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In August 2008, the 22nd AFTA Council Meeting,


the development

mechanisms that will enhance the AFTA Rules of Origin (ROO) and streamline

in line with the objectives

The introduction


of the ASEAN Economic Community

resulted in the initiative towards the adoption of a self-certification

of a self-certification


goods in ASEAN Member States is set to facilitate utilization


(AEC). This

system in ASEAN.

in establishing

the origin of

of the ASEAN Trade in Goods

Agreement (ATIGA). The system eliminates the need to present a Certificate of Origin (CO)
Form D to claim preference under the ATIGA as it allows "Certified Exporters" to self-declare
that their products have satisfied the ASEAN origin criteria by simply affixing a declaration
on the commercial invoice.
There are two pilot projects in implementing


and practical experience of the self-certification

the ASEAN-wide implementation

of the self-certification

system, to acquire

mechanism in preparation


system. The first pilot project is

composed of Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Singapore, while the second pilot project is
composed by the Philippines, Indonesia and Laos PDR.
To implement

the MOU for the Second Pilot Project, Executive Order No. 142 dated

14 October 2013 was approved by the President. Subsequently, CAO No. 06-2013 and CMO
02-2014 was issued by the Bureau of Customs providing for the operational

procedure in

the processing of documents under this system and the guidelines for the accreditation


1. What is Self-Certification?

is a system which enables a Certified

invoice declaration

Exporter to make out in

for the export of goods and declare, by itself, that its products

have satisfied the Rules of Origin (ROO) under the ATIGA by making such declaration
on the commercial invoice.
2. Who are the ASEAN Members ofthe 2nd Pilot Project on Self-Certification?
There are three


under the 2nd Pilot Project on Self-Certification,


Philippines, Indonesia and Laos PDR. However, Thailand and Vietnam have already
signified their intention to accede to the 2nd Pilot Project on Self-Certification.
3. What are the benefits of being accredited as a Certified Exporter?

The benefits of becoming a Certified Exporter of the Bureau of Customs are the
a. Reduces compliances of exporters and administrative cost associated with
Certificate of Origin (COO)application.
b. Facilitate the release of shipments availing of preferential tariff under the
ASEANTrade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA).
4. How does one become a certified exporter?
To become a certified exporter, one has to apply in writing with the Office of the
Deputy Commissioner, Assessment and Operations Coordination Group (AOCG),
attn.: Self Certification Implementation

and Monitoring

Secretariat (SCIMS). The

application shall then be reviewed and deliberated upon by SCIMSif the applicant is
5. What are the requirements to become a Certified Exporter?
The requirements that should be submitted by the applicant exporter together the
letter of application, are the following:
a. Latest income tax returns;
b. Unique Reference Number (URN) for PEZAlocators and BOC-CPRSfor nonPEZAlocators;

Business perrnit/s:

d. SECjDTIregistration, where applicable;

e. List of Authorized signatories which shall not exceed three (3) persons;

An illustration of the manufacturing process; and

g. List of products applied for authorization.

6. Who can be an authorized signatory?
Any officer or employee of the applicant exporter can be an authorized signatory, provided that such
officer, or employee understand or has sufficient knowledge on the Rules of Origin (ROO). The
applicant exporter may nominate and appoint a maximum of three (3) authorized signatories.

7. Are there any fees required in the accreditation of certified exporter?

None, there are no fees required in the accreditation of an exporter except for the
documentary stamp attached in the Certificate of Accreditation to be issued to the
Certified Exporter.
For further details, please contact Mr. Christian R. Tibo at (02)526-6458 or (02)5274476 or email