Vol. 59 No. 8


Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists

August 2015

Steve Dighton
Elected First Vice
President of SBC

Salina Church Constructs First Building
Christ the Lord Community Church, Salina, Kan., is constructing its first building this summer
with the help of volunteers. The church has been meeting at Webster Conference Center for
several years. Todd Weatherd, WCC director of housekeeping, is the church’s pastor.
(Below) Kansas-Nebraska Baptist Builders is doing the electrical wiring for the project. Lloyd
Stuckey of Winfield, Kan., is Baptist Builders’ team leader for the project. Other groups that
have worked on the project this summer include East Alabama Carpenters for Christ, the
Texas branch of Builders for Christ and Missourians on Mission.

Steve Dighton, retired pastor, of Lenexa Baptist
Church, Lenexa, Kansas was elected First Vice
President of the Southern Baptist Convention.
The annual meeting of the SBC was held in Columbus, Ohio in June.

2015 KNCSB Annual Meeting
The KNCSB annual meeting will be held Oct. 1213 at Blue Valley Baptist Church, 8925 W. 151st
St., Overland Park, Kan.
Look for information at
ministry/annual_meeting. New information is
being posted as it becomes available.

The Thought Occurred to Me
By Bob Mills

KNCSB Executive Director

Have you ever had a dream where you feel like
you are being carried away by a torrent of white
water and you can do absolutely nothing about it?
It’s as if you are along for the ride with an overwhelming sense of helplessness and fear.
I had that dream last night, and, frankly, I was
glad when I opened my eyes and realized it was just
a dream. However, I have not been able to completely shake that image and feeling from my mind.
As I have reflected on this experience, I see some
parallels between my dream and the realities of living life as a Christian in today’s world.
It seems as if the torrents of white water that press
us on every side are issues that attack our Christian
values and beliefs. For example, the Supreme
Court’s redefining marriage…really?, or radical
Islam and the barbaric slaughtering of Christians
and others around the world, or the selling of aborted baby body parts, or racial unrest…etc.
It seems as if the torrent of water is an over-

whelming battering of sin and the degradation of
our age. Does it sound as if we are living in a time
when what is right is wrong and what is wrong is
In the book of Romans, Paul reveals what some
described as his systematic theology. Basically, it is
what Paul believes about God.
The first element of Paul’s discourse is the power
of gospel. This blessed gospel leads to salvation
from the godlessness and wickedness of man’s heart
to the way of life provided through faith in Jesus
Listen to Paul in Romans 1:16-17, “I am not
ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of
God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first
for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For in the gospel a
righteousness from God is revealed, righteousness
that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: The righteous will live by faith.”
My dear friends, the hope of the world is found in
the gospel of Christ. It has the power to change lives
and change our culture.

Bob Mills

I mean, we all think we’re busy, we think we’re
tapped, we’re sure we’re the hardest working people
we know.
But, when was the last time you raced after something till you were breathless?
Can you remember laying down your pride for the
sake of the call, not caring what anyone thought?
Do you recall being consumed by something so
much it drove your actions, decisions and soaked your
We need to start drinking from the hose again...
Romans 12 has that famous ‘if then’ passage on gifts
and responsibilities, and verse 8 speaks specifically to
church leaders:
“…the one who leads, with zeal…”
It’s obvious in scripture, God who gifted those with
leadership and put them in their position has an expectation: work hard!
The word zeal could be translated diligence, eagerness or with much effort… this is how we are to
approach the work.
This summer you’ve had students at camp who’ve
probably accepted Jesus, or rededicated. Have you
talked to them, to their parents, or grandparents about
baptism? What a great opportunity to love on that fam-

ily, to meet parents, and get into their home!
The fall is coming, the most productive time of the
year. What have you done to prepare? Have you called
your church to prayer, scheduled a vision meeting,
made some wildly audacious goals that will never happen unless God shows up? Now is the time to capitalize on what’s coming.
The kiddos don’t have any school this summer, what
a great time to personally disciple those closest to you.
Buy them a new Bible and meet them for a Coke once a
week to discuss your favorite stories. Set memory verse
goals for your family, take a walk and test each other
once a week. Don’t let the summer slip away!
What we don’t need is another program, another
book or another conference.
What we do need is incredible passion, incredible
desire, some might even say… zeal.
May we, church leaders, become overwhelmed with
a desire to see God work in people’s lives, consumed
with the grace of Jesus covering the brokenness of this
world, and may we pedal hard, elbow our way to the
front, wrestle insurmountable odds and get a hold of
that life giving water.
May this be the summer we take seriously the role
God has put us in and may we lead, with zeal.

