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20 / 02 / 2014



Delhi, India
Dear Sir,
Sub: Quotation for INCINERATOR 1000 Kg / Hr and 2000Kg / Hr
With Reference Discussion had with You an In Telephonic on 20.02.2014.
As Per Your Requirement of Incinerator 1000 Kg / Hr and 2000 Kg / Hr. Here
for our offer and Estimation Process and plant Description also Enclosed.
PRICE: Our Engineering Design , Supply of Equipments with Civil Foundation
and Erection and
Commissioning Charges.


Capacity 1000 Kg / Hr Incinerator Cost

- Rs 1,75,00,000.00

(Rupees One Crore Seventy Five Lakhs Only)

2. Capacity 2000 Kg / Hr Incinerator Cost
(Rupees Two Crore Sixty Five Lakhs Only)

1. Building Construction we are not Consider In this Price

2. Terms and Condition applying Later

- Rs 2,65,00,000.00


The Incinerator is designed to suit Industrial wastes, which could generate

toxic emission on combustion followed by Incineration. Essentially there are gas
cleaning system provided in the form of emission s and ensuring a clean gas to the
atmosphere. The proposed system set up in all means shall be a static bed modular
retort type one operated under semi pyrolitic condition with added, downstream
equipment in the form of gas cleaning system (Cyclonic Dry settler, Gas Scrubber,
Moisture separator , ID fan) en route to chimney.

The furnace comprising the combustion & incineration chamber is Separately

(Primary, Secondary & tertiary) adopting the static bed design with suitably
designed for handling irregular shaped waste profile of high and low calorific wastes
without much operator involvements. However there shall be charging chutes also
provided in the appropriated sides of the furnace with air curtain. The furnace shall
have all built in accessories in the form of ash removal doors for each chamber,
inspection and pressure relief doors for additional protection against any eventuality
of the furnace getting pressurized.

The system set up housing the auxiliary fuel firing shall have two burners viz.,
the main burner and the after burner positioned one in the primary chamber for
startup and in support of furnace and combustion of waste. The temperature profile
in the primary chamber shall be maintained in the order of around 900C to 1050C
of waste streams. It is to be noted that these temperature ranges are being
controlled and Vaporized combustible gases from the primary chamber are allowed
to burn in the secondary chamber. The second of the burners which is called an
after burner is strategically positioned in the secondary chamber to ensure
complete combustion of combustibles out of the primary chamber. Flue gases
generated from the burning of wastes enters the secondary and tertiary chambers
where the gases are maintained at 1050+/-50C with a required residence time of a
minimum of 2secs.

The additional chamber in the form of tertiary provides not only an

extended residence time, but also ensures as a settling chamber for the suspended
particulars matters to get trapped in the furnace and thus avoids the requirement of
a cyclone separated to remove the SPMs. The gases from the tertiary chamber is
passed through stream of gas cleaning equipments (gas scrubber & particulate
separator), wherein the emissions are being neutralized with alkali dosing against
acidic emissions and the clean gas is exhausted to the atmosphere through the
chimney provided. The gaseous emissions shall in 100% comply with the pollution
control and other statutory bodies norms and stipulations.

Besides the system incorporates the provision for burning the of diesel/ LDO
for primary and Secondary Chamber burning.


The system designed is compatible for all types of Industrial waste especially,
high volatiles and high calorific value waste ensuring a self sustained
combustion after initial ignition.

With the capacity of waste generation being very High, considering the
investment and operation economy the system is designed for an optimal
capacity of 1000kg/hr of waste disposal over an extended span of one hour.

The system houses all mandatory gas cleaning equipment in the form of
Cyclone Separator, Gas scrubber, Moisture separator and because of these
equipment and with the need to operate the complete system under negative
draft and Induced draft fan, finally a chimney at the end of the downstream
to exhaust the gases to the atmosphere.

The system incorporates performance proven state of art scrubbing system

to ensure complete treatment of particulate carryovers and neutralization of
eventual acidic emissions due to chemical presence during combustion.

The system incorporates additional set up for burning the waste oil through
air atomized burners; eventually the same shall reduce the overall operating

cost in terms of supplementary fuel requirement for combustion and


System incorporates all safety features required for the basic operation with
automated interlocking arrangements to ensure operational safety.

Qty. of waste generation estimation

Solid Waste [all put together]

Thanking You,

+91 90430 57716

1000 kg/ Hr