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The "Mr Neil" Series.

For Call Of Cthulhu in the 1920s

Part One - Midnight At The Lost And Found.
Synopsis: The players receive a message from a Dr. Edwards, urging them to
come to the Hospital on Pickman street quickly. When the arrive, they are
taken into an autopsy room where the Doctor examines the body a young man
who has been brutally murdered. It is the work of a group of cultists
dedicated to Cthulhu and controlled by a Deep One. The Police however,
believe that it is related to gangsters and ask the Investigators to find
out who it was that killed the unfortunate. The adventure ends with a police
raid on the gangsters. The Deep One (Mr. Neil) who controls the cult escapes,
perhaps taking a few of it's followers with it.
Scenario: A messenger arrives for the Investigator(s) most likely to be
contacted by the Doctor. It is borne by a young boy called Joey who is about
15. He has short blonde hair and is wearing the uniform of somebody who sells
the Boston Globe. The message is scrawled in barely legible handwriting, it
reads: "My friend, please come to the hospital, it is most urgent. I have
something to show you. It would be best if you brought along some people who
would help in a very grave matter indeed. Thank you, you're friend, Doctor
Edwards". After he has delivered the message, Joey hangs around pointedly
until he is given some money (25c will do, 50c will make him happy and
anything above 75c will make him a friend for life for the Investigator).
When the Investigators arrive at the hospital, Dr. Edwards will greet them at
the entrance and lead them into an autopsy room. On the table is a body bag,
which contains the corpse of a young man. The corpse is badly mutilated and
the face has been badly disfigured. The Doctor takes fingerprints for
identification purposes and begins to dissect the body. The dissection is
slightly disturbing, so a SAN check could be called for, with a +10% modifier
for 0/1d2 loss of sanity points. The Doctor concludes that the victim was
upright when he was killed, and that the probable cause of death is a large
incision made in the victims throat. The mutilation of a the face and the
bullet wound to the head were caused after death, and then the victim was
dumped in the river as there was no sign of asphyxiation. The body is several
weeks old, but was found floating in the river only a few hours ago and had
not been there for long. As the Doctor finishes his examination, a police
detective enters. Doctor Edwards greets him, and introduces him to the
Investigators as Detective Olson. If any of the Investigators are members of
the Arkham Police then they know him as well. He says that he cannot conduct
an investigation into the death because the recent introduction of
prohibition has left his force over stretched chasing the bootleggers. He
asks the Investigators if they will conduct the inquiry into the young mans
death, with a promise of $4.00 a day each, plus reasonable expenses and a
reward of $100 each when they successfully close the case. He also assigns a
young policeman called Harry to them, so that they can arrest people and
have access to police powers without having to be sworn in. Harry can provide
information for the players.
The Investigators can either wait until the body is identified
take 1d4 hours) or can go to the river where the body was fond
clues there. If they do not wait until the body is identified,
dispatched by Edwards to find them with a message telling them

(which will
and look for
then Joey is
of the body's

The Body: If they wait until the body is ID'd, then it turns out to be that
of Gordon "Fingers" Schwitzer. Harry recognizes him as a minor gangster who
acted as muscle for one of Al Capone's operations in the New England area. He

