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: Morene Rae M. Limlengco, RN

Moraine Z. Rondolo, RN
Czarina C. Sales, RN


: Dr. Clarissa D. Maguyon


: Southern Luzon State University


: AY 2014 - 2015


: Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Medical Surgical


Studying about the attitude more specifically on the private and public hospital
staff is definitely an intriguing one. This is based from the reason that attitude is not the
basis for morals or ethics but the opinions that each one of us have. Attitude could be one
hundred percent, one hundred percent positive or it could also be one hundred percent
negative. But the thing is that we value the people around us, we care for them and we
wanted to offer a helping hand. That became the basis for a hundred percent positive
This study aims to encourage change in case of finding faults or flaws in the
behavior of hospital staff among the private and public hospitals. This study does not
ridicule our professionals but rather aims to help in improving our service in the

healthcare delivery system. Attitude is definitely an important factor to define a persons

well being.
This study focuses on the positive attitude of the staff nurses in both public and
private hospital. This is based on the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference
between the public and private hospital staffs with regards on their positive attitude.
A structured questionnaire was constructed to provide answers to our research
question. In this study, twenty questionnaires were distributed. The study surveyed the
positive job attitude of the researchers selected public and private hospital. The findings
of the study shows that with regards to demographic profile, most of respondents are
female and came from the age group of 35 46 years old. Female respondents have the
same positive attitude towards work: in terms of the mean distribution of the respondents
with regards to the most visible measure of their positive job attitude, both respondents of
Luisiana District Hospital (public) and Soler General Hospital (private) show that both
statement number 6 is their highest mean while statement number 10 is their lowest
mean. Therefore, the respondents have the same perception with regards to their positive
job attitude regardless of the type of the institution they were connected if it is a public or
private hospital. With regards to the result of this study, the respondents show that they
avoid spreading humors and gossip among employees: to the Private and Public Hospital
Staff, the researchers concluded that there is no significant difference between the public
and private hospital staffs with regards on their positive attitude. Therefore, the study
shows that the type of the institution of either a public or private hospital did not play an
important role in measuring the respondents perception with regards to their positive job