Tom Eustace

Workflow Plan – Methods Of Cookery 2
1.) Arrive at the Asian kitchen at 7:40am & wash hands 2.) Gather equipment and organise workspace

Pre heat the oven to 180°C

4.) Start mise en place as a class a separate ingredients 5.) Pot Roasted Chicken with Jus Lie & Chateau Potatoes: • Get a pot with water on to clarify the butter • Wash, Peel & cut mirepoix but leaving enough potato for the Pommes Gaufrettes • Organise the herbs for the dish • Turn potatoes and place in water • Take the wish bone out off the chicken and season well • Truss the chicken so it holds it place • Cook off the mirepoix on the stove top in a for approximately 5 minutes to get the flavours going using a bit of oil so it doesn’t stick • Place the herbs in and chicken in the pot • Baste the chicken with the melted butter then cover with a lid and cook at a temperature of 180°C • After 35 minutes remove the lid, During the whole cooking process constantly baste the chicken with it’s juices • Roast the potatoes on a baking tray and oil and season appropriately • After the chicken and potatoes are cooked to perfection and have a golden brown colouring remove from the oven • Cover them with alfoil • Use the juice from the chicken and the left over mirepoix to make a sauce • Bring mirepoix back to the heat on the stove top and add chicken stock so it totally covers the mirepoix • Bring to a simmer and skim the fat • Once all the fat is removed strain the sauce and remove the mirepoix • Organise the corn flour and water thickening agent • Bring sauce back to a boil and then add enough of the thickening agent to make the sauce a pouring consistency • Organise platter with roasted potatoes and chicken and then place in the oven to reheat • Serve the warm platter with the gravy

Tom Eustace

6.) Turkey Schnitzel a l’Anglaise: • Butterfly the meat and flatten it down evenly • Season the meat well and then crumb • Make a diamond pattern on one side of the a l’Anglaise meat • Heat pan and add oil and control the heat • Place the a l’Anglaise presentation side down and cook as desired • Serveon a warm plate with a lemon wedge and use chopped parsley as a garnish 7.) Grilled Striploin Steak with Pommes Gaufrettes • Whenever a mandolin is free grab the opportunity to slice the Pommes Gaufrettes and soak in water to discard the starch • Deep-fry whenever possible til the sizzling from the deep fryer stops • Season the steak in rock salt and freshly cracked black pepper • Heat the pan and add oil and control the heat • Cook the stake to medium and then rest • Serve the steak on a warm plate with the Pommes Gaufrettes and garnish with chopped parsley 8.) Clean up bench space, stove top & wash dishes 9.) Finish

Equipment Required:
1x medium sized pot 1x small baking tray 1x braising pan 1x black frying pan 2x small steel bowl 1x medium steel bowl