much looking
forward for the babys arrival, as well. I couldnt let someone else to look after Mrs.
Grey and the baby when the time comes, she says smiling, but realizes that I might still
have some apprehension over the baby, she quiets down, nodding her head, and
returns to her work in the kitchen. I turn my head around after hearing the clicks of
Anas high heels. Her sexy appearance stops my forkful of omelet in midair. There I
find my wife in an indecently short black skirt, and her white silk blouse with
frills. Her black Louboutin pumps are lined with her stockings. Shes wearing light
make up, the vibrant blue of her eyes are rimmed with mascara, her full lips are
glistening with lip gloss, and her hair is loose hanging down on her back.
Seeing her all hot, but dressed to go to work makes me frown.

Good morning, Mrs. Grey. Going somewhere?

Work, she replies simply, smiling.

She must be trying to be amusing. I snort with her ridiculous reply. I dont think so.
Dr. Singh said a week off.
Christian, Im not spending the day lounging in bed on my own. So I may as well go to
work. Good morning, Gail, she says, and Mrs. Jones looks amused, trying to hide her
Mrs. Grey. Would you like some breakfast? she asks.
Id prefer scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast. What the hell did she ask? Did my
wife just volunteered to eat a hearty meal? My jaw must have dropped, because Mrs.
Jones is now grinning widely.
Very good, Mrs. Grey, she replies Ana.
Ana, you are not going to work, I say as firmly as I can, getting back to my original
But she tries to retort.
Nope. Its simple. Dont argue with me, I say adamantly giving her a stern look.
Anastasia tries to glare at me, but when she registers what Im wearing, this time its her
turn to be surprised. Im still in my pajama bottoms, and my t-shirt from the night
Are you going to work? she quizzes.
No, I reply simply. Anastasia looks around for a clue, confused. It is Monday, isnt
I smile at her perplexity. Last time I looked.
Are you playing hooky? she asks narrowing her eyes.

Im not leaving you here on your own to get into trouble. And Dr. Singh said it would
be a week before you could go back to work. Remember? So, I too am off a week with
my wife. I left her for one day, and she nearly got killed. Im not doing that again.
Anastasia sits next to me on the bar stool, and as she sits, she makes sure that her short
skirt is pushed up on her leg. Oh, my wife is frisky. Mrs. Jones places her Twinings tea
before her.
You look good, I say, and she crosses her legs hitching her skirt even further up.
Damn! Shes trying to push my limits.
Very good. Especially here, I say noticing that shes not wearing full stockings, but
thigh highs, and my finger traces the bare flesh right above her stockings and below her
skirt line. This skirt is very short, I murmur, pleased, but still dont want other men
ogle my wife.
Is it? I hadnt noticed, she responds coyly.
My wifes attempt to be coy makes me suppress a smile as I gaze at her, but her
repeated tries to entice me to have sex with her in her bruised up state when God
knows Im desperate to make love to her as well as her attempt to go to work exasperate
Really, Mrs. Grey? I ask raising my eyebrows. She blushes in response.
Im not sure this look is suitable for the workplace, I murmur.
Well, she drawls on the word, since Im not going to work, that a moot point.
Moot? I ask when she feeds me one of my favorite words back.
Moot, she mouths, making me smirk, I resume eating my omelet. I have a better
You do?
Yes, I certainly do. I have plans to keep her busy today. I glance at her my eyes
We can go see how Elliots getting on with the house.
Id love to, she replies with the prospect of an outing.

Good, I say grinning.

Dont you have to work? she asks as an afterthought.
No. Ros is back from Taiwan. That all went well. Today, everythings fine, I say. Its a
good day.
Its a Beautiful Day U2
I thought you were going to Taiwan, she says accusingly. Why would I do that when
my world was falling apart back home? I snort in response.
Ana, you were in the hospital.
Yeahoh. So today Im spending some quality time with my wife, I say. Taking a sip
of my coffee, I smack my lips together. Simple comfort.
Quality time? Anastasia asks her eyes are wide, hopeful for a different kind of
quality. Her hopeful demeanor doesnt even escape Mrs. Jones which I casually
disregard. She smiles at Anastasias remark as she places a plateful of scrambled eggs
before her.
I cant help but smirk. Quality time, I confirm, nodding.
Her eggs smell delicious, and before she can utter another word, she turns to her food
and closing her eyes she inhales deeply and then dives into the eggs with such an
appetite, you would think she just came out of a famine. I just love watching her eat.
Its good to see you eat, I murmur. Then I stand up from my seat and lean down to
kiss her hair. Im going to shower, I tell her.
Her eyes widen with renewed hope. Turning to me with a mouthful of food, Uhm
can I come and scrub your back? she mumbles.
No. Eat, I order. As I leave the breakfast bar, I pull the hem of my t-shirt and tug it off
my body. I can feel my wifes scorching gaze behind me. I cant have sex with her right
now, but I can tease her. When I do have her again, I know we wont be able to keep our
hands off each other. That means we need to wait until she's healed.

I quickly stick my head into Taylors study on the way.

Taylor, have Gail prepare a picnic basket for us, discreetly. Im going to take Mrs. Grey
for a picnic at the big house. Ill be taking the R8. Put it in the trunk.
Certainly, sir, he says, giving me a rare smile having recovered from his earlier daze.
I take my time in the shower to give Anastasia time to finish her food. After the shower,
I put on my white linen shirt and jeans, and put my pinstripe jacket on top. When I
come out to the living room, Anastasia has finished her breakfast.
Are you ready? I ask her noticing she put on a denim jacket and switched her heels
with flats.
Yes, she replies.
I look at Taylor; he gives me an imperceptible nod.
I thought wed visit Ray first, I say because I want to spend a good part of the
afternoon at the big house.
Oh, yes. Id love to see Ray, she says cheerfully. Maybe today shell tell him about the
baby. Im curious to see what she would say.
When we arrive at the hospital, Ray is accompanied by Jose Rodriguez, Sr. watching a
soccer game on the new plasma TV I got for him. I thought if hes going to remain in the

hospital for some time, he can at least have better TV since he has no other
entertainment. Im pleased to see that hes enjoying it. It doesnt escape Anastasias
attention and her eyes shine, completely happy. What makes her happy, makes me
doubly joyful.
After greeting and shaking both Rays and Mr. Rodriguezs hand, I pull up a chair and
sit to watch my wife interact with the two of them.
Im so happy to see some color in your face. You are radiant! remarks her father as
she hugs him. Ana blushes, and thanks her father.
We stay with them nearly half an hour, but I notice that Ana doesnt tell her father that
were expecting a baby. Her reticence makes me even more curious. Is she concerned in
any way that I dont want our baby? If thats what shes thinking, she didnt give any
indication to that thought. Its not that I am no longer scared or worried. Because I am.
What if I suck at this fatherhood, and wont be the great father Ana thinks I will be? I
am determined to try very hard and work at it. Having Anas and Juniors lives in
danger changed something in me. Something clicked in my mind and I finally fully
realized that this is my baby! Instead of being an undesired condition, he is now a part
of us. Ours: Simple as that...

That little person safely tucked inside my wife womb is someone who will irrefutably
show the world that hes the product of the love and intense passion Anastasia and I
have for each other, and irrefutable proof that his mother is undoubtedly my woman.
The thought oddly relaxes me, and I smile at Anastasia when she turns to look at me.
When we leave Ray and Mr. Rodriguez to themselves, they look happy to get back to
whats left of their soccer game. As we close the door behind us, Mr. Rodriguez fills Ray
in with what hes missed.
I take Anastasias hand and lead her to our car. Having spent part of last week here in
the hospital worried sick for my wife, Im happy to leave the hospital parking lot. I
drive north on the freeway feeling free as a bird today. Im with my wife driving to our
future home. I can feel her gaze drinking me in; desirous and hungry. Turning to glance
at her, I grasp her leg above her knee; gently and sensually stroke her leg. A sharp
intake of breath is caught on her lips. Im glad you didnt change, I say, liking the
easy access to her legs, keeping my hand above her leg, enjoying our connection. If I
cant have her, I have to have this link. I need it. She puts her hand above mine.
Are you going to continue to tease me?

Maybe, I say giving her a crooked smile.

Because I can, I respond grinning, completely happy. Shes hot and bothered, and
somehow its sexy as hell.
I move my finger up to her thighs teasingly.
Two can play at that game, she whispers. She just upped the stakes; my favorite
game. I move my fingers even higher up on her thigh.
Bring it on, Mrs. Grey, I grin ear to ear.
She narrows her eyes, and huffs her breath through her nose. Gingerly picking up my
hand, she puts it back on my knee. Well, Mr. Grey, you can keep your hands to
I smirk at her frustration. As you wish, Mrs. Grey.
She looks at me uncertain, realizing she may not get her way after all. If she only knew
that the one thing thats restraining me from pulling over and having my way with her
is the knowledge that she is still bruised up.
The rest of the drive to our new home is relatively quiet. When I reach the driveway
turning into our house, I stop at the gate keypad, and punch in the gate code. The
wrought iron ornate white gate swings open. A few seconds after I drive up the road, I
can hear the gate closing behind us. The scenery is nearly surreal. The road is tree lined
with the end of summer and early fall colors with a blend of green, yellow, and
burnished copper. The grass in our meadow is also turning gold, though we can still
green with the dotted wildflowers in it. I have to remember to have evergreen grass put
before we move in. Though I dont know how it would handle Seattle winters. I just
realized that I dont have much domestic skills. Oh fuck it! I have hire a groundskeeper.
As we approach closer to the Sound, we can both smell the briny salty bite of the sea air.
We can even hear the waves lapping at the shore.
Anastasia looks excited and tranquil at the same time. Once I turn the curve on our
private road, the big house comes into view with by several of my brothers company
trucks emblazoned with GREY CONSTRUCTION parked in the front. The scaffolding is
surrounding the house, and numerous construction workers in hard hats are busy
working either on the scaffolds or on the roof. I have a giddy excitement bubbling
inside me. This shell of a house will soon be accommodating my family: My wife and

child. The busy activity around our home shows that soon we can live here. By
Christmas, Elliot said. I have to see the progress inside to believe that he can make the
deadline. But the idea of spending our very first Christmas in the new house is
completely thrilling!
I pull the R8 outside the portico and turn off the engine.
Lets go find Elliot, I say as I extend my hand out to her.
Is he here?
I hope so. Im paying him enough.
She snorts at my expression, and I grin in response.
We hear my brothers voice calling out to me. Yo, Bro! We look around to see him and
his shouts at me again.
Up here! Hes up on the roof waving down at us, and grinning ear to ear. About
time we say you here. Stay where you are. Ill be right down, he says teasingly.
Anastasia looks up to me quizzically, and I shrug. Thats my brother, what can I say?
And he appears at the door in a few minutes. He greets me with a big smile, saying
Hey, bro! and shakes my hand.
And how are you, little lady? he turns to my wife, picking her up and swinging her
around. For fucks sake! Shes got bruised ribs! I frown at Elliot who ignores me
Better, thanks, Anastasia giggles breathlessly.
Lets head over the site office. Youll need one of these, he tells us tapping his hard
hat. He takes us to the site office trailer. Its an all steel building which looks like
designed to withstand the rigors of a busy construction site with high security and antivandal features. We take the four steps leading into his mobile office. The door has
three signs on it. Construction Work in Progress, All Visitors Must Report to the Site
Office and Site Office. There is a desk manned by a woman in a sturdy construction
outfit, and tattoos up to her right shoulder, and muscles seldom seen on a woman. Her
hair is in a ponytail at the nape of her neck. She looks up as we enter.
Hi Boss! she greets Elliot, and gives us Anastasia and I a smile.
Hey Donna! This is my brother Christian, and his wife Ana! he introduces us.

Ah, the bosss boss! she grins. What can I do you for? she asks in a no-nonsense
manner as she extends her hand to shake Anas hand first then mine.
We need couple of hard hats, Elliot replies.
Sure, boss, she says and going to a metal cabinet, she retrieves two hats and brings
them back handing each of us one. After thanking her, we notice a big blueprint of our
house on the wall. Anastasia smiles and holds my hand as we walk out.
Elliot takes us through the front entry and showing us the interior which is now shell, a
skeleton of what is to become. Some of the original walls have been removed to allocate
space for a larger, more open space, and some new walls have been built which are still
in studs. The floor is covered with what looks like burlap. Elliot takes a note of my
attention and explains.
Yes, its burlap. Well, technically this particular one is burlene, actually. It helps the
concrete cure in the bottom, and ecologically sustainable. We tried to go green all the
way wherever possible, bro! he says proudly. Some of the walls are covered in plastic
sheets, and sectioned out. There are quite a few construction workers, both men and
women working around. Elliot has a copy of the blue print, and shows us different
parts of the house. Anas eyes brighten when she sees the stone staircase with the iron
balustrade still in place draped in white dustsheets.
When we walk into the Great Room which will become our main living area,
Anastasias eyes brighten. The back wall into the patio has already been removed to
make way for the glass wall, and the new patio construction is also in progress. But the
most magnificent view isnt the construction; its the view of the Sound. This is what my
wife fell in love with, and this is the view what we wanted to wake up to every
Now that Im down here, I can really appreciate the view you have here, Christian.
When were busy in various parts, we cant sit back and enjoy the view, says Elliot
holding his hard hat up with one hand, then swipes the sweat off with the sleeve of his
other arm, the he puts his hat back on.
Yes, we love the view, I respond looking at Anastasia.
Gia has done well with this design, Ana agrees gesturing the missing wall, looking at
the view. Elliot explains us how long the construction will take in each phase,
professionally, and patiently.

All in all, we are going to work hard to finish your home so you can be in it right
before Christmas.
Im not sure. There seem to be a lot to accomplish. Christmas sounds a little
It is an estimated time frame, Christian. But we have done several project this scale,
even bigger. I have never missed a deadline. I have tens of crew members working each
day in two shifts. Im pretty confident that we can finish it by the date Im giving you.
We can do it, bro. Make sure you reserve your fifteen foot Christmas tree. Theyre not
easy to come by, he says smiling confidently.
Oh, really? You can get us in by Christmas, Elliot? Anastasia asks clearly excited
having to spend the Christmas overlooking the Sound. Elliot nods.
You just upped the stakes. You better deliver, bro, I say arching my eyebrows.
I wouldn't want to disappoint Anastasia.
Dont worry about that. Let me now show you your new kitchen, he says and shows
where everything else will go, though the kitchen too is a shell of its upcoming glory.
That concludes our tour. Ill leave you two to roam. But be careful. This is a building
site, he reminds us.
Sure. Thanks, Elliot, I murmur in response, and take Anastasias hand. Happy? I
ask searching her face after my brother leaves to do his job. Anastasia gazes the empty
shell of what will become our kitchen. Shes thinking, but her eyes are glinting with joy.
Very. I love it. You? she asks. When shes happy, Im happier. Why wouldnt I be?
Shes my whole world.
Ditto, I reply, grinning.
Good. I was thinking of the pepper pictures in here.
I nod. The art acquisitions from our honeymoon in France. I want to put Joses
portraits of you in this house. You need to decide where they should go.
She blushes, clearly still apprehensive of looking at her own beauty. Somewhere I
wont see them often.

Dont be like that, I admonish her as my thumb brushes her bottom lip. I have a
gorgeous wife, and those are amazing pictures of her. I want to look at her at all times.
Theyre my favorite pictures. I love the one in my office.
I have no idea why, she murmurs her response and kisses the pad of my thumb as
she captures it with her lips. This simple act is felt all the way at the tip of my cock. Its
like waking up a hungry beast to devour everything in sight.
Worse things to do than look at your beautiful smiling face all day. Hungry? I ask.
Hungry for what? she whispers lasciviously.
Its not enough that she has woken up my starving libido, but her desire of me makes
me completely want to jump her here. My gaze darkens as I smirk at her. Control, Grey,
control. Breathe, in, out, in, out
Food, Mrs. Grey, I response, my voice husky, and plant a soft kiss on her lips.
She pouts taunting me and sighs. Remembering her other hungerfor food, for a
change. Yes. These days Im always hungry.
The three of us can have a picnic.
Three of us? she asks cocking her head to the side curiously, like I would. Is
someone joining us?
In about seven or eight months, I remind her of our baby. She grins at my
acknowledgement of the baby.
I thought you might like to eat al fresco.
In the meadow? she asks hopefully.
I nod. She beams completely overjoyed.
This will be a great place to raise a family, I murmur as I gaze down at my wife. I
spread my fingers over her belly. This is a wonder. There is a person inside her who is a
part of me, and part of my wife. A representation of us; of our unity. Anastasia holds
her breath, and puts her hand over mine.
Its hard to believe, I whisper in wonder.

I know. Oh here, I have evidence. A picture.

What sort of picture? You do? Babys first smile? I ask. I know nothing about
pregnancies or babies.
She digs in her wallet and pulls out an ultrasound picture.
I take and look at the black, white and gray-scale image for long seconds, trying to find a
baby in it. Then right there, a tiny person size of a kidney bean is represented on the
image. Thats going to be my child.
OhBlip. Yeah, I see, I murmur, marveled that my wife and created this new life. A
very tiny new life.
Your child, Anastasia whispers.
Our child, I correct her. Ours.
First of many, she whispers. What? Did I hear her correctly?
Many? my eyes widen with panic. I am barely getting used to the idea of having one
child. Many, is an undefined number which I cant handle. A definitive number such as
one had been difficult to digest. I cant think of having many children right now.
At least two, she counters her original offer of many.
Two? I say, testing the validity of the word in my mouth. Still sour; still hard to
handle. Can we just take this one child at a time?
Sure, she acquiesces, grinning. Dont torture me on a good day, baby! We finally
manage to walk outside hand in hand. A warm fall afternoon greet us. The sights,
scents and sounds of the end of summer are inviting and alluring.
When are you going to tell your folks? I ask still curious why shes holding the
information back from them. Clearly, it isnt because she doesnt want the baby. If it
was up to her, shed have more children.
Soon, she murmurs absently. I thought about telling Ray this morning, but Mr.
Rodriguez was there, she replies shrugging, also answering my unspoken question.

I get to the R8 and open the hood. I take the wicker picnic basket and the tartan blanket
we have purchased in London. I knew it would come handy.
Come, I say, as I take the basket and the blanket in one hand, and I hold my other
hand for my wife. We walk to the meadow hand in hand.

When we come to a spot far from the construction site and the prying eyes, close to the
Sound, Im satisfied with the location, and spread the blanket. I hold my hand for Ana
to walk onto the blanket. Then I take out the spread Mrs. Jones soon to be Mrs. Taylor
prepared. Anastasia walks on the blanket after ridding herself off the flats and lies
down as she watches me put the food neatly in their containers for easy access. I kick
my shoes and socks off and sit by my wife; my knees raised my arms are on my knees. I
cant get enough of Anastasia, the person who contains my entire universe. To think
that I almost lost her constricts my heart.
The breeze coming from the sound sways the tall golden and green grass, making me
feel like we are in our own provincial retreat, our own unique paradise. And of course
my phone buzzes to get me out of my reveries.
Mr. Grey, Im sorry to disturb you on your day off... starts Ros.
No, youre not, otherwise you wouldnt be calling me, I say.
Well, you got me there. No, I guess Im not. But, theres an important reason Im
calling you about. I might have to call you again with my apologies, sir.
Ok, whats up?

Initial deposits went through to Taiwan. All is looking good. We need to start the
payroll base. Do you want me to transfer the entire amount to the bank, or for the first
Well that depends on two things. The interest rate of the Taiwanese bank compared to
what we have with our current bank here, and the tax implications for both the U.S. and
Taiwan. Have Warren call me with the numbers, and comparisons.
Alright! Im on it! Have a good day off, boss, she says and hangs up. I put Anastasias
head on my lap and slowly feed her with the delicious sandwiches Mrs. Jones packed
for us.
Something to drink, baby? I ask.
Try again I have juice and water.
Juice please, she says. I hand her a bottle of juice after opening the top for her. She
takes it with a smile. My phone buzzes again, and this time Warren calling me to relay
the numbers. Overall, theres a small percentage of difference in where we keep the
money, but Taiwan looks a little more profitable.
Anastasia feels warm after having eaten, and remaining close to my body. She sits up
and discards her jacket. I follow suit and take mine off, putting it over hers. Just as I
reach for a strawberry, my phone buzzes again.
Hi again, Mr. Grey. Warren said he talked to you. I have also just gone over his
assessments. I will cut to the chase, and recommend that we move of the payroll to
Taiwan. That will give us a six months assessment how it will be handled, and what
returns it will generate, and the other half can stay here so we can do a comparison after
the six months point. What do you say?
Sure, Ros, go for it.
Thats it?
Yeah, I say. I agree with your assessment.
Uhm, okay, she says confused about my easy acquiescence. I hang up, turning my
attention back to my wife.

Where were we? I say and feed her another strawberry. She slowly sucks it, and then
takes a bite chewing it without taking her eyes off me. My gaze darkens with wanton
desire for her.
Tasty? I ask in a whisper.
Had enough?
Of strawberries, yes.
My breath hisses through my teeth as voracity rises in me in leaps and bounds. A
rampant sudden burst of lust covers me like a second skin, glistening my eyes, and I
grin at my wifes reciprocity. Mrs. Jones packs a mighty fine picnic, I say.
That she does, Ana whispers. The look in her eyes, the way she wants me, not just
with lust but with love, awes me. I shift in my place suddenly and lie down beside her
then rest my head on her belly. Right here is my world represented in my woman and
our child. I close my eyes and listen her soft breathing, and her beating heart. Her
fingers lace in my hair, caressing me; making me feel cherished. And the moment is
broken by another buzz from my Blackberry. I give a heavy sigh, and scowl at the
screen of my phone. Checking the name I realize its Welch. I spoke to him on Sunday.
He wouldnt be calling me if he didnt have important news. Fuck! I have to take it. I
roll my eyes, and answer.
Welch, I snap. He doesnt dally around, getting right to the point.
We have identified the bail poster, he starts. My entire body goes rigid. I hold my
Its Mr. Lincoln, the CEO of Lincoln Timber. My men are currently watching his every
move. The fucker is so devious; he can kick the devil in the ass with his own hind legs!
He put so much thought and effort in getting Hyde out on bail. I have a lot to tell you.
Are you free to talk, sir?
Alright. Do you want us to continue keeping an eye on the bastard? he says without
any emotion.

As you wish, Mr. Grey. I dont want to say much in front of Anastasia. I will have a
field day tomorrow. Roger Fucking Lincoln tried to fuck me over by aiding a criminal
who was arrested for breaking and entering into my home and attempted kidnapping
of my wife which resulted kidnapping of my sister and my wife and near death of my
family. He knowingly tried to destroy me by freeing someone who attempted to kill me,
tried to harm my family. I will serve his own balls in a platter, emasculate him in front
of his entire company. I look at my wife who is curiously watching me. A cool, chilling
smile crosses my face with near satisfaction of what I am about to do to him. A visible
shudder runs through Anastasia, her eyes wide, she continues to watch me. I take my
Blackberry out and speed dial Ros.
Sir? she answers the phone.
Ros, how much stock do we own in Lincoln Timber? I ask.
As of last week 78%, sir. Shes like a walking ledger with photographic memory.
Check mate for Roger Lincoln! I kneel up immediately. This is better than what I
So, consolidate the shares into GEH, then fire the board
Fire the board? she asks shocked, not sure if she heard me right.
Yes, the board. Except the CEO
Are you out of your mind? Thats twelve people, not including the CEO!
I dont give a fuck! I shout back.
Christian, how much thought did you put into this? We might get twelve different
lawsuits! They might claim the fire is not clear cut, claiming that its a retaliation of
some sort, she retorts back.
I hear you, just do it! I say. I have had all my ducks in a row before I have made this
decision. In business, its money that talks. I know what Im going to do with his
Fine! Generally you'd like to do the honor with such firings. But, per your orders, Ill
do it today, sir.
Thank you.
Ill call an emergency meeting of the board members and announce their departure.

Keep me informed, I say hanging up, I find my wifes bewildered gaze looking at me.
I look at her impassively for a minute until I compose myself. I dont want my anger
blow up on my wife. I count in my head until I calm down. Once I give out a soft
exhale, Anastasia speaks.
What happened?
Linc, I murmur.
Linc? Elenas ex?
The same. Hes the one who posted Hydes bail. Her jaw simply drops open in
astonishment. Our worlds nearly collapsed, almost fucking ended because Lincoln
wanted to pursue his revenge on me! He took his due on Elena, but she didnt press
charges. But that was her choice. And now that I have a family, hes going after all those
I love to hurt them; going as far as collaborating with Hyde who repeatedly tried to
harm us! My mouth is pressed into a firm line in anger. I know there's more to what
meets the eye.
Well hell look like an idiot, Anastasia murmurs, completely stunned. I mean,
Hyde committed another crime while out on bail.
My wife is the queen of understatements. If she only knew. What she had gone through
broke her physically and emotionally. I could never, ever allow these fuckers reach her
in any shape or form; not even the news of them. Anything about them will harm her.
Not to mention shes carrying our baby. I cant ever let her know the extent of what had
transpired, not if it's going to harm her. From what Welch had indicated, theres more
even I dont know, yet. But all the puzzle pieces are falling into their places.
I narrow my eyes and smirk. You want revenge, Linc? Bring it on: Ill give you revenge
even you cant dream up. Fair point well made, Mrs. Grey, I say satisfied with my
decision. Keep her safe. Keep both of them safe.
What did you just do? she asks, kneeling before me, her face looking up to me.
I fucked him over.
Anas face is shocked. Uhm that seems a little impulsive, she murmurs. Impulsive?
Thanks to Lincoln, Hyde was freed. My sister was given chloroform, horse tranquilizer
and when the needle broke he gave her a dose of date rape drugs. Then he beat the shit
out of my wife, bent on killing her. He had all the intention of killing both Mia and
Anastasia and then skipping the country. All with the courtesy of Roger Lincoln

because the fucker hates me for fucking his wife. And Im impulsive? No, Im in a
punishing mood. Linc wants to dominate me in his fucking devious ways? Lets see
who can dominate who.
Im an in-the-moment kind of guy, I reply calmly.
Im aware of that.
I knew Lincoln might eventually come after me. Ive seen results of his unrestrained
anger. His purpose was to push Elena so far that she would file a complaint and giving
him an opportunity to drag my name, my familys name down in the mud, and making
Elena into a child molester thereby sending her to jail as well. Even if his revenge came
at the cost of going to jail himself. When it comes to revenge, I already know that
Lincoln doesn't hesitate, and he didnt have boundaries when it came to his anger. I had
a feeling he might come after me someday, but I never had I assumed that he could go
as far to harm my family this way.
My eyes are narrowed, and my lips thinned with the thoughts of what Lincoln had
almost accomplished in his bid to inflict me and my loved ones harm. He did it in such
a way that he couldnt be directly accused. I can't leave this unpunished.
Ive had this plan in my back pocket for a while, I say acerbically.
Oh? she asks frowning.
I have to think what I can let her know. Its not because I dont want to share the details
of my past. I have to give her a glimmer of the kind of man Lincoln is. I hate bringing all
this shit to the surface, but she needs to know this one. I finally take a deep breath to
Several years back, when I was twenty-one, Lincoln beat his wife to a pulp. He broke
her jaw, her left arm, and four of her ribs because she was fucking me. My gaze
hardens like rocks. I have a feeling that Lincoln took great pleasure in the knowledge
that my wife too was beaten up an inch of her life, although I know that he would have
been better satisfied if she and my sister were also fucked and killed. The thought
makes my entire body rigid.
And now I learn he posted bail for a man who tried to kill me, kidnapped my sister,
and fractured my wifes skull. Ive had enough. I think its payback time.
Anastasia turns ashen and shudders. Fair point well made, Mr. Grey, she whispers.

It is better that she thinks of me as a hard man than a husband who is incapable of
defending and protecting his family.
Ana, this is what I do. Im not usually motivated by revenge, but I cannot let him get
away with this. What he did to Elena well, she should have pressed charges, but she
didnt. That was her prerogative.
But hes seriously crossed the line with Hyde. Lincs made this personal by going after
my family. Im going to crush him, break up his company right under his nose, and sell
the pieces to the highest bidder. Im going to bankrupt him.
Anastasias silent as her eyes widen.
Besides, well make good money out of the deal, I say, smirking.
Anastasia continues to stare into my eyes that are burning with rage. She looks quite
scared. Oh, no! I dont want to scare her. I need to protect her; protect my family.
I didnt mean to scare you, I whisper.
You didnt, she says. But Anastasia is a hopeless liar. She lies so infrequently; she
cant even make it sound truthful. I raise my eyebrow, questioningly.
You just took me by surprise, she whispers, then swallows.
I lean in and brush my lips, molding them gently over hers. I will do anything to keep
you safe. Keep my family safe. Keep this little one safe, I murmur and splay my fingers
over her belly, and gently caress it.
Anastasias breathe hitches. Our touch has the usual electric tingle traveling through
my body, awakening every cell, screaming for my wife. I gaze down at her and see that
she and I are connected. She feels what Im feeling. Lust, unrestrained carnal desire
erupts, darkening my eyes. Tips of my fingers brush against her sex. Im fucking hard
for her now. Her hands reach out to my head unbelievably fast grasping me, pulling me
down, and as her fingers tangle into my hair, her lips find mine, tugging hard, scraping,
sucking and biting. Her invasion of my mouth is so sudden, she makes me gasp, and
groan with full charge of sexual desire. I kiss her back with all Ive got. My lips cover
her lower lip and I suck it with full force, and then lick her top lip as my tongue darts
into her mouth, reacquainting each other with our mouths, tongues, lips, taste, breath,
and our unique brand of sexual charge.

Ana, I breathe her name, completely bewitched by her. My hand travels up her
backside and to the hem of her skirt. Anas hands immediately dart to my shirt, trying
to unbutton it, and completely out of practice.
Whoa! Ana stop! I say pulling back. What was I thinking? Shes not well. My jaws
clenched, I grasp her hands holding them away from me.
No! she protests, leaning up to clamp on my lower lip with her teeth, and tugs it.
No, she murmurs again, gazing up at me. Then letting go of my lip, I want you, she
utters with such a yearning, shes bringing all my defenses down.
I inhale sharply. I want her desperately. Its been days, feels like years. Heres the
woman I love with everything I got, and she wants me. Desires me, and I fucking cant
say yes, because Im too afraid Ill hurt her. Shes still bruised up.

Please, I need you, she begs. Her gaze is pleading, her body is positioned in such a
way that its ready to merge with me; mold into me. My body is missing her,
desperately. I groan, and give up. Fuck it! I lean down, and my lips find her, shaping,
molding, tasting, massaging, giving and taking. Were meant for this; created for each
other. I hold her head with one hand gently as to not to jostle her while my right hand
skims down her body to her waist, and I ease her onto her back on the blanket and
stretch beside her without contact with her lips.
I pull back, and hover over my wife, gazing down at her as if Ive not seen her in so
many years. This is my second chance with her. Shes given back to me after nearly
dying on me. You are so beautiful, Mrs. Grey.

She smiles, and her hands reach up to my face and caress me. So are you, Mr. Grey.
Inside and out.

I frown. How could she think that after all that happened?
Dont frown. You are to me, even when youre angry, she whispers.

Shit! Im so fucking in love with her! I groan, and my mouth finds hers again, pushing
her into the soft grass under the blanket.
Ive missed you so much, I whisper and my teeth graze her jaw. This is my soul
shouting, because if I speak any louder, itd be tears. She fills me up with emotions that
Ive never had before, charging my body, pulling me to her; making me want to never
let go of her.
Ive missed you, too. Oh, Christian, she whispers clutching her hand into my hair the
other hand hold onto my shoulder.
My lips move down to her throat in a trail of kisses as my fingers unbutton her blouse
rapidly and expertly. When I undo the last button, I tug her blouse apart, kissing the
soft mounds of her breast under her bra. Fuck me! I groan a guttural sound
appreciatively, ever nerve on my body alert. I can feel her breast enlarging already; her
nipples are longer and firmer than before. Not extremely apparent, but I can feel the
subtle changes in my wifes body which is a wonder all in itself.
Your bodys changing, I whisper in awe. My thumb teases her nipple and soon its
erect, straining through her bra. I like, I breathe. My trace the line between the swell
of her breast and her bra, teasing and enthralling her. Grasping her bra cup between my
teeth, I pull it down, and her breast springs forward. I nuzzle her nipple with my nose
which immediately puckers, and goose bumps form around her areola as a spring
breeze rushes around us. I take it into the wet warmth of my mouth, and suck it long
and hard.

Ah! she groans, than inhales sharply as I shift, making her wince. Her bruised ribs are
hurting her. Fuck!
Ana! I cry out, glaring down at her. I want her desperately, but Im too concerned that
Ill hurt her. This is what Im talking about. Your lack of self-preservation. I dont want
to hurt you.
No! Dont stop, she whimpers. How can I fucking say no to her, deny her of
something she wants from me, when I want to give her everything? But sex might hurt
her. Her gaze is desperate with need, as if Im the food her soul needs. What the fuck do
I do? Wait, she can sit on me; ride me in her own pace.
Here, I say moving quickly, and roll over and make her sit astride me. Her sinfully
short skirt is bunched up around her hips. Her bare thighs right above the thigh high
stockings are mouthwatering.

There. Thats better, and I can enjoy the view, I say as my finger reaches up to free her
other breast. As I cup both my hands over the swell of her breasts, she throws her head
back to push them further into my grasp. My fingers deftly latch onto her nipples,
teasing, tugging, and kneading them until she can no longer hold her pleasure in and
shouts out. The sound of her pleasure is my undoing. I sit up immediately, and
suddenly we are nose to nose; my ravenous eyes are on her. I kiss her while my fingers
are still teasing her nipples. Her fingers scramble to my shirt, undoing the buttons, her
fingers rush to unbuckle all thumbs in her haste as if any moment Im going to stop her
and shes in a race to finish the task.

Hey I say gently holding her head and pull back to look at her. Theres no rush.
Take it slow. I want to savor you.
Christian, its been so long, she responds panting.
Slow, I whisper my command. Shes still anxious. I kiss the right corner of her mouth.
Slow, I breathe, then kiss the left corner of her mouth. Slow, baby. I tug her bottom
lip with my teeth. Lets take this slow. I unleash my fingers into her hair, and keep
her in place, taking possession of her mouth, gently calming her, tasting, savoring,
soliciting, and arousing her.
Her hands gently caress my face. Her fingers hesitantly move down to my chin and to
my throat, and finally to my buttons, slowly this time as I kiss her. When shes done
undoing the last button, she pulls my shirt apart, and her fingers start trailing across my
chest. Finally calming down, she gently pushes me down until shes spread over me.
She then sits up and looks down at me. My erection is seeking release, and feeling the
ridges of my cock, she is squirming on top. She holds her fingers, and gently traces
them across my lips, then trailing down to my throat, over my Adams apple, and down
to my clavicle. Leaning down, she follows on the trail of her fingers. Grazing my jaw
with her teeth, and kissing my throat. I have missed her touch. This is simply heaven.
Ah I groan as I tilt my head back, giving her easier access to my throat. My mouth
relaxes and opens in quiet devotion of her. I am fucking mesmerized, aroused beyond
belief. Her tongue trails down my sternum, teasing and trailing my chest hair. She
inhales me in. She leans further down and kisses one of my scars, then another. I have

to have her. She wants me, I fucking want her. I grasp her hips, and her fingers halt
their trail on my chest. She gazes down at me. My breathing is rapid and harsh as if I
ran a marathon.
You want this? Here? I breathe. Because, I am too in love with her and too lustful for
her to stop once I start.
Yes, she murmurs. When her lips and tongue graze across my chest to my nipple, my
fucking rocket lifts off. She captures my nipple with her mouth and pulls and rolls it
with her teeth. This gentle pain and pleasure is enough to drive me insane.

Oh, Ana, I whisper. Circling her waist, I lift her, and tug at my button and fly
springing my erection. I sit her back down, just teasingly far enough from my cock.
Then I run my hands above her thigh highs right where her milky flesh start, teasing,
running small circles at the top, and slowly making my way over to her sex, and touch
her on her clitoris.
I hope youre not too attached to your underwear, I murmur with wild eyes, nearly
delirious with my desire for my wife. I trace the elastic along her belly, then slide inside,
teasing her sex. Then I pull back and caress her over the delicate material, finally
pushing my thumb through, breaking her delicate panties. My hands are splayed out on
her thighs, and my thumb brushes against her sex again. When I flex my hips, my cock
rubs against her sex. Shes soaking.

I can feel how wet you are, I whisper with carnal appreciation. I dont want to do this
fast. I will take my time and savor her. Immediately sitting up, I hold her waist and we
are nose to nose once again. I rub my nose over hers and inhale her scent.
Were going to take this slow, Mrs. Grey. I want to feel all of you, I instruct her. I lift
her up, and ever so slowly, ease and lower her onto my ravenous cock. When I sit her
back onto my fully hardened erection, she pushes down against me as if shes trying to
reach the ground through my cock as I try to reach the deepest corners of her sex.
Ah! she moans almost incoherently, and clasps my arms. She tries to lift up, but I stop
her. I need to be deeper.
All of me, I whisper. She needs to yield me. I tilt her pelvis, and push my cock that
last inch to find my favorite, deepest spot I like to fuck inside her, making me feel I
conquered her inside out. Anastasia throws her head back, and lets out a pure choked
cry pleasure. The sound of her in ecstasy takes me into a different dimension.
Let me hear you, I murmur. She tries to move up. Nodont move, just feel.
She opens her eyes, her mouth is frozen in a silent rapture. Looking at her in this state is
heaven, pure pleasure. My eyes are fixed on my wife with a licentious stare. I shift, and
roll my hips, but making sure shes fixed in place. She groans. My lips are on her throat,
kissing and sucking her gently.
This is my favorite place. Buried in you, I murmur.
Please, move, she begs.

Slow, Mrs. Grey. I flex my hips again, rubbing that deep spot in her sex. She cups my
face and kisses me; her kiss becomes an all-consuming fire.
Love me. Please, Christian, she begs.
My teeth slide over her jaw, up to her ear. Go, I whisper. Lifting her up and down, I
make her move. But Anastasia has her own ideas. She pushes me down, and really start
moving, riding me, riding my cock hard. I place my hands around her waist, and match
her move by move, rhythm by rhythm. The lowering sun is on her back over the Sound.
Oh, Ana! I groan. Im a lucky son of a bitch. My head is back, my mouth open. The
moment where I lose myself to pleasure, and lust where I lose my sanity is
approaching. I hold her thighs and press over her clit, rubbing over and over again until
she shouts my name losing herself; I let go, and give myself over to her completely
losing my mind in utter ecstasy. I have desperately missed this.
Anastasia lies against my chest as I cuddle her, cradling her head. Her hands are
splayed over my chest, calming my heart beat down. She kisses and nuzzles me.
Better? I whisper. She raises her head. Seeing the satisfied lover look on her face, I
grin ear to ear.
Much. You? More than satisfied. I feel whole, complete once again.
Ive missed you, Mrs. Grey, I say in serious choked tone. I could have lost her.
Me, too.
No more heroics, eh?
No, she shakes her head fervently.
You should always talk to me, I whisper, my heart breaking once again that she
didn't tell me what Hyde was doing.
Back at you, Grey.
I smirk, knowingly. Fair point well made. Ill try. I kiss her hair.
I think were going to be happy here, she whispers, and closes her eyes, overjoyed.
Yep. You, me and Blip. How do you feel, incidentally?

Fine. Relaxed. Happy.

Yeah, all those things, I murmur. She looks up at me, trying to assess something.
What is she trying to dig?
What? I ask.
You know, youre very bossy when we have sex.
Are you complaining?
No. Im just wonderingyou said you missed it.
Oh shit! Shes asking about that. Its not who, its just what I miss. Sometimes, I
whisper, stilled, gazing at her.
Well, well have to see what we can do about that, she murmurs, wrapping herself
around me.
I like to play, too, she murmurs glancing up at me. She amazes me at every turn. I
find myself smiling at her shyly.
You know, Id really like to test your limits, I whisper.
My limits for what?
Oh, I think Id like that, she beams.
Well, maybe when we get home, I whisper. If shes well enough. She nuzzles me again,
and I pull her back and cuddle my wife, my world.
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable
as night, and when you move, fall like a

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Lincoln wants war. He must have been studying Sun Tzus Art of War, because I
recognize the technique; he wanted to subdue me without fighting. But clearly, hes not
a very good student. The first rule in the Art of War is to know your enemy. And
Lincoln simply doesnt know his own enemy; namely, me. Theres a Christian Grey
persona outside. Its what everyone sees. Hardly anyone is allowed to get a glimpse of
what is inside of me. That Christian Grey is known by no one except Anastasia. I dont
intend to spread it out for others to decipher anytime soon. One of the first rules Sun

Tzu teaches is that victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while the defeated
warriors go to war first and then seek to win. I win first; Im a fighter. I dont turn the
other cheek. You attack all those I love and give every indication that you will continue
to do so, there is no place big enough to hide your wicked ass from me. I dont believe
in eye for an eye. And, I do forgive my enemies, but not before theyre hanged.
All Lincoln had to do was to leave my family alone. But, no. He deliberately aided
someone who had every intention of killing me; a man who attempted to rape and
kidnap my wife. With Lincolns help Hyde got out, and did kidnap my sister and my
wife and nearly killed them both. Hyde has been planning to cause the worst personal
damage to me; and by aiding this fucker secretly to accomplish his heinous goal, Linc
wanted to rip my heart out, and sit back to take pleasure of my torment; meanwhile
acting as if he had no hand in it. Not only did Hyde extort money from me through my
wife, but he intended to rape the girls, and he managed to beat my wife an inch of her
life and put my babys life in danger. This is war and its personal! Linc wont stop if I
dont stop him.
I've put Anastasia to bed nearly an hour ago. I call Ros.
Good evening, Mr. Grey, she answers her phone.
Ros! I need updates, I say curtly, my manic energy so is fucking intense; it's oozing
out of my pores.
About the Taiwanese? We followed your instructions, and half the money is
transferred to our bank in Taiwan, she replies. I feel irritation creep up.
Ros, I know I didnt just lapse into fucking Klingon! Thats not what Im asking about,
and you know it!
Oh, boss, since youre so eloquent this evening, Ill tell you the other update she
says sighing. Ros is one of the very few women who are neither affected by my charms
nor my wrath. Thats one of the reasons we can work well together, because she does
her job well, and tolerates my mercurial moods without so much a blink and manages
to do her job superbly instead of getting jumpy.
I have called in an emergency meeting and fired the board as you asked. But, the CEO
will know about this by tomorrow. You know that. I dont want GEH to be screwed
with twelve law suits! she says with acrimony.

No, we wont, I say as I lean back in my chair. The leather of my chair protests with a
Is this a joke, Mr. Grey? Someone will leak it into the media stating it to be a hostile
takeover. Knowing this, Ive done my homework, and had appropriate reasons to give
them the boot and a finger each. But we have had immediate leaks after we took over
SIP despite the gag order.
Well have gag orders placed in. Besides, I own a large portion of the stocks, and you
will get me the remaining shares first thing in the morning.
Im a step ahead of you Christian. Weve already had the gag order placed. However,
you know that this is only the eye of the storm.
Im well aware of that. If I didnt have all my ducks in order, I wouldnt have done it.
But, I do. Who do you think is going to have pity on a board of directors who are a
bunch of overpaid pricks? I have poured myself over into all the financial data of
Lincoln Timber in the last hour. Do you know how often this board of directors met?
As far as its written in the bylaws, they're supposed to meet quarterly, and also have
to meet whatever they prescribed in the corporate charter. Emergency meetings etc
Well, it averaged out one meeting a month. One fucking meeting! In the last meeting,
guess what the agenda was?
If the Congress is any indication, Id wager and say that setting the salaries and
compensation of company management.
Are you serious? Who is actually running the company?
Yes, quite serious. The only decisions theyve all agreed in the last three years
meetings and speedily approved are the salary increase and supporting and reviewing
the performance of the CEO who by the way rules them with an iron fist.
But, you know they can vote him out! Ros contradicts.
Not Roger Lincoln, I say perfectly calmly, I am anything but.
How do you know?

I shuffle the names, bios and very personal reports on the members of the board of
directors in the several files I have before me; courtesy of Welch.
Well, I would expect a better yield as far as income is concerned from a control freak
like Lincoln. The domestic wood products demand has been increasing with the
expected new housing market, remodeling, non-residential construction, industrial
construction as well as wood export demands from the Europeans. This will increase
even more so as early as the beginning of the New Year. The money is being made; I
have examined the ledgers. But, they should have had more growth than what is
I noted that too, sir. I had a feeling that someone, or a few someones were dipping
their hands into the cookie jar. I dont think you have gone through their ledgers as far
as I have. I had Warren with me and we both divided the information a certain number
of years. I had also the personal assets files drawn up of the board members. Sam
checked those for me, and marked the discrepancies. A lot of the numbers still didnt
add up. In the company earnings, theres about $53.6 million dollars unaccounted for,
and somehow the ledgers are shown in order. But theyre not.
I am pure attention, shift in my seat, and lean into my phone.
How much did you say?
$53.6 million Dollars, sir. This is over a period of thirteen years. Lincoln Timber has
been a public company in the past 15 years. Its carefully done, very tactful. Its not
skimmed in one or two years. Its been done over several years. Even though the
companys growth is expected to be substantial, it was moderate, or thats how we see
it. That is an important piece of information.
Who skimmed the money? Did you see any indication that one or more members of
the board could have done it?
Heres the thing sir. See, these guys have to kiss a lot of asses in the House and Senate
because theyre going neck to neck with the environmentalists who wish to see logging
companies eradicated. There are indications that we know some of the lips of these
guys so attached to some Senators, we dont know where their lips end and the
Senators asses begin. They might allocate funds for these politicians, but we found a lot
of greasy hands in the pot. If you think Mr. Lincoln is as controlling, she says
emphasizing the word, possibly thinking of my controlling tendencies, as you say he is,

he's turning the other way when it comes to their skimming from the top. There's a missing
amount that points to the board of directors. Weve calculated that number to be around $28.3

million Dollars. And thats between twelve guys and a few asses in D.C. You can see the
poorly concealed money trail. But the $53 million is I must say admirable. Theres no
trail. None, whatsoever.
Oh, no Ros. When theres an activity, theres always a trail. I know his secret. Its in the
cash dealings, I say in an even tone.
Cash? How could such large amounts of money can exchange hands in cash and no
one know about it? And why would they want to do that? That presents a tax problem
and countless other issues.
Simple. Everyone gets a kickback. And when you divide it into months, its about
$660,000 per months. When you look at it that way, its not that large amount of money.
It's about two bars of gold per month. When large amounts of timber sent overseas, he
can always show the price less than what is being agreed, and get the money deposited
to an overseas account.
What about the board members?
Lincoln controlled them all. He got good use out of them in keeping his game with the
politicians, and possibly allowed them to skim a certain percentage. Their salaries are
$150,000 each, yet they all sit on millions of Dollars of assets with no other business
endeavors. If they realized that he could be skimming, they were waist deep in sharks
themselves to bother with him, and why would they? They had a steady income
coming, the investors were getting a steady, however minimal return.
I hear Ros take a deep intake of breath.
In that case, I feel even better about firing their corpulent asses!
Corpulent? I laugh. You have a way with your words, Ros. Now that were on the
same page, tell me exactly what happened.
Im getting to it, Boss. Warren, Sam and I already figured out their part in the
skimming. But when the trailed got cold with the $53 mil, I assumed either Lincoln was
extremely stupid but he didnt struck me as one or hes the devils twin. I knew you
would ask all the details, so, when I had called the emergency meeting, I had Barney set
up a small camera from an inconspicuous angle, and he should have e-mailed video to
you. Let me text him to verify.

Ill look into my e-mails. It might be there already. I have not checked them in the last
hour since I was going over other documents. But what does the video entail?
Are you kidding? Its my shining moment, Christian! she says with exaggeration. It
shows how I kicked their asses, and if in case they wanted to sue us in the future, I have
solid evidence of what was said to them, and what they did in response. We have clear
indications and information at the lobby of our company stating that the building is
clearly monitored by video surveillance at all levels, she adds for my benefit.
Besides I was spectacular. I would like my Boss to see it.
Ill reserve judgment until I watch the whole thing and will let you know what I think
about it when Im done watching it.
What are you gonna do with the CEO, sir?
Im going to rip him apart one lumber at a time, I say and hang up.
I turn to my computer, and log into my e-mails. Theres the message from Barney
Sullivan. I click on the video. After a little static, I see Barneys sideways face with a pen
in his mouth, testing the connection and sound. He grins into the camera, moves his
glasses up his nose, and leaves.
I see Andrea leading the board members to the table one at a time. Theyre surprised to
have been called for an emergency meeting, at GEH of all places. I can hear the
confusion and anxiety to be called here.
Ros, Warren, Sam and two others from the Finance Department enter. Ros takes the
head of the table. Warren is middle aged, and hes seasoned in business. He also doesnt
mind appearing in financial papers. When the Lincoln Timber's board members see
him, they greet both Ros and Warren. But the others dont get any acknowledgement.
The two members who are closest to Ros shake her hand.
Mr. Warren, Miss Bailey, starts the most senior board member after clearing his
throat. Im Cliff Huxley. When I ask this question, I believe Im backed unanimously.
Is there a reason why we are called to have an emergency board meeting at GEH? A
murmur of agreement rises among the members.
Where is our CEO? asks another member.