disappeared from his home nearly 3 weeks ago, and was wanted by the police in
connection with a fire in a house on Saltonstall Street.
The River: The body was found near the East Bank of the Miskatonic River,
Harry tells the Investigators, a few hundred yards North of the bridge. If
they search the immediate area (a task which will take them 1d2 hours) then,
on a successful Spot Hidden roll, they find a scrap of cloth. A successful
Idea roll reveals what appears to be a blood stain on it. An EDU x5 roll
reveals that it is made of cotton, and is apparently from a black pinstripe
suit. If the Investigators do not do so, Harry suggests that they send it to
Edwards to have it identified. If they do so, then after 1d6 hours Joey finds
them with another message confirming that it wasn't the blood of the victim.
The message also says that the cloth had a large amount of starch in it, as
if it had been recently laundered, and there was a small hole in it which
would indicate the use of a laundry tag. A successful INTx5 roll will reveal
that the only Laundry which uses tags and not marks is on the corner of
French Hill Street and Washington Street.
The Damaged House: The house on Saltonstall Street which was attacked was the
one on the West side of Walnut street. It was empty at the time of the attack
and had been for some time. A careful investigation of the house (which will
take another 2d4 hours) turns up an empty keg of beer hidden beneath some
sheets on the ground floor.
The Laundry: The records of the Laundry show that the only suit of that
description to have been washed here recently was collected yesterday by a
Mr. C. Knox who lives at a house on Peabody Avenue, opposite the church.
The House of Knox: This ramshackle building is rented by Knox. There is
nothing of interest here, unless the Investigators make a successful Spot
Hidden roll, in which case they find a diary hidden under the mattress. The
page with the entry for yesterday is shown in Handout 1. In a cupboard is a
black pinstripe suit, the jacket has a tear in it and a faint red patch.
The Warehouse: This is where the cultists are storing their bootleg alcohol,
for transfer to a speak-easy in Boston. To the sides of the warehouse is the
alcohol, and in the middle is a truck. There are 20 cultists here, most of
them are loading the truck with alcohol however, and there are only 5 armed
guards, 1 in the truck, 2 at the entrance, and 2 at the door to the office.
As soon as the Investigators are noticed, the guards
open fire at them with their Thompsons. The Police than ram the door with an
armored truck and raid the place. In the ensuing gun battle, 4 of the
cultists are killed by the police. As soon as the police raid the building,
the Deep One bursts out of it's office and tries to escape through a
side-door. It is wearing a trenchcoat and a hat to disguise it's nature. If
any investigators follow it, they see it dive into the river and swim away,
leaving the hat, coat and Thompson on the bank.
Conclusion: The office in the warehouse contains a desk, with a ledger in it,
the Investigators have only got time to glance at the open page before it is
taken away by the police as evidence, it is written in some strange and
incomprehensible symbolic language. The Police arrest the surviving mobsters,
and take them away. The Investigators receive their pay from Olson, and his
thanks. There is no trace of the Deep One, apart from what was left on the
river bank. The Investigators shouldn't gain any sanity points from this,
as they didn't confront the Deep One directly.
Part Two: Alice

Synopsis: After the Investigators have completed "Midnight At The Lost and Found
" they should move onto this scenario. Although it does not deal directly with M
r. Neil/N'yeh, "he" is the motivating force behind the kidnapping, and appears b
riefly at the end of the scenario.
The Investigators are contacted by Dr. Edwards, whom they met in "Midnight At Th
e Lost And Found", about the disappearance of his niece, Alice Edwards. He want'
s them to find his niece. The Investigators discover involvement of John Knox, a
nd trace Alice to a secluded farm building between Salem and Arkham. There they
fight, and kill Knox, and rescue Alice and another young girl called Clare, who
is suffering from amnesia. She is the subject of part Three, "Clare".
Scenario: Joey, the newspaper boy knocks on the door of one of the Investigators
. He is bearing a message from Dr Edwards, however this time he delivers it oral
ly :- "Dr says that you should come to his house quick. His niece is missing," t
he young boy pants. "Come quick." The Investigators should follow him, and he le
ads them to a large house on Washington Street.
When they arrive there, Dr. Edwards greets them. He is obviously distraught, and
explains to them the circumstances in which his niece, Alice, disappeared.
She was playing in the woods, near the graveyard on Aylesbury Street, when the f
amily dog ran off. Alice chased after him, and became lost in the woods. Dr. Edw
ards called out, and, after a few minutes, heard some barking, followed by a gun
shot and a whine. Upon reaching the place where the shot was fired, the doctor f
ound the dead body of this dog, and two sets of footprints leading to the road,
one of a man, the other almost certainly Alice's. The footprints stopped at a pl
ace next to the road, where, he surmises they got into a care and drove away. He
offers the Investigators the sum of $300 each, if they can find the people that
took Alice, and a further $200 if they can bring her back alive. He suggests th
at since he played a large part in the conviction of the gangsters who were arre
sted last month, the people who took Alice are looking to exact revenge upon him
. Alice was wearing a blue dress at the time of her disappearance, and is about
The Woods: This is where Alice disappeared. The tracks lead to Aylesbury road, w
here the stop abruptly. If an Investigator makes a successful Track roll (or INT
x 4) then they notice that the tyre tracks from the car lead off North, towards
Dunwich and Salem. They don't find any other clues here.
Charlie Knox's House: This is the house on Peabody Avenue that the Investigators
should have gone to in "Midnight At The Lost And Found". There isn't anything o
f interest here, except for a letter with a reference to meeting somebody at the
Boston-Maine railway station earlier today.
The Station: When the Investigators arrive, the platform is empty, apart from on
e elderly porter, called Harry. If the Investigators question him, he tells them
that Mr. Knox was here just a minute ago, and that he met a small, squat man wh
o was wearing a big hat and a trenchcoat which he held tightly shut off the trai
n. He also mentions that there was a strong smell of fish about at the time.
As the Investigators finish questioning him, two people run into a car in the ca
r park which then proceeds to stall as the driver tries to start it. If the Inve
stigators do not have their own car, then there are several taxis outside the st
ation. As soon as the Investigators reach the car park the car starts up and scr
eeches out of the station. It travels up past through Peabody Avenue, towards Sa
lem. About 2 miles out of Arkham it turns off down a lane, where it comes to an
old farmhouse. When the car stops, the two occupants get out and go into the hou
se. One of the two is obviously Charlie, the other is the mysterious figure who