President’s Perspective
By Andy Addis

KNCSB Convention President


The heat of summer does two things for me.
First, it makes me thankful I live in the era of airconditioning. Despite all the problems with this world,
thank you Jesus for letting me live in a generation of
widespread air-conditioning.
Can I get an amen?
Second, the heat of summer is also a time of memories. Many things jar a childhood moment, come back
to life because of something
the summer affords.
An old song on the radio
that reminds you of the
same tune playing on the
backyard boombox where
you “camped” all summer
The sound of a revved
engine in the distance
bringing memories of cruising Main, burning gas
before we knew how much
it cost.
And, sprinklers watering
Andy Addis
struggling lawns reminding
of those amazing drinks from the hose on the cool side
of the house.
We’d race home from the park, the city pool, or
TG&Y pedaling our bikes as fast as our junior high legs
To get there first meant you got the first drink. It
meant you got a drink before Scott put his mouth all
over the end of the hose. It meant you could wait until
the water changed from the tepid warm liquid resting
in the hose, to that cool beautiful stream coming from
somewhere under the belly of the house.
We fought hard for that cool drink. Peddled fast, elbowing one another across the yard, and wrestling for dominant control of the spraying end of that fount of blessing.
Good memories...
2 When was the last time you worked that hard?

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Sharing & Strengthening

God’s Plan for Sharing
By Jon Sapp

KNCSB State Director of Evangelism

Headed down a gravel path with eight grandchildren in tow towards an overstock pond with freshbait, what could be better? It was time for Grandpa to
take the grandkids fishing.
This summer, Priscilla and I were blessed to have
our family together for summer vacation. Our daughter, son-in-law, and their four children have been
back in Kansas for the past seven months. They are
headed back to Central Asia as they serve with the
International Mission Board. However, in late June,
we enjoyed being together as a complete family for
our family vacation. That fishing trip was one of the
experiences I’ll remember and cherish for a long time
In reflection, I believe Jesus experienced the same
type of feelings as I watched my grandchildren catching fish. In John 4, He took his disciples on an expedition from Judea through Samaria and returning
back to Galilee.
His discussion with the woman at the well about
living water and His invitation to return with her
husband had just taken place. Just then, the disciples
returned with the noon meal. The disciples were
encouraging Jesus to share what they had brought for
lunch. However, Jesus wanted to prepare them for a
new level of ministry. He knew the time was right for
ministry with the people from the nearby village.
As the disciples were encouraging him to eat, Jesus
replied that His food was different from what they
had brought. He explained that his food was to do
the will of the one who sent Him and to finish His

work. John 4:34.
Not only did Jesus want
to challenge their perception of what brings energy
in life, he also wanted to
challenge their perception of what was going
on around them. In John
4:35, Jesus explains he
sees a ripe harvest field as
opposed to the four-month
wait the disciples were
seeing in the green wheat
Jon Sapp
The ripe harvest summarized the crowd as they were walking toward the
village well. Earlier that day, Jesus had been talking
with the woman. After sharing with her of His life
giving water and the worship of God in spirit and
truth, Jesus shared He was the Messiah that had come
to explain all things.
Jesus knew the opportunity was near as the crowd
was making their way to the well. He was ready and
wanted His disciples to join Him in sharing the good
news with this curious group from the village.
This summer, I so enjoyed getting bait on those
hooks and then into the water. Though, the highlight was when grandchildren were catching fish!
Watching the excitement in their eyes and voices as
they called out about their catch made my day.
As you finish the summer and prepare for fall, are
you looking forward to opportunities to share the

