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____instruments depend on vibrating

lips and tongues and resonating air


A ___ is a group of organisms of the

same kind that live together in the
same area



When there is heavy rain these

materials are carried down in streams
of mudflow commonly called____

This type of climate is characterized

by having a pronounced rainy season
and no dry season


-second tpe

Where does the red pigment of the

blood come from?

Newborn babies receive antibodies

from the mother through the ___and
mothers milk


Warm air expands and _____. Cool air
-rises, sinks
More than _____of the rainfall in the
country is associated with typhoons
In neurons without fatty covering, the
speed of the nerve impulse is only
____per second
-2 to 3
A nerve iimpulse travels at about how
many meters per second in neurons
with axons
In ____, two different kinds of
interacting organisms benefit from
each other
Certain living and nonliving factors in
the environment can stop a population
from increasing its size
-limiting factors
These have the largest number of
organisms or are the ___ in the
-dominant population

___are magma that reaches the earths

The _____states that the universe had
no beginning and would have no end
-steady state theory
A____is the distance traveled by light
in one year
-light year
Earthquakes that occur as a result of
the movements of crustal plate is
-tectonic earthquake
____an activity that uses all the
muscles of the body
Are the ones that recognize and
destroy foreign substances like
bacteria, viruses and dust
A state of mind where in months or
years of memories suddenly vanish
One of the most common autoimmune
disease is ___ which is charactherized
by an inflammation of the synovium, a
membrane that lines the joint

-rheumatoid arthritis
____is the mechanical energy of an
object due to its position or condition
-potential energy
Is the total force moving in one
-unbalanced force
The Philippines has more than how
many volcanoes?

___means finding alternative uses for

the things we normally consider as
Excessive tallness is also called___
Are large masses/bodies of air which
hold the same amount of moisture or
-air masses

Immunity can either be ____ or ____

Rene Laennec, a French doctor

invented the first____



It occurs when you get a disease

-active natural immunity

Carries blood loaded with oxygen

away from the heart

It is found only in newborn babies


-passive natural immunity

An alternative form of medication

Changes in forms of energy are


-herbs or medicinal plants

Energy conversions

How many times does the heartbeat

pumps in one minute

This kind of person studies the

structure, uses and diseases of the




A message that travels through a

nerve cell

Gentle slope built up by numerous

basaltic lava flows


-basic shield volcano

The average normal blood pressures

are lower in children ____at age six
than in young adults (120/80)

It is produced by the larva of moth


Bodies of water have ___on the coastal

areas in summer

What chemicals are used for killing

unwanted organisms?
____in some places are produced by
geothermal power plants

Another medicinal plant help to cure

high blood pressure


-cooling effects
What side of the body controls by the
left hemisphere
-right side
It is the center of the neuron
-cell body

___are found along the equator

-tropical rainforest
The ___ are warm air moving toward
the poles
-prevailing westerlies

The ___and the rains favor the growth

of palms bananas and many fruit trees
The term nerve refers to a bundle of
neuron fibers (axon/dendrites) held
together by ___

___refracte and separated into seven

color spectrum

-connective tissue

-white light

Neurons are surrounded by cells called

___which support and supply them
with nutrients

What is another way of using biomass

for energy production
-ferment sugarcane for ethanol
The movement of nitrogen in the
environment is called ___
-nitrogen cycle
What does the cerebellum controls
-physical coordination and balance
Space between neurons
Which of the following is an example
of mechanical energy?
-Potential energy
A combination of ceramic and metal
form a composite called__
What material is a raw material which
in pure form is soft and weak

___are boundaries between two plates
that move toward each other
-convergent boundaries
In this eruption, steam driven clouds
of ash and arcs of lava shower the
dome with molten drizzle
-Strombolian type
Some people are born with certain
types of ___
Roy J. Plunkett is a chemist who
discovered ___
____started working on a new
refrigerant that he hoped would be
effective as Freon 114
-Plunkett, Roy J.

TFE means ___

The ___vessel form a network of fluidfilled vessels or tubes that open into
the blood stream



The core is believed to be ___ times

hotter than at the surface

The lymphatic system consists of the

lymphatic vessels, the lymph nodes
and the ___


-25 000time
What is artificial or synthetic products
-these are products made from
manufactured products instead of
natural materials

Caused by movements of the earths
-tectonic earthquakes

Earthquakes occur at ___ sones

What metals are mixed to form brass

___are important tools in observing

heavenly bodies

-copper and zinc

Largest number of organisms are the

____ in the community

An example of an irregular galaxies

-dominant populations

-Magellanic clouds
Galaxies that are neither spiral nor

Your body changes the chemical

energy in food into____ and heat as
you walk jump or run



From the asthenosphere rises through

the crack and slowly creeps out on
both sides of the crack

___immunity found in newborn babies

-Passive natural immunity

Only ___ of the earths mass consists
of continental crust, which can be
___are the bodys hypersensitive
response to substances that stimulate
the immune reaction
___is accompanied by many shocks
that occur before or after the main

A disease or condition wherein a

person lacks hemoglobin in the blood
or mainly due to iron deficiency
Populations in the community are
divided into 3 groups which are___ ____
-producer, consumers, decomposers
A medicinal plant help to cure
superficial wound
-cats hair

-violent earthquake

Some ___ are used for body iimplants

This happens when blood flowing

through the arteries press against the
artery walls


-hypertension or high blood pressure

___means lightsphere, the brightest

layer in the suns atmosphere

The most common cause of heart


Where can we use alcogas?

-cigarette smoking

-it can be used as fuel for motor


Volcanic bombs weigh how many

metric tons
-91 metric tons
____is the average weather condition
of a place for a longer period of time

It is the gland that is located at the

upper thorax behind the breastbone
extends below the thyroid gland
-thymus gland
All matter is made of small particles

This disease is caused by the inability
of the immune system to recognize its
own tissue, causing the body to attack
-autoimmune disease
What is the rate of changes of the
velocity of an object
What is the tendency of an object to
stay at rest or remain in motion
Outermost layer of Earth that makes
up the large land mass, consisting
largely of granite rock
-continental crust
The circulation of a gas or fluid
produced by rising warm mass and
sinking cold mass
-convection current

The total mass or weight of living

materials as a source of fuel or energy
What is the slope of the mountain
facing the wind
-windward slope
Another effect of deforestation is
-loss of watersheds
Regions where trade winds blow have
The temperature at sea level and on
mountainous places
This hormone is responsible for the
tissue of the lymphatic system help
the body fight against diseases and

Boundary where 2 plates meet and



-convergent zone

Smallest blood vessels in the body

which connect an artery to a vein

When you have a ____ the nearby

blood vessels widen and blood rushes
to the infected area


It is the circular pathway in which
oxygen and carbon dioxide move
through the environment
-oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle
Rare blood cell,considered as the fifth
group of white blood cells that stains
readily with a basic dye
A lymphocyte that produces
antibodies characterized by many
fingerlike protrusions on its surface

A rapid back and forth movement of

an object
____is a kind of relationship wherein an
organism gets the benefit and the
other is harmed
What unit expresses mass
What materials are good conductors of
heat and electricity
Liquid part which makes up a little
more than one half of the blood


-chemical composition

Consumers that eat plants only

When was the new red spot on Jupiter


A hormone produced by pineal gland
that regulates bodys day and night
The ___ branch out from the cell body

-February 27 2006
The wind amihan prevails from ____
and gives us the coldest temperatures
of the year
-November to February


Ultrasound examination in the heart is


What do you call the darker part of the



Are the largest known stars

Method of food preservation where

food is sterilized and then packed in
sterilized containers


-aseptic packaging

What is the energy of an object to its

position or condition

Is a fame-like jet of hot gas rising from

the suns surface

-potential energy


RBC are made in the____

___is the first probe to observe the sun

from an orbit over its poles

Bone marrow
Thick walled blood vessels that carry
blood away from the heart
Metals are good conductors of heat
and ____
Consumers that only eat meat of other
___is the byproduct of photosynthesis
Atherosclerosis is a hardening of the
arteries caused by the build -up of a
fatty substance on their walls. Such
build up is called ____

Seismologist from Yugoslavia that
discovered Mohorovicic discontinuity
in 1909
-Andrija Mohorovicic
It is a disorder form of hyperthyroidism
-Graves Disease
The energy source that can be utilized
endlessly in an agricultural community
The clotting of blood in a blood vessel
of the brain which may cause a stroke
or a sudden loss of consciousness
followed by paralysis
-cerebral thrombosis


A healthy heart contracts about

___times a minute

The color of a star depends on its___

-75 times

Hippocrates, a Greek physician is

known as the ____
-Father of Modern Medicine
When the nerve impulse reaches the
end of the axon, it triggers the knobs
on them. The knobs release a
chemical called a ___
Dr. Rogacio is busy with her studies
about the use of ___ in treating iron
deficiency anemia among children
-iron fortified rice
It is the force tha was named afer
French mathematician Gaspard G.
-Coriolis force
Winds at the equator which are very
calm are called
When you cut in half this object you
will get an idea how the earths layer
look like