dived into the river in Part One. The taxi fair is $8.45.
The Farm House: The layout for this is shown on Map 1.
1 - The Store Room This room is filled with barrels and sacks. There is lots of
food in here, fish, barley, several barrels of "near beer", water, corn etc.
2 - The Family Room This is the family room of the farm house. There is a log fi
re here, and some books. A phone is on the east wall in this room, next to a boo
kcase on which rests a bottle of whiskey, but is otherwise empty. On the table i
s a pack of playing cards and some shot glasses with the remains of some whiskey
3 - The Cold Room This is the cold room of the farm house. In here are stored an
imal carcasses, skinned and hung up. There is a meat cleaver and blood stained c
hopping board in here as well.
4 - The Kitchen There is a large stove in this room, upon which is a saucepan wi
th some soup in it. There is a kettle, and various kitchen implements present. T
here is also a long table, upon which is the head of a dead cow.
5-8 - Bedrooms There are small beds in here, each of which has obviously been sl
ept in recently. There are minor personal artefacts in each room, and some money
worth $1d20+10.
9 - Alice's room The window in this room has been blacked out, and the door is b
arred from the outside. Inside, is a mattress, and a wardrobe. There is a small
piece of blue cotton on the floor here, and the mattress has a dirty quilt on it
10 - The Basement A large furnace burns at one end of this room. The walls are m
ade from red brick, and have worrying dark red patches on them. There are two pe
ople, armed with Thompson SMGs guarding the door to room 11 here. As soon as the
Investigators enter, the two men move towards them. If there is a gunfight then
the remaining mobsters, N'yeh and Knox rush through to join in the fight. If th
e Investigators surrender, then they are taken up stairs and are tied up, to awa
it the arrival of Mr. Neil.
11 - The Still A large amount of distilling equipment in this room. It is curren
tly on the go, and is producing illegal Whiskey. Two young girls, one matching t
he description of Alice, are tied up on chairs and gagged with white cloth. Also
in this room are 4 gangsters, Knox and N'yeh. If the Investigators managed to a
void capture, and didn't raise the alarm then when they enter they have a free r
ound to act because of surprise. If the Investigators lose the fight, then they
are captured and taken upstairs.
If the Investigators seem to be winning the fight, then N'yeh will make a run fo
r it, out of the door. If anybody tries to stop him then he simply picks them up
(remember, he has strength 19 and size 14) and throws them out of his way. He s
hould not be allowed to die.
The second girl is called Clare, and she doesn't know where she is from, or how
she got where she was. All she remembers is her first name.
If the Investigators are captured, then Joey climbs in through the window and re
leases them. He has been following them on his bike, and wants to help. If quest
ioned why, he blushes and shuffles his feet nervously, he has a crush on Alice,
but won't admit that to anybody.
When the Investigators reach the basement for the second time, they find N'yeh a