Along the Journey

By Tim Boyd

Baptist Digest Editor

n Take reasonable steps to protect
your church. There are a number of
sources that can give advice on what
to do to protect the practices of your
church. Our Executive Director, Bob
Mills, received the following link a few
days ago -
It might prove to be useful.
n The future of the Kingdom of God
is not dependent on the United States.
However, the future of the United States
is dependent on the Kingdom of God.
Remember who has the ultimate victory.
n Remember the lesson that I learned
from Miss Shook long ago. While the
Roman Empire was sinking into the
depths of degradation, the Church of
Jesus Christ experienced some of its
greatest years of evangelism and expansion.
n The Gospel goes on in spite of the
Supreme Court or any government
official. The Great Commission and the
Great Commandment are not dependent on the United States Constitution.
n Don’t let current events shift your
focus from God. We are on the winning
team. We are “more than conquerors
through Him who loved us.” Hold fast
to God’s truth, and focus on Him.

If we belong to Christ, it’s
logical that everything we
have truly belongs to Him.
Examples are few of men
ruined by giving. Christian
Bovée, mid-19th century
American author
Your use of money shows
what you think of God .
The world asks: “What does
a person own?” God asks,
“How does a person use
what he or she has
been given?”
When a man becomes rich,
either God gains a partner,
or the man loses a soul.


Jewel Shook was my Latin teacher, for
three years. (I know that probably dates
me since Latin has not been in most
curriculums for years.) But, Miss Shook
taught us more than Latin during those
years. She was a keen observer of history and current events. I remember that
over and over she would tell us how
much American culture was coming to
resemble the worst of ancient Roman
culture. Now, remember this was in the
mid to late sixties. Back then, we all
wondered if she knew what she was
talking about.
I am now forty plus years down the
road and her words seem more and
more prophetic with every year that
passes. With the latest rulings of the
Supreme Court and the actions of our
President, we seem to have reached our
lowest point. Our culture may have surpassed the Roman culture in debauchery
and abandonment of traditional values
that have been in place for centuries.
Most believers that I know are angry
and disturbed about what is happening.
My church holds an annual “Festival of
Freedom” music program around the

fourth of
July. For the
first time,
this year,
there were
that we cancel the program in protest of what
has been
at the nationTim Boyd
al level.
in South Carolina has suggested that
we should fly the Christian flag over
the American flag as a protest. There
are a multitude of warnings going out
from denominational leaders and others
about a coming attack on religious liberty that will imperil our cherished First
Amendment rights.
I have a few thoughts related to all of
n Take a deep breath and calm down.
We are under no immediate direct attack
on religious liberty. We don’t know what
the future holds for the United States or
the church that ministers here.

good news of Christ? Block parties, end of summer
celebrations, and back-to-school events could be on
your church calendar. Let’s make the most of these
events. Let’s clearly share the hope we have in Christ
and the good news of forgiveness and new life in
Going fishing with my grandchildren was a special
memory. On the other hand, being with others and
making Christ known is just as meaningful, if not
more so. Let us go and be all we can be in our communities as we live out God’s Plan for Sharing.



Missions and Ministry Are the Norm
for KNCSB Churches


Since 2001, First Baptist Church, Shawnee,
Kansas has sent a mission team annually to
Anapra, Mexico to build houses for the poor.
They work with Casas Por Cristo, an organization located in El Paso, Texas. The team usually
builds one house per year. This year eighteen
people went on the trip. In addition to building the house, they work on the host church
compound doing repairs and cleanup. They
also did a one-night VBS with 80 children and
families in attendance. For the last two years
they have also taken an afternoon to minister
in the Rivers of Mercy Orphanage in Anapra.
You can find out more about Casas at www. and about Rivers of Mercy


