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[] 2013 3 -

101. ______ staff members must seek prior

105. Following its merger with Han Chin

authorization from their respective supervisors

Technology, Swynford Solutions ______

if they wish to work overtime.

worlds renowned producers of computer

(A) Each

software and hardware.

(B) Less

(A) transformed

(C) Every

(B) grew

(D) All

(C) converted
(D) became

102. Hotel guests are advised ______

personal valuables inside safety deposit boxes

106. ______ employees become familiar with

provided in each room.

the new work system, the manager will conduct

(A) keep

a short seminar next month.

(B) keeping

(A) Help

(C) to keep

(B) To help

(D) kept

(C) Helped
(D) By helping

103. Experts recommend ______ a vacation

trip or engaging in non-work related activities,

107. A new air-conditioning system developed

such as sports and photography, as possible

by the Bureau of Science has the ______ to

remedies for job burnout.

cut energy consumption by 70 percent, reports

(A) to take


(B) taking

(A) scheme

(C) being taken

(B) conclusion

(D) take

(C) potential
(D) expression

104. Due to limited resources, Nancy Wiggins

is afraid that she will not obtain ______

108. Although Steaks & Ribs had modified its

information for her research about the

menu, the restaurant was not able to ______

indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

its target profit last year.

(A) sufficient

(A) meet

(B) spacious

(B) measure

(C) excessive

(C) allow

(D) frequent

(D) dictate

[] 2013 3 -
109. Construction of the new ramp will be

113. ______ the merger agreement between

completed next month, ______ City Hall

FMJ Communications and Flow Telecom is

easily accessible to people in wheelchairs.

signed, the managers will have to go through

(A) will make

another training session.

(B) made

(A) While

(C) making

(B) Once

(D) makes

(C) Therefore
(D) Hence

110. At the award ceremony, Professor

Williams will receive an award from the

114. Studies reveal that people nowadays

university ______ the outreach program that

prefer to communicate using new technology,

he organized last year.

such as cellular phones and e-mail, thereby

(A) to

slowly ______ the face-to-face mode of

(B) for


(C) because

(A) initiating

(D) toward

(B) replacing
(C) controlling

111. Course developers at the Precise Method

(D) preparing

Review Center have ______ to the centers

extensive library of online research materials.

115. The local government of Linfen developed

(A) entry

a new waste management program to ______

(B) path

pollution problems in the city.

(C) access

(A) approach

(D) route

(B) approaching
(C) approached

112. The depletion of fossil fuels has motivated

(D) approaches

countries around the world to search ______

for alternative sources of energy.

116. We ______ to inform you that our grand

(A) widen

ballroom has been reserved for various

(B) wide

functions throughout the month of December.

(C) widely

(A) apologize

(D) width

(B) regret
(C) disappoint
(D) engage

[] 2013 3 -
117. Based on a recent study conducted by the

121. Most of the clients were not receptive to

Dieticians Society, reduced salt intake is one of

the idea of conducting transactions on the

the surest ways of ______ high blood

Internet ______ Highville Trust Company


introduced online banking.

(A) drop

(A) in spite of

(B) dropping

(B) at the time

(C) dropped

(C) on the contrary

(D) to drop

(D) as well as

118. ACN News reporter Mark Constantino has

122. Although the two law firms have

requested that ______ scheduled interview

confirmed that the merger will take place later

with Mr. Richardson be moved to Friday.

this year, they have ______ to announce the

(A) himself

specific date.

(B) his

(A) that

(C) him

(B) yet

(D) he

(C) when
(D) never

119. Merril Outsourcing will always strive to

meet ______ the most demanding challenges

123. This years international convention on

to help customers solve their problems and

biological diversity ______ with the

achieve their goals.

Environmental Concerns Centers tenth

(A) still


(B) even

(A) coincides

(C) on behalf of

(B) belongs

(D) with respect to

(C) attends
(D) complements

120. After working in Germany for more than

a decade, Ms. Wongsawat had difficulty

124. Please refer to the attached document for

______ to the climate in her home country of

the ______ list of activities for the upcoming


National Music Festival.

(A) readapting

(A) completing

(B) readapt

(B) complete

(C) readapted

(C) to complete

(D) to readapt

(D) completes

[] 2013 3 -
125. ______ her hectic schedule as head of

129. ______ by the low business tax rates in

the marketing division, Sarah Concepcion still

Switzerland, Henley Corporation will relocate

finds time to organize teambuilding activities

to the European country next summer.

for her personnel.

(A) To attract

(A) Despite

(B) Attracting

(B) Even though

(C) Attracted

(C) Concerning

(D) Attractive

(D) Instead of
130. After a department submits an annual
126. The city of Norfolk in Virginia has

budget proposal, the document is ______

become a ______ attraction for boating

immediately to the finance director for

enthusiasts due to its annual water sports



(A) caught

(A) complimentary

(B) forwarded

(B) desirable

(C) altered

(C) upcoming

(D) received

(D) relative
131. Ms. Tolliver will buy a birthday present
127. Theater seats for the spring musical

for Mr. Watanabe after work today ______

concert in March have been available for

she can give it to him first thing tomorrow

reservations since last month, but ______


have been booked as of yesterday.

(A) because

(A) small

(B) but

(B) less

(C) when

(C) few

(D) so

(D) slim
132. For the month of March, members of
128. ______ many visiting executives ought

Traxsan Airlines frequent flyer program can

to understand about doing business in India is

buy two roundtrip tickets to Singapore

included in the information packet.

______ the price of one.

(A) What

(A) over

(B) When

(B) for

(C) Where

(C) in

(D) How

(D) through

[] 2013 3 -
133. ______ the purchase order is signed by

137. During the staff meeting, Canberra

the operations manager, the logistics

Instruments president John McKinley

department will not be able to acquire new

delivered a ______ speech about his plans for

computers for the office.

the company.

(A) Until

(A) convincement

(B) Into

(B) convinced

(C) Since

(C) convince

(D) By

(D) convincing

134. Atlanta North America, a multinational

company based in Mexico, has developed a
______ plan to ensure that its operations will
not be affected by possible strikes by workers.

138. In July, Lamanthe Museum will be

displaying paintings of various artists, ______
of whom are newcomers having their work
exhibited for the first time.
(A) anybody

(A) contingency

(B) someone

(B) preferable

(C) other

(C) descriptive

(D) several

(D) prevalent
135. Ocean Troopers may stop admitting
participants ______ slots for its sailing
courses be filled before the end of the

139. ______ Venus Beauty Solutions,

employee bonuses are only handed out when
the salon meets its monthly quota.
(A) Of

registration period.

(B) At

(A) while

(C) As

(B) should

(D) By

(C) that
(D) although

140. All complaints ______ about inadequate

136. The lowering of taxes on imported goods
has made it harder than ever for local products
to stay ______ on the market.
(A) compete
(B) competitive
(C) competition

safety gear at the construction site shall be

reviewed by management.
(A) receive
(B) received
(C) are receiving
(D) have received

(D) competitively

[] 2013 3 -
Questions 141-143 refer to the following email.
: Melissa Hicks
<>, William Hopkins

143. (A) Attached

(B) Attaching
(C) Attach
(D) To attach

From : Prime Health Gym Management

All new members are encouraged to carefully

read the documents. Thank you for your

: August 9


Subject : New parking stickers

Prime Health Gym Management

Dear new members,

As new members of Prime Gym, you are
entitled to three hours of free parking every
stickers at the reception by August 30. Failure

Questions 144-146 refer to the following email.

: Michael Chen

to do so will ______ the forfeiture of your


parking privileges.

From : Tristan Wang

141. (A) get into


(B) result in

Date : January 10

(C) change

Subject : Telephone Application

time you visit us. Please get your parking

(D) create
Dear Mr. Chen,
Also, please be reminded that the management
of Prime Health Gym will not be responsible

This is to update you on your telephone service

for any damage to your vehicle while they are

application for your new office unit located at

at our ______.

2011 Chungnam Building 25 Salisbury Road,

142. (A) tenants

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Our crew has been

(B) allowance

scheduled to ________ the telephone lines

(C) residency

and devices in your office on January 14,

(D) premises

Tuesday at 9 A.M.
144. (A) repair

Nevertheless, be assured that security in the

(B) install

area is high. _______ is a file containing the

(C) replace

terms and conditions of your membership.

(D) disconnect

[] 2013 3 -
As previously advised, please be ready with the

Questions 147-149 refer to the following

required documents and hand them to our


crew on Tuesday. In case you are unavailable

December 16

on that day, you may reschedule the

appointment or assign a representative who

Harrison Kerry

will be present during the installation. Should

75 Cromwell Street, Glen Iris

you prefer the second option, please send us a

Victoria 3146

letter _______ that you authorize the

installation under the presence of your

Dear Mr. Kerry,


Based on our records, you have frequently

145. (A) indicating

made group reservations at our branch in

(B) indicate

Victoria over the past two years. We appreciate

(C) indicated

your _______ and we value your opinion on

(D) indication

our restaurant.
147. (A) comment

Please note that our service crew is fully

(B) patronage

booked this month. To ensure that a telephone

(C) service

connection is available in your office before the

(D) concern

date of your _____, confirm the appointment

within twenty-four hours by replying to this e-

Currently, we at the Hungry John chain of


restaurants are soliciting information that we

146. (A) construction

can use to improve our products and services.

(B) departure

Thus, we request that you fill out the survey

(C) consignment

questionnaire on our Web site, at

(D) occupancy As a token of _______

for your assistance, we will include your name

Thank you for choosing Airtell Asia.

in a contest wherein you can win as much as

$200 worth of gift certificates that you can use


at any of our branches.

Tristan Wang / Customer Service

148. (A) apology


(B) consideration

Client Support Department

(C) appreciation
(D) disappointment

[] 2013 3 -
We guarantee that your feedback will be kept

151. (A) However

_____ and will be used solely for the

(B) Meanwhile

assessment of our performance.

(C) Otherwise

149. (A) confidential

(D) In addition

(B) confident
(C) confidence

The system offers a special helmet that allows

(D) confidently

guests to breathe freely and walk under water.

Since it was established 10 years ago, Hampton

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Ocean Park has received positive reviews from

both the public and marine experts. The

Yours truly,

facility has surely _______ its aim of

Hungry John Customer Service Department

protecting marine animals while providing

entertainment to people.

Questions 150-152 refer to the following

152. (A) commanded


(B) concealed

Hamptons Ocean Park

(C) attained
(D) adorned

Hamptons Ocean Park is the largest aquarium

in Singapore. The seven-hectare facility on

Come and visit Hamptons Ocean Park to

Sentosa Island was established by

experience yourself.

entrepreneur Alexander Hampton, a marine

enthusiast himself who wanted to protect some
of the worlds ______ sea animals. .

150. (A) endanger

(B) endangered
(C) endangering
(D) endangerment
Hamptons Ocean Park is home to around
3,000 sea creatures, including sting rays,
sharks, and dolphins. ______, the facility has
an unique diving system that makes it an
inviting site for anyone who wants to have a
close encounter with marine animals.

[] 2013 4
101. Each group of students must ------- one of their
members to become the team leader for the duration of
the project.
(A) designate
(B) apply
(C) interview
(D) associate
102. Because his parents were often busy, Randy learned
to take care of ------ from a young age.
(A) his
(B) him
(C) his own
(D) himself

109. The painting must be viewed from a distance to best

------- the beauty of its composition.
(A) appreciate
(B) represent
(C) accomplish
(D) resemble
110. Either Bill or Brenda ------- going to take care of
our dog while were away in Florida next week.
(A) are
(B) were
(C) is
(D) was

103. If you can't attend the conference this year, you can
always go to the next one since it is held -------.
(A) lately
(B) sometimes
(C) periodically
(D) occasionally

111. All newly hired employees are required to undergo an

------- three-week training program before they start
(A) intensify
(B) intensively
(C) intensiveness
(D) intensive

104. The deli offers a wide selection of specially prepared

foods, including almost every type of cheese -------.
(A) imagine
(B) imagination
(C) imaginable
(D) imaginative

112. ------- how many more people sign up for the

upcoming seminar, it will have to push through as planned.
(A) Due to
(B) In addition to
(C) Except for
(D) Regardless of

105. The CEO needs to act ------- if he wants to take

advantage of the opportunity being presented.
(A) decision
(B) decide
(C) decisiveness
(D) decisively

113. Disembarking passengers will be asked to fill out a

customs declaration form ------- their arrival at our next
(A) onto
(B) along
(C) upon
(D) through

106. The finance minister proposed that the country adopt

------- measures to deal with the ongoing economic
(A) stringent
(B) lasting
(C) current
(D) obscure

114. The test administrator will ------- students when it is

time to stop writing and hand in their papers.
(A) appoint
(B) signal
(C) suggest
(D) explain

107. Emily ------- the lead character in Mr. Babbitt's new

play after giving a stunning performance during her audition.
(A) names
(B) is named
(C) was named
(D) naming

115. The atmosphere in the art gallery grew ------- noisy

as more guests arrived for the opening.
(A) to increase
(B) increased
(C) increasing
(D) increasingly

108. In addition to rent, the three roommates agreed to

split the cost of their monthly utility bill -------.
(A) equality
(B) more equal
(C) equal
(D) equally

116. Our client asked that we ------- the start of their

advertising campaign by one month while they conduct a
customer survey.
(A) have delayed
(B) would delay
(C) delayed
(D) delay

[] 2013 4
117. The speaker spent the first half-hour of the seminar
explaining to the audience ------- he had achieved
success in business.
(A) how
(B) who
(C) rather than
(D) after

124. The Brooks bakery business is owned by a dynasty,

and Lesley Brooks family is the fourth ------- generation
to run it.
(A) rotating
(B) successive
(C) consistent
(D) habitual

118. Audience members are asked to refrain from using

their mobile phones ------- the show is underway.
(A) owing to
(B) during
(C) once
(D) prior to

125. The electronics giant, Blueberry Communications, had

difficulty ------- itself after an innovative firm released a
mobile phone that sold millions of units.
(A) to stabilize
(B) stabilized
(C) stabilizing
(D) stabilize

