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Product Brief

Nortel Networks

OPTera Metro 3100

Multiservice Platform
Todays business customers and their communications
requirements are more sophisticated than ever before.
Transport networks are not just carrying the by-products
of business; they are carrying the heart of that business,
especially in the eBusiness arena.
There are plenty of high-end technologies you could
deploy to meet high-end requirements. But what about
your smaller customers? Moderate-growth areas?
Remote locations? How do you serve areas with low
capacity yet high expectations?
Nortel Networks* has the answer with a reliable, versatile
solution for these areas the Nortel Networks OPTera*
Metro 3100 Multiservice Platform.

A member of the proven OPTera

Metro family of connectivity and
transport products from Nortel
Networks, the OPTera Metro 3100
Multiservice Platform (formerly known
as Express CX) fits that network
niche where economics are a pressing
issue yet quality of service cannot
be compromised.
This compact, economical unit enables
you to cost effectively introduce
SONET quality of service into remote
locationseven those requiring only
a few DS1s. Ideally suited for customer
premise applications, the shelf can be
fully integrated into any network.

Extend the reliability, management, and

service-integrity advantages of SONET to
low-density serving areas.

As business evolves into a model highly

dependent on nonstop communications,
end users are understandably more
demanding than ever regarding the
issues of network service, reliability
and quality. At the same time, competitive pressures have put the squeeze
on the profitability of providing those
network services. Furthermore, your
customers are more fragmented than
ever, split into multiple locations,
with telecommuters and remote
supply chain partners to bring into
the communication mix.
At first glance, those realities seem
to present some mutually exclusive
challenges, such as:
Poviding a sophisticated and up-todate range of telecommunications
services and satisfying an insatiable
craving for bandwidth
Offering these services cost effectively, even for locations with only
a handful of users and lines
Nortel Networks has developed an
ideal answer for those challenges.

The OPTera Metro 3100 is a competitively priced and versatile SONET

solution for low-capacity applications.
For small businesses and remote offices
of large corporations, the OPTera
Metro 3100 extends the advantages of
SONET at an attractively low price.

What makes the OPTera

Metro 3100 exceptional?
This compact unit not much
bigger than a shoebox is a cost
effective choice for even the smallest
serving areas. Now you can extend the
benefits of SONET into a minimal
footprint or wall space.
Easy to order, easy to install, and
easy to turn up, this system requires
no complicated engineering.
Service flexibility
The OPTera Metro 3100 has eight
built-in 1+1 protected DS1s and is
configured with universal expansion
slots for adding a custom mix of DS1,
Ethernet, DS3, EC-1, and OC-3c
services any service in any slot, any
mixup to the system throughput
of OC-3 (155.520 Mbps).

Compact packaging
A fully-equipped OPTera Metro 3100
shelf measures 8.75 tall (or 13 with
input/output unit) and 6 wide. You
can mount eight OPTera Metro 3100
shelves in a standard seven-foot frame.
Wallmount packages are also available.
The enviromentally hardened
packaging is designed for customer
premise environments; it tolerates
operating temperatures up to
149 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees
Celsius) and 95 percent humidity.
Networking versatility
Deployment options include subtending
rings, optical hubbing, and virtual
rings. The OPTera Metro 3100 can be
deployed in a ring configuration with
other OC-3 network elements, such as
Nortel Networks AccessNode* Express
systems, or as an optical extension from
higher capacity systems, such as the
Nortel Networks OPTera Metro 3400
or OPTera Metro 3500 systems.
You can even configure the OPTera
Metro 3100 shelf with an AccessNode
Voice Module in the same frame, with
DS1 links between them.

Metro 3100
Metro 3100

Metro 3100

OPTera Metro
3000/5000 network

Metro 3100

Metro 3100

Terminating end user services

DS1, DS3, STS-1, OC-3C, Ethernet


True deployment flexibility


any service, any slot

rugged, reliable performance


DS1, DS3, EC-1,

OC-3/3c, and Ethernet

Powerful, reliable architecture

Built to industry standards, the
OPTera Metro 3100 operates seamlessly in multi-vendor environments.
True to the Nortel Networks S/DMS
TransportNode* standard from
which it evolved, this reliable box
delivers the premium 99.999 percent
uptime expected from missioncritical applications.
Fast service delivery
Agility is essential when a customer
requires new services and thats
just what you can deliver with the
OPTera Metro 3100. You can configure
and order systems on the Web, and
get speedy delivery from the Nortel
Networks OPTera Metro stock program.
These plug-and-play units are easy
to install and operate, enabling you to
meet customer requests quickly.