Todd Bradrick, pastor of Central Community
Church in Smith Center Kansas and of First
Baptist Church in Mankato, received a call on
the 8th of May asking if he could provide food
for volunteers that were helping clean up the
damage from the tornado that hit near Lebanon, Kansas on the 7th. Bradrick, who owns a
smoker as a bi-vocational means to earn extra
money, accepted the challenge. Later that
day after he and his wife arrived, they helped
prepare and serve a meal to 125 volunteers.
There was plenty of food left to serve another
meal the next day.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and
the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am
with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20


The Lord Claims 2
With KNCSB Ties
Wenger, Mary Colston and
Mark Clifton; seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. He was also loved
by many nieces, nephews and
The memorial service was
held Saturday, May 30, at
Sycamore Hills Baptist Church,
Independence, Mo. Burial with

Retired pastor Harry
Clifton and James
Shope, retired director of missions,
recently went to be
with the Lord.
military honors was at the Shelburne Baptist Church cemetery
in Grundy County, Mo.
Memorials may be given to
the North American Mission
Board or the building fund of
Sycamore Hills Baptist Church.
James Shope, a retired
Kansas director of missions,
went home to be with his Lord
and Savior on Sunday, June 14,
at Freeman Neosho Hospital,
Neosho, Mo.
James was born Oct. 14, 1933,
on the old Rogers place located
5 miles west of Welch, Okla., the
son of Fred McGhee and Mae
(Chaney) Shope. James attended
Prairie Center District School,
Welch High school, Northeastern A&M, Oklahoma Baptist
University, Southwestern Baptist Seminary and Midwestern
Baptist Seminary.
He pastored many churches
during his ministry including:
Timberhill Baptist Church,
Welch, Okla.; First Baptist
Church, Ashland, Okla.; First

Baptist Church, Weleetka, Okla.;
Welch Baptist Church, Welch,
Okla.; First Baptist Church,
Graham, Okla.; First Baptist
Church, Weir, Kan.; Calvary
Baptist, Columbus, Kan.; Carr
Baptist Church, Grove, Okla.;
and Swars Prairie Baptist
Church, Seneca, Mo.
He was appointed by the
Southern Baptist Home Mission
Board in 1965 to serve as director of missions in Tri-County
Baptist Association in Kansas
and also served in Twin Valley
Association in 1977.
He began a weekly radio
ministry in 1958 at KHEN of
Henryetta, Okla., and continued
it with KVIN in Vinita, Okla. He
taught the International Sunday
School lessons for 12 years over
KSEK in Pittsburg, Kan. In 1968
he began teaching the lessons
over KGGF in Coffeyville, Kan.,
which was called The Words of
Life. He concluded this ministry
in 1989.
James married Maxine Jinks
Oct., 18, 1953, at the home of
Rev. and Mrs. V.F. Cloninger in
Chetopa, Kan., and she survives. James and Maxine have
three children who survive:
Dan Shope and wife, Tammy
of Cumberland City, Tenn.;
Darin Shope and wife, Melissa
of Wyandotte, Okla.; and Dana
Simpson and husband, Jeff of
Bentonville, Ark.; and seven
In addition to his parents,
he was preceded in death by
a newborn son and a sister,
Margaret Sue Wynn and her
husband, Ted.
The funeral was held
Wednesday, June 17, at Swars
Prairie Baptist Church, Seneca,
Mo. Burial was in Rogers Cemetery near Welch, Okla.

Family Dispatch Church, Topeka, Kan., recently sponsored
a motorcycle prayer ride called Jericho Ride. It was part
of an international event where Christian bikers pray
for their communities. Here, riders gather at Family Dispatch Church before heading out. (Below) Seaman Baptist
Church in north Topeka was the second stop on the Jericho
prayer ride.

Plan Now to Attend KNCSB Annual Meeting
The KNCSB annual meeting will be held Oct. 12-13 at Blue Valley Baptist Church, Overland Park, Kan.
The Pastors Conference has been changed to a Leadership Conference for all church leaders. It will
be held from 1-4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12, at Blue Valley Church.
Find more information at New information is being
posted as it becomes available.

