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Law of Attraction

Basic Certification Course

Book 3

Steve G. Jones
Dr. Joe Vitale


Shifting Frequencies of Attraction ..............................................................3

Creating and Utilizing Affirmative Cues ....................................................4
Aligning Yourself With the Universe ..........................................................7
Approaching the Universe for Your Needs.................................................9
Belief in Attraction & Manifesting ............................................................13
Action Redefined .........................................................................................18
Deceptive Time ............................................................................................20

Both emotions and thoughts play a vital role in transmitting the correct, affirmative
frequency to the Universe. Of course, not everyone can stay positive each and every day.
It is only normal for a person to feel sad, anxious or angry sometimes. What we are trying
to avoid here is dwelling on negative emotions and thoughts. Like attracts like; negativity
will attract more negativity, you can count on that.

Even the smallest of problems can create a tidal wave of misfortune and negativity. Have
you ever had really bad days that started with the simplest of errors or problems, like
spilling coffee on your documents? What did you notice about the entire day? Was your
entire day ruined by that one event?

If it was, what do you think triggered all of the other misfortunes that you experienced
until you came home from work?

The answer is simple: the small problem at the start of your day attracted all the other
misfortunes later in the day. Your emotional state and your thoughts shifted to the
negative and stayed in the negative throughout the day. By virtue of the law of
attraction, you attracted negativity because you were transmitting negativity from
morning until the evening.

Having positive, uplifting emotions is absolutely essential if you want to maximize the
law of attraction. If you feel really good about yourself it is impossible to have bad
thoughts. If you practice shifting your frequencies every time you stray from an
affirmative path, you will eventually block out all bad thoughts and negative emotions so
that every day would be an uplifting and happy experience. No more drowning in fear or
stress never again.



Lets say you meet another person who wishes to tap into the majestic power of the law
of attraction. However, this person is a born pessimist and he normally dwells on the
negative aspect of things. As a result, he feels depressed all the time.

You want to help this person transmit thoughts and emotions at the right frequency so he
can begin manifesting the things he wants in life. But whenever he tries to transmit at an
affirmative frequency, he cannot stay in the right frequency because he has always been a
pessimist. So how can you help this person overcome his pessimism and his negative

In situations where a person is terrible at keeping his thoughts and emotions in the right
frequency, that person should use affirmative cues. Affirmative cues are like mnemonic
devices for the mind and heart. And it is not terribly difficult to create and use affirmative
cues. There are two types of affirmative cues: memory-based affirmative cues and
activity-based affirmative cues. Lets discuss the first type, which is the memory-based
affirmative cue.

To create a memory-based affirmative cue, you simply have to remember one particular
memory that brings you the most happiness in an instant. The memory can be from any
time period in life. It can be a memory of a parent who was spending time with you. It
can be a memory of a time when you met someone special and you felt complete. It can
even be a memory of a time when you purchased something really awesome and you felt
like the king of the world because of your new gadget/clothing/etc.

Now close your eyes and really hold on to this thought. Form the memory completely in
your minds eye and most importantly, remember how you felt when this particular event
happened in your life.

Embrace the warm, happy feeling and relive it in your mind. Congratulations you have
successfully created your very first memory-based affirmative cue. Whenever you feel
down or depressed, all you have to do is to invoke this memory cue to correct your
emotions and thoughts.

The second type of affirmative cue is activity-based. Lets say you feel very depressed
because you received some terrible news from afar. You feel that your life is falling apart
(or worse, you feel that your life is no longer worth living) and negative thoughts are
spiraling out of control in your mind. In such situations, memory-based affirmative cues
may not work because of the gravity of the situation.

You need an active intervention a cue that would force your mind to look away from
the negativity. Think of an activity that makes you happy even for a short period of
time, like poetry, singing, painting, dancing or even driving around the city. It doesnt
matter what type of activity you have in mind as long as you feel relaxed and happy when
you are doing it.

Make a mental note that you should do this whenever you feel that you are losing control
of your life. Remind yourself to do this when feel that you are being overwhelmed by
problems and all this negativity that surrounds you.

This activity will be your activity-based affirmative cue. As you slowly ease away from
the negativity, your thoughts and emotions will slowly shift to positivity once again. You
will do this not just because of the law of attraction but because it makes perfect,
practical sense. Affirmative cues are effective in clearing the mind and purging unhealthy
thoughts and emotions. These cues are a balm for the heart and mind.