119. To reach conference room A, visitors must walk ------ the elevators and go down the hall to the right.
(A) past
(B) across
(C) next
(D) throughout
120. The ------- chart on the first page of the employee
manual shows which person is in charge of each
(A) organizer
(B) organizing
(C) organizational
(D) organize
121. To determine ------- was better at designing
exhibits, the store manager had Luis arrange one window
display and Rebecca work on the other.
(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whom
(D) which
122. The termination of the coffee book series project was
disappointing ------- the significant amount of work the
staff had put into it.
(A) although
(B) through
(C) considering
(D) given that
By ------- state-ofthe-art techniques, the
software game industry has been developing quickly, and
business is flourishing.
(A) modernizing
(B) restoring
(C) releasing
(D) employing

126. Please ------- that July 4 is a public holiday, and in

observance of this day, factory workers will not need to
report for work.
(A) be reminded
(B) reminding
(C) reminded
(D) remind
127. The magazine Business World published a ------interview of the tycoon who singlehandedly turned his small
software company into a conglomerate.
(A) exacting
(B) candid
(C) rewarding
(D) encouraged
128. Lighthouse Publishers does not ------- have
openings in your area of interest, but we will keep your
rsum on file.
(A) presently
(B) recently
(C) shortly
(D) previously
129. The department store is holding an inventory sale this
week, and the ------- on older merchandise ranges from
5 to 60 percent.
(A) amount
(B) allowance
(C) premium
(D) markdown
130. Maureen consulted a financial planner recommended
by a co-worker as she is interested in learning how to save
------- her retirement.
(A) upon
(B) toward
(C) about
(D) within

[] 2013 4
131 . The whole-day town festival ------- in a fireworks
display and musical concert at Grand Central Park.
(A) terminated
(B) finalized
(C) interrupted
(D) culminated
132. ------- to his arrival in Barcelona, the executive
officer of communications firm Festina Incorporated didnt
take a rest and met with a supplier.
(A) Subsequent
(B) Consistent
(C) Following
(D) Consequential
133. To ensure that the assistant takes down accurate ------ of the board of directors meeting, the proceedings
will be taped from beginning to end.
(A) copies
(B) histories
(C) minutes
(D) registers
134. The Watertown Hospital is ------- with the
Watertown State University, which is why many students
have their internships at the medical facility.
(A) affiliating
(B) will affiliate
(C) to affiliate
(D) affiliated
135. Mary Fernandez asked an employee at the institution
for ------- of the credits she had earned during the
period she was enrolled.
(A) validated
(B) validate
(C) validation
(D) validating
136. Jeffrey carries a heart medication that his doctor ------, but finds that he needs reminding as he often
forgets to take it.
(A) prescribing
(B) prescribed
(C) prescription
(D) was prescribed
137. Food-Plus Manufacturing Companys new hires are
entry-level workers and are ------- paid the wages of
those at the lowest level of their career.
(A) accordingly
(B) simultaneously
(C) agreeably
(D) briefly

138. Experts think that the economy will continue to decline

around the world, particularly in Europe, and ------- bank
interest payments to rise drastically.
(A) predicting
(B) predict
(C) predicts
(D) to predict
139. Take advantage of our ------- rates and get the
special double issue for free by subscribing to Womans
World Weekly before December 31.
(A) downsized
(B) mandatory
(C) reduced
(D) exclusive
140. Although KM Motors released a new model to offset
its recent loss, it looked a lot ------- its old ones.
(A) near
(B) like
(C) in
(D) similar
Questions 141-143 refer to the following e-mail.
To: Miranda Pound <>
From: Louis Fleck <>
Subject: Special offer
Dear Ms. Pound,
You may recall that we met during last week's sales
seminar. You were telling me how unhappy you were with
your current supplier because they wanted to change your ------terms.
141. (A) pay
(B) paid
(C) paying
(D) payment
I've consulted my team and we feel we can provide what
you need. In addition, we can supply free samples of our
best-selling products that you can display in all your
branches ------- Los Angeles.
142. (A) at
(B) around
(C) including
(D) inside
If you are interested, I would be happy to stop by your main
office on Thursday to discuss this offer further. I can bring
our complete catalog to show you. I'm sure you ------the quality and variety of our merchandise is superior to
that of our competitors.
143. (A) find
(B) have found
(C) will find @
(D) found
Please call me at 555-2374 if you are available, so we can

[] 2013 4
make detailed arrangements.
Thank you,

Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.

Patricia Garth
29 Juan Luna Street

Louis Fleck
Head of sales and distribution
See 'R Blinds

Dear Ms. Garth,

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

Dear Mr. Garza,
Thank you for your generous donation of $1,000 to the
Bear Valley Wetlands Conservation Fund. With your help,
we are one step closer to reaching our collection goal of
$1,000,000, which will help us ------- this environmental
oasis for generations to come.
144. (A) preserve
(B) research
(C) convert
(D) prevent
Using the funds we collect, we plan to lobby for the
designation of the wetlands as a bird sanctuary, thereby ------ to ensure its preservation.
145. (A) help
(B) helped
(C) helping
(D) will help
As you may already know, the Bear Valley Wetlands is
visited each winter by millions of migrating flocks of birds.
Without the ------- provided by the wetlands, many of
these bird species would perish on their yearly trips to
146 . (A) features
(B) funds
(C) habits
(D) resources
In exchange for your donation, we will be sending you a
copy of Hamilton Publishing's Complete Guide to North
American Migratory Birds, which features detailed
illustrations from one of the country's leading wildlife
painters, Sharina Buchwalter.

As per your request to keep you ------- of events that

cater to your interests, we would like
147. (A) information
(B) informing
(C) informative
(D) informed
you to know that the Huntington Film and Art Center is
presenting Films of the Middle East on Saturday,
September 15, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
For the past two years, the Middle East turmoil has been in
newspapers and on the Internet. However, our films depict
a very different Middle East. The beauty of the area is
depicted in these documentaries, which were certain you
will ------- appreciate.
148. (A) nearly
(B) acutely
(C) deeply
(D) largely
If you would like to reserve a seat, please call 555-2412.
These events are offered to paying members at no charge.
You may bring a ------- companion, but make sure to
inform the
149. (A) private
(B) respective
(C) definite
(D) single
receptionist when you make a reservation. Please dont
hesitate to call if you have questions about the event.
Sam Mitchell
Events Desk

Once again, thank you so much for your generosity.

Your Truly,
Emilio Johnson

[] 2013 4
Questions 150-152 refer to the following article.
Youve seen it before: a fire alarm or emergency equipment
behind a glass case. If the need arises, youd have to
break the glass to trip the alarm or use the equipment. ------,
150. (A) For example
(B) Therefore
(C) However
(D) Furthermore
how willing are you to smash the pane if you had nothing
but your bare hand to do it with? You could quickly bleed to
death if the glass cuts a blood vesselunless the glass is
safety glass.
The technology behind safety glass makes it possible for
people to avoid injuring themselves. Ordinary glass breaks
into large, dangerous pieces, but safety glass into small
harmless fragments. Some safety glass cracks but remains
whole. The type to use depends on the purpose. Cars ------ have windshields of safety glass will not shatter in an
151. (A) that
(B) whose
(C) when
(D) whichever
On the other hand, safety alarm and equipment cases
need glass that is chemically treated so that it breaks into
chunks of glass. Other safety glass types, such as bulletproof glass, are specially manufactured. They are ------for clients that require special protection.
152. (A) uniquely
(B) individually
(C) fully
(D) particularly
If you think your home, business or facility needs safety
glass, consult a manufacturer. .


[] 2013 5
101. Although it is more expensive than the subway or bus,
the bullet train is the ------- way to reach the airport.
(A) quick
(B) quickest
(C) more quickly
(D) most quickly

108. Significant ------- need to be made to the

companys communications network as it is outdated.
(A) eliminations
(B) modifications
(C) requirements
(D) solutions

102. Worthington Banks clients can choose whether or not

they wish to be sent information on ------- opportunities
or low interest loans.
(A) investors
(B) invests
(C) investment
(D) invested

109. During the tour of historic Rome, ------- participant

will be provided with a map of the city and an itinerary for
points-of-interest to be visited.
(A) each
(B) all
(C) anyone
(D) neither

103. Passengers are recommended to use ------- when

opening overhead bins at their destinations, as baggage
may have shifted during a flight.
(A) knowledge
(B) caution
(C) awareness
(D) validation

110. Roger Ellison wrote a detailed ------- of the charity

foundations activities and distributed it to corporate
(A) research
(B) account
(C) information
(D) recording

104. Ms. Jones has decided to represent ------- at the

small claims court, as hiring a lawyer wouldnt be
financially feasible.
(A) her
(B) herself
(C) hers
(D) she

105. Three members of the marketing department have

decided to ------- in Blake Universitys course on
international advertising trends.
(A) register
(B) enroll
(C) attend
(D) learn

106. The plot of the new adventure film was confusing ------ the beginning, but very clear by the conclusion.
(A) into
(B) at
(C) before
(D) above

107. New customers can request a frequent shopper card

for the ------- that they can use to accumulate points
with every purchase and receive special promotions or
(A) structure
(B) establishment
(C) situation
(D) residence

111. The consultant suggested a ------- alternative to

reducing operational costs, which ended up saving the
company a lot of money.
(A) surprises
(B) surprising
(C) surprised
(D) surprisingly

112. Applicants have not yet been informed of the dates

for the upcoming interviews, but the human resources
department will contact ------- soon to arrange
(A) themselves
(B) they
(C) them
(D) their

113. The gallery will ------- the collection of photographs

by Sara Ling for two weeks, during which most of the works
will be available for sale.
(A) display
(B) reveal
(C) observe
(D) release

114. The mortgage brokerage firm offers insurance to firsttime home buyers, although it is ------- optional and not
a legal requirement.
(A) complete
(B) completed
(C) completely
(D) completion

[] 2013 5
115. All national residents must submit government
taxation forms ------- of their current employment status.
(A) regardless
(B) contingent
(C) instead
(D) despite

116. Photography or recording equipment of any kind is ------ in any Centurion Cinema across the nation.
(A) forbidden
(B) illegitimate
(C) punished
(D) revoked

117. ------- ongoing discussions on urban development

plans, several officials raised the issue of creating an
improved waste disposal system.
(A) Amidst
(B) Beside
(C) Around
(D) Nearby

118. The city government is going to be ------- funds

from corporate sponsors to help pay for the construction of
a new stadium.
(A) raises
(B) raising
(C) raised
(D) raise

119. All members of the hospitals nursing staff have two ------ meetings every week that generally last for about
30 minutes.
(A) obligation
(B) obligatory
(C) obligate
(D) obligatorily

120. Prior to ------- them to the public, Mantoo

Enterprises thoroughly tests its products to ensure they are
in accordance with governmental safety guidelines.
(A) release
(B) releasing
(C) releases
(D) released

121. According to the article, there is a current ------for automobiles which consume less fuel and are more
(A) question
(B) demand
(C) suggestion
(D) inquiry

122. Ms. George and Mr. Lancome are ------- going to

speak at the executive board meeting about details of the
corporate merger.
(A) every
(B) both
(C) either
(D) nearly

123. The Railway Authority is ------- to raise current

passenger fares despite the fact that it has operated on a
deficit for the past two fiscal years.
(A) hesitant
(B) regretful
(C) predictable
(D) necessary

124. Many buyers complained that the merchandise they

received was ------- different from the items pictured in
the companys catalogs.
(A) noticeable
(B) noticed
(C) notices
(D) noticeably

125. Political instability in the small nation caused a major

drop in reservations at most tourist hotels, but Grenadier
Resort reported a slight -------.
(A) delay
(B) gain
(C) deduction
(D) stay

126. CCTV cameras have been installed on many of the

citys major thoroughfares in an effort by local police to
crack down on speeding and ------- driving.
(A) hazardously
(B) hazardous
(C) hazard
(D) hazarding
127. Many experts claimed that the data released by the
consumer bureau was inaccurate ------- it didnt take
several key factors into consideration.
(A) unless
(B) as
(C) while
(D) so

128. The news reported that hundreds of travelers might

soon be stranded at transit hubs across the region due to ------ inclement weather conditions.
(A) expects
(B) expected
(C) expecting
(D) expectation

[] 2013 5
129. Because of the ------- candid questions from the
reporter, the mayor said she was not interested in
continuing with the interview.
(A) uncomfortably
(B) indecisively
(C) frequently
(D) conditionally

136. Students wishing to apply for grants, loans, or

scholarships may arrange a time to speak with an advisor ------ the schools admissions office.
(A) at
(B) throughout
(C) onto
(D) under

130. Potential homeowners should note that the prices

quoted by the real estate agency are not ------- of legal
fees or property and transfer taxes.
(A) independent
(B) allowed
(C) exceptional
(D) inclusive

137. Because of ------- about exceeding budgetary

limits, the office supervisor sought out cheaper suppliers
for daily necessities and equipment.
(A) surpluses
(B) worries
(C) expenses
(D) conditions

131. Alison Watson is going to ------- with

representatives from the manufacturing company in China
to reach a production agreement.
(A) confirm
(B) negotiate
(C) contact
(D) relocate

138. After putting the waitstaff through a hospitality training

course, the restaurants proprietor received countless ------ from diners about the service.
(A) compliment
(B) complimenting
(C) compliments
(D) complimentary

132. Even though Ms. Pomeroy ------- all the

educational requirements for the firms legal aid position,
she was sorely lacking in relevant experience.
(A) fulfilled
(B) rectified
(C) contained
(D) evaluated

139. Generix Enterprises activity play sets are only suitable

for children six years of age and older, ------- they
contain small parts that are potential choking hazards.
(A) in spite of
(B) since
(C) due to
(D) though

133. Access to medical facilities and pharmaceuticals has

brought forth a noticeable ------- in mortality rates in
many developing nations.
(A) elevation
(B) rise
(C) concentration
(D) decline

140. The remote control unit provided with the cable box
may be used by viewers to ------- channels or select an
on-demand film or television program.
(A) switch
(B) cancel
(C) monitor
(D) adjust

134. Those wishing to renew their magazine subscription

may submit a request ------- the publications circulation
department by e-mail or fax.
(A) in
(B) to
(C) on
(D) over
135. A team of ------- archaeologists was invited by
Egypts Ministry of Antiquities to participate in an
excavation of a temple site.
(A) recognizing
(B) recognizably
(C) recognized
(D) recognition

[] 2013 5
Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.

Questions 144-146 refer to the following e-mail.