Western Hills Baptist Church on the west edge of Topeka
was the final stop on the Jericho motorcycle prayer ride.
Here, bikers get ready to place motorcycle awareness signs
in memory of a local pastor who died in a wreck at that


A former Kansas pastor and
a retired Kansas director of missions recently went home to be
with the Lord.
Former Kansas pastor Harry
W. Clifton died on Tuesday,
May 26.
He spent his most of his
ministry career serving in Missouri. After retiring he pastored
Emmanuel Baptist Church in
Topeka for five years.
His son, Mark Clifton, is a
former KNCSB staff member.
Clifton now leads church revitalization for the North American Mission Board.
Harry W. Clifton was born
Jan. 7, 1927, in Spickard, Mo.
His time on earth was completed on May 26, 2015.
Harry was a graduate
of Spickard High school in
Spickard, Mo., William Jewell
College, in Liberty, Mo., and
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Mo.,
where he was honored with an
alumnus-of-the-year award.
Brother Harry, as he was so
affectionately called, preached
his first sermon in 1947. He was
a preacher of the gospel for
nearly 70 years, participating
in leading a funeral only a few
weeks before he died.
He served as pastor of Spickard Baptist Church in Spickard, Mo.;First Baptist Church,
Princeton, Mo.; Calvary Baptist
Church, Chillicothe, Mo.; and
Immanuel Baptist Church in Independence, Mo. In retirement
he served as pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Topeka, Kan.
He served in the U.S. Coast
Guard during World War II.
He married Fern Lucille
Harris on July 18, 1949. She
preceded him in death in 2013.
They had three children: Martha



God’s Word Touches Hispanic Campers’ Hearts

By Ester Arevalo
Wichita, Kan.


Super Summer Latino had
an eternal impact on campers
that attended this year. The size
of the group didn’t even reach
100. But it was the ideal size to
reach deeper into the hearts of
the young people.
The camp was held June
15-19 at Webster Conference
Center, Salina, Kan.
Half of the campers were
not regular church kids. Some
of them go to church occasionally when they accompany their
friends who invited them and
paid for them to go to camp this
I believe the Word of God is
resounding on their ears even
Pastor Edwin Hoagland, a
missionary in Mexico, preached
on the 2015 Super Summer
camp theme “Jesus Is.” His topics were:
n Jesus is My Savior
n Jesus is My Assurance
n Jesus is My Healer
n Jesus Is My Lord
My husband, Abraham, and
I heard what our own children
were saying about how the
other youth camp develops
a transition from hearing the
Word of God to meditate on
it right after the preaching at
God put it so clear to us to
have the youth gather in small
groups after the Word had been
exposed every night. These
groups consisted of the same

people and they opened up as
their chat was guided through a
set of three questions on the big
screen based on the Word given
that night.
God had been leading the
hearts of these young kids to
talk, hear, engage and even better to come up with a response.
Every sponsor, leader and
pastor was in on it during this
time at camp. They faithfully
recorded the decisions that were
made and submitted them.
Every morning at 7:15 at our
staff prayer gathering we would
get the names out and pray
for the kids. All the glory be to
God, there were 23 decisions to
open their hearts to Jesus.
Fifty-three of them originated their decisions based
on renewing their vows. They
responded to God’s call to
serve Him, stay pure, practice
honesty in everything they do,
get deeper on their relationship
with God, respect and honor
those who care for them, keep
the faith even in the midst of
struggles and let God heal their
I’m sure there were many
more decisions that we didn’t
get to hear about. We pray that
God will give the means and
wisdom to the churches to keep
working with these kids and
their families.
Praise God for KNCSB for
helping us get into the hearts of
Hispanic youth and into their
homes with the Word of God.


Small-group discussions after evening worship helped
God’s Word to sink into the lives of campers at KNCSB Hispanic Super Summer.

Campers at KNCSB Hispanic Super Summer enjoyed playing soccer with a giant ball. God
was at work during the annual camp held June 15-19 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. Nearly 25 percent of campers accepted Christ as their Savior. Many other decisions also were recorded.

Hispanic Campers Learn about Who ‘Jesus Is’
By Alma Soto

South Sioux City, Neb.

It’s the last of Hispanic Super
Summer. Sister Ester Arevalo
and I are walking toward the
chapel. We can see an uncountable number of cicadas; some
are… ummm … well, let’s just
say sleeping forever on the
ground, and some are flying all
around us. That unforgettable
high-pitched buzzing sound,
which will forever stay in my
As the conversation goes
on Ester mentions how at the
beginning of the week, we were
running away, avoiding, walking around and over all, freaking out as soon as one poor,
harmless little cicada touched
us. But now at the end of the
week, we were just walking
among them and generally had
became friends with the little
With such a bountiful teaching from God during camp, I
truly understood in my mind

and in my heart. Much like the
youth’s reaction to these bugs,
there was a noticeable change,
not only when it came to the cicadas, but from some, a change
from deep within themselves.
At first we saw how some
of the youth were startled, ran
away from, hid, and walked
around God’s truth and His
message. But the word of God
is alive and active. (Hebrews
4:12 NIV). It is able to change
our hearts from stone to flesh.
( Ezekiel 36:26 NIV) We saw
such a wonderful transformation throughout the week as we
talked and pondered on who
Jesus is.
Some of the teachings of the
week shed light on:
n Jesus our Savior — not by
works so that no one can boast.
(Ephesians 2:9)
n Jesus our Healer — the
realization that we are broken
and need to be healed.
n Jesus our Lord — the difference between Jesus being our

Savior and our Lord.
My prayer is that we encourage and keep that energy going
throughout the year and to
years to come, that our youth
grow to be strong in the faith,
that they give the best of themselves to God through the seeds
that are planted at camp.
At this time I would like to
ask YOU, whoever God intends
to read this, to pray for our
Hispanic youth, for the wonderful staff at Webster Conference Center and for the camp
facilities so they are used for
God and by God to their full
Please make a commitment
with God to pray throughout
the year for the youth who attended Hispanic Super Summer,
and the ones that will attend, so
they may NEVER forget who
JESUS truly IS.
(Hispanic Super Summer
will begin the KNCSB summer
youth camps again in 2016. It
will be held June 20-24 at WCC.)

Maria Christensen


KN Women’s Leadership Women4Him Team

The time is quickly approaching for the Wonderful Weekend for Women registration deadline. I hope you are all as excited as I am about our speaker, Sophie Hudson, and worship
leader, Lori Morrison.
At the end of our WWW retreat last year, the Women 4 Him team
played a video clip of Sophie Hudson, providing us with a glimpse of
her fun and loving personality. Since then, I have been looking forward
to this year! It has been too long of a wait, but the wait is soon over.
On September 11 and 12, I invite you to gather all of your friends and
come join us at WWW. This is going to be a great opportunity to catch
up with those long-distance friends, make new friends, and also minister to your nonbeliever friends all while laughing, relaxing, and having
great conversations about what God is doing in our lives.
Whether you are going through a spiritual drought, morning mist
Sophie Hudson rains, or monsoon season, at WWW you will have the chance to reestablish, or continue to strengthen your relationship with God. For those in a monsoon season, my praises to you, as you may be just the right person for the Christian woman going
through a drought. I invite you to come and pamper your spiritual body in Christ at WWW!
I can’t wait to see you there! So if you have not registered yet, please hurry up and do so.
Don’t forget to invite that one friend that could benefit from all the fun activities we all get
to do while worshiping our wonderful Creator.

Shining Through
His Eyes
Tabitha McPheron
Shine Team

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his
friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you...You did not
choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear
fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in
my name, he may give it to you.” -John 15: 13-14,16
As we are chosen by God, we have to learn to see ourselves “Through His
Eyes,” which is why that has been chosen as the
Shine theme for the 2015 event. Shine is a weekend for teenage girls to travel to Webster Conference Center to learn about Christ and grow in their
relationship with the Lord. This year’s event will be
on November 6th and 7th and will include service,
growth, and fun for all who choose to attend.
Blanca will be our guest musician and speaker.
Check her out at
Cannot wait to see you at Shine!