The Universe is in a constant state of flux and re-alignment. Every day, as we live our
lives, the Universe receives our transmissions and frequencies and the law of attraction
ensures that what we desire is reflected back to us. We want these reflections from the
Universe to be all positive.

Before this can happen, one must first acknowledge that the Universe itself is a positive
force. The Universe is a complex nexus of creation that receives input from every living
being. As such, it is a force that provides and even in moments of destruction, such as
the death of a whole planet, the Universe ensures that no energy is wasted.

Things are merely transformed. Change is the only constant factor in the equation and it
is this constant factor that makes the law of attraction that much more powerful.

If there is change, there can be creation, and if creation is possible, changes in your life
become extremely possible. Were not talking about small changes here; we are talking
about monumental changes in your life that will implicate not only the smallest details
but also the big details of your life that will determine health and prosperity for the long

Again, before this can be achieved, you have acknowledge that the Universe itself is not
out to get you but is there to help you achieve what you want. This alignment with the
Universe can be accomplished day by day.

Start with thoughts that embrace the goodness of the Universe itself. Tell yourself that
the Universe is here to help you. Tell yourself that the Universe is a beautiful place and
you deserve the best seat in the house. Remind yourself that everything you want is
already pouring in and you just have to catch everything because your life is filled with
abundance and true grace.

As you create these majestic thoughts, clear your mind and allow yourself to be
immersed in affirmative thoughts and positive emotions. Do this regularly, especially in
the most trying times. This is one shortcut to using the law of attraction to your full
advantage. It takes time to master, but complete alignment with the Universe will make
sure that you will be able to manifest everything you want in life and this is truly

Every person has deep desires desires so intense that even after years of frustration,
these desires will linger. Do you feel that you have such desires, too? If you do, would
you jump at the opportunity to actually manifest these desires in the real world?

If your answer is a resounding yes, then you only have to perform an important step: ask
for it. This may sound strange, especially after our discussion on determination but this
is really the first and perhaps most important step of all. Lets review all the steps that we
have covered so far in this course:

Step # 1: Thought awareness

Step # 2: Emotional awareness
Step # 3: Fine-tuning the internal guiding mechanism
Step # 4: Correcting transmitted frequencies
Step # 5: Simultaneous transmission of affirmative thoughts & emotions
Step # 6: Creating and using affirmative cues to maintain an affirmative frequency
Step # 7: Aligning with the Universe

As you can see, all of these steps are only preparing you for the actual process of tapping
into the power of the law of attraction. These steps, difficult as they may be sometimes,
are all essential.

You should not skip any of these steps because if you are not well-prepared, your
efforts may not produce the best results. Now, at this point in time you should become
aware that there is no single way to access the Universe and the law of attraction.
Reliable theories on the law of attraction exist and at some level, many of these theories
are presenting more or less the same approach.

The course you are reading right now will show you the best techniques when it comes to
accessing the law of attraction. There is no single right way to do things, so what we are
going to do is we are going to explore various methods so you can enrich singular
techniques or combine several methods to come up with your own unique way of
conversing with the Universe.

Now, lets go back to the first step that we were discussing at the beginning of this
section. This lesson is all about approaching the Universe for what we need. What kind of
relationship do you have with the Universe? If you have performed all of the steps that
we have outlined in the past volumes of this course, your relationship with the universe
should already be positive. As you progressively shift your mindset, thinking and
emotions, you will become the beneficiary of the Universe.


The Universe itself becomes a very close friend who is willing to go the distance just so
you can get what you want. Like a magical genie, the Universe will now conspire with
you to make your dreams come true. And like a genie, all you have to do now is to ask
for the things that matter to you the most and it shall be given to you by the Universe.

To make the Universe a more familiar force in your life, think about the various
incarnations of kindhearted and generous beings throughout the ages. Think of one
particular incarnation that is familiar and warm to you.

Some people say Santa Claus, some remember asking for help from their guardian
angels. No matter what the name or form, all of these incarnations represent the Universe
itself in all its power and grandeur. What did you notice about all these incarnations of
the Universe? There are some common traits among all of these incarnations:

1. If you wish to benefit from their presence, you must establish a one-to-one
relationship first.

2. If you wish to receive something from them, you must first ask sincerely.

3. You must show that you deserve what you are asking for.


4. Past actions determine future outcomes each and every time.

Now that were clear about some basic principles regarding the Universe and its
relationship with you, let us move on to the process of approaching the Universe for what
you want in life.

Though it may sound simple, you must understand the law of attraction is like a very
precise measuring instrument. It is precise because it is able to recognize what you desire
regardless of your awareness of what you are asking for. If you are always worried about
your health and if you focus on this type of negativity for long periods, you would most
likely attract more illness than health. The law of attraction reflects true desires based on
your emotions and thoughts.

Does this mean that it is extremely complicated to ask something from the Universe
itself? Not really you just have to be very precise and clear about what you want. Think
of the Universe as an extremely adept merchant who wants nothing more than to give you
exactly what you want. But before he can do this, he must hear clearly what it is you
really want.

You can ask for many things in life, but each desire must be transmitted clearly to the
Universe if you want to manifest things more quickly. Imagine placing an order online
you choose the product, click the order button and receive the goods. You dont click


the buy or order button repeatedly just because you think your order may have gotten
lost somewhere. You order once and wait for your goods.

The same principle applies to the law of attraction you just have to ask once and thats
all you need. If you perform this step with mental clarity and positive emotions, you
transmit your order to the Universe more efficiently. If the Universe can talk, it would
probably tell you: I heard you loud and clear, boss!

You may believe everything that we have discussed so far; but do you believe that you
can actually manifest the things that you want with the power of your thoughts and
emotions? Belief in the process of manifesting can be hard on some people especially
to those who have been immersed in the cold, logical thinking of late modern society.

Never fear just perform the steps that we have explored in the earlier volumes and all
these harmful doubts and negativities will melt away.

The more you practice un-learning and self-renewal, the more powerful the concepts will
become. Give yourself time to adjust, but dont wait too long. Manifesting is exciting
work and there is no real reason to delay. Why delay the gratification of your deepest
need and desires in life?


How can one believe in something new? Its easy: have you ever had faith in someone or
something before? Did you have faith that was so strong that you knew that everything
will work out well even if you do not have one hundred percent control of the situation?
If you did, then that is the kind of belief that you have to place on the law of attraction.

If the mind is asking for something from the Universe but it rejects the idea that the
desire will actually manifest in real life, manifesting will not take place. Doubt and
deeply ingrained skepticism can harm your ability to manifest the things you want. These
thoughts and emotions will block the transmission of your desires to the Universe.

The law of attraction is quite obedient; it will take note of your skepticism. For example,
if you want to have more wealth but you are laughing at the idea of manifesting wealth
in your life, the law of attraction will reflect the negativity back to you. As a result,
wealth might not appear at all. It will not manifest because deep down, you dont want to
believe that it will manifest in your life.

You must have faith that you are doing something real to achieve your goals and at the
same time, you must also firmly believe that you have already received what you have
asked for. Your belief in the goodness of the Universe and the law of attraction must be


All hint of doubt must be discarded because you gain absolutely nothing from being
skeptical of this primal law. It would be like doubting the law of gravity or the principle
of inertia. What would you gain if you didnt believe in gravity? You would only come to
harm if you did, since gravity does exist even if you cant see, hear or taste it.

Lets review the belief process for the law of attraction:

Step # 1: There must be complete belief in the law of attraction and in the good nature of
the Universe, your best ally in this life.

Step # 2: Believe that you have already received what you have asked for.

You must believe that you have already received what you have asked for so that you will
continue to transmit simultaneous signals to the Universe. This will ensure that as the
Universe counts down to the actual manifestation of what you have asked, your signals
will remain strong and clear.

Mixed signals are not good so your mindset has to remain positive throughout the process
of manifesting. Mixed transmissions to the Universe will most likely produce mixed
outcomes some people say this is better than having nothing, but we are not interested
in mediocre results.


We would much prefer if you produced excellent results when manifesting what you
want in life. It is important that you also perform activities that will help you imagine that
you already have what you want in life. The moment that you feel happy and content
because you are close to what you wanted, hold on to that feeling and do not let go. Let
this feeling be an affirmative cue so that in moments of doubt, you will have something
to remind yourself.

The hardest part about this process is that you cant see the law of attraction at work. Its
like paying for something but you dont know where the store is and there is no definite
date of delivery.

For people who have a strong sense of belief, its easy to wait and let the law of attraction
do its job. Impatient folks usually want to give up if they do not get instant results. Be
cautious about instant gratification. The law of attraction does not provide instant
gratification and if you think youll get a new car tomorrow, you might be disappointed.