bout to sacrifice Alice to Cthulhu. He is chanting in an alien tongue, and all a

bout him are oblivious to what is going on. The Investigators can easily capture
or kill all of them, apart from N'yeh, who, when he sees their entrance, hurtle
s past them at high-speed and runs up stairs and out of the house, where he call
s a Byakhee to carry him off. Seeing this, is cause for a sanity check, and N'ye
h will also dump his coat and hat, revealing his true form too any investigators
present, this also calls for a sanity check.
Knox is unaffected by the trance, and stays to fight, so that the boss can get a
way. As soon as N'yeh escapes, the mobsters come out of their trance and start t
o fight. In the ensuing fight, Knox should be killed by one of the Investigators
Conclusion: When the fight is over, the Investigators are left with several pro
blems. They have a young girl in her early teens called Clare, who doesn't know
who she is, or where she is from. They also have the problem of getting back to
Arkham. The latter problem can be solved by walking, or by calling the police fr
om the phone in Room 2. The Investigators are rewarded with the money promised t
o them by Dr. Edwards.
Any Investigators which witnessed the flight of N'yeh are unlikely to be believe
d by any of the authorities, although Joey, Alice and Clare believe them.
Part Three: Claire
Synopsis: At the end of "Alice", the Investigators found a little girl called Cl
aire. She doesn't know who she is, or where she is from. This scenario allows th
e Investigators to return her to her family in Arkham, and to learn more about N
Scenario: After the Investigators return to Arkham, they are told by Olson to in
vestigate Claire, and to help her find out who she is.
Claire is a pretty young girl in her early teens. She is 5'4" tall, and weighs a
bout 70-75lbs. She is wearing a plain red dress and shoes. She speaks with a pro
nounced New England accent. and looks to have come from a relatively well off fa
She can remember waking up in the farm house, and she can remember being taken a
way from a park in the place where she lived, and that is all she can remember p
rior to being rescued.
If the Investigators check with the police, then there are three missing girls w
ho could be Claire.
One comes from Salem, another from Newburyport and the third from Ipswich.
Salem: The Naysmith's are a well-off family. The father, Graham is a stern man w
ho smokes a pipe. He is extremely anxious about his daughter, Claire Naysmith wh
o disappeared two weeks ago. If the Investigators have Claire with them, then he
tells them that she isn't his daughter. His wife, Judith, hangs about in the ba
ckground, obviously racked with worry about her missing child.
Newburyport: John and Helen Proctor have lived in Newburyport for the last 20 ye
ars. John is in his early 40's and works as a newspaper journalist. On the phone
John assures the Investigators that he is the girls father, but when Claire is
brought to the house she says that she does not recognise either the town, the h
ouse or John. Helen tells the Investigators that Claire isn't her daughter.

Ipswich: This is where Claire's parents live. Margaret, her mother, clasps Clair
e closely to her and Claire reciprocates the gesture. Her father, Brian, thanks
the Investigators heartily, and invites them in for coffee. When the Investigato
rs have sat down, and are drinking the coffee (it's really good coffee) two thin
gs happen at once. First of all there is a scream from the kitchen (where Claire
and Margaret are), and then a man hurtles through the window in the living room
. This man is Charlie Knox, and he has been turned into a Zombie by N'yeh. He at
tempts to occupy the Investigators for 1d6 rounds, while another cultist grabs C
laire and kidnaps her for a second time. After this time has elapsed he runs bac
k through the window and into the waiting car, which then speeds off into the di
The car blows a tyre at the end of the street however, and the two men (one carr
ying Claire on his shoulder) run off down an alley-way into an abandoned warehou
se on the dock-front.
The Warehouse: This warehouse is stacked full of crates, all unmarked. The two m
en bolt past them, and Charlie pulls a pile of crates down to block the investig
ators path. The investigators are quick enough to see the trap door pulled down,
and to hear a bolt sliding shut.
It will take the investigators 1d4 rounds to smash through the heavy wooden trap
door, after which they can descend beneath the warehouse into the tunnels below
Beneath the Warehouse: The tunnel complex is shown on Map 3.
1 - The Entryway: The investigators descend via an iron ladder bolted to the col
d stone wall. The walls are mossy and there is a constant drip of water from abo
ve. When the investigators reach the bottom they find themselves standing on wet
stone. The floor here is very slippery, and each investigator should roll a DE
X x5 check every 3 rounds to avoid slipping and sustaining 1d3-1 points of damag
e and dropping what ever is being held.
A strong smell of gas permeates this network of tunnels, and this should be poin
ted out to the investigators.
There is actually a hole in the gas mains that runs along side here, and it has
been steadily filling the tunnels up with gas.
2 - A Corridor: This corridor is made of red-tiles, and has a concrete ceiling,
from which hangs several bare lightbulbs. There is on obvious lightswitch, but t
he lights are on.
In the middle of this corridor, facing the door farthest to the end, stands N'ye
h. He is alone, and is not wearing anything. If the investigators make their pre
sence known, he turns to face them. A fight will probably follow, N'yeh's statis
tics are at the back.
3 - A Cell: This is a small cell which contains only a large chair with a high b
ack. It is facing away from the window, and it's back obscures whatever is sitti
ng in the chair. A succesful spot hidden roll allows the investigator to see tha
t a small pair of feet are dangling in the air above the ground, although the ow
ners legs quickly dissapear behind the massive wooden seat. There is nothing els
e in the room except for a bare lightbulb which dangles from the ceiling to prov
ide illumination.
If the door is forced open (it is locked), then the investigators find that the
occupant of the chair is the dead body of Claire. She has been mutilated severle
y (0/1d4 SAN to see).

