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The Tasting of Death

Hebrews 2:9 - that He by the Grace of God,Tasted Death, for every man.
Jer. 2:19 - the fruit of their thoughts.
The Bible speaks of a number of unique allegories and though we may say them ever so often
we fail to see the hidden jewels that they possess. In the Bible we have a Tree of Knowledge,
we have a Tree of Life, we have discovered that Men are trees and that our thoughts is our
fruit, as above in Jeremiah 2:19, the Lord tell us that He feeds us the fruit of our thoughts.
Now we realize this is true as we are what we eat because the Word tells us, As a man
thinks in his heart, so he is, so if God feeds us the fruit of our thoughts and we are literally what
we think, then we see for sure that we are what we eat. We see this even in the physical realms
of our bodies and the bodies of humanity, some are heavier than others, some skinnier, you can
see their condition in an overall state by observing their hair and its texture, lines on their face,
the whiteness and health of the teeth and the tone of their skin, their voice, the shades of white
in their eyes, their nails, and just on and on. We have said spiritually speaking the body is a
recorder, and it is, but it is also a manifested state of ones overall being to a large degree with
some exceptions.
Now lets establish a few absolutes. First is that God is in everything and all things were made by
Him. This means as He commanded all things to reproduce and multiply, we find that He
Himself also reproduces and multiplies. The Bible speaks of bringing, Many Sons to
perfection, and that Jesus was the Firstborn of Many Brethren or Sons to come, and we find
in Genesis telling us that God said, Let US go and let US make MAN, into, Our own Image.
The Bible tells us to repent and carry our cross and be baptized and born again, so we find God
within the Body of Jesus, coming and repenting as John baptized unto repentance, then find
God taking that flesh to the Cross, and we find Him dying the death and then be born again in
the sense of His glorious resurrection. God repented a number of times in the Old Testament.
So we find God not asking of us more than He required and asked of Himself. The Word tells us,
As He is, So Are We! The Word says concerning Jesus, that He was made in all ways and
manner, like unto us, so we see He experienced all that we do.
So this leads us to ask some questions. If we are what we eat, then is God what He eats? If we
eat the fruit of our thoughts, then does God eat the Fruit of His Thoughts? Well we surely see
from the above verse of Hebrews 2:9 that He tasted death, and then it says for every man.
Nows lets go back a moment and lets find a place or two where this has happened. In the
Garden of Eden we find Adam, is the Son of God. So we know by this He is God. We find that

Adam is Light and from His side comes the lesser light or Eve. We find Eve partaking of a
Tree in the Garden that produces Knowledge and she reaches and partakes and tastes and
eats this fruit of knowledge. God told Them, In the Day you eat of it, you shall surely die. So
we find this Knowledge is Death. The Word tells us, To be carnally minded, is death. So we
clearly see what Eve partook of was NOT a literal physical Fruit, as an Apple or Orange, This
was a Mind She partook of and this Mind gave her and empowered her with another Mind
another knowledge, and it was Death. We find in her Lesser Light we find darkness and
death. So in one sense we find Eve a lesser light in her flesh and in her heart we now find
darkness, so she is become darkness veiled in a light, a lesser light but still a light, we easily
see this as Satan whom is Darkness and how He transforms Himself into an Angel of Light. Now
She goes and gets her husband Adam to also partake and He does and what this does to Him,
is it causes His flesh to become darkness that has now veiled His inward Light. Because Adam
was God and God is Spirit. Spirit is Light. Eve was but a reflection of light coming from Adam.
We see such a world of difference here as One Adam is Light veiled in darkness, and we
find Two Eve being Darkness veiled in light. Eve was not the Spirit, which means when she
partook it went to her heart, but with Adam only entered His Flesh. Satan cannot come into the
Spirit as that Light would destroy Him, but coming through Eve, we find Him able to dwell in the
presence of that light. A lot could be said here concerning Law and Grace and how Paul spoke
and said, that which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death. and again, there is a way
which seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death. So we see Eve and the
flesh and the serpent and the deceiving of humanity and we see the Law condemning sin in the
Now what we will try to say here has been covered somewhat in previous writings, so we will
skip many things while we also try to bring forth new things. We find that even though preachers
always go back to the beginning, as Genesis means beginning, we find our foundation cannot
rest upon that beginning. Because that is certainly the beginning of something but it is not the
true beginning, if we may call it a beginning at all. What I speak of is The Lamb that was slain
BEFORE the World ever was. Jesus Christ the beginning of the Creation of God. So as
Moses and Samson and Elijah and Joshua and Joseph and others were all typical and symbolic
of things, we find that Adam and Eve was also the same as they were. Most preachers forget
that part. If the Bible is types and allegories as to the many various events of the peoples lives, it
stands to reason Adam and Eves would be also. Adam was not my beginning, Christ was my
beginning. I am from everlasting to everlasting, from eternity to eternity. No beginning and no
So we see already as Adam was God we find as Adam partook from the Tree that this was God
tasting death. As Eve was Adams Wife, Adam was Gods Wife. As Eve was Adams body,
Adam was Gods Body. So if we peer into the proper dimension, we see Eve partaking of the
Fruit of Death, was but a shadow of what The Flesh of God had done. We find the Flesh of God
in Jesus partaking of the Carnal Mind of Man, by becoming their Sin.