May 15
Dale Evans
19 Ogilvy Crescent
Tacoma, WA 98337
Dear Mr. Evans,

To: Athena Gym Members

From: Glenda Lacoste <>
Subject: New Entry System
Date: October 28

Thank you for hiring Mother Nature Landscapers to

maintain your homes garden and yard. As agreed upon,
our staff will visit your residence once every week on Friday
to mow your lawns, trim hedges and bushes, and conduct
other yard work. ------- our first visit on May 18,
141. (A) During
(B) Before
(C) Prior
(D) Around
please check that you have watering hoses and containers
for organic waste available. This will ensure that we can
proceed with the job in a timely manner once we arrive. We
will provide any other necessary equipment. Upon
completion, one of our ------- will ask you to
142. (A) employment
(B) employers
(C) employees
(D) employs
sign a work order form to confirm that all necessary tasks
have been completed. Please do not sign the form unless
you are ------- satisfied with our services. We appreciate
143. (A) totally
(B) totality
(C) total
(D) totals
Carol Mendelson
Branch manager, Mother Nature Landscapers

Beginning on November 1, Athena Gym will be

implementing a new entry system at all of its branches.
Turnstiles have been placed at all entrances and patrons
will have to scan their membership cards on a panel to
unlock the mechanisms and gain entry into the facilities.
This new system ------- for security purposes and to
make certain that those entering the
144. (A) has installed
(B) is installing
(C) was installed
(D) will install
gyms are permitted to be there. Please note that some
older cards may not be ------- with the
145. (A) compatible
(B) changeable
(C) reasonable
(D) permissible
new system. If for ------- reason your card does not
work, please speak to someone at the
146. (A) whichever
(B) why
(C) whatever
(D) how
service desk and you will be issued a new one.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Glenda Lacoste
Regional director, Athena Gyms Incorporated

[] 2013 5
Questions 147-149 refer to the following e-mail.

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

To: Fine Arts Department Faculty

From: Warren Little <>
Subject: Student exhibition
Date: June 1

December 8
Lionel Gilford
Stalwart Shipping Incorporate
7785 Metrotown Way
San Diego, CA 90789

As we come to the end of another school year, its time for

our annual student art exhibition. You can help us out a
great deal by ------- the student artwork which you feel is
deserving of
147. (A) chosen
(B) choosing
(C) chose
(D) chooses
being shown in advance. We request that you take a digital
photograph of each work of art and send it along with the
title and the students name and ID number to my e-mail
by the end of this week. Once those ------- have been
received, the departmental board will review
148. (A) recommendations
(B) observations
(C) evaluations
(D) registrations
them and decide which works will appear in the exhibit.
Please select only one artwork per student, so as to give
everyone a chance to have their pieces shown.
Students will be notified ------- to bring their items to the
university gallery and other details by
149. (A) this
(B) when
(C) they
(D) what

Dear Mr. Gilford,

I appreciate you thinking of me to speak at your companys
annual convention. Unfortunately, I have a previously
scheduled ------- on the date and time you requested
with a group of
150. (A) foundation
(B) engagement
(C) participation
(D) liability
investors. However, you mentioned that the final day of the
event is February 8 and I will be available on that day. Let
me know if a change to your timetable would be feasible.
Also, the ------- you sent me mentioned that there will
be a banquet in the evening on that
151. (A) invitation
(B) invited
(C) invitee
(D) inviting

the end of next week.

date and RSVPs are necessary. I would like to come with a

colleague, so please confirm our attendance.
And as you asked for, an outline of my speech ------- to
your e-mail by my secretary. I will
152. (A) will forward
(B) has forwarded
(C) is forwarded
(D) has been forwarded

Warren Little, departmental assistant

mainly discuss the development of more energy-efficient

shipping vessels.
Sincerely yours,
Andrew Upton, CEO Everidge Shipbuilders .


[ ] 20136 -
101. Ms. Moran is running late and will probably leave

106. Elaine's parents live nearly 300 miles away, so

for the airport as soon as _______ taxi arrives.

she has to drive _______ the state whenever she goes

(A) she

to visit them.

(B) her

(A) by

(C) hers

(B) across

(D) herself

(C) against
(D) in

102. The city council will_______ the proposed

107. Several thousand amateur and professional

construction of the shopping mall with residents from

runners signed up to _______ in this Sunday's annual

the affected community.

city marathon.

(A) discussed

(A) oppose

(B) discussing

(B) compete

(C) discusses

(C) attempt

(D) discuss

(D) challenge

103. Maple Business Center offers workshops in

108. Walk-in applicants may be entertained, but their

marketing and advertising _______ the year.

rsums will have to be kept on file for a future date

(A) amidst

as the company is _______ not hiring.

(B) during

(A) shortly

(C) until

(B) directly

(D) throughout

(C) recently
(D) presently

104. Kevin Mullally worked hard at the law firm and

109. Management hired a team of experienced

earned the _______ of being the youngest partner in

consultants to conduct a thorough _______ of the

its 40-year history.

shopping experience at all its retail outlets.

(A) distinct

(A) assessment

(B) distinction

(B) perspective

(C) distinguish

(C) understanding

(D) distinguished

(D) research

105. The team made a/an_______ effort to regain the

110. The Liptons said it would be their_______ to

lead they had built up in the first half of the game, but

host the next meeting of our book review club at their

it was to no avail.

home in San Rafael.

(A) considerate

(A) please

(B) startled

(B) pleasure

(C) admirable

(C) pleasing

(D) unlimited

(D) pleased

[ ] 20136 -
111._______the possibility of a brief rain shower on

116. The accounting department has made software

Thursday, much of next week's weather is expected to

available to staff members that can help them ______

be fair.

their tax forms.

(A) Regardless of

(A) accomplishing

(B) Ahead of

(B) accomplished

(C) Except for

(C) accomplish

(D) Rather than

(D) accomplishes

112. Mr. Howard agreed to postpone the long exam he

117._______ about the low turnout on the first day of

had planned to give the students,_______ they submit

their event, organizers started passing flyers out on

their book reports by the end of the week.

the street in the hopes of enticing more people to

(A) although

come in.

(B) until

(A) Hesitant

(C) provided

(B) Anxious

(D) while

(C) Doubtful
(D) Pending

113. A group of former employees from Presley, Inc.

118. The delivery truck driver was feeling sleepy and

released a statement explaining the _______ of their

decided to stop at a roadside inn _______ the way to

lawsuit against the company.

his destination.

(A) committee

(A) inside

(B) basis

(B) aboard

(C) notice

(C) toward

(D) union

(D) along
119. Before embarking on a tour of the ancient ruins,

114. According to its latest financial reports, the

the guide gave everyone a _______ history of the site

Goodwin Company has had its most profitable year

as well as an explanation of its significance to the local

______ in its 20-year history.


(A) quite

(A) brief

(B) then

(B) briefly

(C) ever

(C) briefing

(D) well

(D) briefed
120. Hoping to stumble upon a more _____ approach

115. People who wish to return borrowed items _____

to the problem of sustainable energy production, the

the library's normal operating hours may use the book

government has launched a contest for aspiring

drop located near the building entrance.

scientists and engineers.

(A) outside

(A) invent

(B) within

(B) inventor

(C) opposite

(C) inventive

(D) over

(D) inventively

[ ] 20136 -
121. The Office for the Protection of the Environment

126. The human appendix no longer serves a practical

is pushing for legislation that would help it _______ its

_______ in modern people, but its location in the body

mission of saving animals found on the list of

indicates that it once aided digestion.

endangered species.

(A) function

(A) predict

(B) habit

(B) reveal

(C) matter

(C) carry

(D) organization

122. Most of the staff is going away for the long

127. The house that we saw today looked _______ it

holiday, so there won't be anyone at the office ______

had not been inhabited in years, but it was actually

Fred and one other person.

clean and well maintained.

(A) unlike

(A) as though

(B) upon

(B) even if

(C) before

(C) for instance

(D) besides

(D) until now

123. The country's economic ministers did nothing to

128. The former soldiers set up an organization

stop their currency's inflation, ______they thought

dedicated _______ to providing job placement to other

that market forces would keep it from getting too high.

war veterans like themselves.

(A) or

(A) exclusions

(B) as

(B) excluded

(C) once

(C) exclusively

(D) though

(D) exclusive

124._______, though not always, it is the student

129. The monthly promotions held by American

with the highest grades in a class who is given the

Clothiers _______ a substantial amount of cash for the

honor of delivering the farewell speech at a graduation

company over the span of a few days.


(A) affect

(A) Tradition

(B) reproduce

(B) Traditions

(C) generate

(C) Traditional

(D) lead

(D) Traditionally
130. Years of experience taught the owner of the
125. Professionals such as doctors and lawyers have

catering company that she had to make _______ for

tended to enjoy a _______ place in society because

unexpected guests when planning the menu for an

many people have need of their services.


(A) momentous

(A) allowance

(B) prominent

(B) action

(C) designated

(C) confirmation

(D) celebrated

(D) reinforcement

[ ] 20136 -
131. As soon as ______ gets back from the

136. The ongoing border dispute between the two

convention this afternoon, Mr. O'Brien will compose the

powerful nations threatens to upset the ______ of the

final draft of the proposal for the Lindsay Corporation.

entire surrounding region.

(A) himself

(A) altitude

(B) his

(B) stability

(C) him

(C) statement

(D) he

(D) proportion

132. In order to extend the life of their equipment,

137. Political observers have good reason to believe

customers should bring it to their nearest service

that without a _______ authority responsible for

center for _______ maintenance.

governing the country, the situation there is likely to

(A) elementary


(B) disciplinary

(A) center

(C) urgent

(B) centering

(D) periodic

(C) centrally
(D) centralized

133. The staff will be given a free pizza lunch on

138. News that the celebrated author ______ the

Friday _______ they finish their work on the important

book launch as planned disappointed many of those

client's project ahead of schedule.

who had traveled miles just to see her in person.

(A) if

(A) will not be attended

(B) instead

(B) would not be attending

(C) therefore

(C) would not have been attended

(D) finally

(D) will not have been attending

134. Through his tireless efforts to increase revenues

139. The committee responsible for the _______ of

for the company, Mr. Hendricks has ______ shown that

policies for the charitable organization has been

he is qualified to become the next regional sales

meeting regularly to determine how best to monitor


the distribution of funds.

(A) timely

(A) formation

(B) loyally

(B) collection

(C) consistently

(C) influence

(D) internally

(D) admission

135. An additional round of data collection will take

140. At the start of the Internet boom, investors

place as the researchers do not have sufficient

_______ gave out venture capital to any start-up

information to _______ their study.

company that had even a remote chance of producing

(A) dispose

revenues using the new technology.

(B) proceed

(A) much

(C) conclude

(B) enormously

(D) elaborate

(C) more
(D) eagerly

[ ] 20136 -
Questions 141-143 refer to the following announcement.
Notice to All Employees
October 24
It is with great regret that we must inform you about

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

April 2
Royal Kingston Hotel
42 Windward Road
Kingston, Jamaica
To the Management

proposed changes in the company's incentive plan. As

you know, the company has, in the past, given a share
of its profits to all employees. This has come in the
form of a yearend cash bonus. Unfortunately, current
economic _______, which have only deteriorated over
the past months, make it difficult to make the same
commitment this year.

visit to Jamaica and the warm reception that we

received at your establishment immediately put us at

(B) corporate

(C) advisers

(C) upcoming

(D) relations

(D) last

We are pleading with all the members of the company,

managers included, to exercise patience as the
company struggles to make it through this challenging
time. Those of you who have been with us from the
beginning will remember that we have managed to
overcome _______ situations before.

To find that the service, food, and accommodations

exceeded our expectations simply added to our overall
sense of satisfaction. In addition, my husband and I
were delighted to find that the hotel _____ provisions
in advance to keep our children entertained
throughout our stay.

142.(A) real

145.(A) make

(B) challenged

(B) had made

(C) similar

(C) will make

(D) existing

(D) was making

Therefore, we believe that, provided everyone

cooperates, the company will once again find itself in a
favorable financial position. A company-wide meeting
______ this Thursday at 2 P.M. to discuss the matter

(B) is holding

was a thoroughly pleasant one. It was our _______

144.(A) first

(B) conditions

143.(A) is held

ensuring that our family's recent stay at your hotel


141.(A) reforms

in greater detail.

I am writing to thank you and your wonderful staff for

The guided activities you arranged, as well as the

relaxation that it _______ us, were the highlights of
our trip.
146.(A) delivered
(B) comforted
(C) offered
(D) refreshed

(C) will hold

(D) will be held

In the end, we could not have asked for a better way

to spend our holiday and look forward to returning
there a second time.
Mavis Calhoun

[ ] 20136 -
Questions 147-149 refer to the following e-mail.
To: Robert Wells <>
From: Patricia Osborne <>
Subject: Presentation
Attachment: docs.pkg
Dear Ms. Osborne,

Questions 150-152 refer to the following memo.

January 18
From: Super Mall management
To: All tenants
Subject: Planned activity

You may recall that we met in Cleveland last month at

Be informed that Super Mall management, following

the Convention for Human Resource Professionals. You

an order from the city department of engineers, will

had asked me to prepare a presentation that I could

need to conduct a series of inspections of all leased

give to your employees the next time I was in your

premises in the building. The inspections will begin on

area. Well, I have prepared just such a presentation

January 24 and, _______ changes are requested, will

and _______ through Dayton next week.

proceed according to a predefined schedule until the

147.(A) am passed

expected completion date of February 2.

(B) passing

150.(A) unless
(B) whether
(C) so that
(D) until now

(C) have passed

(D) will be passing
I was wondering whether we might schedule the

Each inspection should last no more than thirty

presentation for Monday afternoon at 2 P.M. _______

minutes. However, it will be necessary to _______ all

you only have about 20 people in your staff,

commercial activity in an establishment while an

148.(A) Until

inspection is ongoing.

(B) Since

151.(A) ignore
(B) refrain
(C) cease
(D) resume

(C) While
(D) Despite
all I need is a half hour of your time to make my

This is the only way we can assure the safety of the

presentation and answer any questions your

mall's customers. To assist with this process, the mall

employees may have. I have attached copies of the

management will be assigning a team of staff

_______ that I am planning to bring, which includes

members to attend to tenants' inquiries. Copies of the

149.(A) bills

inspection schedule may be obtained from the mall

(B) reports

administration office. Should tenants have any

(C) materials

_______ concerns about the planned activity, they

(D) originals

may contact the administration office at 555-9237 at

any time during mall hours.

information about our company, our products and

services, as well as a sample of our standard contract.
Please get back to me at your earliest convenience so
that I may make further arrangements before Monday.
Thank you!
Yours Truly,
Robert Wells
Division sales manager
Continental Insurance

152.(A) prompt
(B) adjacent
(C) incumbent
(D) immediate
Sylvia Harrow
Administrative head
Super Mall

[ ] 20136 - .


