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Pillar 1


Ok this sound simplistic but it is very, very important. We are trying to do
two things here; firstly prove to your conscious mind that you dont need the
reassurance of a doctor in order to be well again, you MUST break this cycle
as it perpetuates your condition by constantly reminding your subconscious
mind that reassurance is needed. Secondly, you need to reprogram your
mind to instinctually (subconsciously) not need reassurance.
The ONLY way to do this is to practice the new habit. The more your
consciously prevent yourself from seeking reassurance from doctors or
anyone else that you approach, the less you will need to do so. Very soon the
neural pathways in the brain that create the old, anxious and harmful habits
will be obsolete and the new habits will take over.
Pillar 2
Pillar 3
Stop researching your condition, doing so will only distract you from the truth
and the solution which can be found right here. The only information about
the physiology of anxiety you will need is contained in this programme.
By researching your condition you are constantly reminding your
subconscious mind that you have an anxiety condition. Once you have read
the information in my Anatomy of Anxiety section, put the book away,
believe what you have learnt, know in your heart that it is the truth, that you
dont need any more information, that there is nothing else wrong with you
that you or your doctor might be overlooking. Diagnosis of anxiety conditions
is accurate, YOU HAVE ANXIETY!
Distract yourself every time you feel the necessity to look at my Physiology
of Anxiety sectiontest yourselfjust see how strong you can be!
From this point on:
Dont surf the web for information
Dont buy books or visit libraries
Dont ask people questions about your condition
Dont read and re-read my Physiology of Anxiety section
Prove to yourself that you DONT need that reassurance, that because you
are incredibly strong, (you must be to tolerate and cope with your condition
for so long- every day you are getting stronger), you can cope alone.
Develop this new No research habit, practice it and make it instinctual.
Pillar 4

Use the Linden Method only! Do not combine it with any other therapy
methods; this will confuse the subconscious mind as you start to
reprogramme it.
This is very important. You MUST concentrate on this method and this one
alone. Most people with anxiety try many, many techniques, programmes,
exercises, treatments, medications, therapies, in fact anything that is
availableI have heard some weird and wonderful things believe me!
Pillar 5
Find your own way of doing this and practice it. Talking about how you feel
will feed your anxiety habit.
Pillar 6
Stop relying on others whilst suffering from anxiety or panic.
Relying on others only provides a temporary crutch and you need to face this
situation head on. No one can help you, ONLY YOU!
Before you even attempt to contact someone to reassure you, STOP, think to
yourself that by doing so you are feeding your anxiety, logically work
through the concept in your mind. Find your own reasons or techniques for
doing this and DO IT!
You can do thisthink back, has anyone ever ACTUALLY ever helped you
when you feel anxious? Actually removed the symptoms for you? NO! You
have ALWAYS had to cope with it alone; you have ridden the storm and come
out of the other end. From now on
understand that no one can really help you except yourselfand you have
the power to do that right now.
Pillar 7
As your anxiety retreats, do not dwell on, imagine or discuss the thoughts
and sensations that you endured. Doing so will allow your mind to hold on to
those memories, you need to let the
subconscious forget those old patterns. If you decide to discuss or share your
knowledge about defeating your condition, after you are well again, be
impartial. Sure, tell people that you used to be anxious, but dont go into
Diversion of the conscious mind is the key to successfully ridding your self of
anxiety. When you are doing nothing, you are vacating your conscious mind,
doing this allows you the time and your mind the resource to focus on your
anxious thoughts and feelings. Make
diversion your new habit. If you think about it, people who exercise every
day, partake in hobbies, become involved in clubs are just feeding their

habits. But theirs are healthy, non-anxious habits, excellent for diverting
thoughts, de-stressing, escaping the daily
When you have time on your hands, fill it with activities that divert those
thoughts or otherwise, at night, go to bed and sleep. In quite moments at
home, in the car or wherever you are, put on loud music and sing to it. FILL
Pillar 9
Stop arranging your normal daily routines and activities around your
condition. Do not avoid situations to accommodate your anxiety, if you
accommodate it, it will lay back and make itself very comfortable in the
armchair of your mind where it will sit and torment you.
The more that you can get out of your space the quicker you will
reprogramme your subconscious to respond appropriately to normally
anxiety provoking situations.