And who might you be? Ros asks calmly raising her eyebrows knowing perfectly
well who it is. Its her method of putting someone at unease.
Im Andrew Sheldon. Im the Executive Vice President of Lincoln Timber.
Of course you are. Lets get started then, Ros says turning her attention to Warren.
Someone else clears his throat to get her attention; all eyes are fixed on Ros trying to
decipher why theyre here. But their demeanor is snobbish.
Miss Bailey! shouts the man sitting in the opposite end of the table, across from Ros,
as he slowly rises up in his seat. Im the CFO of Lincoln Timber. You have two minutes
to explain why we are here for an emergency meeting of all things. Otherwise, were all
Sit yourself down, Mr. Acers. You are no longer the CFO of any company. In fact
Lincoln Timber no longer exists.
What?!? questions rise around the table.
How is that even possible? someone else shouts.
I suggest you all sit down, sirs, Ros raises her voice. We owned 78% of your shares
yesterday, and as of this afternoon, that number is at 100% and it is consolidated within
the GEH. We no longer have need of your services.
This is a hostile takeover! someone else shouts.
No such thing is happening here, sir. Warren?
A grinning alligator interrupts, you take over 100% of our assets, consolidate into
your company and say that this isnt a hostile takeover?
Jeff Henson, Ros raises her voice. Your allocated salary is $152,000 and yet you have
dealings with paper companies such as the Southern Texture, New Leaf, Blank Page,
and oh, Smooth Run toilet paper on the side skimming from the top, and have
accumulated assets that are worth $3.1 million Dollars. Impressive Mr. Henson. All in
three short years! Tell me again, how do you manage to do that?
You have no proof! This is an accusation which you will answer in court!

Oh, Id love to. And of course the Internal Revenue Service would love to hear how
you have made this large amount of money and not paid a single dime of tax on it, Ros
says sweetly.
Murmurs run around the table.
Lets go over the finances; particularly the missing millions of Dollars. Of course we as
GEH are interested in knowing the whereabouts of that money; because we have owned a
large amount of shares, and yet we have been shortchanged over the years because of
your how shall I put this delicately Warren says racking his brain.
Highway robbery, adds Ros.
Highway robbery? shouts the CFO managing to look offended.
Dont get too impatient Mr. Acers. Im getting to you, says Ros theatrically shuffling
files. Ah, there you are, she says and opens a large pale blue folder. Acers shift in his
seat nervously.
You have been a bit greedier, havent you Mr. Acers? I can understand your
excitement. I love what you have done with your new boat which by the way youve
purchased from GEH. Thank you for your business. You have by far accumulated the
largest assets among all the board members which have all been acquired since you
began working about five years ago. Im sure the prospect of not skimming from the
top is stressful to you. But you have managed to increase your return by 18%. Thats a
wonderful return in this downturn of economy, dont you think Mr. Warren? she asks
sweetly again. Warren nods his agreement.
Meanwhile the yield from Lincoln Timbers last quarter was a whopping 0.25%...
Tsktsktsk... she tuts wagging her index finger.
How dare you bring us here, accuse us, and and tell us that you have overtaken
our company!
I know; Im sorry I neglected you Mr. Sheldon, being the former Vice President of
Lincoln Timber and all I was just about to reveal your highway robbery I beg your
pardon, your assets that you accrued generously from Lincoln Timber, Ros raises her
voice. Sheldon visibly pales on the camera. Barney must have taken the control of the
joystick, because the camera zooms in on Sheldons face. You have not done badly for
yourself since youre only $612,000 short of Mr. Acers, here. Congratulations!

Silence falls into the room as Ros goes on.

Stop! Sheldon says.
Shut up Sheldon, hisses Acers.
Do you want to get indicted?
I said shut up! Shes bluffing!
I dont bluff Mr. Acers. At your age of 52 years, a seemingly upright member of the
society, you can finally lead a decent life you pretend to possess. But should you choose
to go against GEH, we will come back with a vengeance, and make sure that you get to
be someones bitch at the State Penitentiary as oppose to vacationing on your yacht
Pearl with your lovely wife Cindy, your 11 year old daughter Jessie, your 16 year old
son Jake and your golden retriever Lucy. Think how your lovely wife would be
devastated and lonely in your very long absence And I have not even begun to talk
about the $53.6 million Dollars that is completely unaccounted for and I am beyond
sure that all the other investors would loooove to hear about the whereabouts of their
missing profits
What the fuck is Bailey saying Jeff? asks one of the younger members of the board,
visibly shaking.
I said shut up David! Sheldon shouts.
I dont think so! Im young, and I have my whole life ahead of me. I wouldnt have
gotten into any of these if it werent for you, Jeff, Cliff and Mr. Lincoln! Im not
screwing up my familys future for you guys anymore! I had no idea you guys had
accumulated that much money! How is that fair that you get five times as much as I do?
You can go fuck yourselves! What do you want Miss Bailey? he says turning to Ros.
I want you all to vote yourselves out of a job, sign an NDA, and you will be put under
a gag order.
Thats blackmail! shouts VP.
On the contrary, I could have turned all the evidence into the Feds and still owned the
company. Youd not only be out of a job, but reputation, family and the money as well.
Im giving you another shot at decency.

Young David looks green on the gills. Warren pulls his chair closer to Ros to avoid any
projectile vomit if David was to hurl his way.
This is your only and last chance. GEH owns the Lincoln Timber as of the last hour.
You have all been fired. But for the paperwork purposes, I will give you a chance to
vote yourselves out of a job like the honest men you pretend to be in the next two
Sam gets up with documents in his hand passing them around the table.
If we dont?
If a single one of you doesnt sign, all of the documents will be turned over to the
authorities. Do I have your agreement, gentlemen? First deathly silence covers the
room, and weak yeses can be heard around. Some just nods.
Ros stands, fixes the frills on her pale rose color shirt. Pushes a strand of her hair behind
her ear. She then turns to Warren with a smile.
My colleague, Mr. Warren will take it from here. Nice doing business with you
gentlemen, she says and exits the meeting room with her Jimmy Choo pumps clicking
Sam and Warren checks each document passed to them, one of my attorneys walk in
with a notary who certifies the documents making them official. I now own Lincolns
ass, minus the missing $53.6 million dollars hes hiding elsewhere. I will destroy him so
thoroughly he will wish he never crossed paths with me.
I call Ros back.
The sale of Lincoln Timber, piece by piece starts tomorrow. I want to start with the
I figured that was going to be the case from your less than happy demeanor earlier
today, sir. I have a few companies in mind that might be interested in the heavy
machinery the Lincoln Timber has. This is Washington after all. There are quite a few
other lumber companies.
Great! Sell them off tomorrow! Then sell the lumber they have in stock, and sell the
contracts with the trees to cut from other lands. I also want the lumber to be moved
within the week off the property. Put the land on sale with the onsite offices Sell the

trucks. Then sub-contract the workers to other timber companies. I want everything
about Lincoln Timber to be history within the next two weeks, I order resolutely.
I will, sir, Ros says hearing the you-cant-fuck-with-me-and-get-away-with-it
tone. Remind me to never to get on your bad side, Boss.
Good night, Ros, I say hanging up.
I slowly walk into my bedroom, grasping the hem of my t-shirt; I pull it off my head,
and slowly get into bed trying not to wake my wife up. She has one hand extended to
my pillow searching for me in her sleep, and the other hand is protectively over her
belly. My whole world is right here, in this bed. I take a sharp intake of breath with the
sight of my wife. The seeping city lights from a distance are dancing in her hair. God!
Im a lucky son-of-a-bitch. Luckier even to have Ana back in one piece. In that instant,
the mere inches are too far from her and I immediately pull Anastasia into my arms,
spooning her. She gives a satisfied sigh in her sleep, and snuggles with me. Holding her
like this I let sleep take over me.

***** *****
Good morning Seattle! Youre listening to K.O.M.O. 97.7 News Radio. Its 6:00 a.m. on
the hour. Its 49 degrees outside with 62% humidity. Afternoon showers are expected
around 3:00 p.m. We are now connecting with Sue Romero on Chopper 3 for traffic I

wake with the sound of the radio, finding myself wrapped around Ana like ivy on a
wall. I slowly untangle myself from her and quickly turn the radio off to not to wake
Its been two days since we visited our house, two days since I ordered Lincoln Timber
to be dismantled, and two fucking long days since we havent had sex. Im vibrating,
and can discharge energy if I was simply touched. I need to work out today to get the
excess energy off. I put on my gray sweats and a t-shirt on and leave the room.
Taylor is already at the entrance waiting in his workout clothes: shorts and t-shirt.
Good Morning sir, Taylor says as he presses the button to calls the elevator.
Morning Taylor, I say. He gives me a sideways glance and fidgets in his place. Taylor
never fidgets. Somethings up.
You got some news for me?
Yes, sir. Welch called earlier. Yesterday afternoon Ros sold all the heavy machinery
that once belonged to Lincoln Timber. The purchaser is moving them out this morning.
And someone informed Lincoln telling him the heavy machinery is being moved, and
theyre legitimately sold. Apparently he rushed to the lumber yard in his boxers and a tshirt. He was pissed like an ornery bull when the security we placed tried to prevent his
entrance to the company property since hes the CEO of a company that longer exists.
When Lincoln tried to fight with the security, he was escorted out in police custody.
Apparently hes in county jail right now in trespassing private property, assault charges
and destruction of private property, Taylor says trying to keep a straight face.
Assault charges?
Yes. He beat two security guys up pretty badly. One is hospitalized with broken ribs.
Second security guard got a broken nose a cracked elbow and wrist because he got
kicked by Lincoln repeatedly. Two other security guards helped to subdue him and
managed to cuff Lincoln and held him locked up until the cops were called. Even then
he managed to destroy some items in the office he was locked in. His lawyers are trying
to get him out in bail, but its too early for the judge to be at the court. Welch wants to
pay him in kind for what he did having Hydes paperwork got lost.
I nod, and take my Blackberry out just as the elevator door dings open at the gym. I dial
Welchs here, he answers after the second ring as if hes been up for hours.

Grey Welch, Taylor got me up to speed with Lincoln. Do whatever you need to do to
keep him locked up for 24 hours at least. 48 hours would be better. If my attorneys want
to fix the last fuck up they had in Hydes release, now is their chance.
I dont think that would be a problem sir. We have security camera feeds, and its clear
that Mr. Lincoln is a violent man with anger management issues. And during my search
for Hydes bailer, I have met a very interesting waiter who tipped me off on a lawyer
named Albert. He also remembers Lincoln meeting this lawyer. I showed a picture of
Lincoln and he immediately recognized him. He said he called himself Brioni, but the
waiter recognized it to be a fake name since he was wearing a Brioni suit, Armani silk
tie and Ferragamos Giostra Croc loafers.
How would he know all that? I ask skeptically.
Mr. Grey, its one of the most upscale restaurants in Seattle frequented by the
wealthiest of the state, and the waiter is as gay and as style guru by the looks of him as
Tim Gunn. He immediately knew that Lincoln was lying about his name after he said
his name was Brioni after a quick glance at his own suit. Described Lincoln to be in
control and commanding. He said that Mr. Lincoln was predatory like a lion dressed in
an expensive suit. Apparently his gaze alone instilled fear in this guy. It took $2000 to
unravel his fear. I also got the reservation list and discovered the name of the man
Lincoln was meeting. Its a lawyer named Albert Cohen. Hes not Lincolns regular
lawyer. But it appears that he has used this guys services a handful of times and only
when he wants to conceal something. His name came up when Mrs. Lincoln was
attacked a few years back. Thats when this lawyer who was representing Lincoln. I
stiffen immediately. Hes the man who does Lincs dirty work!
But, the most interesting bit of information I got after I took Albert for a ride with a
few of my colleagues yesterday was that Lincoln always, always deals with cash. Large
sums of cash, he enunciates. The cash travels around a few hands quite safely I might
add via this guy to reach its intended destination. He gets paid well enough but after
weve coerced him to cooperate with us, he fessed up that he gets a hefty sum of cash
each time he performs a service for Mr. Lincoln who apparently likes to be referred only
as Sir. The additional cash that was found with Hyde also came from Lincoln, he
The mother fucking asshole! I hiss under my breath, and Taylor looks concerned with
my colorful epithet. I want you to find where this dickhead is hiding his $53 million
Dollars he stole from the investors.
About that he starts.

Weve discovered a safe in the office he used at the Lincoln Timbers offsite office.
There was over $2 million Dollars in cash and account number and login information of
some offshore bank accounts. But the balance in those accounts only totaled up to be
around $17.2 million Dollars which he can still access of course. We still have the larger
sum unaccounted for.
Keep digging! I want all his offices to be examined. The headquarters as well. He no
longer owns the building, and he should not have access to any of the offices.
One more thing sir There are saved newspaper articles regarding your marriage,
your accomplishments, the SIP, GEH, Hydes break-in, Mrs. Greys and Miss Mias
kidnapping, the ransom, and Mrs. Greys hospital stay, he says slowly, letting the
information sink in.
What else? I ask through gritted teeth.
If the article printed a picture of Mrs. Grey and you, he crossed out Mrs. Grey's image
with a large X in red marker, and I could see that he... says and stops, clearing his
throat. My anger rises.
Spit it out Welch!
He must have been vengeful or angry because it was evident that he pressed the
marker really hard to cross her image. From a profilers point of view, it indicates a
personal grudge. Though we have searched for any evidence that could tie Mrs. Grey to
Mr. Lincoln, there is absolutely no indication that he knows Mrs. Grey personally at
Its because there isnt any connection! I hiss.
Yes, sir. But we could not have made that assumption without substantial evidence.
We had to make sure that there was nothing that tied Mrs. Grey to Mr. Lincoln. By
deductive reasoning, we have found one and only connection: you. He targeted Mrs.
Grey because shes your wife. But that conclusion only came after we put nearly twenty
pictures of you and Mrs. Grey together from newspaper and magazine clipping he
collected in a file. He didnt take a newspaper article with a picture or a magazine
image that didnt contain the both of you. What emerged out of it was that he wasnt
targeting Mrs. Grey at all Well, let me correct that, he was targeting Mrs. Grey but in
a way to deduct her from you. He was taking her out of the picture. He was leaving
your stranded and alone. We couldnt see this until we put all the articles and pictures

on one wall. That's when the intent emerged: A Christian Grey without a wife. So, the
grudge was personal, but it was you he was intending to punish by harming Mrs. Grey.
Hyde, of course was the perfect tool for that purpose because of his hatred for you and
Mrs. Grey. It would never occur to anyone that someone else had a hand in it had Hyde
succeeded in his attempts. I feel my rage rising in me again.
Make sure hes not set free on bail for 48 hours. Allocate my lawyers immediately to
represent the security guards to sue him for all hes got for what he did to them." My
voice is low, and menacing.
You said 24-48 hours, sir.
I changed my mind. 48 hours. I will give the fucker the surprise of his life when hes
released on bail! I hiss.
Yes, sir.
Taylor is eyeing me with concern. I walk into the gym, and go to a corner near the
punching bags. I dial Ross phone.
Good morning Boss, she answers the phone.
Ros, you have 48 hours to liquidate everything of Lincoln Timber. I dont want even a
single leaf with that name left by the end of the 48th hour.
Oh, you spoke to Welch already, then.
I did.
Heavy machinery is being moved today. I will sell the timber among three home
builders a little under the market value to move them fast, but well still make money.
And it turns out; Lincoln Timber has screwed a couple of other timber companies in
business dealings by constantly underbidding them, and cutting into their deals. These
two companies, Northwest Timber and Miller Timber reached out to us after the word
got out. They dont mind coming together and purchasing the land and office space
right out under King Lincoln himself. And thats the title they used, not me. Apparently
Lincoln is a self-titled man: King of Timber.
The timber companies have 50% of the asking money, but they need to secure a bank
loan for the rest of the 50%. As long as were backing them, the bank will loan them the
money today and this way we can make more money on the deal than I originally

estimated. If we sit on the property and work force, well lose money because we are in
the process of dispersing it. But, this offer is the best of the both world.
Do it! I say grinning as I hang up. You wanted to fuck with me Lincoln? Game on! By
the time I spit on your face, Ill have already won.
Taylor looks at me after I hang up.
Treadmill or punching bags? he asks.
Punching bags, I reply.

***** *****
When we get back to my Penthouse, Anastasia is still sleeping. Pregnancy is making her
hungry and tired. I gaze at her as she is lying in bed, looking younger than ever, her
hand still outreaching my pillow. I want to kiss her and hold her but she needs all the
rest she can get to heal and for the baby. I pat my way barefoot to the en suite bathroom
and turn the shower on. Quickly divesting my clothes off, I take a shower. After my
shower, I put on my white linen shirt and black jeans. I check on Anastasia, but shes
still deep asleep. I go back out to the living room.
Breakfast Mr. Grey?
Yes, Gail. My usual. Ill have my coffee now, I say as I sit at the breakfast bar. She
brings me a steaming cup of coffee as start reading Seattle Times. Gail puts a warm
plate of egg whites and bacon before me within a few minutes. Then she fills my coffee
up. As Im halfway through my breakfast, Anastasia walks in with pale blue a
wraparound dress which is making her blue eyes even brighter. Her hair is in a
Good morning, Mrs. Grey, I greet her with a smile.
Good morning, Christian, she says leaning in for a kiss. I encase her between my legs
and holding her in my embrace, I give her a deep kiss. Gail studiously ignores us, but
then I dont give a shit about who sees me giving my wife a through tonsil exam with
my tongue. When our lips part, were both breathless and Anastasias cheeks are
Guess, you missed me, she says smiling.
You have no idea! I murmur as I sit her on to the seat next to me.

What would you like this morning, Mrs. Grey? Gail turns around handing Anastasia
her tea.
Uhmm Ill have waffles, eggs, bacon and some melon please Mrs. Jones. Im
starving! she says. Gail gives Anastasia a wide grin, completely happy like a mother
whose child is finally eating without a fuss.
Dont you have work today? Anastasia asks.
I do, but Ill do my work from home Whats the point of being the boss and not be
able to take time off from my office? I say smiling.
I should go to work
You can do your work from home, Ana. I cant let you go until next week.
Christian, its Thursday for heavens sake! Im feeling better, she argues as Gail places
her plate before her.
Mrs. Grey, this argument has been closed since Monday. You can revisit it next
Monday. Until then you stay home, and I stay home making sure you dont get in
trouble, I say with an inscrutable gaze. Anastasia cuts and takes a big bite of her
waffle. She closes her eyes as if shes savoring the taste of it for the first time in her life.
This is great Gail! she says with a mouthful of waffles. Then turns to me after taking a
sip of her tea.
Christian, I dont need babysitting. Im a big girl, she says and I raise my eyebrows.
Who says Im baby-sitting you? Im just trying to spend quality time with my wife, I
say my eyes darkening.
Oh she murmurs turning her attention back to her plate.
I suppose I can read the query letters and respond to them, she murmurs as she takes
a bite of her eggs.
Would you like some orange juice Mrs. Grey? Gail asks.
Yes, please, she replies. Gail places a glass of juice by her plate. Anastasia is
completely concentrating on her plate of food.
I hate that I cant stop eating, she murmurs.

Yet, I love you eating, baby. Youre eating for the two of you, remember?
Yes, but I dont want to get fat, she replies taking a bite of her melon.
Well get you a trainer who has experience in training pregnant women. That way you
two can work out a regimen to keep you healthy. But you need to eat. Blip is counting
on you, I say. She places her fork down on the plate, her eyes glisten with unshed
tears. Oh, shit! Did I say something to hurt her feelings?
What a lovely thing to say! I love you, Christian, she says and wraps her arms around
my neck tightly. After a few seconds of confusion, I return her hug, and hold her in my
arms as long as she wants to be there. I make a mental note to ask her doctor if theres a
comprehensive book I can read on pregnancies. I have a feeling shes going to
experience quite a few mood swings and other changes that I need to prepare for.

After breakfast Anastasia spends most of the day going through her work e-mails,
reading query letters, and getting a head start on reading a manuscript. I talked to
Welch and my lawyers who are responsible for Lincoln remaining in jail without a bail
for the next 48 hours. After seeing the videotape, the judge decided that it was best for
Lincoln to remain in jail to cool his jets down without bail, and the issue will be
revisited within 48 hours. The bank secured the financing for the two other lumber
companies, and the papers have been signed. But the land and properties formerly
belonging to Lincoln Timber wont change hands until Monday at the conclusion of the
3 day waiting period.
Anastasia is tired by noon, and I put her down for a nap while she is protesting and
Just for a little while baby. Your body clearly needs the rest for healing and its going
through a lot of changes, and creating a new life I say in awe. Its going to take its
toll on you. Sleep, I order. Ill come and check on you later.
Hold me until I fall asleep, then, she whispers. I sigh. Fuck it! Work can wait a little
longer. I sidle next to her, and pull her into my arms, hum her until she falls asleep.
Bellas Lullaby
I leave Anastasia when shes deep asleep, and go to my study to work. When Im
finished with the e-mails, Ross and Welchs files, its already been two hours. Since
Anastasia hasnt come out yet, Im going to let her sleep a little more. I sit at my piano,
pulling the lid down so I dont wake Ana up, I start playing Jesu Bleibet Meine

Freude by Bach: The Joy of Mans Desiring. Its a happy tune. I have my wife safe and
sound. My baby and my sister are safe and sound. Hyde is in jail. And I will deal with
Lincoln when he gets out. Its a good day.

Jesu Bleibet Meine Freude-Bach

Once I finish playing the tune, I start over again and again and again. I only stop when
my Blackberry buzzes with an incoming e-mail. Who would that be at this hour? I take
it out of my pocket, and open the message that jump-starts my heart and raises my
libido to Defcon 1.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: My Husbands Pleasure
Date: September 21, 2011 20:46
To: Christian Grey
I await your instructions.
Yours always
Mrs. G x
I take a deep shaky breath. We were going to explore the limits of her pleasure, but
shes still healing. On the other hand, I desperately want and need her. She wants me
And she really needs to be fucked thoroughly. It feels like its been forever. Shit! I dont
want to hurt her, but we need this. It will heal her, heal us. We need this as much as
eating, sleeping and breathing. And her message does say my husbands pleasure. I
am her husband. If she wants it, Ill be the one giving it to her.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: My Husbands Pleasure ---- love this title baby
Date: September 21, 2011 20:49
To: Anastasia Grey
Mrs. G
Im intrigued. Ill come and find you.
Be ready.

Christian Grey
Anticipative CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
I slowly but anxiously stride my way towards our bedroom, barefoot. The door is ajar. I
walk in slowly. Anastasia is kneeled by the door in her blue lace panties and place blue
lace camisole. Her fingers are spread on her legs, her eyes downcast. My Playroom
over washed jeans are neatly folded by her. The sight of her, what she wants to do for
me, to please me, to fulfill my needs makes my heart jump start. She really wants this!
She wants this is for both of us.

She will never be a submissive, but this will do. This is heaven. I feel the lump in my
throat, because this is Anastasias gift for me; for both of us. I finally lean down in a
gesture to accept what she is offering me and pick the jeans up. I can see her chest rising
up and down deeply with anticipation and excitement. My wife wants to play. We aim
to please. I walk into my closet with my playroom jeans she laid out for me. I divest all
of my clothes off and put my jeans on with the top button open. I walk back to my
bedroom where my wife is still kneeling. I stand before her.

So you want to play? I murmur.

Yes, she responds. Yes? Is that what we say? I dont respond. I want her to remember
the rules. When I say nothing. I feel her gaze move over my denim clad thighs, and my
bulge at my fly, at the open button at my waist. Then her eyes linger over my happy
trail a little too long, finally rising up to my chest hair. Shes drinking me in like a man
out of the desert thirsting for water. Her gaze connects me with her, my synapses firing,
desiring her. When the blue of her hungry eyes meet with my gray stormy gaze, my
head cocked to one side questioning her with an arched quizzical brow, she gets her
OSM (Oh Shit! Moment) face.
Yes what? I whisper, enunciating. She takes a sharp intake of breath, remembering.
Yes, Sir.
My eyes soften at her enthusiasm. Good girl, I murmur as I caress her hair. I think
wed better get you upstairs now, I add. We havent been to the Playroom for a while. I
hold my hand out for her to take her upstairs. When we reach the playroom door, I stop
and bend down and kiss her gently before grasping her hair hard.
My wife is a switch. She can be both submissive or a dominatrix. She wants to submit to
me, but instead of waiting for me to make the demands, she makes the demand and I
find her in a submissive position, forcing my decision to be with her. She is topping
from the bottom. Fuck it! I cant resist her. Ill take her any way I can get her.
You know, youre topping from the bottom, I murmur against her lips that I cant get
enough of.

What? she asks.

Dont worry. Ill live with it, I whisper and run my nose along her jaw and gently bite
her ear.
Once inside, kneel, like Ive shown you.
Yes Sir.
I gaze down at this creature who is my wife, who loves me unconditionally and is
willing to do this for both of us. Im in awe of my Anastasia; completely in love with
her. She bites her lip and walk into the Playroom. I go back to our bedroom and find her
pink Louboutins and a hair tie. Then I make a stop at the library. After taking one item
out of the library, I make my way back to the playroom.

When I walk into the playroom, shes kneeling by the door only in her panties; her hair
is cascading on her back, eyes downcast, hand splayed on her legs. I approve.
I walk towards Anastasia. Im in my Dom persona again.
Ana, you may look at me, I say and she lifts her gaze up to me.
I want you to put these on, I order. I extend my hand to her, and she takes it, standing up.
Yes, Sir, she replies. I hold her hand and she walks into her shoes.
Turn around, I command.

Yes, Sir. She turns her back to me. I pick her hair at the nape and tug it and quickly braid it tying it in
the end. I give a tug at her hair, and her head is forced back making her lips available for me. I kiss her
hard and deep, with possessive urgency.

I walk her to the four poster bed.

I want you to now take your panties off Slowly, I order. Anastasias breathing speeds up. She
swallows and hooks her thumbs into her waistband, slowly running her thumbs around her panties and
slowly lowers them down. My cock is so hard; its straining against my fly, ready to get out. I want to
fuck her deep and hard. Shit! I have to show restraint depending on how she feels. But if I delay the
gratification for both of us, our pleasure grows exponentially.
Lie on your back on the bed, I order. As she lies down, I get the spreader bar, lifting it up, I show it to
her. I fasten the spreader bar on her ankles.
Im going to fasten your hands now Anastasia. I need a show of hands, I say.

Yes, Sir, she replies holding her hands out with barely restrained excitement. I cuff her hands with soft
leather cuffs and tie them to the headboard. Now, I will put these on your nipples, I show her the
clothes pins. She gasps as I pinch her nipples and pin them with the clothes pins. Then, I

walk to the

stereo and shuffle to Rui Da Silvas Touch Me on repeat.

Rui da Silva ft. Cassandra Touch Me
Now, Anastasia, due to popular demand, we are going to play, baby. This is for both
of our pleasure. Im your husband, I say.
Sometimes dominant she says, Sir, she adds. My eyes darken.
Im going to spank you with this," I say showing her the ruler. "Six or ten, Anastasia?
I ask. Her eyes widen. She bites her lip.
Ten please, Sir, she says. Fuck me! I would love to baby.
I want you to count with me baby, I say and twisting the spreader bar, I turn her onto
her stomach.
Lift that glorious ass up the air, I order, my voice is rough. She pulls her knees under
her, lifting her ass up in the air; her sex is peaking, glistening wetly.
My hand gently strokes her buttocks, and then my middle finger dips into her sex,
swirling. She moans. I take my finger out, and rub her buttocks again. Then I lift my
other hand up and land the ruler evenly on both of her buttocks.
One she moans. I lower my aim, and swoosh the ruler in the air again landing it on
her sex and the bottom of her ass. Two she utters. I rub her buttocks again
caressing, then land the ruler again in a pattern. Three she counts and groans with

I massage her buttocks and stroke her sex between every other spanking. Her buttocks
are pink with the blood rushing to the surface, alerting her nerves to receive pleasure.

Nine she counts, her voice needy, full of desire. And for ten I use my hand landing
it right on her sex and buttocks, and dip two of my fingers into her greedy sex.
Ten please, Sir, fuck me! she begs.
Hush, baby, all in good time, I murmur. Keep this glorious ass up in the air, I order,
and dip my nose between the apex of her thighs and inhale, then I spear my tongue into
her sex, and swirl, pushing it deep. My hands grasp her buttocks hard, not letting her
move away from my ministrations. But she is greedy today. Shes pushing her ass into
me, seeking friction. I suck her clit hard with my lips, and my tongue finally tortures it
with pleasure. I swipe my tongue against her slit and between the blooms of her sex,
and shes forced to absorb the pleasure because the spreader is preventing her close her
legs. I lean in, and fuck her with my tongue. Then, unexpectedly I flip her over to her
back, and seal her sex with my mouth again, but this time, I reach her nipples and as I
deliver the last stroke for an explosive orgasm, I squeeze the clothes pins, and pull them
off her nipples. She screams my name in pure bliss. I immediately take my pants off.
I want her with ferocious hunger. I quickly flip my wife onto her back again. Lifting her
buttocks up, I pull her to meet my cock, and bury myself into her. Anastasias orgasm
has been so intense, I can feel it rolling over my cock, and the muscles inside her sex are
still contracting. Shes trembling like a leaf.

She gyrates her hips, and I hold her in place.

No baby, I want you to feel every inch of me take over your sex! I say, and slowly
feed my cock into her sex. Im finally balls deep. I close my eyes, and hold myself in
Please, Sir. I need more! she begs again. She is so wet. Wet for me! I move out slowly,
and move back in again, savoring her like a flavorful wine.
Christian! Sir! I wont break. Fuck me! Fuck me, hard! she demands. Topping from
the bottom again, but this time, I let myself go wild, and drive out, and spear into her
hard, my balls heavy and aching; slapping against her clit, stimulating her, driving her
wild. My veins on my cock are throbbing, seeking friction and pleasure. I pull out
again, and this time I let loose the wild hunger, the animalistic urge to fuck my wife,
and completely possess her. I can feel her build up again quickly.

Hold it Ana! Dont come, baby! Savor it! Feel my cock taking you over! Possessing
you. When I feel her tightening, quivering around my cock, I slow and pull back.
When the quivering dies down, I plunge back into her again with ferocious speed but
this time I don't stop.
Come for me baby! I growl. I feel her muscles squeezing me like a fist inside her,
milking me for all Ive got, making me come hard. I finally empty every last drop into
her, taking over my wife or she takes over me.
I collapse onto her; my faculties are elsewhere with pure pleasure. I finally pull out of
her, and undo her ankles and wrists, rubbing them. I pull my wife into my arms, and
we both hold onto each other until sleep takes over us, melting our tension, worries,
and troubles. At least for the time being.
In My Secret Life - Leonard Cohen


Monday came fast enough. I wake up before the radio alarm goes off. Anastasia and I
are wrapped in each others arms. If I move, shell wake up. I shift in the bed slowly
trying to move my arm under her head. But that makes her roll into me, and she holds
my torso in her sleep, trying to situate herself in the bed trying to fit her soft body to the
contours of my hard muscles. As she moves to find a perfect position to sleep in my
grasp, her breasts rub around my chest hair, and her nipples awaken my senses. My
erection springs, laying between us a thick and heavy rope, digging into
her. Awareness of my intruding cock, throbbing over her soft flesh wakes her up.
Good morning to you, too, husband, she says smiling half asleep into my chest.
Hi, I kiss her forehead.
Hmmm, she murmurs. Shifting her head slightly, she kisses my neck. "Guess you're
happy to see me."
We dont have to if you dont feel up to it I say.
Anas hand reaches to my erection and she rubs her thumb over the burning wide crest
of my erection spreading the dew over the tip. Her singular touch almost immediately
fires up my body, and send shock-waves all through my extremities curling my toes.
She fucking lit the fuse!

Weve gone all weekend without it. Cant treat me like Im made of glass, Christian,
she complains.
I groan and take her lips with urgent demand, sucking her lips and feel the luscious
softness. My tongue is all over her mouth at once, thrusting, caressing deeply, stroking
in sensual licks. She moans into my mouth, surrendering and taking. My hands move to
her head to hold her in place, and as I carefully place her beneath me, I loom over her.

Christian, she moans, raising her head, her mouth meets mine, her arms wrap around
my neck. Im hungry I just got a bad craving, she murmurs into my mouth.
Huh? Now? I ask incredulous, lifting my head up to get a good look at her face. Once
Anastasia is turned on, she normally has no off switch. She wants food now, yet she
looks at me as if Im something to eat.
Now, she groans, and her tummy gurgles as if to back her up. Puzzled, I pull back
up, hot and frustrated.
Well, I guess we can get breakfast, I say looking down at my disappointed erection,
now throbbing.
I want a chocolate Popsicle.
A chocolate Popsicle? I ask, testing the words of her odd request. Im the husband of
a pregnant wife. Guess I have to be prepared to get odd food requests at unexpected
times, like when Im ready to make love to her.

Uhm Im not sure if Mrs. Jones purchased any chocolate Popsicle. Ill have to check
in the freezer, I say. You sure you dont want breakfast? I ask trying to hide my
Oh, I want breakfast alright, but I want it here. You find the chocolate syrup in the
pantry and bring it back please; Im looking at my Popsicle right now, she says her
gaze is locked on my erection. It takes me a moment to register.
You want to dip my cock in chocolate? I ask as my gaze is darkening with wanton
I want my Christian Grey flavored chocolate Popsicle, now! she demands.

Yes, maam, I reply with another glance at my wife and pull the sheet from the bed
leaving her completely naked for my eyes, and wrap it around my waist. Wordlessly, I
go out of our room, and quickly make my way to kitchen. Gail is in the kitchen
working. She looks up as my feet softly pads way towards the pantry.
Good morning Mr. Gr... Grey, she say stuttering seeing my half naked state under my
bed spread, and immediately lowers her eye.
Morning Gail, I reply and open the pantry. My gaze quickly scans the contents
situated on the shelves. Finding a bottle of Ghirardellis Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce,
I take the bottle, and with Gails puzzled gaze following my retreating steps, I make my
way back to our bedroom. Seeing the Ghirardelli bottle in my hand, Anastasia grins and
rubs her hand together.
Yes! My favorite! she says and almost attacks the bottle ripping it out of my hand. Its
fucking hot because not only my wife wants to suck me dry but also eat off of me. She
licks her lips hungrily her gaze going from the bottle to my heavy erection.

Im hungry, husband. Feed me, she says smiling lustfully, beckoning me with the
crook of her finger, then pats the space on the bed next to her like the Sirens call.
Alright Mrs. Grey. Have it your way, I say as I stretch next to her. My cock, a thick
rope lies heavy against my belly. Anastasia grins and straddles me. Placing the
unopened bottle of chocolate next to me, she slowly, purposefully leans down until her
nipples slowly touch and tease me on her ascent towards my lips. When she reaches my
neck, she places light kisses over the side of my neck, my ear. Capturing my earlobe
between her teeth, she slowly tugs it into her mouth and sucks deep. Oh shit! I feel the
effects of it on the crown of my cock. Her lips move to the side of my face, my chin,
grazing over my stubble, stimulating her senses. When she finally makes her way to my
lips, she traces them with the tip of her tongue, and finally covers it with her now
swollen lips. Our lips mold over each other, kissing passionately, sucking and teasing.

I am going to lick the chocolate off your cock and then suck my favorite Popsicle dry,
whispers against my mouth making me even harder. As her lips retract back slowly,
making me feel bereft and needy, she travels back down my body slowly, kissing,
licking and nipping.
Once her lips reach my belly button, she traces the circumference with her tongue, and
darts it into my belly button. Then slowly and leisurely, she traces her nose over my
happy trail, still moving south. Finding my heavy ball sack she lifts it with her hand
and gently sucks it. I hiss a harsh breath between my teeth. She pays the same attention
to my other ball. Finally, she traces her tongue from the root of my cock to the dewy tip.
The wide crest of my cock is both feverish and pulsing with need for her. Anastasia
leans down, her hair cascading on the sides of her head in chestnut waterfalls. Her right
hand grasps the root of my thick cock. She slightly lifts her long eyelashes and our
gazes meet. Anastasia runs her tongue over her upper lip showing me how hungry she
is for my cock.

Fuuuuck! The word escapes my lips in a hissing blow. She lowers her mouth; her
gaze still locked with mine and her soft lips encases my steely erection starting with the
soft tip first. The tip of her tongue swirls and strokes the crown gently, rhythmically. I
clutch the pillows on both sides of me. Then her lips and mouth leaves my cock and I
feel the cool drips of chocolate on the very tip of my cock as Anastasias hand is holding
the root up like a Popsicle. When the first lazy drop hits the tip, the sensation coupled
by her ravenous gaze on her prize is thrilling. She licks her lips. Then another and
another and another drop of chocolate land on my crown and slowly oozes down the
shaft and over my erection, finally coating the crescent formed by her thumb and the
index finger, pooling. Once my cock is completely covered with chocolate, looking like
a rather overlarge banana, Anastasia grins as she looks at me, and without breaking her
gaze, her mouth descends on my cock.

Her lips first touch the tip, and she sucks the chocolate rather ravenously, jolting my
body with an incredible sensation. She keeps her attention on the tip first and when she
slightly raises her head just to look at me, her lips are covered in dark brown chocolate.
A swipe of her tongue clears the most of the chocolate out of her lips, and I want to do
that, but I restrain myself. She bites her lower lip and descends her mouth on my
chocolate covered cock again. This time she slowly licks the chocolate off as if shes
licking melted ice-cream from a cone to not to let it go to waste. She finally looms down
and sucks my cock to the hilt. As her mouth ascends back up to the tip, so does her
hand covered in chocolate, freshly coating my cock again.
My heart is racing, my toes are curling, and my eyes are rolling into the back of my
head with the overwhelming and rather unexpected but extremely welcome amorous
attack. Her mouth, lips, teeth and hand work tirelessly on my cock, and I build up and
up, but try to hold the sensation in a little longer. As she grazes down my cock with the

slight clasp of her teeth and soothing the sting with her talented tongue, I hold the sides
of the headboard; buck my hip into her mouth matching her movement. She pushes my
cock to the hollow of her cheek, with suction, and pulls me in deeply inviting my come
into her mouth. I reach my peak shouting, Oh, ffffuuuck! Anaaa! and come in large
spurts into her welcoming mouth.
When the sparks before my eyes subside to give way to sight, I see her smiling face, her
lips and chin covered in chocolate. I sit up in a rush and come face to face with her. I
take her face between my hands and possess her lips with mine, taking not asking,
conquering not visiting. I taste a mingle of flavors in her mouth. Chocolate, Anastasia
and me. What an intoxicating concoction!

Mrs. Grey, now that weve assuaged one of your appetites, I think its time to satisfy
others, I murmur into her mouth as I carefully lower her onto her back. This time, I
loom over her.

Lets see how this chocolate tastes on you. My smile is dark and lascivious. I take the
chocolate bottle and let large drops fall onto her nipples lazily slide down over her soft
peaks. I make a trail leading down to her belly and partly over the junction of her
waxed thighs.

Dont Move I order distinctly. I hold her hands above her head with one of mine
and lick the chocolate trailing down to her sternum making my way up over the peak.
With a swipe of my tongue, I clear the chocolate, leaving a light residue behind, and
suck the peak with a force that Ana bucks her hips, and spreading chocolate to my
Every Breath You Take - Sting

Oh, baby, you moved, I say grinning, and restrain her legs with mine.
As my mouth moves down towards her belly button, she moans incoherently, trying to
move and create a friction.

You move when I tell you to move, baby. Slow, Ana, slow I say looking up from
her belly button. I dip my tongue into her belly and lick the trickling chocolate. Once its
all cleared, I seal my lips over her womb, and kiss our baby, stopping all of Anastasias
movements, even breathing. Our gazes lock, and I let go of her hands, and then move
over her sex. Its been waxed clean. I lean down and lick over her pubic bone. Once its
clear, I lower my lips to the blooms of her sex. My tongue slowly lapping, and dipping
into her tight slit. I thrust my tongue further into her, and her hands reach my hair, and
pushing her hips into my mouth, her fingers tangled in my hair pulls it hard, urging me
to get her to her climax. I take my tongue out and run my stubble over her sensitive
tissue, and she shrieks in delight.

Please, Christian! she begs.

And please you, I shall, baby I murmur, and suck her clit into my mouth while
relentlessly pleasuring her with my tongue. As she starts building and screaming her
pleasure, I dart my tongue into her sex, plunging deep, I swoop it around counter clock
wise, and find her secret spot in the front wall of her vagina, giving her double orgasm.

As she is writhing in pleasure, I plunge my cock to the root, driving her into the
mattress, pounding. Every slap my balls deliver to the base of her sex stimulates me
even further, massaging, and coaxing. As I thrust my cock into the depths of her sex, I
hold Anastasias buttocks and gyrate my hips, locating her sweet spot. When I further
lean to capture Anas lips she moves down and pulls my right nipple into her mouth
between her teeth and then sucks deep and hard making my cock thicken even
further in her sex. My urge to fuck her goes animalistic, and I lean down grinning,
forcing her lip up to meet mine. Were all tongue, lips, and sex, driving into each other
madly. When we let go of the lips, I capture her nipple, sucking her.

Christian, hurry! she shouts, tipping me over the edge. We come loudly, both of us
lost in pleasure, both of us sticky with chocolate and sex. Grabbing her rolling onto my

back, I let her collapse onto me. Connected, holding each other, we lie on the bed for
several minutes.
Ive missed this Ive missed fucking you, being inside of you, Mrs. Grey, I say.
Making love, she corrects me.
No matter how rough, how driven, how animalistic, its always making love with you,

***** *****
After shower we quietly dry each other. Anastasias bruises are nearly gone, thank God.
I slowly kneel down drying her body with a plush towel, and finally reaching down to
her feet with the towel making sure she's completely dry.
Are you going to work today? she asks.
Yes, I have work to catch up, I say though I have quite a lot of work completed at
home. Linc might be released today. I have to prepare for a battle.
I want to go to work today. Ive missed a lot of work, too.
I would prefer that you stay home I say.
Christian! she starts protesting. I want to work. Hyde is in jail. Elisabeth is in jail. I
want to go to work. Ill be bored to death at home, she protests.

You didnt let me finish, I say softly, rising up. When we come face to face, I lift her
chin up to look at me. but, I will let you go to work if you follow ALL the security
protocols. Its not just about you anymore. I need to protect our baby as well, I say my
hand on her belly.
You want to keep this little blip safe, dont you? She nods her head, completely silent,
breathless. Then you and I have to cooperate when it comes to your safety and our
babys she nods her agreement wordlessly, her eyes wide.
Theres going to be additional security at SIPI say and she rolls her eyes, groaning.
Baby, you have to remember that your boss, Elisabeth Morgan passed my securitys
scrutiny, your judgment and weve completely overlooked her relationship with Hyde.
There will always be others who will have ill will towards us. Im a high profile man,
unapproachable for nearly all of those people who wish me harm. But you, my lovely
wife, I say holding her face in my hand, you are my Achilles heel. She frowns.
Im not weak, Christian!
No, baby, I caress her cheek with the back of my hand. No Youre not weak. But I
am when it comes to you Can you understand that? I ask searching her face. You
are the single most important person in the world to me. More important to me than my
own life! You are my safe place. The only person that has the power to make me whole,
to make me deliriously happy, madly in love, passionately angry, and the only person
who holds the power in her small hands to destroy me, I whisper.
Christian! How could you say that? Why or how would I destroy you? How could I
wield such a power? she utters emphatically with hurt.
Baby, you are easier to approach. You are my world. If youre gone in any shape or
form, Im irrevocably destroyed. So, protecting yourself also means youre protecting
our child, and your husband, my voice goes lower. Were team, Ana. How could you
think I survive, if you didnt?
She nods her head unequivocally, agreeing. Okay. Yes, yes, to the security. But, please
give me room to breathe. Because I dont want to have the fear of asking your
permission to do simple things, and not doing what you exactly want me to do in order
to get a little room to breathe. And" she says changing gears, "I also want to thank
you for treating me like an adult and explaining, she says swallowing.

There are a lot more I need to conceal from her for the time being keep her from
worrying. Lincoln is a threat still to my familys well-being.

***** *****

We get dressed. Anastasia chooses a charcoal grey suit for me with a crisp white shirt.
She puts on her cream colored lace bra and underwear. The she sits on the bed, and
makes a mouthwatering show of putting her tan color silk stockings on. When she clips
them onto her garter belt, a hard swallow passes through my throat. Locating her
sleeveless cream colored silk blouse with a V neck perfectly fitting her form, she puts it
on and buttons them only up to the bottom of her bra. I narrow my eyes on her. She
only smiles mischievously in response and then slowly, purposefully puts her pencil
skirt on which matches the color of my suit. After shaping her hair into a chignon she
applies lip gloss, eye liner and mascara. After rubbing and smacking her lips together,
she puts her tan high heeled Louboutins on. She looks good enough to peel those
clothes off and make love again!

You dont plan on walking out of here, with this, are you? Wife? I ask raising my
eyebrows. My index finger is tracing the lines of her silk bra.
What would you suggest, husband? she asks batting her eyelashes innocently.
These, I say my hand rubbing over her straining breasts, these are mine! And so are
you! Dont forget that. I dont want other men ogling my wife. My pregnant wife, I
whisper soft and dark.
Youd do well to button it up at least two more buttons, I add.
Oh, Christian! she protests. Maybe one more. Im yours! Everyone knows that, she
negotiates rolling her eyes.
Ok, Mrs. Grey, one more. Just as long as everyone knows youre mine.

***** *****
The ride to SIP is silent. I hold Anastasias hand, running gentle, sensual circles inside
her palm, then over her knuckles.
How do you feel? I ask.
Good. I ate a lot at breakfast, she says making a displeased face. Mrs. Jones packed
my lunch. I think Im good to go. Im looking forward to getting back to normal, she
says and I nod.

Taylor pulls in front of the SIP, putting the car on park. Sawyer jumps out and opens
Anas door as Taylor opens my door. I step out of the car, and walk behind the SUV in
sure strides and hold my wifes hand. Sawyer follows us a few steps back discreetly.
Coming to SIPs door, I pull her to me, and kiss her with all Ive got. Nearly losing her,
first thinking she was leaving me, and then thinking she died, and finally seeing her in
the hospital in a comatose state, permanently and conclusively changed me. Carpe
Diem. I want to take every opportunity to kiss her, love her and declare to everyone
that this woman is my wife! Mine and mine alone! When shes thoroughly kissed and
breathless, I hold her hand again, and walk her into the building.
Welcome back Ana! greets the African-American receptionist. Her large hoops of
earring are dangling as she stands up rushing to Ana to give her a hug, taking her
completely by surprise. Ana returns her hug with one hand as her other hand is firmly
held in mine. Soooo glad to see you well! Oh, hello Mr. Grey! she says, her eyes
widening. Finally, I manage to take Ana into her small office with welcome backs and
other well wishes. But of course, every single one of these employees are have already
been thoroughly checked and examined. The security Welch has put in SIP are as good
as Sawyer. Their job is to watch Ana, and tightly examine each and every visitor.
Theyre the first line of defense to Anastasia.
Hearing the commotion, Roach comes out. Seeing me in the building, his eyes widen,
and with hasty steps he approaches me.
Mr. Grey! How nice to see you. Is Ana back?
Yes, she is back today.
Would you like to sit down, sir?
No, I just came to drop my wife off.
If theres anything
Not at the moment, Roach, I say, nodding to Sawyer, I walk out.
Examine all the employees who wish to have contact with Ana. Other editors, staffers,
clients, everyone. Stay close to her, and let me know if anything, I do
mean ANYTHING, I say emphasizing, is suspicious, different, or unexpected
approaches Mrs. Grey to if she intends to do anything of that nature, I order.

Yes, sir.
When I get back to the SUV, Taylor lets me in the car and closes the door behind me.
His eyes meet mine on the rear-view mirror. I raise my eyebrows questioning.
Welch called. Hes at the Grey House with two of your lawyers. Lincoln has been
released on $250,000 bail this morning, he states.
Anything else? I ask with carefully reined anger.
Yes, three of Welchs men are on stakeout 24/7 following his every move, he says as
he puts the SUV in gear and eases into the morning traffic.

***** *****
Mr. Grey! How nice to see you, sir! Andrea greets me.
Thank you Andrea. Where are they? I ask.
I thought it would be best to put them in Meeting Room 1, but if you wish I can send
them to your office. What would you prefer?
Send them into my office in ten minutes.
Yes, sir. Would you like me to go over your schedule now, or after youre done with
your meeting?
After would be fine.
I turn my computer on, and sit in my leather executive chair. Andreas disembodied
voice alerts me of my company.
Send them in Andrea, I say, the back of my chair turned to the door. My gaze is fixed
on the city of Seattle. I hear the door close behind me. Someone clears his throat.
Sit down gentlemen, I say.
Taylor, I hear Welchs short greeting.
Welch, he responds with a greeting of his own, equal in its cool.

