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Tara Lagna – It’s Role in Determining Wealth

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Jaimini system of Astrology is replete with a variety of combinations for determining Raja Yogas
and wealth of native. These combinations are very unique and not easily understood by the students. Many
a time, even the scholars with high intelligence quotient fail to understand the correct interpretation of
these highly codified aphorisms of Jaimini. The reason for such failure is attributable to the very nature of
their expertise in Parasara system of Astrology. Understanding the basic canons of Vedic Astrology
including Parasara system is essential for deciphering the Jaimini Sutras. However, serious student of this
Jaimini system needs to unlearn their previous understanding of Jaimini to correctly decipher these sutras.
Importing Parasara concept of calculating longitudinal special lagnas to Jaimini system does forbid correct
view of Jaimini but also misleads the student to erroneous results. For example, there had been a couple of
attempts to calculate longitudinal Arudha (Savayava Arudha) by revered scholars like none other than Dr.
B.V. Raman which was never accepted by the scholars like Sri Iranganti Rangacharya. Similarly, there was
an attempt by another revered scholar to extend Sudarshana Chakra philosophy to Chara Dasha. The
accuracy of such attempts will be decided only by test of time.
This paper attempts in proving the fallacy of such attempts of extending principles from other
system of divination of Vedic Astrology to Jaimini System.


Tara Lagna (TL)

Jaimini systems mentions many special lagnas for delineating results of a horoscope. Scholars like
our Guru “Maha Mahopadhyaya” Sri Iranganti Rangacharya have demonstrated many of them without
contradicting the ancient literature with practical examples in his published articles. He instructed this
scribe that 18 lagnas were used by the scholars of yore of this system. This very fact of employing many
reference points in proclaiming results is the strength of this system and sometimes baffles the students in
disguise. One such important lagna in Jaimini system is Tara Lagna, which was explained vide sutras 2-4-27
to 2-4-30. One tradition famous on internet calls this lagna erroneously as Shri Lagna and accordingly
Jagannatha Hora software shows it as SL in the charts. However, there is subtle difference among scholars
of yore to modern JHora method in calculating this Tara Lagna. Ancient commentaries mentions this as
Nakshatra Lagna also.


Calculation of Tara Lagna:

Jaimini Sutra Chapter – II Pada – IV mentions this Tara Lagna and its importance in determining

ताराकशे मंदाो दशेशः २-४-२७
tārārkaṁśe maṁdādyo daśeśaḥ 2-4-27

तिमुे नीचे वा ीमंतः २-४-२८
tasminnucce nīche vā śrīmaṁtaḥ 2-4-28

विमभे िकंिच २-४-२९
svamitrabhe kiṁchit 2-4-29

– Page 216 . Narasimha Rao1 is explained below. the native’s fortune is proportionately reduced.2 Modern View of Commentaries: The method as followed by modern commentators like Sri Sanjay Rath and scholars like Sri P.V.  If the lord of Sri Lagna is exalted or debilitated. This gives the longitude of Tara Lagna. 2.दुगतापरथा २-४-३० durgatāparathā 2-4-30 Translation: तारक अक अंशे मद आ दशेशः = = = = = = the birth star Sun part number 1 in katapayadi numeric starting the dasha lord The duration of Birth Star divided into 12 parts and the part of Nakshatra occupied by the Moon to be noted.  If the lord of SL is in an inimical sign. The sign obtained by counting the same number of signs from Janma Lagna (Ascendant) gives Tara Lagna (TL). the native is poor.  Calculation of Sri Lagna2 (SL): Step 1: Compute the fraction of Moon’s advancement in his constellation Step 2: Add the same fraction of the entire zodiac to longitude if Lagna. the native is Srimanta (Wealthy Person)  If the lord of Sri Lagna is in own sign or a friendly sign. Step 1: Constellation Swathi spans from 60 40’ to 200 0’ in sign Libra 1 2 Moon advancement in constellation = 130 6’ .R.60 40’ = 60 26’ Fraction of Moon advancement = 60 26’ / 130 20’ “Sudasa shows Lakshmi’s Blessings – Express Star Teller October 2001 issue – Page 36 Jaimini Maharshi Upadesa Sutras by Sri Sanjay Rath – M/s Sagittarius Publications. New Delhi. a Native with Moon at 13 Li 06 (Swathi Star) and Lagna at 25 Vi 05. For example.

One available Vriddha Karika3 verse deals with calculation and results of this special lagna. The wealth of the native decreases proportionately according to the dignity of the planet. which will open the doors to new avenues of Jaimini system of astrology. If this lord is exalted or debilitated in TL makes the native an employee of the 3 Ref: Jaimini Padyamritam by Sri Durga Prasada Dwivedi . 2. The lord of constellation occupied by Moon as per the Vimsottari dasha scheme shall deemed to be placed in TL. The placement of lord of this Lagna in exaltation or debilitation makes the native rich. Exception: Some commentators like Sri P S Sastri mentions that if the birth ascendant is even. The same is given below for the benefit of readers.Step 2: Same fraction of zodiac Add this to Lagna = 0. counting shall be anti-zodiacal order. let us shift our reference to unpublished commentaries available mostly in manuscript form either in custody of individual or manuscript libraries. The sign arrived by counting that number of signs from Birth Ascendant is denoted as Tara Lagna (TL). जमतारं ादशधा िवभ य चमा लाावतथो राशौ यसेदादौ दशािधपं । स युेथवा नीचे तदायााजसेवकौ विमे सुखी शतृराशौ िनःवः समे समः । janmatāraṁ dvādaśadhā vibhakte yatra candramā lagnāttāvatatho rāśau nyasedādau daśādhipaṁ । sa yadyuccethavā nīce tadāsyādrājasevakau svamitrarkṣe sukhī śatṛrāśau niḥsvaḥ same samaḥ । Liberal Translation: The constellation occupied by Moon shall be divided into 12 parts and the number of the part occupied by Moon shall be noted.4825 = 0.3 The View of Ancient Commentaries of South India: Now.4825 X 3600 = 1730 42’ = 1750 5’ + 1730 42’ = 3480 47’ = 180 Pi 47’ The modern commentators calculate this special Lagna by extending Parasara principle of adding the fraction of traversal of Moon in the birth constellation to the longitude of birth ascendant.

Exception: If the birth star lord is Ketu. If the dasha lord is conjunct with an exalted planet results in good wealth. count 6 signs from Janma Lagna Virgo to arrive at Aquarius as TL. count shall be anti-zodiacal order. 2.11111 = 5. poor and common man respectively. inimical sign and neutral sign makes the native happy. 2.4 An Example: A Native with Moon at 13 Li 06 (Swathi Star) and natal Lagna at 25 Vi 05. . Extension of application: 1. If the dasha lord conjunct with Moon results in good wealth. It shall be observed that Tara Lagna is Aquarius as per ancient method.11111111 Constellation Swathi spans from 60 40’ to 200 0’ in sign Libra Moon advancement in constellation = 130 6’ . The duration of each part = 130 20’ / 12 = 1. The same view is endorsed by commentaries Jataka Sara Sangraha of Raghava Bhatta and Jyotisha Phala Ratnamala of Krishna Mishra.King. If the lord is placed in own sign. The translation is not provided for the sake of brevity. where as it was Pisces 180 47’according to modern method which uses the longitudinal based calculations. The longitude of lagna need not be consider in calculation of this lagna. though it seems mathematically incorrect.60 40’ = 60 26’ Part of advancement in the whole star = 60 26’ / 1.79 part = 6th part Hence. The relevant Sanskrit literature is given in appendix for the benefit of inquisitive readers. The same is the case with most of the special lagnas of Jaimini System.