[] 2013 7-
101. Ms. Delaney is expecting an important package

106. Despite being ___________ reminded to submit

this morning and wants Susan to notify __________

his tax forms by the deadline, Robert neglected to do

immediately when it arrives.

so and was forced to pay a fine.

(A) she

(A) repeated

(B) her

(B) repetition

(C) hers

(C) repeating

(D) herself

(D) repeatedly

102. The recipes found on the Web site are easy to

107. The person sitting __________ to the CEO is the

follow, __________ you are not an experienced chef.

regional vice president from Burgundia's European

(A) any


(B) even if

(A) beside

(C) someone

(B) next

(D) whether

(C) along
(D) against

103. Management believes that every employee

108. Stephanie accepted a lucrative job offer from the

______________ to have an equal opportunity for

Australian financial firm soon after ____________ her

advancement, and provides training for that purpose.

business degree.

(A) guarantees

(A) complete

(B) waits

(B) completion

(C) deserves

(C) completes

(D) attempts

(D) completing

104. The event organizers were forced to locate a

109. The newly elected president made it his goal to

last-minute _____________ for the keynote speaker,

maintain ___________ relations with the country's

whose flight was delayed.

neighbors in an effort to promote regional trade.

(A) substitute

(A) stable

(B) confirmation

(B) personal

(C) itinerary

(C) near

(D) consideration

(D) frequent

105. Car owners are instructed to place their parking

110. The young singer gained immediate national

stickers _________ the lower left side of their vehicle

______________ performing the country's anthem


during the televised sporting event.

(A) in

(A) recognize

(B) under

(B) recognizance

(C) on

(C) recognition

(D) at

(D) recognizing

[] 2013 7-
111. Amanda was relieved to learn she needed neither

116. The new manager did an informal ___________

___________ nor expensive medication for her illness.

among the store's customers in the hopes of learning

(A) surgery

what they liked most about the establishment.

(B) surgical

(A) inquiry

(C) surgically

(B) survey

(D) surgeon

(C) rating
(D) assessment

112. Should Stanhope College ___________ Ben's

117. The financial ministers agreed to a plan that

transfer application, he will have to stay at Harmon

would help countries __________ by the economic

University for one more year.

crisis recover as quickly as possible.

(A) reject

(A) affect

(B) rejected

(B) affected

(C) rejects

(C) affecting

(D) will reject

(D) affective

113. ____________ of a room reservation must take

118. The quickest way to get downtown is to take the

place at least 48 hours before a guest's arrival date in

main highway into the city, and _________ the first

order to qualify for a full refund.

exit toward Second Avenue.

(A) Correction

(A) then

(B) Cancellation

(B) where

(C) Preparation

(C) there

(D) Designation

(D) once

114. Seven days after the bank ________ the auction,

119. The assembly instructions must be followed

it was able to sell off its entire inventory of foreclosed

____________ to ensure that the equipment functions


the way it was designed.

(A) commences

(A) exact

(B) had been commenced

(B) exacted

(C) to commence

(C) exactly

(D) commenced

(D) exacting

115. Participants in the three-day seminar are asked

120. The cost-cutting measures adopted by the

to make _________ arrangements for accommodation

company ___________ improved its fiscal position,

as it is not included in the price of registration.

but it is still not profitable.

(A) they

(A) forcefully

(B) theirs

(B) eagerly

(C) their own

(C) gradually

(D) themselves

(D) highly

[] 2013 7-
121. The total price for the machinery purchase,

126. The supervisor's remarkable ___________ to

_____________ taxes and charges for international

motivate and inspire his team members has won him

shipping, is already about $2,000.

the praise of his colleagues.

(A) excluded

(A) resource

(B) exclusive

(B) command

(C) exclusively

(C) ability

(D) excluding

(D) facility

122. Responding to customer feedback, Symbol

Computing has announced it will _________ a smaller

127. This section of the seating area is reserved for

version of its popular 10-inch tablet next year.

very important guests, all of _______ were invited by

(A) recommend

members of the board.

(B) introduce

(A) who

(C) invest

(B) them

(D) receive

(C) whom
(D) that

123. The lawyer ___________ his client to pursue an

amicable settlement with the corporation rather than a

128. Due to previous commitments, the contractor

long and expensive court trial.

______________ its bid for the city government's

(A) counseled

recently announced construction project.

(B) adapted

(A) will withdraw

(C) accused

(B) is withdrawn

(D) discouraged

(C) withdrawing
(D) withdraw

124. The restroom is __________ the automated

teller machines on the first floor, by the entrance to

129. The CEO's proposal to expand into South

the mall.

America will not be ___________ without a substantial

(A) besides

infusion of capital.

(B) opposite

(A) achieve

(C) across

(B) achieving

(D) throughout

(C) achieved
(D) achievable

125. __________ for the posting in Shanghai do not

130. The university will grant special ___________ to

include Chinese language fluency as the company has

students who can demonstrate that they are capable

offered to provide free lessons for the successful

of keeping up with the program's academic demands.


(A) solution

(A) Qualifiers

(B) distribution

(B) Qualifying

(C) consideration

(C) Qualifications

(D) allowance

(D) Qualified

[] 2013 7-
131. Under pressure to meet their Friday deadline, the

136. Obtaining funds from a corporate sponsor for the

production staff worked at an ___________ pace to

foundation's large-scale projects will __________ the

complete the video in time.

need to solicit charitable contributions from the public.

(A) exhausts

(A) diminish

(B) exhausted

(B) retract

(C) exhausting

(C) impair

(D) exhaustion

(D) underestimate

132. The tour group decided to walk to their

137. Guests may receive a free night's stay at the

destination ___________ taking the train, so that they

hotel for every three-day reservation, _________ that

could see some of the sights along the way.

they confirm their booking before the promotion ends

(A) ahead of

in November.

(B) apart from

(A) now

(C) close to

(B) in case

(D) instead of

(C) provided
(D) in spite of

133. Ms. Grossman was given a small, daily allowance

138. The agency's health insurance policy guarantees

to cover __________ fees during her business trip to

payment of either the wages lost by employees during

Limberg last weekend.

a period of illness or their medical bills, _________ of

(A) deficient

the two is higher.

(B) incidental

(A) however

(C) exceptional

(B) any

(D) outstanding

(C) whichever
(D) whatever

134. Noting the ____________ response from

139. A group of former business school classmates got

customers to its latest product offering, Simsan will be

together to launch a/an ___________ whose aim is to

extending its introductory offer by a month.

provide affordable loans to people in rural communities.

(A) usual

(A) businessperson

(B) appropriate

(B) legislator

(C) possible

(C) enterprise

(D) unprecedented

(D) agreement
140. By __________ its products to a series of tests

135. The government agency developed a _________

before releasing them on the market, the appliance

approach to coordinate the relief efforts of various

manufacturer is able to guarantee the quality of each

volunteer operations.


(A) union

(A) installing

(B) unity

(B) subjecting

(C) unify

(C) connecting

(D) unified

(D) preserving

[] 2013 7-
Questions 141-143 refer to the following article.

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

Sebastian Fring

The Hazards of Stress

4778 Autumn Drive,

Danvers, MA 01923

You may eat the right food and get plenty of sleep and
exercise, but what are you doing about stress? Texas
University research psychologist Dr. Anne Warnock,
who has been studying the effects of stress on the

Dear Mr. Fring,

Let me be the first to say that your performance this
past year has been ____________. Thanks to your
144. (A) superb

human immune system, has found that stress may

(B) abundant

have a _________ impact on the body's ability to heal

(C) flourished

141. (A) direct

(D) celebrated

(B) director
leadership, your team has consistently managed to

(C) directed

exceed its quarterly revenue targets and become a

(D) directly

model for others to follow. In addition, client

itself. In just one of several studies, Dr. Warnock

selected 60 nursing professionals who regularly
experienced stress and injected their bodies with a
mild form of the flu virus. She then compared the

satisfaction is at an all-time high in the area in which

you operate. Moreover, your regional vice president
Ms. Dana Black reports that the staff under your direct
supervision is _________ motivated in its pursuit of
145. (A) beneficially

numbers of antibodies their immune systems

(B) strategically

produced to those produced by another group of

(C) highly

people who experienced little to no stress at all. Of the

(D) equally

two groups, nearly all of the nurses reacted poorly to

the flu virus, __________ most in the relaxed group

(A) because
(B) however

the company's mission to be the nation's foremost

provider of corporate health insurance.
Truly, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. In

(C) whereas

recognition of your achievements, I would like to offer

(D) moreover

you a one-time performance bonus of $85,000.

Furthermore, I would like to invite you to attend our

reacted normally. This led Dr. Warnock to conclude

yearly executive seminar scheduled for the third week

that frequent stress weakens the immune system,

of January. There you __________ to the other top

146. (A) will introduce

leaving a stressed person's body vulnerable to even

(B) are introducing

minor ____________ that most people would be


(C) will be introduced

(A) injuries

(D) will have been introduced

(B) illnesses
(C) adjustments

performers in our organization. Congratulations once

(D) differences

again on a job well done and I look forward to meeting

able to handle with ease.

you in person at the coming gathering.

John Palomino
President, Genable Incorporated

[] 2013 7-
Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.
To the Producers of Media in Mind,
As a professional media commentator, I _______ your
147. (A) follow
(B) will follow
(C) to follow
(D) have followed
program for many years now and frequently enjoy the
lively discussions moderated by your host Mr. Guildner.
I find that the guests selected to appear on the show
are often extremely knowledgeable in their fields and
are able to contribute to an interesting and informative
______________ over the day's topics.

(A) article
(B) debate
(C) content
(D) comment

However, I must protest at a recent choice of guest in

Ms. Kathleen Pineda. The opinions that she expressed
regarding the Public Broadcast Network's supposed
liberal bias are completely without basis and actually
reflect her own narrow view of the spectrum of
modern society. I will grant that Ms. Pineda's views are
provocative. However, they are clearly meant to
_____________ an emotional reaction rather than add

(A) cause
(B) relieve
(C) avoid
(D) expand

anything useful to what should be a thoughtful

analysis of the issues at hand. In fact, I find her utter
disregard for facts to be particularly offensive to

Questions 150-152 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Maya Henry <>
From: Zipta customer service <>
Subject: Your request
Date: October 11
Dear Ms. Henry,
I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your message
requesting assistance with modifying your account.
Before we can proceed, I must _______ that we have
150. (A) assure
(B) justify
(C) inform
(D) verify
understood the details of your request correctly.
Presently, you are subscribed to our Basic Home Plan,
which entitles you to five gigabytes of Internet data
per month and free local calls. You have requested an
upgrade to the Home Office Bundle, which, ________
151. (A) according to
(B) except for
(C) in addition to
(D) in case of
unlimited local calls, allows for 200 gigabytes of
Internet data per month plus discounted international
calls. Please confirm that this is correct.
Also, you had asked whether any additional charges
would be incurred by your upgrading to the Home
Office bundle while you still have three months left on
your ________ subscription. Rest assured you will not
152. (A) expired
(B) current
(C) upcoming
(D) perishable
be charged any fees for the upgrade. The upgrade will
take three business days to complete from the time we
receive confirmation from you and charges for the new
subscription will be reflected in your succeeding
monthly bill.

viewers like myself. Surely, you can do better.

To confirm these changes, please reply to this e-mail

or contact me directly at 555-6709. Thank you!


Best regards,

Marcia Hastings
St. Paul Tribune

Angelo Thompson
Customer service representative
Zipta Communications

[] 2013 7- !


[ ] 2013 8-
101. Information will be presented on the topic of






marketing strategies.

102. The critics agreed that yesterdays concert was

__________ well-organized, even if the attendance
was less than expected.

of 9th Avenue and Lauren Street caused a major

backup of traffic in the city center this morning.
(B) into

(B) good

(C) at

(C) much

(D) among

(D) more

103. Drivers parking their vehicles in the facility are

required to _______ a ticket on the front windshield.
(A) view

108. Convention center staff standing at the main

entrance _________ information packets to visitors
attending the trade exposition.
(A) to offer

(B) display

(B) offering

(C) issue

(C) offered

(D) permit

(D) were offered







submitted ______ a month in advance in order to give

supervisors a chance to adjust schedules accordingly.
(A) every

by Mr. Smith be mailed to the firms permanent

(A) are signing
(C) was signing

(C) at least

(D) signed

(D) within

105. At the airports baggage claim, Ms. Simpson

mistakenly picked up the luggage which looked very
similar to ________.

109. The lawyer requested that the contract _______

(B) sign

(B) no later

(D) herself

107. An automobile accident ______ the intersection

(A) over

(A) rather

(C) she

herself _________ going on business trips.

(D) after

(D) so

(B) her

generally makes accommodation arrangements for

(C) when

(C) but

(A) hers

hotels and

(B) upon

(B) or


Ms. Bowen is particular about

(A) during

(A) and



110. An all-day pass for the citys public transport

facilities costs 18 dollars and can be purchased from a
ticket office in _______ subway station.
(A) most
(B) all
(C) a few
(D) any

[ ] 2013 8-
111. The new staff found their training to be most

116. The development firm hopes that its request to
















orientation sessions.

___________ by the City Council soon, so that the

(A) intense

project can begin.

(B) intensity

(A) will have been approving

(C) intensely

(B) have been approved

(D) intensities

(C) will be approved

(D) is approving

112. The airline claimed that the reason for its

117. Results of the recently conducted marketing

increased fares was the rising cost of fuel, and said it

survey revealed high levels of customer __________

would lose money if prices were lower than ________

with the cosmetics line.


(A) satisfied

(A) affordable

(B) satisfactory

(B) current

(C) satisfaction

(C) advisory

(D) satisfies

(D) costly
113. _________ the new film was screened to an

118. Mike Rymer is having difficulty ________ the six

audience of critics, the director came on stage and

staff members transferring to the Jakarta branch with

gave a short talk on the development and production

qualified and experienced programmers.

of the movie.

(A) choosing

(A) Prior to

(B) replacing

(B) Throughout

(C) describing

(C) Before

(D) reviewing

(D) In the event of

114. Medical professionals suggest that people whose

119. Tourists were warned to watch out for tropical

skin is extremely sensitive to sunlight should never go

storms, as the islands weather patterns _________ so

outdoors without wearing a __________ cream.

rapidly during this time of year.