The entire Nortel Networks OPTera
Metro line of connectivity and transport products, including the OPTera
Metro 3100, is easily managed
through the Nortel Networks Preside*
network and service management
system (formerly known as Integrated
Network Management, INM).
Preside offers an intuitive, graphical
user interface plus a unified window
into multiple network elements and
topographies. With its extensive
performance monitoring capabilities,
your operations staff can provide
assured end-to-end surveillance to
meet customer expectations.
Network management workstations
can be directly connected to an OPTera
Metro 3100 system, or remotely
connected via a WAN or dial-up
connection. As a result, customers
have extraordinary flexibility in defining
their management infrastructure.

Where to use the

OPTera Metro 3100
Multiservice Platform
The versatile, affordable OPTera
Metro 3100 is an ideal choice for
remote and suburban areas with
low capacity requirements, especially
small offices and business parks that
demand reliable service with assured
quality of service and flexible bandwidth availability.
Its a particularly good choice for serving
areas where S/DMS AccessNode
Express has been deployed as the
access vehicle. The two systems share
the common Preside network and
service management system, and can
be mounted in a single 19 or 23
frame to provide services from DS0
(64 kbps) up to OC-3 (155 Mbps).
You can imagine the potential for
operational simplicity and cost savings
by coupling these systems as partners
in a unified network deployment.

SONET survivability and

OAM&P advantages for
low-fill applications
Easy to order, install, and
turn up
Service mix including DS1,
DS3, EC-1, OC-3/3c, and
Point-to-point, ring, add/drop
multiplexer topologies
Subtending rings and
optical hubbing
Seamless operation in
multi-vendor environments
In summary, the OPTera Metro 3100
is the optimal solution in creating a
premium networkreliable, and
performing to exceptional standards
without complexity, or a big price tag.
The OPTera Metro 3100 extends
the survivability and management
advantages of SONET to your
low line size serving areas that are
clamoring for mission-critical performance but dont cost-justify larger
capacity systems.
Check out the technical specifications
at right, and youll agree that the
OPTera Metro 3100 fits a very important niche in providing end-to-end
quality of service in the demanding,
high-churn eBusiness economy.

In the United States:

Nortel Networks
35 Davis Drive
Research Triangle Park
North Carolina 27709

In Canada:
Nortel Networks
8200 Dixie Road
Suite 100
Brampton, Ontario L6T 5P6

OPTera Metro 3100

Key technical specifications

OC-3, PCM-IM, Scrambled NRZ

Up to 20 DS1s, or 8 DS1s and 1 DS3/EC-1/
OC-3c, or 8 DS1s and 4 Ethernet 10BaseT ports
DS1, DS3, STS-1/EC-1, OC-3,
Ethernet ports (EIM) or mix
Tributary protection:
DS1: 1+1 non-revertive
DS3, EC-1, OC-3: 1+1 non-revertive
Supported configurations: Point-to-point, unidirectional path switched ring
(UPSR), linear add-drop multiplexer (ADM)
Bandwidth management: VT (virtual tributary) and STS granularity, TSA,
TSI, drop and continue/broadcast, hairpinning

Line rate:
Drop capacity:


Optical connectors:
Electrical connectors:
OC-3 LR:
Technical parameters:



Craft interfaces:
OS interfaces:

RS-232 (DCE and DTE) ports


Shelf dimensions:

13.0 (330 mm) height (including I/O card) x

6.2 (157.5 mm) width x 11.00 (280 mm) depth
(including front cover)
9 lbs (4.6 kg) empty; 14 lbs (6.4 kg) with SP and
2 MTXs
Universal mounting brackets for 19 or 23 frames;
front cable access; front cover removable, or
180 open; integrated fiber management

Shelf weight:


Relative humidity:
Power consumption:
Power options:

In Europe:
Nortel Networks
Maidenhead Office Park
Westacott Way
Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 3QH

For more information, contact your Nortel Networks representative, or

call 1-800-4 NORTEL (1-800-466-7835) or 1-506-674-5470 outside of North America.
*Nortel Networks, the Nortel Networks corporate logo, the globemark design, OPTera, Preside, AccessNode, and
S/DMS TransportNode are trademarks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
2001 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.
Nortel Networks assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document.


26-pin connector (DS1)
BNC (DS3/EC-1), RJ-45 (Ethernet)
System gain: 13 dB
Laser output power: -5.0 dBm to 0.0 dBm
Minimum receiver level: -34.0 dBm (BER = 10-10)
Maximum receiver level: -10 dBm
Guaranteed system gain: 28.0 dB

TL-1, PCGUI or Preside

-40 F (-40 C) to +149F (65 C)

5% 95%
Zone IV (earthquake), FCC Class A (EMI/RFI),
UL listed 94N9, CSA LR63680
53 Watts (8 DS1 UPSR)
-40V to -60V DC battery range
AC power options available

In Asia:
Nortel Networks
151 Lorong Chuan #02-01
New Tech Park
Singapore 556741

In Australia:
Nortel Networks
380 St. Kilda Road
5th/6th Floor
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3004