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1. A barrel contains a 0.15 m layer of oil floating on water that is 0.30 m deep. The
density of oil is 600 kg/m3.
2. What is the gauge pressure at the oil-water interface?
3. What is the gauge pressure at the bottom of the barrel?
4. The piston of a hydraulic automobile lift is 0.3 m in diameter. What pressure is
required to lift a car with a mass of 800 kg?
5. Find the excess pressure at 200 C a) inside a large raindrop with radius 1.0mm b)
inside a water droplet in fog, with radius 0.01mm given T for water =72.8x10-3N/m.
6. An automobile moves on a road with a speed of 54 kmh-1. The radius of its wheels is
0.35 m. What is the average torque transmitted by its brake to a wheel, if the vehicle
is brought to rest in 15 s? The moment of inertia of the wheel about its axis of
rotation is 3 kg m2.
7. A policeman on duty detects a increase of 10% in the pitch of the horn of a motor car
as it crosses him. If the velocity of sound is 344 ms-1, calculate the speed of the car.
8. Calculate the power of a motor in watt which is capable of raising 20 kg of water in 2
minute from a well of 100 m deep.
9. An iron rod 4 m long and 0.5 cm2 in x-section stretches when a mass of 225 kg is
hung from its lower end. Find Youngs modulus for iron.
10. A steel piano wire has an ultimate strength of 3,50,000 Pa. How large a load can a 0.5
cm diameter steel wire hold before breaking?
11. Determine the fractional change in volume as the pressure of the atmosphere (0.1
MPa) around a metal block is reduced to zero by placing the block in vacuum. Bulk
modulus for the metal is 1, 25,000 MPa.
12. The compressibility of water is 5 10-10 m2/N. Find the decrease in volume of 100
ml of water subjected to a pressure of 15 MPa.
13. An electrical water pump of 80% efficiency is used to lift water up to a height of
10m.Find mass of water which it could lift in 1hrour if the marked power was 500
14. A cycle is moving up the incline rising 1 in 100 with a const. velocity of 5m/sec. Find
the instantaneous power developed by the cycle?
15. Find % change in K.E of body when its momentum is increased by 50%.
16. A light string passing over a light frictionless pulley is holding masses m and 2m at its
either end. Find the velocity attained by the masses after 2 seconds.
17. A block of mass m is placed over a smooth wedge of inclination . With what

horizontal acceleration the wedge should be moved so that the block must remain
stationery over it?
18. A bullet of mass m moving with velocity u penetrates a wooden block of mass M
suspended through a string from rigid support and comes to rest inside it. If length of
the string is L find the angular deflection of the string.
19. The earths mass is 80 times that of moon and their diameters are in the ratio 4:1
respectively. What is the value of g on moon?
20. Determine the value of g at the bottom of an ocean 7km deep Given that radius of
earth is 6370 km and g = 9.8m|s2.
21. The distance of the planet Jupiter from the sun is 5.2 times that of the earth. Find the
period of the Jupiters revolution around the sun?
22. How far away from the surface of earth does the value of g is reduced to 4% ofits
value on the surface of the earth Given radius of earth = 6400km