(A) protecting

(A) changed

(B) protective

(B) change

(C) protected

(C) changing

(D) protection

(D) were changing

115. To prove she had already paid the bills, Ms.

120. The airline plans to offer six additional weekly

Sanders sent the supplier some documents which

flights _________ construction on the new terminal in

showed a list of bank ________ for the amounts owed.

Chicago is complete and more gates are available.

(A) incentives

(A) from

(B) evaluations

(B) when

(C) accounts

(C) through

(D) transfers

(D) under

[ ] 2013 8-
121. ________ investing cash into renovating its








current space, the owner of Carlton Caf has decided

construction of a small electronics plant in the region

to move into a newer building with modern facilities.

would probably _______ additional jobs for local

(A) In spite of


(B) Owing to

(A) broaden

(C) Instead of

(B) create

(D) Except for

(C) modify
(D) sponsor

122. A lot of travelers remarked ________ helpful and

127. After ________ her for organizing the convention,

courteous the tourist information booth workers were

the speaker asked Sandra to come to the stage to

in providing answers to their questions.

receive a small award.

(A) so

(A) thankful

(B) how

(B) thanked

(C) on

(C) thanks

(D) very

(D) thanking








128. Professor Ling said that water from melting snow

Business Journal ________ expert financiers to write

in the Rocky Mountains ________ a vast system of

columns about recent economic trends and forecasts.

rivers and lakes during the spring every year.

(A) alleviates

(A) replenishes

(B) recruits

(B) replenishing

(C) introduces

(C) was replenished

(D) organizes

(D) replenished

124. Although Ms. Noble had insufficient experience

129. A _________ presentation on management was

for the job, the director said he would take her

given to the team leaders before they were separated

application _________ consideration as she was highly

into groups for further activities.


(A) compatible

(A) until

(B) brief

(B) for

(C) reliant

(C) above

(D) numerous

(D) into

125. The introduction of the guest speaker had

130. The Bank of Columbia posts the exchange rates


of international currencies on a large display board







auditorium disrupted the event.

________ the establishments service desk.

(A) mostly

(A) next

(B) suddenly

(B) near

(C) hardly

(C) across

(D) spontaneously

(D) along

[ ] 2013 8-
131. Even though the students were ________ told to

136. The newly built office for Mr. Jains marketing

bring their own art supplies for the class, several of

firm is _________ and includes conference rooms, a

them forgot and were unable to participate.

staff lounge, and even a storage area for necessary

(A) presently

work supplies.

(B) convincingly

(A) revisable

(C) momentarily

(B) spacious

(D) repeatedly

(C) anonymous
(D) amendable

132. Customers signing up for a Chelsea Department

137. Those who are applying for a Web designer

Store charge card today will receive a gift certificate

position are required to hand in a complete application

worth $50 ________ a complimentary wallet.

form _________ a portfolio.

(A) likewise

(A) through

(B) already

(B) of

(C) as well as

(C) with

(D) also

(D) like








138. Honoring his _______ accomplishments in the

indicates that all ________ of the structure comply

last quarter, the management gave Mr. Muraoka a

with standard building codes and requirements.

special bonus at the companys anniversary dinner.

(A) types

(A) motivated

(B) charts

(B) respective

(C) blueprints

(C) cautious

(D) aspects

(D) noteworthy

134. Instructions in the machines users manual were

139. The successful applicant for the managerial

not very ________, and many people called the

position will be the one _________ experience and

customer service department for additional assistance.

expertise best fit the requirements of the role.

(A) explicit

(A) he

(B) understanding

(B) his

(C) decisive

(C) whose

(D) genuine

(D) who

135. Colin Johnson waited _________ to hear from

140. All financial ________ made by sponsors to the

the real estate agency for several days to find if the

Kelly Scholarship Foundation are tax-deductible, and

owner of the house had accepted his purchase offer.

receipts will be provided for personal or corporate

(A) anxiously


(B) quickly

(A) drawbacks

(C) successfully

(B) contributions

(D) regularly

(C) assets
(D) amenities

[ ] 2013 8-
Questions 141-143 refer to the following e-mail.
TO: Arnold Gaston <>

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

May 15

FROM: Regina Fontaine <>

Blake Anderson

SUBJECT: Hotel reservation

229 Moresby Lane

DATE: July 10

Arlington, VA 22101

Dear Mr. Gaston,

Dear Mr. Anderson,

According to our records, your subscription to Weekly

I received your request this morning for a reservation


our facility on the


of August

Tube Magazine is ____________ to expire on June 1.


144. (A) close

Unfortunately, we _________ closed our beach

(B) about

141. (A) permanently

(C) away

(B) seasonally

(D) near

(C) temporarily

I will send you a renewal form should you decide to

(D) carelessly

continue enjoying our publication.

You will find it

enclosed with this letter.

cottages. They are a bit outdated and are undergoing
renovations. However, we still have suites available in

We are also pleased to offer you a special discount if



you renew your subscription before the end of this

accommodating up to six guests and also include

month. Youll receive 25 percent off of our regular

kitchenettes. I believe they would be __________ for

_________________. In addition, we will ship you








(A) shortened

145. (A) commission

(B) constructed

(B) price

(C) adequate

(C) admission

(D) enlarged

(D) expense

your family of five. If youd like to proceed with the

a complimentary calendar to show our appreciation for

booking, let me know. We also ask that every guest

your continued business.

____________ us with their credit card information in

143. (A) provided

And remember, if for any reason you arent completely

(B) providing

________________ with the magazine, youre free to

(C) provides

146. (A) compliant

(D) provide

(B) cooperative
(C) familiar

advance. You will not be charged for the stay until you

(D) satisfied

check out on August 3. Should you have any additional

cancel your subscription at any time without paying a

questions or requests, please feel free to contact me

penalty. The cost of any unsent issues will be refunded

at any time.

to you.


Thanks for your loyal patronage!

Regina Fontaine

Melissa Wallace

Manager, Trenton Resort

Circulation manager, Weekly Tube Magazine

[ ] 2013 8-
Questions 150-152 refer to the following memo.
TO: Miranda Department Store Sales Staff

Questions 147-149 refer to the following article.


FROM: Wendy Gates, branch manager


SUBJECT: Holiday work schedule

DATE: October 28

At a press conference Monday morning Ellen Desange,

the Quebec Minister of Transportation, announced that

The holiday shopping season will soon begin, so Id

the province will begin work on a new bridge spanning

like to get our work schedules done in advance to


avoid any problems during this very busy time of year.







__________ the cities of Sainte Croix and Donnacona.

We will need all the ______________ we can get.

147. (A) contain

150. (A) investment

(B) attach

(B) benefits

(C) connect

(C) assistance

(D) uphold

(D) consultation

Construction is scheduled to begin this April and may

Those of you interested in working extra shifts, please

last for up to five years. The bridge ___________ four

let me know as soon as possible by sending an e-mail

148. (A) included





(B) includes

please indicate on what specific dates and times you

(C) will include

are free to do extra shifts ________________ your

(D) has included

151. (A) in addition to

(B) in case of

lanes for traffic as well as a railway for passenger

(C) in reaction to

trains. Desange said the estimated cost for the project

(D) in lieu of

is expected to be $1.2 billion paid in part by the

province and the remainder through federal funding.

regularly timetabled work hours.

The structure will be named Trudeau Bridge, in

____________, the store will be open for business on

commemoration of one of Canadas most famous

152. (A) However

prime ministers. ______________ improvements will

149. (A) Tentative

(B) Furthermore
(C) Even so

(B) Necessary

(D) Regardless

(C) Optional
(D) Problematic
also be made to Highways 132 and 138 on either side
of the structure,as the roads will require widening and

December 24 from 10 A.M. until 9 P.M. to give lastminute shoppers a chance to make their purchases. As
this is a national holiday, those volunteering to work
on that date will be paid overtime. The store will
remain closed on December 25 and 26. If you have
any questions, please feel free to contact me at
extension #119. .


[ ] 2013 9
101. The planning committee will_______ where to

106. Participants in the expedition had to undergo

host the awards dinner after surveying several local

_______ medical examinations to determine if they


were physically fit for the activity.

(A) decide

(A) thorough

(B) be decided

(B) consequential

(C) decides

(C) recent

(D) decided

(D) permissive

102. Maria Lopez chose to find a personal assistant on

107._______ all the passengers were seated, the

______ rather than use the services of a recruitment

helicopter was ready for take-off.


(A) With

(A) her

(B) During

(B) hers

(C) By the time

(C) herself

(D) If

(D) her own

103. Henry contacted the real estate agency about the

108. The wine glasses need to be packed _______ to

office space in Wharton Towers only to be informed

avoid any possible breakage during shipping.

that it had _______ been rented.

(A) more careful

(A) already

(B) carefully

(B) prior

(C) careful

(C) later

(D) care

(D) often
104. Guests to the Klondike Resort said the facilitys

109. Cultural awareness courses were organized for

new event hall was very _______ and welcoming.

foreign staff to help _______ them to local traditions

(A) comfortable

and lifestyles.

(B) comfortably

(A) engage

(C) comforts

(B) accustom

(D) comforted

(C) extend
(D) promote

105. To speak French more _______, the teacher

110. Due to _______ fluency in several European

advised her students to record themselves and listen

languages, Jason had no problem finding a translator

to their pronunciation.


(A) clear

(A) he

(B) clarity

(B) him

(C) clearly

(C) his

(D) clearness

(D) himself

[ ] 2013 9
111. Following a _______ financial investment in

116. Mr. Michaels asked that team members _______

renovating the facility, Geronimo Gym reported a 22

him their summer vacation requests by the end of the

percent increase in new memberships.


(A) considerably

(A) notify

(B) consideration

(B) refer to

(C) considerate

(C) present

(D) considerable

(D) give

112._______ travelers arrive in Istanbul, they will be

117. William called the sports stadium to find out

required to proceed through an immigration check.

_______ time the basketball game is scheduled to

(A) Throughout

begin this evening.

(B) Once

(A) when

(C) Furthermore

(B) what

(D) Either

(C) where
(D) how


Ms. Anderson said she wanted her lawyer to

118. The newspaper article indicated that _______

have a look _______ the lease agreement before she

residents of the downtown area would be affected by

signed it.

the upcoming road construction.

(A) around

(A) simply

(B) in

(B) mostly

(C) down

(C) currently

(D) at

(D) finally

114. The cosmetics firm released an advertising

119._______ no circumstances are employees to

campaign in an effort to _______ sales of its products.

leave the office for any reason during work hours

(A) reveal

without first consulting their supervisors.

(B) raise

(A) Provided

(C) resolve

(B) Under

(D) remind

(C) Within
(D) Between

115. Most views posted in online forums were very

120. The board will meet _______ Tuesday morning

________, especially with the newest season of the

to decide who the replacement will be for the vacant

television series.

executive position.

(A) satisfied

(A) about

(B) satisfactorily

(B) on

(C) satisfactory

(C) until

(D) satisfaction

(D) in

[ ] 2013 9
121. As there were not enough information packets,

126._______ of working overtime on Friday, Inga

the instructor asked participants to share with ______

informed her supervisor that she would come to the

and promised to bring more tomorrow.

firm for a few hours on Saturday.

(A) whoever

(A) In addition

(B) anyone

(B) Instead

(C) each other

(C) Ahead

(D) another

(D) Behind

122. Experts suggest _______ with a mortgage

127. The audience members applauded and gave

professional before looking for a new home to get an

Professor Benson a _______ welcome as he came up

idea of a budget.

on stage.

(A) to consult

(A) potential

(B) consulting

(B) warm

(C) consulted

(C) complimentary

(D) consults

(D) cozy

123.Sunderson Technologies hopes to ________ its

128. The bank is _______ considering offering short-

public image by getting more involved in community

term loans to small businesses at lower rates of

events and sponsoring charities.


(A) improve

(A) seriously

(B) attract

(B) periodically

(C) obtain

(C) effortlessly

(D) unveil

(D) normally

124. Due to the _______ repairs on the citys subway

129. All Dayton Electronics products come with a full

system, the Transit Authority will be increasing fees

_______ for repair and replacement during the first

next month.

year of ownership.

(A) valuable

(A) promise

(B) expensive

(B) warranty

(C) fiscal

(D) reduction

(D) monetary

(D) capacity

125. Dr. Song is involved in the study of _______ new

130. Candidates who do not submit applications

fuels that are less environmentally damaging and

________ the deadline of October 19 will not be

made from organic materials.

considered for the accounting position.

(A) to develop

(A) into

(B) developed

(B) by

(C) development

(C) to

(D) developing

(D) over

[ ] 2013 9
131. As market analysts expected, competition

136. As _______ in the users manual, Kevin kept the

between the two sports drink producers was _______

printers extra ink cartridges in a cool, dry location.

during the summer months.

(A) suggesting

(A) escalated

(B) suggestion

(B) condensed

(C) suggested

(C) evaluated

(D) suggest

(D) supplemented
132. As Ms. Swenson had made reservations in _____,

137. The authors newest book _______ deals with

she and her guests did not have to sit in the waiting

the true story of a lawyer who gave up her profession

area and were immediately escorted to their table.

to focus on charitable causes.

(A) regard

(A) commonly

(B) timing

(B) primarily

(C) advance

(C) collectively

(D) hand

(D) marginally

133. To maintain strong _______ among the staff, the

138.A local weather expert _______ severe

computer technician developed a new instant

thunderstorms for the upcoming weekend, so

messaging system for the companys Intranet site.

Kentvilles Foundation Day Parade may be cancelled.

(A) rewards

(A) forecasting

(B) resolution

(B) forecasts

(C) concerns

(C) to forecast

(D) communication

(D) forecaster

134. The hotel developer, _______ by the mayor of

139. Because of a _______ donation from a local

the city, was on hand at the launch of the newly built

business tycoon, the hospital was able to construct an


additional wing.

(A) accompanying

(A) minimal

(B) was accompanied

(B) temporary

(C) will be accompanied

(C) substantial

(D) accompanied

(D) agreeable

135. In ________ of a large turnout, conference

140._______ becoming the CEO of Indochine

organizers decided to open an extra registration desk.

