INSC 20263

Information Systems in eEnterprise

Powder Project Proposal
submitted to Dr. Beata Jones By Annie Cummins Kendra Freymuth Alexa Gonzalez Trevor Wang

1. Industry overview, based on library research (include sources):
The Resort Hotel industry is extremely competitive in Colorado. This is because it is a $5 billion industry, making each resort want to beat the competition to appeal to customers (Steiner). With “Aspen typically (hosting) around 300 meetings each year” the resorts have a lot of incentive to build up their resort (Christen, Allure). Resorts are now revamping their hotels to compete effectively with the new entrants coming into the Colorado industry. The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa recently spent “$27 million in renovations and improvements,” while $7 million was spent by the Inn at Beaver Creek to update their hotel (Christen, Fall). With the baby boomers aging, the industry has to appeal to the younger generation in order to continue expansion in the industry (Steiner). In order to compete in this industry, resorts have to appeal to customers and constantly update their facilities to offer the best in Colorado.
Steiner, Christopher. "Ramping Up." Forbes 185.3 (2010): 58. Business Source Complete. EBSCO. Web. 20 Feb. 2010. Christen, Lynne. "THE ALLURE OF ASPEN." Successful Meetings (2009): 2-3. Business Source Complete. EBSCO. Web. 20 Feb. 2010. Christen, Lynne. "FALL UNDER BEAVER CREEK'S SPELL." Successful Meetings (2009): 3-4. Business Source Complete. EBSCO. Web. 20 Feb. 2010.

2. Perform a detailed Porter's Five Forces analysis for your industry. Be sure to discuss entry
barriers and switching costs. Power Buyer Power HIGH LOW Justify While there is a large buyer concentration, there is a larger firm concentration. Customers have a lot of different firms to choose from and are able to compare prices between many that are upscale and offer similar services. In Colorado, there is a high amount of resorts that can be viewed online giving the customer more power and a high amount of information. It is very easy for customers to compare prices, quality, and locations. Switching costs are extremely low for customers since they can easily stay at different hotels on subsequent trips with little to lose. There are plenty of substitute products that customers could choose over our hotel such as other lodges and mountain resorts. All of these factors contribute to a very high buyer power. The high concentration of suppliers for the hotel industry creates a low supplier power. There are many firms that we can purchase everything we need for our hotel such as food, furniture, and toiletries for our hotel rooms. While there will be some contracts involved with our suppliers, generally there are no other costs of switching to a different supplier. This gives our company a lot of freedom in choosing our own supplier. Furthermore, our hotel could use many different types of substitute inputs such as different food items and towels. Colorado is a popular destination for luxury traveling including outdoor activities, fine shopping, and spas. There are numerous activities for customers to participate in, including hiking, skiing, camping, biking, bird watching, horseback riding, white water rafting, and more, offered through various services apart from our resort. Additionally, there are other high quality shopping areas, dining areas, and spas to compete with ours. While many are in the form of resorts similar to ours, the danger of substitute products and services lay in specialty organizations offering


Supplier Power Low

High Threat of Substitute Products or Services

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Threat of New Entrants High

Rivalry Among Existing Competitors High

lower rates and more perceived expertise. However, customers may be more inclined to stay with our resort’s activities because of convenience. With the resort hotel industry being extremely prosperous, investors are quick to back new entrants in this industry. Combined with the low effect of switching costs, new entrants are a threat to the established resorts. Customers do not have a big incentive to continually return to the resort they had previously stayed at, showing that there are minimal switching costs to customers. They are open to visiting the newer resorts with stateof-the-art facilities. The new smaller resorts are also a threat because they can offer cheaper prices since they are not trying to offer all of the amenities that larger resorts have. There is little diversity in the resort industry in Colorado. Multiple upscale resorts offer high quality products, competitive prices, and similar amenities to customers. This means that value is not added to any one resort because there are multiple resorts offering the same package to the same customers. This creates high competition to receive the business. The customers are willing to pay for the upscale resorts, but with little product differentiation, the resorts must compete constantly with their rivals. Customers could easily switch to one of your rivals due to the low switching costs that would be incurred.

