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Sun City Festival Community Association
26501 West Desert Vista Boulevard, Buckeye, Arizona 85396

August 2015


1:00 PM - Celebration Hall

$3/Person Per Movie Showing

All-you-can-eat Popcorn, Soda, Candy Bar
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Sunday, August 30

A celebrated military contractor returns
to the site of his greatest career
triumphs and reconnects with a long
ago love, while unexpectedly falling for
the hard charging Air Force watch-dog
assigned to him.

The Age of Adaline
Sunday, September 27
Adaline (Blake Lively) has kept to herself
for decades in order to keep secret the
fact that she has remained 29-years-old
for nearly a century. When she meets a
handsome philanthropist named Ellis,
she strains against the self-imposed exile she’s lived in
and forced to take greater control over her life.


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Tuesday, August 18: Vee Quiva Casino

- Complimentary Trip Includes $10 Slot Play,
bus transportation

Wednesday, Sept. 16: Ft. McDowel Casino

- Complimentary Trip Includes $10 Slot Play,
bus transportation

$2/person fee collected for
driver gratuity per casino trip



Mark Your Calendar!

October 3: “Love Boat” Variety Show

October 10: Del Webb Goes Pink NEW DATE!
Annual Fundraiser

October 17: Oktoberfest / Chartered Club Expo

October 23: Concert In The Park NEW DATE!

November 7: Community Garage Sale

& Seminars
August 6

9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

August 7

Dinner & A Movie,
“The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
5:30 pm Celebration Hall

August 13

Sun Valley Solar Seminar
10 am Sable Room
Solar Topps Seminar
5 pm Celebration Hall West

August 15

Breakfast BINGO!
9:30 am Celebration Hall

August 19


August 4 - 7:
August 14 - 16:
October 6 - 9:
October 9:
October 23:
November 9:
December 5:
Dec. 31 - Jan 2:

Durango & Silverton
Del Mar Horse Racing
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Arizona Fall Foliage
Verde Canyon Railroad
Penske Museum & Turf Paradise
Prescott Day Christmas Parade
Rose Bowl Trip

For Extended Travel Tours, Contact


Heat Shield Seminar
10 am Sable Room

August 20

9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

August 29

Teen Idols Tribute Concert
7 pm Celebration Hall

August 30

Sunday Movie Matinee, “Aloha”
1 pm Celebration Hall

August 31

Beat the Heat
Free Movie Marathon
Various Movies Shown Through Sept 4
See Event Details for Days/Times
Shown in Celebration Hall



Geri Nelson

Geri Nelson was born and raised in central Oregon. She
and her sister started school there, but they graduated
from high school in Milton-Freewater after their widowed
mother relocated for professional reasons. Geri attended
Oregon State University, where she met the love of her
young life and got married. Her husband had just finished
a tour in the United States Army, and the couple set out
for Chicago, where he would attend college.

Although Geri had spent most
of her adult life in California
within five miles of Pasadena,
she had visited friends in
Arizona. Because her sister and
brother-in-law also spent
winters in this area, it seemed
the perfect retirement choice.

During their five years in Illinois, the couple became parents of a son and a daughter. While the children were still
toddlers, the family struck out on famous Route 66 and
drove across country — an interesting trip with such young
children, Geri recalls — eventually settling in San Marino,
California. As her kids were graduating from high school,
the marriage ended, and Geri needed to become selfsupporting.

When an Arizona Realtor friend
told Geri that Festival was the
newest and best, Geri knew she
wanted to live here. She rented a vacation villa, and in
just two days she had purchased a home she still considers
perfect in every way. “It took so little time to be
comfortable in my new home,” Geri says. “Friendships
were made quickly with neighbors and people I met
around the pool and in the gym. I feel that I am living the
life of my dreams.”