The birth details are taken from various sources and the accuracy of the birth details has been verified with the database of astrodatabank rodden ratings. all the modern commentators. 4 The List is not complete. The TL is arrived by taking the longitude of Asc and also traversal of Moon in the star Mathematically the modern view seems to be correct. . P S Sastri  Sanjay Rath And many more Apparently. S No Parameter Vriddha Karika View Modern View Remarks 1 Calculation of TL The count is the number of signs from Birth Ascendant irrespective of its longitude. the view of ancient scholar proves to be practically working TL differs by one sign The dignity of Lord of Difference is obvious TL shows the results  Kasirama Pathak  Dr. who never seems to consult ancient commentaries got trapped in literal translation of those sutras. And many more 3. The ayanamsha used is 0034’ 25” more than Lahiri Ayanamsha.0 Case Studies: Some case studies are given below to showcase the correct application of Tara Lagna (TL). The table given at the end summarizes cases of 24 charts chosen. Chadra Hari Ayanamsha may also be used. This scribe doesn’t want to involve in debate of correct ayanamsha as the ayanamsha is very close to traditional Lahiri ayanamsha. 2 2 3 Tara Lagna of the Aquarius example data given Results of TL The Lord of Birth Star is deemed to be placed in TL and his dignity in TL shows the results 4 Authors endorse  Vriddha Karika. Most south Indian commentaries endorse the ancient view. which is known as Dulakara Ayanamsha.  Raghava Bhatta  Krishna Mishra  Vanchanatha  Parameshwara  Laxmana Suri  Subbarama Jyosyaru  Iranganti rangacharya  Kamalakantha Shukla Pisces 180 47’ However.2.5 Comparison of these two views The following table summarizes the subtle differences between these two approaches.Suresh Chandra Mishra  Dr.

Star Lord in Exaltation: Star Lord in Debilitation: .

Chatterjee – Page 347 .Star Lord in Own House: Star Lord Conjunct Exalted planet: Ref: Fortune and Finance by S.S.

1889 05:55:00 (01:00 East) 09W12. 1884 10:188 (05:30 East) 76E38.S. 1863 13:35 (2:00 East) 09W08. 1934 07:20 (1:00 East) 09E40. 7 Jyachamaraja Wodeyar 8 Kamal Hasssan 9 King Alexander I 10 King Carlos I 11 King Emmnaul II of Greece 12 Krishna Raja Wodeyar .Tara Lagna – A comprehensive Study Ayanamsha Used: Lahiri Ayanamsha + 00-34’-25’’ S No Name DOB Details Birth Star Star Lord Tara Lagna Analysis 1 Bill Gates Uttara Bahdra Saturn Aries Debilitated in Tara Lagna 2 Emperor Czar Nicholas II Revathi Mercury Pisces Debilitaed in Tara Lagna 3 A Garment Exporter (Ref: S. 41N45 July 18. 12N18 Arudra Rahu Gemnini Rahu gets Exalted Sravana Moon Scorpio Moon Gets Exalted in TL Pubba Venus Libra Own House and Conjunct Exalted Saturn Uttara Bhardra Saturn Aquarius Occupied Moola Trikona House Purava Bhadra Jupiter Cancer Exalted in TL Mrigasira Mars Capricorn Exalted in TK Revathi Mercury Virgo Exalted in TL Ashlesha Mercury Pisces Debilitated in TL Chitra Mars Capricorn Mars Exalted in TL 4 5 6 Hendry Ford I (Rodden Rating : B) J. 42N23 Sep 28. 34N05 Hasta Moon Virgo Moon Conjunct Natal Moon and Exalted Mercury July 11. 1888 23:55 (1:00 East) 18E55. 1863 7:00 (5:40 west) 85W08. Chetarjee Book) Giorgio Armani October 28. 45N01 July 30. 1868 0:15 (5:00 East) 30E15. Morgan Sr. 1945 13:32 (5:30east) 74E49. 38 N 42 June 4. 38N43 Nov 15. 12N18 Nov 7. 122W19 May 19. 1837 3:00 (04:58 West) 74W41. 1954 06:15 (05:30 East) 78E36. 59N53 Oct 6. 1955 22: Hrs (8:00West) 47N36. 1919 18:17 (5:30 East) 76E 38. 42N20 April 17.P. 09N 33 Dec 17.

1937 06:29:00 (05:30 East) 72E50. 1950 07:10 (1:00 East) 0W31. 1942 15:40 (04:00 West) 71N9. 42N21 Feb 15. 18N58 May 8. 18N58 April 21. However. the Ayanamsha used here is Tarditional Lahiri as against my chosen Dulakara Ayanamsha . 1950 23:56 (5:30 East) 77E35. 1953 14:30 (05:30 East) 72E50. 51N12 Pushyami Saturn Aries Debilitated in TL Uttarashada Sun Libra Sun debilitated in TL Dhanishta Mars Cancer Debilitated in TL Swathi Rahu Gemini Rahu exalted in TL Gemini Jyeshta Mercury Pisces Mercury Debilitated in TL Sravana Moon Scorpio Moon Debilitated in TL Scorpio Sravana Moon Taurus Visakha Jupiter Capricorn Moon Gets Debilitated in TL Scorpio Jupiter Debilitated in Capricorn TL Satabhisham Rahu Gemini Rahu gets exalted in Gemini Krittika Sun Aries Sun gets exalted in Aries Makha Ketu Sagittarius June 04. 1959 22:30 Mumbai Krittika Sun Aries As Makha is Ketu Nakshatra.13 Lata Mangeshkar 14 Madhavrao Scindhia 15 Mike Bloomberg 16 Nusli Wadia of Bombay Dyeing 17 Queen Elizabeth II 18 Superstar Rajnikanth 19 Shah Rukh Khan 20 Ratan Tata 21 Vasundhara Raje Scindia 22 Vijayaraje Scindia 23 Branson Richard 24 Anil Ambani Sep 28. 12N59 Nov 2. 23 N 50 July 18. 1965 02:30 (5:30 East) 77E12. count in anti-zodiacal direction. 1919 23:00 Hrs 78 E 43. 1929 21:51 (5:30 East) 75E50. 51N30 Dec 12. Ketu gets exalted in Sagittarius Sun exalts in Aries. 1945 23:45 (05:30 East) 72E50. 1944 13:30 (5:30 east) 72E50. 22N43 March 10. 18N58 Feb 14. 18N58 Oct 12. 28N36 Dec 28. 1926 02:40 (0:00 west) 0W7.

Appendix वृ कािरका .वांचनाथीय चनपतयतुंगरािशमुपागताः नीचरािशगतावािप पिदशंित शुभं नृणां लाेयाः पच पच घिटकातारकागता नपतौ लं कपयेुमा जातक सार संगहः .राघव भः अथ सवसाधारयेण ऐवय योगा िलयते जमन घिटक िनिय लमारय मेण एकक राशेः पच पच घिटका मेण गतघिटका यागे शेह घिटकाया यो रािश रागछित तिम जमनपितः वतते। एवं ितीय राशौ ितीय नपितः वततरीया नवसुरािशहु नवािप नपितः संचरित। कतौनपिते ममारय युमेण रिशगणनं कतयिमित िवशेषः। तथाच पथमनपतेसरािशछोवा नीचोवा यिदभवित तदा ऐय योगः योितष फलरमाला िवभय न मथो िवलादारय नीा रिवणैव धीमा पाे डे तु दशािधनाथमां समारोय वदेफलािन तोगेयुयुते शुभेन युतोथवा यारभुयोगदाता नीछेन वा नीचखगेन दृे दािरयोगं पवदमुनींाः आरय तदनुमेण दशामधीशापिरकपिया । शुभाशुभं सयगवेणीयं िपापयोगे मृितरेव वाया । .