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3. Description of the competitive environment that is relevant to the use of the Web by the industry.
Competitive Force … and their Web Usage within the Industry The use of the internet among customers is high. Customers are searching for the best deal in terms of quality of the hotel, location of the hotel, and the best prices for the perceived quality. It is easy for customers to compare the characteristics of the hotels to find what they are looking for. Additionally, it is easy for customers to make online reservations with the hotels. This competitive environment drives hotels to differentiate themselves through their websites showing the features of their hotels and prices.



Our suppliers provide us with food, toiletries, and furniture. A section of our website is dedicated to suppliers to keep track of inventory levels. Additionally, the suppliers can update their invoices as well as offer special prices to the hotel for buying a certain quantity, or if the supplier has excess inventory. We also can connect with our suppliers through our website to place orders. Suppliers are able to ask questions through our website to maintain open communication.

New Entrants

New entrants use the web to research competitors, find areas in which the current competitors are not meeting customer needs, and to make themselves known. It is easy for new entrants to find information, such as current room prices, quality, and attractions of competitors. Also, new entrants can analyze what needs are not being met by the competitors, and use this in their hotel to differentiate themselves. The web makes it easy for the hotel to gain publicity by advertising online and coming up in search engines. Competitors use their site to attract customers, provide information about their hotel, and provide bookings for rooms, restaurants, spas, and activities on the mountains. Additionally, competitors can view our website or websites that provide reviews, to see what customers enjoyed at our hotel. With this information, competitors can benchmark and implement activities that are successful in our hotel.


Substitute Products

Some substitute products include timeshares and condominiums for rent in the mountains. This gives customers easy access to outdoor activities and puts them closer to the action than staying at the resort. Often, this is less expensive for families staying around five days. This can detract from customers looking for lodging during their trip to the mountains. However, our hotel can provide a more luxurious atmosphere.

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4. Using what you have learned about good/bad web design in class and using class notes, please
identify: four web sites in your industry that you believe are ‘good’ and four that you consider ‘poorly designed.’ (Each individual researches two companies.) Company Name Web Site’s URL Site’s Target Audience
Destination Resorts Vail Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa s/index.jsp Families and couples that want to get away with a fun exciting vacation. The audience also wants to do many things on vacation with outdoor sports and visiting many of Vail’s tourist sites. To gain customers who wish to vacation in Vail and have a fun time, making their trip easy to plan and easy to make reservations Yes This website offers a lot of information, not only on the resort itself but on what the customer can do in Vail. It offers itself up to people who do not want the hassle of clicking on ten different links to find what they want. It is a fast link to open which makes it easy for the families wanting to stay here. They do not have a ton of information that has to be read in order to understand their company. It uses quick links that can take them to the information they really want to read. The photos are the main focal point of the page to make people feel connected with them and want to visit their resort. Then, the reservation area is what the eye sees next, showing that they want to make it easily accessible for the customer. Their tabs to go to other information are at the top and easy to understand. Their color scheme is mainly blue and green and is not overpowering. There is limited white space, but they could fill more space to maximize what they are saying. Overall, it is a very relaxing website that does not make the customer feel rushed.

Older couples and corporations that have meetings and conferences

Site’s Purpose

To take reservations for vacations and groups at their hotel

Good? (Yes/No)

No The name of the company blends into the background, not standing out from the rest of the site. The actual name of this resort is in the same format as the links to other information. It does not seem like they want people to know who they are. They have also filled their page with blocks of text that people do not want to read. On the second page is where you have to go to find the information and it is hard to read. Not only is it in a small font size, but you must search through it to find the information you want. The check availability is in a section of the page that the eye looks at last. It does not catch the eye and blends in with the other text. This makes it seem like they are bothered with taking reservations. There is also a lot of white space that does not relax the eye but makes it harder to focus on the actual text. They do not make good use of the white space. Two different bars have links in them and so for older couples it is not intuitive to know which one would be better to use and is a bit confusing to know which one should be used.

Design elements from the lecture notes/lecture that contributed to a Positive/Negative impression - provide at least 3 for each site & explain; Attach website screenshots with discussed features highlighted with or m

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Navigation bar allows for easy access to WebPages. Check Availability displays reservations for visitors. Photos are spread throughout the Website. Information text is located at the bottom.

The name of the company blends into the background. Information is located in blocks of text. Lots of white space that is not actively used Check Availability does not catch the eye.

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Company Name Web Site’s URL Site’s Target Audience

The Broadmoor

Best Western Alpenglo Lodge and Conference Center

Upper-middle class adults looking for a luxury resort in Colorado

Groups of young adults looking for inexpensive hotels in the Colorado mountains

Site’s Purpose

Sell hotel reservations and services to customers

Sell hotel room reservations to customers

Good? (Yes/No)



Design elements from the lecture notes/lecture that contributed to a Positive/Negative impression - provide at least 3 for each site & explain Attach website screenshots with discussed features highlighted with or m

There is no extra white space. The picture is the focal part of the screen, which changes slowly. There also is no block text, and the navigation bar on the left is concise. It has a separate area below the navigation for reservations, making it easy for customers who already know what they want from the page to make a reservation. Also, it shows that there are packages and meetings for audiences who want to spend less money or are on business. It all fits onto about one and a fourth screens. The color scheme also goes well together.

The website’s colors clash (although they are the companies colors), particularly the bright yellow. They use different shades of blue, yellow and red, and some fonts (“Room Cam” and “Click Here”) seem different from the rest of the page. There are also pictures that change, but you can only see the top edge changing when you enter the website, which is confusing. The homepage is also very long, and has block paragraphs as opposed to bullets. It also has a “Click Here” link, and misuses a portion of the page (the right third of the page is blue).

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No extra white space No use of block text Easy to make a reservation Concise navigation bar on the left

Website colors clash Room Cam and Click Here are unprofessional Distracting pictures that change Large blue section on the right

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Company Name Web Site’s URL

Vail Cascade

Vail Marriot Resort & Spa whrco-vail-marriott-mountain-resortand-spa/

Site’s Target Audience

Families, couples, and groups of people seeking to vacation at a resort and spa in Vail, Colorado To serve every guest in whatever way they need with reservations, accommodations, things to do at the resort and around the area, weather, travel, etc. Yes This is a great site. It is an easy read and not too long where you are constantly scrolling down. The text stands out and the pictures are beautiful, and help describe the setting that the customer will be in. It has some great amenities that don’t just include making a reservation at the resort; you can also check the weather, plan package vacations, and things to do around the park and area, as well as a wedding or a group meeting. This site has everything a customer would absolutely want to see if they were going to visiting Vail. It is a perfect site and easy to work so the customers are willing to spend time looking at the website. There is nothing too distracting that about the site that makes the site annoying as people are trying to plan their vacation which is very important. The toolbar is also at a great location where everyone can constantly have access to it and keep using it.

Families, couples, and groups of people seeking to vacation at a resort and spa in Vail, Colorado To book reservations at the hotel, and give the guests a brief look at what is going on in Vail, as well as ways to book those events No

Site’s Purpose

Good? (Yes/No)

Design elements from the lecture notes/lecture that contributed to a Positive/Negative impression - provide at least 3 for each site & explain Attach website screenshots with discussed features highlighted with or m

This site is quite boring, with nothing too special about it. It is just a normal site with the same pictures and small text that can be hard to read. It doesn’t offer anything too special, unless you constantly search. Although you can book your reservations on this site, it doesn’t seem to offer much else which could worry the customer about what help the guest could find through their reservation at this resort. With the text being small and blending in the background, you also have to scroll down which can be a bit of annoyance when you are trying to constantly search and figure things out for a vacation. The tool bar for people to look at things seems to be a little vague and in an awkward location.

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Only one screen worth of information Easy to make a reservation Navigation bar allows for quick access to other information Can check weather and plan package vacations

Small text that blends into the background There are multiple screens of information which would require constant scrolling. Use of many block paragraphs Bland color scheme

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Company Name Web Site’s URL Site’s Target Audience

The Gant

Hotel Jerome The Gant is targeting families and businesses that are looking for a convenient place to stay near the skiing slopes of Aspen, Colorado. To attract potential visitors to the Gant and provide relevant information about weather, accommodation options, business facilities, and Aspen recreation Yes

Hotel Jerome is targeting mountain travelers of all kinds, mainly families, couples, and adult singles.