4 - A Storage Room: This room contains only a small number of boxes. The boxes a
re packed with a dozen bottles of cheap bourbon, and are unmarked.
5 - A Library: This room contains a large number of books and scrolls, but is il
luminated by a number of candles. In the middle of the room on the floor is a pi
le of 3 books, lying in an open sack.. After a brief look round, one of the cand
les flares up violently and sets fire to the books. There is a series of "pops"
around the books as small pockets of gas which have accumulated here explode, on
e by one. The investigators have just enough time to grab the sack of books in t
he middle and run out of the tunnels before an explosion rips the tunnels apart,
setting the warehouse on fire.
6 - A Shrine: This room contains a small shrine to Cthulhu. In the middle is an
altar, flanked on either side by two statues of great humanoid beings with warty
skin and octopoid heads. The rest of the room is decked out in freizes of a cit
y with warped geometry and bizzare angles. The beings with the octopoid heads ma
ke frequent apperances, and there appears to be some sort of narration or inscri
ption, although it is not in any recognizable language it is in Arabic character
Viewing the room is cause for 1/1d4 sanity points to be lost. If this pushes any
of the characters over the edge into insanity then they may gain Cthulhu Mythos
points as appropriate.
7 - Cavern: This cavern is made of sheer, uncut rock, and appears to be natural
rather than man made. Littered around the edges of the room are skeletons, both
human and half human. Many appear to have webbed feet, or large bulbous heads. S
eeing the skeletons is cause for a SAN check (1/1d2 sanity point loss).
In the middle of this room is a pool of dark water, which is very, very deep. An
y attempt to go into the water only results in discovering that it is a sheer ro
ck column as far down as the investigator can go without breathing apparatus.
After the investigators exit the warehouse the fire brigade soon turn up, along
with the police. The police arrest the investigators for arson, but quickly rele
ase them again. Their names and addresses are taken down. The warehouse is mostl
y destroyed by the fire.
Conclusion: A few days after the fire, the investigators are arrested in connec
tion with the death of the little girl who's body was found in the tunnels benea
th the warehouse. They are released on bail, pending the Grand Jury.
For defeating N'yeh and Knox the investigators receive 1d6 and 1d4 sanity points
Part Four: A New Beginning
This adventure starts after the Investigators have found the dead corpse of Clai
re, in the previous adventure ("Claire"). The police arrest them after finding t
he charred remains of the girl in the basement of the warehouse.
Because the investigators are trusted, and quite well known they are granted bai
l (the Keeper should choose a suitable amount, but make it quite sizeable, nows
a good time to remove some excess cash) on the condition that they do not attemp
t to leave the state before the Grand Jury hears their case.
The Investigators probably recovered some books from the warehouse before it bur

ned down. There are 3 complete books here:

