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presented by
Central Illinois #1 Senior Care Insurers

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I Hotel and Conference Center

1900 S. First St., Champaign, IL 61820
Exhibits, giveaways and much more! Free admission & free parking.



I Hotel and Conference Center

1900 S. First St., Champaign, IL 61820
Tel. 217-819-5000

Expo Contact: Gary Shaw

Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD
Tel. 800-373-7505

Become an Exhibitor
You can reach baby boomers and seniors throughout Central Illinois by participating in the 2015
Champaign County Senior Lifestyle Expo to be held on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 from 9:00 AM to
3:00 PM. Reserving a booth at the Champaign County Senior Lifestyle Expo can connect you with
this large senior market.
Along with well recognized event co-sponsors, the Expo is presented by the Illiana Insurance
Agency with more than 35 years of experience providing senior market insurance solutions
throughout Illinois and Indiana. Illiana continues to provide a vast array of products and services
to meet the needs of an ever changing marketplace for senior health insurance and other retirement
The I Hotel and Conference Center provides the perfect venue to present your business to this
population. Located across from the State Farm Center, the Conference Center is centrally located
with a large parking area and convenient access to conference rooms. Additionally, extensive preevent publicity will be conducted utilizing TV, Radio, and Newspaper advertising.
Our prospective vendors will represent a wide range of industries including travel, dining, health,
hobby, housing, and entertainment. Exhibitors may offer free promotional items or a prize drawing
at your booth.
Reserve your booth now to make sure your business is represented. Simply complete the enclosed
Exhibitor Application Agreement along with the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations form; and then
submit both signed agreements with payment to the Illiana Insurance Agency, PO Box 409, Philo,
Illinois 61864. Reservations are made based on availability when payment is received with the
agreement forms.
Please note that a $20 discount applies to your booth fees if paid PRIOR to September 1, 2015.
Thank you,
Gary Shaw, Expo Contact
Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD
Tel. 800-373-7505


Illinois Ballrooms A, B, C, Humanities,

Knowledge, and Innovation room areas.



I Hotel and Conference Center

1900 S. First St., Champaign, IL 61820
Tel. 217-819-5000

Expo Contact: Gary Shaw

Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD
Tel. 800-373-7505


Company Name: ______________________________________Description of Services_____________________
Address: _______________________________________City_____________________State________Zip______
Phone: ____________________________Alternate Phone_______________________Fax:__________________
Exhibitor Representatives for Expo:_______________________________________________________________
E-Mail_____________________________________________Website Address____________________________
EXHIBITOR FEES: Exhibit spaces are approximately 8 x 8 and include a 6 draped table, two chairs and a booth table
sign. Booth assignment will be subject to availability at the time payment is received together with the Exhibitor
Application and the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations Agreement form.
Exhibitor Premier Booth - perimeter wall area........................................................................................$375
Exhibitor Standard Booth - interior room area .........$300
Electricity needed in booth add $25 charge.$25
Exhibitor Fees Total ________________________________________

____ $__________

*A $20 discount applies if payment and agreement forms are received PRIOR to September 1, 2015
I would like to offer:

_____Door Prizes at booth (valued at $10 or more)

______Health Screening


The sale of any food or consumable item or beverage at vendor booths is prohibited. However, free samples and
coupons may be distributed. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or distributed for sale or as a free sample.
PAYMENT: I understand by providing my signature below that I am authorized and hereby give consent for the
company to be bound by this contract for the fees indicated above, and for the attached Exhibitor Rules and
Regulations. Additionally, my signature provides consent for the company to receive Faxes and/or emails sent by
or on behalf of Expo Management.
Authorized Signature_________________________________________Title______________________________
Printed Name__________________________________________Date___________________________________
To reserve your space at the Champaign County Senior Lifestyle Expo, please complete this form and the Exhibitor
Rules and Regulations Agreement and submit both forms with check payable to Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD at:
Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD
PO Box 409, 113 W. Washington St.
Philo, IL 61864
(Exhibitors and Sponsors Please read this agreement carefully and retain a copy for your files)


Exhibitors are subject to the following rules and regulations
which govern the use of exhibit space at the Champaign
County Senior Lifestyle Expo, held at the I Hotel Conference
Center, 1900 S. First St, Champaign, IL 61820, on Tuesday,
October 6, 2015. Show Management herein refers to: Illiana
Insurance Agency LTD, and its Agents, Representatives,
Employees, Sponsors, and Promoters.
consist of approximately an 8 foot x 8 foot space, with one six
foot draped table and two chairs. For an additional fee,
electricity will be provided to your booth.
Tentative set up hours will be:
Monday, October 5, 2015 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Exhibit hours will be:
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 9:00 AM 3:00 PM
After the Expo has ended, all materials must be removed from
the exhibit room by 6:00 PM, on October 6, 2015. Nothing
shall be posted, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to the
columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building or
furniture. Anything necessary or proper for the protection of
the building, equipment or furniture therein, will be at the
expense of the exhibitor.
CONTRACT FOR SPACE Exhibit spaces are sold based on
achieving a variety of vendors. There is no vendor exclusivity.
The signed contract and formal notice of space assignment
constitutes the complete agreement for the right to use the
allotted space. In the event of fire, strike or other
circumstances beyond the control of Show Management, the
contract shall not be binding. Show Management, reserves the
right to cancel any contract that violates the Exhibitor Rules
and Regulations. Show Management, is not responsible for
exhibitor sales performance. All disputes and matters arising
under, in connection with or incident to this Agreement, shall
be litigated, if at all, in and before a court in the State of
Illinois, to the exclusion of the courts of any other state or

