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Health 420- Internship Experience

1. In relation to the goals that I created for myself in the beginning of the
internship, I feel that I have exceeded the expectations that I set for
the overall internship experience. I have indeed gained a better
understanding for the field of athletic performance training, through
both the experience of trainers and clients alike. ASI has a very
knowledgeable staff and competent clients that were able to give me
feedback throughout my experience. I prepared and implemented
training programs for both athletes and members of the general
population. At ASI, they have summer athlete training programs, which
are different from the training programs for members of the general
population. This difference has allowed me to develop a greater
understanding of the needs of the clients. I learned how to properly
gather base measurements and use the information to develop a
program. The block training method at ASI required testing every
month, which required me to learn how to frequently do base
2. I gained a better understanding for the field of athletic training through
my daily practices as a member of the Acceleration Sports Institute
staff. Additionally, the staff played a huge role in my success. Being a
member of the staff on a day-to-day basis allowed me to constantly be
around learning opportunities. This allowed me to get to know my
clients are on personal basis, which taught me how I needed to train
each of them. I was able to watch and observe the staff interacting
with their clients, so I was able to learn by just simply observing the
staff, but also through the staff explaining the best way to do certain
things. One of the most beneficial ways I learned about athletic
training was through the articles and research documents the staff
provided me. With their help, I was able to understand the importance
of new research in the field and the importance of learning from set
3. I was given the task to write programs for clients. These programs
possessed multiple workouts and exercises.
a. I accomplished the task very well. The staff members
implemented my programs for multiple clients and even used it
for general workout plans throughout the week. I dealt with the
experience/task fairly well. In the beginning, it was difficult
because I had to make sure that the workouts fit the skill level of
the clients and was clear. I had trouble ensuring the workout was
right on target and not to hard or too easy.
b. I used multiple skills while completing this task. I had to write
and develop the program, ensuring my language was clear and
concise. I had to verbally explain the exercises to the clients as
well using the same type of language as well as explain to the
staff while I chose these particular exercises. Before hand, I had

to research the effects of different lifts and the combinations of

lifts, ensuring that the organization of the programs were
applicable. Finally, I had to help guide the clients through the
programs. I had to learn to be understanding and adaptable to
the needs of the clients. The fact that I have an athletic
background was an extremely beneficial skill as it allowed me to
relate the clients, the workouts and exercises.
c. While my weakness was my lack of experience in creating
programs, my greatest strength was my background as an
athlete. Although I had no idea the amount of work and
complexities went into creating training programs, my
experience in personally executing programs as an athlete
proved itself to be very helpful. Additionally, I work very well with
people, so gaining the trust of the clients was easy.
4. I played a daily and beneficial role at ASI. On a daily basis, when the
staff was overwhelmed, I would pick up groups of athletes, when all
other members were busy. Additionally, I would do daily housekeeping
items like putting the weights back on the shelf in order, organize
equipment, put out towels, fill up the cooler with wet towels, fill up the
cups, and take out the trash. Like previously mentioned, my greatest
contribution would be the programs I provided for the staff and the
clients. My role was absolutely appreciated at ASI.
5. Both. Before going into this opportunity, I wasnt exactly sure what I
wanted to do with my career--I still dont. However, this opportunity
knocked out the possibility of being an athletic trainer, yet reinforced
the fact that I am happy with my degree choice. After this internship, I
know for sure that I want to be in the healthcare field and I know my
future career will involve helping people.
6. Although I would argue that all the classes I have taken at Clemson
were applicable to my internship this summer, there are some topics
that were more helpful than other during my time at ASI: Health Care
Systems (Health 2030), Health and Fitness (Health 2500), Obesity &
Eating Disorders (Health 4150), Health Science Internship Prep (Health
419), Principles of Management (Management 2010), and Principles of
Coaching (Athletic Leadership 3490).
a. Health Care Systems (Health 2030): This class helped me to
understand the complexity of ASI and its importance as a health
care program. The Health Care Systems Class discussed the
need and demand for programs like ASI.
b. Health and Fitness (Health 2500): ASI focuses not only on fitness
and exercise, but also all components of fitness. The 10
components of fitness were stressed not only during this class,
but also during my internship. They include:
cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength,
flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and

c. Obesity & Eating Disorders (Health 4150): This class talks about
the prevalence, risk factors, consequence, and treatments of
obesity and eating disorders. Programs such as LoseWell, which
is located at ASI and sponsored by the Greenville Health System,
are one of these treatment methods.
d. Introduction to Human Communication (Communication 150):
This class taught the best ways to communicate with individuals
and groups of all kinds including interpersonal, small group,
intercultural, and public communication. The methods of
communication I learned in this class helped me to convey my
programs, workouts, and exercises to the clients, but also helped
me communicate properly with my superiors.
e. Principles of Coaching (Athletic Leadership 3490): ASI has a very
important and established philosophy--just like the philosophies
stressed during the Principles of Coaching. Principles of Coaching
helped me face challenges during my internship by covering
topics such as sports psychology.
7. At ASI, we provided clients with different fitness models, so that they
could then make the best decision for their workouts as possible. Every
day there are 3 different types of sheets: Blue for Muscle Strength,
Green for Muscle Endurance, and Yellow for Flexibility. If an individual
wanted to gain a lot of muscle mass (a.k.a bulk up), they would
choose the Blue Sheet, the program that focuses on muscle strength.
These sheets provided make it easy for all people to understand the
important health information.