I turn my chair around to meet three curious gazes, two of which are anxious except for
What have you got for me this morning? I ask turning my gaze to the lawyer who
fucked up with Hydes release.
Mr. Grey, he starts clearing his throat, the swallowing. Mr. Lincoln has been released
this morning on $250,000 bail. We have of course made every attempt to prevent his
release. The two security guards who have been seriously injured have filed complaints,
and we have made it very clear to the judge that if Mr. Lincoln is released on bail, he
has the potential of harming others as he has harmed two security guards who were
only doing their jobs. His attorneys argued that the Mr. Lincoln experienced
extenuating circumstance with a hostile takeover of his company and was in a complete
shock. He thought he was going to his own company where he was the CEO and
finding resistance from the security guards when they tried to prevent his access, his
lawyers argued that Lincoln went into temporary insanity.
I look at Welch. Raise my eyebrows wordlessly, questioning whether he was at the
Yes, sir I was there, he replies gives me an imperceptible nod confirming what the
lawyer is saying. My lawyers Trent Baxter who is still on my shit-list and Larry Hodge
look surprised.
How did you rebuttal Lincolns lawyers statement? I say in a menacingly soft voice,
the focus of my piercing gaze is singularly located on Baxter. He shifts in his seat
uncomfortably. Then Hodge clears his throat.
If you allow me Mr. Grey, Ive made that argument. I argued that Mr. Lincoln is not
the owner of Lincoln Timber, but the CEO even if the company that bears his name. It
has been a public entity for the last 15 years. For him to claim it as his own would be
fallacious. In business world companies and stocks are traded and it should not be a
shock to Mr. Lincoln that a publicly traded company will have buyers and the
ownership of it will change daily. Thats the nature of corporate business.
Understanding this fact, Mr. Lincoln has made the company public, offering ALL of its
stock for sale fifteen years ago, and appointing himself as the CEO.
The outcome of such an act should not surprise Mr. Lincoln, because has made the
decision to forego of the entitlements the ownership of a private company, in return
accepting a position only as a CEO, and the governing board has the power to vote a

CEO out of a job even if the company wasn't sold. These are all written in the corporate
charter which he signed.
Therefore, it was not a temporary insanity problem Mr. Lincoln experienced, but a
severe anger management issue which left two security guards with broken limbs and
bones who will take weeks if not months to recover.
His lawyer argued that in due process, if the governing board voted the CEO out, Mr.
Lincoln would have to be informed face to face; they argued that he was fired without
an agreed on communication plan. They said that he had not even received a phone
What did you say to that?
He said, Welch says looking at Larry, your honor, Mr. Lincoln isnt fired. Hes still
the CEO. A lot of the decisions in regards to the purchase and inclusion of Lincoln
Timber is still under gag order. Therefore Im not at liberty to discuss the details per the
provisions of those laws governing that business transaction. But what I can tell you is
that Mr. Lincoln should have contacted his new boss, Mr. Christian Grey as opposed to
beating the security guards an inch of their lives. Then of course, Lincolns face
changed, he jumped to his feet, his shackles and cuffs jangling and shouted, who the
fuck did you say? Guess he didnt know for sure that it was you who fucked him over.
His face was priceless, by the way.
The judge called the court to order and severely reprimanded Lincolns lawyer to
restrain his client. Then Lincoln shouted that such information was to be told to him
face to face, and not over the phone or not in the mail. But Baxter here, says Welch
jabbing his thumb in Baxters direction, said that Lincoln never gave the due process
a chance. The certified mail just arrived that very day which of course the final day of
the waiting period, and the land wasnt even owned by us anymore, but by two other
companies. In truth, it wasn't even our business to tell him anyway. Lincoln was
meddling into the other companies business dealings.
I am the CEO of Lincoln Timber! he shouted, and of course the Judge was pretty
pissed by then and said his lawyers better restrain their client for the last time, if he has
another outburst like that he will be removed from the courtroom. And Baxter here said
that Mr. Lincoln did not lose his job at all. He was still the CEO of Lincoln Timber and
he needed to confer with his new boss, namely you, sir, Welch finishes.
What did the judge order? I ask, Welch continues.

Before the judge could order anything, Lincoln jumped up, and his lawyers stood up
on both sides, trying to force him down back to his seat, and being cuffed and shackled
he shoved them both, and tried to lunge forward towards your lawyers. The bailiff ran
and a couple of them tackled Lincoln down as he was still writhing and struggling.
They removed him from the courtroom, of course. The judge saw firsthand that he was
having anger management issues. After he was removed, and his lawyers cleaned
themselves up, then the judge ordered the asshole, I mean, Mr. Lincoln to go through an
intensive anger management course and the reports were to be submitted to the court
as well as go through a psychiatric evaluation to see if he has other issues as his
attorneys claimed to get a treatment
Baxter cuts into the conversation and says, This outburst of behavior is precisely what
will aid us, sir. Because we can claim that Mr. Lincoln is unfit to make healthy
management decisions and therefore it is better if he stepped down from his position as
the CEO of Lincoln Timber which of course is a company no longer exists. He will come
here this afternoon as Mr. Welch has indicated, he says and starts babbling on how his
research over the weekend, which was time away from his plans of sailing with his
family. And all his efforts now gave us the glowing results he managed to pull through
this morning.
Stop! Talking! I order in a dangerous, but clear voice resonating through my office.
Even though Im not shouting, and my voice is in a soft tone, it is unmistakably
commanding and dominating. Baxter stops immediately.
I turn my face to Welch.
Hes due here at 1:30 p.m. today.
Got the paperwork? I ask Larry.
Baxter clears his throat again. I prepared them for you on Sunday, sir, he says
extending a large folder.
I went over the corporate charter and the clauses to fire the CEO. The rules state he
I know what the corporate charter contains Baxter. I am well aware of the clauses
Lincoln has put in to cover his ass. The new clauses indicated that they didnt foresee a
revenue growth until 2014 due to the global recession, and if he was fired for not
turning a corporate profit, he would have to have his lawyers waiting for him.

If he was being fired for reasons other than profit, then that would have to be sexual
harassment, specter of a bad PR, or facing allegations of expense fraud. It doesnt even
have to be proven. It just has to be a substantial allegation. I have PROOF! I say and
slam my folder down to my mahogany table making both Baxter and Larry jump. I
have the paper trail and not just an allegation. What I want you to draft now is a strong
separation agreement so that if he takes another job I can live with it and he will never
get to sue me or ask for a settlement. Put in the breach clauses. Should he breach the
agreement, then he agrees to the financial penalties without argument or refusal.
Both Baxter and Larry look dumbfounded. They blink for a minute wordlessly, their
mouths agape with identical facial expressions.
Close your mouths, says Welch, shaking his head.
Itll take me at least until late tomorrow to draft it and it might not even be ready by
Wednesday, uhm, sir, babbles Baxter.

You have until 1 p.m. today. You two better get to it then. I dont care how you do it.
My assistant can provide you one of the meeting rooms to work in. Call your assistants;
get it done on time, by not one minute later than 1:00 p.m. today, gentlemen!
Mr. Grey, its a bit complicated wrings Baxter his hands. You see, Im due in court
this afternoon, and I was going to attend a dinner by the Washington Bar Association.
Apparently Im not making myself clear Baxter! I hiss leaning on my table, my
hand splayed. He takes an involuntary step back. I was hoping that there was a whole

brain between the two of you. I dont want, need or care for your excuses. I dont give a
shit about your next court schedule, or who you will rub elbows with tonight, or what
school function your brood is going to have that you absolutely must attend! I exhale
through my flaring nostrils. My eyes are focused on Baxter.
Im asking you one God damned task! I shout only loud enough as I slam both my
fists on the table. You will complete this task today by the appointed time without
excuses, without a single letter out of place, and on time. Welch, clearly they cant do
anything without being baby sat! I need you to look over every fucking detail they
write, and bring it to me before the fucker arrives. Do you have any excuses Larry? I
ask my senior attorney.
No, sir. I never did, he says giving Baxter a dirty look for getting him in trouble. I
have no problem completing the contract and then some.
Very well. Do it!
As Welch herds out the now skittish Baxter, huffing Larry who is still scowling at his
associate, Taylor suppresses a smile and trains his gaze on the lamp directly in his line
of vision.
I sit back in my chair, and Andrea comes into the office with her tablet.
Mr. Grey, is now a good time to go over your schedule?
Yes, lets.
Since, you said that you werent absolutely sure if you were coming today, theres one
scheduled meeting after lunch, and Ros would like to have a meeting with you over
lunch. I also e-mailed you design schematics from the engineering team for the wind-up
technology with a solar back-up she says and I raise my eyebrows interested.
They were looking to schedule a meeting this week. Shall I put a meeting in the
agenda, sir?
Tomorrow perhaps, sometime in the morning. I might not be available in the
afternoon, I say thoughtful. Get me an appointment with Dr. Flynn tomorrow
afternoon after business hours, five p.m.
If hes not available, is there any other day you wish to make the appointment? What
the hell is this today? All of a sudden, I have to accommodate others.

No, Andrea! I want my appointment at five p.m. tomorrow evening. Not 4:55 not 5:05
p.m. 5:00 pm. Got it? Thats the only slot I want. And the only way there wont be any
appointment tomorrow is if Dr. Flynn is dead, I order with my gaze fixed on her.
My apologies, sir. Of course. Five p.m. at Dr. Flynns office. I pay Flynn a small
fortune to be accommodating and available. I have not had an appointment with him in
the last few weeks. He can fucking accommodate me!
Is there anything else I can do for you sir?
That would be all. Andrea retreats from my office quickly like a rat running away
from a sinking ship.
As soon as Andrea leaves, I dial Anastasias number. She answers after six rings. The
late reply momentarily concerns me. Just before her voice mail picks up, she responds
in a breathy voice.
Ana! Are you alright? She clears her throat, and takes a gulp of something. Water?
Yes, I am. I had something to eat, but it didnt agree with me, and well, just came back
from the bathroom. I rushed through my door to get to the phone, and I nearly
stumbled on my heels.
What? I say standing up. Taylor is alert. I shake my head.
Calm down. I didnt fall down. When I heard your ring tone, I was anxious to talk to
you. Ive missed you today.
I missed you too, baby, I whisper.
Listen, Christian. I talked to Ray this morning, and he said he is going to be discharged
this afternoon. I wanted to leave early at maybe 3:30 and see him before he leaves.
Ana, Ill come with you. Or rather, Ill meet you at the hospital. I have a meeting this
afternoon. Ill leave as soon as Im done with it. Whos taking Ray back to Montesano?
Jose and Mr. Rodriguez, she responds softly.

I remain quiet for thirty seconds.

Are you mad? she asks.
That would be nice."
Well, I'm not mad, however Im always jealous of my wife, but Ill deal, I respond.
Oh, Christian. Im yours, and I love you. You have nothing to be jealous about. You are
my husband and the father of our baby, she says emphatically. And somehow the
knowledge, the proof of my possession, our baby is more than welcome if she gets to
see Jose Rodriguez this evening.
Yes, I am. Okay, Ill see you after my meeting. I love you.
I love you too, Christian.
And Ana
Sawyer comes with you everywhere. Lunch in the office.
Oh, Christian. I just puked my lunch out. I might have to go to the deli and get
something else to eat.
Remember to go with Sawyer!
Yes, Sir! she says exasperated.
I know youre rolling your eyes, I whisper. She giggles in response.
I know you do, Mr. Grey. Hang up now. Ive got tons of work to do before I go to the
No, you first.
You know I dont want to, she says giggling.
Ive missed you already, Ana.

Ive missed you too, husband. But but were interrupted by her intercom.
Ana, Mr. Roach would like to talk to you. Could you pick up line 1 please?
Guess I have to go. My boss is calling.
What the hell does he want?
I wont know until I pick up the phone, Christian. Ill see later at the hospital. I love
I love you, too. Bye baby.
Bye! she says and we both hang up at the same time.
Jose Rodriguez Ironically, I dont feel as insecure about his presence near my wife at
the hospital. There is a certain sense of ease in me. I am absolutely sure of my wifes
love for me, and we have the blip to prove it. Our blip. Not Rodriguezs. Ours Anas
and mine.
Mr. Grey? Ros is here sir, Andreas disembodied voice calls, bringing me out of my
Send her in!
Fifteen seconds later Ros walks through the door.
Hi, Christian! Welcome back. Hows Ana?
Shes well, thank you. Also back to work today.
I thought wed discuss strategy when you do the honors of firing Mr. Lincolns very
violent ass.
You talked to the lawyers?
Talked to them? I was at the court this morning. I wanted to take notes. I think the
firing was going to come, and I wanted to assess and measure the man myself.
And whats your conclusion? I ask curiously.

Infuriated but controlled, domineering and calculating. But the biggest kicker was
when he heard your name, he had the look of a deer in the headlights; completely
blindsided which changed in an instant to something I had never seen before. Pure,
absolute hatred which makes him extremely dangerous, Christian. He reined in his
temper which was in a flash. Ive never seen anyone to go from full blown rage into a
placid face; like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I will have to keep Lincoln under tight
scrutiny to prevent him causing any harm to my family.
Hes Jekyll alright. Hydes ass is already in jail.
NothingLets just go to lunch, and discuss the strategy, I say, and Taylor opens the
door for us.

***** *****
We are back at exactly 12:55. The lawyers are ready with the contract I asked them to
Ros, lets go over the items on the contact, I say. She takes a chair pulling it up next to
me and in the next twenty minutes, we go over each item on the contract. Feeling
satisfied with the outcome, she takes one of the copies in the folder.
Andrea walks in:
Mr. Grey your next meeting has arrived. Ive taken them into the Meeting Room 3,
How many of them?
Mr. Lincoln and two of his lawyers, sir.
Showtime, Ros, I say and exit my office flanked by Ros and Taylor. My lawyers and
Welch are waiting outside my office.
We open the door to the Meeting Room 3, and Lincoln is pacing the room as his lawyers
are situated in their seats looking extremely uncomfortable. Their demeanor changes as
we enter into the room.

Lincolns gaze gets colder and colder when he sees me. His eyes are solely focused on
me. We are two predators caged in the same environment.
Welcome everyone, please be seated, Ros says pleasantly as my group take their seats
except Taylor and Welch. They take the opposite sides of the door in a guarding
position. Lincoln takes note of their stance.
I dont have to listen to a cunt! hisses Lincoln.
Well, shut your mouth up so you dont have to hear yourself Mr. Lincoln. Seat
yourself, says Ros still smiling.
Lincs gaze and mine are locked, and both of our stares are filled with rage, and
animosity towards each other.
So, you stole my company out under me and you think you can get away with it? he
Mr. Lincoln? warns his lawyer. He shoves his lawyer's arm.
You have not had a company for the last 15 years. It was a public company where
you were the CEO, I say calm and controlled, exerting all my faculties to rein in my
temper. I want to fucking beat the shit out of him. But I will not give him the
satisfaction of breaking down and giving into my anger. A dominant knows how to
manage that anger. However, since last week after your violent outbursts where you
harmed my employees on my land I say but he cuts me off.
Your land! Your land?? Are you fucking insane? Its been my land since my
grandfather! Its my companys land! he shouts, trembling in his spot.
Mr. fucking Lincoln! Let me remind you again since it doesnt seem to register in your
brain that you have not owned the company in the last 15 years. It hasn't been yours to
begin with. The words are out of my lips like a poisonous hiss. I cannot in good
conscience continue to employ you Mr. Lincoln. Hospitalizing two of my company's
employees, combined with todays outbursts at the court, you have proven that you
have anger management issues and possibly manic episodes or schizophrenia which
would be detrimental for a high level officer in my company; a risk we are not willing
to take. You are fucking fired Mr. Lincoln!
How dare you?! How dare you fire me! How dare you sell my fucking company I
worked so hard for?

Woke up This Morning - Alabama

I dare Mr. Lincoln. You stirred the hornets nest! You fuck with me, I will make sure
you are impotent to never to fuck with anyone else again!
You sold my company! he shouts! "My fucking heritage!"
I sold a company where I owned the majority of the stocks; a company from which
you stole nearly $54 million Dollars! What have you done with the investors money,
Lincoln? He pales with the accusation, but quickly composes himself.
You have no proof of that! he says, but his voice is hesitant, knowing well that he
has embezzled.
Oh, I have plenty of proof. IRS is eager to hear stashed away money in various off
shore accounts, and I cant wait to see the look on your face when the Feds indict your
ass and put you away for a very long time!
You fucking dare to threaten me? Who do you think you are, prick! Who do you think
you are? You are nothing! Do you hear me? You are fucking nothing! Less than
nothing. Do you think the clothes you wear make you a man? Well, do you? You are
absolutely NOTHING, son of a whore fucked by countless johns, a pathetic adopted
bastard! All you will ever be is nothing! Everyone's mouth drops open including his
lawyers'. Taylor's body shifts toward Lincoln ready to attack any moment.
These lines might have worked on my insecurities a week ago, but not today. I have a
wife who is in love with me and we are expecting our child. My parents love me; my
sister and brother love me. I am a fucking happy man, who is an orphan no longer.
When he sees no change in my face, he gets even more furious. He tries to lunge
Guess that's all you got," I say calmly. I take a relaxed breath, though I'm anything but.
"Lincoln, Im giving you one and only option that will be offered to you today and the
time is now. This get out of jail free clause will never be offered to you again. Ever! If
you sign a contract firing yourself from the Lincoln Timber and you will not be turned
over to the Feds, the IRS not to mention the investors who put their money and trust in
your sticky hands. I will make sure that every penny I make from the sale of each single
timber, plywood, land, asset of Lincoln Timber that your grandfather has established,
your legacy as you put it is dedicated prosecuting you to the highest extent of law and
make sure that you will never see a free day again for the rest of your pathetic life!

Mr. Grey, your accusations of Mr. Lincoln is baseless! Weve come here to fulfill the
judges request today his lawyer starts.
Shut up Wazowski! hisses Lincoln without even looking at him. His gaze is locked on
me alone. His custom tailored Alexander Amosu suit moves with his body as if hes
born in it. I know his suit alone to be well over $17,000. Its custom fit, and the fabric is
hand selected. I have three similar suits. Amosus prices start at 3,500 and his most
expensive suite is just under $900,000. Lincoln has probably his most expensive
ensemble on him today because he clearly wants to establish his supremacy in every
possible way. He wants to look like million bucks, outshine, and outdo me. But that
tactic wouldnt work on me. I can outdo him in my birthday suit.

Mr. Lincoln, I suggest you sit down sir, says his second lawyer silently urging him to
calm down.
Get out! he hisses under his breath.
What? Sir, we are looking out for your interest here.
I said get the fuck out! he shouts slowly losing his battle to his rage. My presence is
tipping his carefully restrained menace.

Mr. Lincoln! Roger! says the older attorney. Think carefully. Speak carefully he
says in a voice a little louder than a whisper.
Tom, you have been my attorney and a friend for twenty five years. But right now, I
dont give a shit about either one of that. Get your fucking ass out of this room! he
hisses with pure malice in his voice. He spares his glance at his friend and not even a
hair softens in his demeanor.
This is my oooold ffffrienddddd, arent you Christian? he enunciates slowly, a predatory
grin overtakes his lips, showing his large, whitened teeth as his eyes try to exert his will
and supremacy on me. In that glance I can see that theres nearly nothing human on his
face. He is finally laying all his cards on the table. Yes, we go waaay back to a time
when he was nothing Less than nothing, a drunken teenager who slept with another
mans wife to cover his costly addictions who perhaps gave you the alcohol money? he
asks raising his eyebrows.
My gaze trains on him. Rage, fury rises in me. I can strangle this fucker, but thats
exactly what he wants. I wont give into his will. This is his way of demanding
submission from me even in the presence of a roomful of people.
I dont doubt one minute that you would also sleep with that womans husband as
long as your needs were met! Taylor stiffens, every muscle in his body is trained on
Lincoln; barely restraining himself ready to attack, waiting for my command. He looks
at me, and my gaze says 'no'.
Wow! I know that losing to someone in business and in life in every fucking aspect
this spectacularly must be killing you, I enunciate as I rise up like a predator from my
seat, Mr. Lincoln. To someone who is nearly half your age, someone who isnt even
30 To think that you envied my abilities since I was a teenager in some sick fantasy,
seeing my potential to overtake your useless life in an imaginary jealousy is simply
unbelievable. You have created your own self-fulfilling prophecy. After all, I AM your
superior, your boss, your god, the man who is better in every fucking thing you can
ever dream of achieving! I am the man who holds your fate in his hands Do you
really want to cross me, Lincoln? I hiss in a malicious tone, arching my eyebrows, and
take three confident, arrogant, and domineering steps towards him.
But, I dont know whether to congratulate you, or sue you in a libel suit and take the
$54 million bucks you stole, for making these colorful accusations created in your very
vivid imagination, Mr. Lincoln. I am now convinced more than ever that you also need
to be locked into a mental institution. We have plenty of witnesses here.

You stole my company! he shouts.

I bought the company which you made public fifteen years ago. Anyone can buy it! Its
perfectly legal. You, you made it public! I raise my voice pointing an accusatory finger.
So, in all your years in business, it never occurred to you that someone someday might
come and buy it when you so made it available for purchase? And now you come and
make fantastic accusations because I own your ass, lot, stock and barrel! Im a
businessman Mr. Lincoln. I was aware of the fact that one of the companies where I
own large stocks, a company that should be doing well is simply was not generating
enough return. Then I discover that there are large sums of money being embezzled by
none other than you
As angry as Lincoln gets, he never mentions paying for Hydes bail. Its the giant shit
colored elephant no one talks about. Im not about to give him the evidence and make
him aware of what else I have over his head. But, I have every intention of making him
suffer the way he made me suffer by causing harm to my wife and sister! He doesnt
want to incriminate himself here. He has that control and I can see it in every carefully
chosen word he utters no matter how impromptu or how personal he may sound. What
he wants is to get me riled up, lose my cool, and attack him so that he has something to
hold over me both for when we are alone and in public; that's his tactic to get me submit
to his provocation. I wouldnt be surprised if he lay down, remain motionless and let
me beat the shit out of him just to get me arrested. I will never give him that
satisfaction, or the control. I will beat the shit out of him alright, but in at a time and a
place of my own choosing. Not in video feed, and in the sight of many witnesses. He
wants revenge; Ill give him revenge my way.
I dont look kindly on being robbed in broad daylight, Mr. Lincoln. I have the money
trail. All I have to do is just leak it to Seattle Time, and I can guarantee you that all the
investors youve had over the years will come to devour you faster than Great White
Lincoln grits his teeth so forcefully, everyone can hear the noise. His attorneys are half
sitting and half getting up to leave the room for the last three minutes, somehow unable
to move from their positions.
What the fuck do you want after you sold my entire fucking company right under my
dick? he shouts. I grin knowing I got him in the submissive position.

I want you to fire yourself! The corporate charter states that even the allegation of
expense fraud is enough reason for me to fire you. I have proof, not just allegation! I
want you to sign the separation agreement. I will have control over where and when
you have a job next time. You will agree to all of the breach clauses. Should you breach
the agreement my lawyers have drafted, then you agree to the financial penalties
without argument or refusal, I state.
"I thought you were already firing me! Why are you asking me to do it?" he asks.
"I think you know the answer to that Mr. Lincoln," I say with an impassive gaze. I want
the pleasure of seeing him end his own career. My revenge.
If I dont? he ask with murderous malice.
If you dont, I promise you that you will be back to the jail in short enough time to
make it there for dinner I remain silent for twenty seconds to let that sink in.
After you sign the papers today, if you ever, ever cross my path, or get involved in
anything that would directly or indirectly cause harm to anyone I know, I say my gaze
getting serious, and his with a triumphant glint, I will not question you, take you to
court, or have a civilized meeting like this. Even if you were to dream about causing
harm to anyone I know, if they sneeze because you coughed on them, I promise that the
day you saw your company sold piece by fucking piece compared to what I will do to
you was holiday in the Hamptons.
I want to keep my personal assets! he hisses. What more do you want? Youve taken
all of my company!
For the last time: It was not your company to begin with. Not for the last 15 years. I
will promise nothing. You deserve no favors! Your personal assets are monies stolen
from what is rightfully mine now. This is non-negotiable. You either take the deal I give
you, or I will fucking make sure that every penny earned from your granddaddys
company is spent on prosecuting you to the fullest extent of the law!
Ill sign. But this isnt over Grey! he hisses.
Before I can say, A threat? Taylor, blindsides him and hits him under the jaw, and
crosses both his arms into a submissive position, slamming him down to the table,
making everyone jump except for me and Welch.
I am Mr. Greys bodyguard. Any implied threat is taken seriously, Mr. Lincoln,
Taylor hisses to his ear. Do you want me to escort this asshole to the sheriffs deputies,

Mr. Grey? The judge already knows his fucking anger management issues and mental
instability to making this fucker a menace to society. In light of the recent events, this
will not be taken lightly at the court, sir. He can keep his girlfriend Hyde in company.
I said Ill sign! Lincoln says in a muffled voice, his face pressed down on to the table.
Let him sign.
Taylor shoves him, and stands only two feet behind Lincoln. Baxter stands up and gives
a copy to Lincoln and a copy each to his lawyers. Lincoln goes over each page, reading,
initialing and signing as directed by Baxter. His lawyers sign witnessing his signature.
All three of the documents are signed and notarized before witnesses. Check mate!
Show yourselves out! I say as I turn on my heels leaving the room with Taylor
following behind me.
As Taylor closes the door behind him, he asks, Where to sir?
To the hospital to see Ray. Taylor nods and presses the call button of the elevator
with a rare smile.

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul
William Earnest Henley

I call Anastasia on the way to the hospital. The phone rings, but she doesnt answer. She
always answers the phone. Concern, coupled with my meeting with Lincoln and his
lawyers makes me uneasy immediately. I hang up without leaving a message and dial
again. Still no answer. Fuck! Where is she? Is something wrong with Ray? With her?

Taylor, did Sawyer call you?

No, sir. But he did text me stating hes taking Mrs. Grey to the hospital about an hour
ago, he says his eyes meeting mine in the rear-view mirror. My concern is reflected in
his eyes.
I dial Sawyers phone. It too rings and no one answers, and goes to voice mail.
Where the hell are you and why arent you answering your phone? I hiss and hang
What time did you get Sawyers text? I ask Taylor.
About 10 minutes to 3, sir.
I dial the hospital since I have made calls to check on Rays condition.
Good afternoon the nurse starts.
This is Christian Grey. I want to know if Ray Steele checked out of the hospital today.
Im sorry sir, we dont give information on patients over the phone to those who are
not next of kin, she replies curtly.
Nurse, get the doctor in charge of Ray Steele on the phone immediately. I am his son
in-law, and am the one who is paying for his care. I am the next of kin! I shout.
No need to shout, sir. Im getting Dr. Polanski. Hold please, she says and puts me on
Step on it Taylor! I order nervously.
Yes, sir, he responds and Im pushed back into my seat with the acceleration.
Good afternoon, this is Dr. Polanski, a female voice comes over the phone.
Dr. Polanski, did Ray Steele check out this afternoon? I ask without a preamble.
And you are?
Christian Grey! I reply exasperated.

Mr. Grey, yes, Mr. Steele has been discharged about fifteen minutes ago, she says. I
hear her shuffling papers, probably checking the records.
Was Mrs. Grey with her?
I believe so, Mr. Grey, she replies as Taylor turns into the hospital parking lot, tires
screeching. We come to halt in front of the hospital entrance.
Ill drop you off, and meet you in a few minutes, sir, Taylor says.
He opens the door, and I jump out quickly entering into the hospital.
Hello? Mr. Grey? the doctor says filling the silence. Is that all you need to know, Mr.
Is it possible that Mr. Steele might still be on the hospital ground?
Im not sure sir. We gave Mr. Steeles discharge papers, and I left his room. He may
have left the hospital. His ride was there to take him home.
Thanks, I say and hear an incoming phone. I switch the lines hanging up on the
Where the hell have you been? And why werent you answering your phone? I shout
with acrimony.
Im sorry Mr. Grey. When Mrs. Grey was in her fathers room, she felt ill suddenly and
was throwing up, shaking violently which concerned everyone in the room, so I just
swooped her up and rushed her into her doctors office immediately. Your phone call
came right when I was trying to get Mrs. Grey into Dr. Greenes office.
What?! Whats wrong with my wife? I shout.
When Mr. Steele was given his discharge papers and his doctor was gone, one minute
she was talking to her dad and the next minute she got queasy and tried to rush to the
bathroom but she was vomiting on the way already. Mr. Rodriguez tried to help her
because Mrs. Grey seemed to have gotten weak suddenly, but she told him that she
didnt need help, that she was just getting a cold and didnt want to spread her germs.
Of course nobody bought that and they all looked extremely concerned. Just when she
stood of telling everyone she was okay, she started dry heaving and doubled over at
which time I lifted Mrs. Grey off the floor. They were already calling a nurse, and Mrs.
Grey said that her dad should leave home and that she would be okay. Mr. Steele

looked very concerned but didnt argue with her, but Mr. Jose Rodriguez, Junior,
wanted to stay with Mrs. Grey while he sent Mr. Steele home with his dad.
Well, did he stay?
Well, Mrs. Grey insisted that he should drive her father since neither Mr. Rodriguez
senior nor Mr. Steele werent in the best shape to drive. She reassured him that I would
take her home, and you were coming. And she said she was okay.
Where is my Ana now?
Shes being tended by Dr. Greene right now. I just walked out of her office to call you,
Its on the second floor. Take a right after you get off the elevators. Go through the
corridor, and when the hallway comes to a fork, take left. Her office is the third door on
your right. You cant miss it. Im waiting outside, sir.
Thank you, Sawyer, I reply surprising him.
Mr. Grey?
I should remind you, sir. Mr. Rodriguez, junior is also waiting by the door.
What the fuck? I thought he was supposed to drive Ray back to Montesano!
Thats what I thought, but I think Mr. Steele is still waiting in his room until they have
the word that Mrs. Grey is well. It appears that they didnt buy her I have a cold story.
Apparently they were initially concerned that it was related to her concussion which is
why they called a nurse for her despite her protests. Mrs. Grey told them that she has a
doctor at the hospital and I could take her there which I did. But Mr. Jose Rodriguez
must have followed us. When I came out, there he was standing by the door, agitated,
nervous, and completely upset trying to question me about Mrs. Greys well-being.
I impatiently tap the elevators call button. By the time it dings open, Im ready to take
the stairs. People coming out of the elevator see me seething with anger, nearly snarling
on the phone; they give me a wide berth as they leave the elevator and quickly distance
themselves from me. As soon as I get up on the second floor, I follow Sawyers

directions and find Dr. Greenes office. When I see Sawyer, he nods his greeting. My
lips are set to a grim line.
Christian! Jose Rodriguez says, not in a greeting, but in an accusing, confrontational
Jose, I respond but I dont want to waste my time with him. As soon as my hand
reaches to the door handle, his hand captures my left forearm. My eyes move down to
his hand grasping my forearms over my jacket. As if my gaze burnt his hand, he
immediately retracts his fingers.
What? I hiss.
Whats wrong with Ana? he asks.
Nothings wrong with her! I say making a move to go forward.
Fucking bullshit! Dont lie to me man! Her dad is concerned and waiting in his room.
She was so violently sick; she couldnt even make it to the bathroom. She almost puked
all over her old man! If I didnt hold her up, shed be all over the floor face down in her
own puke. Clearly she hasnt healed from her concussion! Why the hell would you
allow her to go back to work when she just got out of the hospital and still sick as a
dog? Its not like you need the money! He hisses accusingly.
Next Contestant - Nickelbacks

Are you quite done with your accusations?

I have not even started yet! he gets in my face determined. Seeing my explosive stare,
he takes half a step back, but forces himself to hold his ground.
My wife is an editor. Shes not plowing fields for Gods sake and shes the one who
wanted to go back to work which her doctor approved!
You didnt see her ten minutes ago! One minute she was talking, and then the next
minute she was green on the gills, and tripping on her own feet trying to make it to the
bathroom! She couldnt even get passed Rays bed before she started spewing Mount
Vesuvius! Once she was done painting Rays rooms floors with the contents of her
stomach, she was dry heaving and would have been doubled up on the floor if I didnt
pull her up! And then she tried to tell us that it was just a common cold! We knew she
doesnt have a cold. She had no cold symptoms when she walked in. She looked
completely fine. We told the nurse that came in she had been in the hospital only a

week ago with a fractured skull and concussion! And your man here, he says raising
his voice as hes pointing an accusatory finger in Sawyers direction, said that she has a
doctor here, and without a word to her fathers concerned questions, he picked her up
off the floor and carried her here!
Theres nothing wrong with her, or at least there was nothing wrong when she left this
morning, or when I talked to her this afternoon. If my wife is feeling ill, its my job to go
and find out about it, and youre holding me up here!
Youre no good for her, man! he hisses with animosity.
What the fuck did you just say, Junior? That woman in there is my wife, and I love
her! I hiss in a dangerously low voice taking a step in his direction.
Ever since shes met you, she's changed! Like she has to ask your permission for every
little thing does. You may love her, but it doesnt change the fact that youre no good for
her! She nearly got beaten to death by your enemies, and you let her go back to work
when shes not even fully recovered from her concussion!
Shes not sick because of her concussion!
Are you sure about that, Mr. I-love-her? How could you be? You didnt see the fear in
her dads face when she doubled over and when your security guard whisked her out
in his arms before the nurse could take a look at her. What the hell are you hiding from
her loved ones? Did the injuries she sustained in the hands of your fucking enemies
leave her permanently damaged? he accuses again, and Ive had all I can take it.
I push Rodriguez into the walk with such a force that his head bobs and hits the wall
and restrain him by pressing my right forearm over his neck and I use the strength of
my legs to restrain the rest of his body. I see Sawyers eyes widen from the peripheral
vision, and I hear a pair of footsteps rushing in our direction. Its Taylor.
Youre going to restrain me because I worry about my friend more than her husband
should? he says, his voice choking as my arm is pressing down on his throat. He
makes his best effort to try to push me away.
For your information asshole, my wife isnt sick because of the injuries she sustained.
Theyre healed! Shes sick because shes pregnant with our child!
What?!! Jose whispers as if I punched him. He stops struggling for a minute and I
ease my grip on him, taking a step back.

She wanted to wait until it was 12 weeks. Thats why we didnt want to tell anyone!
Its probably morning sickness. Jose tries to gather himself for a few minutes
completely dumbstruck, his chest is heaving up and down in rapid succession. A string
of emotions outplay on his gaze. His eyes widen with some conclusion hes reached and
his face turns into snarl.
You sicko! You knocked her up already? Shes barely 22! What? The second you met
her, you wooed Ana with your money, and didnt even let the girl have a breath on her
own until you moved her in with you, and then to keep her for good, you got her
pregnant! Fuck you! Were you that afraid that she wasnt going to stay with you, so you
had to knock her up to tie her up to you for good with your brat? Tell me, did she
marry you because you knocked her up? he shouts accusingly.
The beast in me is awoken and I take a step towards him. But my step is interrupted in
midair. Before I can say anything, Dr. Greenes door opens. Anastasia and the Doctor
Greene peer out the door. Anas mouth drops open, her eyes widen in shock, betrayal
and disappointment in hearing Joses accusation. It barely registers in my head that
shes in a hospital gown.
Jose Rodriguez, you need to leave now! she says in a placid but determined voice.
Her face betrays her feelings of ferocious hostility. I realize that her effort for a calm
facade is for my benefit.
But, Ana! This guy, he says jacking his thumb in my direction, he is trying to
manipulate you!
Toxic - Britney Spears

Jose, stop your misplaced concern for me. Youre my friend, and Id like you to remain
that way. My husband and I dont have to explain our actions and decisions to you.
Hes blinded you with things, Ana! Dont you see it? Hes binding you to him with his
kid! he hisses. Anas eyes are filled with angry tears.
Dont you dare to speak about my baby! Its mine and I want him! she says as she
rubs her eyes ungracefully with the back of her hand. Thats it! I grasp him by the collar
and shove him. Taylor steps in.
Young man, you leave my patient alone. Ill call the security! Dr. Greene bristles.

Im about to kick his ass to the kingdom come, Taylor puts himself between Jose and I,
his determined eyes locked on mine, he replies Dr. Greene. No need maam. My
colleague and I will walk him out.
Just then, Jose Louis Rodriguez! shouts an angry voice in a reprimanding tone. We all
collectively turn around. After the initial shock is wiped from his face, Cllate pap!
Jose responds to his father.
Jose, apologize to my daughter and my son-in-law, and then you better leave. Ill take
a cab, says Anas father in a no nonsense tone. Hes sitting in a wheelchair pushed by
an orderly. Mr. Rodriguez is standing next to him looking grim, disappointed, and
Ray! Im sorry, but dont you see whats happening here? Jose argues.
Yes, I see what is happening: my daughter and her husband are making me a grandpa.
Dont rain on my parade young man! I like you, but I will not repeat my warning again:
Apologize to my daughter and my son-in-law, and then leave. The decision of them
having a child is no ones business, but their own, Ray says with a twinge of
happiness, pride in his voice as well as censure for Jose. Dont cross your line!
Im sorry Ray. Someones got to think of Ana! No one else seems to be doing it!
Are you quite sure your concern is for my daughter and not for yourself? Ray asks.
Ana steps out of Doctors office with bare feet, her hands on her hips, shes rendered
speechless with Joses outburst.
Mr. Rodriguez, I suggest you take your son away from here, sir. He clearly upset my
wife, and right now I want nothing more than teach him a lesson hell never forget, but
in doing so, I would hurt my wifes feelings, I say as I hold onto Anastasia who looks
bewildered, near tears and shaking.
Jose! Come on son! Are you drunk? Have you taken something? Whats gotten into
No, papa! Im more sober than I have ever been. Ana, please, Im sorry Im sorry for
not standing up for you that night... I was drunk. First I behaved like an ass, and then
let Grey to intimidate me with his presence! If I had behaved differently then, maybe
you would have made a different decision. I lost my head when I saw you doubled on
the floor, throwing up, and heaving. And youve just been in the hospital with injuries

causes by Greys enemies! Por favor, Ana! I really am worried about you. Now I find
out that he knocked you up possibly to keep you in his grip!
And thats the last straw. I pounce on Jose. All hell breaks loose.
Christian! Ana shouts.
Jose! I hear Mr. Rodriguez and Ray call out at the same time.
Dr. Greene or someone else must have called the security; because I vaguely hear
footsteps. Im too busy to pay attention because Im tackling Jose down. Taylor and
Sawyer immediately take action. They pull him away and out of my grip to keep us
Whats going on here? shouts the hospital security as they try to apprehend both Jose
and I.
Security! No! Mr. Grey was just defending his pregnant wife.
Im sorry Doctor, but we have a job to do!
Dr. Greene grabs the guards arm with determined force and pulls him aside. Do you
realize who you would be arresting, and what the Board of Trustees would do with
your ass for arresting one of our biggest benefactors for protecting his pregnant wife?
This man is Christian Grey! Your actions this minute would determine whether or not
our hospital faces lawsuits! The security guard blanches. He clears his throat.
Is this man offending you maam? he directs his question pointing at Jose who now
looks disheveled. His shirt untucked, his hair going every which way, and a slight
bruise on his neck showing its ugly head already.
No, its just a misunderstanding. He was leaving, Ana replies. I clench my teeth, my
hands turn into fists but I manage to keep them on my side rigidly.
Sir? Are you going to file a complaint against this gentleman? he turns to me asking. I
shake my head in the negative.
My men will escort him out, I say impassively. Jose shrugs out of Sawyer and
Taylors grip.
Let go man! I know the way out! he says with a chagrined glance at Ana who looks
unforgiving and disappointed.

Ana, Im sorry! Just seeing you sick, I lost my head. And him getting your pregnant
To my surprise, Anastasia takes three steps toward Jose and just slaps him.
Just shut up Jose! Its my baby! Our baby and we want our baby! she says looking at
my face questioning, daring me to say otherwise. I nod, my eyes softening.
Yes, we do, I reply pulling my wife into the protection of my embrace. My gaze is
shooting daggers at Jose, my nostrils flaring like a raging bull.
On second thought, Ray says, why should I pay for a cab? You came all this way to
pick me up. Youre driving me back home, Jose. Rays glance has pity for him.
Come on, son, Mr. Rodriguez coaxes Jose.
Bye Annie. Call me tomorrow, Ray says getting up from the wheelchair and walking
towards Ana. He hugs her and gives her a kiss.
Forgive him. Hes stupid and in love, honey, he whispers into her ear.
Oh daddy, Anastasia says and quietly sobs. I cant right now.
Try. And, congratulations to you both. Im so happy to hear that my baby girl is gonna
make me a grandpa! Ana hugs him tighter.
Thank you daddy!
I am so sorry Ana, Mr. Grey says Mr. Rodriguez, embarrassed on behalf of his son.
Jose gives a forlorn glance at Ana, Im sorry Ana! he says in a barely audible tone, but
Anastasia turns her head into my chest. He hangs his head and heads the group to leave
the hospital.
When Ray, Jose, and Mr. Rodriguez are leaving, Taylor looks up at me. I nod and he
discreetly follows them out of the hospital building.
I need to write an incident report, the security guard says.
No need for that.
But, sir?

You may go back to your station, Dr. Greene orders him. He and his two companions
nod and walk away.
Well, that was interesting, Says Dr. Greene trying to lighten up the atmosphere.
Ana, I suppose we can start our examination. But, if you wish, you can rest for a little
while. Would you like some water? she asks as she closes the door behind us. I hold
Anastasias hand wordlessly. Im still vibrating with anger and tension. The weight of
the day is now bearing down on me. First fucking Linc and his lawyers, and now Jose
If he wasnt madly in love with the love of my life, my reason for being, I would feel
bad for him. But as it stands, hes upset my wife, and spilled the news of her pregnancy
to her father without giving Ana the chance to tell them on her own time. I dont give a
shit about his accusations about me. He said I knocked Ana up on purpose! Though her
pregnancy was not planned, Im so fucking glad I knocked her up! Shes my woman,
my wife, and shes carrying my child! Mine! And hes fucking jealous of that. Oddly, I
have not been happier for the babys existence as I am now. She has all of me; body and
soul, and the fact that she's completely mine angers another man.
All of Me - John Legend

His aggression automatically caused me to fiercely defend my wife and child. Another
man talking about my child as if hes an abomination, an unwanted entity or a tool to
keep Ana by my side angers me. Ana wants our baby, and by default what Ana wants, I
want her to have.
Mr. Grey? the Doctor asks seeking an answer to a question I havent heard.
I beg your pardon? I say shaking my head.
Would you like a bottle of water as well?
Yes, sure, I reply absentmindedly.
Ana looks at me with concerned eyes.
It looks like Ana is having some morning sickness, Dr. Greene says.
Morning sickness? Its after 5 p.m. Dr. Greene! I retort sharply.
Mr. Grey. Morning sickness is just a common name pregnancy related nausea and
vomiting. The name is give as such because generally the symptoms are present in the
early hours of the morning and generally reduced as the day progresses, but it can

occur any time of the day. For some women it can stop around 12 weeks, and for some,
it can continue near the end of second trimester.
Of course we dont want Mrs. Grey to get dehydrated if shes vomiting often. Mrs.
Grey, if you could finish the bottle of water I have given you, I will be able to see the
baby better with a semi-full bladder. I want to see if we can hear the heartbeat. We
havent been able to hear it last time. However, I have a new fetal Doppler which is
quite sensitive. This can detect heartbeat as early as 6 or 8 weeks but generally its much
easier to hear after 10 weeks. Its important for us to check it for the accuracy of your
due date.
Anastasias eyes widen. She squeezes my hand with excitement.
When can you check it Dr. Greene? I finished my bottle of water, she says showing
her empty bottle. Dr. Greene smiles.
Now, of course. Please lay on the bed here, Mrs. Grey, Dr. Greene orders and
Anastasia obeys immediately.
Now, I need you to place each of your feet on the stirrups like you did last time, she
says pointing at the stirrups.
Dont you have to check her through her belly, Dr. Greene? I ask.
During the later stages of her pregnancy, thats the way we would check your babys
vitals. However, its so small that an ordinary ultrasound will not pick up the heart beat
at this early stage. Thats why I need to use this vaginal probe ultrasound, she explains
showing me what looks like an oddly bent in the middle, a slim penis. Anastasia puts
her legs up on the stirrups, and the Dr. Greene spreads her legs open. She covers
Anastasia with a paper sheet. Ana looks at me with wide eyes, her hand seeking mine. I
automatically take her hand standing by her, trying to soothe her.
Mrs. Grey, bend your knees, and I need you to relax. Im going to place a condom on
top of the transducer, lubricate it, and place it inside your vagina like I did last time.
Lets see if your baby wants to communicate with us today, she says.
Doctor Greene pushes Anas knees back, and spreads her legs further.
Mrs. Grey, you are too tight. Youre squeezing yourself; I dont want to hurt you. You
need to relax now, she says as she attempts to insert the probe into my wife. Anastasia

Mrs. Grey? Dr. warns her again.

Relax, baby, I whisper, and run circles in her palm with my thumb. This always
arouses her. I lean down and kiss her forehead. She tries to smile. With my other hand, I
rub her hair, and slowly ease my thumb and forefinger down to her earlobe, and locate
the arousal spot behind her ear. Then painfully slowly slide my fingers down to her ear
lobe again and massage it. I feel the tension leave her body with her hand relaxing in
mine. Some shapes appear on the monitor of the ultrasound as the doctor moves the
probe around inside Anastasia.
Now, Im going to try to find a position to see if we can hear this little ones heartbeat.
Bear in mind, the fetus is very tiny, and if the pregnancy occurred later than we
assumed, we may not hear it yet. But based on the date of your last menstrual cycle, we
just might be able to hear it today.
What is that dark shape on the screen? Is that the baby? I ask. The shape looks
nothing like a baby.
Well, thats Mrs. Greys ovary, and this, Dr. Greene points to a lima bean on the
screen after she moves the probe about, this is your baby.
That little bean? I ask incredulous.
Yep, that little bean is your child, Mr. and Mrs. Grey, she says with a smile. Anastasia
barely tears her eyes away from the monitor and looks at me, trying to assess my
Dr. Greene touches something on the setting of the ultrasound, and soon enough the
room is echoed with the sound of a washing machine, or more like someone is
scratching a vinyl record in a rhythmic fashion repeatedly, and quite rapidly.
This is your babys heartbeat! the Doctor says.
Christian! Ana exclaims, happier than I have ever seen her. Awed, even. Her eyes
gleam with joy and the events of just ten minutes ago, all forgotten. Her happiness is
contagious. I hear my childs heartbeat!
Whats that swishing noise mixed with the babys heartbeat? Is it normal? Ana asks

Your baby has a healthy heart beat at 161 beats per minute, Mrs. Grey. And this flow
you hear is the sound coming from the major artery running through your abdomen
which is sometimes picked by the fetal Doppler because, as you see, she points to
something on the screen, were very close to it. In fact this sound is heard by the baby
later in the pregnancy and you can even record it to later calm your baby down after he
or shes born. Its a very familiar, a very comforting sound for them. Because of the
placenta, later on in the pregnancy, this flow will be heard by your baby like the sound
of wind blowing through the trees.
Wow! is all Ana can say.
Any questions Mr. Grey?
Can you tell us how far along my wifes pregnancy is? I ask as I rub Anas hair and
hold her hand.
What I can measure with the data on my screen is that Mrs. Grey is about 8 weeks and
4 days pregnant. This puts your due date to May 11th or 12th. But this may change as the
baby gets bigger. I can give you a better estimated due date in the upcoming weeks.
Eight weeks and four days? That means my wifes shot did run out earlier than
estimated. Let me ask you something Doctor Greene. What would have happened if
Ana got another Depo shot, lets say six weeks ago? Would you have given her a
pregnancy test? Or would you have assumed that she wasnt pregnant? I ask raising
my eyebrows.
Anas eyes dart to me first and then to the doctor.
It is possible that the Depo Provera shot might have caused Mrs. Grey to have a
miscarriage because of the large initial doses, or even if it didnt it may have affected the
fetal growth; so she would have been running a risk of low birth weight. But, I would
not have administered Depo to Mrs. Grey without giving her a pregnancy test as we did
when we discovered her pregnancy. Therefore this fetus doesnt run any of the
aforementioned risks. But to answer your earlier question, yes, it does seem that her
Depo Provera ran out early. I nod in response. Doctor Greenes statement tells me
conclusively that neither one of us planned the pregnancy. But in more than one way,
Im glad of it. Anastasia gives me her I-told-you-so! glare, as she digs her nails in my
palm. Oww! I raise my eyebrows in her aggressive reaction, and finally smile at my

I would have wanted to spend more time with my wife alone; just to have her all to
myself. On the other hand, our baby is the single most important proof that shes my
woman and mine alone. Shes carrying my child. Not Rodriguezs, not Kavanaghs and
definitely not Claytons! Anas pregnancy freaked Jose Junior a lot more than the
thought she was sick due to a concussion. I can clearly see that our baby threatens other
Anastasia winces as the doctor pulls the probe out of her. It doesnt escape the doctors
notice that I rub Anas legs thats been stuck on top of the stirrups. Once the blood starts
flowing back on her legs, I help my wife down, and put her in upright position.
Mrs. Grey you may get dressed and I will answer any questions you may have once
you join us, she says. Anastasia nods and makes a beeline to the bathroom.
Could you recommend me a book for expecting parents to what to expect during
pregnancy? I ask.
Doctor Greene smiles, and she gives me a few names and I record the names into my
Blackberry. When Anastasia comes back she directs us into her office and we take our
I have a question about her morning sickness, Doctor, I say looking at Ana with
concern. How long will they last? And should she be working when shes experiencing
those spells? As you have heard from the earlier commotion by your door, surely you
must have realized that her nausea must have been very violent for her dad and friend,
I say with restrained acrimony, to be concerned about her. Had I known that she
would be this sick, Id ask my wife to stay home, I say my lips thinning into a firm line.
Christian! I want to work! I just got back to work after recuperating! Ana scolds me
Anastasia, well discuss that later, I reprimand her.
It is normal for Mrs. Grey to have nausea, the doctor interjects. However, if you are
having the heaving, violent morning sickness that got you to your knees with such a
force that your bodyguard had to rush you into my office in his arms, Mrs. Grey, then I
strongly recommend you to work part-time only. You may still be able to work full
time, but do the majority of your work at the comfort of your home, and then go to the
office in the afternoon. That way, you can still be putting in full time hours, but half of
the time, youll be telecommuting and the other half youre in your office. You can have
best of the both worlds this way.