International, Madeleine Assam has been under a lot

(A) anticipation

of pressure to come up with strategies for corporate

(B) anticipator


(C) anticipated

(A) From

(D) anticipating

(B) Since
(C) Near
(D) While

[ ] 2013 9
Questions 141-143 refer to the following e-mail.
TO: Suzanne Carter <>

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

July 14

FROM: Adrian De Fleur <>

SUBJECT: New client

Dear Madam or Sir,

DATE: April 9
I subscribed to your magazine, National News Weekly,
Hi Suzanne,

about two months ago on May 11._______, I have

144. (A) Furthermore

Youll be happy to hear that I _______ got a call from

(B) Unfortunately

141. (A) frequently

(C) Until then

(B) soon

(D) Otherwise

(C) just
(D) besides

yet to get a single issue of the publication. I checked

with my credit card company and they confirmed that

Van Staten Insurance, and they are pleased with our

payment was received by your circulation office. I

proposal for their lobby and conference room. They

also sent you an e-mail regarding this problem a week

want to hire us for the job. So, we have a lot to

ago but have not received a _______. Could you

accomplish in the next few weeks. You can contact

145. (A) substitute

Sandra Davies and set up an appointment. Tomorrow

(B) response

or Friday will be fine. We need to show her some paint

(C) bill

and flooring samples. When you are done, youll need

(D) registration

to drop by Madison Hardware at 7283 Salome Street

to get the samples. Ive already contacted them this

please check your records and let me know why I have

morning and told them what we _______.

not yet been sent _______? My order number is

142. (A) will be needed

146. (A) anything

(B) have been needed

(B) something

(C) needs

(C) nothing

(D) need

(D) no

I will prepare our sketches and blueprints, and Adam

34059387. Please contact me by phone at (509)555-

is workingon a ________ breakdown of costs.

3049 or by e-mail at If I

143. (A) completely

(B) completes

do not hear from you within a week, I will request that

my credit card company reverse payment.

(C) complete
(D) completing

Polly Main


[ ] 2013 9
Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.
November 21

Questions 150-152 refer to the following article.

Charles Huntington

Shoppers Less Likely to Buy Clothing Online

394 Virginia Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30303

A new study conducted by the West Coast Business

Bureau showed that customers are still more likely to

Dear Mr. Huntington,

buy clothing from a store than an online site. A survey

was conducted by the bureau last month, and ______

I would ________ like to offer you the job of office

150. (A) whoever

147. (A) cautiously

(B) those

(B) officially

(C) who

(C) attentively

(D) these

(D) thankfully
questioned said that they preferredshopping for
manager for Blalock AccountingsAtlanta branch.

clothing in a store because they could try on different

We were very happy with your interview. Your


qualifications and experience were also impressive.

151. (A) garments

The position willbegin on December 12.

(B) samples
(C) categories

________ is a copy of the contract we discussed along

(D) equipments

148. (A) Enclosure

(B) Enclosing

Also, many respondents said that a lot of clothing

(C) Enclosed

generally looks more attractive in photos than it does

(D) Enclose

in reality. Others indicated it was difficult to know the

true color of clothesfrom online photographs.

with an employee manual.

Internet sales for clothing are continuously rising.

However, growth is not significant compared to other

We also request that you come by our office this week

types of products. Items such as toys, books,

to sign the necessary documents. This will need to be

accessories, and electronic devices are reporting

done before you can start the job. Please call my

annual sales increases of up to 25 percent, while sales

assistant at (498)555-3048 to let her know when you

of clothing only went up _______ 4 percent last year.

will be by.

152. (A) after

(B) by

I look forward to _______ with you in the future.

(C) at

149. (A) working

(D) of

(B) worked
(C) worker
(D) works

Daniela Sears

[ ] 2013 9 .




Answer Sheet, , .

23 ___ ___.
* , .
* .


101. The school put out an advertisement for an _______ after

106. After learning of a serious defect with one of their

Mr. Fields abruptly resigned from his teaching post.

products, Samson Appliance took ________ action to recall it

(A) instruct

from stores.

(B) instructor

(A) momentary

(C) instruction

(B) prompt

(D) instructing

(C) sudden
(D) alert

102. The Web site provides clear explanations for how to

107. Mr. Olson did not reveal what was ________ his decision

________ the unwanted software applications that come with

to resign as CEO, but there are rumors that he was asked by

new computers.

the board to leave.

(A) install

(A) before

(B) arrange

(B) between

(C) remove

(C) behind

(D) destroy

(D) beside

103. Analysts do not think the economy is improving, ________

108. The mayor sends her ________ at being unable to attend

do they think it will until businesses start to hire in large

the opening of Chatham's latest store on Third Avenue.


(A) assistance


(B) messages

(A) nor

(C) condition

(B) but

(D) regrets

(C) yet
(D) though

104. The brochures that Ms. Pollack will be ________ out at

109. Job applicants hoping to impress prospective

this weekend's trade convention will be mailed directly to her

employers________ only the accomplishments that are


relevant to the post they are seeking.

(A) hands

(A) listing

(B) handed

(B) to list

(C) handing

(C) lists

(D) hand

(D) should list

105. Decreased consumer spending in the first half of the year

110. ________ since winning the nationally televised

was _______ an effect of the economic crisis.

competition, Paul Hartley has been recognized in public almost

(A) primarily

wherever he goes.

(B) primariness

(A) Ever

(C) primary

(B) From

(D) primaries

(C) Once
(D) Still


111. Passage of the new bill would grant ________ protection

116. The company is looking for volunteers who can make

from unfair employment practices to citizens and immigrant

________ available to work over the next six weekends.

workers alike.

(A) they

(A) equals

(B) them

(B) equally

(C) their own

(C) equal

(D) themselves

(D) equality

112. In order to ________ the packaged food items from

117. The state may be confronted with an energy crisis if it

spoiling, they must be stored in a cool, dry place away from

does nothing to address the _________ of demand for

direct sunlight.

electricity among its residents.

(A) stay

(A) balance

(B) keep

(B) excess

(C) hold

(C) plenty

(D) lift

(D) extra

113. Some sections of Hayden Boulevard will be ________

118. Elaine decided to type up the marketing report ________

closed to traffic during the president's visit to the city on

since everyone else on the staff was busy with other



(A) ordinarily

(A) she

(B) temporarily

(B) her

(C) obviously

(C) hers

(D) presently

(D) herself

114. ________ of the firm's operations in Jakarta will be

119. _________ how many people actually sign up for the

supervised by someone from the head office.

business convention, it will have to take place as planned.

(A) Manage

(A) Even if

(B) Manages

(B) As though

(C) Manager

(C) Except for

(D) Management

(D) Regardless of

115. Copies of all meeting notes are easily ________ through

120. Company policy dictates that anyone who wishes to take

the corporate secretary, Randall Jones.

a leave of absence of more than two days must provide a

(A) visual

________ explanation.

(B) exhibited

(A) detail

(C) obtainable

(B) details

(D) recovering

(C) detailing
(D) detailed


121. As a respected member of the community, Ms. Phillips is

126. After a two-hour delay, the passengers on flight 891

________ invited to attend important social gatherings.

bound for Tokyo were finally ________ they could proceed to

(A) frequent

the gate for boarding.

(B) frequently

(A) told

(C) frequented

(B) telling

(D) frequency

(C) been told

(D) tell

122. The promotion to regional director was awarded to

127. The government plans to publish specific information

Stephanie,________ performance last year far surpassed that

about its projects, ________ enabling taxpayers to learn how

of every other candidate.

their money is being used.

(A) her

(A) also

(B) whom

(B) thus

(C) whose

(C) then

(D) whomever

(D) until

123. Dr. Paley credits his success as a leading scientific

128. Exhibits from the National Museum's permanent

researcher to the ________ his professors had throughout his

collection are now ________ for online viewing to registered

academic upbringing.


(A) influence

(A) qualified

(B) suggestion

(B) available

(C) efficiency

(C) invited

(D) attempt

(D) completed

124. Early predictions are that the North Carolina Pirates will

129. Researchers at Jepson Industrials have devised a

continue their winning streak for ________ of the season and

________ approach to home heating that promises to reduce

secure a place in the finals.

utility costs by as much as 40 percent.

(A) most

(A) common

(B) the most

(B) novel

(C) many

(C) connecting

(D) almost

(D) guaranteed

125. ________ to the 12th Annual Conference on Climate

130. The Longman Foundation _______ funds various research

Change are eligible to receive a discount on hotel

programs with a focus on endangered marine habitats.


(A) part

(A) Applicants

(B) parts

(B) Gatherings

(C) partial

(C) Visitors

(D) partially

(D) Participants


131. The government has approved a hike in the minimum

136. Thousands of students ________ took last month's state

wage, which had not been ________ for increases in living

medical licensing exam are eagerly awaiting the

expenses for several years.

announcement of their test results.

(A) renovated

(A) they

(B) allocated

(B) themselves

(C) adjusted

(C) whoever

(D) transformed

(D) who

132. A number of vocational colleges have introduced new

137. Suppliers may secure contracts with the Moore

course offerings ________ to better reflect recent changes in

Convention Center for up to 10 years, with the possibility

the job market.

_______ a renewal for three more after that.

(A) whereas

(A) in

(B) so as

(B) under

(C) such that

(C) of

(D) prior

(D) besides

133. To ________ the needs of a growing suburban population,

138. The leadership trainings will include a session on

the regional rail service will be extending its service into

________ styles and the advantages of each type.

Danville, Rochester, and Plymouth.

(A) managerial

(A) serving

(B) official

(B) serve

(C) central

(C) served

(D) principal

(D) service

134. The government's tax policy allows for workers ________

139. The supervisor felt that firing the erring employees was a

a family at home to make certain additional deductions that are

more appropriate response than taking disciplinary action,

not available to individuals.

________ their history of unprofessional behavior.

(A) raised

(A) during

(B) raises

(B) with

(C) raising

(C) through

(D) to raise

(D) given

135. ________ a six-month delay caused by unforeseen events,

140. The Dutch firm of Verborgen has developed a unique

Plainview Contractors will resume construction of the shopping

product with the capacity to convert oils extracted from plants

complex on Bond Street this fall.

into fuel, ________ the interest of investors from around the

(A) Now that


(B) Unless

(A) attracts

(C) As

(B) attracted

(D) After

(C) attracting
(D) will attract


Questions 141-143refer to the following article.

Questions 144-146refer to the following letter.

Remote Working Gaining Wide Acceptance

To Our Valued Customers,

Research firm ETG International, which conducts periodic

surveys among managers _______ a range of

Your concerns _________. Beginning next month, the

141. (A) across

144. (A) will hear

(B) about

(B) have heard

(C) for

(C) will be heard

(D) at

(D) have been heard

global industries, says that employees are

Southern California Gas and ElectricCompany will be

telecommuting in larger numbers, spending ever greater

introducing a redesigned billing statement that includes

amounts of their work hours away from their cubicles and

features suggested by customers who took part in last year's

desks. While this practice has been most common among

online surveys and focus group discussions. Improvements

companies that deal in information, it has also been rising

include a larger typeface for easier reading, clearly marked

among those that are more physically bound, such as

details and numbers, as well as information to help you

manufacturers. ______ ETG

understand and manage your monthly energy ______.

142. (A) As for




145. (A) usage

(B) According to

(B) policy

(C) To

(C) sources

(D) Subsequent to

(D) prices




computing and communications have been central to this

And in case you weren't aware, our paperless billing system

growth. However, she adds that increasing awareness of

has been operational since last year. Sign up to receive your

telecommuting's advantages, which include improvements in

monthly statements through our Web site and get useful

productivity, staff retention, and operating costs, has also

advice on how to ________ your

played a key role. Ms. Hawkins predicts that the trend is

146. (A) mail

______ to continue

(B) modify
143. (A) likelihood

(C) lower

(B) likely
(C) liked

(D) print
monthly bill.

(D) likeness
well into the foreseeable future.

Enjoy greater savings with the Southern California Gas and

Electric Company!
John Hamill
CEO, Southern California gas and Electric Company


Questions 147-149refer to the following letter.

Questions 150-152refer to the following letter.

Dear Ms. Young,

Dear residents,

Thank you for considering my application for the position of

Please be informed that we have _______ the services

Regional Sales Manager at Harvey Worldwide. With over two

150. (A) security

decades of experience as a sales executive, I feel I am highly

(B) secured

qualified to meet the ________ of the post.

(C) securing

147. (A) standards

(D) secure

(B) intentions

of Jameson Pool Supply to perform necessary repairs to the

(C) demands

community pool on the third floor of the building. Jameson

(D) consequences

Pool Supply was selected through a fair bidding process,

details of ________ are available

In my past capacity as the vice president for sales at Grover

151. (A) where

Insurance, I was responsible for over 200 employees, directing

(B) what

their activities _________ the

(C) which
148. (A) near

(D) whose

(B) over

in the management office. Additionally, a temporary work

(C) along

schedule has been posted on the bulletin board in the building

(D) toward

lobby. Work will begin as soon as the materials estimate is

achievement of sales objectives. Under my leadership, our

approved and an itemized expense report will be sent out to all

division was able to generate substantial revenues while

the residents________ the repairs are complete.


152. (A) since







opportunity, and with the skills and knowledge I ________, I am

(B) once

confident that similar successes could

(C) until

149. (A) was acquired

(D) unless

(B) will be acquired

(C) acquiring

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

(D) have acquired

be achieved within your organization.

Paula Parker

Please find further details about my qualifications in the

Hartley Towers association presiden

enclosed rsum.
Thank you. .

Matthew Hill



Answer Sheet, , .

23 ___ ___.
* , .
* .


101. Helen had to give the property development presentation

107. To improve working ______ at the factory, the owner

by ______ as the others on the team were unavailable.

enlarged the staff lounge and added a small sports facility for

(A) herself

staff use.

(B) her

(A) authorizations

(C) she

(B) conditions

(D) hers

(C) positions
(D) functions

102. The previous venue was too small, so the trade fair will
be held in a larger ______ this year.

108. Users who experience severe sickness when using the

(A) region

medication should immediately ______ a medical professional.

(B) location

(A) communicate

(C) placement

(B) talk

(D) addition

(C) contact
(D) reserve

103. Information packets including schedules, maps, and

participating businesses were given to ______ attendee.

109. To guarantee that news is reported ---------, the TV studio

(A) all

has a team of interns who check all facts used in stories.

(B) each

(A) accurate

(C) many

(B) accuracy

(D) some

(C) accurately
(D) accurateness

104. Although not required, Cal-Zona Petroleum prefers hiring

workers with a basic ______ of spoken Spanish.