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kept clear and all merchandise confined to the perimeter of

your booth. Advertising material may be distributed only
within the space assigned to the exhibitor presenting such
material. Exhibitor is responsible for all sales tax reporting and
obligations. Show Management retains the privilege of
changing booth locations or amending the floor plan on site. If
exhibition space is not occupied by 8:30 AM on the day of the
Expo, such space may be possessed by Show Management for
such purposes as it may see fit.
RESTRICTIONS Show Management reserves the right to
restrict exhibits that, because of hotel regulations, noise,
methods of operation, or for any reason, become
objectionable. Live or recorded music is not allowed.
Exhibitors are not to use the logo, the initials or the name of
the Expo on any merchandise or display materials. No
photography or videotaping will be permitted anywhere
except by Show Management. Show Management reserves
the right to use photographs taken at the event for
promotional or news release purposes. Direct retail sales of
food items are prohibited at the Expo. However, Exhibitors
may distribute free samples, coupons, souvenirs, publications,
sales literature, or other promotional items. No alcoholic
beverages may be sold or provided as a free sample. Exhibitor
agrees to comply with the I Hotel and Conference Center rules
and regulations and as well as any Local, State, or Federal laws
and regulations.
LIABILITY Show Management will not be responsible for any
injury or loss of property from any cause whatsoever; prior,
during or subsequent to the period covered by the exhibit
contract. This includes the period of storage prior to and
following the Expo. The exhibitor, on signing the contract,
releases the Show Management from any and all claims for
such loss, damage or injury. Exhibitor shall be solely
responsible to its own agents and employees, and to all third
persons, including invitees and the public for all claims,
liabilities, actions, costs, damages, and expenses arising out of
or relating to the custody, possession, operation,
maintenance, or control of said leased space or exhibit, or
negligence or otherwise relating thereto. Exhibitor does
hereby indemnify and hold harmless Show Management
against any and all such claims asserted against it.

CANCELLATION OF SPACE Cancellation on or before

September 6, 2015, will incur a $75 fee. Cancellations after
September 6, 2015, will forfeit the rental fee in its entirety.
If applicable, please allow up to 60 days for your refund to be

SECURITY Please take normal precautions or secure insurance

in order to protect your goods. Show Management cannot
accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any of
Exhibitors materials or displays.

USE OF SPACE All sales activities must be confined to the

limits of the exhibit space. No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or
share the whole or any part of the space allotted without the
knowledge and consent of Show Management. Aisles must be

PHOTOGRAPHY Exhibitors grant permission to Show

Management to use any photograph or photographic image
including video or video stills taken at the Expo in any public
space, grounds, or office at the I Hotel and Conference Center.

Exhibitor and Sponsor Please read this agreement carefully, retain a copy for your files
Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD Tel. 1-800-373-7505



PHOTOGRAPHY... Exhibitors grant Show Management the

irrevocable and unrestricted right and permission to
copyright, in its own name or otherwise, and to use, re-use,
publish and re-publish photographic or video portraits or
pictures of your exhibit in which your guests may be included,
without restriction as to changes or alterations. It may involve
reproductions in color or otherwise that may be made
through any medium, and in any and all media now or
hereafter known. Usage may include illustration, promotion,
art, editorial, advertising, trade, social media, or any other
legal purpose.

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NON-PERFORMANCE Show Management shall not be liable

for non-performance of this agreement when such nonperformance is attributable to labor disputes or strikes;
accidents; government (federal, state and local) regulations or
restrictions upon travel or transportation; non-availability of
food, beverage or supplies; riots; national emergencies; acts
of God; and other causes whether enumerated herein or not,
which are beyond reasonable control of Show Management.
In such event, Show Management shall not be liable for any
damages, whether actual or consequential, which may result
from such non-performance.


Exhibitor hereby authorizes Show Management to use
Exhibitors name in any and all promotions and promotional
materials used by Show Management to promote or advertise
the Expo.
DAMAGES In the event damage is caused by the Exhibitor
during the event to any of the I Hotel and Conference Centers
facilities or property, Show Management and the I Hotel staff
will determine an assessment of the damages and a statement
will be sent to the Exhibitor charging for those damages.
Damages include, but are not limited to, damage caused from
signage/banners hung by nails or tacks in walls.




Please return this signed form to:
Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD
PO Box 409
113 W. Washington St.
Philo, IL 61864

Exhibitor and Sponsor Please read this agreement carefully, retain a copy for your files
Illiana Insurance Agency, LTD Tel. 1-800-373-7505