The Battle of Balance

My mind is scrambling to the 15 million things that I try to balance in my life. My last few weeks included 2 dress rehearsals, teaching Sunday
School class, dentist appointments, dog grooming appointments, 2 dance recitals, gymnastics performances, and out of town company…in addition to
work, housekeeping, and parenting! As women, we strive to find that sweet spot of balance between being a wife, mother, daughter, or employee. Add
in our activities, and the list grows exponentially to include teacher, mentor, school volunteer, women’s ministry leader, nursery coordinator, VBS director/worker, dance mom, soccer mom, community volunteer, choir member, pastor’s wife, you name it. Unfortunately, the expectations (whether real
or perceived) placed on us are also factored in.
So, how do we do it? The truth is, many days I don’t. Some days I find that sweet spot, but most days, I’m caught in the battle. I’ve grown to accept
the battle for balance is unending. I’ve embraced the idea I must be intentionally fighting the battle. I’ve also treasured the idea that this battle is not
one I must fight alone. The book of Ecclesiastes teaches us there is a time for everything, a time for each of our activities and responsibilities. In addition, Jesus teaches us in Matthew to “seek first the kingdom of God”. Let’s encourage each other to be intentional about balancing our lives. Be intentional about seeking God first, making Him our first priority, encouraging our sisters in Christ as they fight the battle, and take it one day at a time. 

-Sarah Alexander, Women 4 Him Team

Spiritual Navigation

understand his terms, or I’m not sure how to
put them into action?
“Be still and know that I am God”, Psalm
46:10. Still means to let go,
surrender, trust. The word
still is used in another verse
found in Mark 4:39, “Peace,
be still.” This time the word
still, has a different meaning: hush, or for us today,
shut up!
Then those times when I
hear, “Mari, trust me.” But
choppy waters are ahead, or
there’s a big rock to maneuver around, or that wave…
that big one that’s going to
soak us from head to toe…
I’m here and can handle it
God, you’re so far away. I’ve got this!
Knowing Gods word and understanding
how to apply it is totally different. If you want
to get safely from ‘put in’ to ‘take out’ you
have to know how to execute the orders and
put your trust in the one who created you!

The Church and the Prostitute
Marca Deimund

Life Session Leader-WWW

With the growing awareness of Sex Trafficking I
want to challenge the Church to rethink what and
how you view prostitutes and prostitution.
For centuries men have, for the most part,
walked away and women have bore the judicial
weight of prostitution. Around 3/4ths of the
arrests are towards the prostitutes and the other
1/4th are for the Johns or the Pimps.
Every person who is bought for sex is a Human
Trafficking Victim that needs our help. Terms
have changed now, no longer are they prostitutes
but trafficked people, and johns/pimps are now
referred to as traffickers. Trafficked people are
victims; if anyone cannot voluntarily walk away
from what they are doing they are a victim and
not a criminal. The opportunity for them to leave
this life doesn’t exist. They will most likely die a
horrible death; murder, suicide, drug overdose or
from sexually transmitted diseases.
I am not asking you to rescue trafficked people,
this could get you killed. No one wants to lose
a commodity that brings in from $100,000 to
$200,000 per year and they will do whatever it

takes to protect their “property.” I am asking you to
look at your heart and see
these children/women/men
as Jesus sees them.
Where in your community could you minister
to trafficked people? There
are women’s groups who
minister in the dressing rooms of strip clubs with
the owner’s approval, talking to these women,
bringing gifts and treating them with dignity and
respect. Offering them hope and a helping hand.
There are churches that have active ministries
to restore trafficked people, offering spiritual
direction and job training, personal coaching and
Biblical Instruction.
When we look at everyone the way Jesus looks
at them we will stop pointing fingers at them and
begin looking for ways we can minister to them in
Jesus name.
“Mankind, He has told you what is good and
what it is the Lord requires of you: to act justly,
to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your
God.” Micah 6:8 HCSB
Act justly…