Site’s Purpose

To book reservations and provide information about the hotel, amenities, and other events/activities

Good? (Yes/No)


Design elements from the lecture notes/lecture that contributed to a Positive/Negative impression - provide at least 3 for each site & explain Attach website screenshots with discussed features highlighted with or m

This website is extremely inviting to visitors and provides easy navigation to all of the content. Web pages are shorter than two screens of information which eliminates excessive scrolling to find information. The color scheme is of warm colors including dark orange, yellow, and red but contrasts with a cool blue. All of the text is easy to read and content is nicely organized. There is minimal white space and most of it is actively used to separate content. There is a consistent design between pages and the company’s name is visible on all pages. Even the more informative sections of the webpage are not cluttered with blocks of text and utilize short paragraphs with bullet points. Navigation of the website is easy with the dark orange navigation bar directly below the picture. Overall, customers will be able to easily find out information about the resort, nearby recreation, and book their accommodation.

This website uses very illegible text and has a large picture background for every page. The picture does not complement the information since it is partially covered but distracts the visitor since they immediately get drawn towards the eclectic range of colors. Text in the reservation window is extraordinarily difficult to read with the combination of grey text on a grey background. The reservation section of the website is inconsistent in design with the homepage. There is a large portion of white space in the upper left hand corner around the company’s logo that could be decreased significantly. Overall, the website is difficult to look at with too many contrasting colors and oversized pictures.

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Only one screen of information Warm color scheme Concise use of text Easy navigation with navigation bar

Illegible text Distracting large pictures on every Webpage Inconsistent designs between Web pages Poor color scheme

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5. Industry ‘key competitors’ (Select four of the well designed websites from the previous section and
have each individual research their company in more depth. Include your perceptions/opinions in this section.) Competitor’s name and URL of the web site How (what features?) are they using on the web? The Broadmoor uses a picture slide show as the focal point of their website, an easily accessible online reservation area, and a simple navigation bar. What are their most effective or unique ways of using the web? The website is very easy to navigate, with all the links clearly displayed on the left side of the page. There is a spot to make reservations on the home page without having to go through any other links. Additionally, it advertises their special deals and packages, while also advertising to corporations who wish to hold meetings at the hotel. The pictures show the beauty and luxury of the hotel. Overall, it is a very simple, visually appealing website. The navigation bar is easy to spot and in large font. Navigation through the site is easy and quick, and it is easy to make reservations online from the home page. There is also a large box with the phone number to make a reservation if the customer is uncomfortable or unable to make What are their most ineffective ways of using the web? The navigation bar text is small, making it more difficult for older customers to read and navigate the site. Also, the videos throughout the website were small and difficult to see.

The Broadmoor

Destination Resorts Vail /

The Vail website uses multiple pictures and picture slide shows, weather information, virtual tools, and an online reservation area.

The background picture is distracting, and takes away from the images and content in the middle of the page. The colors also slightly clash from the background to the middle.

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online reservations. Additionally, the weather section shows the current weather and leads to the weather for the week. From any page on the website, there is a section from which the customer can make a reservation online. Vail Cascade Vail Cascade utilizes a weather section, online reservations from the homepage, a picture slideshow, and navigation bars across the top. The website has easily accessible information about the weather, as well as online reservations from the homepage. It also shows active pictures from the mountains, illustrating the activities that the guests can participate in. On the home page, a loyalty club is also found, decreasing the buyer power of the customers. Another key feature is a “Best Rate Guaranteed” link on the home page, allowing the customer to easily compare the rates of the hotel to its competitors. The website has visually attractive pictures as the focal point with good graphics. Also, the weather is displayed on the page, along with savings opportunities. The The website’s navigation bar text is very small and difficult to read. Also, it does not have a conventional layout of a navigation bar at the bottom of the page, but puts it above the primary navigation bar. There is also a significant amount of free space on the side of the page.