No! Id like to go to work. I dont want my pregnancy to be the determining factor of

whether or not I go to work.
I understand Mrs. Grey; Im a working mother myself. But ones health is generally the
determinant of ones ability to work. The symptoms you are experiencing will not last
forever. Generally about four or five months. Then you should be fine. Your body is
adjusting to the new pregnancy hormones it has never experienced before. Your body is
trying to grow a new life in you. Therefore you must do all you can to aid your babys
healthy development. From your earlier reaction, I noticed that you both want the baby
and very protective of it. It would therefore be in his or her best interest that his or her
mom gets the best rest, she says gently as she smiles at Ana who scowls at her
wordlessly. Dr. Greene is my new best friend.
My recommendation is that you try out this week part time. If you see improvement in
your morning sickness, or dizzy spells which may be an indication of pregnancy
induced low blood pressure that may need to be monitored. At the end of the week if
you see a decrease in those incidents, you may be able to resume your normal schedule.
If however, its continuing to disrupt your work and the symptoms worsen, then you
two can decide what the best work schedule would be and the times you are less prone
to those nausea spells. Generally theyre stronger in the morning.
Anas glowers at the doctor knowing that I will become overly protective of her and do
so with the good doctors orders.
But I hardly have them in the morning. Just around lunch time last week, and today
was the only time I had it so late. Couldnt it have been something I ate or the anxiety of
seeing my dad leave the hospital? This is news to me. She never said shes been having
nausea and morning sickness. I look at her pointedly, my look asking when-were-yougoing-to-tell-me-this? Her eyes widen with her Oh Shit! face and she avoids her gaze,
and just focuses on the doctor.
Mrs. Grey, during pregnancy you will find some food items to make you more
nauseous but the main cause of the symptoms is pregnancy. Im sure you can test for
the remainder of this week and see if your symptoms get better or worse and
accordingly you can avoid food items that amplify the symptoms. Crackers and club
soda seem to aid in most cases. Would testing your bodys reaction and part time work
this week work for you? she asks Anastasia.
I guess, Ana answers, like a petulant child.

What about strange cravings? I ask, and Anas eyes widen and she whips her head
looking at me pleading not to say anything as she blushes beet red.
They too are normal part of the pregnancy. Have you been having cravings?
Some Ana mutters, looking at me admonishing. I look back at her with my
impassive gaze.
Many of my colleagues will agree with me that the cravings satisfy some specific
nutritional need the mothers body is experiencing. Women are also more in tune with
their bodies during pregnancy where you pay close attention to physical stimulus,
including hunger, and of course this may lead to a desire for specific types of food, she
says nodding.
So, Dr. Greene, in your professional opinion, is it at utmost importance for that craving
to be satisfied? I ask with a taciturn face.
Im old school; so, yes, of course. Im sure its no trouble for the father of the baby to
meet mothers needs while shes carrying his child, she lectures raising her eyebrows.
I hold my wifes hand, and kiss it gently, and place it in my palm as I massage her
knuckles with the tip of my index finger.
It would only be my pleasure to satisfy all my wifes cravings, Dr. Greene, I say and
Anastasia nearly expires gasping, squirming in her seat. She coughs.
Are you okay baby? I pat her back.
Yeees, she squeaks.
Well, we dont want to take any more of your time, Doctor. Thank you, I say
extending my hand.
Anastasia follows suit, and extends her hand to the doctor, still blushing.
Mrs. Grey, it is generally good to have a visit every four weeks in the first trimester
but, Id like to see you in two to see how you have managed your nausea and cravings,
she says.
Yes, of course, says Ana in a barely audible tone, blush creeping up to her hairline all
over again.

Shall we, Mrs. Grey? I say holding my hand out to her with a smirk, and exit the
Doctors office holding my wifes hand.
Both Sawyer and Taylor are waiting outside. She avoids their gaze, and darts me a
scowling gaze.
Ana, I have an appointment with Dr. Flynn this evening, and Im already running late.
Ill send you home with Sawyer, and be home in an hour, okay?
You do? She asks surprised. Disappointment flits through her face, but it changes to a
smile. Yes, of course. You havent seen him in weeks, have you? Ill wait for you to get
back home for dinner.
Baby, you heard what the doctor said, if youre hungry, you need to eat. You can join
me for desert, I say in a lascivious tone my eyes darkening.
I have promised your doctor to satisfy all your cravings after all, I whisper
I dont know Mr. Grey. I may be too hungry right now and may have to satisfy them
on my own in your absence, she replies batting her eyelashes innocently.
Ah, Mrs. Grey, I too would like to see how you would satisfy those types of hungers. I
may just have to ask you to demonstrate tonight, I murmur with a grin. She rolls her
eyes, and tugs me in the direction of the elevators.
When we get to the parking lot, Sawyer opens the SUV door for Anastasia. I run my
knuckles over her face, and she leans into my touch, closing her eyes. Suddenly I hold
her face with both hands, and kiss my wife with all Ive got. Maybe its the boiling stress
arising with the showdown Ive had with Lincoln or Joses possessive concern over my
wifes well-being or his jealousy in hearing her pregnancy, or seeing our little blip or
hearing his heartbeats. Whatever it is, I want my wife, and kiss her and let everyone
know just exactly who she belongs to: ME.

***** *****
Have you called Dr. Flynn?
Yes, sir. I told him that you were running late. We had to stop at the hospital.
What happened when you walked Anas dad, Jose and his dad out?

Both Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Steele scolded young Mr. Rodriguez, sir.
How exactly? I probe.
Mr. Steele started saying you love Mrs. Grey, Annie, he says correcting himself as he
looks into the rear-view mirror his gaze catching mine; Taylor looks concerned. Mr.
Steele said he witnessed the intensity of your love for Mrs. Grey when she was in the
hospital. He said you can survive being without my daughter, but Christian cant! He

loves her more than any human being possible and she loves him with the same intensity.
I wont let anyone infringe into their happiness.
Jose Rodriguez said that he loves her too, but he didnt grow up in money like you
did. Then Mr. Steele punched Jose angrily and said that no one buys his daughters love
with money, possessions or wealth, Taylor recounts and this information surprises me.
He then raised his finger and stuck it into Jose Rodriguezs chest, poking, and said that
his child is not a possession to be bought and sold. Only the one who is worthy of her
love and affection could have her, and you were and you did. Mr. Steele also said that
Annie loves you and she told him that there would never ever be anyone else for her,

but you. Then young Mr. Rodriguez said what if you were manipulating her by getting
her pregnant at her very young age, using her youth and innocence. Finally Mr.
Rodriguez-Senior grabbed his son by the shoulders shaking him and told him to stop
with this hopeless love and stop hurting everyone around him, including himself.
Having children was every couples own decision and only their decision. Not their
parents, siblings, friends or other people who may be in love with them from a
distance. He said that he had his chance with Ana, and she only loved him as a brother
and nothing else, and he must accept that. Then he muttered something in Spanish.
What did he say? I ask tersely knowing Taylor understands Spanish.
He said, forget her, son. Shes another mans wife. She's no good for you. Whats more,
theyre crazy in love. He also said that it breaks his heart that his son didnt get the girl
he was crazy in love with. But it was a hopeless love. And asked him to consider Anas
feeling. Didnt he think that she deserved to have the man she was in love with instead
of the one whom she considered a brother? Then he shrugged out of his fathers grip,
apologized Mr. Steele for acting like a jackass and said Ana deserved the best and that
shes good girl and hed wait for them in the car. He might have been crying with the
way he wiped his face with his sleeve forcefully, but I didnt see his face, Taylor says. I
say nothing. Id go insane if I ever lost my wife to another man.
Do you want us to put him on our surveillance, sir?
I shake my head in the negative. No. He was just concerned about Ana. Ill talk to
Sawyer when I get home about what happened. Only a month ago, Id let Jose have it,
I still could for hurting my wifes feelings and embarrassing her in front of her doctor,
her father and others. I know Anastasia is angry with him, I desperately wanted to beat
the shit out of him, but that would only raise Anas sympathy for him. Fuck! He has
deeper feelings for my wife than I had assumed. I hate any other man desiring my wife,
including Jose. Itd be very easy for me to harm, or hurt Jose. But in doing so, I would
hurt my wife, and I would shy away from anything that would hurt Anastasia.
I feel the SUV coming to a stop at Johns clinics parking lot. His secretary is gone, and
Dr. Flynn greets us in the reception area. He leads me to his office and I close the door
behind me. He takes his seat and I sit on my sofa, crossing my leg on the knee.
Christian, its been quite a while since Ive seen you. I hope you and Ana are doing
well. Taylor said that you had to stop at the hospital with Anastasia. I hope shes well.

Shes fine, was experiencing some morning sickness earlier. Her father was being
discharged from the hospital today. Thats why we had to stop at the hospital, I say
and briefly explain the encounter. Johns eyes widen, but he says nothing. He rapidly
starts scribbling onto his tablet, and when I recount the incident Taylor told me about,
he looks up, puts his stylus down and starts typing quickly. This cant be good.
Tell me Christian, did you develop some sympathy for this young man who has
feelings for Anastasia?
I think about it for a minute.
Not quite, John. I dont really care for him, but Ana does, even if shes angry with him
now. Hes her friend.
Interesting, he says and types even faster.
Why? Surely, you love your wife, and you would go to extents before you hurt
someone that she cares about.
Yes. But, I also noted in one of my earlier conversations with you that this is a form of
sacrifice you do for the people you love. You endure some people you dont necessarily
like for the sake of those you love. You did the same with your mother.
Come again? How did we jump from Jose Rodriguez to my mother?
We will get to that point later, Christian. I want to ask you about the night you called
me when you found out about Anas pregnancy. What did learning the fact that you
were going to be a father make you feel like?
I inhale and exhale loudly.
Helpless, rudderless, incompetent, angry, lost, scared
Those are some powerful adjectives. Do you still have those feelings?
No! Except maybe scared. Having nearly lost my wife made every one of these feelings
disappear, except for fear. It amplified the fear, but in a different direction. My initial
fear was about becoming a shitty father. Its still in the back of my mind. But, I think
with Anas help, you know, she wont let me become a shitty father. The fear I have is
the fear of loss, I say my voice going down. I recount my feelings when I called the
bank and she told me she was leaving me, then finding out Hyde was out on bail, and
that she was kidnapped.

I take a whole minute to compose myself when I talk about finding my wife nearly
lifeless on cold concrete. My hands fist and my eyes are shards of ice.
I nearly killed the fucker! She was going to kill my wife. My Ana and my child! My
sister, too! I run both my hands in exasperation. I notice that John stopped typing or
writing with his stylus. Hes probing me with the intensity of his gaze.
You worried about your babys well-being?
Of course! Its my child! My helpless baby! If I dont protect my wife, and my baby,
what good am I as a man?
Do you realize what you just said Christian?
What? I ask exasperated.
You just declared that you had the desire to protect your unborn child. In fact, I dare
say, it was an automatic reaction. You have indeed what it takes to be a good father.
But my fear wasnt just about becoming a shitty father, John! I wanted to have more
time with Ana. Ive never had what I have with her with anyone else. When it comes to
Anastasia, Im a starving man in a banquet, John! I can never get enough of her.
And yet you not only accepted your child, but you have shown love and care for a tiny
fetus. Most fathers take a while to bond with their child. Since mothers carry the baby in
their womb, theyre already bonding with the growing life in their bodies. But, men
most often see the babies as little people who shift the focus of their wives away from
them and may take a while for them to bond.
Im not entirely sure that Im out of that group yet, Dr. Flynn. On the other hand, I do
feel fiercely protective of that 8 weeks old life. Maybe because Ana wants him
Or maybe because, you also want him.
Yes, I do, I whisper. But doesnt change the fact that Im still afraid Afraid of
losing Anas care, love and attention, afraid that I may be a shitty father, afraid that I
may be impatient I dont know John! Im a man who loves to be in control of his life
and everything around him. I have been in the last 7 years But that changed after
Anastasia came into my life, and nothings ever been the same.
Dr. Flynn looks at me with hard scrutiny.

Are you missing your old life?

No! What my wife gives me is refreshing, love, touch, the kind of bond I never ever
thought could happen to me! I didnt even believe in its existence when I so blatantly
saw it in some other people. Genuine love Saying that I am in love with my wife is
just too simple of an expression. Love is a passing feeling. What I have for her is
permanent, soul altering, defining. Shes my purpose in life, the reason I wake up every
morning, the one Im driven to take care of and love and please her as long as I exist.
And by extension, our child is the seal of that love. So, I want him more than ever.
Is it because Jose got jealous of you fathering Anas baby?
I run my hand over my day old stubble, thinking.
Not because of the reason you say. His jealousy would only trigger my possessive side
for Ana which of course it did. What angered me in his reaction about our baby was
that his repulsiveness and dislike of our child as if he was an abomination that stole my
wifes freedom.
How did that make you feel? Flynn asks. I exhale loudly. Dr. Flynn asks this question
so often, he should have it tattooed on his forehead.
I wanted to beat the shit out of him.
Did you?
You know I didnt.
What kept you?
I told you this John! Hurting him would hurt Ana, and I will shy away from anything
that would hurt her!
At the cost of enduring the pain inside, away from her eyes? he says, and I look at
him impassively without giving him an answer. Yes, and then some.
I also noticed that you didnt tell Mr. Rodriguez that your baby was an unplanned
pregnancy. You let him think that it was a design by you.
I nod in response to Dr. Flynn's assessment.

Because, its none of his fucking business! I dont give a shit about what Jose or any
other fucker who has eyes for my wife thinks about me. I am what I am, I do what I do.
And not giving a shit about others opinions of me has been my lifes philosophy. As
long as my wife knows that I love her beyond anything I ever loved or cared for, that I
would go to such extents to protect her, spend everything I own, give up everything Im
have, but I will never give her up, Id be content! If she needed a heart transplant, and
Im the only match, Id carve my own heart out for her just so she lives. Thats the
extent of my love for her. I make no apologies or explanations to anyone let alone a
sappy boy who walks after my wife like a lost puppy. He needs to get it through his
head that she is my wife, my woman, and the mother of my baby! If he ever does
anything remotely simple to hurt her again with his fucking prejudices, I dont think I
can restrain myself. It nearly came to that point in the end today. It took literally all my
self-control to not to beat the shit out of him, and kick his ass into next week!
It would have taken a lot more than 3 hospital security guards to stop me from doing
just that. But I didnt want to cause my wife an embarrassment more than she had
endured with that fuckers accusations! Thats why I exercised restraint! Ana can and
does stand up for herself, and she did. But our baby is helpless, tiny. I cant allow
anyone to hurt him. Im his parent! Its my job to protect him! No one and I do mean no
one will harm my child or my wife without going through me!
Thats quite a declaration Christian. Now, tell me about your last meeting with Elena.
You said that you went for a drink with her after you walked out on Anastasia. I close
my eyes in pain.
Are you trying to wound me by reminding me that while protecting my wife from
others, I hurt her the most?
No, Christian. I am trying to establish something that you know in your subconscious,
but never said it out-loud. But first, Id like to hear what you have to say. Go on
please he says, waiting for an explanation.
Elena was an unfinished business since my birthday. I had to have closure. It had been
over between us for years, but I guess not so for her. She made a pass at me, and it
shocked us both that I flinched away from her touch like it was the bubonic plague.
Then she made it sound like it was just a joke, but we both knew it wasnt. Im in love
with my wife! No matter how angry I get with Anastasia and God know she tries my
patience like no one else, I absolutely love my wife. I told Elena that! Anas my present
and future. And perhaps I may have known all along that Elena had the idea that she

would get me back again in a sexual relationship which of course I ignored knowing
Im the one in charge of my life and that was in the past only. So, I kept the charade up
making myself believe that we are only friends. At least thats what I considered Elena
was to me. In a way she may also have felt that way as well, but when she touched me
the way she did before she initiated hardcore fucking, I could no longer lie to myself
that she was only a friend. Clearly it wasnt the case for her. I had to make it abundantly
clear that there could never, ever anything happen between us, and I could never see
her again.
Did you tell her Ana was pregnant?
God, no! She knew I was upset when I run into her in front of Esclava, and asked me
to go out for a drink. I only said Anastasia wanted children, and that I wasnt ready for
it, because I feared of losing my wife to a little invader, that shed never have time for
me, or love me, and Id only be the second person in her life. Fear of loss, grief even was
lacing my mind at the time. I just had to talk to someone, and you were, well you
were unavailable, I say shrugging.
But after she made a pass at you, you could no longer hide behind the idea that shes
only a friend. That is a fact you have known for a long time in your subconscious. It is
nothing new. In fact, I have noted that about you 4 years ago. Remember the time your
mother invited me to your birthday party for the first time, and Elena was there. We
had a session a few days after that party discussed the events in that session. I have
noted that you only danced with your sister, your mother, and once with Elena. I have
probed about your rigidity then. You were carefree with your sister, and it was a fun
dance. Gentle with your mom, but still at ease. But with Elena, I noted that you erected
a barrier, and you were somewhat rigid. I look at him with unblinking eyes. Wheres
he going with that?
I vaguely remember something in that line, I say non-committal.
Im quite sure you remember more than that Christian. It was first of many times you
walked out of my office in anger. I thought you were never going to come back. But you
did A week after, he adds in his Londoner accent. I shake my head.
Do you remember what I said to you? he asks. I sigh.
Yes. You hypothesized that the reason I didnt cut Elena out of my life though I ceased
all sexual relations with her was because it would hurt my mother. You said that if I
were to sever my ties with my seducer and eliminated her from my life, and avoided
her in all family functions; it would raise my familys suspicion. You said that discovery

of my mothers good friends betrayal in the form of seducing her son would hurt my
mother immensely. Then you conjectured that I would go to extents to avoid my
mother from getting hurt in any shape or form possible, especially from something
about my past. Therefore you said that I endured the dead weight of once detrimental
relationships at a personal cost because of my love for my mother.
John smiles widely. Verbatim with my notes. Do you see the parallel with Jose
situation? You tried your best to avoid the confrontation with Jose in order to protect
your wife even though it came at a personal cost to you. I dare say that you would
never do that for a sub, or any other woman who has ever been in your life.
Are you suggesting it was wrong? I ask my raising my eyebrows. I cross my arms
and sit back in my leather chair as the chair protests with a squeak, just like I am.
Im glad you exercised self-control and restraint to avoid violence. But I want to
examine the underlying reason for your avoidance. Well start with Elena example.
Why do you think you didnt eliminate Elena out of your life after your relationship
ended? One cannot go from a totally hard on physical relationship and forgetting
everything then switch into a placid friendship phase.
Thats a done deal John! I have cut her out of my life! What more do you want from
me? I say jumping up to my feet.
Are you going to walk out again? he asks.
Noo! I say like a sullen teenager.
I have given problems to my parents since the minute they adopted me. I didnt let
anyone to touch me! I remember my mom getting this devastated face when I shirked
away from her touch when I was four, but she still managed to smile at me. Then, I
didnt speak for two years. Elliot was afraid of me because I would beat him up which
my parents put a stop to it. I had this undiluted rage in me that never subsided; I was
mad at everyone, everything, the universe for allowing me to exist! Then came my
fucking teen years: I was in trouble every day, all the time! I put my parents through
enough misery already, I say taking a breath.
Do you really think that I would put them through worse shit when I became an
adult? I would do anything, absolutely anything to avoid giving them the kind of pain
that was worse than all the misery I put them through combined over the years. It
would devastate my mom, and it did when she found out a few months ago! She didnt

even know the extent or the kind of relationship Elena and I had. My mom assumed
that it was just a sexual affair Not the deviant, full on BDSM relationship!
Maybe it was just me who is the abomination, the one who screws up my loved ones
ordered, perfect lives. The fear of hurting my mom, and my fucking self-abhorrence
were some of the reasons why I made myself believe that Elena was just a friend, a
friend who immensely benefited me in helping me to learn to cope with my issues
Even if I was to admit to myself in the subconscious level that our relationship was
wrong, Id be resetting my clock, and all I had gone through would be for nothing. And
along the way, Id be hurting my family, my mother in particular. I wasnt going to take
that chance. I would tolerate anyone no matter how much it caused me pain just so I
could avoid inflicting greater pain to the ones I love.
And we have a breakthrough John says smiling.
Thats the exact reason you tolerated Joses behavior. To avoid inflicting pain to your
wife. You would rather endure unpleasant situations and people because in doing so,
you are protecting the ones you love. But, who will protect Christian?
Im big, bad and ugly enough to do that myself.
Are you?
Why shouldnt I be? I answer with a question in avoidance for an answer.
It would be more prudent if you also protected yourself.
I have so many layers of protection John!
I disagree. Those are insulations and avoidance from society rather than protection,
Christian. For example, in the past, you would avoid seeing Elena as opposed to cutting
her off completely. The layers insulated you, but didnt completely protect you, just
caused you to grow distant from society. You see, when those layers were stripped
away from you rather forcefully, you were left bereft of any coping mechanism which
was amply demonstrated after Anastasia entered into your life. Avoidance didnt teach
you how to deal with real life. Just left you helpless, rudderless, fearful, he says
feeding my earlier words back at me.
Dealing with lifes issues is a learned behavior, Christian. You have been exposed
compellingly into reality of life since you have discovered your wifes pregnancy,
Elenas unwanted advances, your sisters and Anastasias kidnapping, Anas injuries

and now another young man who is in love with Anastasia accusing you of being
uncaring towards your wife, and getting her pregnant to tie her to you permanently.
How should I have dealt with them John? I ask exasperated.
Theres no one size fits all formula Christian. I dont expect you to accommodate Mr.
Rodriguez. Ana is your wife, youre both mature adults, and old enough to have and
care for a child even if the pregnancy was unplanned. Others who are causing problems
to our relationships arent the ones we ought to be dealing with; you dont owe
explanations to them. Only to the ones we love. We need to be open with them.
I dont think it would go so well if I were to tell Anastasia that I want to kick her
friends ass till hell wont have it again! She might have issues with that... I say
Is that how you feel?
Yes, I do. I dont want him near my wife! I dont want him trying to hold her when
shes puking, comfort her, and have concern for her, question or reprimand her for our
decisions. I will make no excuses when I beat the shit out of him! I will protect my wife
and my child fiercely if necessary John opens his mouth to say something, but I cut
him off.
Before you say anything John, talk to me after your wife is stalked, kidnapped, beaten
half to death, nearly lost the baby she wanted I barely got her back in my life, and
some other asshole with his confused love for my wife was making life miserable for
her. Was he just waiting in the wings so that I get tired of Anastasia and leave? So, dont
expect me to make excuses, or ask any forgiveness when I kick the shit out of the next
person who even dreams about inflicting pain on my wife, my child, or any other
member of my family!
John scribbles something on his tablet again, and I think he murmurs, two steps
forward, one step back.
Be that as it may; where my wife and child are concerned, there are no limits in what I
will do to protect them.
Well, our time is nearly up, you shall not wait this long before you see me again. How
about next week? John asks.
Next week sounds great. Ill have my assistant schedule.

Taylor is waiting in the waiting room. He opens the door for me to exit the clinic. I feel a
load lifted off me. Maybe I dont have the amount of progress Dr. Flynn wants me to
have, but I have progress enough for Christian Grey to fit my desires and my control
freakery. Today of all days, despite all that happened, I feel undefeated, unconquered
but not quite invincible. And right now, I want to go home, find the reason for my
existence, and bury myself in her for a long time.
Sting - Mad About You

***** *****
Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.


Taylor and I arrive at Escala, but Anastasia is nowhere to be seen. I go to our bedroom
to see if shes there, but shes not in the bedroom either. Confused I come out into the
living room and make my way to the dining area. There is a flurry of activity by Mrs.
Jones in the kitchen. She seems to be cooking for an army as opposed to two people.
Mrs. Jones, where is Mrs. Grey?
She was here about 30 minutes ago sir, I believe she left to go to her bedroom after
asking me to prepare food for the company.
Company? What company? I ask.
Im not exactly sure, sir. I believe six people are coming. She was going to explain, but
she received a phone call and hasnt been back since.

Did she eat? I ask.

She started to, but shes been receiving one phone call after another.
A nervous edgy energy takes me over. I have a feeling that this is Joses doing. I dont
know what he did, but hes stirred the pot somewhere, somehow.
I go to the library to see if shes there. Generally, Anastasia finds the library soothing,
relaxing. Its a good place to sit and talk. But, who would she be talking?
I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. I take it out, and check the Caller ID. I frown
when I see the caller. I walk to my study to take the call. After I close the door behind
me, I answer.
I thought I asked you to never contact me again! I hiss. My mind is still at my wife
wondering where she might be.
I know; Im so sorry Christian! I wouldnt have if I havent heard what happened.
And what would that be? I ask without giving any information.
Christian, even the deaf have heard that Anastasia and Mia were kidnapped. Despite
what you may think of me, I still care about your family. Your mom had been my friend
for many years. Of course I restrained myself from calling you but Linc called me this
afternoon after all these years! I havent talked to him since our divorce, Elena says. I
walk back to my seat behind my desk.
Why would that interest me? Hes your ex; not mine, I say, giving nothing away.
Well, my ex, she says enunciating, happens to have paid the bail of your wifes and
your sisters kidnapper. And hes made a threat against you and yours. Though it is not
explicitly expressed, I know Lincoln, and I know what he is capable of. Is it true that
you sold Lincoln Timber out under him?
When I dont respond, she continues to talk.
I will take your silence as an admission. But, Christian, please, please, please dont take
him lightly. Lincoln doesnt do forgiveness, turn the other cheek, and when it comes to
revenge, he wont go for it until he has all his docks in a row and hes going for kill. No
matter how mean, dark, downright bad you may think of yourself to be, youre a law

abiding citizen. Lincoln has the appearance of a good citizen. But, he can hand the devil
his own ass!
Thanks for the warning. I can take care of myself, I reply ready to hang up.
You saw what he did to me! she shouts, her voice a high pitch. You saw! That was
just for $100,000 Dollars! One hundred grand is nothing to him! Four of my most
expensive purses cost more than that! she shouts. I havent heard Elena shout in a very
long time.
He didnt just beat you up for money, Elena! It was because we were fucking!
Grow up Christian! You werent the only one I was fucking, she says. And thats not a
revelation to me. Although she would beat the shit out of me if someone else looked at
me with carnal appreciation, I had an inkling suspicion that she was doing it. Linc
brought men and women into our bed! And you went to college. Id see you once a
month when you were in school; that is hardly enough to satisfy me. You know the
Dom/Sub clubs I frequented. I have utilized their services amply. Do you think I was
going to go without sex for that long? Even though I hid my extracurricular activities
from Linc, he wouldnt have been furious if he knew about them. For him, it was just
the principal of things: by controlling what I did, he controlled me. I broke the protocol
and went against the master dominant that he is. Thats why he beat me up an inch of
my life to show me who the true master is. And you, someone I fucked with beat him in
a game he thought he had no one to rival him. You see, no one beats him in his own
game and gets away with it! Remember, he waited seven fucking years to get back at
you for fucking me without his permission. Seven years! Do you know the lengths he
would go to punish you and all those you love for taking away and dismantling his
She knows she got my attention. I can deal with anyone who desires to punish me. But,
my wife, my baby, my family are off limits. If anyone wants to fuck me over by hurting
them would be signing their own death certificate.
Lets assume for a minute that what you say is true. He doesnt have the means to
inflict any kind of damage to me. He doesnt have the company, money or
associations, I state, waiting to see how she will contradict me. Im still not sure if this
is Elenas way to get back into my life or a genuine concern. Either way it will cost me to
hear it.

Arghhh! she groans on the phone. For a very bright man Christian, someone whose
wife has just been beaten half to death, you fail to see the parallels. Do you remember
what I looked like?
Yes! I respond, growing rigid. I know what shes trying to get to.
If your wife didnt shoot her attacker, and if you and your men didnt get there on
time, you would not be apprehending just an assailant, but possibly her murderer. And
believe me when I say this, that guy wasnt inadequate
Inadequate? I hiss, in a low voice. You think he was inadequate when he nearly
killed my wife?
If it was Lincoln, she raises her voice an octave, speaking through teeth, he would
have finished the job! And I dont say this to be mean, Christian. I am trying very hard
to get you to understand what you are face to face. This guy must have been a last
minute opportunity for Linc; and perhaps he didnt do his homework as well as he
could have given the time restraints. My ex-husband could have inflicted the pain he
wanted me to endure, and would have killed me. But he made sure that I wasnt dead!
He made sure that I suffered for a very long time. It took me months to heal! Death, he
knows is a short trip to neverland, Elena laughs bitterly. He does not attack until he
knows he gets all he wants, all his revenges fulfilled. He learns from his mistakes and
he never repeats them! Never! And when it comes to Lincoln exacting his dues, hes like
a bottomless pit. You are now his number one enemy!

Am I not Merciful? - The Gladiator

Why didnt you press charges if he was such a horrible man? I ask curiosity getting
the better of me.
And then do what? If I pressed charges, he would out me as your lover. Your parents
would endure a public shame as if they just ignored their sons affair with a trophy
wife, because you were 21 years old. There was no hiding it; you werent a minor! Can
you imagine the ramifications of it; adopted son of a pediatrician and a respected
attorney? We had a six years long affair. Who would believe them even if both of us
swore up and down that no one knew about it? Even if they believed us then your
parents would have been dubbed unfit as parents for not seeing something going on for
this long. His disclosure would have been simply devastating for many people. You
were just getting into business. It would have killed your efforts even before it began.
If I went further, he would expose what we had since you were a minor she says.
I fail to see how he would have done that without exposing himself as being in the
scene. Besides, what you stated about my parents would also go the other way. His
disclosure would have also made the police or the public suspicious that he too knew
about the 6 years long affair. It may have been assumed that the affair became
inconvenient for him. I was at the beginning of business. Id survive. But he, as a wife
abuser and someone who may have ignored his wife taking advantage of a minor
would have had worse ramifications in business.
Oh Christian! What I stated is just the best case of scenario! Linc even had rock solid
alibi showing himself away at the time he assaulted me. He has always had the means
to have us disappeared without a trace. He would have done it in such a way that no
one would have any way of knowing it was him, she says remaining silent for five
seconds. Her voice lowers, I wanted to live and put the experience behind me. Then
you broke up with me. So, it was time for me to start anew.
But now that youve taken what he values the most, you cut his balls out, made him
impotent in the business world. Its not a matter of whether hell seek revenge, but
Do you know where he would be hiding his money?
What money?

He embezzled from his own company. There are millions of dollars missing. Weve
only located a small percentage of it.
I dont know. I never got into his business dealings. That company was his mistress.
He wasnt going to share the information of his secret accounts.
You said that he threatened me. What exactly did he say? I ask in a dangerously low
voice. My patience running thin with the walk down the memory lane.
He said, starts Elena, clears her throat, and deepens her voice, your ignoble former
boy lover fucked up my company, stealing it right under me. I gotta hand it to him. He
is as devilish as I am; your tutelage of him under your whip paid him off handsomely.
He knows how to properly inflict pain. I called to congratulate you. I shall someday
return the favor to him, and part him with what he holds dear, she says stopping. If
you go and talk to the police about this, I will deny every single word of it. Im very
fond of the life I lead, my business and my submissive. Im not willing to part with
what I cherish, yet. Not, even for you Christian. So, just be careful.
Ill send Welch to talk you.
No, I said all theres to say.
I abruptly stand from my seat. My chair rolls behind my protesting the force which I
exerted on it. I grasp the edge of my desk, and lean in as if shes sitting in the very room
with me. Be that as it may, he is my security adviser he may uncover something I didnt
think of. You owe me that much! I enunciate. She lets out an exasperated breath, ready
to protest.
Hell meet you tonight. Hell call you and let you know where you will meet him.
I had plans she starts.
I had accommodated you long enough myself. Your plans are now changed! Revise
Oh, fine! she hisses. Hows Anastasia? she asks changing tact.
Shes fine. If thats all you have to tell, I have business to attend to, I cut her curtly.
Goodnight Christian, she says.

Goodnight Elena. Wait for Welch to call you. If you dont answer, you know he has
ways of finding you, I warn and I hang up.
Standing in the middle of the room, I try to compose myself, run my hands through my
hair in exasperation. After taking two deep breaths, I dial Welch with my instructions.
After briefly explaining him what Elena informed me, I tell him to contact Elena, and
question her about the phone call shes received. The conversation is brief and to the
Okay, call me or text me when you uncover something, I order.
Will do, sir. Also, I highly recommend that we put someone behind Lincolns ass to tail
him and detail is activities. Thats something we havent done with Hyde and it cost
us, he reminds me.
I agree. Get someone who has experience in covert ops as soon as possible and I want
the detailed resume of him, I command before I hang up.
I drop my phone in my pants pocket, and leave my study in sure steps like a panther
on a prowl. I need to find my wife. I miss her even more so now.
When I make my way to the living room, I still dont see Anastasia.
Mrs. Jones, wheres Mrs. Grey?
She was looking for you as well. As a matter of fact, she just went to your bedroom to
see of you were there. Your guests should be arriving soon.
"I was in my bedroom 10 minutes ago. She wasn't there."
"I'm sorry sir, that's where she said she was going to look for you," Gail replies.

Who is coming over?

Mrs. Grey just informed me that it's your family, sir.
Why are they coming on a weekday of all days? I turn around and make my way to our
bedroom. Anastasia is just coming out of our bedroom. Shes in a nice black
wraparound dress elegantly tied with a nice bow on her right side. Her high heels are
making her at least four inches taller. She put her hair is in a nice ponytail, and her
make-up is natural, accentuating what she already has. In short, she is irresistibly

Mrs. Grey, I have been looking for you, I murmur, after drinking her in. My eyes
darken with lascivious desire as my hand reach down to her face.
Have you now, Mr. Grey? she responds, her voice husky.
I lean down and kiss her. My hand slides down to the small of her back. I cup her
buttocks in my hand and push her into my groin, deepening our kiss. Her hands run

into my hair, clumping it. I lift her up off the ground, and walk into our bedroom
kicking the door closed with the heel of my loafers.
Christian, your family is coming, she murmurs between kisses. I groan.
Right now baby, I dont care if the Pope himself is paying a visit to us promising
heaven. What I want, I emphasize, and what I need are one and the same. And thats

Anastasia looks up and her gaze is locked on the avid wanton gleam in my eyes. She
swallows. Her left arm wraps around my neck while her right hand caresses my biceps.
I walk towards our bed with sure steps and deposit my wife onto the mattress then
loom over her. The weight of my hips press into her then expertly angulate my hips over
the junction of her thighs letting her know, making her feel how much I desire her, how
hard my erection has grown, and how deep I want to fuck her. I feel Anastasia tremble beneath me
with desire. I tilt her head, angling it to perfectly capture her full lips. The moment our lips touch, fire
engulfs my veins, jolting me into awareness, making me desire her even more.
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele

Her hands travel under my jacket, trying to shove it off my back. I help her tossing it
across the room. When I lean down to merge our bodies, her fingers are trying to
unbutton my shirt in a hurry. When she cant, she squirms under me with impatience.
When she manages to unbutton one, she cant manage to unbutton the next one. With
frustration, she pulls my shirt apart making the buttons scatter on the bed and around
the room.
Savage! I whisper. I, love it!

We dont have much time, but I want you now husband! Fast and hard, please! Take
me! Possess me! Make me feel Im absolutely yours! she begs. I dont know what
caused her to feel this way, but thats exactly what I need!
Yes, maam!
I dont know how other couples communicate. But, were not like other people. We
communicate through sex. My intense passion and craving for her explodes in leaps
and bounds.
When I lean down to kiss her again, I feel the pucker of her tightening nipples under
her dress grazing over my chest hair sending jolts of electricity, hardening my cock,
growing the ache I have for her which can only be sated by being buried deep inside
her. Her lips are soft, and demanding. She whimpers when I suck on her lower lip. Her

bodys instant reaction to me makes me give out a deep guttural groan. I hold my torso
up using my forearm thinking at the last minute of her pregnancy and with my other
hand I push the skirt of her dress up feeling her drenched sex.

Oh, Ana! You are so wet for me! I murmur into her lips. I swallow her little moans.
She arches her head and her back automatically lowering my eyes to her perfect
mounds pushing through her dress. My lips graze over the fabric of her dress, and
capture a puckered nipple between my teeth and tug it not so gently, making Anastasia
groan with pleasure. Her hips lift up trying to find my cock, hungry for friction, trying
to melt into me, merge with me. Her hands travel to my back; an act that would have
made me jump out of my skin is now making me hard, ferociously hungry for my wife.
She digs her nails into my back and scrapes down. Her hands push their way under my
waistband but restricted by my belt.

Your pants! Off! Please, she manages to pant her demand. I unbuckle my belt,
unbutton and unzip my pants. Anastasia sticks her hand into my boxers freeing my
erection. Her thumb runs over the crown of my erecting in rhythmic circles. The current
of her touch makes me tilt my head back, my mouth in a silent O.

Oh, baby! What you do to me!

Her hand runs from hilt to aching tip, slowly yet greedily, licking her lips. I untie the
bow of her dress opening it up.
The need I feel for her is urgent, like the thirst of a man in the desert. I have no patience
to gingerly pull her panties off. I insert my index and middle finger under her panties.
My fingers run over the folds of her sex. Her wetness makes me groan. I swiftly turn my
hand over and poke my finger into the lace of her panties, rip it into shreds.
Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed

Those those cost five hundred Dollars! she pants.

Baby, I wouldnt care if they were fifty thousand dollars right now!
I sit up on my knees and open the flap of her dress. Her breasts are pushing through her
black lace bra. I lean down and run my nose between the soft peaks of her breasts. I run
my index finger beneath the lacy cup of her bra freeing her left breast. Then, leaning
down to her enticing mound and greedily suckle her nipple into the warm wetness of
my mouth with deep, aching pulls.

Please! she begs.

I grin between pulls. My hand darts down to her pulsing sex, swollen with her desire.
With my other hand, I free her right breast. Her neglected nipple perks, and tightens
begging for attention. I lick and nip my way to her other breast. Capturing the areola in
my mouth, I lick her nipple leisurely, in deep sensual strokes. Groaning, Anastasia
arches her back up pushing her hips trying to find my heavy erection, seeking that

Taylor! Ana has not been well, and she told us to come over here. I need to see my
friend! we hear from outside our door.
Miss Kavanagh, as much Id like to accommodate you, Mr. Grey is her husband and he
is with her. And until they come out their room, I cannot allow you to barge into their
bedroom! I hear Taylors authoritative voice right outside my door.
Fucking Kavanagh! Cant a man get a break today?
I just want to knock on the door to see if shes okay!
No maam! Theyll come out when theyre good and ready.
Taylor, what if Ana is sick, and my brother cant call for help? I hear my sisters silly
You need not worry about that Ms. Grey. We have protocols in place for that sort of
situation. When Mr. and Mrs. Greys door is closed, they require privacy, Taylor
blocks them.

Well, at least let them know were here or something! Kavanagh says.
I will inform Mr. Grey. Please take a seat in the living room and enjoy the food and
"Holly hell!" Anastasia whispers.
Im not leaving this bedroom without fucking you! I hiss through my teeth, and
Anastasia raises her hips to meet mine with a lascivious grin, pleased to finally get what
she wants. I push her legs apart with my knees. Holding my heavy erection in my hand,
I run my hand up and down over my lengths and feel the throbbing veins. I lean down
and run the crown of my penis over the wetness of her sex.

Now, please! Fast and hard!

We aim to please, Mrs. Grey," I say, feeding my erection into the depths of her sex.
Once I am hilt deep she wraps her legs around my torso trying to push me in even
deeper. I expertly angulate my hips trying to rub and locate that secret sweet spot
inside her. I grab her by the buttocks, and lift her up. When he weight is naturally
pushing down onto my cock, I ring all the bells and whistles.
Tonight - Enrique Iglesias

This is the deepest, I hiss. I hold her up, and rearing up push upwards as I descend
Anastasias weight down in rapid fashion, continually drilling into her.
Yeesss! she moans. More! Please!

As I move her up and down on my cock, sliding in and out of her sex, her breasts
pushed forward by the wire of her bra cups, intimately rub over my chest. As I push her
up, her nipple aligns with my mouth, and I capture it, sucking in deep pulls. When my
cock drills into her again, her muscles inside her sex tighten inside.

Again! she begs.

I capture her other nipple in my mouth. Suck it hard. She pushes her head back as I
shove my dick hard into her. I move the angle of her buttocks, tilting them upwards,
and roll my hips once I enter her and locating my favorite spot, I rub and massage it in
circles with my cock, stimulating us both. Her hands find my back, nails running
through, turning me on hotter. The heels of her pumps dig into my ass in her effort to
merge us.

Finally I rear again, and push my cock into her fast and hard in rapid succession as I
raise her buttocks and descend her onto my conquering erection. I feel the contraction,
and pull of the muscles of her sex in her effort to milk me dry. She shouts her pleasure
as her teeth latches onto my shoulder.
Fuuuuck! Ana! I hiss as I spurt into her sex thick and hard marking my woman, my
wife, washing her in my semen. My eyes loses focus during the peak of my ecstasy, my
mouth opens in an O and then my teeth clamp shut, air hissing through with a mixture
of pleasure and lust. As her sex is completely wrapped around my cock like a tightly
fisted glove, I thrust into her four more times. The jolts of orgasms can be felt in the tips
of my toes.
Finally our lips meet and feeling of waves of orgasm transfer into each other.
Ana! Ana! Ana! I love love and love you, baby!
I finally pull my cock out of her. Its barely tamed. I could go on all night, but we have
people waiting outside. By their arguments with Taylor, I can tell that they will come
barging into our bedroom.
Mrs. Grey, you weave some powerful magic.
Black Magic Woman - Santana

So do you Mr. Grey, she replies.

Do you know why they are here? I ask without putting her down.
She sighs and makes a motion for me to stand her up.
Kate called me. Apparently Jose texted her asking if she was concerned ever about
my well-being for any reason.
I stiffen immediately. My gaze turns into chards of ice.
What did Kate say in response?
She didnt respond to his text. She called me obviously worried and equally curious
about why he would ask such a thing.
I raise quizzical eyebrow encouraging her to go on.

When I explained to Kate that I got sick when I went to see my father, she got overly
concerned, well, not like Jose but in her own way she was lecturing me, she says
rolling her eyes. Kate also assumed that it was the result of the concussion I've had and
scolded me for going back to work too soon. She sighs. Im just tired of being scolded
and lectured by my friends. But when she wanted to come and see me with her own
eyes to make sure I was well, I gave her a time and told her to let others know and come
together. It turns out she and Elliot went out for a drink with Mia and Ethan. When the
rest of the group heard that I wasnt feeling well earlier, they all got concerned and
wanted to check on me. Mia was more so because she was feeling responsible of my
injuries, Anastasia says shaking her head. I scoop my wife off the floor, and walk to
the en suite bathroom. I nod my head encouraging her to continue.
Since they all wanted to come over, I wanted someone else to be on our side when we
announce the news of the Blip. I called your mom and asked her to come over with
your dad. This way she can back me up. I just didnt want a repetition of this
afternoons incidents.
I dont think theyll react the same way Jose did. He had ulterior motives I mutter
trying to conceal how angry I am furious with Jose for the shit he pulled this afternoon
and angrier still for texting Kate. At least he didnt spill the news this time. I might have
to have a talk with him. Anastasia shakes her head.
I dont want to think about what he said, Christian. Im still boiling mad about it. Hes
hurt my feelings. This is my baby; I need to protect it, she says.
Our baby! I correct her as I stand her up in the bathroom. Taking some wet wipes, I
kneel before my wife, and delicately clean her sex. She holds onto my shoulders to
steady herself. I take another wet wipe and capture and clean the leisurely running
semen down her inner thigh. My mark on her is so fucking sexy.
And its my job to protect you both, I say splaying my hand on her belly. Jose, Kate
or anyone has to go through me: I'm the husband, I'm the both of your protector I
say in a low voice. Do you understand? You dont need to do anything except to stay
safe. Im your husband, and this little ones father. Youre both mine! I protect what is
mine, I say enunciating.
Her breath hitches, and lips part as her gaze is locked on mine.
All clean. Well, Ill clean myself up while you get dressed and we better do it quickly
and get out there before they try to barge into our bedroom while my dick is still
hanging out, I say and Anastasia bursts out laughing.

Mrs. Grey, am I that funny?

Mr. Grey, your delicate vocabulary knows no bounds. But actually, she adds her
laughter subsiding as I rise up, her gaze is fixed on my penis, theres nothing funny
about this, husband, she whispers, her fingers wrapping around my semi tamed cock.
Not now, baby. Well never be able to leave the room, and we have impatient company
out there. Her face slightly falls. I raise her hand up to my lips, and kiss it, taking the
edge of the sting of my words.
When Anastasia and I manage to leave our bedroom, she's dressed in a different wrap
around dress. Her hair is back in a ponytail, her lips are glossy, and shes in her high
heels. I have my jeans and black t-shirt.
About time you came out! We were wondering if we should send in the rescue crews
to your bedroom with instructions on how to dismount, Elliot jokes grinning, making
Anastasia flush.
Elliot! chides Mom.
Kate slaps his leg.
Really, Elliot! Anas been sick. Im sure he was tending her! she scolds him.
Oh, Ive no doubt that he was tending her," he grins even wider. "Congrats by the way,
you have graduated from speedy service, he continues to joke checking his watch.
Fuck off Elliot! I scold him.
Id love to, but I take a lot longer than you, so I have to wait till I get home, Elliot
continues to joke, laughing this time. Hes on a roll tonight. Meanwhile, Ethan
Kavanaghs jaw drops open, shocked in light of Elliot's jokes partially involving his
Are you quite done? Dad berates Elliot. Youre embarrassing your brother and his
Ok, ok, Im done. You should all relax. The girls were all freaking out thinking Ana
was sick, but I was just trying to demonstrate that he doesnt get to finish his
sentence. Kate elbows him.

Ana, how are you darling? Mia walks up to Ana and hugs her tight. Mmmmm! Ive
missed you. When Kate got a text message from your friend saying you werent well
today and nearly passed out in your dads hospital room, we were so worried about
you! Mia holds tops of Anastasias shoulders and steps back to take a good look at her.
You look a bit pale. Are you having headaches, stomachache, any kinda aches or
pains? she asks.
Mia! Ana will be fine, dear, my Mom censures my sisters as she comes to Anas
rescue giving my wife a small hug.
Hello darling girl! How are you feeling? she asks in a soft whisper. Ana nods and
smiles in response.
Just fine Grace.
Kate takes her turn in giving Ana a hug.
Seriously, were you that sick this afternoon? Rodriguez texted that you freaked them
out. What happened? Why did you get so sick all of a sudden? Was it too early for you
to go back to work? Did the doctors miss something? Did you get checked up? she
asks, and leaning into Anas ear she asks, Do you feel safe at home? Anas eyes dart at
me immediately trying to see assess if I have heard Kate. One look at my face and she
knows I did.
I feel fine and safe! she hisses her answer to Kate.
My Dad comes and kisses her forehead, and gives her a small hug in greeting her. Elliot
takes his turn by holding my wife and swirling her around.
Wow, Ana! Youve lost weight little lady! How do you feel?
Elliot, you may let go of my wife now, I say pulling Anastasia to my side. Finally
Ethan Kavanagh greets her, and I narrow my eyes as he gives my wife a hug lifting her
off the floor.
Christ! What the fuck is going on with other guys wanting to hold my wife?
Here, Ana! Nothing a glass of wine cant cure! my brother says handing Anastasia a
glass of champagne. My Mom, Mrs. Jones and I must all have the identical expression
on our faces.

Thank you Elliot, I say and take the glass of champagne from Anas hand amidst my
brothers confused look. Ana slowly puts her hand down.
Kate scowls at me, misunderstanding Anastasias surprised expression in being handed
a glass of champagne the wrong way.
You know, Christian, you need to stop bossing my friend around! If the girl wants to
drink a glass of champagne, she can drink it! Its not a crime you know! Youre
worrying her friends! My eyes darken anger rising in me. I hate people butting into
our lives and making assumptions.
Yeah, dude! Why wont you let her drink? Even if she cant handle her drink, Im sure
one glass is not that bad! Elliot says.
Here, Ana dear, Ill give you mine. I didnt touch it yet! Mia hands her glass of
champagne, then she slaps my shoulder, trying to reprimand me.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Everyone needs to stop their misplaced concerns for me! Ana
All of them fall silent when my quiet Ana raises her voice at the guests in the house.
Yes, I have had a concussion, a fractured skull, damaged ribs, muscles and tissues
recently. I also threw up in my dads hospital room rather spectacularly and
unglamorously making everyone concerned for me. But Im not sick, she says
stopping. Well, at least not the way you think, she qualifies.
What do you mean, not the way we think?
Ana sighs. She looks up at me, and I extend my hand to her, nodding. I pull my wife
under my arm, our hands clasped. My Mom and Dad both smile at us reassuring.
We wanted to wait to tell you this. But I guess it cant be kept hidden for long because
everyone is getting concerned for my health, mistaking my morning sickness with my
the concussion I've. The reason I am sick now, or I have been sick recently is because
Christian and I are expecting a baby
There is a deafening silence at first as if this was the last thing they expected to hear, but
the second Anastasia's words register, I hear the loudest two shrieking girls who are
jumping up and down. The next thing I know is that Ana is being tugged out under my

arm as if two particularly vicious bridesmaids are fighting over the brides flower
bouquet. All this is to give my wife the first congratulatory hug!
Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Mia shouts in rapid-fire as if she lost her
ability of speech other than oh-my-god! She pulls Ana into her embrace fighting for
that first hug like the fullback trying to protect the quarterback from the opposing team;
namely Kate.
A baby! A little baby! Ana, Im so happy for you! Kate shouts shoving my sister out of
the way catching her prize bouquet in the form of my wife and hugging her tightly.
You have a baby here? she asks splaying her hand over Anas flat belly after finally
letting go of Ana. Such a miracle! Kate gushes. Katherine Kavanagh actually gushes
and is happy for her friend. Mia takes her place on the other side of Ana. Both my sister
and Kate talk over each other completely overjoyed. Well, maybe a woman's pregnancy
alters all her friends' behavior.
Well, Christian helped, I couldnt have created a miracle on my own, Ana smirks
looking up at me.
Congratulations bro! Im so happy for you man! Elliot says hugging me genuinely
happy for us. You do know how to do it after all little bro! he says jokingly slapping
my arm with one hand good naturedly.
Oh, shut up, Elliot! I faux chide him.
Seriously bro! Im very happy for both of you. I really am! Our family is growing! This
does call for celebration. Mrs. Jones, can we get something non-alcoholic for Ana? he
calls out.
Coming right up! Mrs. Jones replies cheerfully.
Both my dad and my mom come and hug me overjoyed.
Ethan Kavanagh looks like he is attempting to smile after he lost a bet and had been
forced to swallow a rather nasty bug.
Congratulations to you both, he says in a flat voice with that awkward smile. The
clasp of his handshake is weak.
Isnt that wonderful Ethan? Mia bursts with excitement holding his arms with utter,
undiluted joy.