110. For the convenience of international travelers, an

(A) know

exchange bureau is located at Central Train Station right

(B) knowing

______ the main ticketing area at the front entrance.

(C) knew

(A) onto

(D) knowledge

(B) away
(C) next to

105. The new marketing campaign brought about ______

(D) between

results and helped increase sales by 24 percent.

(A) successful

111. To ______ in building the local economy, the mayor wants

(B) succeed

to offer tax incentives to industrial developers.

(C) successfully

(A) assists

(D) successes

(B) assisting
(C) assistance

106. ______ the weather continued to worsen, all flights

(D) assist

leading to and from Denver International Airport were canceled.

(A) Although

112. All instructors ______ the new staff members are experts

(B) Furthermore

in their specific fields of study.

(C) Because

(A) training

(D) However

(B) trains
(C) trained
(D) train


113. Those arriving late for a screening are asked to enter the

119. Ms. Thompson _______ cooks for business or corporate

theater as ______as possible, so as not to disturb our other

events, but the majority of her catering work is done for

guests already watching a movie.


(A) silence

(A) occasionally

(B) silenced

(B) occasion

(C) silently

(C) occasional

(D) silent

(D) occasions

114. The tour group ______ 10 oclock will visit three of

120. Jonathan Meijer was selected ______ head the

Londons most famous sites and then tour the British Museum

companys new regional office in Frankfurt mainly because of

in the afternoon after a light lunch.

his knowledge of Central Europes consumer trends.

(A) beforehand

(A) from

(B) leaving at

(B) at

(C) apart from

(C) to

(D) beginning on

(D) by

115. The office supply store offers free delivery services to

121. The trade fair organizers reported record numbers

customers who ______ orders within the city limits of Adelaide.

attending the event ______ poor weather conditions throughout

(A) refund

its duration.

(B) place

(A) even though

(C) locate

(B) in spite of

(D) arrive

(C) owing to
(D) instead of

116. The department store offers neither exchanges nor

refunds for ______ item unless it is accompanied with its

122. Ms. Lucci brought up her upcoming retirement during the

original receipt.

meeting and made ______ for a qualified replacement.

(A) either

(A) suggestion

(B) some

(B) to suggest

(C) any

(C) suggestions

(D) few

(D) suggesting

117. Last year, the Ministry of the Environment _____ a study

123. The banks Web site ______ clients to make payments,

on the long-term effects of industrial farming on soil quality.

transfer funds, and check current account balances.

(A) sponsor

(A) prohibits

(B) will sponsor

(B) takes

(C) sponsored

(C) provides

(D) to sponsor

(D) allows

118. After 40 minutes, the speaker ______ to answer any

124. Erinvale Consulting gives professional ______ to

questions the seminar participants had.

companies requiring assistance with office systemization and

(A) indicated

creating a more productive work environment.

(B) paused

(A) advisory

(C) directed

(B) advice

(D) mentioned

(C) advised
(D) advisor


130. A panel of expert judges ______ who the winners are after
125. After reviewing all the applications, Jeremy compiled a

carefully reviewing and discussing all submissions for the

short list of ______ candidates for the legal position, which he

writing contest next week.

then gave to the director of personnel.

(A) will determine

(A) suitable

(B) determined

(B) suiting

(C) has determined

(C) suits

(D) determine

(D) suitably
131. ______ taking attendance, the course instructor explained
126. The employee awards ceremony will take place ______

to the assembled students what they would learn throughout

the same hotel it was conducted in previous years.

the course.

(A) out

(A) Around

(B) at

(B) After

(C) for

(C) Within

(D) yet

(D) Prior

127. If you have further queries ______ borrowing and paying

132. Apart from ______ its furniture from high-quality materials,

back a small business loan, please speak to one of the

the company is also known for the simple and elegant designs

account representatives at any branch.

of its merchandise.

(A) concerned

(A) manufacture

(B) concerns

(B) manufacturing

(C) concerning

(C) manufactured

(D) concern

(D) manufactures

128. The Brighton Zoo ______ closes on Monday mornings to

133. Wendy Washingtons newest novel was ______ by an

conduct maintenance and cleaning work, and does not admit

actual situation experienced by her family many years ago.

visitors until noon.

(A) overwhelmed

(A) normality

(B) inspired

(B) normalize

(C) written

(C) normally

(D) published

(D) normal
134. ______ stoplights in the city malfunction, police officers
129. Those involved in the focus group were asked to ______

are sent to the location to help direct traffic in a safe manner.

problems they had encountered with telephone service

(A) What

providers in the past.

(B) Already

(A) speak

(C) When

(B) describe

(D) So

(C) deal
(D) suggest

135. ______ invitations were sent out nearly two weeks ago,
most people have yet to notify the museum of whether or not
they will be coming to the exhibit launch.
(A) Regardless
(B) Though
(C) Often
(D) Early


136. Matt Brown is trying to find ______ to help with the

Questions 141-143 refer to the following advertisement

planning and execution of the annual corporate retreat.

Participate in This Years Foundation Day Festival!

(A) voluntary
(B) volunteering

If you own a local business, why not take part in the festivities

(C) volunteer

for this years 90th Annual Foundation Day Festival? You can

(D) volunteers

participate in several different ways!

If you are a business owner ______ operates a

137. To raise ______ of the youth organization, the public

141. (A) what

relations associate started a page on a social-networking site.

(B) who

(A) information

(C) this

(B) awareness

(D) how

(C) funding
(D) opinions

restaurant, bakery, or caf,consider using a booth to sell your

products! Rentals start at only $100 per day.

138. Please write down the number of the credit card to ______

Or, you can become one of our ______! For a donation

you would like to charge the purchase, along with an expiry

142. (A) organizers


(B) sponsors

(A) which

(C) executives

(B) why

(D) members

(C) whatever
(D) who

of $500, your businesss logo and contact information will be

featured on all posters, brochures, and other printed material.

139. Mr. Blackwells new car seems almost ______ to his

previous one, but it is actually more fuel-efficient and has

And we ______ for volunteers as well! Help us out

additional features in the interior.

143.(A) have looked

(A) same

(B) looked

(B) level

(C) are looking

(C) identical

(D) were looking

(D) close
with ticket sales, set-up, or at the information booths.
140. Even though Royal Jubilee Hospital is having its

Call Henry Denk from Parks and Recreation at (250)555-7788

fundraising campaign in November this year, it is ______ held

to find out more about how your business can be involved in

in December during the holiday season.

this years events.

(A) general
(B) generally
(C) generalizing
(D) generalized


Questions 144-146refer to the following article

Questions 147-149 refer to the following e-mail..
Parsons Financial Group Announces Executive Change

FROM: Ellen Griggs <>

TO: Justin Albright <>

New York City-based Parsons Financial Group announced

SUBJECT: Re: Information request

that Mindy Arun has been chosen as its ______ chief executive

DATE: February 28

officer. Arun will replace

144.(A) latest

Dear Ms. Griggs,

(B) best
(C) fastest

Thank you for your recent ______. We appreciate your 147.(A)

(D) cheapest

(B) report

outgoing CEO Andrew Pendleton. Pendleton is stepping down

(C) selection

at the end of the month after nearly 15 years in the position

(D) offer interest in our

and will move to Olsen Finance.

products, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Arun has been with Parsons for the past four years, starting
out as a market analyst. She ______ moved

In regard to bulk orders, we do offer free shipping services for

145. (A) slowly

purchases of $1000 or more. For those under this amount,

(B) partially

youll be ______ to cover all

(C) rapidly

148. (A) requiring

(D) hardly

(B) required
(C) requirement

up the corporate ladder and has been the companys vice

(D) require

president of development for the past three years.

Im looking forward to the challenge, Arun said in a press

expenses for handling and delivery.

release. I hope our clients will place as much trust in me as

they have in Mr. Pendleton. Arun______ the new position

You also asked if insurance was available for shipping.

officially from October 1.

Actually, our company already has coverage from an

146. (A) assumed

insurance firm, so any damage or breakage incurred during

(B) will assume

the delivery process will be dealt with by us. So, you will not

(C) had assumed

need to ______ about anything.

(D) assume

149. (A) conduct

(B) worry
(C) focus
(D) discuss
Should you decide to proceed with your purchase, please
include this coupon code in your order form to receive 20
percent off your first purchase: EG837498. This is just our way
of thanking you for your business, in hopes of conducting
more in the future.
Justin Albright
Sales associate, Lexington Corporation


Questions 150-152 refer to the following article

Merrisvale to Ban Soft Drinks in Public Schools
The Public School Board of Merrisvale voted unanimously at a
meeting last Thursday to ban the sale and serving of soft
drinks in all public schools. A proposal was ______ by the
Merrisvale Parent Teacher
150. (A) edited
(B) approved
(C) rejected
(D) submitted
Association (MPTA)to remove the beverages. Soft drinks
contain large amounts of refined sugar and artificial coloring.
These ingredients can be ______
151. (A) slightly
(B) incredibly
(C) tentatively
(D) heavily
Says MPTA chair, Amanda Dayton. We want our children to
be in good shape, so we suggested to the board that schools
start serving other options including sparkling water and fruit
Response to the announcement has been mostly positive from
local parents. At an MPTA meeting yesterday, audience
members applauded when the decision was announced. Many
in attendance said they are pleased with the efforts ______ by
the school
152.(A) being made
(B) were made
(C) have made
(D) is making
board to protect their childrens wellbeing. .




Answer Sheet, , .

23 ___ ___.
* , .
* .


101. Passengers were _____ a choice of a meat or vegetarian

107. As the cost of fuel continues to increase, fares have been

meal option on the flight to San Diego.

adjusted _____ by air carriers.

(A) received

(A) accordingly

(B) given

(B) potentially

(C) accepted

(C) accurately

(D) purchased

(D) persuasively

102. The inspector _____ the assembly line equipment daily to

108. The _____ gave high marks for the new restaurants food,

make sure it is functional and safe for use.

but said he was not pleased with the poor service.

(A) checking

(A) criticism

(B) checks

(B) critical

(C) checked

(C) critics

(D) check

(D) critic

103. _____ arriving late to the lecture are asked to enter the
hall quietly so as not to disturb other audience members.

109. The hotel is undergoing renovations which include an

(A) Anyone

_____ lobby and an expansive fitness center.

(B) Another

(A) enlarge

(C) Those

(B) enlarging

(D) Someone

(C) enlarged
(D) enlarges

104. According to the newspaper, the primary reason the

company went out of business _____ poor management.
(A) were

110. As the meeting is scheduled for the early morning, a light

(B) being

breakfast will be _____ to attendees.

(C) been

(A) provided

(D) was

(B) complimentary
(C) open
(D) allowed

105. During the trade fair, the jewelry manufacturer _____

more than 500 copies of its catalog.
(A) participated

111. The presentation must be planned precisely as the team

(B) advertised

_____ has 20 minutes to describe the merchandise line.

(C) distributed

(A) shortly

(D) collected

(B) ever
(C) only
(D) also

106. To make better use of _____ time at the workshop,

participants will take part in small group activities.
(A) they

112. The visitor _____ the banks Hong Kong branch was very

(B) themselves

impressed with the Singapore offices staff development

(C) their


(D) theirs

(A) into


(B) from
(C) on

118. Upon _____ about the new office building on the news,

(D) over

Ms. Preston contacted the agency to make an appointment to

see a unit.
(A) discussing

113. Those needing to use the laboratory facilities _____ any

(B) hearing

experimentation must get permission from the supervisor in

(C) finding


(D) choosing

(A) on
(B) about
(C) for

119. In case of loss or theft, credit card owners must

(D) through

immediately inform the company _____ that it can be

(A) so

114. Sales staff at Lintan Electronics receive an extra 5

(B) in

percent commission _____ their regular hourly salaries.

(C) now

(A) apart from

(D) given

(B) prior to
(C) instead of
(D) regardless

120. The television network will only contact _____ applicants

who have been selected for interviews.
(A) submitted

115. Local residents will _____ that there will be a short power

(B) potential

outage next week due to maintenance work.

(C) shortlisted

(A) notify

(D) arguable

(B) be notified
(C) notifying
(D) have notified

121. Customers who would like to make a purchase _____

should go to the front desk and fill out a form.
(A) exchanger

116. To keep prices low, many companies _____ production to

(B) exchanging

countries where labor costs are less expensive.

(C) exchange

(A) outsource

(D) exchanged

(B) export
(C) reduce
(D) facilitate

122. The construction firm will begin building the new

apartment tower _____ the next month.
(A) within

117. _____ the cold weather conditions, hundreds of spectators

(B) between

showed up for the free concert in the park.

(C) near

(A) Furthermore

(D) around

(B) Despite
(C) However
(D) Owing to


(B) had been attracted

123. Anyone wishing to enroll in the upcoming marketing

(C) have attracted

workshop should contact _____ by Friday.

(D) have been attracted

(A) representative
(B) instructor
(C) personnel

129. The lecturer said that medical staff need to have the

(D) supervisor

ability to _____ communicate with patients in an understanding

(A) clearly

124. The productivity of staff was _____ improved after the

(B) clear

company implemented the incentive program.

(C) clearing

(A) cautiously

(D) cleared

(B) noticeably
(C) periodically

130. _____ needed, staff may pick up office supplies and

(D) previously

stationery from the closet located next to the lounge.

(A) However
(B) Whatever

125. As far as the client is concerned, the agency is _____ to

(C) Whenever

alert passengers about any changes to the travel itinerary.

(D) Whichever

(A) obligated
(B) obligating
(C) obligates

131. The director asked for additional details regarding the

(D) obligation

proposal, so that he would be _____ of making an informed

(A) considerate

126. The consultant looked for evidence ______ the assembly

(B) capable

system was flawed, but could find none.

(C) available

(A) of

(D) able

(B) that
(C) regarding
(D) which

132. _____ the movie cost very little to produce, its seemingly
low box-office total is actually very profitable.
(A) Considering

127. The investment group hired an executive _____

(B) Although

professional experience in the field of stock markets was

(C) In response to

unparalleled by any other candidate.

(D) On account of

(A) whom
(B) who
(C) what

133. In spite of _____ stricter regulations concerning

(D) whose

production schedules, the factory was still not meeting

(A) having implemented

128. Most of the organizers agreed that the event would _____

(B) was implemented

more attendees if it had been more widely promoted.

