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1. Descriptions:
 His name is José Paolo Guerrero Gonzales. He called “the predator”. He
was born in Lima on January 1984. He has thirty one years gold.
 He is a Peruvian soccer player. Actually he plays as a strinker in Brasil, a
soccer team called Flamengo.
 He is the top scorer in the Peruvian team with 24 goals.
 He is son of José Guerrero and Petronila Gonzales. He grew up in the
district of Chorrillos in Lima.
 Paolo Guerrero is one meter eighty five. He weighs eighty two kilos. He
has black hair, he has black eyes and brown skin.
 He is a fan of tattoos.
 He constantly change of hairstyle.
 Paolo Guerrero said he has a double personality. He says that at home is
every serene, but on the soccer field is the opposite.
 He as his name, he is warrior on the soccer field. He always went to win,
he always fight to the end. But outside the soccer field, he’s fun, he likes
to help other, he help the poor people. He helps children. He is friendly
with everyone, he is always humble.
2. Experiences and achievements:
3. Childhood / Early years:
From early childhood it showed he had a talent for football, and that came
from a sporting family. His uncle was caico Gonzales and his brother is
former player coyote creek. At age 7 he began playing in the team of his
college kings red.
Taking advantage of the absence of the working mother, he deceived
Angelica and ten years old grandmother, pretending he was going to sleep
and fled to play ball, Because of its ability for soccer parents helped him to
become part of the juvenile division club Alianza Lima.
4. Favorite food
The usual coming to Perú and very often frequents sea coast restaurant
enjoy a delicious ceviche and quite apart from this another of his favorite
dishes is lomo saltado.

Future Plans The plans Paolo Guerrero in the future are three:    His marriage with Alondra Garcia for the next years. it will be held in brazil according the programs of television.Paolo account in a magazine that whenever you can prepare these two plates and each of them never missing a chicha morada or gas Inka Kola. This was the beautiful story of Paolo Guerrero and thank you for his attention . He want to play in the playoffs and to be champion with the selection Peruvian of soccer and participate in the cup world. 5. Paolo dreams of play in the real Madrid and then wants return the Perú and to be the better to player of the story.