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An interview with ATTY. GIOVANNI C.

Attorneys Office (PAO) of San Pablo, Laguna.



1. Is it advisable for a new lawyer to work as an apprentice or

assistant or to have his/her own law office?
It is not only advisable but imperative for a new lawyer
to join other experienced lawyers at the start of their career.
There is no such thing as expert lawyer under the rooster of new
bar passers. This rule applies regardless of the scholastic
record or bar exams standing of the new lawyer or the school
where he/she came from. However, there is such thing as seasoned
lawyer. It is from seasoned lawyers that you least vast part of
practice of the profession.
There is still an exception. A new lawyer may go his own
way and not to start as apprentice if he will indulge into the
academe and not involve himself to trial practice. This is so
because a lawyer who is an expert in theory may not be similarly
expert in trial.
There are rules of court which are neither learned inside
the law school nor provided in the Rules enacted by the Supreme
Court. These rules of court are learned as you indulge and go
deeper into trial practice.
Thus, to have somebody from whom you ask for advices and
pointers whenever appearing in court trial is a must. Unless,
again such new lawyer has a mentor whom he need not work in the
same firm.
2. What are the qualities of a successful trial lawyer?
The qualities of a successful lawyer depends on the
particular field that he has engaged himself. For as long as he
can practice his profession in full and without fear or favour,
then he can be considered as successful in his own way/
perspective. Practice of profession for this purpose must be
understood in line with the definition rendered in the case of
Cayetano vs. Monsod.
To some, success is quantified through economic capacity
in relation to practice of profession. However, money should
only be treated as an incident or reward for good practice. it
must not be the gauge of success.

3. Is private practice financially rewarding?

Private practice may be financially rewarding. However,
private practice does not guarantee fountain of wealth. There
are lawyers who are in private practice but economically
4. I
Prosecutors Office a good option in starting a new career?
Joining the Public Attorneys Office or the national
prosecution service is understandably a good choice to start
ones career as a lawyer.
Such new lawyer will be able to hone his/her skills if he
is part of said offices. This is simply because they are
bombarded with numerous and different kinds of cases. These type
of lawyers are obliged to win battles based on methods that they
have to define and discover themselves.
5. Which is better - to practice law in the province or in Metro
It doesnt matter. Success in practice of law profession
is not confined in one place. Whether practice is focused within
or without Metro Manila does not guarantee good play. Success in
law practice depends on the person and not the place.

Atty. Giovanni C. Ofenda

PAO, San Pablo