Diversion tactics
1. Splash face with cold water- this produces the dive reflex and causes
your brain to send
messages to your body to slow down.
2. Distraction - Count down from 100 as fast as you can, repeat over and
over. Do maths problems or anything else that occupies your mind.
3. Listen to your favourite music loudly and sing along to it.
4. Say to yourself this has never hurt me, it has never hurt anyone
else and it never will.
I know what it is and it means nothing - disempower the attack.
5. Tell yourself that what you are feeling are sensations; nothing
more and that sensations
never hurt anyone.
6. Watch a funny video on TV, laugh out loud.
7. Dont look at yourself in the mirror.
8. Keep some apples in the fridge. Eat one
9. Gently slap your cheeks and dance around confuse your thoughts
to distract them.
10.In the night, get out of bed, turn on the TV, have a drink, eat an
apple, and distract
11.Talk to someone or phone someone and dont discuss your
12.Do something physical if you can.
13.DO NOT SIT DOWN! Keep moving.

Sit comfortably, either on an upright chair, like a dining chair or crossed
legged on the floor if you can manage it comfortably. Make sure you are
relaxed, do not feel uncomfortable and that the environment is warm. You
can play soft music and burn oils or incense if you wish, lavender oil is a very
effective relaxant. Place both of your hands on your belly slightly overlapping
other. Now imagine that your head is attached to a cord that is pulling your
head upwards,
stretching out your spine and opening your chest cavity. Face forwards and
close your eyes.
Your hands will serve as a gauge to measure the depth of your breath and
counting will gauge the amount of time between breaths.
Now take a deep breath in to the count of 3.
Counting , one thousand, two thousand, three thousand, will help to regulate
a one second gap.
Make sure that your breath is going deep enough to raise your hands on your
belly. When you have reached three, hold your breath briefly and then slowly
exhale to the count of five and repeat.
Practice this exercise three times a day. Start at three minutes per session
until perfected and
then practice whenever possible. You will eventually be able to do this
exercise whilst
watching TV, using the computer or other activities.
How to do this exercise
1. First of all, say out loud STOP!
2. Breathe in deeply but gently through your nose, pause briefly and exhale
through your
nosecontrol the speed at which you exhale, make it last twice as long as
the inhale.
3. As you exhale, pay attention to the tension in your muscles. Drop your
shoulders; release the
tension in your chest and back. Let go of tension in the stomach, pelvis, arms
and legs. As you let the air out let go! Relax your muscles, especially your
shoulders. Let go of tension in your chest and stomach. Let every muscle in
your scalp, face, jaw and neck relax fully.
4. Now concentrate on what is happening around you. Be mindful of noises,
smells, light and dark; divert your conscious mind to all of these things,
really SEE THEM. Do not start an internal dialogue about what they are
called, try not to use language, just think about their structure.
You are in charge of you, no matter how you look at it there is only one
person you can claim full responsibility for in this world. Only one whos
actions you can control, one you can rely on

entirely, without question. You hold the key to being who you want to be, you
have made
yourself ill, consciously or subconsciously, but you can consciously do
something to make yourself well again.
I now know that I was wrong to say, I will neverbe well. Now I am, and you
can be too.
1st Visualization to end unwanted anxious thoughts
Either sitting or standing, close your eyes and move your attention to your
To become aware of your breathing, place one hand on your upper chest and
the other on your stomach. Take a breath, and let your stomach swell
forward as youbreathe in and fall back gently as you breathe out. (See the
breathing exercise for a full understanding of this breathing technique.)
Continue the abdominal breathing for about five minutes.
Now move your attention to your feet. Try to really feel your feet. See if you
feel each toe. Picture the base of your feet, and visualize roots slowly
growing out
through your soles and down into the earth. The roots grow with a quickening
and reach deep into the soil of the earth. Youre now rooted firmly to the
earth and
feel stable, like a large oak or redwood tree. Imagine what it would feel like if
large tree were swaying gently in the wind. Stay with this feeling of grounded
safety and security for a few moments.
Once youve created a strong feeling or impression of being grounded like a
visualize a cloud of bright light forming way above you. A bolt of lightning
from the
luminous cloud hits the crown of your head, and that ignites a band of bright
light that slowly descends from your head all the way down your body, over
legs, and out past your toes. As the band of light passes over you, feel it
your mental state. It illuminates your mind and clears any rubbish that you
have been thinking about. Repeat this image four or five times until you feel
sense of clearing and release through your feet.
In finishing, see yourself standing under a large, luminescent waterfall. The
water is

