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I made a mistake today, but Im

determined to grow and learn
from it. I am not going to allow
discouragement to drag me down
because of this mistake.

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I dont care that Im tired, worried,

anxious, or discouraged over these
many little things. Today, I want to
feel happy, content, praiseful,
cheerful, and positive. So I am
going to fill my mind with good
things, positive thoughts, and
words of praise.
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I may feel like a messI may even

be a messbut Jesus promised
that there is always strength
available to me. I claim that
strength for today.

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I refuse to dwell negatively

on myself. Im going to look
outward, toward others. Today
I am going to do something positive
for someone I come in contact with.
Im going to do something today to
make their day better and to make
them happier.

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Jesus chose me. Jesus bought me.

Jesus paid the highest price for me.
I am worth it. I have been bought
with the price of Jesus blood;
thats how precious He deems me.
I am valuable to Jesus, and I am
going to live this day to make Him
proud of His investment.

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I will not compare my life

negatively with others. Jesus would
not withhold any good thing from
me, so if there is something that I
would like but it is not possible for
me to have it, I can safely assume
that it would not be good for me to
have it.
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Even if Im not the best at what I

do, I can do my personal best in
whatever I do. And I will do my
personal best no matter how I
feel about myself or my talents.

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No matter how I feel, I am

beautiful. I am Gods creation,
and He never says Oops. Im
beautiful, because He made me.
I am going to be content in
whatever state Im in. I will be
thankful for how Hes made me.
I will be happy for the way Hes
formed me. I want Him to know
that no matter what, I love Him
and will be continually praiseful.
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The Lord has made me unique; Hes

given me unique abilities, a unique
mind, a unique personality, a
unique flavor to add to this world. I
will show Jesus that I am happy
with how Hes created me, and Im
happy to be His creation by living
the life Hes given me to live,
wholeheartedly, contentedly,
cheerfully, happily.
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Art and text TFI. Used by permission.

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