Put in, dig, hard forward, pull back, double
oar turn, trust me, push back, push forward,
take out…all foreign words to my husband
Dave, as he was learning to
navigate a raft on vacation.
Even with one or two dicey
situations, with our friend
who was teaching Dave
jumping in to the rescue, we
had a great time on the Rio
Grande River.
Dave’s confusion wasn’t
just with the new terms,
but in executing the orders.
Push forward required pushing down on the oar handles
to bring the paddle ends out
of the water so he could pull
back on the handles to get
the oars forward then pull up on the handles
to get the oars down in the water then push
forward on the handles to get the raft to go
forward. Geez!
As I sat in the front of the raft listening to
all this, I began comparing our rafting experience to my communication with God. How
many times do I get it wrong because I don’t

Sex Trafficking Awareness:

Highly energetic, intensely focused, quickly moving, and
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Saturday, September 12, 2015
First Baptist Church, Raytown, MO
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Sunday School work
n Deliver practical tools for all aspects of Sunday School work
n Facilitate opportunities to network with other Sunday School direc
n Build team spirit among the Sunday School director, minister of edu
cation, pastor, and division and department directors
Through NSSDS training, you will develop skills and plans to:
n Build a growing Sunday School focused on its mission and purpose
n Develop an organization and enlist leadership to build a growing
Sunday School
n Lead teachers to teach for spiritual transformation
n Leave with a step-by-step strategy for leading your Sunday School
n The day is facilitated by one of the finest faculties in the nation—a
team of experts who’ll provide your leaders with cost-efficient, local
training for only $39 per person (includes onsite lunch).
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For more information or registration:


have been
met and
completion of the
Dining Hall


are still
needed. If
you can
help, contact Bill
Cooke at


GOAL MET: Churches and individuals were faithful and God provided the funds
for the Dining Hall and WCC has been given the $100,000 Matching Grant from the
Mabee Foundation. We now have the money to finish the building expansion debt
free. PRAISE GOD for this gift made possible by your gifts.
PROGRESS CONTINUES: With the money in place, we now need volunteers to
assist the WCC Staff in hanging dry wall and installing the outside sheeting on the
Dining Hall. If you, or a group from your church, could help for a day or more, call
Bill Cooke at 1-785-827-656 and help finish the building.
PICNIC PAVILION: Construction on the new Picnic Pavilion relocation project has
begun and the first stage should be completed by the end of August.
SEWER PROJECT PROCEEDING: Work continues to get WCC ready to begin
construction on the sewer upgrade. Easements have been signed, filed and now we
await final approval from the City of Salina. When they sign off on the final plans,
construction will begin immediately.
WE STILL HAVE NEEDS: Please continue to pray and give as WCC continues to
upgrade the infrastructure needs before us with the sewer project and the repaving of
our roads and parking lots. Thank you for your support as the WCC Staff continues
to improve your facility to make ministry events more effective through a quality
conference center.

“Thank you” for your continued support of this mission facility as we
continue to reach people for Christ and train believers for the work of
the ministry! The WCC Staff

Church Seeks Worship Pastor

Growing Southern Baptist church in Kansas is seeking a bi-vocational Associate Pastor of Music Ministry to work with the Senior Pastor, be responsible
for planning and leading Sunday morning worship service, working with the
choir, praise team, and all instrumentalists. This position would also plan and
lead music for Sunday and Wednesday evening. For more information, visit

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Available to churches cooperating with KNCSB by contacting library@kncsb.
org or calling either 785/228-6800 or 800/984-9092. Ask for Barbara Spicer.

Hosea by Jennifer Rothschild
Includes Bible study book and two DVDs with seven teaching sessions
(approximately 25 to 30 min each). The book of Hosea is a deeply personal and passionate love story, yet a difficult story. As an account full
of harsh judgment unfolds, we find in its midst a rare and pure gem; the
truest and purest of loves.
Session 1: Ingredients of Hosea
Session 2: When You Say “I Do” to I AM
Session 3: When You Ain’t Got Yada, You Ain’t Got Nada
Session 4: Lose the Gomerisms
Session 5: Share Off You
Session 6: Redeem the Idolotrinkets
Session 7: His Boundary of Love

Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists
are in partnership with all Southern Baptists through the Cooperative Program.