Having an aptitude for sales, Geri accepted a position
selling office products and eventually joined a group of
manufacturers representatives. In 2009, when the market
shrank as Fortune 500 companies trimmed their
expansion plans, she decided that retirement was an
appealing option.

Connectivity continues to evolve among people and devices. Connectivity enables everyday things to become connected in our lives. Telemedicine, health care, smart homes, energy consumption, thermostats,
garage door access, and home security - just to name a few ways we
have integrated Internet service into our daily living. Many of your
mobile devices utilize your bandwidth at home and can help you save
on wireless data fees, such as cell phones, Ipad, notebooks, laptop and
Cox Communications has a special Internet offer available this month.
Preferred Internet service (50 Mpbs download/ 5 Mbps upload) for $49.99
- NO CONTRACT required and Professional installation fee waived.
Standard retail rate for this level of service is $64.99 which equates to
$15.00 a month savings for 12 months. To get this offer call David
Jaronik at 602-694-1813.
Cox offers five levels of Internet service to fit your lifestyle and budget.
Download speeds and pricing listed below:
• Starter Internet - $29.99 = 1Mbps download /384kbps upload
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• Premier Internet - $74.99 = 100 Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload
• Ultimate Internet - $99.99 = 150 Mbps download/ 20 Mbps upload
As a reminder, Sun City Festival residents receive a discount of $10.50
on the cable service provided by the Community Association.
We appreciate your business.


Geri plays pickleball — she expects to compete in November’s national tournament — and is active in Lady Putters;
Don’t Worry, Bead Happy; Barrel Buddies; and the Pottery
and Ceramics, Hiking, and Gourmet Clubs.

Monsoon Storm Safety Tips
Here are some tips to help you protect yourself and your
family when a big storm hits:
Lightning is attracted to metal and water, and often strikes
the tallest objects.
• Stay away from open areas like fields and golf courses.
• Stay off hilltops and other high points of land.
• Don’t stand near trees or tall poles.
• Get at least 7 feet away from tall objects.
• Avoid metal objects such as golf carts, clubs, and lawn
• Do not lie flat. This will make you a bigger target.
• Don’t huddle with others. Spread 15 feet apart.
• Remove golf shoes or steel-toed boots.
• If you’re in a pool or on a lake, get out and away.
Downed Power Lines:
• Stay at least 100 feet away
• If a power line has fallen on your car while you’re in it,
don’t touch anything metal in the car, and stay inside
until professional help arrives.
• Never try to help someone trapped by a power line. You
endanger your own safety. Instead, call 911 immediately.
Indoor Safety:
• Stay away from windows during strong winds. Tree limbs
and other objects can be a hazard.
• Lighting can move through a home’s plumbing, attracted
to the metal or water. Don’t use sinks and showers.
• Unplug computers, TVs and other delicate electronic
equipment. Consider using surge protectors.

Ladies Doubles Tennis 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mah Jongg 9:00am
Knit One & Crochet Too 9:00am
Pickleball Women’s Rotational Play 12:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 12:30pm
Chess 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Woodcrafters 5:30pm
Euchre 6:30pm
Social Dance - Ballroom Lessons 6:30pm
Desert Harmony Rehearsals 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Swimmers Club Practice 7:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-In Tennis 9:00am
Players Club -Play Anything 9:00am
Paper Crafts & More 9:30am
Contract Bridge 1:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Tx Hold Em Poker Trn (1st & 3rd Tue) 5:30pm
Omaha Poker (2nd,4th,5th Tue) 5:30am
Ponytail Canasta 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Wood Carving Class 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Men’s Doubles Tennis 9:00am
Crafty Scrappers 9:00am
Players Club -Open Play 9:00am
Mah Jongg Marathon (2nd) 9am-4:00pm
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Texas Hold’Em Poker 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Ladies’ Doubles Drop-In Tennis 1:30pm
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 2:00pm
Single Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Men’s Doubles Tennis Ladder 9:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Contract Bridge 9:00am
Quilting Bees 9:00am
FAB’s Luncheon 11:30am
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Bunco 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Swimmers Club Practice 7:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-in Tennis 9:00am
Fine Arts 9:00am
Beginner Bridge/Mah Jongg 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Duplicate Bridge 12:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 5:00pm
Partners Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm

Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 Tennis 8:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 12:00pm
Couples Contract Bridge 6:00pm
Pickleball 6:30pm






Chartered Club Activities

Mah Jongg 1:00pm
Bocce Ball 2:00pm
Double Deck Pinochle 6:30pm

Chartered Club News
Sun City Festival actively promotes over 30 Chartered Clubs managed
by residents who passionately share a variety of similar interests.
A separate listing introducing each club, a brief description about
each, and contact information is available at Member Services and
online at under Community Newsletters
as well as under the Clubs & Interest Groups sections.
Below are a few upcoming club activities and/or events. All Sun City
Festival residents are encouraged to participate in any or all clubs.
Learn more about club opportunities by visiting the community
website under the Clubs & Interest Groups section.
Wood Shop & Craft Studios Facility Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7 am - 9 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm

Festival Bytes Computer Club
Hosts Summer Workshops
Festival Bytes Computer Club will
continue to host free summer
workshops August 10 & 24th at
3 pm in the ASU Classroom of the Sage
Recreation Center. These will be the
last batch of workshops offered for the
Summer workshops are free and open to all Sun City Festival residents. This is a good time to get to know each other and give and
recieve some one-on-one computer help. New computer users and
seasoned veteran users are welcome. Bring your laptops, tablets,
smartphones, etc. and check us out.
Starting this fall, you will be required to becomea a member to attend
these sessions.
More information is available on our website:



Sun City Festival Community Association


Fitness DOs & DON’Ts

by Chuck Eier, M.S. C.S.C.S.,
Fitness/Wellness Director

• Exercise if you are feeling ill with symptoms such as fever, sore throat, or nausea.
• Continue to exercise if you feel lightheaded, diizzy or faint.
• Wear pants or shorts with belt loops or belts while using fitness equipment.

Flow Yoga 8:45 am
Pilates 8:45 am (ballroom)
Body Sculpting & Balance 10:00 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
ZUMBA 11:00 am
Interval Blast 12:00 pm


S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Yoga 5:30 pm


• Subscribe to the belief of “no pain, no gain.”

Body Sculpting & Balance 8:00 am
Flow Yoga 8:45 am (ballroom)
ZUMBA 9:00 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Pilates 10:15 am (ballroom)
T’ai Chi (sign up only) 10:15 am

• Leave personal belongings in locker room lockers when you are not using the facility.


• Leave personal belongings laying on or around exercise equipment that
you are not using.
• Sit idle on weight equipment and converse with others.

• Get a check-up from your physician when starting any exercise program.

S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Equipment Orientation 3:00 pm
Yoga 5:30 pm

• Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise.



• Wear loose-fitting, moisture-wicking clothing during exercise.

Flow Yoga 8:00 am
Pilates 8:00 am (ballroom)
Body Sculpting & Balance 9:15 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
ZUMBA 10:15 am
Dance Movement 11:15 am
(sign up only)

• Wear supportive, good-condition, fully-closed athletic shoes.


• Perform cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise at least three times per week.
• Use your resident ID card when entering the Sage Center, and to check in at
the fitness desk at all times.
• Store duffel bags, purses, coats and other items either in lockers or storage area.

• Start slowly and increase gradually if you don’t exercise regularly.
• Perform resistance exercise (weight training) two to three times per week
and rest the days in between.

HIIT 8:15 am
Interval Blast 9:30 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
* Most classes have a $2 or $4 fee

• Use antiseptic wipes on all equipment after using it.
• Be considerate of others in the fitness center by being aware of your behavior
and manners.
• Check in and sign-up early for group exercise classes.
• Ask for help if you’re unsure how to safely operate a piece of fitness equipment.
• Have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.
• Have your cholesterol checked yearly.
• Make sure your aerobic exercise is at an effort level that allows you to speak in
short sentences with a “breathy” conversation.
• Shower prior to entering the pool.


