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Internet marketing

Our Work
Phase one of developing a

Google AdWords Case Study

For Client (hidden), online pizza orders

sound Google AdWords strategy

is creating the right list of keywords for your business. Well

This Client provides an online service with

need to understand your prod-

products that sell for between

ucts or services and who you

SwF10.00 - SwF30.00.

are targeting. Well then create a

The maximum cost that they can afford to

comprehensive list of keywords

spend on acquiring a new customer was

and recommend a budget.

established at SwF5.00 .

2 . C A M PA I G N C R E AT I O N

Client hasnt been managing Adwords

Once we have your list of key-

campaigns before and had suspitions

words and budget agreed its

about it.

then straight into creating camWe agreed to make and take over the

paign for use in real enviroment.

entire Adwords Campaign management

Campaign structure, organizing

for a 3 month trial campaign.

groups and keyword matches,

proper and effective ads powered by smart A/B split testing,
DKI and Call to Action are part
of the methods we use.

The Challenge

The Solution

3 . L A N D I N G PA G E S

Client is one of the biggest online pizza delivery servic-

Work started at the end of September 2007. We imme-

After campaign creation we

es in its country. Online pizza delivery is a competitive

diately installed conversion tracking. The account was

review structure of your website.

marketplace, so client needed to expand its marketing

tracked using combination of web site analytics and

Once this is complete, well then

efforts to stay at the top. Client decided to try Google

AdWords reports, while research was performed on the

be able to create (or designate)

AdWords to expand business.

competitors and the market in readiness for the next

step. We adjusted campaigns by working hours, limited

a landing page for specific group

of products. It is important to

Challenge from the start was to gain qualified traffic and

it to special parts of countries (Geo Targeting, Day

ensure your Google AdWords

to convert visitors to sales. Also, Client was looking to


adverts seamlessly link through

make their business more efficient by using the Internet

to your website.

to allow customers to order food. Client needed to pres-

Our Google Adwords Campaign enabled them to gener-

ent its service only to certain cities, as he wasnt provid-

ate instant online business and gather the valuable data

ing delivery service in the whole country.

of customer behaviour. Using AdWords tracking and

reporting tools, we constantly reviewed ad performance
by individual keyword, tested landing pages

Internet marketing


and checked patterns daily. Based on a wide variety of

In every case, these are dramatically above the norm.

Maybe the greatest advantage

generic and brand-based Google ad keywords, we con-

This performance has led Google to become one of

about search engine marketing

sistently achieve clickthrough rates between one and 20

Clients largest external sales drivers.

is that it is fully measurable.

percent and conversions going from 10 to 18 percent.

Well need to insert some code

into your website so we can
track click through rates from
your adverts to your website.

Google AdWords Benefits

Well then be able to report on

With traditional advertising and most forms of online advertising,

how many visitors responded to

ads are simply broadcasted to a wide range of audiences. Google

your adverts. Also, reports will

AdWords ads, however, are targeted to peoples specific interests.

be sent to you on regular basis

When a user enters a search query on Google, theyll see the natural

to keep you informed about

search results for that query, along with AdWords ads that are highly

campaign status and changes.

targeted to the search topic. Thus, AdWords ads are as relevant and
useful as Googles search results. Your ads will reach users at the
precise moment when theyre looking for your product or service.

5 . C A M PA I G N L A U N C H
There is more to managing

Under the Google AdWords CPC pricing model*, advertisers pay for

Google AdWords than just creat-

ad clicks, not impressions.

ing list of keywords and hoping

for the best. When campaign is
fully functional and started, its
then down to hard work analyz-

* No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and Google advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads. Theres no minimum
spending requirement the amount you pay for AdWords is up to you. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents
for each click on your ad.

ing your campaign on a weekly


6 . O N G O I N G A N A LY S I S
With the foundations in place,
ongoing analysis of your cam-

Growth in numbers
Within 2 hours Client noticed increased online order

paigns is required. Our Google

AdWords professionals will

Within 4 weeks Client had more than 40 sales a day just

manage and optimise your

through AdWords system.

campaigns. Its a complicated

process, but well gradually
increase your CTR , and advise

Within 2 months Client saw an increase in online enquiries and their traffic increased for 30 percent.

on how to increase your conversions/sales and ROI. |

Setup and management
Application Support
Technical Support
Guaranteed Warranty