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BPS800 3000-5500 H-DN BLL AC-MLO BRU

BPS800 - Housing curved down - Acrylate micro-lens optic
DayWave is a LED-based luminaire designed for high-end office
lighting and representative areas with a unique breakthrough design. It
has been specifically conceived to create more natural, inspiring
spaces, in order to enhance well-being and performance. With subtle
variations and nuances of light level and light tone, it creates natural
shifts in the lighting ambience. In the early morning, the light is bright
and energising. In the course of the day, the light level may drop
gradually and shift to soft, comforting warm-white. Incorporating cool
and warm-white LEDs and an innovative optical system (Micro-Lens
Optic), the ergonomically designed DayWave delivers a uniform, high
level of visual comfort – compliant with European norms for office
lighting. DayWave is available in a choice of curved-up and curveddown shapes and in fixed and dynamic color-temperature versions. It
can be used with DALI and DMX controls. There is also an option
whereby the luminaire continues to emit decorative blue indirect light
after the luminaire has been switched off, for example for decoration
or branding purposes.

Product data
• General information
Product family code
Number of light
Lamp family code
Light source replaceable
Driver/power unit/
Driver included
Decorative spill-light
Optical cover/lens
Embedded control
Ingress protection
Glow-wire test
Flammability mark
CE mark

• Mechanical
BPS800 [BPS800]
192 [192 pcs]
false [No]
PSR [Power supply unit regulating]
true [Yes]
BLL [Blue light]
AC-MLO [Acrylate micro-lens optic]
DMX [Dynamic DMX]
Yes [Yes]
IP20 [Finger-protected]
ALU [Aluminum]
BRU [Brushed]
650/5 [Temperature 650 °C, duration
5 s]
F [For mounting on normally
flammable surfaces]
CE [CE mark]

• Electrical
Input voltage
Input frequency

110-240 V [110 to 240 V]
50-60 Hz [50 to 60 Hz]

Housing configuration

H-DN [Housing curved down]

• Initial perform. (IEC compliant)
Initial input power
Initial luminous flux
Initial LED luminaire
Init. Corr. Color
Init. Color Rendering

166 W [166 W]
4000 Lm
24.1 Lm/W
3000-5500 [3000 to 5500 K]
80 [80]

• Over time perform. (IEC compliant)
Driver failure rate at
5000 h

0.5 %

• Application conditions
Average ambient
Ambient temperature
Maximum dim level
Suitable for random

T25 [+25 °C]
+10 to +40°C [+10 to +40 °C]
1% [1%]
Yes [Yes (relates to presence/
movement detection and daylight

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