Yes, great news, he says with an attempted but failed enthusiasm.

Cheers! he says lifting his glass up to me, and empties his drink with a single gulp.
Ahhh! Another disappointed admirer. Who knew? Our baby, my baby has been
deterring other admirers faster than fist fight between two men in a pissing contest who
are in love with the same woman. My child is the proof that they lost the pissing contest
and conceded rather grudgingly to my purchase, my brand of ownership of my wife.
Its fucking interesting that if my wife tattooed my name and my possession of her over
her arm in bold red ink, it would not have deterred any of them as much as the lima
bean size baby shes carrying inside her! Thats my kid there.
I pull my wife into my arms, canoodling her. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I
place my hands are over her belly, silently declaring my territory. But my declaration
couldnt have been louder if I were shouting it. Anastasias breath hitches, and a sweet
blush creeps up to her hairline with my show of affection and ownership of our baby.
She twists her head to look up at me. I descend my lips over hers and kiss her chastely.
Both my parents hold each other smiling, seeing our joy. My brother pulls Kate into his
arms, and they hug each other. My sister goes to Kavanagh and holds Ethans hand. He
has another glass in his hand. This time its a tumbler with an amber liquid in it. As Mia
hugs him with a giddy excitement, he downs his drink and wipes his lips with the back
of his hand. Yep! Its not just Jose Rodriguez. Ethan Kavanagh is jealous, as well. But at
least he does his best to hide it. Yes, this is my woman pregnant with my child.
Oh! When is the due date? Mia asks.
Why dont we all sit? I direct them to the large sectional.
I seat Anastasia next to me, and place my arm around her. I hold both her hands in one
of mine.
Well, come on Ana, when is the baby due? Kate asks excitedly.
Im only 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. So my due date is either May 11 thor 12th. My
doctor said that she can be able to give us a more definite date as the baby grows in size.
But I imagine that its going to be around the same date, give or take a few days, she
May? Oh, no! Do we have to change the wedding date? Because, if we have the
wedding around your due date we might risk my maid of honor going into labor. If we

schedule it after, you might still be recovering and maid of honor dress may not fit as
you grow bigger, or we may not have the correct size right after you have the baby!
Jesus! The things women worry about!
Kate Kate Relax baby! We have about 7 or 8 months until our wedding. Im sure
my brother can afford to have two dresses made for his lovely wife if it comes down to
Elliot, Im not worried about dresses! Im not that shallow! I just want to make sure
that my best friend Ana is my maid of honor. The place my parents are thinking of
having the wedding schedules a year in advance! I have to get the dates right to ensure
that Ana can be my maid of honor! Ive never seen Katherine Kavanagh close to
hyperventilating. It would actually be funny to watch her if it wasnt raising Anastasias
Kate, I will see my doctor in about two weeks. Im not exactly sure but I think we can
have the due date with very close approximation. She did also say that first babies are
almost always a little late. I think it would be safer if you have the wedding before we
have the baby. I may not feel well enough immediately after the baby to attend the
rehearsal, or tire easily.
Oh! This is sooo exciting! Isnt it Ethan? Christian and Ana are going to have a baby
right around the date Kate and Elliot are getting married! Our family is growing!
gushes Mia excitedly holding his hand. He tries to smile wordlessly, nodding his head.
Do you think youll have a baby right away Elliot, like Christian and Ana are having?
My brother is speechless for a change.
Jesus, Mia! We havent even gotten married yet, and youre asking about the children
were going to have. Give the man a chance! he replies nervously.
Yeah, Elliot! You two should have a baby right away to grow up with his or her
cousin, I get him back for his earlier jokes.
Touch, Christian, Elliot answers, crimson.
Well, to Ana and Christian who are going to make us proud grandparents! my dad
raises his glass.
Hear, hear! we raise our glasses.

***** *****
We send off my family on their way. I turn to Anastasia.
How do you think our revelation went? I ask.
Well, Christian, it went fine once we manage to reveal my pregnancy. But holy hell!
My friends have more hormones and mood swings in expressing their concern over me
which I find a little annoying she responds.
Once again, Anastasia, you have an uncanny ability of understating, I say shaking my
head. Come, time for bed. I pull her hand towards our bedroom.
But we have dishes in the kitchen.
Mrs. Jones can handle them. Right now, I want to take my wife to our bedroom, and
get her ready for bed.
Yes, Sir! she says, stopping me in my tracks. I turn around to look at Anastasia; my
gaze is darkened and my nostrils are flaring. I tug her, and pull her flush into me. I
examine her face. She deliberately bites her lower lip.
Mrs. Grey, you know how to turn me on with one single word. Do you know how hot
you look right now?
She shakes her head wordlessly.
Dont bite your lip, I whisper huskily pulling her chin. I want to do that, I murmur
leaning down, and pulling that delectable lip between my teeth. She groans, her hands
reaching up to my face and moving onto their entanglement with my hair.
The gentle kiss starts the fire and deepens. Her tongue hesitantly makes its way into my
mouth licking in gentle strokes, almost caressing. Finding my tongue, our sensual tango
starts. Swallowing each others moans, we kiss and merge our souls.
When we break our kiss, we are both breathless.
What you do to me, Anastasia! I murmur. You and your powerful magic. You put
me under your spell. I see nothing else, hear nothing else, and lose myself in you.

What about you Christian? I lose my reason with you.

I look at my for a long minute, my gaze darkens, my desire grows for her. Welch has
left a text message asking me to call him when its convenient. Well, its not convenient
right now.
Well, Mr. Grey Anastasia whispers. What do you want to do?
You. Bed. Now!
Yes, Sir!

***** *****

I wake up before the first daylights seep through our window. Anastasia is still
sleeping. As usual, Im wrapped around her like the victory flag. God! I love this
woman! I gaze at her for a moment. The sheet is barely covering the tops of her breast.
Her hair is spread over her pillow. Her left arm is extended over to my pillow in its
nightly quest for me. He other arm is crossing over her breast above the sheets. Her lips
are slightly parted; she looks like a sleeping angel. I slowly get up and go to my closet.
There in one of the shelves, I take my present she bought the day she took the Jet ski
during our honeymoon. The Nikon.

My feet slowly pat back to our bedroom. I take several pictures of Anastasia as shes in
her slumber. The sound of the shutter makes Anastasia shift in the bed. I stop, stay
completely silent. She rolls over, her arm going down onto her belly. Even in her sleep,
shes attempting to protect our baby. I take a few more pictures without waking her up,
and take my camera back to its location in the closet where I like to keep it handy to
take pictures of candid moments like these.
I put on my sweats to go work out. I need to use my excess energy if I have to convince
my wife to spend half the day at home. Just as I walk out of the closet, Anastasia tries to
run to the bathroom in a hurry as if shes on fire.
Ana? I run after her concerned.
Sick she says unable to bring the rest of her response, she deposits the contents of
her stomach into the toilet, heaving.
I pull Anastasias hair into a makeshift ponytail as she kneels before the toilet with
shaky legs and arms. Fuck! Is this normal? Is this what Ray, Jose and Mr. Rodriguez
have seen yesterday?
I think Anastasia puked all she can, but I can see her belly working to expel anything
that might be within her tummy. She has goose bumps all over her body, and her
nipples are puckered, but what I feel is anything but sexual. Shes still heaving. With
shaky hands she flushes the toilet. Attempt to stand up, but her legs are wobbly. Just
one bout with her morning sickness left Anastasia weak, shaking and drained. For a
minute, I see what Rodriguez seen. I would have been worried to see her like this if I
didnt know what exactly was wrong with her. Hell! I know what is wrong with her
and Im worried. Is this morning sickness supposed to be this violent? Would it force
her body to expel the baby? Shit! I know nothing about this pregnancy thing
Ana, baby? I ask trying to gauge how she is.
I need to brush, she says color drained of her face. Shes not just pale, but shes
yellow. She has sweat beaded on her forehead. With unsteady shaky hands, she tries to
put some toothpaste on her toothbrush. I steady her hand with the toothbrush with one
hand, and deposit the toothpaste with the other. Our gazes meet in the mirror. Hers
bewildered, mine scared, fearful for her.
I have meetings this morning. But I sure as hell wont be going to work when my wife is
like this. Im taking today off, and so is Anastasia. Then, Ill send Taylor to buy me the

pregnancy books. I need to read them today, and find out what she no, what we have
to go through with her pregnancy.
It dawns on me then. This is why Anastasia has never told me she had morning
sickness. She knew Id be fucking protective of her.
Once she finishes brushing her teeth and rinsing her mouth with mouthwash, shakily
she deposits her toothbrush into the cup by the sink. Then her hand runs to her mouth
again, and lightning speed I rush her to the toilet.
Youre not going to work this week!
Chris she starts protesting, but cant finish it when she heaves her stomach acids
into the toilet because theres no content left to puke out.
Fuck! Ana!
Im shaking in seeing my wife drained of energy and color. She's about to pass out!
Mrs. Jones! I shout from the bathroom as Ana continues to heave. Mrs. Jones!! Gail!
I hear rushing footsteps towards our bedroom. Theres more than one pair. Hearing
Anastasia hurling, Mrs. Jones rushes in to the bathroom, and leans down.
Ana, dear, Ive got you, she says soothingly.
Mr. Grey? I hear Taylor.
Taylor, call Mrs. Greys doctor. Dr. Greene She needs to get here right now!
Anastasias my everything. I cant I just cant lose her like this I didnt know. I just
didnt know she was getting this sick. Guilt, fear, and worry drown me.
The Boom Circuits Everything and Nothing

Mr. Grey?
Hmmm I answer absently.
Could you sir?
Could I what?

Bring me a t-shirt, and shorts for Mrs. Grey.

Sure yes, shorts, I say absently trying to gasp for breath.
If Ana is gone, I have nothing. I cant have that.
Mr. Grey! I look back and find myself just standing in the bathroom.
Shorts and t-shirt, please, Mrs. Jones enunciates patiently. Anas still heaving, and
shivering. Shorts and t-shirts. Then the doctor. Maybe, maybe pregnancy is not the best
thing for Ana's health. Fuck! Shell hate me for asking this I just cant have a dead
wife. I cant. Ill go mad. Shit! Shit! Shit!
Doctor Wait for the doctor. I take a deep breath and walk into the closet to fetch
What was I going to fetch?


Intruders Intrusions

Mr. Grey! Could you hurry back with the shorts and the t-shirt, sir? I need your help!
Gails voice brings me back to my senses. I take the first t-shirt and pair of shorts my
hands can reach and rush back to the bathroom where Gail is trying to prevent
Anastasia from merging with the cold bathroom floor.
I take note of my wife is slumped over the toilet while Mrs. Jones has wrapped her hair
over her wrist and holding her head up with her other hand on Ana's waist. When I
reach to the toilet, Gail breaks about a foot long toilet paper and wipes Anas face,
tossing it into the toilet, pulls Ana back and flushes.
Ill hold Mrs. Grey, and you put the t-shirt on her, sir, she directs me. I nod, still
upset. Gail holds my wife back, and I quickly dress her with the t-shirt which comes
below her hips. I insert each foot into the shorts and pull it up. Then I hold my wife up
in my arms; carry her back into our bedroom.
Ana, baby, I coax her to talk to me. Mrs. Jones, can you go see whats keeping Taylor
and the Doctor?
Yes, sir.
Im okay, Christian, breathes Anastasia, barely coming back to her senses. She
appears very weak in my arms, nearly ready to pass out again. Its just morning

sickness. Could you get me some crackers, and club soda? Please? she asks, her voice is
very weak.
Yes right, crackers, and
Club soda, she adds in a soft voice. After carefully depositing my wife onto our bed, I
get up to go.
Yes? I turn to her with wary eyes.
Could you put the trash basket next to me, just in case I can only nod in response.
Im tied up in knots inside. This baby is wreaking havoc on her body. I put the trash
basket next to her side of the bed. I notice Sawyer hovering by the door outside.
Sawyer, bring Mrs. Grey some crackers and club soda! I order.
Sir, he replies and disappears.
Anastasia moves in the bed, trying to sit up.
Ana, for Gods sake, lie down! I snap at her.
Christian, I need to go take a shower. I dont want to be late to work, she mutters,
wobbly even as she sits on the bed.
No! No! No! You are not going to work today! You know what the doctor said
yesterday. You are not allowed to go anywhere until Dr. Greene gets here and examines
Christian she tries to protest. This is why I didnt want to tell you about the
morning sickness episodes I had. You get too worried. Its normal. Most pregnant
women go through this she says and another heaving bout shakes her body. I run to
her sides, and lift the empty trash basket just under her head while supporting her with
the other hand.
I dont care if this is the norm for every woman! Im not married to every woman. Im
married to you, and responsible for your well-being. And right now, youre not well, I
murmur decidedly.

Sawyer walks in with a tray full of assorted crackers and a bottle of club soda. I wasnt
sure what kind she needed, he says sheepishly.
Mrs. Jones and Taylor come in. I raise a quizzical eyebrow to Taylor.
Shes on her way. She should be here in the next hour.
An hour? I shout.
Christian, please Ana reprimands me, my heads is pounding.
Yes, sir. I woke her up. Shes going to get ready and drive here, Taylor whispers his
answers as soft enough to not to wake a sleeping baby.
Anastasia reaches the tray Sawyer brought and takes a Saltine cracker with a trembling
hand. Worry clouds my eyes. I look up to Mrs. Jones and Sawyer as if they hold the
answers to the mysteries of a woman's pregnancy.
Ana, dear, Ill go make you a nice chicken broth. It will supplement the electrolytes
youve lost and you can eat it with your crackers, Mrs. Jones says as she leaves the
Christian, I should go to work. I have piles of manuscripts to go through. I have three
meetings scheduled today, and Im going to meet one of our authors for a possible
release date.
Ana, I try to rein in all my patience. You have just collapsed in the fucking bathroom
because you puked all the contents of your stomach and then some! Im freaking out
here, and you are telling me that youre going to work. The answer is no!
Ill be okay. This comes at certain times, and by the time Im ready to go to work, it
should subside! she argues in a trembling voice. Fuck! Even her voice is not strong
I run a frustrated hand over my hair. She takes a sip of the club soda and makes a face.
Nibbling on her cracker, she finishes one, and takes another to her lips. Both Taylor and
I watch her consume her cracker. She washes it down with another gulp of her club
soda from the bottle.
You need to drink a little more water. Youre too pale, I murmur. I lean down and
place my lips on her forehead taking her temperature. Shes not hot; in fact shes too

cold to my touch. She also has cold beads of sweat covering her eyebrows. Her eyes are
too wide; her alabaster skin is too pale, too yellow as if someone drained her of blood.
Ill go see whats keeping Dr. Greene, if you dont need me now, sir, says Taylor. I
nod. He quickly departs our room nodding Sawyer to come with him.
I think I should go to work at least after lunch time. Dr. Greene said I could work part
time. We were supposed to try the schedule, remember? she says as she lifts the bottle
up to her lips with the slight shake of her hands. Shes still trying to negotiate with me.
If only she knew the worry I have in my heart, and the anxiety shes giving me by
consistently trying to do what she wants instead of what is good for her.
Maybe you can let Roach know that Ill be in this afternoon. Hannah can reschedule
the meetings she says. I have to hand it to her persistence, but Im currently in no
mood or desire to give into her capitulations.
Ill let Roach know youre not well, and have Hannah reschedule your meetings with
another editor.
Another editor? her head snaps back up.
Yes, another editor who isnt pregnant or at the least but I dont get a chance to
finish my sentence. Anastasia forcefully puts the bottle down on the side table in such a
hurry that it wobbles in its place and finally unable to come to rest it falls sideways,
spilling its contents. For a minute I think shes doing it to be spiteful, but her head is
right inside the trash basket where she deposits the crackers and water she just
consumed. In the blink of an eye, she drops the basket to the floor collapsing on to the
bed face down.
Anaaa! I shout, as I try to pull her up into my embrace. What is happening to my
Mrs. Jones rushes in after she hears my lament. This cant possibly be normal! I groan
to no one in particular as I pick my wife up into my protective embrace.
Sometimes, women have these violent episodes of morning sickness, Mr. Grey. It isnt
the norm, but it is unfortunately normal for a small percentage of women, Gail replies.
Im not waiting for the doctor to show up! Get Sawyer or Taylor. Were driving to the
hospital. Im not going to have a dead wife! I say rocking Ana back and forth in my
arms. Gails eyes widen.

A distinct sound of a womans heels walking on stone decidedly makes both Gail and I
turn our heads in the direction of the door. Its wide open but the doctor still makes a
gesture to knock. She sticks her head into the room with her hair in a damp ponytail.
Shes dressed in charcoal cigarette pants, and a cream colored silk shirt with frills.
No need to go to the hospital until I examine my patient, she says smiling but firmly.
Lay Mrs. Grey down, Mr. Grey, she orders with authority putting her doctors bag
down on the bed. When I dont put Anastasia down, she lifts her head up, arches her
eyebrows, and looks up at me with eyes that say, well, Im waiting! I gently, hesitantly
lay my wife down who looks even paler. I notice the nurse with scrubs the last minute.
This is my nurse, Erica, she introduces her to us, and without a break in her speech
she continues. Erica, I need you to place the IV stand right here by the bed. Lets get
her hydrated, she says.
IV? Youre going to give her IV? I ask.
Yes, Mr. Grey. And, Id like you to give room to my nurse so she can hook Mrs. Greys
arm on the IV line, if you dont mind please.
I do mind! Can you explain why the IV? What will you be giving to her?
Mr. Grey, either I can take ten minutes to explain you while your wife continues to get
dehydrated, or I fix the problem, then explain it to you. Which one would you prefer?
Fix her! I say sulkily.
Thank you.
The nurse looks up at me with her pupil dilating, her lips part. She looks as if she just
forgot what she needs to do. When she falters on her step, Dr. Greene turns to her,
looking at her stupefied face trying to get her attention. When she doesnt, Dr. Greene
sighs and reprimands her nurse as well.
Erica! Mrs. Grey needs your attention. Not, Mr. Grey! IV! Now! she gives her order in
a firm, decided manner.
Yes, maam, she answers blushing all the way to her ears. Mrs. Jones quietly slips out
of the room.

As the nurse is hooking up the IV line, Dr. Green takes Anas temperature, pulse and
her blood pressure, recording them on a tablet. She puts the tablet towards the foot of
the bed, and busies herself with Anastasia again. My gaze moves onto the contents of
my wifes chart. The words possible hyperemesis gravidarum, catches my eyes. What
the hell is that? A disease? Her blood pressure is also quite low: 85/50. I take out my
Blackberry and enter a search string into Google: Hyperemesis gravidarum.
Hi Mrs. Grey. Welcome back! I hear the doctor saying. A low groan escapes Anas
lips. My eyes immediately snap up from my Blackberrys screen to see my wife.
Hi. Im really okay, Dr. Greene, Anastasia tries to reassure her. I just had vomited a
lot. Thats all, she says, stealing a look at me.
Let me decided how well you really are, Mrs. Grey, Dr. Greene says in her no
nonsense voice. Have you eaten this morning?
I woke up with an overwhelming urge to expel everything in my stomach. And had
three saline crackers and half a bottle of club soda, but her voice goes lower. Im
afraid, they all vacated my stomach, she says.
Was last night the first time youve had a violent episode, or have you had them
Anastasias eyes drift to my concerned gaze again. She looks at the doctor.
No, her voice is a whisper.
I see. How many times a day?
Not a lot Anastasia replies evasively.
I need a number Mrs. Grey.
Maybe like once a day but only recently, and not as bad as this.
Are there certain triggers? Certain foods, scents?
Cafe Latte, and heavy perfumes or scents
How long have you been feeling dizzy?

About a week. Just gotten worse yesterday though! she adds quickly for my benefit. I
stiffen in my place. She said nothing about these to me.
Along with your dizziness, do you have lightheadedness, blurred vision, fainting?
She fainted. Last night and today, I supply.
Anastasia breathes out an exasperated sigh. Christian, I was just hungry, and I had
expelled everything in my stomach. Thats why. Im okay. Im not really sure if I need
the IV, she says lifting her arm up.
Mrs. Grey, you are dehydrated, and your body is losing electrolytes, vitamins, and
fluids. Your blood pressure is dangerously low. You just told me that you are sensitive
to odors, and that also may exacerbate some of your symptoms. But, within the last five
minutes, youve regained your color, and your motor skills steadied. You were shaking
earlier. I recommend you to stay at home duration of this week, she starts saying.
But, I have meetings, and mountains of work piled up! Ana protests.
Mr. Grey, I will emphasize the importance of Mrs. Greys care at this stage, she says
turning to me. I trust that you will remind her, the importance of her care, she adds.
Dr. Greene, Im right here.
Yes, Mrs. Grey, I realize that. But you are my patient. Im not pleased to find you in
such a dehydrated state where you are still worrying more about your work than about
your own health. I will need both of your cooperation for your care, especially yours,
Mrs. Grey. You are the one who is carrying this baby. Anastasia nods immediately,
How long? How long will I be in bed, and tied to an IV?
Once we rehydrate you with this bag, you should be fine. I do however recommend
you to have small amounts of food and drink, often. In your particular condition,
continuing care is necessary.
Is it dangerous to the baby? I ask in a barely audible voice.
No, Mr. Grey. Most pregnant women go through morning sickness, though only some
experience it is severely as Mrs. Grey does.

Can this pose a threat to my wifes life? I ask the question thats been sitting heavy in
the back of my mind.
The doctor sighs. Anas eyes widen, scared even of my implied question: Is the baby
posing a danger to my wifes life?
Mr. Grey, this is her first pregnancy. And it is true that shes having severe morning
sickness. But it is going to take its course and it will eventually stop around 12 weeks.
But, as bad as it may seem, this is healthy she says.
Healthy? I wouldnt use that adjective for what she experienced, I snort in haughty
It means, Mrs. Greys hormones are working. We need to monitor her more often. She
needs to stay hydrated, and keep some food down. Ill prescribe her some medication
for nausea, and check on her this evening. If you so desire, we can assign a nurse for
her. But, I believe she can manage. She just needs to be kept under observation, then
turning to Anastasia, she adds, Perhaps, if you stay home this week, it would be better
after all, Mrs. Grey, she says.
Anastasia starts opening her mouth, but thinking better of it, she wisely closes it.
By the time the nurse is taking the IV line off Anastasias arm, my wife is looking and
feeling better so much so that she looks as if she wasnt the one puking her guts out.
Ana, why dont you lie down for a little longer, and maybe finish the broth Mrs. Jones
made for you. I need to have a word with Dr. Greene, I say.
She looks at me with worried, wide eyes.
If its about my health, you can ask your questions here, she challenges.
A husband can still ask private questions, baby, I respond. The Greene looks from
Anastasia to me.
Erica, why dont you take the IV stand and wait for me outside?
Yes, Dr. Greene, says Erica, and scuttles out of the room with the IV stand and now
the empty IV bag dangling from the hook on top of it. She closes the door behind her.

Mr. Grey, why dont you take a seat? Dr. Greene points to a chair. Mrs. Grey, Im
sure you both have questions after last nights and this mornings episodes. Mr. Grey,
you still look much shaken. I will answer all your questions as best as I can. Im sure
Mrs. Grey also has questions and concerns since shes the one who is experiencing the
symptoms. She looks at us both.
Is the baby hurting my wife? I ask. My jaw is tight; my lips are thinned into a grim
line. My eyes look worried; scared even. Anastasia looks at me shocked.
Well, Mr. Grey, this is a valid question after youve witnessed Mrs. Greys severe
morning sickness. But this is part of the pregnancy. Quite a few women go through
violent episodes as she has experienced.
Puking eighteen times in the course of two hours? What if it lasts longer than 12
weeks? This medical source on the web says that it can cause serious maternal and fetal
morbidity even maternal and fetal death! I hiss through my teeth pacing the room.
Christian Ana calls out to me her voice soft and concerned.
Ana! I need to know! I say in agony. Then I turn to Doctor Greene, Is this baby
killing my wife? Fear oozes from every pore. Ana looks at me horrified.
No, Mr. Grey. The baby is where it should be, tucked inside your wifes womb
properly. We even managed to hear a steady and healthy heartbeat.
But, why the fainting? Shes drained of color so fast, I I panicked. I didnt know what
to do! If I were to protect my wife from another person, or an intruder, I could put
myself between her and the offender. But how can I protect her against her own body?
Tell me how, Doctor Greene? I plead.
Oh, Christian! Anastasia croons extending her hand out to me, sitting upright in our
bed. My traitorous body always responds to her, and I find myself walking towards her
immediately without a second thought.
Im glad youre asking the questions that are worrying you Mr. Grey. Every pregnancy
carries its own risks. There are women who have had no symptoms; no ailment during
pregnancy may end up having a difficult birth, and vice versa. There are no guarantees.
This is where you come in. You can protect Mrs. Grey by making sure shes taking her
vitamins, staying hydrated, eating properly, and exercising to later help during birth,
and when she has craving, you make sure theyre fulfilled. Her body will adjust.

I shake my head.
I need guarantees Doctor Greene! Is this baby killing my wife or not? I ask, not
finding the answer I required from her in the first place, my gaze chards of ice. I cant
take the torment of seeing her hooked into an IV line, or faint daily. Its ripping me
apart inside.
Christian! Anastasia shouts in disappointment, pulling her hand out of mine. How
could you possibly think that?
Anastasia, your well-being is more important to me than my own life, I say softly as if
talking to a small child.
No, Mr. Grey, the baby isnt killing her. But no one can give you any guarantees. This
is not business; its life. You will have to trust that Mrs. Greys body will adjust within
the next four weeks. I nod stiffly.
About my work I feel up to working. I think I should still try to go to work this
Absolutely no! I hiss.
Christian I should
Do you want to argue about that too, Anastasia? I ask.
Im sorry Mrs. Grey, but I will have to agree with Mr. Grey on that. You need rest. In
light of the speed in which you have gotten dehydrated today, it would mean a trip to
the emergency room from work quite often. Because we do get busy with the amount of
work we have to accomplish and most often pregnant women forget to eat and drink.
Besides it would only be counterproductive for the other people working in your
company if they have to rush you to hospital's emergency room often. You should only
work from your home for the time being until you have mastered over your morning
sickness. Doctors orders! she says firmly.
Dr. Greene hands me the prescription for Anastasia and some sample medication for
Anastasias nausea. She talks to my wife about the importance of resting, hydrating,
vitamins, eating and taking proper care of herself until shes blue in the face. When
Doctor Greene tells Ana to indulge when she has cravings, because its one time she can
get away with it, my wife nods wordlessly as she blushes profusely.

Ill walk you out, Dr. Greene, I say, and lead her out.
As I turn to talk to her, she looks up at me with knowing eyes.
Before you say it, and regret it later Mr. Grey, Ill save you the trouble. Mrs. Grey is
healthy enough to carry her child to full term. Is it possible that she could have a
difficult pregnancy? Yes, very possible. But, we have the latest medical technology, and
Mrs. Grey can have all of that at her disposal. Im the best OBGYN in Seattle and as
such, in my eighteen years career, Ive never lost a patient during pregnancy or birth.
But youre not giving me any guarantees!
Mr. Grey, no one can give you that. Women have been having babies since the
beginning of time. I assure you that as hard as it may seem to you, this is a natural
process. If youre concerned about Mrs. Grey, why dont you bring her to your work
part of the time to keep an eye on her and that way she could also be leaving the house
for a change.
Can I do that?
Sure, why not? But not today, maybe tomorrow. She seems exhausted today. Lets see
how she feels the rest of the day.
Taylor leads the doctor out of the foyer. I feel a heavy weight bearing down on me. The
kind of worry I feel is hurting me deep into my soul. Its different than what I felt before
when she said she was leaving me, or when I found her nearly lifeless on the cold
concrete. And this fear, too, is vastly unwelcome. Because, its my wifes own body
thats hurting her; the same body Im trying to protect. I feel helpless and tied up in
knots inside.
Instead of going back to my bedroom, I walk towards my study. I need a change of
pace. Deal with another problem I can resolve. Seeing my grim face on a different note,
Taylor follows me.
Did Welch call you?
Yes, sir. I have in fact just got off the phone with him.
Whats his conclusion?
He thinks Mrs. Lincoln is telling the truth.

Thats yet to be seen I murmur and dial Welch.

Mr. Grey, comes his deep voice though the speaker of my Blackberry.
Tell me what you have discovered after you interviewed Mrs. Lincoln
She repeated exactly what she told you, however I have discovered something else,
he says and I look at him carefully.
I wondered why Mr. Lincoln might have called her. Why not make the same threat to
you directly. It occurred to me that Lincoln was trying to instill fear in all the people
who got the message: You, Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Grey in anticipation of what he might
do. If he manages to hurt you, hell hurt Mrs. Grey who loves you and Mrs. Lincoln
who seems to care about you. If he hurts Mrs. Grey, well, I dont have to explain that.
So, he left a question mark. Maybe an implied challenge. A duel if you will. Or simply a
perpetual unease Even if he didnt do anything, he wants you to be uncomfortable.
He wants you to always watch over your shoulder.

I realized that Ive been holding onto the table so tight, my knuckles are white. I know
Lincoln cant sue me, because he signed himself out of a job. But hes challenging me
I want two things: I want you to locate the money hes hidden. I also want him to be
watched 24/7 for the next 6 months. If he does anything out of line, anything out of the
scopes of law, I want to know immediately. No one threatens my family, and gets
away with it. Lincoln is either going to jail, or to his grave. I dont care which.

Interesting enough, he just left town.

He went on a Caribbean vacation.
What the hell does that mean? You threaten someone and take off. He was pissed off
yesterday. He made a threat to his ex-wife, but the threat implied to harm me and my
family, and then he took off on a vacation. What am I missing here?
I start pacing my study. Taylors eyes follow my movements.
Since our discovery of Lincoln paying Hydes bail until today, all of Lincolns behavior
had been rash, impromptu decisions where he didnt have 100% of the control. Hydes
success in his mission was dependent on Hyde. An element Lincoln didnt know well
and he certainly didnt have control over. Hes not going to involve someone else.
Whatever he does, well have to expect either from him, or where he has greater control
of the outcome of what he does. But for him to reach you in any shape or form, he needs
to penetrate through our layers of security. He cant do that with Lincoln Timber gone
from his disposal.
Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

He still has the fucking millions which can accomplish a lot! Did Mrs. Lincoln know
anything about them? I shout.
No, sir. It was pretty clear that she didnt. He never included her in his business
affairs. She was just a trophy wife, an arm candy, or a possession like his former
company, the Lincoln Timber. She has no clue where he might have put the money. But
judging by what we found in his office, Im betting that he has it in cash stashes put
away in different places he might own. The account information weve found are still
his accounts obviously and he will be able to access them. Hes not hurting for money at
the moment.
I dont want to wait until he finds the chink in my armor as he's biding his time. Get
your men sniffing around and find out what his next move will be. And find his
fucking lawyer, the one who did his dirty work. If Lincolns always used that fucker, he
may be a gold mine of information. See what he knows.

Ive already thought of that sir, and my men have been dispatched. I will keep a tight
leash on him. But keep him on the loose; use him as bait. If Lincoln will use his services
or someone he knows, well know about it. Whatever he is intending to do, he wont do
it now. Because if Lincoln wishes to do some harm, he is going to have to determine
how, where and when to strike. He wont succeed in it by giving you a heads up. I think
his initial expectation is that he is going to make you uneasy. Even if he shelves this
desire for a long time, he wants to send you a message by telling you to always look
over your shoulder. Hes daring you says Welch pausing. He has tried that
yesterday. He goaded me, trying to get me into attacking him, to have the upper hand.
Its the same tactic. But I dont want to take a chance where my familys safety is
This is what I want: I want him to be tracked. I want to know who he talks to, who he
sleeps, eats, fucks, and who he associates with. When you give me your report, I even
expect to know who his kindergarten teacher is! Know him well enough to determine
what he thinks and what his next move will be. By identifying my family a target,
threatening them, he made himself into a target! Congra-fucking-tulations! He just
earned himself a fucking bounty on his own damned head!
The door to my study opens and Anastasia catches my last sentence. Her eyes widen
with fear and apprehension after hearing what I had uttered in pure rage.
Welch, report me back soon! I say hanging up. I walk up to my wife, but dont touch
her. I dont want to scare her.
Ana, are you feeling alright? I ask softly, my gaze softening.
Yes, she says distracted. Who were you talking about?
I look at Taylor, and he leaves the study immediately. Hiding this, coupled with my
earlier behavior in light of her morning sickness could cause a bigger threat. I dont
want Lincs threats to be a self-fulfilling prophesy.
I was talking to Welch about Linc. She blinks.
Linc? Why?
Hes made a threat against me and those I love to Elena.
Elena? she asks, her eyes growing colder and harder. How do you know? I thought
you werent supposed to talk to Elena.

And Im not. Elena called to inform me of the threat he passed onto her, and I've had
Welch verify it. Considering what had transpired with Mia and your kidnapping, Im
not taking a chance risking your well-being. Im telling you this because I want you to
keep trusting me. She is silent for a moment, assessing.
Hes threatened you as well?
Yes, I whisper. But, Im not worried about me. Im worried about you and our
baby, I say and feel the overwhelming truth in it. Even though the baby causing
Anastasia to weaken and get sick which is scaring the shit out of me, the implied threat
by Lincoln is bringing the fierce protector out of me.
Youre worried about the baby? I thought I thought
Youre always going to be my primary worry, Anastasia. I panicked, and I am going to
panic even more as we adjust to the stages of your pregnancy. Anything that hurts, you
hurts me..." I say gazing at her, showing how vulnerable I have become in light of
everything that has happened to her. "But I am trying to understand the process of
pregnancy, and its not easy to not have control over something such as this. Something
you want I say then correct myself, someone we want has to hurt your body to be
here with us. It terrifies the hell out of me! I whisper. She catches a glimpse of the fear
in my eyes, and her gaze locks with mine as her hands reach up to my face to cup it. I
lean in to her touch.
Dont you have to go to work today? she asks changing topics.
When you are sick? Ana, you collapsed in my arms! Do you think I can think of going
to work when youre unwell? I have meetings, and piles of work but none of it is as
important as my wife. I have number of very well paid people who can take the load off
me occasionally.
Actually, Im feeling much better after the IV, Mrs. Jones broth with crackers and the
nausea medicine, she says. What is she asking me?
If you think youre going to work because youre feeling better for the last ten minutes,
you are completely mistaken Mrs. Grey, I warn her. She purses her lips in
What did you mean by bounty on his head? she asks. Anastasia is all over the map
today, jumping from topic to topic.

Nothing you should worry about baby. The only thing you need to worry about is this
little one, and your well-being.
Christian, I dont want to be back to square one. I appreciate you sharing the
information about Lincs threat, but I need to know if there is anything else thats
bothering you. Should I be worried about Elena? she asks with poorly concealed
Ana, Im telling you all about it because I need you to trust me. Linc called Elena and
made an implied threat which I am taking seriously in light of what he had done by
unleashing Hyde seeing a potential opportunity to hurt me and my family. In return I
fucked him up by dismantling his beloved company. Now, hes seeking to find a way to
take his revenge. I need to know youre protected. By making an implicit threat against
the ones I love, against you, he put a bounty on his own head. I will never, ever let
anyone to hurt you. Not ever!
Anastasia swallows. Youre not thinking of killing him, are you Christian? she asks in
a whisper, petrified. I shake my head.
No, I say with half-truth. I wont kill him now, but at the first sign that he attempts to
hurt my family, I wont hesitate to hurt him the way he intends to hurt those I love.
But I have to keep eyes and ears on him so that everything he does are monitored. At
least for the next six months. At which time, I will reassess the situation. This is for our
peace of mind.
And what about Elena?
Elena is not my concern; you are! You and our baby, I say splaying my hand over her
flat tummy. Incidentally, how do you feel now?
Great, actually. Just hungry for eggs, pancakes, bacon, and spreadable chocolate on
French bread, she says blushing.
French bread only? I ask raising my eyebrows.
For now, she whispers.
Come, lets feed you, I say tugging her out of my office.

***** *****
The rest of yesterday had been uneventful. But, Im not holding my breath of the same
good luck for today. I decide to work at home at least in the morning to keep an eye on
my wifes symptoms. I shower early and work out before Anastasia wakes up. When I
come back I dont find her in the bed.
Ana! I shout. Her response comes from the bathroom in the form of a gurgle. I rush to
find her slowly rising up from the sink. She puts the cap back on the mouthwash.
Im not fainting today, she says smiling. Its nothing like yesterday.
Dont spare my feeling Ana. I need to know youre okay! You have to tell me if youre
not well so I can properly take care of you, I chide her.
Relax, Christian. Im okay. She turns the shower water on as she heads to the sink to
brush her teeth. She divests her t-shirt off, then her panties. My gaze is unwavering
from her body. I cant help but stare at her beautiful shape. Her breasts are growing in
size, fuller. Her nipples are beaded tight under my gaze. She has goose bumps forming
on her skin. I quickly divest my clothes off carelessly. Anastasia smiles knowing the
kind of effect she has on me. Her gaze slowly assesses my body. My cock pulses with
the intensity of her stare. She absently licks her lower lip, and bites it.
Ana I say gruffly pulling her chin down freeing her lower lip. Youre unwell.
Well, Mr. Grey. I remember Dr. Greene telling you to fulfill all my cravings. Doctors
orders she says shrugging. Unless of course if that order can be broken, I think her
order of me not going to work can also I dont let her finish. My mouth descends on
hers lightning speed, capturing her lips, taking, not asking. I suck on her lower lip and
slightly run my teeth through it, swallowing her hungry groans. I slowly walk my wife
into the showers backward. The cascading water washes us with renewed passion. Her
hands are lacing in my wet hair, pulling me to her, working hard to merge our bodies.

Slow down, baby, I murmur.

Please, she pleads. My lips slide down to her chin and I nip her. Please, Christian! I
need you! she begs.
Turn around, I order. She obeys immediately; her chest heaving up and down.
Hands on the wall, I say and she presses her palms over the tiles in the shower. Using
my feet, I spread her legs. I squeeze some shower gel into my palm and lather it. I start
with her shoulders, and knead her muscles with my soapy hands. I run my hands up
and down on her sides in circles, and cup her breasts. Kneading her aching mounds, I
pull and elongate her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, teasing and pinching
them. My right hand goes lower on her chest, traveling down to her belly, over her
pubic bone and then to the folds of her tight sex making her gasp. I merge my body
with her from behind, my cock lying heavy on her lower back digging in. My fingers
tease and run over her slit, feeling the creamy sleekness, inviting me in. When I dip one
finger, she gasps and gyrates her hips, desperately trying to get some friction.

Slow down, Ana, I order. But she wont listen. She moans begging for more.
No! Faster! she begs. I dont want to push her to her limits. Shes been fragile lately. I
need more. I need faster! She arches her back, and her breasts are thrusted into my
hands aching for my touch, and desperate for attention.
Seeing her weak in the past two days is making me extra vigilant as if shes going to
collapse in my arms unexpectedly. My wife wants to be reckless as usual. I need to take
her in a slow pace. Realizing my intention she turns her face to me. I look at her
questioningly; my hand is suspended in air. Without a word she squeezes the shower
jell into her palm, lathers and holding her hand up in a gesture to indicate shes going to
wash me. I nod. She places her hands on my pectorals, immediately firing up my
synapses with her touch. She runs circles on my torso, delicately moving her hands over
my belly, my hips, and cups my heavy sack inside her palm. I breathe a sharp intake of
breath. With one hand, she grasps the base of my cock. With soapy hands she slicks it
and her hand glides up and down. When the circle of her thumb and her forefinger
reach the crown of my cock she tightens her grip in an effort to squeeze out precum. I
groan with pleasure.

Water washes off the soap which runs down in lazy rivulets from my legs. When she
sits on the bench, her hands never leave my cock leading me towards the bench as if
shes going to be there a while. She lifts her wet gaze up to me, and dipping her head,
her warm, wet lips encircles the tip. Her tongue meets the crown and laps around it,
licking. As if a thousand different sensations run through the tip of my cock, I find my
right hand reach out to the shower wall to steady my balance with the onslaught of
sensations with my wifes sudden assault. She is determined to suck me off with such
an enthusiasm, shes about to unman me. At first I dont know what to make of it. Shes
been ill for the past two day. The sight of food would get her off, and get her running to
the bathroom. Scents It would kill me if she had associated any part of me with
morning sickness. But, as usual, behaving just the opposite I expect her to behave,
Anastasia surprises me. My wife is beyond ravenous for me!

Anaaa... I hiss through my teeth in a breathless whisper. Are you quiteahhh!

Sure? I ask. I dont want her to stop, but then with her nausea in the sight of the

slightest trigger, I don't want her to go on if it's going to make my wife sick. It would
kill me if shes turned off by me coming in her mouth. Without taking her hands or lips
away from my heavy throbbing cock, she lifts her long eyelashes, and looks up at me
with her mouth full of my pulsing erection. What she has in her gaze is an unmistakable
declaration of possession. Her tongue relentlessly runs around the crown in a near
desperation for a taste of me. She sucks me with heavy pulls as if she cant get enough
of me. I thrust forward gently, but she makes sure I know that she wants more. I push
again fucking her mouth, only with shallow strokes. But Anastasia pulls me deeper.
Looking up at me, asking for more with her gaze.
Christ, Ana!
Being without sex with for the last two days is enough to push me over the edge.
Baby! If youre not sure, I dont wanna come in your mouth! I breathe my head tilting
back. In a desperate frenzy, she grabs my buttocks, and encourages me to move in her
mouth. An erotic growl escapes my lips from deep within my throat. I slowly move my
cock inside the hollow of her cheek, her hand is moving in the space vacated by her lips,
and as her fingers retreat, her mouth is taking over my length. I can feel the
desperation, the voracious hunger I have not experienced before from her at this
overwhelming intensity.
I find my other palm also pressed against the wet shower wall as I climax with my
wifes amorous assaults. The sound that comes out of me is completely raw and raspy. I
feel the tightening of my balls before I hit the precipice of my climax and spurt thickly
into her mouth ready to withdraw, but her right hand grasps my buttock, her nails
digging into my flesh in warning as if Id be taking away her favorite meal. The second
pleasure pours out if me, my eyes roll back into my head, and my left hand digs into the
wet tendrils of my wife. This is raw, purely carnal declaration of possession, a conquest
by my wife. When I come back to my senses and my eyes focus once again, I see my
wife licking her lips. The shower water is raining over us; make the water drip from the
tendrils of her hair, beading over her body, and running down to the shower floor in a
Christian, I am desperately craving you, she says with a different kind of hunger as if
I havent fed her for days, and shes starving. I need you so much, I want you to fuck
the hell out of me! she says with fervor and determination. Fuck the hell out of her?
Who knew that sex would be what sated her hunger and sedated her body? Once her
words register, I look at my wife with an impassive face then my lips curve up in a

semblance of a smile. Fuck the hell out of her Im more than happy to oblige. I turn
the shower water off, scooping my wife off the floor; I carry her out of the shower.
In the Playroom! she demands.
Fucking the hell out of my pregnant wife in the playroom does not give me an easy
feeling. In that setting with my pregnant wife who has been violently ill for the past
couple of days, I dont think if its wise.
Ana, I dont think...
Please! she begs desperately. What is this pregnancy doing to her? I trust you she
whispers. If my wife wants something, Ill be the one to provide it for her. But, fucking
in the playroom, right after shes been sick enough to knock her out is not wise, today.
Ana, I wont take you to playroom this morning. I wont take the risk. Because if you
get sick while Im touching you, fucking the hell out of you there as you put it, would
kill me.
Christian, I dont care! I want you! Desperately she reiterates.
No playroom today, Ana! I say when! I say how! I murmur in a determined,
unyielding voice. But I do owe you a handful of orgasms, I say, giving a lascivious
smile moving her into our bedroom in my arms.
Christian she protests.
I will take you there, baby. Just not today. Only when Im convinced that you are

I am better! she starts arguing. But before she can start another bout of her protests, I
take her mouth, and cover it with mine, effectively quieting her down. My lips are
gentle at first, solicitous even. I want to feel my wife first. Feel that shes well and not
just saying shes feeling better. She slightly parts her lifts as she closes her eyes. Soon
enough, she reaches up and pulls my wet hair with her fingers tangled in them, her
body pushing into mine, making my erection dig into her belly, curling one leg behind
mine, her nipples perked up and two beads taunting me; her entire body is eliciting a
response out of me with brutal intensity. Her kiss becomes demanding, assaulting even.
Its a reiteration of her earlier declaration of possession, a hunger and yearning she has
for me, almost matching my unquenchable desire for her. Its impossible to not to
reciprocate, and when finally I thrust my tongue almost forcefully into her mouth
matching and exceeding her fervor, she gasps. Her right hand lowers, her nails scrape
my back enticing me more. A whimper mixed with a pleasure moan escapes her lips
and pass into mine. Our need for each other is intoxicating, desperate. My tongue
moves in hers with deeper and skillful flicks. Her tongue matches the movements of my
tongue, and our fucking the hell out of each other begins in her mouth.

I walk Anastasia backwards to our bed, and when she can no longer move, back of her
calves flush with the bed, I push her onto our bed. I fall onto her, suspended only by my
elbows. I graze my teeth over her chin, and she arches her neck, lifts her hips up,
thrusting her chest to merge with my body in a blatant display of her surrender.

Eager, Mrs. Grey? I murmur with a grin as my lips move down her neck.
Yesss, a whimper escapes her lips. I cup one of her breasts and feel the tight nipple.
Shes too wired up, too hungry, too ravenous to be sated with a gentle love making.
What she needs is intense, raw, and equally wild fucking. I immediately lift off her,
leaving her gazing up in confusion. I try to stifle a grin.

Where are you going? she asks as I make my way towards the closet.
To bring the emergency kit, I respond. The confused look on her face is priceless.
I bring out a polished wood box with a few items in it reserved for occasions like these.
Anastasias gaze follows me wordlessly. I walk to the iPod dock and shuffle through the
contents until I fine the music I desire. The deep, bass-baritone voice of Leonard Cohen
starts crooning, if she wants a lover, Im her man.
If You Want a Lover Leonard Cohen
I walk towards my wife in arrogant, sultry strides without taking my burning gaze off
her. Shes so fucking beautiful. The sight of her can make any man weep for joy. But at
the moment, I only wish to fuck the hell out of her just as she asked.
I place the box onto the bed next to her, and open it. I take out two sets of handcuffs
with soft leather for the restraints. She arches an eyebrow and smiles as her lips part in
eager anticipation. I place the cuff to her ankle and buckle the leather strap. Taking the
other cuff, I tie it to her elbow which immediately pulls her right leg up exposing her
sex swollen with desire. I repeat the process on her left side. Then I lift up the adjustable
nipple clamps tied to another with a chain. Her eyes widen, and she sharply intakes a
breath. She bites her lower lip in response. Taking her left nipple between my thumb
and forefinger I roll it and tug it expertly. A shudder goes through her as she closes her
yes, and automatically pushes her breast into my grasp as she arches her back.

Eyes open, I order. When she opens them slowly, they are full of carnal desire. She
swallows. I lower my mouth over her breast, and suck it into the wet warmness of my
mouth with gusto. Her nipple immediately perks up as I flick it with my tongue. When
Im satisfied with the result, I saddle over her as my erection moving about her body,
distracting her, I fasten the clamp over her nipple. I adjust the tightness somewhere in
the middle, between pain and pleasure. Repeating the sensual process on her right side,
I give a tug of the chain, slightly yanking the nipples. Anastasias legs are now wide
apart, and pulled upward towards her elbows. When I grasp one of her feet, I graze my
teeth on the pad of her sole.

Agghh! she groans writhing beneath me.