Now someone would say Evil did not exist before Adam and Eve and to one extent this is true,
however we have to remember a couple of things, God said after they had ate of the forbidden
fruit, Now they have come as One of us, and know Good and Evil. So their was a knowledge of
good and evil, before they partook. We find the serpent being seen as evil before Adam and Eve
partook. The most important way to see this is that The Lamb was slain, (In The Mind of God),
before the World ever was. We know it was slain for evil and sins and unbelief, BEFORE the
World ever was.
Now stay with me on this, as it gets deeper and a lil bumpy. We find the Spirit of God partaking
of the Flesh of Mary. His Holy Spirit entering Mary as she would conceive by Faith and produce
a Child of Flesh. Mary did not produce a Spirit, but She produced a Flesh Body. Flesh was the
Fruit of Her Womb, God fed her the fruit of her thoughts as He partook of the fruit of her flesh.
We use the sexual connotation simply for the purpose to understand, but there was nothing
sexual about it. It was in purity and holy faith and virtue and love.
Now lets go and see the real picture of what took place. It has been plain in front of us from the
beginning. When Jesus was made the Sin of The World, that was the Beginning and the
Ending of darkness and flesh and sin and death and blood life.
Calvary was Before the World ever was. Remember that. It has NO BEARING as to WHEN it
was manifested, IT was REAL and happened, IN THE MIND OF GOD, long before it was human
For God in Jesus, to transform into the Image of Sin and Death, He would have to Taste of
Death. God became what He ate. He in the Body of Jesus, was eating the Fruit of His
Thoughts. He had become the Darkness, He had become Sin itself. You say yeah that was
2000 years ago, I say No, it was BEFORE the World began. We say Jesus was righteous and
holy and pure and sinless, and He was, His righteousness was God within Him. So You was
Sinful and Evil and Wicked. So we find at Calvary God laid of the Sin of The World on Jesus and
Jesus BECAME Sin and evil and wicked, in Gods Sight. Spirit as to God who was righteous,
now had traded places with you and NOW, He became Flesh, and YOU that was evil and sinful
and flesh, You now became Spirit and righteous and holy. This happened because God partook
of Death, He tasted of Death, He ate from the Tree of Knowledge which was Flesh, and thus,
The Word, which was and is God, Became Flesh.
Now consider this from the point of above where we said Eve was darkness inside and her flesh
was light. This is why the woman is saved through the man and why all mankind was not totally
lost, because Sin had only made it in the Flesh and God came to condemn Sin in the Flesh
which was the Law of Moses. God tasted Death and in doing so, Became Death, as the
darkness of the night is in his locks, His pilgrimage in Hell is His Time of being your flesh and
you being His Spirit. The transformation took place at The Cross. Jesus cried out as the Light