radiant and bubbling with vitality and life. As you stand under the waterfall,
feel the
water run over every inch of your body, soothing you and instilling within you
sense of deep calm. Try to taste the water. Open your mouth and let the
water run
in to refresh you. Hear the water as it bounces off the ground around you.
water is life itself, and its washing away stress and worry from your mind
After a moment, open your eyes.
Try to use all of your senses when carrying out the visualization. To make the
pictures in your mind as real as possible, use your senses of touch, taste,
hearing. Feel the water trickle down your body, hear the sound it makes as it
splashes over you.
2nd Visualization to end unwanted anxious thoughts
This visualization is for unwanted thoughts that are particularly persistent
Begin by doing the abdominal breathing explained in the breathing exercise.
yourself a few minutes to get a deep sustained level of breathing going.
As you breathe out, imagine your out breath as a blue cloud shimmering with
positive radiant light. Repeat this visualization until you can picture this
image well
in your minds eye.
The anxious thought that is troubling you will soon float into your awareness.
Imagine the anxious thought in your minds eye like a ball of yellow energy
the size of a tennis ball. It comes in from the side floating two to three feet in
of you. As you become aware of the disturbing thought try not to examine or
it but simply give it a label. Say the label to yourself:
Oh there is fear of going mad fear of an illness fear of hurting myself ,
fear of
hurting someone else fear I might never feel normal again etc.
After giving the anxious thought a label, breathe out slowly and visualize
breath enveloping the thought. The glowing cloud of positive radiant light

surrounds and engulfs the smaller yellow thought. As the thought becomes
awareness on your breath. Continue to breathe deeply in and out.
The same fearful thought may soon return but this time it is much smaller
and less
impacting. You feel much less intimidated by the thought this time because
have already reduced your emotional reaction to it. You simply dont really
that much about it. You are disconnecting your emotions from the thought.
Continue this exercise for any number of other disturbing thoughts that arise,
always breathing acceptance and peace on them as they float away from
awareness in the radiant blue cloud.
Art of Gratitude
1. Close your eyes and move your attention to your heart area. Imagine a
feeling of
warmth emanating from the center of your chest. Place your right hand
there. If
youre around people or driving, etc., simply imagine your right hand resting
your heart area Imagine this area glowing warmly, and stay with that image
for thirty to sixty seconds.
2. Now, begin to focus on something in your life for which you feel a genuine
of appreciation. This can be one or more things that you really appreciate
in your life (e.g., family, health, friends, work, your home).
3. Its important to focus on things that spark a real sense of gratitude and
appreciation. If you really appreciate the thing youre thinking about, youll
immediately feel a responsepossibly a light, warm sensation in your heart
or an involuntary smile. You may even feel this right now as you think about
the great things you have in your life. It doesnt really matter what you think
about, as long as it evokes this feeling of warm appreciation from your heart
area. Everyone has something for which they can be grateful. (Remember,
cemetery is full of people who would love to have your problems!)
4. Dont worry if you think of your partner or family and dont feel this. Some
days it

will be people close to you who spark the heart feeling, and other days it
may just
be gratitude for the parking space you found or the hand of cards you were
while playing poker the previous night! It depends on the mood youre in, so
rememberits only the feeling that youre after. The feeling is
unmistakable; its
a positive change in your emotional state. Its really best to do this alone,
because you want to stay with this feeling for as long as you like.
5. When you feel youve taken it as far as you can, open your eyes.
Theres no time frame on this. It can take a minute to half an hour.