Hush now, I silence her effectively. My lips move their way up from her ankles to the
backs of her knees, I locate the point between the two ligaments behind her knee, on the
crease formed when her leg is bent. Taking my index and middle finger, I apply gentle
pressure between the two tendons. Its one of the best spots to relieve stress and fatigue,
and promote sexual desire. I kneel down and kiss, and suck until I reach her abdomen. I
lean into the tendons where her legs join her abdomen and with the heel of my hand, I
apply pressure, and then dip my nose into her sex inhaling her deeply. Without even
touch her at the apex of her thighs yet, shes completely aroused and desirous for me. I
locate the spot a few fingers below her navel and directly above her bladder and press it
gently with three fingers as my tongue swipes the length of her slit. A sharp,
involuntary moan rises from her lips.

Folds of her sex bloom open for me; shes wet, creamy and aroused. My lips cover over
her clit and I suck hard, my tongue is teasing over the tip of it relentlessly, setting fire
on every nerve ending of her body. I feel her gaze on me, and when I open my eyes, I
see her pupils dilated, her irises darkened with abandoned desire. She tries to reach for
my hair, but cant do it without moving her leg, and I push her legs down. Shes
helpless against my ministrations as she left me helpless in the shower. Tit for tat. My
tongue dips into her sex and tastes her desire for me. I swirl it inside her and fuck her
with my tongue in both deep and shallow thrusts of my tongue. Shes forced to absorb
the pleasure since she cant close her legs, and endure the intensity of her orgasm with
my name garbled on her lips. Without giving a chance for her rolls of orgasms to
subside, I flip my wife over, lifting her buttock up for my pleasure. I plunge my cock in
one swift push, and plunge into the depths of her sex. I hold her ass up, and hold in the
shakiness waves of her orgasm pulling my cock deeper. Then pulling it back with
careful control, I only insert the crown, rubbing it gently, absorbing the ripples of her
last orgasm. It jolts through my body in a surge of electricity. My erection is hard, hot,
and trembling, aching to reach the depths of her sex, make her groan, make her mine,
dominate her sex, and finally let her milk me for all Ive got for her. I push deeper with
the rhythm of the song.

I feel her inner muscles clench, and hug my cock for more, making our intimacy not just
fucking, but intensely passionate love making. I pull my cock away from her sexs
embrace as if in a tease, and then thrust it into her welcoming sex over and over again.
When I angle her hip, I manage to find the deepest spot, my favorite place on earth
located inside my wife. Angulating my hips, I rub onto her spot relentlessly, eliciting
more pleasure.

Oh, please! Anastasia shouts. I withdraw to prolong the sensation slowly, allowing
her ripples of approaching peak to subside for a little while. As soon as it fades, I
plunge back again. I continue my delicious torture in and out, in and out. Then I lean
down, and as I plunge into her again, I tug her nipple clamps, intensifying the
sensations of pain and pleasure, making her sex fist my cock like a tight glove. Her hips
meet me thrust for thrust pounding back at me. My balls are heavy and aching, as they
rhythmically slap onto her clitoris and increasing her stimulation. As I reach my intense
climax, I barely hear Mr. Cohen croon, If you want a doctor, Ill examine every inch of
you. If you want a driver, climb inside. Or if you want to take me for a ride, you know
you can. Im your man
I am indeed her man, I think to myself as I spurt my desire, passion and need into her
hotly. At the peak of her climax, I tug and pull off the chain of her nipple clamps and
she shouts her very intense orgasm. I finally thrust into her four more times, and still;
my cock is still lodged deep inside her, my balls effectively slapping onto her clit one
last time. Once my vision manages to focus to here and now, I pull out of her with
suction. Undoing the cuffs, I release her arms and legs from her restraints. Then, I
massage them, and let blood circulate back into her extremities.
Did that meet your expectation of fucking the hell out of you Mrs. Grey? I ask.
Yessss! her breathy answer escapes her lips. All the way! I grin in response.

***** *****
After our intense fucking, Anastasia dresses in a sexy short white summer dress with
straps. Her plunging neckline is distracting. Its not too deep, but it certainly
emphasizes her growing breasts which I dont want others at home enjoy looking. I say
nothing; we had such a wonderful morning, I dont want to jinx it. Anastasia brings her
work, spreading them over the bed, then she sits in the middle of them cross legged. A
cursory glance tells me that theyre some of the manuscripts she wants to read. She
finally lies down, lifting her calves up as she crosses her legs at the ankle; she absently
annotates some of them with a pen. Her cleavage is even more distracting from this
angle, but I continue to work on my laptop. As Im distracted with her cleavage and my
work, her ringing Blackberry startles us both. Seeing the caller ID, she frowns then takes
a deep breath and answers. My gaze is fixed on her willing her to tell me who it is. Is it
the fucker Jose?
Hi mom! she answers it as cheerfully as she can.

Fuck! Did Jose call her mother too?

Yes, Ray was discharged out of the hospital last night. Thats why you couldnt find
him there, she says and pauses.
Hes well. Just needs to go to physical therapy for a couple of months. You didnt call
his cell phone? she asks. I raise my eyebrows. Anastasia turns the speaker on for my
Of course not, dear. If he was in the hospital and sleeping, I didnt want to disturb
him. When the nurse said he wasnt there anymore, I had to make sure that he wasnt
transferred elsewhere. Thats why I called you.
I spent a little time with him after he was discharged. He was driven back to
Montesano by friends. But he was remarkably well, mom.
Oh good! I dont know how to put this, but I had this uneasy feeling all day yesterday
and all day today. I feared that something had happened to Ray. Guess I panicked
when the hospital said he wasnt there.
Dads fine, mom. But, I was sick yesterday.
What! Whats the matter? Is it related to your injuries? Did you go to the doctor? What
hurts? Your head, your ribs? Did your bruises heal? Do you want me to come? Oh
sweetie, come on talk to me!
Mom, let me get a word in edgewise, Anastasia says rolling her eyes.
Sorry, dear
I was sick but it was none of those things that caused me to be in that state. Anastasia
takes a deep breath, and looks at me, locking her gaze with mine.
Mom, I was having morning sickness. Im pregnant. First, there is a pregnant pause
as if the round penny is taking a few seconds to drop through a square hole, and then a
very loud shriek comes through the speaker.
Mother? Mom? Are you okay?

Ana!!! I am so happy! Both for you and Christian! Are you really going to make me a
Yes, mom, comes Anas hesitant voice. Carla picks up on her hesitation.
Whats wrong honey? You want the baby, don't you?
Most definitely! Ive never wanted anything in my life as much aside from Christian,
she murmurs in a low voice looking up at me. But, Im having the worst morning
sickness ever especially this week. It hit me all of a sudden. I dont want you to worry
about that. Were trying to get it under control, she explains.
Im so sorry sweetheart. Unfortunately, you get that from me. Ive had them when I
was pregnant with you as well. For a while I was losing weight instead of gaining. Your
daddy, bless his soul, she says her voice breaking, didnt know how to handle it. I
was hospitalized, you see, and they had to feed me through an IV. We both were very
young and inexperienced. It worried your father a lot. But theres light at the end of the
tunnel. It lasted only the first trimester. I ate, you grew, and we were in love with you
before you were born. I think that got us through that rough patch, she says. Anas
throat works on a visibly hard swallow.
Thank you mom, Anastasia whispers.
For what dear?
For not terminating me and carrying me through a difficult pregnancy. I wouldnt be
here if you didnt keep me, she says and I think its for my benefit.
Honey, I wouldnt change it for anything. Having you gave me a new life, a family of
my own. And when you daddy was gone, you were all I had, she sobs.
I love you mom! Thank you for everything you did for me.
I love you, too, baby. Tell Christian I said hi and congratulations. Call me anytime you
I will mom. Thank you.
After Anastasia places the phone back on the bed, she looks up at me and says, Well,
thats everyone

Yes, everyones been informed of our little Blip.
Before I can respond to her comment, it is my Blackberry that buzzes this time. I take it
and take a look at the caller. Holding my finger in a gesture that says one minute, I
answer. My tone and my gaze immediately turns into a firm one.
Ros! Whats up?
Mr. Grey, are you cancelling our meeting today?
If Andrea informed you of its cancellation, you shouldnt be asking about it, Ros.
Well, as it happens, its a very important meeting, because it involves the final
breakthrough our engineering team has made. I had assumed this would be something
you would want to participate in since weve all had very stressful few weeks.
Breakthrough? What breakthrough?
Well, that was the surprise. They may have the solar and or the winding technology
they've been working on finally meet your requirements, she adds.
Really? I ask with excitement, standing up from my seat instantly.
Yes, really. Of course, I havent seen it myself, but I was looking forward to a
demonstration. Do you still think you cant come today?
Let me call you back.
Alright, sir. I shall await your call back.
I press the End button on my Blackberry. My eyes are ablaze with excitement as I
look at Anastasia. She blinks back at me with fervent curiosity.
Anastasia, what say you to going to work with me today?
She purses her lips. You wont let me go to my work, but you want me to go to work
with you?

Yes. I want to show my wife what we have been working on. The cellphone that works
with solar and winding energy. The one I wanted to provide to remote places on earth
where they have not readily accessible electricity. Of course if it works the way its
supposed to, I think it can be beneficial for hikers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts who
are away from technology for extended periods of time, or even give a surviving chance
to a soldier who might be stranded somewhere with no means of communication.
She smiles, remembering. She clearly knows what I like, where my passion lies. She has
purchased a few toys for me utilizing the clean energy knowing my passion.
Mr. Grey, take me to work, she says grinning, and I hold my hand out to her excited
with the prospect of taking her to the GEH for the first time since she first stumbled into
my office.

Here it is Leonard Cohen


This is Anastasias first time at GEH since she first came to interview me. When the
elevator dings open office staff jumps to their feet.
Welcome Mr. Grey, Andrea says as soon as I exit the elevator. After seeing Anastasia
I tug behind me with our hands linked, her eyes widen in surprise. Mrs. Grey! We
werent expecting you. Welcome to GEH! Andrea greets my wife, if a little flustered.
Anastasia's gaze narrows on her.
Mrs. Grey can and will show up anytime she wishes at the Grey House or anytime I
desire her to come with me. You dont have a problem with it, do you?
Of course not, sir! I apologize if I gave any other indication. Were very pleased to see
you Mrs. Grey, she responds blushing profusely.
Anastasia comes to her rescue by responding. Thank you Andrea, then turning to me,
she asks, shall we, Christian?

We shall, Mrs. Grey, I reply smiling at my wife. Andrea, what time is the meeting?
Its in 30 minutes sir. But, Ros wanted to see you beforehand. Will you be staying here
late sir?
I dont know yet. I will go to the meeting, and see Ros. I have not yet decided how late
Ill stay today.
Yes, sir. Shall I call Ros to come and see you?
Maybe in five minutes, I say and tug my wife behind me possessively. The envious
and curious looks of my employees surreptitiously follow our departure. I can feel their
gaze on our linked hands, my possessiveness as well as the way Anastasia is drawn to
me. I can also feel the admiring male eyes scanning and assessing my wife's assets.
Taylor opens the door to my office and sweeping my wife up into my arms to her
giggling surprise as well as my office employees, I walk Anastasia through the
threshold of my office. Taylor holds the door, waiting for my command. I turn to look at
him, and for a brief second our gazes lock as he receives his non-verbal order and he
remains behind, closing the door after I cross into my office. After Anastasias surprise
subsides, she knowingly smiles.
Why Mr. Grey, shouldnt you have carried me through the threshold of the elevator?
Technically, this is your floor.
Mrs. Grey, the building and the company is mine, but this is the heart of all GEH
operations, where all decisions are made. This is where the master of this universe
dwells. I carried you to the heart of operations which is basically the same thing, I
say smiling.
Anastasias gaze slips from my face realizing her smiling oversized picture that Jose
took proudly displayed on the wall. It has a more prominent place than the Troutons
art, now.
Oh, Christian, she says burying her face to my chest. How could you stand that
overtaking image in your office? It's so big... With all the people coming here to do
business with you, she says without finishing her word, she shudders.
I love looking at your smiling picture Anastasia, I chide her. Youre my wife, and Im
proud to show it to others that this beautiful woman is mine!
Dont you get tired of looking at it?

I crave for you. I long to see you all day, and cant go without hearing your voice for a
few hours. Youre the center of my universe. Everything I do is for you. How could I
tire of my reason for being, Ana? I whisper as I lower my lips covering hers. Her arms
wrap around my neck. She parts her lips slightly, sighing, in response to my gentle
touch; our breaths comingle, the effect of it overtakes me. My wifes lips are red and
moist, and her instant arousal causes her rapid breathing, making me hard instantly.
God! Im one breath away from being turned on, a halfcocked gun in the sight of my
wife. I want to devour her. The gentle kiss molding our lips to each other is soon
accompanied by my tongue thrusting rhythmically into my wifes warm inviting
mouth. The fierce desire I have for her sometimes inconveniently gives me an erection.
And right now, I am turned on. Anastasia kisses me lasciviously, desperately in fact
causing me to be mindless with my need for her.

Then we hear Andreas disembodied voice over the intercom.

Mr. Grey, Ros is here to see you, sir.

Our breathing is quick, unison, our lips are melded into one other, our tongue tango is
continues. Once our kiss ceases, the need for one another is only increased tenfold, not
subsided; not even the edge is taken. We only part our lips when were both breathless.
I kiss the edge of her mouth, and then her hand.

Im not done with you Mrs. Grey. But for now, we have business to conduct. Im
actually anxious to show you what we do here, I say. I put her down on the ground.
She looks down at my bulge in front of my pants.
Well have to do something about that Mr. Grey. I feel like Im neglecting my wifely
duties, she says pursing her lips. Maybe when youre running your universe, sitting
on your desk, and playing with your millions, commanding and taming the business
world, I will tame your erection, and suck you off, she says her hand gently rubs the
growing tent before me, and attempts to walk away to get to a seat. I grab her by the
wrist and pull her to me.
What are you doing to me, Anastasia? I say as I fiercely kiss her again. Youre going
to unman me, I breathe against her lips. And closing my eyes, I put my forehead
against hers, and hold her hand finally, and walk her to a seat across from my desk.
Today. You will fulfill your word today, baby, I whisper, my words are both a threat
and a promise. Seating my wife, I walk behind my desk. My eyes are still dark with
lascivious intent, my erection still full; I sit.
Hitting the button on the intercom, Send Ros in, Andrea, I say; my gaze is still locked
on my wife.
The door opens, and Ros walks in.

Mr. Grey, thank you for coming in today she says, but upon noticing Anastasia, her
step falters in surprise.
Mrs. Grey, what a nice surprise! she chimes, positively delighted to see her. Will you
be here all afternoon?
Yes, my wife is going to accompany me today, Ros, I say. Ros hears the tone in my
voice that Anastasia is going to be a part of the business today.
Well, Im delighted! Welcome, Mrs. Grey! How have you been feeling since you got
out of the hospital? Im so sorry by the way. We were all worried, she says genuinely.
Im well, thank you, Ros! Anastasia replies.
Ros takes a seat across from me. Is this about the meeting with the engineering team?
No, actually not, she says looking at Anastasia.
You can talk to me with my wife present, I say arching my eyebrows.
Alright We need to talk about sending the second part of payroll and expense
account to Taiwan.
I thought you wanted to send the 50% first, and wait another six months for the other
part of 50%. What changed? I ask leaning back in my chair, my elbows perched on the
arms of my chair; my hands are steepled before me.
We have deposited $110 million already. But the shipyard needs to meet our
standards. I spoke to the shipyard manager. We need to do some fitting to customize it
for our needs. Our inspector has already been there. But we need to send our shipyard
manager here along with Warren to Taiwan to see exactly what is needed, and how the
money should be spent, how much the fittings will cost, and whether some of tools can
be shipped from our current shipyard to save cost. The repairs have already begun. I
think its best to have the money managed in Taiwan to save from the taxes here,
because its already earmarked for that shipyards payroll and as you know weve
discussed allocating another $100 million for the necessary repairs. I need to have boots
on the ground to watch the cost so everything is being spent as it is intended.
I tap my fingers on my desk contemplating. Anastasias eyes widen as we speak in
terms of large sums of cash. She says nothing, but looks at me with a little awe, a little

admiration, a little intimidation, and a whole a lot of lust. I keep my eyes on Ros to keep
my erection under control.
What are you suggesting? You need to go to Taiwan?
I was going to suggest that you go and inspect the shipyard for yourself, and talk to
the bank, the managers, and inspect the employees. You are more intimidating than I
but then again maybe we should go together because, one of us is a tropical storm, but
both of us combined create a hurricane. What she is saying is true of course, but, I
dont know if its a good idea to go to Taiwan when my wife is pregnant and sick. I
have to wait till shes better so I can take her with me. Or, just send Ros and Warren.
Ill talk to the shipyard manager tonight then. Ill think about Taiwan, I say looking at
Anastasia. My wife always denies me when I when I want to take her someplace,
making her work an excuse. With Linc on the loose, and when shes having violent
episodes of morning sickness, getting her out of my sight is the last thing I want to do.
When would you have to go if you do decide to go? Anastasia asks.
I have not decided to go yet, Anastasia, I respond.
Ros? Anastasia asks ignoring me.
In two weeks, but thats not set in stone yet. If Warren and I go this time, we can buy
some time for Mr. Grey to go in about month and a half time. This will allocate enough
time to make the changes we want in the shipyard to get it fully operational with our
company standards, she responds oblivious to my rising controlled anger for being
Do you want to go with Ros in two weeks? Anastasia asks.
Anastasia, I wont be able to make this decision now since you have been in the
hospital only recently. Your well-being is more important. Knowing I have capable
employees who are amply paid, I enunciate, they ought to be able to resolve any
problems that may arise since the business deal has already been struck. If I do go, it
will be later rather than sooner, I say without blinking.
Im going to send you the financial forecast. I have reached the conclusion earlier than
I had anticipated which is why Im recommending transferring the funds sooner. But
since we already have half of the funds there earmarked for the payroll, I would really
recommend at least transferring the repair and restructuring funds.

I need to look at the reports, but I agree on the repair funds. I want to speak with the
dock manager this evening. Theyre fifteen hours ahead of us. Make sure hes at hand to
receive my call. On the second thought I say pausing, dont. Ill make it an
impromptu call. Dont give him a chance to be prepared."
Mr. Grey, your engineering team is assembled and waiting for you in the Meeting
Room 4, please, Andrea says through the intercom.
Well be there in a few minutes. Make sure you bring club soda and Saltine crackers
for Mrs. Greys seat. She hasnt eaten much today.
Crackers, sir? Andrea asks confused.
Yes, Andrea, crackers! Saltines, specifically. Thats what she likes.
Ross eyes narrow on me, scrutinizing. It hasnt dawned on her yet, but her gears are
turning in her head.
Without giving Ros a chance to discover my wifes pregnancy, I rise from my seat to my
considerable height. My erection is tame enough to not to create a tent. Buttoning my
custom made navy blue Brioni jacket, I walk around my desk with the agility Im
accustomed, and extend my hand to my wife. She takes it, allowing me to pull her to
her feet. I feel a thrill course through me with the prospect of showing off my gorgeous
wife by my side earmarking my possession of her. With Anastasias hand safely in
mine, I walk through the lobby. I can feel the employees stand up to get a glance of my
wife with me. Anastasia is a sight to behold. Taylor and Sawyer both follow us and
when we get to the meeting room, Taylor opens the door up. My team of engineers
stands up as our group enters. Taylor and Sawyer take the opposite corners to cover the
entire room. Ros takes the seat to my left side. All eyes on the table turns to me and to
my wife then surreptitiously glance at our linked hands.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you my wife, Mrs. Anastasia Grey? Shell be
joining us during our meeting today, I announce. Then I introduce each team
members name to Anastasia who stands up, greets Anastasia and she greets and smiles
back at them. I take the head of the table after I seat my wife to my right. Her club soda
and crackers are on a plate.
Im told that you finally have a breakthrough in the winding and solar technology on
the cellular phones were trying to create. What do you have so far and how is it
different than what you have shown me? I ask.

Andrew, my chief engineer clears his throat.

Mr. Grey, we have three different prototypes. One utilizes only solar energy, the other
utilizes winding technology, and third one utilizes both. The main issue was being able
to utilize the solar energy and the surface in which to do it. We have examined leaves of
a tree, and how it absorbs the solar energy and utilizes small spaces to do the
photosynthesis. We tried to apply what we have discovered into the PV batteries which
of course are not as efficient as we would have like them to be
Anastasia cuts him, interested in the topic. What are PV batteries and how are they
utilized in this cell phone? she asks taking one of the prototypes into her hand. I look
at my wife proudly for taking interest in something thats near and dear to my heart:
clean energy.
Good question maam. PV cell is basically the single-crystal silicon cell. Silicon has
some special chemical properties in its crystalline form. You see maam, a silicon atom
has 14 electrons arranged in three different shells, he says and Anastasia blinks lost in
the first mention of electrons.
Let me explain it in another way maam. Leaves for example are reaction centers that
carry out the chemistry necessary to make the energy useful. We realized that on a
bright sunny day, there are more than 100 million billion red and blue colored photons
strike a leaf each second. Under these conditions the plants need to be able to both
utilize the energy thats required for growth as well as get rid of the excess energy that
can be harmful. In short maam, plants know how to quickly harvest energy and in a
regulated manner which we discovered are two key features in natural light-harvesting
So it was down to utilizing correct energy circuits that could control, regulate, direct
and amplify raw solar energy by man-made pigments and thus preventing the loss of
energy before it was utilized. So, the surface which we utilized to harvest the solar
energy was crucial. Weve come up with a few different methods. One was directly on
the phone but we realized it was impractical. You could heat up the circuits inside
which could harm the phone and it was counterproductive. In the end, weve created a
charging utility that is removable such as a case, and even a smaller solar charger which
the user could plug and the small solar panel could even be attached to a backpack, or a
surface receiving direct or indirect sunlight. The charge would hold 8 hours. Our goal is
to store this longer periods of time so the user could go on without charging for 24

hours. We have accomplished that. Because solar energy is abundant, even on cloudy
days, it will be possible to charge a cellphone battery. He says grinning.
Anastasia looks excited.
How about this one? How does this winding one works? she asks holding a cell
phone with a crank attached in the bottom. Her hand absently reaches to the plate and
she takes a Saltine cracker, and nibbles on it.
My engineering team is more than eager to explain how their creation works to my wife
as if they are just given their most favorite pupil. Anastasias enthusiasm turns me on in
a different way. I feel a certain normalcy and something beyond. Theres awe in my
wife towards my personal cause, and the same awe is reflected in my team of engineers
towards my wife. Shes approachable, curious, interested, and inquisitive.
Halfway through the meeting, Im unable to take my gaze away from my wife who
somehow takes the lead with her curiosity asking everyone questions. My engineers are
eager and competitive to accommodate her, and answer her questions. Im not sure how
to take this yet. Is it their awe of her, or my wifes natural allure every man is captivated
When Ros examines the schematics and starts asking questions about cost of
production, distribution, and the products marketability, Anastasia leans towards me
and whispers, Christian, wheres the restroom?
Are you ill? I ask quickly giving a once over her face.
She slightly shakes her head, her eyes almost forbidding me to ask. Why?
Ill take you to my office. I have a private bathroom.
Sawyer or Taylor can show me the way. Finish your meeting, she whispers then
stands up abruptly. Damn! She doesn't listen.
I follow suit, and get up immediately. All heads turn to our direction, looking at us
Ros, why dont you finish the meeting? I say. Anastasia is already making her way to
the door quickly muttering a thank you behind her. Sawyer runs after her, and I quickly
dash after the duo with confused faces looking behind us.

Taylor runs ahead immediately, opening the door and leads Anastasia towards my
private bathroom.
Wait outside, I order to both firmly, and follow Anastasia into the bathroom locking
the door.
Ana! Are you sick? Whats wrong?
Christian could you wait outside? I need some privacy. I need to go to bathroom.
Youre not throwing up?
No, Im not. Ive just consumed two bottles of club soda. I have to go, she says
pressing her legs together. I give a sigh of relief.
Go then. Ill just turn my back just in case you dont feel well. She rolls her eyes.
Christian, please! I dont stand there when youre going!
Baby, you can stand there all you want. Ive no qualms about you watching me doing
Agghh! Youre incorrigible! All of a sudden, Im back to the day she woke up in the
hospital, and I have no desire of leaving her for a second.
Christian, I promise, Im not sick. Just wait outside the door! I cant go when youre
I told you Ill turn my back Ana. Just do it!
Fine! Just this once. Turn your back! she orders rolling her eyes again.
Dont tempt me, wife, I say grinning.
Youre no gentleman, Mr. Grey!
I never claimed to be a gentleman! Im just a concerned husband who is madly in love
with his wife.
Anastasia is done with her business. I turn my back to see her after I hear the sound of
running water.

All done, Mr. Grey, and without getting sick. But I dont wanna jinx it!
Come, I say taking her hand. Are you hungry? You havent had much other than
breakfast, some broth and crackers. She makes a grimacing face.
Well order in. Whats your pleasure?
You, she says her lips curving up with the semblance of a smile.
Why Mrs. Grey, I aim to fulfill all your appetites, but I believe our baby is hungry right
now, I say and as if on cue her stomach growls.
I dont want to eat right now Christian. I had a lot of crackers, she says.
Baby, dont flirt with the devil. Youll only get burnt, I whisper. You know how I feel
about you not eating. Besides, I will hand feed you if I have to, Anastasia. Crackers are
to calm your stomach. Food is for you and our baby, I say placing my hand over her
belly. She takes in a shuddered breath.
In that case, Mr. Grey, perhaps we can reach an agreement, she says licking her lips.
Anastasia, I dont negotiate when it comes to your well-being baby, especially when
youre being disobedient, I say raising my eyebrows.
But Mr. Grey. You know Ive been a bad girl by not obeying your orders to eat, she
whispers in a husky voice, then first licks and then bites her lower lip. I think I ought
to be punished. Maybe on my knees under your desk while you rule the universe.
My breath hisses through my teeth. Anastasia, youre going to unman me, baby. But as
it happens, it is one of my fantasies, and there are a dozen surfaces in this office alone
Id like to fuck you. Let me feed you first, wife I murmur tilting her chin up to face
me. Tell me what would you like to eat?
Maybe clam chowder in sourdough bread bowl and spring mix salad.
Okay. Ill have it brought in. I take my Blackberry out and press Taylors number on
speed dial.
Yes, sir, he answers.

Taylor, I need you to pick up two orders of clam chowder soup in sourdough bread
bowls and spring mix salad Then turning to Anastasia I ask, Baby, would you like
Yes, she mouths, but its not the kind Taylor could order from the restaurant menu.
My gaze darkens in her response.
That will be all Taylor.
Mr. Grey, Ros is at the door. She wants to drop the samples with you so you can take a
better look at them. Is this a good time for her to come in? I roll my eyes.
Send her in.
Ill be back in thirty minutes sir. Sawyer is here if you need anything.
Thanks Taylor.

***** *****
I watch Anastasia all through our meal to see if shes feeling sick, weak or tired. She
seems to have recovered her appetite, and finishes all her soup and the bread bowl. She
also consumes all her salad, then eyes, my half eaten bread bowl that I'm still working
on eating.
Are you going to finish that? she asks with her last bite in her mouth. Generally Im
always the first one to finish a meal, and never leave a crumb on my plate. But,
Anastasias appetite has recovered and she seems to be hungry still. I grin, and break a
piece of my sourdough bowl and feed it to her. She chews it and closes her eyes
savoring the taste.
More? I ask smiling.
Yes, please.
I take another piece, dipping it in the soup on the bottom of the bowl, dipping my
finger along with the piece of bread. When I pop the soupy bread into Anastasias
mouth, her lips capture my finger with soup, and sucks on it. My cock twitches in
response. My gaze darkens.

Behave, Mrs. Grey, I whisper in a husky voice.

Maybe I dont want to behave, she challenges back. Besides, food is gone, and you
still havent offered me my desert.
Not yet. Im the host, Mrs. Grey. I will give you what you want, but right now, I want
to show my wife, our company, I say. I want to make sure that the food she just
consumed doesnt want to come back up. I want my wife good and ready, and craving
I want my desert now, she pouts.
Delayed gratification. Think how much more youll want me, not knowing when,
what or how youre getting it, Mrs. Grey, I whisper by her ear.
Besides, I wanted to show you GEH when you first came to see me, but you ran off.
This is my second chance to show it to you. And, I lower my voice, my pupils dilating,
my voice is taking a deep carnal tone, You were all thumbs trying to set up that
damned recorder on my Bauhaus coffee table, I murmur pointing. Even though your
fumbling and uncoordination would have irritated the fuck out of me if it was anyone
else, but there was something about you made me think it was endearing, that pulled
me to you. I wanted to prolong your stay as much as possible. I was thinking all kinds
of ways I could utilize to tame your skittishness. I say rubbing her cheek.
Then you did something. You peeked up at me, and bit down your bottom lip like
youre doing now, I say tugging her chin off. It hit me like a train wreck. I noticed
your lovely, kissable, fuckable mouth.
Christian! she gasps.
Once you were done setting the damned thing up, you looked up at me with your big
blue eyes. You asked me some inconsequential question. Then you looked at me
disapprovingly, not pleased with my answer.
All I remember was that your gaze, your simple movements, your lip, the way you sat
in your chair and the intensity of your gaze was making me squirm. I was mesmerized
with you, Christian. Couldnt take my eyes off you, but then again, the intensity of your
gaze, the confidence, arrogance, and the mastery in which you carried yourself
intimidated me. I couldnt look at you.

I remember. You lowered your gaze, and said yes sir, shocking me in one hand, then
called me a control freak, breaking through all my barriers, seeing me as I was. You saw
though me, baby! I say in awe. Her genuine smile is big.
You told me you exercise control in all things, and I felt the effect of your words
clenching me right here, she says, placing her hand right over her abdomen.
The Way You Make me Feel - Michael Jackson ft. Britney Spears

Then you gave me the biggest shock of my life by asking if I was gay, right there, I
say walking her toward the seating area. I had the urge to drag you out of your seat,
bend you across my knee that very moment, and spank the living shit out of you. I
wanted to tie your hands behind your back, bend your glowing pink ass gloriously on
my desk with your legs spread wide apart, your sex dripping wet and hungry,
presented for my cock, your beautiful hair wrapped around my wrist pulled back, I
wanted to fuck the hell out of you just to show you how not gay I was! I hiss though
my teeth, my blood boiling as if the memory was just yesterday.
Im up for it now! Anastasia breathes her chest heaving up and down, completely
turned on.
All in good time, baby. I want to show you our company right now.
Christian! she chides me. You cant just seduce me like that, and leave me hot and
bothered. I give her a lascivious smile.
Baby, I waited for a couple of weeks just to get my due for being unjustly called, gay
and to prove you my heterosexual tendencies.
She pouts. Youre not intending to make me suffer for weeks are you, Mr. Grey? she
asks frowning. Because, I might positively catch fire. With my cravings, I believe
youre obligated taking care of my hunger, Mr. Grey. Or are you deliberately forgetting
doctors orders?
I forget nothing about you Anastasia. I will take care of you, I promise, but give me
this. Ive waited a long time to show you my second best accomplishment.
She frowns. Second best?

You, my dear wife, youre my best accomplishment. Marrying you was the best
endeavor I ever accomplished. Come, I say pulling her hand. Show my wife what we
have together.
Andrea and the new intern jumps to their feet. Olivias internship nearly ended when
she disclosed Anastasia and my engagement to a paparazzi which ended up Anastasia
being harassed. Her internship is over, but I cant have incompetence in my office staff.
Shes not retained here. I dont tolerate mistakes; especially those that hurt my wife
are unforgivable.
Who was that other girl with Andrea? She didnt look like the other assistant you
Thats because Olivias internship ended. That was another intern, Janelyn.
Another one of your blondes, she mutters.
Theyre not my blondes. The only woman that belongs to me here, or anyplace else is
you, Anastasia. Theyre my employees, I say, realizing my woman is going to be very
bothered by the time we finish the company tour. The hotter and more bothered we
both are, the more intense the pleasure for both of us. But waiting is the torture we must
endure for the price of that pleasure.

***** *****
I didnt realize how many people worked for you in this building alone, Anastasia
comments awed.
I employ over 40,000 people in the U.S. and we are acquiring another workforce thats
going to increase our workforce by nearly a third.
So many peoples livelihood depends on you Christian. Im in awe of you, she says
looking up at me reverentially. And when you were getting your Taiwan deal going,
you managed to stay in Portland with me when I was waiting word on Ray, then
waited for me at the hospital, and took care of me at home. Youre still taking care of
me. Right now she says realizing. Im always watching out for her. For her needs;
her well-being. Everything I do is for her and for our baby.
Its because, youre my reason for being, for existing. Youre the center of my universe,
Anastasia. You have no idea what I wouldnt do for you I whisper leaning down.

When I look up and get my bearing to see where we are, I realize were across from the
lobby and by the elevators.
Come, I tug her hand after me.
Andrea jumps up with the new intern.
Mr. Grey. You have a phone call scheduled to Taiwan in 30 minutes. I check the time.
Its passed 6:30 p.m.
Current time in Taiwan is 9:31 a.m. their local time, sir.
Connect the call in at 7:00 p.m., then you can both go home Andrea.
We can stay later if you need our assistance, sir, she says bristling with efficiency.
Anastasias hand tightens in mine, and she draws even closer. Being bothered is getting
to her. Her eyes are impassive, gazing at Andrea; however, Anastasia is anything but.
On the second thought, connect me with the Shipyard manager in ten minutes, and
then you two can go. I can take it from here.
Yes, Mr. Grey, Andrea responds. Both Sawyer and Taylor are waiting at the entrance
to the lobby. Taylor looks up, when our gazes lock; he knows hes not to let anyone in.
Come on Mrs. Grey, I say and pull Anastasia into my office. I close and lock the door
behind me.
So, Mrs. Grey I say turning around but she cuts me off.
Mr. Grey, I am at unease with the eager help you are getting here. I mean your
assistants are just chomping at the bit to please you. I dont know if I should be happy,
or jealous of the service theyre providing you, she says mock chiding me. She turns to
take a step forward, but I catch her waist. Your Stepford blondes are
Theyre not my blondes. Theyre my employees. Theyre required to be efficient,
prompt, effective in their jobs and be at hand until I dismiss them. Theyre paid very
well for the job they perform. You, on the other hand are my wife. Youve nothing to

Of course I do, Mr. Grey, she says biting her lip. My gaze darkens. This is her game.
Her hand caresses over my silver silk tie which I put on deliberately today, then
grasping the tie at the tail, she pulls it, coaxing me to walk forward towards my desk as
she pulls me along. She grabs one of the plush pillows on the way to my desk.

She then pushes me into my seat, tosses the pillow under my desk leisurely and then
climbs onto my desk sitting right in front of me, swinging her legs. Then she places her
feet in Louboutin stilettos on my chair and right between my legs, effectively keeping
them apart. Her glorious legs are displayed; her flowy skirt slides up to her thighs and
her black lace panties are now showcasing how hungry her sex is for me.

Anaaa, I hiss her name in a carnal breath.

Certain promises were made earlier this afternoon, Mr. Grey, and I think I can prove
you that I too, am very efficient. My gaze narrows on her, I study and asses my wife
who is insatiably ravenous for me. She wants to play. The thought makes me more
desirous for her.

Although, I had to run out of the meeting unexpectedly, I had a very good excuse Mr.
Grey, she says sighing.
We dont give second chances, and excuses are not tolerated here, Mrs. Grey, I
respond my voice is effectively forbidding.
I know Mr. Grey, but I would really like you to reconsider. You see, even though I
have been a rowdy assistant on trial today by leaving the meeting before it came to
conclusion, Id like to remind you that I am exceptionally good at my job, and you
really should give me an opportunity to show you how excellent I can be in performing
the services you require of me.
My pupils dilate, and my gaze darkens in our role play. Mrs. Grey, I believe the
position is already filled by a very capable, devastatingly beautiful woman who Im
madly in love with. And, I dont take advice from employees in what course of action I
should take with them. This has never been my practice. What say you to that?
She pouts her lips, and bites her lower lip. After undoing three buttons of her shirt, I
can now see her sexy engorged breasts nestled in her black lacy bra cups. Her hands
leisurely slide over her shirt, finally coming to rest and curl at the edge of my desk. She
leans back slightly. That simple action thrusts her breasts forward. Her heavy lids
slowly lift up, and theres nothing but libidinous desire in them.

Cant you find it in your heart to give me another chance, Sir? I looove my job, and
simply in love with my bosss bosss boss. I am the woman made for that position. You
just dont recognize me. Have I changed that much, Sir? An involuntarily breath
whistles through my teeth.
I do love ambition, enthusiasm, drive, inventiveness, and vigorous initiative, Mrs.
Grey. Maybe I should this one time exploit the skills you seem to possess.
Thank you, Sir. Id like to cement my position as the number one woman in all venues
after my demonstration, she says as the toe of her shoe caresses over my impatient
erection. The disembodied voice from the intercom jumps us both.

Mr. Grey, I have Mr. Lung Shyn, the Taipei Shipyard Manager on line one. I apologize
for the delay sir. He was overseeing the dismantling one of the 20 ton cranes. I frown.
This is unexpected. But my gaze is still on my wife. She slides down off my desk.
Thank you, Andrea. You and Janelyn can go home now, I say without a hitch on my
distant, Im-your-boss-and-your-commander tone.
Good evening Mr. Grey.
Anastasia, I hiss with my gaze full of carnal intent, my eyes dark, heated. I rise from
my seat, and grasping her hair, I fix her head in the angle I desire, and kiss her long,
and hard. Her hand reaches over my pants, wrapping her fingers around my rigid cock.

My ravenous woman, bent on unmanning me, I breathe into her lips.

I want this, she whispers. I want to be the only one pleasing you at all times, she
says with a desperate plea. Did she get jealous of my assistant and the intern? The only
time her demeanor changed was when Andrea and Janelyn were asking if they should
stay longer. Did that bother her? That another woman, an employee is asking to fulfill a
task, a duty? Its absurd. They work for me. I require them to work late and long hours
so I can be with Anastasia.
Ana, you are the only woman pleasing me. Theyre just employees. You are my
everything. My world, my universe, the love of my existence. Believe it or not, baby, I
want you to do this. I want you to show me how much you want me I hiss, cupping
her face. I take anything from your hand, and your lips. And Ill give you anything
you desire of me, I growl.
Muse - Undisclosed Desires

I sink back into my chair and pick up the phone.

Grey, here, I greet as my molten gaze follow Anastasias slow descent to the floor.

Mr. Grey, this is Lung Shyn. Im sorry you had to call me at a late hour for you. Had I
known, Id have waited here late last night for you to call me at an appropriate time for
you. How can I be of service today, sir?
Anastasias hands unbuckle my belt, and my zipper is lowered. Her hand dips into my
boxers, and her fingers immediately curls around my pulsing erection. I want to hiss
out a breath forcefully, but I control myself to let it out slowly. She inserts both hands
into my boxers skimming around my waistband trying to pull my pants down to have
full access to my erection. I grin, and lifting my butt off the seat, I give her the access she

I hear that youre dismantling one of the 20 ton cranes, Shyn. I wasnt made aware of
that. Why is it being taken out of commission? I ask as Anastasias hands squeeze my
buttocks. I grin in response.
Yes, sir. Thats because the inspector Miss Bailey had sent said that one of the 20 ton
cranes were not compliant with OSHA safety rules. Although we do not practice OSHA
here, GEH does. Therefore we are complying with everything you require us to do, he

Meanwhile Anastasia holds me with both hands. One hand at the root of my cock, the
other cupping my sack. Her warm, wet lips descend on the plush head, covering it.
Then she sucks ever so gently. Her tongue moves over the tip, rubbing, and licking. The
sensation flares and sets my blood on fire, coursing through my veins, curling my toes.
My right hand grips the phone with such a force that I feel the blood drain from it. Her
tongue pulls back and she pulls me in deeper. As she moves along, I can feel her
inhaling my scent as if she cant get enough of me with just taste. I feel her pull me into
the hollow of her cheek.
What other changes are being done? I ask.
We have a list of them, and were working on complying with every one of them.
What are they?
Hold on one second sir, let me pull up my file and I shall read all of them to you, he
Take your time, I say my head rolling back and I thrust my hip into my wifes capable
mouth. Putting the phone on mute, I say keep sucking, licking! I say and she does as
she is told moving her tongue underneath my cock, then she flickers her tongue on the
rim. Her hands and mouth work in sync driving me crazy. Rhythmic movements I
push my feet on the floor, pleasure building up.
Deep, baby, and hard!
Kings of Leon - Closer

She fists me at the root, and her fingers wrap my cock like a glove sliding up towards
the tip. Hard! Then her lips run down to the root, pushing the tip all the way to the back

of her throat. My hand grasps her hair, holding her in place as if she moved her mouth I
could not bear it. The pleasure washes over me, and the lust intensifies exponentially. I
lift my butt off my seat using my elbows. One of her hands wrap around me, and
squeezes my ass. My pre-cum bursts into my wifes mouth, and she licks me as she
bares her teeth trailing back up to tip.
Oh, yes. The first repairs started in the quays sir. Weve nearly a hundred employees
dedicated to get the shipyard functional to your specifications. I turn the speaker on.
I want you to read me every item on the list, one by one. I will stop you if I have a
question. Then e-mail me the contents.
As you wish sir, he says and starts reading as I put the microphone back on mute
A soft moan escapes Anastasias lips, when she is sucking the hell out of the crown, her
tongue pleasure torturing me. Then she plunges my erection back into her mouth,
hollowing her cheeks. She increases her speed, pulling me, and tugging, sucking,
coaxing my pleasure. She is getting greedier, as if she cant get enough of me. My wife
on her knees, her mouth sucking and stroking my cock, her tongue caressing every
pulsating vein make me grow thicker, swell longer.
Ffffuuukk! Ana! You suck me dry, baby! Im going to come so hard! I say thrusting
my hips. Ana is the only woman who can take off all the layers of me, making me
completely naked before her, and at this moment the only thing that matters is the
chase to orgasm. My wifes hand cups my sack, caressing while her other hand, her
tongue and soft lips uncontrollably work towards pushing me into my orgasm. As my
climax approaches, my balls feel heavy at first, then tighten in her hand and draw up.
The maddening jolt of pleasure courses through my entire body, and focuses on this
one part of my anatomy which is currently inside my wife's mouth.
Shit! Ana! Youre driving me to insanity! Fuck me! Suck me dry baby! My voice is
unrecognizable, raspy, deep and guttural. My hands are fisted in her hair, my eyes are
rolling back into my head, and my orgasm releases in thick hot spurts into Anastasias
mouth. I thrust my hips again into her mouth, my semen coating her mouth. My heavy
erection is a different entity, pulsing and throbbing until she squeezes every ounce of
pleasure out of my body. She keeps milking me relentlessly, making my whole body
shake. My pleasure is released in the form of a groan as I place the phone's receiver on
my desk while Shyn continue reading the list.

Anastasia only stops when I stop thrusting. This is a first. My wife becomes the first
woman to suck me off at GEH. And right now my half tamed erection only wants to
fuck her like I wanted to when I first met her here.
A satisfied grin appears on Anastasias face. Her wide blue eyes look at me from under
her heavy eyelashes.
As she licks her lips, she looks up at me, and asks, Well, Sir, do I get to keep my job?
Fuck baby, not only do you keep the job but you also get a promotion!
The list also contains relocating the 150 tonnage crane to a different position at the
docks to better utilize it for fitting. This concludes the list, I vaguely hear Shyn in the
I pick up the phone as I pull my wife into my arms, with my ass still bare, and my dick
hanging out. I turn the speaker back on.
What is the estimated time for the completion of the repairs and compliance
The worst case of the scenario, we can be fully operational in one months time, sir. We
can still operate, but it is safer if the entire work is completed. Its going on around the

Alright, I expect you to e-mail me the list. Indicate what has been completed, what still
needs to be done, how many people working on each task, estimated time of
completion for each individual project, and how many people you intend to allocate for
each task. Cc it to Ms. Bailey and Mr. Warren. I also need the cost sheets. Indicate the
cost of every project down to the last screw, I say looking at my wife carnally.
I have all the costs broken down sir. And the projected time of completion. Theyre in 3
different files. I shall send them to you in the next hour. Is there anything else I can help
you with?
That would be all, Shyn. I say and hang up.
So, Mrs. Grey, I drawl. You and I had another first, baby. Ive never been sucked off
in my own office.
She smiles at my declaration.
Im pleased to hear that Mr. Grey. Did you fuck anyone in this office?
What crude language, Mrs. Grey. Arent you the epitome of gentility this evening? I
say faux mocking her. She narrows her eyes on me.
Are you being evasive, Mr. Grey? Her voice is wounded even.
As it happens Mrs. Grey, you will be the first woman I fuck in this office and Id like to
accomplish that goal within the next few minutes. I told you: Youre the only woman
for the job. I dont want anyone else. Just you, baby. Its only you! I whisper fervently.
Really Mr. Grey? she murmurs coyly. Maybe I should play hard to get. I want a little
rough play tonight.
Ana, I dont know if you should. I dont want you to get sick.
Come and get me Christian! she says running off my lap.
Fuck! I hiss as I hastily move after her. Talking about getting caught your pants
down. I promptly stuff my shirt into my pants, and pull them up, trying to zip. Without
buckling my belt I run after Anastasia. She rushes to the seating area, and divesting her
high heels on the way, she gains momentum. At this moment, nothing else matter. Just
my wife.

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Anaaa! I hiss. If you fall down, you might get hurt and you might hurt the baby as
The floor is carpet here, Christian. Theres enough friction. I wont fall! Are you afraid
you cant catch a pregnant woman? she taunts me.
Damn it, Ana! Stop running! I say as I slowly creep to the edge of the sofa to get to
her. She quickly moves to the other side of the sofa. To catch her before she hurts
herself, I support myself with one hand and leap over the sofa to the other side, nearly
catching Ana, but she dashes to the other side of my expensive, big coffee table,
squealing in delight.
Shit! Our game is exciting, but I am worried that shell fall, and get hurt. I run to the
other side of the coffee table and she runs to the wall to wall glass window. She goes
behind a custom made chair. I stalk her slowly, like a panther. Her delighted squeals
are like the sirens call for me. I extend my hand and the silk of her blouse is pulled and
a single button breaks loose and flies off the shirt. With another squeal, she runs to the
other side again. This time I leap and finally capture her, and scoop her off the floor, I
capture her tightly in my arms.
So, Mrs. Grey, I growl. You wanted to be bad. You know how I feel about that baby.
I dont want you to run from me, because even in a game, it scares the shit out of me,
and also, youve put yourself and our baby in danger running around carelessly. What
shall I do to punish your transgressions? I ask in a gruff voice.
Something that will make butt sore, and your cock hard to have me right here, right
now, she breathes quickly.
Ana Why are you doing this?
I am so turned on with your pleasure; I just want you to fuck me senseless, Christian.
My desire for you is turned on and I cant turn it off. Im insanely jealous of the women
who come in contact with you, and like you, I want to declare that youre my man!
Baby, I AM yours. What is worrying you? I say addressing her possessive side.
I know that youre not into blondes, and Andrea is a good assistant. But, I want to
have this here, declare you in the seat of your kingdom as mine. Leave my scent here so

that every woman who walks through these doors knows that Christian Grey is my
And you thought you would accomplish this end, by putting yourself in danger? I
ask incredulous.
I love playing with you Christian. You have been too gentle with me lately. Attentive,
and caring which I completely appreciate, but I have missed the kinky side of our
I search her face. I want to make sure that shes not doing this because of some
misguided idea that I need the hard core fucking. And to achieve that end, shes going
to jeopardize her own well-being. Theres plenty of time to play harder when shes
Anastasia, I say my gaze darkening. Is this about my female employees? Are you
trying to push me to play hard with you because of my assistant and the intern? If so,
you can forget about it. I require my assistant to work at all hours. Be professional,
work hard, complete tasks at a moments notice, and be efficient. Because Im a very
busy man, a very in demand business man, I need them to be this hard-working as if
they dont have a life of their own. I want them to do their job properly so that I can
have the time to spend with my lovely wife. In return, theyre paid amply. They get the
best benefits, and I pay them handsome bonuses for the exceptional services they
provide. Our relationship here at GEH is always a professional one. Do you understand
that? You have ruined me for any other woman. I have no desire for anyone else, no
time, no care nor feeling for any other woman! Just you Anastasia Grey, I say baring
my soul to my wife.
Oh Christian! I know that! I trust you! I just want you to know that Im not made of
Ana, I feel apprehensive about being hard with you right now, because youve been in
the hospital after being nearly killed, and then you had been violently ill. Are you
forgetting that your admirer Jose took on me at the hospital thinking Im somehow
being harsh on you? Or that you got so sick that I had to summon Dr. Greene? Can you
understand that Im a worried husband who is madly, insanely, jealously in love with
his wife? If at any time, for any reason, our sex life makes you sick, even due to
morning sickness, or somehow hurts you even during our play, or turns you off in
anyway, itd kill me. Everything about you, everything that we do together is more
important than anything else in the world. Because, you are my world. You are the

single point in universe where I feel safe, at home and centered. You are my reason for
being. And because of that, its very difficult for me to be rough on you although I
desire and miss that side of our relationship.
I miss it too, Christian! I love everything we do together. I love it when you are soft
and gentle, I love it when you are kinky, I love it when you are rough, carnality
personified. Its just you, husband. I know the relationship you hold with your
employees is a very professional one. But, Im a woman. I do feel and notice when other
women desire you even if they are only very professional towards you. I too want to
declare my territory and tell them that this is my man! On top of that, this pregnancy is
making me hungry for everything; Im hungry for food all the time, and I crave you
more. My sex drive seems to be in overdrive; I just cant get enough of you. I want this,
I need this, Christian. What more do I have to tell you to get it? she asks looking up at
me with her impossibly blue eyes. I suppose, she says fluttering her eyelashes, If you
are unwilling to take care of this side of me, I may have to relieve myself, husband.
The hell you are! No one relieves your sexual needs but me! I own this! I say cupping
her sex, and slowly stroking it over the lace of her panties. Its already drenched,
hungry for me. I want to give her what she wants without hurting her much or
somehow triggering her morning sickness.

Mrs. Grey, you are being a bad badbad girl. I am going to spank you for wanting to
pleasure yourself without me. I am the master of this body. Im the husband, and Im
your lover. This is my job and both of our pleasure. And you wish to take it away from
me. I say darkening my eyes. How shall I punish you?

Her eyes light up.

However Sir desires, she says lowering her gaze. Fuck me!
Well then, Im going spank you on my lap, and fuck you very hard on my desk. I dont
have a certain number in mine. You will be my guide and you will count with me. Im
your lover Anastasia. Lovers dont have safe words. Just tell me to stop when you had
your fill of the spanking and I will. Got it?
Yes! she says breathy.
What will you say when you had enough Anastasia?
Ill say stop, sir! she says making me take a sharp intake of breath.
Good girl!
I pull my wife onto my lap, and pull her skirt back. Lowering her lacy panties, her
beautiful alabaster ass is presented to me. I turn her head to the side and restrain her
legs beneath my right leg. Then push her back down with my left arm. I caress her
buttocks with my hand and without a preamble I stroke her sex, and dip my finger
between the folds of her sex. Insert one finger into her sex and find it soaking wet for
me. I groan deep. I massage her sex by inserting another finger into her and with
shallow plunges; I stimulate her sex making my wife moan with need. I immediately
withdraw my fingers lifting my hand up I slap my wifes buttocks.

Ow! One! she yelps in surprise making me smile. My hand is singing, and I love the
feeling. I rub her buttocks and lift it up and land it on the other cheek. Two! she
counts. Massaging her buttocks one more time, I lift my hand once again, and land it
back on her right over her sex. Three! her voice is a moan.
I develop a pattern in circular motion, spreading the pain, coaxing blood to the surface,
stimulating her deep buried sexual nerves and in return arousing her. I incorporate
pressure and rhythm without friction. Tapping her clitoris in this manner also
stimulates her, and spanking her entire vulva provides a pleasant stimulation. I deliver
another blow to her left buttock leaving a pink mark behind. Sixteen! she shouts. I
caress, and lift hit her right buttock. Seventeen! Caress her once more and hit her
between the butt cheeks and over her sex. Eighteen! Stop! she says breathless.

My hand is singing with delicious pain just as her buttocks are. Breath hisses through
my teeth. I lift my wife off the floor and quickly take her back to my desk. I push aside
the contents over my desk and spread her face down.
Anastasia, I want you to hold tight on the sides. I am going to fuck you hard now
baby! Tell me to stop if this gets hard anytime.
Yes! she breathes excited.

I hold her down, turn her head sideways, spread her legs apart with my feet, lift her
now ass up for my cock. Unzipping my pants, I take out my cock already at full salute
mode. And without a preamble, I plunge into her in one swift move balls deep. The

feeling is overwhelming, intoxicating, and complete heaven. The best place on earth for
me is inside my wife. Shes my heaven. Anastasia groans with my cock filling her. I
close my eyes and savor the feeling, savor my wife. I slowly pull back, and first
painfully slow I ease back into her feeling every muscle inside her sex.
Faster Christian! she groans.

Let me savor this, baby, I hiss through my teeth.

Then I pull back again and plunge into her hard. Holding her buttocks I pull her back to
me as I plunge into her, reaching deeper and farther inside her. I am lost, yet I find
myself there as well, and I just want to keep fucking hard, pushing, and carrying us
both to the precipice fast, hard and explosively. I pound into her, my balls slapping
over her clitoris punishing and pleasuring her at the same time, drawing excited moans
from her. I plunge into her again and again, finally feeling the so familiar yet so craved
tightening of her sex like a tight fist, encouraging me to go deeper, pulling me in,
matching the pulses of my cock, stroke my length invitingly, caress and hug like a
ravenous lover. I plunge into her and pull her ass back to me again. I swivel my hips
once more, gyrating, finding that perfect angle letting me get in her sex deepest. When I
locate that spot, I hold her buttocks, and angulate rubbing that spot with the tip of my
cock, stimulating my crown and her secret senses, pulling back just the right amount,
providing shallow plunges. A deep moan escapes Anastasias lip, her sex tightens
harder and faster. I pull back and thrust forward again rougher, deeper. The only sound
we have in the room is our moans, the wet sliding of my cock inside my wifes cream,
and the rhythmic slap of my balls punishing and pleasuring her clit.
Christian! Ana groans as she comes apart beneath me. As the orgasm spread through
her body, passing into my cock, the waves of her orgasm sucks my cock, and I empty
into her sex in thick, drowning spurts.

Anaaa! I moan my orgasm, my entire body going rigid, my eyes losing focus as they
roll back into my head, I finally still in her when the last drop of semen is emptied
inside my wife, marking her as mine once again. I slowly ease out of her making her
wince with the bereftness. A mixture of my semen and her creamy juices follow my
cock rushing out running between her legs. My office smell a mixture of me and my
wife and our hard, no bars held sex. My wifes muscles are weary, and sated. All the
feeling of jealousy and carnal hunger is fully satiated. I lift my wife off my desk, my
dick still hanging, I take her to my private bathroom. I seat my woman onto a chair and
clean her legs. Then spreading her legs apart, I start cleaning her sex.
Christian, she blushes. I can do that!
Yet, I want to do it, Ana. Come on, you just seduced your husband to spank you hard
and fuck you harder, but you wont let me clean your luscious sex? I crave for moments
like these. They are more intimate than sex. I want to be intimate with you in all ways
possible, so much so that there will be nothing that is not intimate between us.
She closes her eyes, blushing. I lift her chin up and make her look at me.
Look at me baby. I want you to see how much I love you, how much I care for you,
and how valuable you are to me. I toss the soiled paper towel into trash, and fall onto
my knees before my wife. Spreading her leg, I bury my head into her sex.
Christian, I dont think I can! Oh! she groans.
I can make you come one more time, I murmur against her sex and start applying
expert strokes of my tongue into her sex. Her hands grip my hair pulling me. I raise one
hand, and as my mouth and my tongue apply just the right amount of pressure coaxing
another climax, I free her breasts and start rolling them between my fingers. She arches
her chest into my hand. Lifting her legs off the floor, she wraps them around my
shoulders, making me grin.

Oh myah! God! Christian! she rolls her hips and pushes her sex into my inviting
mouth. I taste a mixture of my wife and claim in her.
When I elicit the last bit of orgasm from my wife, shes putty, melted in my hands.
There are quite a few more surfaces to go in here. But I think weve covered the main
areas Ive desired to see her sprawled, and sated. Next time Ill fuck her against the
window, lights out, overlooking the city of Seattle while playing Thomas Tallis, Spem
in Alium. Theres nothing more heavenly than my wife for me after all.
Thomas Tallis - Spem in Alium

***** *****
Seattle Nooz
October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween Dear Seattleites!
We hate to bear the good news that can be bad to some of you who are still hopeful of
getting your hands onto our local not-so-bachelor Christian Grey! As you remember, we
broke the news of his engagement several months ago, and here we are bearing the bad
news to some of you again, though its happy news for the couple! Weve heard from a
not so little bird, a stork at that, that our favorite former bachelor fellow Seattleite,

deliciously handsome and enigmatic Christian Grey and his gorgeous wife Anastasia
are expecting a baby! Yes, yes, some of you have even commented on our blog last time
that you would even leave your boyfriends or your husband to get a taste of Christian
Grey! Who wouldnt? He is the hottest thing that came out of Seattle, filthy rich, young,
and it looks like he has the stamina to make any woman claw sheets all night long!
But, then again, it appears that his wife lovely Anastasia Grey has been doing a good
job keeping our local boy very happy indeed. Its too early to tell whether they'll have a
boy or a girl as our sources told us that shes only a little over 3 months pregnant! Well
keep our ears on the ground and keep you informed in return!
Have a spppoooky Halloween!

Well, well, well! What do you know? Christian Grey is breeding! He laughs hard. It
couldnt be easier had I tried harder, planner better to inflict the most perfect, most
delicious pain in him and his! Here you are giving me all the ammunition I want. Well,
let me show you how to fuck someone off properly, Grey! he mutters darkly.
Lincoln looks into the mirror. His week old beard is now deserving of shaving. He feels
giddy, purposeful. He hasnt felt this way since he came back from the Caribbean
several weeks ago. It was beneficial. He managed to get his hands on to some of his
money, have it transferred to one of his banks in Canada in a business account he had in
secret for years. Did Grey and his fucking lawyers think that they could erase his name
and legacy just by taking over Lincoln Timber? Hes been a master of his domain for
decades. He taught Elena what he knew. She in return taught Grey what she had
learned from him and, collecting her pay in the form of a boy-toy fucking him senseless.
He is Roger Lincoln! Roger Lincoln had only been in the moment kind of guy twice in
his life. Once when he beat the shit out of Elena and next was with his impulsive
decision with Hyde. Neither of which worked well. This time he would take his time.
He picked up his burner phone and dialed.
You are now in the payroll. Follow his fucking ass and his wifes. Learn their schedule,
routines, whereabouts, go to places. Establish yourself at such an ease that when the
time comes, I will give you the order of what to do. You will hit the jackpot should you
succeed. If you dont, I will take you out myself.

No worries, Sir! I have never failed in a mission. And this is only a civilian. A rich boy
at that. I dont like rich boys, answered the man in a thick raspy voice.
Your account will receive a payment in Canada soon. This is your first paycheck. I
require regular updates, details, schedules and routines.
Absolutely. Ill provide you with weekly updates. If something important, out of the
ordinary, or outside of their regular routine comes up, Ill inform you immediately for
further instructions.
Perfect! Next week, then, he says and hangs up.
He feels like dressing up in an expensive suit, and eating out. For the first time in
weeks, he feels hes going to get what he wants. He always does. Sooner or later. He is
Roger Lincoln. He may have lost a battle, but he always wins the war. He never loses.


Jason, will you give Mr. Grey an invitation to our wedding today? I ask lifting my
head up from his arms.
Baby, hes our boss! I dont wanna feel like Im working on our wedding day! Taylor
groans in response.
Darling, that would have been true last year, but hes quite changed since Ana entered
into his life.
Well, yeah Taylor smiles with a rare smile he only offers for me. I still dont
Come on Jason, you of all people should admit to that. Ana is the first normal girl Mr.
Grey ever had in his life. First girls who made him crack a genuine smile, first girl who
made him happy you know happy as in really happy and in love. I even prayed for it
to work out for both of them. I really didnt want him to go back to his emotionless,
frigid, stunted way of living, if you could call it living. Im still having a hard time
getting over Leila cutting her arm open, attempting suicide. I couldnt even I shake
my head. A shudder goes through my body. I always knew Mr. Grey had a good heart
in him. Women are drawn to his exceptional beauty and his money. Money, especially

exorbitant amounts of money such as Mr. Grey possesses attracts women to men who
are old, fat, bald, nasty or even barely breathing and on life support. When the man
who is in possession of the money is as handsome as Mr. Grey, the vultures are always
circling. What did Elisabeth Bennett say in the opening lines of Pride and Prejudice? It
is at truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune,
must be in want of a wife. However little known the feelings or views of such a man
may be on his first entering a neighborhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of
the surrounding families, that he is considered as the rightful property of some one or
other of their daughters. The notion of landing a rich man, preferably handsome is
nothing new. Of course no woman ever had loved Mr. Grey as much or cared for him,
and been herself like Mrs. Grey. Who can explain love and how it steels someones
heart and mind? Mr. Grey has always been different to Ana. She is the woman who
managed to snap him out of the nightmare that was Mr. Greys past demons; a feat his
loving parents or his very expensive shrink couldnt accomplish over the years.
I simply adore Ana, not only because she is so normal and without pretensions but her
inner beauty is reflected outside. Shes been painfully shy, and completely oblivious to
her own beauty. There have been girls who have gone through this apartment who
knew how to wield half of what Ana got so skillfully to reach their end goal; to get Mr.
Grey on the long term. Hes never been interested in the idea of long term. Not until
Ana. The only thing that was long term for him was his company, his lifestyle, and his
parents; maybe a few of his employees. Taylor, me, Ros, Andrea and Barney.
We work for the man; the indomitable boss we know as Mr. Christian Grey. Ana loves
the man-child inside him even if she gets mad at him furiously. She has actually got Mr.
Grey in the middle of her palm. She could easily crush and destroy him had she so
desired. It nearly happened however agonizingly excruciating when she was
kidnapped and beaten. Mr. Grey thought she might lose the baby and die. He wasnt
sure if she was really going to leave him. Ive never seen anyone so fearful. Those two
are meant to be together. Taylor pulls me into his arms, bringing me back to here and
Im sorry baby. Im still so fucking mad at him for the Leila incident!
Jason, this is his life! I chide him. Leila was responsible with her own actions. If she
and Mr. Grey broke up only a short while ago, what she did might make sense. But, it
had been two and a half years when she came here and opened a vein before me. Even
though she may have had a psychotic breakdown, I think she was simply jealous of Ana
taking a permanent place in his life, I say and my man who has seen his man get killed
and blown up and collected their bodies from battle fields actually shudders.

You still have nightmares baby! She caused distress in you and Leila is his mistake!
he says as he holds me tighter.
Jason, what Leila did was just a shock. Weve gone through worse incidents. Seeing
Mrs. Grey in a near death state I think affected me more than Leila.
I know, Jason whispers somberly. It was one of the worst days of my life, he shakes
his head.
Mine, too, I whisper back. I dont want him to be still mad at Mr. Grey for Leilas
actions. He did apologize to Jason and me, shocking us both when they found me
completely shaken. But Jason, without acknowledging his boss apology wordlessly
held me and took me away. Trying to change his mood, I shift back to Leila topic.
Anyway, I digress. Besides, I say without missing a beat, Ive got to think a lot after
that. I came to conclusion that describing Leila as a mischievous girl would be too light;
shes deceitful and her ability to manipulate is only second to Mrs. Lincoln. Shes given
more agony to Mr. Grey and Ana than she did to me.
Im not mad at him for having had fucked up women in his life. People tend to look
for twisted counterparts like themselves. But Williams girl was manipulative and she
was completely obsessed with him. Mr. Grey was unable to see the nose in front of his
face then. He should have taken care of that problem. He clearly doesnt spare money
for her care now. That should have been applied way back then.
How could he have known? She walked out on her own free will when he didnt want
to have a permanent relationship. Besides Jason, you have had a bad relationship which
ended up in divorce. No matter how many background checks he might order on
someone, its difficult to know them until we live with them.
I know that baby The rational part of my brain knows that. But the irrational lover
and your future husband in me are still angry, Jason responds gruffly and melts my
Sweetheart, you dont need to worry about that any longer. Im curious about
something thought Why do you think Leila lasted longer than the other ones?
I think she figured out that if she did everything he asked of her to the letter, she
would be a permanent fixture in his life like those Madonna paintings.

The only other woman who seemed to be a permanent part of his life was Mrs.
Lincoln, I murmur.
Dont talk about that bitch, Gail, Taylor says grunting.
Im blonde, shes a beautiful blonde. You dont like blondes?
Baby, its not the blondes I dislike he says and I make a face. What did she do or
say exactly? Should I be worried? As if he reads my mind, he responds.
I only love you, Gail! Jason says ardently. But Mrs. Lincoln thought she got the meat
hook of her claws into Mr. Grey permanently. She would help arrange these girls for
him, he says.
So, there isnt a shop called Submissives-R-Us? I ask.
Im sure there is by another name. But, Mr. Grey goes to great lengths to protect his
privacy. Its not like he was incapable of finding one himself and he does have contacts.
But, she would locate and see the girls in the scene and get her info to Mr. Grey.
Interview with a Vampire I mean a Dom, and bam he acquired a new sub. Mrs.
Lincoln this way was always in the loop; her favorite place, always in control behind
the scenes. Of course she wouldnt say that she wanted to dominate him; he would cut
her off immediately. Women present company excepted Jason amends himself,
can be more deceitful than men. They use different means than men. Men are very
predictable. Id rather go on a combat for a day than to try to maneuver around that
blonde viper for an hour, he says shaking his head while shuddering.
Why the dislike of her so much? I assume she was one of the subs in the past although
shes older than other subs he had. Ive noticed that some men like older women, I say
trying to hide the hurt.
Baby its got nothing to do with her age. She is the one who got Mr. Grey into the
kinky shit he likes when he was 15! She named her salons bondmaid, for heavens
sake! he utters, anger rising in Jason. Hes usually very controlled of his emotions, and
doesnt get mad fast.
Bondmaid? I ask, confused. I thought they were called Esclava.
Escala means a slave girl, or female slave, bondmaid whatever you want to name it

Oh my heavens! I exclaim, my hands automatically rush up to my face to cover my

dropped jaw.
The woman is all twisted inside. She didnt like it when Ana pulled her meat hook of
nails out of Mr. Greys back one by one, and handed them back to her and sent her ass
packing, my man says proudly. He profoundly cares for Ana; and for some reason,
that gives me no feeling of jealousy.
Ana may look similar to the other subs Mr. Grey had, but shes more beautiful than
they were. The other ones were aware of their beauty. Ana not so much. Like
someone told her she wasnt beautiful when she was an ugly duckling or something
and she kept believing in that. It couldnt have been Mr. Steele. He just adores her. Her
mom loves her to bits also. It couldnt have been the last husband either. The man
seemed very polite and very gentle on their wedding and Ana seemed to be fond of
him. Of course I dont know him, but Im usually not wrong on my first impressions, I
contemplate out loud.
No, I think it may have been the asshole her mom married between Ray and the last
one. Shes had four husbands. Kids believe in the shit adults tell them, even if they dont
want to. Then it becomes their reality. She went back to live with Ray after having lived
with her mom and the step-dad right after Ray. Something happened to her there. That
fucker made Ana lose her self-esteem! Taylor spits out.
Jason Taylor, are you that fond of Mrs. Grey? I ask him narrowing my gaze. I adore
Ana, but I dont know what to make of Jasons repeated overprotective epithet.
Baby, I am fond of Mr. Greys wife like I am fond of my own daughter. Ana isnt the
first beautiful girl Mr. Grey brought home, but its beyond her beauty; shes also decent,
normal, sometimes crazy with love for her husband and, he says holding his finger
up when I open my mouth to say something, I only sympathize with Mrs. Grey
because I know how I feel about you. I think, if you were threatened, Id do anything to
keep you safe. In her ignorant and childish ways, she tried to achieve just that. It was
foolish, because she nearly got killed. Im a trained soldier... he says, but I cut him off.
As if you, being a professional soldier would ease my worry, Jason Taylor! I worry
about you every day with the thought that you work to keep Mr. Grey safe, ready to
take a bullet for him!
You need not worry about that. Ive had lifetime of training. She had not. But she
makes up the lack with her gun loving, bossy attitude, and that little lady is the best

thing that happened to Mr. Grey and by God, shes shaping him into a real man and
fixing up the twisted fucker inside him.
You just agreed with me that Mr. Greys other subs were also beautiful, I say mock
chiding while trying to hide a smile.
Yes, but finally someone whose inside beauty shone all the way through, and look at
her now. Shes completely glowing. She knows shes beautiful and confident in
Should I be jealous? I purse my lips, mock teasing my guy.
No baby and you know this. I begged, groveled, and asked you to marry me for nearly
four years, and you finally said yes to me. You, Gail Jones soon to be Taylor, are my
woman! Jason growls seductively. Mrs. Grey is work who became like family; but
shes still work, Mr. Grey is my primary protection duty, and hes as always our boss. I
dont know how Ana worked her way in there, he says pointing to his head, but she
did. She also made her way in your heart. Although I fear that you have more affection
for Mr. Grey than I care for you to reserve for any other man.
Oh Jason! Mr. Grey is a good man. He needed a family and we were the closest things
here before Mrs. G. But, how right you are Jason of your assessment about how fond I
am of Ana. Theres going to be a little baby around the house! Im very excited! And
pregnancy makes her positively glow! I say clapping my hands like a giggling school
Speaking of which, some fucker leaked the news of her pregnancy to the Seattle Nooz,
and the paparazzi were lined up both outside of Escala and at SIP. When Sawyer took
Mrs. Grey to work this morning fucking paparazzi was short of attacking Mrs. Grey!
They were swarming around the SUV at the SIP parking lot. The security is still inept. I
will have to get there and inspect the security. Sawyer, for once didnt take any chances,
and brought her right back home.
Oh dear! You know Ana is stubborn. Im sure she wasnt happy to be brought back
Thats putting it very lightly. But, Mr. Grey was very specific after her kidnapping. We
dont leave anything to chance. If he finds out who leaked the news, someones ass is
going to be canned or hell give him a taste of his own medicine. He was furious!
More so than he normally is?

Touch. But yes. You didnt see him when Ana told him she was leaving him when
we landed to Seattle. I always have a pretty good idea of someones character, and
initially thought Ive misjudged her after he said she was leaving. Young, gorgeous wife
of a fucked up billionaire sex god who was with him only a few months and she just
announced she was pregnant and shes in the bank withdrawing a few million dollars
of his money. You know, you get ideas. Of course, seeing this seemingly indestructible
man crumple into a million pieces without a single shot, and just with a few words even
muddled my thoughts at the time. In my own defense, you gotta remember that Ive
never seen a man destroyed over a woman as irreparably as Mr. Grey did and never felt
as bad for anyone as I did for him, then. I know hes a fucked up, arrogant, rich young
man on the surface, aaaaand of course hes all those things but you learn a thing or a
hundred about someone when you work with him 24/7 for four years.
But, I knew I wasnt wrong about Anas character. Something was amiss there. My
mind was running a thousand miles an hour. Why would she only take just a few
million dollars? Why not take him to the cleaners? It just didnt add up. I know how Mr.
Grey is the most intense man I ever worked with; hes one of a kind. I worked with all
kinds of assholes, but he isnt one. I got to know the man better than the parents who
raised him, or his siblings who grew up with him. Theyve known the symptoms of his
disease, but never the disease. I think he deserves a chance and hes almost human with
Ana. So, naturally even I was panicking. He would be completely destroyed is she
really left him. Well, you know the rest of the story. That day was a big learning
experience for all of us. More than that, I realized that if none of us was given a chance
to mend our ways, whats the point of living?
In a way I thought about us. Ive been to combat more times than I care to think about.
Ive seen my buddies get killed. They were so unidentifiable, even the mothers who
gave birth to them wouldnt recognize them in their final state. When you live with
someone 24/7, watch their back; keep each other alive, the bonds forged are
indescribable. But, being in love is whole different ball game, Jason says looking at me
with his gaze softening. Id be destroyed too if you kicked me out of your life, baby.
Mr. Grey was destroyed. If anybody wants to fuck him over, theyll get his wife to
destroy him and rip him to shreds. I know that he found his purpose in life with her.
Thats why I drilled in both Sawyer and Ryan and anyone else we hire as security that
Mrs. Grey is top priority not to mention shes carrying a baby. If we perceive an
imminent danger, shes taken to a predetermined a safe location; in this case the
location was home.

I pull myself back up on the sofa and nuzzle into my mans broad chest. He smells
heavenly; masculine, just a bare hint of his perfume.
Jason, do you think it was the Rodriguez boy who leaked the pregnancy news?
Nooo, says Jason sure of his assessment. He wouldnt do that. Not his style. Though
hes a coward for not approaching Ana when she was available. The boy is head over
heels for her, too. The idiot seems to get courage when hes drunk. He tried to take
advantage of Ana when she was drunk too, or when the girl of his dreams marries a
possessive billionaire and the stupid boy learns that shes pregnant, thats the moment
he decides to declare his love for her again in front of total strangers! The fucker is all
left foot when it comes to declaring his love, all at the wrong place and at the wrong
Well, Ana is a beautiful woman. Beautiful men or women can be intimidating before
people can muster up courage to say anything.
True darling but, Ana has been unaware of her beauty until Mr. Grey made it
abundantly clear to her. He found a beautiful girl, a diamond in the rough and turned
her into an irresistible woman. With that territory comes the jackals.
You dont see that boy as a jackal do you?
No, just a poor sap in love with another mans wife. I wouldnt like it if someone
declared love for you. Youre my woman! Mr. Grey had been very tolerant of him.
Either he too is growing up, or hes keeping his rivals even closer, or both.
You wouldnt be tolerant of someone if they expressed interest in me? I tease.
Baby, Ive made it clear to everyone in the security team the second they step foot
through the door. Youre off limits. The only exception to that had been Stephen the
pilot, but theres nothing I can do about it, because hes not under my command.
Oh, Jason. I only went out with him once and that was 4 years ago. Hes not for me!
You are!
I dont want to know what you did on that one date that made him focused on you for
four years.
He was into me, been a total gentleman, but I just didnt feel the chemistry.

Jason snorts in response. Hes feeling all kinds of chemistry towards you! he says
almost accusing.
Sweetheart, its cute that youre jealous of me, but I dont feel the same way toward
Stephen. He should have had quite a few women since I told him I couldnt see him
again. And Im marrying you.
Damn right, you are! he says, and tilts my head up just the right angle and kisses me
deeply, leaving me breathless.
God, Gail! Youre a spectacular woman. Where the hell have you been all my life?
Is this your line to get me into your bed? If so, youre wasting your breath because you
already have me. Flattery Im afraid wont get you any further.
Corner of Jasons mouth lifts up in a sexy smile. Dont be so sure about that, baby. Ive
got the night off. Im going to ravish the hell out of you.
The gentlemanly words every woman likes to hear from her man I tease.
Well, come on future Mrs. Taylor. The sooner I take you to my bed, the sooner you can
be fucked and sated. We cater to all tastes.
Since you put it so nicely Mr. Taylor I say as I try to stand up which is a hard task
when Jason is keeping me down, wrapped in his arms. The invitation on the dining
table catches my eye.
Dont forget to give that invitation to Mr. Grey, baby.
Cmon! Dont dampen my mood, baby.
Theres nothing wrong with your mood Jason Taylor! Were going to live with them in
the big house as two families. This is the best time for you to start learning when you
clock out, you too can learn to relax. Honestly, you both have to learn to be less wound
up. Mr. Grey is Anas job, but you Jason are mine. Tomorrow, invitation. Okay,
Yes, maam! Jason says saluting me, and all of a sudden he scoops me up completely
surprising me, and takes me to our bed in big strides with the patience of a young
groom who is about to have his bride for the first time.

November 1st 2011


The sound of the percolator is music to my ears in the morning. My apartment

generally smells like Starbucks with the best fresh ground coffee in Seattle. But, I had to
run to work again earlier and I am now standing before the best coffee machine money
can buy in the Grey House top floor kitchen. The whole place smells heavenly; I close
my eyes and inhale the scent. I owe my 5:30 a.m. trip to work to Mr. Grey again. He
didnt come to work yesterday. Well, let me rephrase that: He came with Taylor ready
to go to a meeting only to get a phone call from the hottie Sawyer and abruptly
departed the company. Since hes wife had been kidnapped and hospitalized, he has
taken off more days then he had in the last 4 years, 8 months 11 days I worked for him
as his assistant. Come to think of think, he hasnt even taken a sick day off. As I grab a
coffee mug from the cabinet I rack my brain. No, he never took any days off. The man
lived and breathed Grey Enterprises Incorporated. He still does, but Mrs. Anastasia
Grey now occupies the #1 spot of his affection.
Only a few short months ago the girl in Wal-Mart clothing walked though those doors
shy and completely intimidated but when she walked back in again through the same
doors as the wife of Mr. Grey she looked spectacular inside and out. I cant look at my
own sex as a lovers scrutiny, but I can judge a beauty. I guess this is the modern
version of Cinderella. Even the cheap clothing couldnt disguise Anastasia Steeles
beauty. I have to go to a facial therapy once a week, and buy $800 worth of beauty
products once a month from Neiman Marcus to achieve a flawless skin. I would bet that
Anastasia Steele had never been to a facial until she went beneath Mr. Grey in his bed. I
find myself standing before the cabinet with the mug in my hand. I walk back to the
super percolator and pour myself a cup of coffee. Close my eyes just inhaling the scent
of it. I finally walk to the diet creamer. Ugh! I have to keep my shape, and hate putting
these diet creamers and non-sugar supplements. Cancer in a neatly filled single dose
packages. I sigh and walk back to a table to sit and enjoy the coffee before everyone else
came to work.
Where was I? Oh yes My unreasonably good looking boss. Had I not had the training
Ive had, and researched about my future boss, I would have ogled him when I came for
an interview. Well, I got my chance to see him on the fifth interview. Only the very top
candidates are hired and the final interview is given by him. It took all my effort to not
to stare at him. Its hard to imagine a drop dead gorgeous man as an inanimate object.
But I imagined him as the talking statue of David, and bam, my brain accepted that
argument. I managed to get my job. I knew he was straight. These rich men rarely get
married especially as young as Christian Grey. They have number of preapproved

vaginas or penises to utilize whichever way they swing their bat. Yet a girl dressed in
Wal-Mart clothes captured his heart. I shake my head. Listen to yourself! Are you
jealous? my inner consciousness chides me. Maybe just a little. God, Mrs. Grey looked
like a polished diamond when she came in here last month. Positively glowing and very
sexy. The rumor around was always that Mr. Grey was gay, but I knew it differently.
Ive sent quite a few NDAs over to Mr. Grey in the past years. I had my suspicions. You
cant be a super assistant if you dont know your boss well. You have to understand his
or her needs before he utters them. Otherwise youre out the door, and dont you think
you are irreplaceable. Its like sticking your finger into the water. The second you pull
that finger out, the water fills the space as if its never been in it. Thats the nature of
these high-power assistant jobs. Theyre coveted, in demand, pays a ton of money,
consumes your life, the hours are not always definite; yet in the end, youre one of the
many talented candidates who would give his or her right arm for the position. I
managed to buy my apartment instead of renting it for instance. Mr. Grey is very
generous with the salary and the bonuses he pays. But, in return hes very demanding.
Doesnt tolerate inefficiency, incompetence and boy can he get angry!
Good morning Ice Queen! Why are you so early?
I spew my coffee all over my tablet.
Jesus Christ! Geek! Why are you sneaking up on me? I scowl as I grab a paper towel
to clean my tablets screen.
I said hi, but you were so deep in thought, you didnt hear me.
No, I didnt have my first cup of coffee. I usually dont wake up until I have that, I
mutter. Why am I being nice to him?
Youve been living and breathing at GEH for the last two months. Whenever I come to
work, here you are. How does your boyfriend handle the competition?
I give him a sideways glare.
Yeah! A boyfriend! Currently my career is more important than devoting time to a
single individual.
Well, thats what I say when I look for an excuse, he says as he pours coffee.
Unlike you, I have lots of men asking me out!

You got me there Icy. I dont have lots of men asking me out. And even if they did, I
wouldnt go, he says grinning.
Stop calling me that, Geek! I scowl. He could be cute. If he lost those glasses and got
contacts, mussed up his hair, a couple of changes to his outfit, he could look like Ian
Somerhalder. I inwardly groan. Not having a man in my bed getting to me ready to
jump Barney Sullivans bones.

I may stop calling you that at the first sign you may just be nice to me, he says
grinning. He has perfectly aligned white teeth. I shake my head.
Just take your coffee or quietly drink it. I have to organize for work today, I say.
Ill sit. Thanks for offering, he says and sits across from me.
Whats the deal with the new intern?
Why is there a new intern? What happened to Olivia?
Its the internship program. Theyre about 4 months long. Either the intern applies for
a permanent position, or moves on to search other endeavors.
Shes not hired by GEH?

I dont think so, I reply.

I dont know. Maybe she wasnt qualified, and the training wasnt enough to get her
Maybe her teacher wasnt great, he says casually.
My head snaps up. Got something to say, Geek?
Merely making an observation ice queen, he smiles. Hes enjoying this.
Only the 20 to 30 percent of interns get hired by GEH. You know the policy. Only the
best gets to work in the company in the long term.
I know, Im just yanking your chain, he says as he takes a sip. I shake my head and
open my Google alerts on Mr. and Mrs. Grey. I have to know the news about them,
what is approved by our public relations and what is fake and what is leaked.
The alerts are two pages long. Just from overnight? I hold my mug and take a sip. I
return the first page and open the first link as I take another sip. I spew my coffee all
over my tablet again and choke on the sip that went down my throat.
Jesus Christ, Andrea! shouts Barney as he jumps to his feet to pat on my back. Once I
stop coughing, he grabs couple of pieces of paper towel and wordlessly cleans my
tablet. Why hadnt I noticed the news yesterday? Oh, right, because the boss wasnt
working, and I had to cover all the appointments, reschedule, and worked nearly a
double shift.
Barney looks up from my cleaned tablet noticing the news. This says Mrs. Grey is
pregnant. That bothered you?
No dumbass! Thats either false news, or leaked news! That means damage control.
Cant you see the paparazzi hounding Mrs. Grey in the picture while Sawyer is trying
to get her back to her vehicle with the help of the SIP security? Guess how mad the boss
will be when he sees the news? Hell, hes probably furious already! Thats why he
didnt come to work yesterday!
In defense of the paparazzi, Mrs. Grey is a hottie! If she was butt ugly, no one would
be chasing her. Everyones been talking about her in the company since she visited last
month, Barney whistles.

Yeah, say that in front of your boss, and watch him can your ass, stupid! I shake my
head. Sometimes men only think with their dick! I check my watch. Its 6:30 a.m.
Janelyn will be here at 8:00. PR would be contacting to release some sort of information.
We can be mum for a little while, or deny it. Ill have to ask Mr. Grey, and that would
not be the easiest thing to ask. Shit! Will he come to work today? He didnt say he
wasnt coming today. Oh my God! Now the frigging paparazzi and magazines will be
on the baby-bump watch! Poor girl will eat one too many tacos, and bam! Shell be
plastered all over Enquirer marking her 5 months pregnant! I dont envy the people
who are constantly on the radar.
Are you still mad at me for my remark? Look Im sorry. I meant to say that Mrs. Grey
is a beautiful woman.
Im not mad at you, you idiot! This happened yesterday morning! You know how boss
is jumpy when it comes to his wife. The paparazzi were hounding her yesterday. She
didnt ask for this. There were quite a few of these paparazzi attacks since she got
engaged to him. But worsened after she was kidnapped. Its got to be traumatizing for
her, and that will make him mad, and guess who works with him when hes mad?
Sorry Andrea! Wouldnt wanna be you right now! Well, Ill be in the server room. I
gotta reboot some of the servers! and he takes off with his coffee mug in his hand.
My Blackberry quietly rings. Oh shit! Its the PR already.
Hi Andrea! This is Jason from the PR. Im sure youve seen the news. Listen, People
magazine is calling for an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Grey about the pregnancy which
is to say its not the only one in the list but this is on top of our recommendations
because this interview could quiet down the paparazzi a little while. My boss is
recommending this interview if Mr. and Mrs. Grey feeling up to it. Could you get back
to me on that?
Yes. I will talk to Mr. Grey about it after he gets to work today.
Itd be a great help to sate the peoples hunger. Weve been getting tons of calls from
magazines since Mrs. Greys kidnapping, even from movie studios wanting to turn the
story into a movie.
Mr. Grey is very reserved and private, I dont think this would be an option for him, I
say and hear an incoming call. I look at the screen.
You should inform him anyway because, he says but I cut him off.

Wait wait. Tell me that later, I got an incoming call. Ill get back to you today. Bye! I
hang up. Clearing my throat, I straighten my back and press the green button to switch
Good morning Mr. Grey.
Andrea. Get a hold of the PR. The fucking paparazzi have already set camp around
Escala and SIP.
Mr. Grey doesnt even tell me what the paparazzi camping around his apartment or his
wifes workplace for. He expects me to know it and I do.
Im already on it sir. As a matter of fact, I was just on the phone with the PR. Jason
from the PR said that the paparazzi and magazines have been calling constantly.
Theyre recommending an interview with the People magazine to quiet all the others
down. Mr. Grey groans loudly on the phone.
I have to talk to my wife about it. Ill let PR know of my decision later. For the time
being, they keep quiet.
Yes, Mr. Grey. Is there anything else I can help you with sir?

Thatll be all, Andrea, he says and hangs up. To the point as always. No extra word
Janelyn walks into the kitchen ready to work.
Good morning, youre early, I say.
But not as early as you are, she replies cheerfully. I thought you might need help this
morning after yesterdays load of work. I figured you might come early, so I came early,
I just might like her. Shes not skittish like Olivia; she works hard, and does as shes told
without getting jumpy.
Alright! We got a mountain of work to tackle. Pour yourself some coffee and follow
me, I say picking up my tablet and mug.


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone
deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

The fucking paparazzi! Anastasia was all shaken yesterday. Shes too shy to be around
reporters and the hounding paparazzi scare the shit out of her! I run my fingers

through my hair in exasperation. Taylor is waiting, no, rather bristling with nervous
edgy energy outside my door.
Taylor! I shout.
Yes, sir, he says coming in.
Whats up? Bad news?
No, no he murmurs. Hes holding something inside his hand.
Someone sent a courier? A message? What is it man? Whats the problem? I ask
Its nothing. It can wait, he says. I frown and extend my hand. He reluctantly places
something into my palm. Its a lightly scented thick envelope with my and Anastasias
name elegantly written on it. I open it, and pull out the invitation to Gail and Taylors
wedding. My face softens.
This is an invitation. Do you want us to come to your wedding? I ask surprised, my
voice a little hoarse. Ana told me that my staff was fond of me, but I thought she was
just being kind. I clear my throat. This is welcome news considering all the shit weve
been through yesterday and the scare Ana had gone through. I will up her security and
she isnt going to like it. I lift my eyes up from the invitation. Taylor looks indecisive.
Look Taylor. Uhm, wed love to come of course and thank you and Gail for the
invitation. But, I know women. If, I say and search his face, if, Gail put you up to it,
Ill relieve you the obligation of inviting us. I can always have a business meeting or
some prearranged deal if you want to be free of your boss on your wedding day.
Taylor blinks, and his eyes dart right and left as if hes surprised to find a boss who can
be understanding. Im not getting that soft. Taylor is my right hand man. I have to
relieve him of pressure on the most important day of his life so when he comes back,
hes recharged, and less nervous. He shifts on his feet looking at me.
He clears his throat. Well, the thing is Mr. Grey; I guess I dont mind you coming. Id
rather not have her caddy sister. But shes coming. Thats the only sister she has. Ive
got no family except my daughter. Guess, Gail had this silly notion that my job is my
family too, so, in a way, Im married to my job, so that makes you and Mrs. Grey family.
Oddly enough, he mutters. This is the most hes spoken in personal terms. Taylor, like
me is a man of few words when it comes to family. Avuncular, Anastasia said about

Taylor. We all have adopted families, but I think in the end we have created something
else here unexpectedly. Its all Anas doing. Guess my staff does care about me. I clear
my throat. I think a change of pace will make Anastasia happy. Give her something to
think about other than the paparazzi. Kate and Elliots wedding is months away and
thats about the same time as the junior is due. This will be something shell be happy
Well, I think Ana would love to see you and Gail wed. She sees you, I dont want to
tell him like an uncle. Taylor isnt old. She sees you and Gail part of the family. Hell, in
just a few months, you and Mrs. Taylor will be living right above our garage. If its all
the same to you, well remain low-key on your wedding. That way our women can be
happy. They say the wedding is for the women anyway.
Yes, they say that he murmurs.
So, November 12th then? I ask.
Yes, sir.
Congratulations. Andrea should send you the account information that was set up for
your expense account.
You dont have to do that Mr. Grey, he says.
Well, its the least I can do. Because of your foresight, we were able to save Mrs. Grey
and our baby. You earned it, I say and he just nods in response somberly.
By the way, have the paparazzi gone from Escala or the SIP?
Neither, unfortunately. Theyll keep camping until theres a confirmation of some sort
and then theyll go on a baby bump watch, he says. I frown.
Shit! I was afraid of that. Lets workout first, and Ill decide how to deal with their
asses. By the way, whatever happened to the freelance reporter we sent to camping to
the Canadian Rockies?
Rescued by the Mounties after a month of enjoying the nature. Weve left his supplies
of course, but enough to let him respect his betters. Hes left with a warning. Were
keeping an eye on him from time to time. My special ops buddies need something fun
to do time to time, he grins.
Lets go workout.

***** *****

When we return from workout its nearly 7:30 a.m. Gail is fixing breakfast in the
Are you ready for breakfast sir? she asks.
Not quite yet Gail. Is Mrs. Grey up?
No she didnt come out yet, she responds. When I walk back into our bedroom,
Anastasias hair spread out on the pillow, some tendrils covering her cheeks. Her arms
stretched out onto our pillow. The sheet is just below her breast exposing her,
immediately making me hard. She has goose bumps on her breasts and her nipples are
puckered with the slight air circulation caused by the fan. She shifts in bed, and rolling
onto my side of the bed. She pulls my pillow into her embrace absently. I watch her
mesmerized. Lovely, doesnt even describe it. I take two quiet steps towards our bed.
After leaving the invitation on the side table, I continue watching her. Anastasias eyes
slowly flutter open.
Hi, she says in a groggy voice.
Hi baby. How are you feeling?
Good. Did you just workout? she asks slowly rolling onto her back. That exposes her
right breast. I inhale sharply.
Did you just workout? she asks again, inhaling my scent.
Yes, I did, I reply my eyes focused on her chest. She licks her bottom lip and bites it.

Dont bite your lip. I just had a workout, and it didnt even dull the edginess in me.
Youll make me jump you, and Im too sweaty and dusty right now. I was in the ring.
Would it turn you off, she asks slowly, if I told you that I find you sexy when you
are glistening with workout sweat?
Sweat turns you on?
You turn me on husband I think the sight of you the first day I slept in your bed,
when you walked in after your workout was insanely sexy, like it is now.
Mrs. Grey, are you seducing me? She's got me by the balls.
I've got you Under my Skin - Katharine McPhee

I hope so, youre the only man in the room, she says with a lascivious grin.
A deep primal, guttural sound makes its way through my throat. Her morning sickness
had been touch and go this month. And shes not talking about work right now. I shrug
my t-shirt off, and toss it in a heap on the floor. Then hooking my thumbs under my
waistband I shrug my sweatpants and boxers off. Anastasia visibly swallows and
slowly rises up in sitting position, the sheet sliding off her body and the curve of her
growing breasts partially covered with her cascading hair gives a heavenly sight. I place
a knee on the bed and pull her against me. My body is firm and damp with sweat. Her
soft curves perfectly fit into my hard muscles. My cock is hard and heavy against the
folds of her sex. Anastasia moves her body to feel me more. She shivers and her body is
now totally awake and alive with singular purpose.
I need you to hold on to me tight, baby, I whisper in a husky voice.

Yesss she moans, holding onto my body like a life raft. Rotating my hips, I move
my cock and slide into her hungry sex until the slick lips of her sex kiss the base of my
cock. Her legs wrap around my torso, her heels digging into my ass in an effort to urge
my cock deeper inside her. Anastasia arches her back as she rises over my cock,
thrusting her breasts to my lips. I capture one nipple, and the cooled, perked up peak is
welcomed into the warm wetness of my mouth. I begin to move against her, upwards,
driving urgently into her sex. Our hips are in synchronized. When I pump into her hard
and hot, she descends onto my erection, embracing it like a tight fist, and pulling me
into the depths of her sex. My balls tighten and slap against her anus every time,
making her moan.

Ana, Im going to go deeper baby! I moan, Ill push you against the wall, and drill
into you hard and fast!
Yes! Please! she groans. I place Anastasias back against the wall just as the right level
to bury in her deep. I pull back and thrust into her hard.

Again! she shouts as her arms wrap around my torso, her nails digging into my back.
The heavy weight of my cock thick and pulsating, claims her from inside. Anastasia is
writing before me, her nails are clawing my back and she tries to move her body in her
quest to get to her precipice.
My skin turns completely hot beneath her hands, and our collective breaths are heaving
from our lungs. My movements are rapid, hard and feverish between her inviting
thighs. Anastasia moves one hand to my chest and her nails dig into my nipple. She
twists it with her thumb and forefinger making me thicker inside her. I groan her name
ready to lose control.
Come on baby! Give it up for me! I cry out, my body tense, rigid, and steel hard
against her lush now sweaty curves. Her sex tightens, fisting me inside tighter, pulling
me further, keeping me longer in the depths of her sex in a rush to climax and milk me.
Her legs hug me tighter, her heels dig in harder, and she shouts out, Christian! My
burning pleasure is released inside her in pulsing jets thick and hard. The mixed moans
of each others names are swallowed when I claim her lips in fevered passion, lust and
admiration of my wife.
Anastasia I whisper her name in a satisfied voice, as I close my eyes on a ragged
breath. I place my forehead over hers and inhale the arousing smell of sex, her
intoxicating, evocative scent of femininity mixed with my personal scent of masculine
spiciness and the faint traces of my cologne creating something that is uniquely ours.

What are you doing to me, baby? You turn me on with one glance and unman me
She holds onto me tighter.
Thank you, she whispers.
For what?
For taking care of my needs, watching over us, making me a priority in your life for
loving me, she whispers.
Im your husband. Its what I do, I say as I ease her off my cock. She winces.
Are you okay? I ask concerned. Did I hurt you?
No. Im not made of glass Christian. Im okay, she smiles reassuringly.
Come. Lets take a shower, I tug her with me to the bathroom.
Yes, I need to get ready for work, she says making me stop at my tracks.
After what happened yesterday?
Im not having morning sickness, she says. I arch my eyebrows.
Not as bad, Christian. Ive been doing better in the last week. Dr. Greene said half a
day would be fine, remember?
Dr. Greene didnt see you get ambushed by the paparazzi either. So much so that
Sawyer had to get back up from the SIP security to get you back into the SUV. I head
us back into the bathroom again. Without releasing her hand, I turn the shower on.
I have a proposal, I say.
What kind of proposal? she asks narrowing her eyes.
I dont want the paparazzi keep hounding you until your pregnancy is officially
disclosed. Youve entered into the second trimester. My PR is recommending to a sit
down interview with the People magazine.
Dont you think that just three months is too early for that?

I actually dont know the protocol for pregnancy disclosure interview but I dont want
some fucker to corner you and scare the hell out of you trying to picture your baby
bump or put you and Sawyer in a car chase. They have caused accidents in the past,
and Im not willing to have you to become an addition to the victims of paparazzi.
Christian, I dont know if its necessary she stars.
Ana, you promised! For the babys safety, you promised! If anything happened to you
or both of you, Id go insane! I understand that we have nothing to show a magazine so
far. No babys room or anything like that. Maybe a press release and some professional
pictures of both of us would suffice. That way we have the control of what is put in, and
what is said. But, since you saved my sister, youve become an idol for a lot of people,
and they want to get to know you, I say cringing.
You want to get the babys room ready? she asks starry eyes. Leave it to Ana
to deduce that conclusion out of everything I said.
Well, no, not today. But if its something you wish to look at, I can certainly schedule
time to go with you. I tug her into the shower.
Oh, I thought you wanted to go, do shopping.
Ana, Im telling you that theres going to be more people, more reporters, paparazzi
chasing you. So far, weve been able to keep them somewhat contained, I say and turn
her back to me. Squeezing some shampoo into my palms, I lather her hair and massage
her scalp.
Im going to up your security. One more person will be added to your detail. She
It restricts me Christian. I need room to breathe. Its very annoying when I have a
woman tagging along when I go to pee in the bathroom, and you know I cant even pee
when youre there! she sighs.
But its better to have your personal protection in the bathroom than a crazy paparazzi
hiding in the next stall. It comes with the territory for us baby. This is part of our lives. I
need to know that you both are safe. I cant function if I have it in the back of my mind
that theres a lapse in your security when it is easy for me to correct it. Were not under
the radar baby. Were going to be on it in the long haul. This is why I like protecting our
privacy. We may never be off the radar. Youre a drop dead gorgeous woman, and Ive

been told Im good looking by my wife. We have money; we have a life style other
people only dream about. There will always be people who are interested in us.
How long will I have two security guards? I like Sawyer, but someone else she
cringes. I later my hands with body wash and start washing her shoulders, going down
to her sides. My hands stay across her belly, my fingers splaying over it. Her breath
Its for the blip. Sawyer for you, and the other security for the blip.

Fine! she mutters. My soapy hands move up to her aching breasts and cup the heavy
Good girl I whisper. She raises her arms and wraps them around my neck while
pushing her breasts into my palms, effectively cutting our conversation. She tilts her
head sideways, making it easy for my head to dip and kiss her at the right angle.

***** *****

I put my crisp white shirt on, Anastasia buttons them for me. I pull my boxers and
Anastasia chooses my charcoal gray suit. I put the pants on and zip it up. She holds the
jacket for me. She already has her white lace panties and bra. She decides on flowy skirt
and curve hugging blouse. Then she sits at the edge of the bed and puts her heels on.
Her hair is put behind one ear but the other side is freely falling onto her chest. So
fucking hot!

She then notices the envelope I brought into the bedroom and left on the dresser.
Whats this? she asks turning it over and sees both our names.
An invitation to Taylor and Gails wedding.
She gives me a genuine grin. Oh! Im so happy for them. They now have date! When
she looks up to me, her eyes are bright.

Were invited? Really?

