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Header==SKF Oil Injection Method

Chapter==Mounting and dismounting instructions
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Prior to mounting the sleeve is heated so that it can be moved along the shaft a
nd make contact with the bearing. When the sleeve has cooled down, oil is inject
ed between the sleeve and the shaft and a force is simultaneously applied to pus
h the sleeve against the bearing. It is recommended that this force be imposed b
y using a hydraulic nut and suitable distance sleeves. When the step area is kno
wn, the force with which the sleeve is pressed against the bearing can be determ
ined by controlling the oil pressure for the hydraulic nut.
When the required tightening force has been obtained, the oil pressure between t
he sleeve and the shaft is released, and thereafter the pressure in the hydrauli
c nut is released. The abutment face of the stepped sleeve should have some radi
al grooves as otherwise an oil film could form between the bearing and the sleev
e, resulting in clearance when the oil pressure is released.
Thin-walled shafts can be subject to a relatively large diametrical deformation
as the contact pressure must be high. Therefore the sleeve for shafts of this ki
nd should be made with a relief closest to the bearing to avoid deformation of t
he bearing seating. The length of the relief should be 15 - 20 % of the shaft di
<oiminlineimg img="24_030100_2.gif" text="Mounting of stepped sleeve" /oiminline
<strong>Mounting of stepped sleeve</strong>
<li>Heat the stepped sleeve to about 150 C above ambient for smaller sizes (bore
diameter < 60 mm) and about 110 C for larger sizes.
<li>When heated up the sleeve can be easily handled by using the connecting nipp
le as a handle. Put the sleeve quickly on to the shaft to avoid the shaft being
heated before the sleeve has come into contact with the bearings.
<li>The sleeve should be allowed to cool to room temperature before proceeding.
<li>The oil injection method shall be used for final adjustment of the sleeve .
<li>Connect the nipples and the oil injector to the sleeve.
<li>Provide for an arrangement to apply an axial load over the sleeve - bearing
system in order to withstand the force
created by the oil injected to the sleeve and to overcome the bearing fi
ts and preload.
<li>Use a distance sleeve having a length equal to the distance from the stepped
sleeve to the position of the threaded shaft, in this case the threads for the
nut locating the drive side bearing. Use the nut for applying the necessary axia

l load or better use a hydraulic nut type SKF HMV. A second oil pump must then b
e used. If the threads on the shaft do not match the threads of the hydraulic nu
t, a larger nut should be used.
<li>Tighten the nut or apply a pressure of about 30 MPa on the hydraulic nut. In
ject oil to the stepped sleeve until it floats. Some leakage of oil will probabl
y occur. The required oil pressure is 60 - 100 MPa. While the sleeve is floating
tighten the nut or check that the required pressure for the hydraulic nut is ma
<li>The bearings must be protected from the pressure fluid as this can affect th
e lubrication properties of the grease.
Wrap a clean lint-free cloth aro
und the sleeve where it contacts the bearing to absorb any pressure fluid that m
ay leak.
<li>Release the pressure for the stepped sleeve and thereafter release the axial