Is a method of food preservation

where radiation kills the bacteria in
The body of water South of the
Philippines is the ___
-Celebes Sea
This type of climate is characterized
by having 2 pronounced seasons-dry
and wet
-first type
The US Mariner probes and the ___
began their explorations of the planet
Venus in the early 1960s
-Soviet Venera probes
The Milky Way contains more than ___
-10 billion
What is a turbine
-It is the blades of the machine
The cortex produced ____ that affect

A radio ___ sends the signals to a

computer which analyzes the waves
and produce an image




___are organism that live inside or

outside the body of another organism
that feed on it

Plants can use energy from the sun to

make food in a process called

Small positive particles inside the
nucleus are called ___
Levi Celerio is a Filipino musician
known for his unique ability to create
music using ____

The first artificial satellite to orbit the


___ is used to transmit the sound
waves and receives echoes
______ forests are the richest habitats
for both plants and animal life

Tropical rain

True or false

The equal heating of the earths

surface causes the winds or
movements of air masses


It means there is no disruption in an

ecosystems natural cycles of
nutrients from the non living
environment to the living environment
and back

Ecological Balance

What materials should be properly

used and properly stored

Household materials

What food has bubbles and gives off

bad odor?

Spoiled food

Earthquakes can also cause ____. This

happens when electric wires are
destroyed and electric post are turned.


Dry cells and batteries contain

substances that have ___ energy.


____ are forces in opposite direction

and are equal in size

Balanced forces

_____ are those activities in which the

body continuously needs


How many hectares of forests are

destructed every year. ?
Unfortunately, all over the world,
many forests have been destroyed
wildlife is fast disappearing, the hole in
the _____ is getting bigger and the
climate is getting warmer.

Aerobic exercises

Abnormal production of white blood

cells in the bone marrow


______ is used for washing the body,

and cleaning wounds


These are the first telescopes


Light or optical telescopes

____ or hypotension, is a disease

caused by poor diet or by some
chronic disease

Low blood pressure

Polluted ___ when inhaled can cause

respiratory disease


Who discovered the new red spot of

the Jupiter?

Christopher Go

Earth is made up of four distinct

layers. What layer is where living
things can be found?

This nutrient is the main structural

component of the tissues and organs
of the body. It also contains amino

Ozone layer


It is an infectious disease caused by a

virus, which destroys the motor
neurons in the gray matter of the
spinal cord or the brain


____ is the measure of how far north or

south from the equator and the place


_____ is the average weather condition

in a place over a long period of time


A ____ is one that rises from natural


Natural calamity

Mt. Isarog in Camarines Sur has an

area of about how many hectares?

10 000

It is the gland that is located at the


Thyroid gland

An average children needs about ____

hours of sleep.

8 to 10 hours

When the nucleus splits, nuclear

energy is released in the form of heat
and light energy. The splitting process
is called

Nuclear fission

Medulla, pons and midbrain are parts

of the _____

Brain stem

Reason why a small car has a better

mileage than a large car

Because more gasoline will

have to be burned in the engine
of a large car to produce the
additional force necessary to
move it.

The nutrients from food undergo

chemical changes, producing a high
energy compound commonly called as


Infrared Telescope

Is home to zebras and a few other

foreign animal species?

Caluit, Palawan

Energy- building foods, or ______, such

as rice and other cereals, root crops,
sugar, fats and oils.


Your body becomes ____ when you eat

a balanced diet

Physically healthy

What professionals treat people with

mental and emotional disorders?


______ is a relationship wherein

organisms of the same kind show
division of labor in order to survive.


It is made of three main layers of the

cells: the rods, cones and optic nerves


Keep the blood from flowing



____ are those that blow from specific

directions at specific times of the year

Prevailing winds

A group of ants or bee



What are the three laws that Newton


What is the color of the star


1. State of motion test

2. constant motion

______ stars are about the size of

the sun

3. accelerated motion
What do you call a telescope that
collects infrared rays from objects in


Medium sized

The relative brightness of stars if

they were all placed at a standard

distance of 32.8 light years from

Earth is called
-absolute magnitude
What is the color of the star rigel?