The Gant

The Gant utilizes a picture slide as its focal points, and has a navigation bar directly under the picture. It also provides a small amount of information about

There is no spot on the homepage to directly make a reservation online, only a tab on the top of the page, which takes you to a reservation page. The page also is

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the hotel, and the weather.

phone number to make reservations for the hotel is at the top of the page in bold for customers who wish to make reservations over the phone. There also is a small section on the pictures that shows that it is a “Top 50 Ski Hotel”.

primarily white, making it seem bland.

6. Industry Key Competitors - Web Site Ratings
(Be sure to come up with three more criteria on your own.) Company Name The Broadmoor Website Content 8 Ease of Navigatio n 9 10 7 10 Site Appearanc e 10 6 7 8 Reservatio n Ease 9 10 7 6 Weather Informatio n 0 9 10 8 Activities Available 8 9 9 6 Overall

7.3 8.8 8 7.5

Destination 9 Resort Vail Vail Cascade The Gant 9 7

Legend: Scale of 1-10 (10 is the highest)

Company#1 The Broadmoor
Rating Website Content Explanation of Rating The Broadmoor provides a lot of information, but it is not in depth in regards to the spa and activities. Also, there is no content on the home page, only pictures and navigation. The navigation is very easy to use; however, some of the text may be too small for older customers to read. The only navigation bar is on the left hand side of the website. The Broadmoor website is very aesthetically pleasing, with warm color tones that match well together without looking dull. It is clear what link the customer needs to click to find the information they are seeking. The speed of the picture slide

Ease of Navigation

Site Appearance

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show is good and it provides pictures that show the luxury of the hotel and the beauty of its location. Reservation Ease There is a spot on the home page to make reservations online, which is convenient for customers who already know that they want to make a reservation. There is also a calendar that shows what dates are available. However, there is not an obvious number to call to make reservations if the customer cannot or does not want to make reservations online. The Broadmoor provides no weather information on their website, which does not help a customer who is interested in outdoor activities. This is the largest inconvenience of the Broadmoor website. There is a section for activities, which is easily accessible for the customers, but the pictures in the slide show do not reflect the array of activities available. The customer who is looking for outdoor excursions may think that the Broadmoor does not offer outdoor activities based on the homepage.

Weather Information

Activities Available

Company #2 Destination Resort Vail
Rating Website Content Explanation of Rating The website provides plenty of information, and all the customers’ questions can be found on the website. However, the content is organized in paragraphs making it look overwhelming. The customer also may have to search through all the information to find what they are looking for. It is easy to navigate the website because the navigation bar is easy to read and uses large text at the top of the page. Each subsection is easy to get to from each link as well. The appearance of the site is clustered because the background picture is of trees and the main content of the home page covers it. The colors do not match well. However, the center part of the page is professional looking, with a good color scheme. The pictures emphasize not only the hotel but also the activities that the customer can partake in. It is easy to make a reservation online. The homepage has a section in the middle to make a reservation and every page on the website has an online reservation section on the left. There is also a large box with a phone number to call to make reservations if the customer cannot or does not want to make reservations online. There is a box in the center of the homepage with information about the current weather and a link to the weather for the rest of the week. There is also a picture above it, but it does not reflect the weather changes and can be misleading. The website clearly shows the outdoor activities available for the season in the picture slideshow. It is clear to the customer that there are outdoor activities that

Ease of Navigation

Site Appearance

Reservation Ease

Weather Information

Activities Available

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the hotel can provide. The activities link, however, is not thorough in describing individual activities.

