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Personal Stylist/Personal Shopper

1. What is the size of the personal stylist/personal shopper market (annual spend, # of
people who use service, most popular cities, brands, etc).
What is the Personal Shopping Services Industry?
This industry provides personal shopping services. Personal shoppers assist individuals by
purchasing items on their behalf, suggesting items to purchase and providing style assistance.
Personal shoppers employed by department stores and e-commerce sites are not included in
this industry. Personal shoppers serving corporations only are also not included in this
Market Size $762M growing @4.1% annually.
Industry Products
Wardrobe consultations
Women's wear purchases
Men's wear purchases
Footwear purchases
Electronics, hobby and toy purchases
Follow-up consultations
Industry Activities
Wardrobe audits
Style consultations
Personal shopping
Industry Analysis & Industry Trends
Coming off the recession, consumers have higher levels of disposable income to spend on
shopping. But with unemployment decreasing, they have less time to actually go out and
shop. Therefore, personal shoppers are in high demand, with revenue growing fairly quickly
in the five years to 2014.
Industry Report - Industry Key Buyers Chapter
The Personal Shopping Services industry has a low level of market concentration. The
majority of companies within the industry either employ a small number of shoppers or are
nonemployers, with no company controlling more than 1.0% of market share. Start-up and
operating costs are extremely low and there are no certification requirements barring new
operators from entering the industry. Furthermore, the highly personalized nature of the
industry puts restrictions on how many clients each operator can serve. It is not uncommon
for a personal shopper to spend an entire day shopping for a single client. This puts severe
limitations on the number of customers each operator can serve, opening the market up to a
large number of competitors.
Most Popular Cities:
New York
Los Angeles
Redwood City
San Francisco
Most Popular Brands:

Send back anything you don't like in prepaid USPS envelopes. Shoe Mint Here's another option for shoe addicts: This site offers a shoe collection designed by Rachel Bilson and stylistNicole Chavez. and get a box of handpicked looks to your door —complete with a video explaining each outfit. and send back anything you don't. you'll find new products on the site five days a week.95 monthly fee. Keep what you love. while using the site's styling tips for dressing up or down. Each new collection comes complete with styling tips to help you get the look at home. Reach out to one. from which StitchFix will ship you five hand-picked items based on your preferences. Try everything on at home. Additionally. start at $75. . member for an optional $9.CakeStyle Fill out an online fit and wardrobe interview." and then wait for a monthly shipment based on your preferences. if you've got a special date or job interview for which you need the perfect wardrobe styling. Provide feedback for an even more tailored experience over time. Each pair is priced at $79. It also has stylists available for one-on-one sessions—free!—to dole out fashion advance and assistance. including a more personalized shopping experience that includes a dedicated concierge phone line. ShoeDazzle now offers a higher-level service that works kind of like Amazon Prime: Become a V. BaubleBar This site debuts new jewelry picks every Monday morning.P. StitchFix First. take the online "style quiz. ModCloth Simply enter your email to become a member of ModCloth and you can create wish lists and keep track of stuff you love. and clothing prices average $75 per item.I. hand picked by its stylists. like those featured above. and scoop up extra perks and privileges. ShoeDazzle Start out by taking a quiz. Sometimes your personal stylist will choose things a little outside your specified comfort zone—but the idea is to push the envelope a bit. say. and you can choose to can keep or skip any shipment. Shipping is free. Beyond those basic offerings. BaubleBar partners with big brands for limited-time and limited-piece collections. and made with Steve Madden. Prices of individual items. mixing it in with your own wardrobe. create your online style profile. and get your personal recommendations for shoes and accessories from there. Many items are priced under $50. an extended return policy up to 60 days—plus discounts. The styling fee is $25. First. Sometimes. CakeStyle's shipments even include a label and packing tape to keep the whole process streamlined and easy.98. Also new for this year: Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe came on board as ShoeDazzle's chief stylist.

you receive a selection of samples that the Birchbox experts have vetted. Chicago.143. secret promotion codes.829 3.518 4.Birchbox This site focuses on beauty and grooming products. Los Angeles.P.197 2. with accompanying tips. sale events. Shop It To Me This one works a little differently: Tell Shop it to Me about your clothing sizes and favorite designers. Tex. In the top 10 cities in the U.html Ref: 2.Y. 3. 2.842. Calif.582 . N. New York. You can also buy full-size versions of the samples you love directly from the Birchbox Shop. New York Image Consultant USGoBuy Ref: http://www. by Population Rank City Population and a virtual personal shopper will scour the Web to find items you might love. including those from both well-known and up-andcoming brands.844.I. Prices range from $10 per month for a women's subscription to $20 per month for a men's subscription. videos. Ill. Houston. 8.S. including a range of higher-end men's casual wear with brands like Eton. It's totally free.ibisworld. Every so-called "trunk" includes free shipping both ways. Trunk Club Try this one for the man in your life! Trunk Club offers dedicated style experts who hand select guys' clothes. (by size) what are the top brands or individuals providing personal stylists/shopper services? Top 10 Cities in the U. helping you discover new items you might not otherwise have found on your own. and is designed to save you money by giving you a heads-up on sales and special offers that are in line with your tastes. Think makeup and skincare. You'll get personalized "Salemail" email alerts as often as you choose with the latest markdowns. J Brand and Jack Spade—at prices on par with what he'd find in a department store (if he could stomach the thought of going inside one). and even a magazine. and V. Each month.

infoplease. Philadelphia.461.256. Calif.509 8. 912. 1. .575 7.825 10.332 Ref: http://www. list out some of the names/websites.463. Tex. Dallas.540 9. 1. Pa. Ariz.html San Antonio. Phoenix. San Diego.281 6. San Jose. Are there any online sites or mobile apps that provide personal stylist/shopper services? If so. Calif. Tex. 1. 1.213.255. 1.