Azathoth and Others (Edward Derby, 1919). 3 1/2" by 5 1/2", black binding. Lose
1/1d4 Sanity points, +4 to Cthulhu mythos. One of the poems in this book, "Flig
ht of the Byakhee" contains a description of the Byakhee that the players saw in
part 2.
An untitled book bound in leather. Inside the fly leaf is "Journal. Albrecht Nei
l". The first entry is for 1st January 1549. The last is for December 12th 1919.
The handwriting is common throughout the book. The book (apart from the dates)
is in latin and in cipher, which will take 4 weeks to decode and a successful sk
ill check as well as the usual Latin roll.
The final book is a copy of "Massa Di Requiem Per Shuggay". This is a book of mu
sic, and appears to be part of an opera. 1d3/1d6 sanity points, +4 mythos points
After the player with the books has read them, there is a knock on the door. Whe
n they answer it, there is a group of three tall men there. They are all wearing
black, with black hats. Their faces are obscured by shadow. They tell the inves
tigator to leave well enough alone, and that they have the situation under contr
ol. They tell him not to tell anybody about what he's seen, and not to let anybo
dy else see the books. To be safe, the investigator should probably let them hav
e the books as well...
Of course, the investigator is probably none to happy about this idea, and may t
ry to fight them. Their statistics are in NPC section. They are armed with clubs
, and will attempt to knock unconscious rather than kill.
Should the Investigator lose the fight, or give in to the men's demands then the
y will take the books and leave.
If the Investigator refuses to let the men in, then they leave, muttering someth
ing about the boss not being happy, and the investigator being "contacted" in th
e future.
The Investigator may try to contact Edward Derby. They find the poet sitting in
a coffee house in Arkham, staring blankly into a cup of strong espresso.
The poet looks up at them as they enter, and motions to them. He tells them that
he knows that they've been contacted, and that they should come with him.
If the investigators don't go looking for Edward, then he comes to them. He turn
s up on their door step, introduces himself and asks them to come with him.
He takes them to an house on Bad Water Road. He introduces them to the woman who
lives there, a Miss Eileen Chance. He then makes his excuses and leaves.
Eileen leads the investigators down a door into her cellar. Once there she leave
s them and goes back up the stairs.
The cellar is about 10' by 10', and is made out of brick. After the investigator
s have investigated there surroundings a section of the brick work swings open,
and a small man enters through it.
This is Eric Von Hiselberg. He is about 5'4" tall, and is quite plump. He wears
half moon glasses, and smells quite strongly of sulphur. He apologises in his th
ick German accent for the way that the investigators were brought here, but it w

as necessary to prevent them being followed.

He leads them off down a tunnel and closes the door behind him. The tunnel is br
ightly lit, and made out of redbrick. When the investigators reach the end of th
e tunnel they are led into a comfortable library area.
This room has plush dark red carpeting, and there are book cases lining each wal
l. The book cases are filled with a wide variety of books, some of which the inv
estigators may recognise, some they don't.
Reclining in one of the chairs is a tall woman. She introduces herself as Brigid
O'Connor, and offers the investigators a seat, before sitting down again hersel
Brigid explains to them that she knows about their involvement with Mr. Neil, an
d his gang. She also explains to them that she knows about Claire's death, and t
hat the Investigators were trying to prevent it happening. She offers to give th
em a chance to prove their innocence. Brigid tells the investigators that the pe
rson they knew as Mr. Neil was actually a being called N'yeh. He was a member of
a species called "Deep Ones", a race of beings who dwell in the seas around the
world. They appear to have been planning something, and she wants them to inves
tigate it. She gives them an address in Providence which she believes they were
using as a base. This conversation with Brigid is cause for a SAN check for 1/1d
2 sanity points, and adds 3 points to Cthulhu Mythos.
The address in Providence is of a squalled, rundown house near the sea-front.
It appears to be empty, but a quick check round the back shows that the back doo
r is open, and appears to have been used quite recently.
There is a path going down from the back door towards the beach, it appears to b
e frequently used.
The back door leads into the house, which is shown on Map 4.
The House
1 - Porch. This is the porch way, there is an umbrella stand here, and there is
a lot of dust, this obviously hasn't been used in a long time.
2 - China Cupboard. A walk in cutlery storage area, this is filled with old and
dusty plates and china. There is a lot of silver cutlery here, along with some o
rnately decorated bone china. On the china are painted various marine images of
sailors being attacked by sea monsters. The main serving dish appears to have a
map on the inside, complete with "here be monsters" style paintings in the south
pacific, near Easter Island.
3 - Living Room. On the west wall runs a book case, upon which rest several book
s of poetry and horror stories. Edgar Allan Poe seems to be especially well repr
esented. The stairs here are lead up to the first floor.
4 - Dining Room. This room has a large table set out in the middle of it. There
are no places set at it, and it doesn't look like anybody's used it for a long t
ime either.
5- Kitchen. The sink is empty and has a slight pool of rust coloured water in it
. There is also a gas fired cooker here, although it doesn't appear to have been
used in several years. There is nothing in the cupboards here.