Company #3 Vail Cascade
Rating Website Content Explanation of Rating Vail Cascade had a good layout of information, making it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for. However, the content was not as in-depth as some of the other competitors. There was more information about having a wedding at their hotel than on the competitor’s websites. Also, there is a loyalty program shown and it is easy to compare their rates to other hotels. The links are clear and across the top of the page, but the navigation bar that is usually at the bottom of the page is at the very top. The nontraditional formatting throws the viewer off. Also, the reservations link creates a pop-up window, making it less convenient for customers. The colors work well together and it is professional looking. There are many pictures of the hotel and outdoor activities that the hotel offers. Customers coming to the mountain for skiing will be drawn in. However, there is a large amount of empty, blue space on the left of the page. The text on the navigation bars and the content is very small and hard to read. There also is an unprofessional pop-up upon entering the website with multiple colors and cartoon drawings. The site has a section for reservations to be made on the right side of all the pages, making it convenient for the customer. There is also a reservation area on the home page to make the reservations online. However, when the customer clicks on the reservations link on the navigation bar, reservations come up in a new pop-up window making it inconvenient for the customer. The weather is clearly displayed on the home page of the website. Also, it is on the right hand side of every page, making it easily viewable. Out of all the websites, Vail Cascade has the best weather information. The links on the website provide a lot of information on the activities available and it has a link for “Weddings and Special Events”. However, the pictures reflect the hotel only in the winter-time, leaving out summer activities.

Ease of Navigation

Site Appearance

Reservation Ease

Weather Information

Activities Available

Company #4 The Gant
Rating Website Content Explanation of Rating The website content is clearly organized, but it offers little information. All the content is an overview, with no sections going in depth. However, it is easy to find the basic information that is being sought and there is information about the hotel on the homepage.

INSC 20263 -- Project Proposal – Page 17

Ease of Navigation

It is easy to view the navigation bar and navigate the site. There are few subcategories in the links, making it easy for the customer to navigate each individual page, and find the home page again. There is also a tab on the top of the page to make reservations. The appearance is professional and has good use of colors. However, there is a large amount of white that can make it look boring. The focal point of the homepage is the picture slide, showing the hotel, its activities, and its location. The graphics used in conjunction with pictures is also professional and visually pleasing. The Gant has the worst reservation ease of all the competitors. Although there is a number at the top of the page for the customer to call to make a reservation, there is not a direct area on the homepage to make reservations. The tab at the top of the page is easily accessible; it brings up a new window, making it inconvenient for the customer. The weather for the day is displayed on the home page in a clear manner. However, it is not on every page and does not show the weather for the rest of the week. There is not a specific link for activities available for guests of The Gant. To find what outdoor activities are offered in that area the customer has to click on the “About Aspen” link, where only a brief overview of activities available is given. Additionally, there are few pictures showing activities on the homepage.

Site Appearance

Reservation Ease

Weather Information

Activities Available

7. The industry’s strengths and weaknesses in regard to the effective use of the web?(at least 3 each)
Strengths 1. Online reservations are quick to make on the front page. 2. Use of pictures to show hotel facilities and activities 3. Access to current weather conditions 4. Customers can track their benefits from loyalty programs. Weaknesses 1. Poor formatting might make information hard to read and access. 2. Customer service is not readily available. 3. Some people are uncomfortable with technology and making online reservations. 4. Might only focus on one particular season dismissing potential revenue from other seasons

8. Proposed website enhancements for the industry (at least 3 each):
i. What type of information would you recommend they add to their websites?

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These websites are great but there are a few things that would make them much more resourceful and put to better use for the customer. You have to be wise though about what you choose to add because you do not want to have too much. A daily weather report and weather history of the area would be a great tool for all of these websites to have so people can see when the best time to visit would be. Another idea to improve the website would be an online instant messaging system so the customers can chat with a sales person while they are looking at the site and trying to figure out their plans and reservation. It would also help if there were a list of all things to do for every season. The website should also think about offering links to local airports, car rental services, ski lifts, etc. This is a potential way to earn revenue as well as advertising other companies.
ii. What modifications would you recommend to their web design?

We would recommend that the website makes sure pictures are suitable for the area and the design of the website, including having lots of pictures for the customer to browse through. They need to also make sure that the text is suitable for every customer who will be browsing, not too small or too big. The colors of the website need to blend and match with a theme, and make sure that the text is easily legible within those colors. Making sure the website does not take significant time to scroll through will help customers find information and make the site more successful.

9. Name of the company that you propose to create and its geographic location:
Our team would like to create Powder, located in Colorado, which is in the Resort Hotel segment of the ski industry.