Whisp 8. Lyst 6. 12 Best Apps: 1.Ref: 3. Pose 5. Tradesy 7. Stylebook . The Hunt 2. Keep 4.

Prices per item range from $30 to $300 or more. the Bravo reality show.S.? Personal Shoppers for Celebrities: 1. Runway designers Viktor & Rolf.baltimoresun. Rachel Zoe An A-list client roster. Rodarte and Azzaro all created custom styles for the Oscar winner. Ref: http://www. ShopStyle 12. Ref: http://www. Spring 11. Asos Most Popular Stylists for Celebrities:'s challenging enough to turn out multiple stunning styles for the It girl but even more impressive when it's maternity chic.forbes. who started her career at Vogue. Covet Fashion 10.LLC 2. Before making Steinfeld . but some charge a styling fee ($20) and the fee is usually waived if the customer purchases at least one item. Who are the most popular stylists/personal shoppers used by celebrities/the red carpet in the 4. also works with R&B singerAlicia Keys. Mila Kunis (winning looks: lavender Elie Saab at the Oscars and Alexander McQueen at the SAGs) and Zoe Saldana. Kate Young The NYC-based stylist is responsible for Natalie Portman's acclaimed looks -. Petra Flannery Flannery's best-dressed clients include Emma Stone (winning looks: Calvin Klein at the Globes and Chanel at Vanity Fair's fete).html#page=1 3. multiple designing and fashion consulting deals and a best-selling book make Zoe the most powerful stylist in Hollywood. PS Dept. Sasha Bowman Personal Shopping & Image Consulting. 2. Young. depending on the service. What are the fees/rates charged for personal stylist/shopping services on average? Many of the services are free.

4. Deborah Waknin Halle Berry trusts Waknin.the only fashion risk-taker at this year's Oscars in Givenchy Couture. Kyra Sedgwick. Jen Rade The dazzling emerald Atelier Versace dress that Rade put longtime client Angelina Jolie in at this year's Globes stole the show. 5. Sandra Bullock also attributes her memorable looks from last year's Blind Side Oscar campaign to the veteran stylist. sexy red-carpet styles. including the daring lavender Givenchy Haute Couture she wore on Oscar Night 2010. avant garde style during last year's Avatar awards campaign. Pre-styling. Bingemann also works with Gwyneth Paltrow. Anna Bingemann From Emmys to Globes. Claire Danes had her most spectacular awards season ever thanks to the Armani Prive. Elie Saab at the BAFTAs and Marchesa at the Golden Globes) are both consistently chic. 6. Elizabeth Stewart Stewart styled newcomer nominee Jennifer Lawrence for all of this year's awards-season events. she also worked with Michelle Williams on her Oscar gown. Flannery created Saldana's elegant. plus she has such commercial styling gigs as Target and Apple's iPod. Julianne Hough. who has also done costume design for television. 8. She also outfits Cate Blanchett -. to pull together the most glamorous. Cristina Ehrlich Ehrlich's longtime clients Penelope Cruz (winning look: a sizzling L'Wren Scott dress that showed off the new mom's curves at the Oscars) andThe Fighternominee Amy Adams (winning looks: Herve Leroux at the SAGs.a red-carpet one-to-watch. Ashley Green andJulianna Margulies are also loyal clients. Naomi Watts and Tina Fey. Kristin Davis and Viola Davis are clients too. 7. including her embellished Marchesa gown with Neil Lane jewels at this year's Oscars. Cher and The Office's Jenna Fischer. She is married to actor-director Griffin Dunne. hot-hued Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton dresses that Bingemann handpicked for her. Stewart had jobs at The . Amanda Seyfried. Rade also dresses Pink.

com/news/web-25-powerful-stylists-hollywood-166236 6. Black Card Ref: http://www. Please list out the most popular "concierge" services in the U. American Express Platinum Concierge service 2. Jeanne Yang Katie Holmes' personal stylist (they launched the clothing line Holmes & Yang together.she's even rumored to be the inspiration for the catty co-assistant character Emily (Emily Blunt) in The Devil Wears Prada. Leslie Fremar Fremar works with some of the fashion crowd's favorites including Reese Witherspoon. which sells at Barneys and Los Angeles' Maxfield) also keeps Tom Cruise.hollywoodreporter.quora. concierge services for high end residential buildings. (this can be any type such as special credit cards like the "black card".S. 10. etc). Melissa Leo andChristian Bale well-dressed.New York Times Magazine and . Ref: http://www. 9. 1. Julianne Moore (winning looks: Tom Ford at the BAFTAs and Lanvin at the Globes) andCharlize Theron. She got her start in the business as an assistant at Vogue and then as the celebrity dresser for Prada -. Amex platinum concierge 3.