6- Landing. Once the investigators have gone up the stairs, they arrive in a lon
g hallway. There are no doors here, and the only obvious exits are the windows.
A successful spot hidden or luck roll will allow an Investigator to notice the p
ull down ladder at the far end of the corridor.
7 - Study. This room has no windows, and is only accessible from the trap door a
bove it in room 11. It contains a selection of legal documents pertaining to pro
hibition, and also a set of plans for the police station, Dr. Edwards house and
other important people in Arkham. It also has notes about Dr. Edwards family, an
d that of Claire, the little girl who was killed.
Also here are title deeds to this house, the warehouse in Salem, and the farmhou
se used to hold Alice and Claire.
8 - Still. This room contains a still, and several barrels of illegal beer and w
9 - Store. This is a storage room for the illegal alcohol being made in room 9.
There are 2d6 barrels of bootleg liquor here.
10 - Attic . This small attic is only 5'11" tall, so some investigators may have
too crouch. In this attic are the two trap doors leading down. There are also 6
crates. Beneath crates i and iv lies another trap door, which leads down too ro
om 8.
i-iii) These 3 crates each contain 50 rounds of Tommy gun ammunition, packed in
iv) This crate contains 24 hand grenades, although each has a 50% chance of bein
g a dud.
v) This houses a 60mm field mortar.
vi) This crates contains 20 HE mortar rounds, although each has a 30% chance of
not exploding.
After the Investigators have finished exploring the house, and are about to leav
e, a group of men in trenchcoat arrive through the back door. They are unarmed a
part from knives, but will try and attack the investigators. They were sent here
to pick up the illegal beer and move it to a warehouse elsewhere.
The investigators should be able to capture them without much trouble, if one of
the men is shot dead then the others will try to flee, if that proves impossibl
e then the will surrender.
When questioned they tell the investigators that they are working for a gang run
by Mr. Neil. He asked them to move the barrels into their truck and then too ta
ke it to a farm house out of town. They don't know what was going to happen to i
t after that. They offer to take the investigators there after dark if that's wh
at the investigators want.
If the investigators decide to take them up on their offer then they wait until
it is dark and then they all get into the truck. The truck drives off into the n
ight, and along a winding farm road.
The truck stops outside the farmhouse that was used to hold Claire and Alice.
Appendix I
Personae Dramatis

Joey, 15, Newspaper Boy and Messenger

STR 10 CON 11 SIZ 10 INT 15 POW 11
DEX 16 APP 16
EDU 10 SAN 55
HP 11
Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: bag of papers 60% 1d2 damage, Fists 25%, Head Butt 5%, Kick 25%, Grappl
e 15%
Skills: Climb (60%), Conceal (45%), Fast Talk (40%), Hide (50%), Sneak (50%).
Philip Edwards, 43, Surgeon and Arkham Chief Medical Examiner.
STR 11 CON 13 SIZ 10 INT 17 POW 13
DEX 16 APP 11 EDU 18 SAN 65 HP 12
Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: Scalpel 45% 1d4 damage, Fists 50%, Head Butt 10%, Kick 25%, Grapple 25%
Skills: Chemistry (40%), Biology (60%), Medicine (80%), Pharmacy (40%).
Dave Olson, 53, Police Detective
STR 15 CON 15 SIZ 13 INT 14
POW 12
DEX 13
APP 13 EDU 14 SAN 60 HP 15
Damage Bonus: + 1d4
Weapons: .45 Automatic (65%) 1d10+2 damage, 12 Gauge Shotgun (pump) (50%) 4d6/2d
6/1d6 damage, Fists 65%, Head Butt 10%, Kick 30%, Grapple 45%
Skills: Bargain (45%), Fast Talk (40%), Law (55%), Persuade (40%), Psychology (2
0%), Spot Hidden (40%),
Harry Weir, 24, Police Patrolman
STR 15 CON 14 SIZ 16 INT 14 POW 15
DEX 14 APP 12 EDU 12 SAN 75 HP 15
Damage Bonus: +1d4
Weapons: Fists 50%, Head Butt 10%, Kick 25%, Grapple 25%
Skills: Fast Talk (40%), First Aid (30%), Handgun (45%), Night-stick (60%), Law
(40%), Listen (50%), Drive Automobile (65%), Spot Hidden (55%).
Charlie Knox, 35, Gangster
STR 14 CON 12 SIZ 14 INT 12 POW 12
DEX 12 APP 11 EDU 12 SAN 60 HP 13
Damage Bonus: +1d4
Weapons: Fists 50%, Head Butt 10%, Kick 25%, Grapple 25%
Skills: Bargain (45%), Drive Automobile (60%), Fast Talk (50%). Handgun (65%), S
ubmachine Gun (45%).
5 armed cultists
STR 13 CON 15 SIZ 15 INT 13 POW 12
DEX 16 APP 12 EDU 12 SAN 60 HP 15
Damage Bonus: +1d4
Weapons: Fists 50%, Head Butt 10%, Kick 25%, Grapple 25%
Skills: Handgun (55%), Submachine gun (50%).
The cultists are armed with .38 revolvers, and Thompson SMGs.
6 Mobsters
STR 13 CON 15 SIZ 15 INT 13 POW 12
DEX 16 APP 12 EDU 12 SAN 60 HP 15