10. Detailed description of the proposed new business, including mission/goals, services and products
it will offer, size, etc. The mission of Powder is to provide our customers with an enjoyable visit to Colorado through top service and quality entertainment. The goals of Powder are to provide top of the line service and customer care and to be the leading hotel resort in Colorado. Powder is a large hotel, comprised of 400 rooms, and able to accommodate up to 1,600 people. The primary function of Powder will be to provide luxury lodging for customers with top quality dining and entertainment. Each room is equipped with two double beds, or a queen size bed. For suites or larger rooms, king size beds are available. All rooms are equipped with cable televisions, desks, phone services, room service, and free Wi-Fi. Suites have fireplaces and expanded kitchens in addition to the extra room space. Suite bathrooms have Jacuzzi bathing tubs and steam showers are available. Our main rooms accommodate up to four people and suites can accommodate up to eight people. We have standard, superior, suites, and penthouse suites available for our guests. Powder will also offer 5-star dining, a large spa and exercise facility, golf, pool, daycare, upscale shopping, and outdoor excursions.

11. Determine which of Porter's Three Generic Strategies you will use as you build your company for
the 21st century. Explain your answer. Powder will use a differentiation strategy. The goal of Powder is to provide top quality service, setting us apart from competitors. Our luxury environment will provide a unique characteristic for our hotel. Because our target market is upper-middle class adults, they will be attracted to the unique

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features we offer. A state of the art pool, high class shopping, outdoor excursions, and a spa are all included in our resort and unmatched by our competitors.

12. Discuss the many eBusiness strategies that your company could use to increase revenue and
decrease cost. A. Company web site’s target audience – who will use the website (internally and externally), for what purpose and where are they located geographically? As a luxury resort, we are gearing our website to established adults ranging from 25 to 40 years of age. This target market has a large amount of purchasing power and discretionary income. They would appreciate the amenities offered by our resort and the outside events taking place in Colorado. Primarily, the audience would be from anywhere in the United States, however there would be a small segment from foreign countries. The website would be used mainly by these customers, but a portion of the site is devoted to our employees and suppliers. B. Company’s website purpose: Our website allows customers access to our information, so that they may see what is offered in the resort and can make reservations online immediately. The site will offer the customers knowledge of Colorado and what excursions the resort sponsors for our guests. If they wish to see what our rooms are equipped with and look like, they may see layouts of the rooms. This will show the customer the amazing resort that they can stay at. In the end, all information acts as a way to gain reservations. There is a small part that is for our employees so that they may gain a feeling of unity and pride in the resort. Suppliers may also access the website in order to stay connected with us and track orders, inventory, and invoices. C. Company’s primary usage of the web a. Is the primary use going to be informational or transactional or both? Justify. Information will be given to our customers, suppliers, and employees through the website in order to allow information to be accessible to all. Information on our resort, amenities offered, and what events are going on in Colorado are parts of the website for our customers to make their vacation planning easier. Events going on in Colorado and specials offered by the resort are available to view on the website giving the customer indepth knowledge. However, this is not the only use of the website, it will also be transactional. Online reservations are available to our customers in order to make the reservation process faster and easier. Also included in the site is a section for suppliers, which is where we can contact them with our needs. All of these sections makes our website both information and transactional. b. What pages will be found on the website? Please list major sections of the site. In order to give the customers easy access to information, our resort includes many different pages found in the website. One page is devoted to background information on our resort. We want the customer to know what we have been doing, how we have become a part of Colorado, and what recognitions we have received to convince them to visit our resort. We feel the customer will also want to know what Colorado offers for them and what they can do while visiting, which is why we offer a page about Colorado. In addition to that, we have an excursions page which identifies specific trips and activities that are available outside of the resort.