Thats another thing that you will have to contend with disappointment. Just like any
other negative feeling, you have to acknowledge your disappointment and shift your
emotions and thinking so that you do not dwell on disappointment.

If you feel disappointed because your dreams have not yet come true, it is time to re-learn
a magnificent skill that many of us have lost when we entered adulthood: the skill of


make-believe. Make-believe allows a person to widen his own imagination. Make-believe

also increases ones belief in something because the mind has something to hold on to;
even if its just the creative process (for now).

All this is done to ensure that your level of belief stays constant as you manifest your
desire. Remember: persistence pays off.

Be persistent in believing that you have already received what you wanted. Be persistent
in reminding yourself that the Universe has already heard what you ordered and is
doing everything to deliver what you asked in a timely manner. You live in a friendly
Universe that hears all your dominant thoughts and emotions.

Are you ready for the third step in the belief process? Now that you believe that what you
have asked will be given to you, you must now let go of all your anxieties. You must now
let the Universe itself re-arrange itself so that what you want will come. Believe that you
will receive what you asked for but you must not question how this will happen.

Do not think of how and why of the Universe itself, because this is no longer your
domain. If you begin questioning something that is unfathomably larger than yourself,
your faith in the law of attraction will waver and eventually, the manifesting process will
fail. Never forget this part of the belief process, because this will spell the difference


between true manifesting and complete failure on your part to manifest the things that
you want.

Once you have completed the belief process, you will feel an essential change occurring:
all your stress, anger and frustrations will begin to melt away. All your doubts and
anxieties will also evaporate leaving the ideal mindset in place. More than anything, the
law of attraction guides u to where we should go to attract what we want in life.
Attracting something does not mean that it will be given to you absolutely free.

This isnt how the Universe works. If you want something, you have to become a
dynamic magnet, forcefully attracting thing and circumstances that will satisfy you and
make you extremely happy. Without this dynamic action, you become a static source of
transmissions and manifesting will not take place. So how does redefined action differ
from plain work?

Think about it: when you are simply working, everything is a burden. Things are
extremely difficult. Conditions are next to impossible, especially if you allow negativity
to envelope your entire being. By attracting and manifesting your goals, work is no
longer work. Work is transformed to redefined action.


Redefined action is powerful because you no longer feel the stresses of the world. It is as
if you abandoned the shackles and weights of reality to ride a fast-moving cloud.

You ride the cloud as fast as you safely can so that you reach your goal. You ride the
cloud so that you can manifest the desired outcome. The law of attraction attracts what
you want so that it becomes completely achievable. But like a hidden treasure, you must
dig for it. There must be action or determination to reach the treasure.

Imagine the Universe handing over everything that you asked for. If you dont reach for
it you wont be able to receive anything. Sometimes people wonder why it takes so long
to manifest the things they want in life. Our question to these folks would be: are you
reaching for your desires? Are you actively receiving as much as you are asking for
things from the Universe? Or do you stop actively receiving after youve asked for

What does the Universe expect from someone who asks it for something? The Universe
expects that you know exactly what you want and you also know how to receive it.

Receiving something requires action; if something has already been attracted, that means
the Universe has re-arranged factors around you so that your desired outcomes are that
much closer to you. If you have food in the fridge, would you starve if you knew how to
prepare food?


No. But if you dont know how to reach for the ingredients and you decided to just wait
for food to pop up in front of you, would you be able to eat a hearty dinner? Of course
not. The same thing applies to the law of attraction. Things will not magically appear on
your doorstep on a daily basis. But you can be sure that if you need wealth, health or any
other thing in this world, it is already on its way. And by your own capacity you will be
able to receive what you need.


Time is one human concept that is truly deceptive. Time is not evil or anything, but it
does lull people into a false sense of certainty. Humans have a penchant for precise
measures. Work is measured in hours. Everything is linear. Time is linear. The best
thinkers in the world on the other hand, admit that time, the most basic form of human
measurement, is itself illusionary.

The Universe and the process of creation, attraction and manifesting are complex events
that cannot be measured accurately with time. But if you do try to measure these events
with human time, you are in for a big disappointment.

Some people loudly retort: show us a book that will tell us exactly how long this
manifesting will take place! These people are in for a big disappointment, too. Because
the Universe itself does not operate under meager human time. It operates with its own


concept of duration. Instead of focusing on the length of time in between manifestations,

focus on how you can actively receive what youve asked for.