Yes, we are. Well be a little low key considering how dedicated Taylor is to his job.
Well pay for their wedding and honeymoon as a gift from both of us and the blip, I
Husband, she says getting up holding me. You are the kindest, most generous man I
Theyve been with me for a long time, and Taylor has just done so much to save you
both. I owe him this much.
Im actually looking forward to it! she says giggling. Lets go have breakfast. Im
Yes, maam! Who am I to argue when all her appetites are in full gear? We aim to
***** *****

I walk my wife to the door of the SIP while Ryan and Sawyer are pushing the reporters
Mrs. Grey! Is it true that youre 3 months pregnant? ask a female reporter.
Is it a honeymoon baby? shouts another reporter.
Mr. Grey, were you two married because of Mrs. Greys pregnancy? Was this a
shotgun wedding? Its a male reporter.
Anastasias face is horrified with the gossip thats brewing.
Mrs. Grey, some reports say that youre more than 3 months pregnant! That would put
the pregnancy prior to your wedding. Did you plan to get pregnant with Mr. Greys
baby? The insinuation is all there.
Back-off asshole! Sawyer pushes him and his microphone away from Anas vicinity.
Christian, what are they saying? whispers Anastasia terrified. Her eyes are wide,
scared. Her face says it all without words: Ill never have a normal life again.
Mrs. Grey, were you involved in your sister-in-laws kidnapping? My head snaps up,
and I can tear that fucker to pieces. I find Taylor at my elbow. SIP security comes to aid.

This is a private property. This is your one and only warning to get off the property or
we will do it with the police escort for trespassing and harassment of an SIP employee,
shouts Roach. The sirens are already heard around the corner. The first sight I see is
Detective Clark with several uniformed officers.
You heard the man. This is a private property. Your freedom of press does not give
you the right to harass a young woman; neither does it give you the right to trespass a
private companys property. You can all spend the night in jail, or you can leave
peacefully. The crowd disperses with murmurs and grunts.
Mrs. Grey! Ryan from Seattle Celebrity News! We have information that led us believe
that you are in fact involved in your sister in-laws kidnapping personally. Two people
you worked with were in it up to their eyeballs. How involved were you in planning
the kidnapping of Miss Mia Grey? Why did you go along with one of the kidnappers?
Why did you run away from your own bodyguard? Mrs. Grey! Was your boss Jack
Hyde your lover?
Shut the fuck up! Sawyer shouts shoving the reporter into a uniformed officer. Are
you going to stand there let this bastard harass a good woman and slander her name?
The uniformed officer twists the reporters arm and places the handcuffs. Im bristling
with uncontrollable anger. In one hand my wife is distressed; in the other hand some
fucker is threatening my wife with his accusations!
The truth will come out! he shouts.
Thats right, the truth! And you wouldnt know it if it bit you in the ass, fucking
bastard! I hiss crushing three strategically placed fingers under his throat with the
minimum amount of effort. The reporter goes red in the face.
Taylor jerks his head to Sawyer wordlessly, and he backs away from me.
Mr. Grey. Please! Dont just stand there! Clark shouts at his uniformed officers. Take
this jerk away and book him! I apologize Mrs. Grey, Mr. Grey. I heard what they said.
They wont be able to come onto the parking lot or the premises tomorrow, or you or
the company security can call 911 for help.
Anastasia stands at the threshold of SIP; shaken and silent. She looks as though
someone just slapped her, baffled that the truth can be twisted so easily; ones agony
becoming someone elses entertainment in a cheap magazine. For the first time since
Ive met her, I see Anastasia indecisive and reluctant to walk into the SIP, or walk at all

in any direction. Stopped in the middle of life, and lost her way. Gone is the cheery,
lusty wife I had this morning. These fuckers just stole her joy.
Yes, I would love my wife to be home, and safe. I would love her to be waiting for me
when I got there, but in a dark corner of my head I know that it would slowly but
surely give her resentments and dim her spark that I fell in love with; I dont want my
wife to lose the fight in her. Not for me and definitely not because of some fucking
Workday, Ana! Ill walk you to your desk, I whisper, letting her know that Im with
Maybe I should stay home today she whispers.
When you fall off the bike, do you walk back home, or get back on it? I ask, opening
the door leading her in, ignoring everyone else.
Good morning Ana! shouts the cheerful African-American receptionist.
Hi Ana! jumps up her assistant. Anastasia can only nod at them blankly.
I walk Ana into her office, and I might have closed the door to her assistant Hannahs
Ana, baby, look at me I urge her.
Is that what people really think of me?
Driven to Tears - Sting and Robert Downey Jr.

No! Thats just the fucking paparazzi spreading rumors or try to get a rise out of you.
But I will sue and put their fucking establishment apart piece by fucking piece! Why
does it matter what others think? What I think matters, but not what they think! I jab
my thumb towards the door. She sinks in a chair before her desk.
But, theyre making it sound like our baby is a tool to keep you with me. Who would
be spreading such vicious news? Thats not true at all! Sooner or later someone I know
or care about will think that its true about me, she says as she puts her hand
protectively over her belly.
Ana, if they believe in that shit and not you, then theyre not worthy of your regard.

But, its so easy to believe. Even you thought I was leaving you for money at first, she
Only because it was you who told me she was leaving. I believed you, not the fucking
paparazzi. But, I was an ass. I know better now. You love me, and I sure love you baby!
This is a problem and we are going to resolve it together. Remember, there are so many
celebrities who live through this day to day. Each and every aspect of their lives are
examined by others. Youre famous because youre my wife. But also because youre a
beautiful woman who has done something courageous. Some people will twist it no
matter what. I will do everything in my power to protect you and our baby. Meanwhile,
youve got to work today. Im sure you have tons of things to do. Ill straighten this
problem out today. Maybe we do need to do a sit-down interview with a respectable
magazine to rest the rumors and declare your pregnancy.
Oh, I dont know. Im shaken.
Ana, say lifting her chin up. It will be in our terms, our place, and our story. We get
the questions beforehand. I see them and we approve them together. That way you
have control of the situation. Okay? She nods absently.
Ana, please, youre worrying me. Look at me I plead. Her eyes finally focus and
look at me.
You and me, and this blip inside you. Nothing and no one else matters. Dont; dont
surrender the control of your emotions to these fuckers. To me, yes. To someone else,
no! She takes a shuddering breath.
Im trying. Its just that, Ive never been accused of something so vile, so vicious, and
so publicly when I nearly died and lost our baby in the process to save Mia. How could
anyone think that I had anything to do with it?
You are letting others take control over your emotions by letting these thoughts get
into your head. The correct process goes through our method of refuting these
accusations; because we know the truth. We will get it out at our time, in our terms.
What you need to do is to regain your self-control.
How? I cant live in a bubble away from the society, Christian.
Sometimes they are necessary as protective layers. We dont have to answer the gossip
columns. You will hear and see things that you will dislike. Thats part of this life.
People are drawn to money. Drawn to beauty. Drawn to status. Because they represent
power. They want that for themselves and some will do anything to get it. So, in order

to reach their goal, they will employ nasty means to destroy the person or damage him
or her. You have to have a thick social skin. You have true friends who love and care
about you. You have me, your husband who is madly in love with you. We have a baby
on the way. We have everything anyone can desire. Why should someone you never
met control your emotions so easily by spreading a few lies? I ask arching my
Because theyre poisonous. Im worried that it might hurt you, or that you might
believe in them.
Ahhh. Now we reach the root of the problem. When I held your cold body in my arms,
my world was shattered. You are my everything. Some fucking stranger will shout a
few words and change what I feel for you? I will rip them apart. I will neverever let
anyone harm you, physically or emotionally. I promise.
Thank you Christian! she says fervently and hugs me tight. I dont know what Id do
without you.
You will never find out, baby. Because, Im the one who cant live without you! Now
back to work. Half day only today.
Okay, she responds.
Sawyer and Ryan will remain here with you. Dont go out for lunch. Theyll bring it in
for you.
I will, she says holding on to me tightly like a woman drowning. My heart clenches.
Whoever is playing this game, and left these fuckers loose, I will make them pay. I kiss
my wife, and leave her at the SIP with a heavy heart.
When we reach the SUV, I turn to Taylor, did you inform Welch?
Yes, sir. I did. Someones spreading rumors around and letting the gossip magazines
do their dirty work for them.
Are your guys keeping an eye on Linc?
Yes, sir. Ill request some reports this afternoon.
Do it faster. And when we get to GEH, get the fucking lawyers online. They want a
head hunt, they got one! Whoever is behind this, hes fucking with the wrong man. My

eyes darken with calculating anger, and determination. My Blackberry buzzes. I pull it
out and check the e-mail.
From: Alex Pella
To: Christian Grey
Date: November 1st, 2011
Time: 9:03 a.m.
Hey Grey!
Rumor has it that you have a child on the way. Congrats to you both! But the real gossip
is that someones trying to muddle the waters for you to disguise something else to go
down. Whatever youre experiencing now is just a simple diversion. I dont know what
that something else is yet. Lips are very tight so far. Keep your loved ones close,
enemies even closer. No names are being mentioned, yet. Expect the schemes to be
complicated. Be on the guard. Ill keep my eyes open and ears close to the ground. Let
you know if I hear anything.
Your friend.
Fuck! Who is behind all this shit?

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has
mastered himself is mightier still.

Lao Tzu

Welch! I want some fucking answers! How did this news leak? I want you to find the
source, and I want you to find who is stirring the pot spreading malicious rumors about
my wife!
Ive already dispatched some of my men to dig around, sir.
How soon can you get back to me?
We can either buy the information from the main source, or exchange information. But
I dont recommend it with the tabloids. It is however best to have a backdoor open for
such cases as these.

No information exchange with the tabloids. My PR is going to set something up with

one of the mainstream magazines.
Yes, sir. But even if the sit down interview, pictures, the whole nine yards is done with
a mainstream magazine, paparazzi will do 'the baby bump watch'. Youre it news, sir.
How so? I guard my privacy jealously!
Mr. Grey, you have been a hard working CEO, young, and for all intents and purposes
unattached and unreachable. When, Mrs. Grey captured your attention, people got
curious. They want to know who this young woman is. Because, youve not been seen
with a woman in public before, the dogs are sniffing around to see what made Mrs.
Grey special for you. I wouldnt be surprised if they went sniffing around her old
workplace, friends, or hangouts, trying to dig a blemish, an ex-boyfriend, or anything in
that nature. Theyre looking for a Cinderella story they can tarnish given the current
events with Hyde, he says and I grit my teeth in rage.
Find out what or who is behind it! Ive also forwarded Pellas message. Its more than
the paparazzi. Something is brewing, and I need you to contact him and find out what
he has heard! All these things couldnt be one big coincidence.
Okay. Ill get in touch with him right away," he says before I hang up.
I run both my hands over my hair. I run all the names in my head that could cause a
problem. The list is led by none other than Roger fucking Lincoln. But he has no way of
knowing of my wifes pregnancy unless he's got someone tailing us or her. Such a leak
would benefit him the most.

The line is brought down by Jose Rodriguez who had a fit and a near nervous
breakdown when he discovered Anastasias pregnancy. He does have a few
connections with the Portland Printz but these were the paparazzi. It couldnt be Elena.
She didnt know about pregnancy. That leaves the family. But none of them would leak
it intentionally.
I pick up my Blackberry again. Scrolling through numbers, I find his. The phone rings
four times before its picked up. His voice is breathy like he just had sex or ran a

Yeah! he answers as he breathes rapidly. Theres no agitation if I distracted anything.

Jose, this is Christian Grey.
He tone cools down several degrees.
Whats up man?
Did you talk to press or anyone about Anastasias pregnancy?
The press? he asks surprised. Of course not. I didnt talk to anyone after I had an
earful from my dad and Ray all the way home! he says snorting.
Are you sure? I press on. There were only a few people who knew of her pregnancy
and youre the one person who flipped about it!

Look man! Im sorry. I feel horrible in fact dreadful about it! Ana hasnt been taking
my calls since that day. Do you think Id go and rat on her to a newspaper further
ensuring the demise of our friendship? he asks angrily. Shes my friend! Ive been
trying to get her to forgive me, he says in a low voice. I messed up and let shit get
through my head. Now, I cant take it back! I fucked up then. Id never betray her like
that. But, why are you asking me if I talked the press about her? he asks genuinely.
Because shes been ambushed by the paparazzi at her place of work who were less
than kind to her.
What? he bellows. I hear a loud noise, and something shattering. Oh, fuck! a pained
groaning declaration comes after. Im sorry that she got ambushed! I would never ever
cause anything like that to her. I hope it wasnt anything related to the scene I caused at
the hospital. Oh man! Please tell me it isnt the reason! he rapid fires, completely
anxious now. I dont want to comfort him, but I am also convinced now that he has not
caused this, at least not intentionally.
I dont think it was anything related to the hospital incident. Okay... I exhale a deep
breath. If I find out that you have leaked anything to the press about her pregnancy or
talk to the press about my wife, I will get to you, and you will pay for it! I hiss.
Thats fair enough. But, I didnt, I would never, ever do that to her. How could you
even think Id do such a thing to hurt her? he utters sounding wounded with my
The fact is Jose, you not only hurt her, but you embarrassed her in front of her
physician, hospital security, my security personnel, your father and her father! You
questioned Ana about her pregnancy as if she was a 14 year old girl knocked up by the
first boy she ever saw! Anastasia is a married woman! Who the hell do you think you
are to question MY wife about her pregnancy with our baby? If I want to knock my wife
up, I dont ask anyones permission. That is between MY wife and me! How dare you
question her as if you have a claim on her? How dare anybody? But this isnt even your
first offense. You took her candid pictures and put them in an art gallery for others to
ogle her and purchase her pictures like she was a commodity!
But, youre the one who purchased them and told me you loved the pictures! he
Thats not the point. The point is that you have done that all without her permission.
No matter how innocuous you may think of your behavior is, when you do something

to her without her permission, you hurt her! You even tried force yourself onto her by
trying to kiss her without her permission!
Please, just tell me shes okay! he says in a hoarse voice.
Well, Jose, she is NOT okay! She was terrified!
Is she home?
No. Shes working.
Im sorry. I really am. Anas my friend he stars saying, but I cut him off.
I dont have time to ease your mind, or comfort your conscience! I am trying to protect
my wife! So, make sure you dont pull shit like you did at the hospital, or talk about her
to someone, or do anything that is remotely hurtful to her! If you ever contribute to her
misery, I will beat the shit out of you! I hiss before hanging up hang up. Yet I feel more
confused than ever. Im completely convinced that the miserable fucker didnt have
anything to do with todays paparazzi attack. Who the hell is after my wife and why?
But I know that my wife is not the object of the attack; Im the object and shes the
means to get to me.
When we arrive at the Grey House a tall order of business to conduct is waiting for me.
Andrea follows me into my office with her usual bristling efficiency.
Wheres, uhm... I hold my forehead between Janelyn, I ask. I hope I dont have
another incompetent intern like Olivia.
Shes seating your next group of appointment in the meeting room. Shell be tending
them with their drinks until you get to the meeting room, sir.
Who do we have?
European buyers, sir. Its a company called Unlimited Luxury. They have several
orders put in and your meeting with them is on the schedule within the next thirty
minutes. Ros will be in the meeting room within a few minutes. Theyd like to speak to
you about getting custom made yachts on regular basis for their existing clients in
various European countries. They have said that there are only three companies in the
world that can handle this kind of request and GEH is on the top of the list because of
our strong safety track.
Of course I knew about the Unlimited Luxury. Its an up and coming company with a
very large bank account serving the worlds wealthiest when it comes to private jets,

yachts, or ultra-luxury vehicles. They like to be the main distributor in Europe and they
have ambitions of expanding into Asia. This can be a profitable business venture if the
price is right.
Before going to the meeting, I e-mail Anastasia:
From: Christian Grey
To: Anastasia Grey
Date: November 1st, 2011
Time: 9:37 a.m.
Hi wife,
How are you feeling? I miss you. I wish I could take away all the hurt and pain you felt
this morning.
No, this still doesnt say what I want to convey to her How do I express that shes
the center of my universe that what hurts her, hurts me more? I want to take everything
that made her miserable away from her and simply make her happy. And the desire to
punish those who inflicted this pain is gnawing at my soul.
Let me try again
I love you. Its that simple, really.

I love you so desperately; my feelings leave me at your mercy. I love you with all that I
am, that anything that hurts you angers me, and fills me with such ferocious rage that
Im ready to take on anything that makes you upset, let alone miserable. I love your
spark. I love your witty comments. I love your smart mouth. I love your intensity; I love
your will to fight to be yourself. I love that you love me, that you love our baby inside
you. You are my universe. At this point, I am simply a man who is madly in love with
his wife. Whatever, whoever is outside and trying to hurt us dont matter. Others dont
matter. I am big, bad and powerful enough to make that go away. Trust me. Trust that I
love you. Trust that I will protect you and our baby. Trust that theres nothing, no one
more important than you and our child you are carrying. I will protect both of you.
Im no longer the same fucked up man when youve met me. Im still fucked up in
many ways, but you make me whole; you forced me out of my dark corner I refused to
come out. You and you alone have given me reason to change. You make me want to be
a better man. You gave me hope in the future; I have fallen in love with

you unexpectedly, quickly and desperately, Ana. Id continue to love you even if you
didnt love me. Because, my love for you doesnt have a prerequisite; its not
conditional. But knowing that you do that you love me makes me try harder to be
deserving of your regard. You, Anastasia Rose Grey, are mine. My wife!
And its my promise to you that I will make this go away.
Christian Grey
Madly in love CEO, Grey Enterprises Holding Inc.
I get up to go to my meeting; my mind is still occupied with my wife. My fucking
Blackberry is running out of charge. I put it in Andreas care to get it charged.
Andrea, if my wife calls, shes to be put through immediately no matter how busy I
am. Just get me. Remind Janelyn as well, I command.
Of course, sir. Its your standing order. Ill remind Janelyn momentarily.
As I walk through the door, I tell Andrea to bring my laptop in. If Anastasia e-mails me
back, I need to have access to my e-mails during meeting.
Seeing her distraught like that today, leaving her at work and not bringing her back
with me goes against every cell in my body. But, I cant let her lose her spunk. I have to
teach my wife how to be in charge of her surroundings even if her entire being wants to
scream and run away. I have been an enigma, a well-kept secret before. My wife who is
even more enigmatic than I, unknown to all only a few months ago is insanely hot and
pregnant. She obtained a confirmed a bachelor, a man who some thought to be gay; the
others who knew of my lifestyle would never dream that I would one day marry. Hell, I
never thought that I could have this; I could love someone so indelibly, so completely.
But now even imagining life without her in the hypothetical is impossible. Naturally,
the existence of such a rare woman in my life becomes an item of news. But, I wish to
keep her away from this unwanted attention especially from the paparazzi.
Therefore, its at utmost importance that she can reach me any moment she needs me.
My phone is out of charge and I need to be in a meeting for potentially a lucrative
business deal. Taylor opens the door for me to enter. Ros is there and so is Warren. She
looks like a young innocent woman, but thats the downfall of the most business
people when it comes underestimating her. She can make the devil wear his shoes

When I enter the meeting room, Taylor takes his usual spot in the corner, at an
advantage point where he can survey and observe the entire room. Andrea nods at
Janelyn imperceptibly. She puts the last bottled water onto the table in front of one of
the businessman and walks to meet Andrea.
Bonjour Monsieur Grey, greets me the CEO of Unlimited Luxury in his Parisian
Bonjour Monsieur Decoux, I respond with a professional smile as I take his proffered
hand. Avez-vous fait bon voyage? I ask about his trip, though I dont care one bit
whether their trip was pleasant or not. He wouldnt know that from my professional
faade reserved for the business world. The face that says Im uncommonly selfassured, tacitly dominant; the embodiment of the master and commander of all I
survey. Not surprisingly, people respond to that in a submissive manner. The only
exclusion to that would be other alpha males where I always declare my dominance
above all. There can only be one alpha. Otherwise, we do not stay in the same place for
a long time. Its a matter of territory. And this is my turf.
After the reintroductions, we discuss the business plan with the French businessmen
and woman. Theyre eager to do business with the GEH, because we simply build the
best and the safest ships.
Nearly two hours into the meeting, I still have not received a response from Anastasia
to my e-mail. The thought of it distracts me and I have to pay extra attention to follow
the meeting outline.
Finally an answering e-mail arrives. My eyes immediately drift to my laptop and I
move the mouse to open it immediately, effectively concealing my anxiety. I snap open
my bottle of water and draw a sip. After reading Anastasias greeting, I take another sip
to appear busy and listening to the French businessmens proposal. Decoux starts
making his closing remarks. My mind is only half grasping what hes saying. I do
however catch his joke on making a poor sales pitch because he failed to fully read my
face as to what exactly I thought of his proposal and made a joke about blaming it on
his ancestors who didnt wish to become the unfortunate recipient of drogeance, or in
other words loss of nobility due to commercial and manual activities which rendered
the future generations with the lack of such skills also making a reference of his noble
I assure you Monsieur Decoux, Im favoring your proposal, and we will give our full
diligence in examining it and return to you with a counter proposal that will be
beneficial for both parties involved. My response makes Decoux smile and he

continues with his closing remarks. I turn back to my wifes e-mail as I take another sip
of the water.
From: Anastasia Grey
To: Christian Grey
Date: November 1st, 2011
Time: 11:48 a.m.
What a lovely message to get from my man, the love of my life. You have NO
IDEA what your message did to me, how it elated me like a life preserve, how it lifted
me up. Thank you!
It amazes me that you can be so romantic, so articulate in expressing your love.
Knowing that you didnt do the love thing in the past, I am beyond ecstatic to be the
first, one and only recipient of your affection. That tells me you are mine in every way
possible, just as Im yours.
After you pushed me to face work today, I have to admit I was simply on auto pilot and
had given all my attention to my waiting projects, reading and annotating manuscripts
to keep myself so busy that Id forget the mornings incident. Doesnt mean I like the
paparazzi any better at this moment, but you, husband, you made me feel immensely
better. By the time we had the editors meeting, I was feeling somewhat like myself. But
it was your message, the declaration of your love that lifted me up. I only read it a few
minutes ago, because I made sure I was busy throughout the morning. Now I wish I
had seen it earlier. Seeing your tender words made me miss you. Really miss you...
Thank you for loving me so much. Thank you for making me, making us feel safe.
On another positive note which I know will make you happy, I feel ravenously hungry.
Sawyer had gotten me a turkey sandwich, Greek salad then a croissant with cream
cheese and hot Twinnings tea. Im ashamed to say that I ate them all about an hour ago
and just got hungry again. Im also happy to report that I feel no morning sickness so
far (of course, Ill be crossing my fingers after I hit send).
I want to tell you that I too love you passionately, desperately, sometimes with such a
shocking intensity that the aching craving I feel for you is completely indecent, vulgar,
licentious, obscenely lustful and unbelievably voracious and it only got worse after you
knocked me up I mean since becoming pregnant. I desired all those things before
getting pregnant but this craving is getting unbelievable! Here I am, a 22 years old
woman with a job as an editor at a respectable publishing company and Im unable to

concentrate on a simple task like reading a lovely manuscript. But, instead I find myself
just thinking about my husbands hands on my body and his cock inside me! I should
still be upset from this morning and yet Im lusting after my husband to distraction
I find the magnitude of my love and desire amplified many folds. I dont think its just
the pregnancy hormones kicking in. Its you! You are my addiction. Pregnancy just
made me a little bolder. I never thought love such as this would be possible. It used to
scare me and in some ways it still does. But our love also became my lifeline. Im
endlessly happy that you, Christian Grey are my husband, all mine to have and to hold,
to love, and to have you fuck me on the wooden crosses, and to spank me until you
make me come screaming your name, and to be kissed by you everywhere while my
hands are cuffed, and to play with you in the Red Room of Pain (pleeeease?) and to
make love most evening and to cherish forever and ever. You are my soul. Youre
everything to me. I love you!
PS: Note that Im emailing from my Blackberry and not the SIP e-mail. See I can be
amenable occasionally.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!! Not only did I get a huge erection unexpectedly, lustfully at a very
inopportune time, in the middle the God damned meeting, and with a roomful of
businessmen who traveled from Paris to work out a brand new business deal, but I,
Christian Grey just choked on my bottled water drawing everyones attention to me.
Curious and some concerned gazes are all trained on me.
Monsieur Decoux, you are not only a shrewd businessman but also very entertaining
with your witty comments. It must be a trait of the charming French men of nobility.
However, Ros says patting my back lightly with her hand twice, Mr. Grey is very
susceptible to French humor having lived in Paris in the past. Just dont drown my boss
with your wittiness. We still need him here, she says smoothly with a delightful smile,
drawing a hearty laughter around the table. Then remembering I dislike touch she
asks, Are you okay there Mr. Grey?
Yes, I say coughing again, smiling for their benefit. The meeting is nearly over, but I
find myself in a state of arousal, and a huge hard on in the middle of my fucking
business meeting rather awkwardly, incommodiously, and plainly. This has not
happened to me, ever. Not like this! Im always in control of my body.
Just as Alain Decoux and his senior management officers ready themselves to wrap up
the meeting and leave, I turn to them and to give my cock sometime to be tamed and

distract my mind, I quickly think a random question to ask. Somehow, Anastasias email found the emergency bypass of my brain and seized the control of my fucking
Monsieur Decoux, now that we nearly wrapped up our meeting, I wanted to ask you
your opinion on a French production. Ive heard a lot of good things about the movie
Intouchables. Its supposed to be coming out tomorrow here in the U.S. Ive read the
book, of course. Since you have aristocracy in your lineage, I wondered if you read the
book and whether youd seen the previews of the movie.

Hes a little confused, but answers my segue.

I dont believe I have, Monsieur Grey. Is there a particular reason for your interest in
the movie? Forgive me; I dont know the full context of the book or the movie. Ive
heard of it, but havent had the chance to read the book.
Well, I was intending to take my wife to see it during the International Film Festival. I
wanted to get someones opinion firsthand. Most times movies cant do justice to the
Decouxs right hand woman clears her throat.
If I may interject, Monsieur Grey. Ive read the book and Ive seen the movie during a
special screening only last week, says Julianne Durant with a barely concealed
admiration. Shes a well groomed, well-spoken, well-educated aristocratic woman who
is in her early 30s. Tall, slender, blonde, holding her own, but still has a long way to fill
the Manolo Blahnik heels shes wearing and to be Ros caliber.
And your thoughts on it? I ask feigning interest.
I completely recommend it.
Why? I ask as Ros looks at me with such curiosity as if shes trying to solve a difficult
Its beyond a stuffy disabled French royalty meeting an African immigrant, a potential
cheeky caregiver who was trying to cheat the system by being rejected for the open
position so he can collect his welfare check. They are two people who couldnt be any
different in social or racial backgrounds, yet, theyre what they need for each other.

Ones blood is as blue as it gets, and the other as common as its humanly possible. Yet,
how you say it in America? Its what the doctor recommended.
I didnt know you had a literary side Julianne, says Decoux with peaked interest.
My blood is as blue as yours Monsieur Decoux. Graduating from Sorbonne and later
Cambridge made me appreciate great literature, but, there are other reasons why I
particularly enjoyed this book as well as the movie at the private screening, she says
articulately. The main character is quite wealthy. He owns all the luxuries of life, stuffy
like the old school blue bloods, but also is in possession of fast cars, private jets, yachts,
even a chateau, but, alas, hes unable to enjoy the refinements of life because hes
paralyzed. The underprivileged character finally makes the wealthy Philippe realize
what he has and shows him how to relish his possessions and enjoy life once again.
Anything that will make people appreciate finer things in life, luxuries we are offering
Europe and Asia at large is a welcome sight for me and good for business, she says
smiling as if to show me she can be a shrewd businesswoman.
I see Taylor on my peripheral vision discreetly looking at his Blackberry reading a text
and frowning. Why is he frowning? Did Welch contact him? Or is it about Anastasia? If
she had called me, Andrea knows she needs to bring my phone to me. She emailed me
only half an hour ago. Did she get sick? Oh shit! Shes probably sick again. My gaze
turns serious and I look at Taylor questioning eyes.
He approaches the desk and leans down and whispers in a seemingly discreet voice but
he knows to be only loud enough for others to hear.
Excuse me, sir. Apologies for interrupting your meeting. We have a minor emergency
that requires your attention at your earliest convenience, he says in a taciturn face.
I look at him questioningly; intensity of my inquiring gaze scans his face for any sign of
an emergency. When we lock eyes, I know immediately that this is somehow about
Anastasia. The moment I confirm that theres something going on about my wife, I feel
anxiety and concern rise inside me. But on the outside, I don the predator look. With ice
cold shards covering my gaze, I stand up with the ease and agility of the animal grace.
Turning to the group of French businessmen, I pass my apologies, ready to make my
Ladies, gentlemen, I say buttoning my jacket, it appears that a CEOs job is never
done. My colleagues Ms. Bailey and Mr. Warren will help you finalize the document
while I tend an urgent matter that is requiring my attention presently. Monsieur
Decoux, its a pleasure to do business with you. We will reschedule a final meeting after

we review the documents youve presented. And merci beaucoup Mademoiselle

Durant for the movie recommendation, and I nod to the rest of them as the
businessmen stand up in response to my hasty goodbye. I quickly accept Decouxs
proffered hand, and ordering Ros to take over with my gaze, I leave the meeting room.
As soon as Taylor closes the door behind us, I turn to him and ask, What the hell is
That was Sawyer texting. It appears he called your cell phone, but the new intern said
you were in the meeting, and did not put you through. What the hell?
Ill deal with her later! Why was he texting?
Mr. Jose Rodriguez showed up at SIP and apparently Mrs. Grey knew of his arrival.
She went to lunch with him. Sawyers text said that he was apologizing the entire time
and at first Mrs. Grey was reluctant to go to lunch but he insisted so he could ask for
her forgiveness.
Where the fuck was the bastard? I thought he was in Portland!
No, apparently when you called him today, he was in Seattle. He felt bad about what
happened to Mrs. Grey and came to her work groveling and apologizing, he repeats.
Shit! I alerted the bastard of my wifes distress and drove him all the way to my wife!
Did I forget to tell him my wife is off limits to him?
Yes, sir. But theyre not far. Sawyer drove them to a small Mexican restaurant off the
beaten path.
I walk towards my office and stop in front of the reception area. Both Andrea and
Janelyn jump up to their feet. I extend my hand for my phone. Ignoring Janelyn
completely I turn to Andrea.
Why wasnt I informed of Sawyers call? I ask.
Andreas face looks surprised, and then her mouth drops open understanding what
Janelyn had or rather hadn't done. She closes mouth and opens again.
Im so sorry Mr. Grey. I wasnt aware that Sawyer called. I would have immediately
brought the phone to you.

Im sorry Mr. Grey, Janelyn replies chagrined. I was under the impression that only
Mrs. Greys phone calls were to be put through, and I took messages for the other calls.
Did I do something wrong, sir?
Yes! You did! Sawyer is my wifes bodyguard and you know it! You did not let him
speak to me!
I apologize, Mr. Grey. I I was trying to go by the book and Im sorry, she says
finally when she sees my growing rage.
Dont. Ever. Interrupt. Me! I will deal with tomorrow, I say in a low voice. Too low to
be mistaken with anything but malice. Janelyn turns puce and is ready to cry.
Lets go! I order Taylor. As we enter into the elevator, I check my Blackberry. There
are two text messages from Anastasia.
*Christian, Jose is here to apologize. He wants to go lunch with me to make amends. I
will go and hear him out. I want to give him a chance instead of making assumptions
about what he did. After this morning, I realized that I dont want others to make
assumptions about me. I should be kind and reciprocate in the same way.*
The next message came 10 minutes after the first.
*Either youre busy or youre okay with me going to lunch with Jose. We will be at Tia
Rosas. Sawyer is driving us. Ill call you when I get back to SIP*
What the hell is my wife thinking? Jose! Going out with Jose! And what the hell is Jose
doing? Didnt I berate him just this morning about paparazzi hounding my wife? What
does he do? He goes and finds my wife to get himself forgiven knowing full well that a
simple picture no matter how innocent can be misconstrued. Im writhing in anger.
When the Ground Level dings open I take the lead with rapid steps and Taylor walks
briskly to catch up with me.
Mr. Grey? he asks.
What! I snap.
Sawyer is on the phone, sir.
Where the hell are you? I hiss.
At a small Mexican restaurant called Tia Rosa, just off the main street. Mrs. Grey is
safe, the restaurant isnt busy.

Whats she doing? I ask as Taylor opens the door of the SUV. He closes the door after
I enter.
She ordered seafood tacos and chimichanga. Shes sitting with her arms crossed,
leaning back in her seat, listening to Mr. Rodriguez speak to her, he responds.
Sitting back her arms crossed is good. That means shes closed to him whatever hes
trying to say, or however hes trying to impress her.
Why didnt you insist on talking to me?
Mr. Grey, I only had a few minutes because I first was going to prevent Mr. Rodriguez
from seeing Mrs. Grey after the hospital incident per the briefing we had. But then Mrs.
Grey came out and said she was expecting Mr. Rodriguez, and I should bring him in
when he comes to SIP. He was already waiting at the reception area by then. Based on
his behavior last time, I was unsure how he was going to behave and wanted to prevent
him causing another scene. But, Mrs. Grey said all was well, and she would inform you
of his visit. I wanted to follow protocol and inform you regardless. When the new intern
said you were in an important meeting, I didnt want to disturb you. However, Taylor
had insisted that he is to be informed about every unscheduled trip, or unexpected
visitor, so I texted him. I couldnt talk because I had to go in to Mrs. Greys office with
Mr. Rodriguez, and when he went back to the reception to wait for Mrs. Grey while she
gathered her things, I barely had the time I did to quickly make a call to you and when I
couldnt reach you, Mrs. Grey was already out and ready to be driven. So, I
immediately texted Taylor.
Were there any paparazzi when you left?
No, sir. The police took care of them all this morning and Welchs men have been
patrolling the radius of the SIP to stop any paparazzi that the cops may have missed.
One of Welchs men already followed us to the restaurant. Hes scanning the area just in
Well be there in a few minutes.
Yes, sir. Mrs. Grey is sitting at a booth close to the back patio. Follow the main corridor
of the dining area and take a right, please.
Whats Mr. Rodriguezs demeanor like? Angry, anxious, confrontational, mean, loud?
I ask.

Pleading. He seems to be begging. Hes talking in a low voice but speaking rapidly.
And he looks like he could cry if Mrs. Grey said once terse word. Just wiped his right
eye with the back of his hand, Sawyer says as if hes giving a play by play report.
Hes playing on Anas soft and forgiving side. He should have thought about this
before he started his shouting match at the hospital over my wifes pregnancy.
Unplanned, I admit it, but that is none of his damned business. My wife doesnt have to
explain jack shit to this asshole!
Were right around the corner. Well see you soon, I say and hang up. Taylor makes a
quick right to the restaurant parking lot. If any paparazzi are here, itd be like were all
meeting for lunch. I enter the restaurant and Taylor follows me. The host looks up and
she swallows.
How many people sir? she asks.
Im meeting my party here. Just one. She looks at Taylor confused, but doesnt say
anything. She then shuffles and drops the menus, muttering an apology under her
breath. Then, picking up a menu, she steals a quick glance in my direction then leads
the way. I locate my wife, and in the same instance she feels my presence. Pinning her
with my gaze, I walk towards their booth. Shes still sitting back but her arms are no
longer crossed, and Jose is leaning forward, his elbows on the table, his hands are
reaching towards Anas direction in an unconsciously pleading gesture. His gaze
follows Anas eyes, and when he locates me he stiffens. My eyes focus on his arms
reaching towards my wife. Tilting my head to the side, I raise my eyebrows with a
reticent face. My gaze is cold, shards of ice. In slow but assured steps, with a presence
declaring my dominance, I reach the booth theyre occupying.
Hello, I say in a low questioning voice.
Christian! Ana replies in a breathy voice. Her eyes scan me with a little awe, a little
intimidation and barely disguised ravenous hunger. There is also a tinge of irritation.
She narrows her eyes, questioning me what Im doing here. Jose immediately leans back
and pulls his arms away from the direction of my wife. He first looks like a berated
teenager. I nail him to his seat. Then turning back to my errant wife, Mrs. Grey, I say
both emphasizing and declaring my possession of her.
What are you doing here? Anastasia asks, her voice breathy.
I heard that their fish tacos were great. You know me and good food. Of course, good
food in the company of my wife, coupled with her earlier e-mail telling me

how hungry she was, I say with a seductive voice, I wanted to make sure Id
satisfy all her hungers.
The hostess turns red, flustered, Jose looks like he swallowed a nasty bug, and
Anastasia first blinks, then her mouth opens. She wants to say something, but too
shocked to say it. She closes her mouth then opens it again. She is both appalled, turned
on and blushing all at the same time. I turn back to the hostess with a dazzling smile.
I dont need the menu. Fish tacos and bottled water please. Thank you, I say and
unable to say a word back to me, the hostess nods, and hastily retreats muttering, holly
shit! Muy caliente! Hot! Hot! Hot!
Jose, I nod with a cold gaze.
I slide into the booth with grace next to my wife.
Hi baby, I whisper locking my gaze with hers. She instinctively moves closer to me
even though I can feel her agitation with me. I lean in, asking for her permission to kiss
with my eyes. She reaches up, and I capture her lips with mine, kissing her possessively
like theres no tomorrow. She blushes crimson, left breathless when Im through with
her. Shes unable to look at her friend in the eye.

Hi. I gather you got my text, she murmurs.

Of course. I would have come sooner, but I was otherwise engaged.
Engaged? she asks narrowing her eyes. Is that jealousy? I like her jealous of me. My
wife declaring her possession of me in front of other men is simply hot and a huge turn

Yes. French businessmen and woman. I had a meeting.

French businesswomen?
Businesswoman. Singular. The rest were businessmen. Of course after receiving your
e-mail, I was too distracted to focus on the task at hand.
We were just having some Mexican food and clearing the air about you know.
So, I gathered, I say with an impassive face again.
I didnt know you were in town Jose, I accuse him.
I am for another day. I have to go back to school though, he adds hastily. Since I was
in town already, I wanted to talk to Ana and apologize to her once again. Nothing is
worth destroying my friendship with her. I just wanted her to know that Im always her
friend no matter what, and she can always count on me. Although I had not been a
good friend as I should have been, maybe shell give me a chance to make amends, he
says with double meaning. Hes basically telling me that hed be waiting in the wings
should I screw up with her, my child and all.
Isnt that very considerate of you? Ana does need good, loyal, selfless friends who are
interested in nothing but her well-being. I wouldnt want anything upsetting my wife
especially in her condition as an expectant mother, I mutter in a flat tone to Jose with
unblinking eyes.
How do you feel today, baby? I turn and ask Anastasia in an overly solicitous voice.
Good. No morning sickness so far, she says crossing her fingers on both hands. Just
very hungry, she adds. I look at her barely touched plate.
You have not eaten much. Is there a reason why your appetite is suppressed? I ask.
Nooo, she says putting her napkin on the table hastily. I feel the rising tension on the
Hows your father Jose? I ask changing topics. Has he gotten better since the
He takes a big gulp of breath as if he just came on the surface from the depths of the

Yes, hes much better. Still has physical therapy, but he can do some of the fun
activities he used to enjoy. My dad, Ray and I were watching the Mariners play at
Safeco Field just recently.
Ray was well enough to go to the stadium? I ask. I dont know why it irritates me Jose
spends time with Anas step-father.
They do have access for disabled, but yes, he was well enough, Jose replies finally
taking a bite of his untouched enchilada.
A different waitress brings my fish tacos, and bottled water.
Thank you, I say with a smile, and she whimpers batting her eyelashes.
Youre welcome, sir, she replies in a breathy voice. Anastasia narrows her eyes on the
waitress who scuttles away as she meets Anastasias forbidding gaze after the waitress
submissive response.
Why dont you get us the check? Anastasia asks the waitress.
You havent eaten yet and neither have I, I accuse.
I will by the time she brings it. Ill take the rest with me to work.
Youre still going back to work? I ask incredulous.
Yes, Im only out for lunch. I have a mountain of work to get through.
Jose eyes us curiously.
Can I persuade you to come home with me? I ask.
Anastasias eyes dart to Jose as she blushes to her hairline.
I still have four more hours to go, Christian. And since I feel well today, I think I ought
to get through some of it, she murmurs.
The waitress comes back with the check, and I take a $100 bill and tuck it into the check
before she places it on the table.
Keep the change, I mutter with a smile.
I was going to get it, Christian, Jose says petulantly.

Its alright. Your moneys no good here, I respond. Im not going to let another man
pay for my wifes meal. Then turning back to Anastasia, I ask, would you like to come
to GEH with me then?
Anastasia sighs. Christian, I have too much work to do. Too many manuscripts to read
and annotate, summarize and gist.
We can stop by and get your work, and you can take it with you. Come with me, I
whisper in a low voice with nothing but a devilish seduction. She immediately knows
my intent.
Can I talk to you privately? she asks in a whisper.
Yes, of course, I say, and stand up. Extending my hand, I help Anastasia up.
Well be back in a minute, Jose, she briefly smiles, and he frowns, tossing his napkin
onto the table. His nostrils flare, but theres not a damn thing he can do about it.
Anastasia walks back towards the patio. There are no patrons sitting there, and the
lunch crowd is only sitting inside.
As soon as the door springs back and closes, Anastasia turns to me. Taylor is guarding
the door on the other side.
Why are you doing this Christian? she asks frowning.
You know why, I say in a low voice.
No, I dont! Enlighten me, please. Is it because the paparazzi were accusing me of
disloyalty to you? If it is
Stop talking! I growl, leaning down to her lips. Were only a whisper away from each
other. I can feel Anastasias heartbeats.
I dont give a shit about what anyone says let alone some sleazy paparazzi. I never
have. What I care about, is you. The person I wish to protect is you, and the person
youre carrying inside your womb. You and this little one, I say splaying my right
hand on her belly and my left hand caresses the small of her back, are mine. Both of
you. I will do everything in my power to protect you both. Watch over you I was
worried today when I heard that Jose came to you. Because he came right after I called
him today, I say.
What? You called him? Why did you call him?

I called him because you were ambushed this morning by the paparazzi and only few
people knew of your pregnancy, and only one of those people had a fit after hearing
that you were with child, I murmur.
I wanted to make sure that he wasnt out to hurt you.
Hes my friend, he wouldnt do that! she retorts.
Be that as it may Ana He has a track record that says otherwise. Im not about to let
that list grow at your expense.
What track record?
Where shall I begin? Pushing his suit on to you, not to mention his tongue when I
came to rescue you from your drunken stupor. Taking your candid pictures without
your permission and then putting them on an art exhibit for other people to purchase.
Making accusatory remarks that you were marrying me for my money she narrows
her eyes with my last remark.
How did you know that?
I heard him talk to you. Even if it was laced with a joke, thats what he was thinking.
My final straw was when he embarrassed you in front of your doctor and the hospital
staff, accusing you of getting knocked up! I have had all I can take of Jose.
He wanted to apologize, and make amends.
Thats fine; he has done that. But the friendship requires two way respect. He has not
respected your decisions, or choices, because theyre not to his favor. Thats not the
behavior of someone who cares for his friend.
Christian she exhales long. Are you doing this because youre jealous?
Its partly that, I confess. But that is not the primary reason.
What is the reason Christian? she asks. Cant I just have lunch with an old friend?
Baby, if Jose was just an old friend who wished to have lunch with you, Id not have a
hard time. Well," I amend, "My old self would. What Jose is doing, or attempting to do
is to fight for your affection.
What? Thats ridiculous! He knows Im a married woman! she retorts.

Oh, yes, he knows that very well, but baby, hes still fighting for you, for your regard.
Nooo she says incredulous.
I know you dont see yourself as other men see you. But, Ana, I whisper into her lips,
any man would fight for you. Youre beautiful, sweet, intelligent, sassy, smart mouth;
you're simply a delectable specimen of a woman. I intend to keep fighting for your
regard and attention. Youre my wife, and I am but a mortal man who is deeply, madly,
irrevocably in love with his wife.
Truly, Deeply, Madly - Savage Garden

Oh, Christian, she breathes as I slowly walk her back to the wall and trap her between
in the confinement of my body and the wall as my arms keep her in my captivity.

Come home with me I whisper. I have been hard since Ive read your e-mail
quite publicly and unexpectedly I might add. You alone have the power to make me
lose control.

Ive not been myself all day, but I think you were right this morning. I need to gain
control at work and learn to handle criticism, or at least not care about it so I can be
myself the rest of the time. But, I am tempted to go home knowing I should get back to
work. Youre not making it easy, Christian, she whispers.
Baby, you constantly tempt me, and since receiving your e-mail today I have been a
cocked gun, aroused, and hungry for your touch.
As the last word leaves my lips, Anastasia places her hands against my chest and
presses me backward. Her hands travel under my jacket encircling my waist, reaching
up my back. My eyes darken; my breath hisses through my teeth. My cock throbbing
and aching to be inside her, inside the wet warmth of her luscious lips.
Compromise Let me finish my work day today. I promise you can fulfill all that I
asked in my e-mail.
Topping from the bottom again, Mrs. Grey? I murmur pressing against her.
Like you would surrender the control over to me, Mr. Grey, she whispers carnally.
You have no idea what Id let you do, baby. Id do just about anything for you. And
right now I have this overwhelming need to fuck you. Make love to you till you scream
my name, and get you so sated that you wont remember the name of anything male for
some time!
Anastasias lips part and she swallows hard. There is immense desire in her gaze
mingled with other emotions: love, lust, tenderness and primitive satisfaction of a
woman who knows she got her man by the balls.

Counter offer You work two hours and I pick you up at 3:00 p.m. I murmur
nipping and sucking her lower lip.
She groans.
Four oclock.
3:30, I whisper pressing into her.
Deal! she responds her blood heated.
Now, lets say goodbye to your friend, and Ill take you back to SIP before I decide to
take you in the nearest private space, I say holding my wifes hand and tugging her
behind me.
Jose is unable to make eye-contact with Ana as she thanks him for making amends with
her and says her goodbye. When he manages to look up at her he whispers:
You really are happy, Ana?
Yes, Jose. Im insanely happy with my husband, she says squeezing my hand as her
other hand absently and protectively travels to her belly.
Then Im happy for you. But, he says lowering his voice, whenever youre not, Im
there for you. Im your friend, he says leaving his unsaid words of how he wishes he
was more.
Thank you. You are my friend, the brother I never had. I wish to see you happy with
someone who cares for you and loves you the way you deserve to be loved, Anastasia
says to him. Then lowers her voice, but, Im not that person. I am a married woman in
love with her husband. Madly in love then she takes a step away from me and
holding Jose on his elbow she walks a few steps away from me. I wish that for you, for
your life. Not someone who cant love you the way you love her. There will never be
someone else for me. Ever. Theres only Christian. There will only be Christian. I cant
love anyone else like I love him. Hes my husband, hes my life, and hes my entire
Hes controlling, Jose whispers under his breath.
Hes mine, and Im his. I dont want him any other way. I love him with all his flaws,
with all his fuckedupness, with his controlling demeanor. I love him not because who
he is, but for what I am when Im with him. I am whole, complete, happy and I am my
best version because of him. We complete each other. Please understand that. If you

want a friend, Im your friend, Im your sister. That will never change and I hope thats
enough. If you want something more, know that I can never be that for you or for
anyone else. It will always be Christian for me.
I know, but he starts in a low murmur.
Before you say anything further, Jose, I want you think hard about what you wish to
say to me, please. I wish to keep you as my friend, but anytime you think of me as
something more, I will cease my contact with you despite the fact I love you and value
our friendship, Jose. And dont ever question my husbands love or regard for me. Its
not your place to do so. Hes my man and mine alone! she says, her voice a fervent
whisper. The minute you stop respecting my relationship with my husband, I will not
stop him from whatever measures he wants to take, in order to know that youre not
infringing into his territory. As much as Christian Grey is mine, Im also his.
Im his pregnant wife and not an available single girl. Show us the respect for our
relationship so that we can reciprocate you in kind. Do you understand my reticence?
You say that you value my friendship but your behavior says otherwise. Youre forcing
my hand into cutting my friendship with you, however reluctantly, but its your own
doing Jose opens his mouth to say something but Anastasia holds her finger.
This is your chance to tell me once that the friendship I offer you is enough, or you will
silence it for good.
Your friendship is enough, Ana. It has to be.
I have been proud of my wife before, but at this moment, Anastasia taking charge of her
friend and setting him straight and putting my mind at ease makes me fall in love with
her all over again. Shed make a damn good dom. Then again, I know shes a switch.
Fuck! I cant wait till this evening!
***** *****

Mr. Grey, can I have a few minutes with you? Ros asks after I get back to GEH.
I have 15 minutes till my next appointment. My office I say and open the door for
She takes a seat in one of the chairs in front of my desk. I round the corner of my desk
and sit. Crossing my left leg over my right knee, I ask, Whats in your mind?
First things first Miss Julianne Durant left this note for you, she says with distaste
as she extends a sealed envelope. Im quite sure its not business related because she

would have given it to me to open. Although I made sure that she knew you are
happily married to a spectacularly beautiful woman. I also want to congratulate you
and Mrs. Grey for the pregnancy news, she says. I arch my eyebrows immediately and
my eyes narrow, pinning her in her seat quizzically.
Hold your britches boss! Im not trying to nose into your private life. We have to keep
up with you through the gossip blogs and magazines so we can effectively defend your
name, sir, and of course against unwanted advances of others, she says meaning
Mademoiselle Durant.
But, I suspect youre not here to babysit my personal affairs.
Good heavens, no, boss! The French deal can be a lucrative one. I like Decoux. I think
Durant can also be a sensible businesswoman though shell still full of her hierarchical,
class shi