(C) has implemented

(A) have been attractive

(D) being implemented


(A) qualify
134. _____ to the museums main lobby is temporarily blocked

(B) qualification

until Monday as it is being refurbished.

(C) qualities

(A) Approach

(D) qualified

(B) Access
(C) Limit
(D) Usage

140. Because it uses only nutritious ingredients in its products,

Prime-Pastures has become _____ popular with parents of
young children.

135. The irrigation system collects rainwater, _____ it in

(A) increasingly

storage containers for future use in gardens and yards.

(B) increased

(A) to be conserved

(C) increasing

(B) conserved

(D) increases

(C) being conserved

(D) conserving

136. The weekly business journal is well-known for _____

predicting economic fluctuations.
(A) accuracy
(B) accurate
(C) accurately
(D) accuracies

137. The corporation is investing more money into the

development of _____ energy in anticipation of declining use of
fossil fuels.
(A) renewable
(B) alternating
(C) susceptible
(D) illustrative

138. Some reading materials _____ the upcoming seminar

were e-mailed by the facilitator to the registered participants.
(A) pertaining
(B) informing
(C) as to
(D) in light of

139. The board of directors is currently searching for _____

candidates to take Ms. Williams place when she retires next


Questions 141-143 refer to the following e-mail.

appointment as soon as possible.

TO: Alison Stembridge <>

FROM: Jeremiah Francis <>

Thank you for your interest.

SUBJECT: Re: Job vacancy

DATE: May 11
Sincerely yours,
Dear Ms. Stembridge,
Jeremiah Francis
Thank you for the message _______ the assistant

Associate director, human resources

141. (A) concerned

(B) concern
(C) concerning
(D) concerns
interior designer position here at Cusenier Designs. The
position is still available, and the deadline for application is
May 20.

Questions 144-146 refer to the following memo.

TO: Sales staff
FROM: Deanna McFadden
SUBJECT: Holiday sale work schedule
DATE: November 22

If you are interested in applying for the job, please send me a

cover letter, updated rsum, and two references from

Setta Department Store will once again be _______ its

_______ employers. You may forward

144. (A) canceling

142. (A) future

(B) delaying

(B) previous

(C) considering

(C) chosen
(D) occasional
these documents to me at this e-mail address. We _______
you whether you have been selected by e- mail on May 24.
143. (A) will notify
(B) notified
(C) notify
(D) had notified

(D) hosting
annual holiday sale from December 1-3. As with previous
years, we expect a lot of customers on these days. We will
need as many of you as possible to work during the sale.
______, we are asking for sales staff
145. (A) Consequently
(B) However
(C) Instead
(D) In addition

If you receive an interview request, please confirm the

to sign up for overtime shifts. Please visit the administrative


office to see which shifts are available.

Your vendor registration form for the Toronto Medical

Equipment Fair being held on August 29-30 arrived this

Those signing up for extra work will receive overtime pay and

morning. We appreciate your interest in renting a booth to ___

one extra vacation day per shift.

your companys products. Unfortunately,

147. (A) manufacture

Also, please note that the store will close early at 4 P.M. on

(B) showcase

December 24, and December 25 and 26 are national holidays.

(C) exchange

Those wanting additional days off must notify their supervisors

(D) assemble

by the end of this week.

there are no booths available for the size you ______.

148. (A) will select

Thank you for your _______ in these matters.

(B) were selected

146. (A) cooperation

(C) had selected

(B) submission

(D) selecting

(C) suggestion

We do have larger ones at an additional total cost of $300. If

(D) designation

youd like to go ahead and book a bigger one, please let me

know as soon as possible, as vacancies are filling up quickly.

Deanna McFadden
Setta Department Store, branch manager

You can call me at 555-4958 or send me a message to We will also require full payment of the
rental fee by the end of this month. You may send a direct wire
transfer, or simply provide a credit card number _______ the

Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.

June 9

expiration date.
149. (A) above
(B) along with

Barbara Karenina
296 Hudson Avenue

(C) by
(D) such as

Windsor, ON N8N-1M0
I hope to hear from you soon.
Dear Ms. Karenina,
Eric Choi


Event organizerEvent organizer

budget of $48 million and is scheduled to ________ next

summer on August 8.
152. (A) premiere

Questions 150-152 refer to the following article







yesterday that it will begin production of its _____

150. (A) recent

(B) display
(C) exhibit
(D) view

(B) former
(C) upcoming
(D) current .


adventure film, Ruby Eyes, in Thailand from October 1. The

American studio said filming will take place at several
locations in the Southeast Asian nation including Chiang Mai,
Koh Samui, and the capital city of Bangkok over a period of six

The movie stars popular actor Wade Grey, who will also be in
Thailand for the duration of filming. In addition, several Thai
actors ___ in the movie. Famous
151. (A) were casting
(B) have been cast
(C) had cast
(D) will be cast
Thai film stars Chakrit Anwar and Tanit Chatree have already
confirmed that they will appear in the production. Director of
the movie, Simon Lemaistre also indicated that auditions will
be held for local performers for several smaller roles.

Sets are being constructed at several locations, and crew

members are already preparing for shoots. Ruby Eyes has a


Answer Sheet, , .

23 ___ ___.
* , .
* .

101. To use the vending machine, ______ money into the slot

106. A designated parking spot in the garage is provided for

then press the number of the desired product.

______ residential unit in the apartment building.

(A) inserted

(A) each

(B) inserting

(B) some

(C) insert

(C) many

(D) inserts

(D) other

102. Computers, printers, and photocopiers are available

107. The senator proposed two new laws regarding industrial

______ use at the hotels business center.

pollution to address environmental ______.

(A) in

(A) concerned

(B) for

(B) concerns

(C) by

(C) concerning

(D) of

(D) concernedly

103. Those wishing ______ a subscription to the business

108. The remodeled train cars now contain convenient ______

journal may pay either by credit card or by bank transfer.

for luggage and more comfortable seating with added legroom.

(A) purchases

(A) attachment

(B) to purchase

(B) passage

(C) purchaser

(C) supplement

(D) are purchasing

(D) storage

104. Fruit such as bananas, pineapples, and mangoes ______

109. The ingredients used in Molson Foods products have not

better in countries that have warm climates all year long.

undergone genetic ______ and are completely natural.

(A) growing

(A) modified

(B) grown

(B) modifies

(C) grows

(C) modification

(D) to grow

(D) modifiers

105. The executive ______ at corporate headquarters is

110. Bellobiles newest mobile phone is ______ of connecting

reserved for the use of upper management only.

directly to most vehicles sound systems.

(A) lounges

(A) eligible

(B) lounged

(B) capable

(C) lounging

(C) functional

(D) lounge

(D) helpful

111. Ms. Jenson ______ nine people on her marketing team,

and she is also a member of the firms board of directors.
(A) persuades
(B) involves
(C) supervises
(D) demands

112. If you receive an order ______ has a defect, simply return

it to Betton Enterprises in the original packaging for an
(A) whatever
(B) that
(C) where

116. To ______ the nearest Walsingham Insurance branch

office, visit the company Web site or call its toll-free number.
(A) locate
(B) retrieve
(C) understand
(D) connect

117. Because of her exceptional _____ of the business world,

Ms. Wright is often invited to give lectures at universities.
(A) knowledge
(B) qualification
(C) investment
(D) service

(D) this

118. The weather ______ turned rainy, so many outdoor

113. ______ guest requiring airport transportation may contact
the front desk staff and make arrangements.
(A) Any
(B) Most
(C) None
(D) Everyone

114. Many ______ to the Templeton district as home rentals

are cheaper and more readily available.
(A) are flocking
(B) to flock
(C) are flocked
(D) were flocked

115. Most critics found Joanna Banks third novel to be the

most ______ written of the book trilogy.
(A) imagined
(B) imaginatively
(C) imagination
(D) imagining

events planned for the weekend were canceled at the last

(A) obviously
(B) unexpectedly
(C) approximately
(D) reversibly

119. Visitors to the science center ______ to touch any of the

displays in Hall D as they are part of an interactive exhibition.
(A) are allowed
(B) have allowed
(C) allowing
(D) are allowing

120. The report showed that sales of imported merchandise

dropped significantly last year as citizens purchased more
______ products.
(A) local
(B) similar
(C) foreign
(D) selective

121. ______ of the available job positions at Meridian Hospital

126. An appointment with the banks regional director was

are posted on its Web site.

______ scheduled for Monday morning, but it has not been

(A) Describes

confirmed yet.

(B) Describers

(A) precisely

(C) Descriptive

(B) tentatively

(D) Descriptions

(C) mistakenly
(D) habitually

122. ______ absences for medical reasons, staff must request

time off from their supervisors at least a day in advance.

127. The credit card company contacts cardholders ______ if

(A) In addition to

they detect any unusual purchase activity.

(B) Apart from

(A) immediate

(C) Because of

(B) immediateness

(D) Instead of

(C) immediately
(D) immediacy

123. The community center is currently ______ donations from

local businesses to help finance a small construction project.

128. The travel agency offered ______ refunds to Kim and

(A) solicitor

Dennis for their tour package as there was a problem with their

(B) soliciting


(C) being solicited

(A) partial

(D) solicited

(B) parting
(C) parts
(D) partly

124. Experts say weather conditions have ______ changed in

the past 20 years, with a huge increase in the occurrence of
severe storms.

129. Any piece of baggage weighing 25 kilograms or ______ is

(A) erroneously

subject to a surcharge by the airline.

(B) commonly

(A) over

(C) apprehensively

(B) around

(D) drastically

(C) upon
(D) inside

125. A number of attendees complained that the lecturer

ended her presentation way ______ she was supposed to.

130. Mr. Tanaka was forced to ______ his interview with the

(A) nearby

reporter this morning due to unforeseen circumstances.

(B) before

(A) publish

(C) through

(B) cancel

(D) since

(C) remove
(D) convince

131. ______ Delphi Insurances previous headquarters were in

136. India has the second ______ population on Earth, so it is

the crowded city center, its new facility is a spacious building in

often targeted as a potential marketplace by international

the suburbs.


(A) Whereas

(A) largely

(B) Once

(B) largest

(C) Therefore

(C) larger

(D) Furthermore

(D) most largely

132. Ella and Mikes presentation went surprisingly well

137. Ms. Quayles office is similar in design to mine, but my

______ they only had one day to prepare.

workspace is a lot smaller than ______.

(A) in spite of

(A) she

(B) given that

(B) her

(C) owing to

(C) herself

(D) as though

(D) hers

133. ______ sets Florigold Hotel apart from others in the area

138. Raven Street goes directly to the central station, but a

is its massive swimming pool and outdoor gardens.

quicker ______ is the less-congested Ericson Avenue.

(A) Where

(A) example

(B) That

(B) route

(C) What

(C) position

(D) There

(D) intersection

134. Some attendees said that the lecturers talk was difficult

139. To ______ more staff to volunteer during the weekend

to follow, as he spoke quite ______.

event, the company offered an extra day of vacation.

(A) quicken

(A) promise

(B) quickens

(B) motivate

(C) quicker

(C) command

(D) quickly

(D) activate

135. On the ______ of herbal medicine, Dr. Song said

140. Customers are warned that the colors of products in the

traditional Asian remedies are becoming more popular in North

catalog may ______ from how they appear in reality.


(A) different

(A) arrangement

(B) difference

(B) subject

(C) differing

(C) placement

(D) differ

(D) definition

Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.

Questions 144-146 refer to the following e-mail.

April 6

From: Wendy Rahn <>

To: Cody Wayne <>

Alexander Jones

Subject: Booth confirmation

950 Maple Road

Date: August 22

Windsor, ON C9T-1W3
Dear Mr. Wayne,

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am sorry to inform you that we have concluded ______ for
the marketing position that you applied for.
141. (A) preparing

I have not communicated with you since you sent an initial email about the possibility of reserving a booth at our upcoming
trade fair. If you are still interested in having your own stall,

(B) interviewing
(C) searching

please let me know as soon as possible. However, there are a

_______ number of

(D) offering

144. (A) growing

(B) leading

We selected a candidate before receiving your application and

(C) limited

are thus unable to consider you for the position. However, we

reviewed your rsum nevertheless and were very impressed.

(D) generous
spaces available.

Although your background is in advertising, we encourage you

145. (A) Absolutely

to apply for an opening we have in our public relations

(B) Frequently

department if you _______. We feel you would be a

(C) Surprisingly

142. (A) are interested

(B) had been interested

_______, if we run out of room,

(D) Unfortunately
you will no longer have a chance to participate in the event.

(C) was interested

(D) have been interested
very competent candidate.

You can _______ a reservation by e-mailing me or

146. (A) confirm
(B) confirms

If you wish to learn more about the position mentioned

(C) confirmed

_______, please visit our Web site for

143.(A) across
(B) nearby

(D) confirming
calling my office at 555-4322. I look forward to hearing from

(C) above
(D) around


more details. We ask that you send a cover letter for the public
relations position as well.

Wendy Rahn
Event Organizer

Best wishes,

Margret Stone
Fenway International

Questions 147-149 refer to the following article.

Questions 150-152 refer to the following memo.

Boston, Massachusetts (July 3) After nearly two years of


renovations and improvements, the historic Midtown Hall

Date: March 2

_______ again to the public. After the

Beginning next week, we will be _______ a new dress

147. (A) is open

150. (A) inspecting

(B) was going to open

(C) has opened

(B) addressing

(D) will be opening

(C) implementing
(D) advertising

city cut off funding to the building a few decades ago,

the Midtown Hall suffered from neglect and deterioration. In

code here at the office. From now on, we ask that everyone

fact, five years ago, it was at _______ risk of being torn down.

wear normal business _______ throughout

151. (A) fabric

Thanks to efforts of

(B) merchandise

148. (A) little

(C) amenities

(B) narrow

(D) attire

(C) serious

the week. We do not want employees dressing in casual

(D) average
a local acting club, however, enough funds were raised to

clothing on Friday any longer because we _______ using the

restore the building to its original condition.

office to host meetings with

152. (A) were

The Midtown Drama Club will be the first to perform at the

(B) have been

soon-to-be reopened Midtown Hall and will present a short

(C) will be

play. Admission to the _______, which takes

(D) have

149. (A) performance

potential clients and investors lately. In order to make a strong

(B) conference

impression on them, we feel it is necessary to maintain a

(C) ceremony

professional atmosphere.

(D) banquet
place on July 12, will not be charged. If you are interested in

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

attending, you can reserve seats online at .