Damage Bonus: +1d4

Weapons: Fists 50%, Head Butt 10%, Kick 25%, Grapple 25%
Skills: Handgun (55%),
The mobsters are armed with .38 revolvers.
Byakhee, Star-Steed.
STR 25 CON 12 SIZ 19 INT 12 POW 15
DEX 17 HP: 16
Move: 5/20 flying
Damage Bonus: +2d6
Weapons: Claw 35%, damage 3d6
Bite 35%, damage 1d6+blood drain
Armour: 2 points of fur and tough hide.
Spells: None.
Skills: Listen 50%, Spot Hidden 50%.
Sanity Loss: 1/1d6 Sanity points to see a Byakhee.
Alice Edwards, Dr. Edward's Niece.
STR 10 CON 9 SIZ 10 INT 12 POW 15
DEX 13 APP 14 EDU 10 SAN 75 HP 10
Damage Bonus: None
Weapons: Fists 10%, Head Butt 5%, Kick 15%, Grapple 10%
Claire, Amnesiac girl hostage.
STR 12 CON 10 SIZ 9 INT 13 POW 14
DEX 12 APP 13 EDU 10 SAN 70 HP 10
Damage Bonus: None
Weapons: Fists 10%, Head Butt 5%, Kick 15%, Grapple 10%
Claire has amnesia and cannot remember who she is, or who her parents are.
N'yeh, AKA Mr. Neil, Deep One Priest of Cthulhu, Gangster Leader.
STR 19 CON 17 SIZ 14 INT 16 POW 15
DEX 13 HP 16
Damage Bonus: +1d6
Weapons: Claw 25%, damage 2d6
Thompson SMG (45%), damage 1d10+2, 20 yards, 1 or burst, 33, 8, 96.,
Spells: Summon/Bind Byakhee.

Handout 1
Janice smiled at me today, I was in the launderette picking up my suit, and I sa
w her out-back. I don't think she knows who I am, but I managed to find out her
name from the person on the front desk. I've got to go back tomorrow to drop som
ething off for Mr. Neil. I think I'll try and find out more then.
The guy's beginning to smell. Mr. Neil told me to dump the body, but I've not be
en able too yet. I'm going to have to do it tomorrow, or tonight. I could take h
im to the river couldn't I? Yeah, nobody ever goes there. I'll have to be carefu
l though, there's a strong tide. Still, nobody'll know it was me, will they?
We've got a big shipment coming in tomorrow to the warehouse out of town. Mr. Ne
il says that if this goes through okay, then I'll get a bonus. Mr. Neil's been r
eally kind to me, he's allowing me to guard the truck. He's even given me a Thom

pson to use if the cops come looking for us. Not that they will, Mr. Neil's real
ly clever like that, he always seems to know what's going on. Sure, he looks a b
it funny, and speaks in a really weird voice, but they say that he offended peop
le through in Chicago and had acid thrown in his face. That explains it of cours
e, I mean, that's got to do something to the way people sound.
That newspaper kid, Joey, is really beginning to get on my nerves. Every time I
turn around he seems to be following me. He never seems to sell any newspapers e
ither, I know I'm probably being paranoid, but it's really strange. I mean, I wa
s buying some cigarettes from the tobacconist the other day, and he was outside
the door. They sell papers in the tobacconist itself, why was he standing outsid
e selling them himself? He's also hanging around with that weird Doctor guy in t
he Hospital a lot. It's beginning to worry me a lot. Maybe I should mention it t
o Mr. Neil? Nah. He'd only tell me that I'm being silly. Mr. Neil hate's people
who are silly like that... say's that it hurts business to have silly people abo

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