A vitamin that helps promote

healthy bones, teeth, eyes, and

Vitamin A


The body of water west of the

Philippines is the___

Tectonic earthquakes often cause

breaks or cracks called

Known as cancer of the blood


A hormone that induces a series of

psychological changes in females
especially in the reproductive or
sexual organs is called


South China Sea/West Philippine



It collects blood as it enters the


It has several layers of defense. Its

outer layers of dead, flattened cells
provide a natural barrier to the
entry of germs

_____ A system that communicates

with smooth muscles

Components of radiant energy

Many poor people build __ along

creeks, in dumpsites or along


Heat and light energy

Autonomic nervous system


A ___ separates white light into a

visible spectrum

________ the organism causing



An ___ is the immune systems over

reaction to an otherwise harmless


Many children who plays barefoot

in dirty areas and do not wash their
hands before eating become _____
with worms.


The ____ form a network of fluid

filled vessels or tube that opens
into the bloodstream.

Lymphatic vessels

Are tiny particles which moves

around the nucleus.


Streptococcus bacteria

___line the organs leading to the

digestive and respiratory systems

Mucus membranes

What is the worlds fastest highspeed railways?


Japans Shinkansen

What is the meaning of atomos?


Uncut or canot be divided

___ and ___ are two gases that are

important to living things

Oxygen, carbon dioxide

____ are composed of two different

group of cells that secrete two
different hormone of the pancreas.

Islets of langerhans

An English scientist and

mathematician who invented a
telescope which used mirrors
instead of lenses

Sir Isaac Newton

This gland have two small organs

each found on top of the kidney

Adrenal gland

It is the most common and least

dangerous among lymphatic
diseases and usually starts in early
adult life and may occur in both
men and woman

Hodgkins disease

It is the gland located in the upper

thorax behind the breast bone and
extends below the thyroid gland.

Thymus glands

The sun has a diameter of ____



____ means to lessen the materials

we use.


____ forests are mainly composed

of deciduous trees.

Deciduous forest

The lymphatic system consist of the


Brain attack

Red blood cells are also known as



Is a message that travels through

the nerve cells
- Impulse
It is the hardening of the arteries
caused by build up of a fatty
substance on their walls.

Lympathic vessels
Lymph nodes

It is an important function of the ____

to return the plasma protein into the
blood while it also removes bacteria
and foreign particles from the tissues.


_____ changes caused by burning will

release some poisonous gases that will
pollute the air.


____ are considered the earths

dangerous valve.


Mass of the earths is about ___



The tendency of an object to resist any

change in its state of motion is called


One of the additives used in

processing meat is sugar. Why is sugar
used as an additive?

Stroke is also called _____



Sugar will add to the nutritive

value of meat.

Gasoline and rocket fuel store


Chemical energy

A group of living things in an area that

interact with each other, together with
their non living environment


____ are the non living things in an

environment like soil, water, light, and

Abiotic factors

____ refer to rare plants and animals.



These are the butterfly- shaped glands

located in the neck.

Thyroid glands

In _____, the hemoglobin count is low.

This may be caused by a diet that
does not contain enough iron.

Iron deficiency anemia

This hormone regulate the amount of

calcium in the blood.


The parathyroid glands secrete ___. It

increases the amount of calcium in the


It is an organ found in the chest. It is

found above and in front of the heart.

Thymus gland

_____ instruments are usually solid

vibrating objects


This continuous transfer of water

throughout the system is called ____

Water cycle

____ are the ones that recognize and

destroy foreign substance like
bacteria, viruses and dust.


These are forces in opposite direction

and equal in size.

Balanced forces

___ is the ability to resist a particular

disease or infection


____ prevents goiter and mental



What are the winds that blow near the

coast or mountains?

Local winds

In the ___ in Antartica, the climate is

very cold that is why it is always
covered with ice and snow.

South frigid zone

Different colors in the visible spectrum

have different _____


Headlights and flashlights have what

kind of mirror?

Concave mirror

A prism separates white light into a


Visible spectrum

Examples of a coinage gold is the


Gold wins

The lymph nodes are enlarged areas

of ____

Lymph vessels

It is the hormone that helps the body

fight infections.


Inner part of the adrenal glands


Adrenal medulla

A ___ is used to skip the narrowed


Vein graft

Is based on the principle of sending a

signal from a source, then timing how
long it takes for the signal to return to
the source after it has reflected off
some object at a distance.


____ are living things such as plants

and animals

Biotic factors

What is the average weather condition

in a place for a long time.


Both underweight and overweight

children do not eat the right kind and
right amount of food. This condition is
called ____