left Him and the Darkness He became. Now this was the real Word becoming Flesh, we say
flesh is one thing, but sinful flesh is altogether different. Now Jesus felt the loneliness and fear
and horror of what a lost soul feels that dies and goes to hell. Man could never take that place
as God protected Him from it by the shed blood of Grace. Because man was innocent like Eve,
as Jesus said, Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
Remember now before the world ever was is the real and the reality of existence, what came
afterwards was the Lie and shadows of deception. Adam and Eve only reflected what was done
in the Mind of God, which right there in Jesus Christ at the Cross. In His Flesh was the Law of
the lesser light that if partake of, we shall die. Yet if He befitted up, and He was, He would draw
all men unto Him. Because all men will do exactly what was done in the Mind of God, because
we all are His Offspring and whether it be unto good or unto evil, we do what we see our Father
do, some do as the heavenly one others as the devilish one. Some in their flesh and carnal mind
desire the flesh of Jesus and this is perversion and death, because they like animals desire His
blood life so that they may live, like blood sucking vampires. His flesh draws all people, because
it is the deceiving charming cunning serpent that draws all men to worship the beast that hung
at Calvary. The Serpent of beast beguiles us and we do eat. Paul speaking of the flesh of Jesus
said, that which was ordained unto life I found to be unto death, and that the law that was in
Jesuss flesh wrought in Him all manner of desire. The serpent and that face prophet which all
goes back to His flesh cause the whole world of carnality to fall down and worship it, worship the
Flesh of Jesus and hold tight to His Blood. His Blood that gave Life to all flesh. Satan lives in
that flesh because of that blood, it is a false prophet. The False Prophet and the Beast cause all
to worship the Anti Christ which is Satan in that blood stream and flesh.
Look around you in the world today. The world is following hard after the flesh, sinful wicked
flesh. that same flesh that Jesus became and shed His Blood for they are living it up in that
exact same flesh. When you are in the flesh you are in the part of Jesus that was made Sin and
Death and you are still eating from His Tree of Knowledge and His Serpent is still beguiling you
and His Beast you follow after. Back to the Cross, for the Cross was the beginning and the end
of sinful flesh. You say prove it. Ok, if Jesus could come and do away with it, then it was only
because He was responsible for it being here. He became sin and flesh and darkness before
the world ever was, so certainly He was the beginning of it. I say to you, SHOW ME
ANYWHERE THAT SIN HAD ITS BEGINNING! You say Adam and Eve, but there was Sin and
death before they ever got here. You say Moses then, No Moses just brought a Law to Magnify
it. You say well ok then it was Calvary, 2000 years ago. No it was Calvary before the World
ever was. Thats the birth place of good and evil and life and death and faith and unbelief. Self,
flesh, beastly carnal desires in you which was in Jesus as He became you, that is the flaming
cherub that keeps you from the Tree of Life, because you refuse to die! If you die to that sinful
flesh by accepting His death and sacrifice for you on your behalf, then you can pass through the
cherubim and enter heaven as a Spirit. It takes Spirit to inherit Spirit.

So we see How the Word became Flesh and How it became Sinful Flesh and as it pertains to
what we call our Mother Eve, we find the Flesh of Jesus is the Mother of us All. We find as
eternal spirits having been born again, we find Sarah or New Jerusalem is the Spiritual Mother
of us all. This is the resurrected body of Jesus Christ. That is my bone and flesh and has always
been. I rode over the tribulation of Calvary and by Faith I was born of the Will of God. Before the
world ever was this was mine already, so before I was ever born this was mine already. I came
to the Knowledge of The Truth of it and accepted and received it into my heart and soul and
being. Many try to daily kill out their flesh and that is good and nothing wrong to it, but there is a
more perfect way. You can by faith count your body as dead already and alive from the dead.
So we see if we are not born again, we are the sinful fleshly body of Jesus and it is under the
penalty of eternal wrath from God upon Sin. As soon as the Blood of innocence is over and they
come to the knowledge of the truth, it will be accounted against them. The blood will lift as it only
atones for the innocent. People today are eating the fleshly law infested carnal sin made flesh of
Jesus Christ or the Tree of Knowledge, never dying to self to partake of the Tree of Life within.
So many dimensions we could bring this out in, but this will suffice for now. We see what
preachers have been telling us, is in many ways not the truth, but they have been feeding us the
illusion and not reality, for you have to reverse it to see the revelational truth. God tasted death in
the flesh of Jesus, the same as you are tasting death while in your flesh or carnal mind.
You can taste and see that the Lord is Gracious. There is honey in the rock for you.
So what Adam did in tasting death from the Tree, we find God tasting death from the Tree.
Remember He said, Man has become as one of us, to know good and evil. God is good, but He
tasted of evil or death to become death, to become sinful flesh. we are all born in sin and
shapes in iniquity because of our first mother, Eve, NO, but the true Eve, Jesus. His Flesh and
from His Side came forth the Children of this World. Adam the Inward Spirit, Eve the Outward
Flesh, God the Inward Adam, The Flesh is Eve. One is darkness covered in Light, One is Light
surround in Darkness. A way that appears right to a man but the end thereof is death.
Patrick Henry Nichols I
July 22 2015
Hilton Head Island SC