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Germaine E.

HUM 170
March 3, 2015
Broadening the Horizon of Arts:
A Reflection Paper
The Arts combined to the other fields like Sciences is not a very new fact. It has long
since existed but it is as if we are now just acknowledging the fact that the two coexists
with each other and are not entirely two different things that could not be combined. For
me, Arts cannot exist without Science and vice versa. It is very important to lay an
emphasis and awareness of this fact and I consider the festival one effective strategy to
let the audiences be conscious about the fusion of Arts and Science.
The Arts festival started with a series of talk from the artists coming from their respective
fields. I believe it is not just the artists that could benefit from the talk but even the nonartists toothose who do not have enough knowledge about the field. Organized
seminars and talks like this help the Arts to be more reachable to everybody. I think the
talk about marketing the Arts would really help one get involved. Being in a writing
organization, it is important for me to know how to get other people be involved in the
craft, especially when arranging events that would further broaden the horizon of writing
and would get in a closer contact with other people.
Going to Arts eventvisual arts exhibit, folio launch, theatre plays, performance arts,
etc., not only helps one emotionally, but it is also a strong means of gaining knowledge.
Other than that, one could be benefited socially by going to Arts event. Aside from
meeting different kinds of people, one could also learn so much about the culturehow
rich it is or how rich it could be, to eventually be able to support the community.

Artists, no matter what stereotypes people make of them, are very social being. When
the Sining Laboratoryo exhibit started, we were very lucky to be able to meet the artists
and assist them in doing their crafts. We were first introduced very interestingly, for it
was because of a certain game that we were able to know the basics about one
An art does not develop only because of the artist himself. The artist should have his
market to consider. Is it the youth? The masses? No matter, it is very important that the
audiences receive the work. We used to see art works confined in a museum and
honestly it was very refreshing to see experimental art done outside the rigid four
corners of the room. This strategy for me really embraces all kinds of people to be the
audience. Proximity of the art works to the audience would give ease to those people in
reaching the once-for-elite Arts event.
Seeing how those guest artists worked, it made me more open-minded about the
concept of what Art is. Art is not only those paintings inside a square canvassit could
be anything. What I enjoyed most would be the performance art. It gave me sense of
unexpectedness, and the spontaneity of the reactions of the people watching or
participating in some way was really rewarding to watch.
Si-Lab lessened my fear of the rigid Art. Actually, I would never think of Art as rigid
anymore. Looking those works that were really far from the canonized definition of Art, it
broadened the scope it, especially when the artists collaborated with the people from
the Sciences. I think that broadening the definition of what to be considered as art would
also broaden its market.
Organizing events like Sining Laboratoryo should be done more often so more people
would be aware of what arts could bring them. Effective Arts, like communication,
should be two-way: starting from the Artist, received by an audience and eventually and
hopefully that audience would respond in different wayslike acting upon a call for a
social action, for instance. No matter, Arts are not done passively and it should also not
be accepted passivelythat way, Arts would continue to broaden its horizon.