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A reservations page is available for customers to go directly to making reservations online if they wish to go more in-depth than the reservation part of the home page. This is also the page where groups or corporations go when they wish to use the resort for a conference. Many customers want to be able to see what the rooms will be like and what is available to them. This is why we created an amenities page, so that they may see all of the information. The last page offered is about our spa. This is where visitors may see what packages are offered for the spa and what they can do while visiting our resort. Specials offered by our resort are also available to our customers on a separate page. Customers can see when we offer deals and when specials are available to save our customers some money. There are also special events that take place in our resort that customers can book on the special events page. Pictures of what has been done in the past are available as well as online reservations for the events. Pages for both hotel events and events in Colorado are available. This is so that customers know what they can do on their vacation and make the most of their trip. In order for them to plan their day, they also must consider the weather, especially since many activities in Colorado are outdoors. This is why we offer a weather page so that all the information is available to them easily.

Is the website primarily for B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) or both? Justify. This website is mainly a business to consumer site; however, there is also a business to business portion of the website. All of the information on the site is geared toward our customers’ needs. They can make reservations online and sign up for events that are happening around the resort. This is part of the business to consumer, because they do not get to choose what they pay or can do within the hotel. On the business to business side, under the link for suppliers, we can connect with them and make purchases online while staying in touch with them throughout the duration of the relationship.

D. How can an eBusiness strategy help your company attract customers and increase sales?

We can use our Website to attract potential visitors for our hotel in Colorado. With effective use of search engine optimization, we will be able to attract more customers who are using search engines to find hotel resorts because we will be near the top of search engine results. This will help to increase our sales and customers. While people are planning Colorado vacations online, our Website will describe various hotel events, events in Colorado, and special packages that will entice people to stay at our hotel. For guests who have stayed at our hotel in the past, we can personalize our special packages and events to fit their interests. This will encourage customers to stay more often and directly increase our hotel sales. E. How could eBusiness strategy help customer service? The individualization we will be offering will only draw our customers in more and make them realize that our main focus is them: the customer. With that, we can focus things on their wants and need, as well as receive feedback. We will be able to see how the customers react to our services and this will continuously help us to improve our customer service. We can also offer surveys that visitors can fill out before and after they visit us. Lastly, customers can make profiles which allow them to contact us so we can constantly provide customer service.
F. How could you use an eBusiness strategy to partner with suppliers?

INSC 20263 -- Project Proposal – Page 21

On our homepage, we have a direct link to our supplier section of the website. Suppliers are able to login and our website can personalize all of the information for each particular supplier. Each individual supplier can monitor our inventory levels of products that they provide. Additionally, they can track previous orders, view invoices, and fill new orders. This section improves our supply chain and gives suppliers our current information so that we can prevent shortages in products. Lastly, suppliers can easily contact us through this section in case they have questions or wish to share other information.
G. How could a portal help your employees?

If our employees had a portal to use, it would help to unify all the different employees in the resort. Without the portal, most would never communicate with each other unless they were employed in the same department. The portal will allow them to connect with everyone in the resort, from the top floor maid to the spa manager. With this unity, the employees will feel more connected to the resort ensuring their happiness and as a result work more productively. On another note, it would allow the resort to post information on the portal to give information to all employees at the same time, making it easier to distribute the information. H. How could a kiosk help your business? If a kiosk was available to our customers, it would allow the check-in and check-out process to be done by them. This cuts down on the need for multiple employees that had to be available for this process at night when few customers needed to be checked in or out. Employing fewer employees would save the company a large amount of money. The process would also be made more efficient for our customers. The times available for check in and out would also be more flexible since the kiosk would be in charge of all data, giving our customer more leeway in regards to this process. In the end, it would improve customer satisfaction with speedy service and cut down on employee salaries which would save money.

What types of metrics would you want to track on your eBusiness Web site? Be sure to justify your answers. Our main goal is tracking the activity level of our website. We can do this by counting the number of unique visitors to see how many different visitors are viewing our website. Also, we will pay close attention to the amount of identified visitors which will show how well we our retaining our customers and suppliers when they login to our website. The main exposure metric that is important to us is the number of page exposures. This will provide an accurate measurement of the number of times our website has been viewed. We also want to track the stickiness (visit duration time) to see how long visitors spend on our website. All of these metrics will help us determine how effective our website is in providing information for our customers and how much activity our website is experiencing.

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Appendix: Storyboard for your new company’s website homepage

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