Free Blood Pressure Screenings
Aug 7 at 2 pm & Aug 17 at 9 am (in Fitness Center)

Massage Therapy: 1-hr $60,
90-Minutes $90
Fitness Assessment: Complete Fitness
Assessment with a personal exercise
program including one lesson = $40
Equipment Orientation: Free
60-minute group session on effective and
safe exercise with demonstrations.
Personal Training: One-on-one personal
training session $35/hr

Dining Hours:

Sat & Sun 8 am - 8 pm
Mon- Fri 11 am - 8 pm
Breakfast: Sat 8 am - 11 pm; Sun 8 am - 12 pm
Happy Hour: Daily 3 pm - 6 pm
live entertainment

Like Minds
August 7

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Wine &Dine


Tuesday, August 25
Wine Tasting Begins at 4 pm

Enjoy an Array of Fine Wines to Taste,
Imported & Domestic Cheese Plate,
Bread, Crackers & Seasonal Fruit

Three-Course Dinner Begins at 5 pm

Appetizer: Crab Stuffed Cucumber
Main Course: Cabernet Braised Short Rib, Creamy Polenta,

Roasted Carrott & Brussel Sprouts
Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake

$28.00 Inclusive

Reservations Required, Call 928-252-6445 ext 209

August 15

4:00 - 6:00 pm

B ob M ar ot ta
& F ri en ds
August 21

4:00 - 600 pm

Monday & Friday Golf Clinics

Horse Race / Shootout

Thursday, Aug. 6 & Aug. 20 at 5:00 PM
Cost: $5 per person
This event is a great time! It’s almost full contact
golf as your competitors egg you on, sometimes in
your backswing. Two-person teams alternate their
shots while the high-scoring teams are eliminated
on each hole until there are only three teams left.
Out of those three teams, we will award a “Win”
(1st Place), “Place” (2nd Place), and a “Show” (3rd
Place). Serious golfers should leave their sensitive
side at home for this event; we like to have fun!

Clinics are from 9 - 10 am and cost $15.
Space is limited so sign up early.
For more information or to sign up,
please call or visit the Golf Shop.

Golf Skills Challenge

Only $5 per person
Bunker Challenge: Monday, Aug. 10 @ 5:00 pm
Pool Challenge: Monday, Aug. 24 @ 5:00 pm
This skills challenge will be contested on the driving range
and feature one skills challenge at a time. Skills will
include: Putting, Chipping, Pitch Shots, Flop Shots, Bunker
Shots, Straightest Drives, etc. There will be a winner for
each skill as well as an overall winner for the series of
skills. Let’s call it Big Break Copper Canyon!
Participants do not need to compete in each event but the
more events the better the chance at winning the overall

Peg ‘N Keg

Monday, Aug. 17 at 4:00 PM
Only $5 per person
This putting contest is a favorite
among our residents. Test your putting
skills on our ever changing 9-hole course
and quench your thirst by sharing a keg of beer.


Marketplace Partners
Contact Lisa at or 928-252-2133 for more information, or to advertise
on our Business Listings posted on the community website at

Contact Information
Brad Lundmark
Community Manager
Community Standards
Pat Cassidy
Facilities Director
Tracy Citrano
Lifestyle Director
Chuck Eier
Fitness & Wellness
Lisa Annett
George Jeffers, Ed. D.
Lifelong Learning Coord.
Caring Neighbors
Copper Canyon Golf Club/
Indigo Grille
Sales Center
Del Webb Customer Service

Sage Recreation Center
Fax: 928-252-2102

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday
7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Wood Shop & Craft Studios

Monday - Saturday
7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm