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Introductory Freedom Guide

Copyright 1993, 1995, by Frederick Mann, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
[Compiled and edited by David T. Freeman, from various other introductory reports and articles.]

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmond

Are you tired of government oppression?

Are you being impoverished by confiscatory taxes?
Would you like to enjoy all the fruit of your labor?
Do you yearn to be free?
Well, keep reading to discover how you can enjoy all the benefits of freedom right now!

Subsections in this report:

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Introduction -- Political Revolution vs. Economic Revolution -- Building Freedom

What Is Freedom Technology? -- Freedom Technology In Practice
Your Own Mind is Your Most Important Freedom Resource -- There are two fundamentally
different approaches to freedom
A Brief Summary of Our Strategy
The Three Economic Sectors -- The Power of the Public Sector -- Introduction to Free
Basic Principles For Civilization
The Power of Information
The Free Enterprise Shift -- Examples of The Free Enterprise Shift
Notes on Personal Power -- The Spooner-Insight -- The Debilitating Fear of the Tax Collector
The Challenge to Overcome -- Developing Thinking Skills
The Small-Step-Progression Principle -- Abusive Relationships
Values and Results

Many freedom-lovers think there is little or nothing they can do to increase either their personal
freedom or freedom in general. Many have concluded that it is a hopeless task. Their hopelessness has
become so strong that it pervades and colors their perception and thinking.
The current world we live in is a function of the contents of the minds of individual human beings. "My
life" is a function of my mind - to a much greater extent than you might think. "Your life" is a function
of your mind - to a much greater extent than you might think. All kinds of thinkers have said: What the
human mind can conceive, the human being can achieve.
The concept of the Sovereign Individual who lives free despite coercive political systems is relatively
new and extremely powerful. If you live in the trap of believing you can't be free because of the

political system, then you have many pleasant surprises waiting for you. You will be amazed at the
positive options that become available to you as you develop your Personal Power.
Political Revolution vs. Economic Revolution
Peaceful political revolution involves individuals donating money for a campaign. Leaders and
volunteers conduct the campaign to persuade people to vote for the leaders. A shift in money and power
occurs from donors and voters to the leaders. Even if the leaders win, they may be prevented from
taking power through election fraud. If the new leaders do attain power, they may or may not change
the political system according to the wishes of the donors and voters. Even if the leaders change the
system as promised, they may later change it back to the way it was before, or worse. In any case,
donors and voters have to wait for the leaders to change the system, before they can enjoy the benefits.
Our method is a peaceful economic and business revolution. Individuals discover how to practice real
free enterprise (described later) despite the tyrants, politicians, and bureaucrats. Individuals discover
how to reduce or eliminate illegal taxes and corrupt government interference from their lives.
Individuals become freer, wealthier, and more powerful - and inspire others to do the same. This
economic and business revolution increases individual freedom, wealth, and power. It involves a shift
of wealth and power away from tyrants, politicians, and bureaucrats to individuals. Furthermore,
individuals can start reaping the benefits of practical freedom right now!
When you work on changing yourself, the results can be quick and dramatic - which is empowering.
When you work on trying to change a political system, it may take a very long time before there are
any results - which tends to be disempowering. Often the result is frustration, disillusionment, and
depression. Free yourself and become empowered instead!
Building Freedom
The following quote is from a letter by "A Friend of Thomas Paine" published in the June 1993 issue of
The Voluntaryist:
"...I have finally come to the inescapable conclusion that collective declarations,
constitutions, political action and statutory law cannot possibly be a successful means to
achieve freedom. Any of these efforts might be a reasonable attempt to limit tyranny, but
not to build freedom. When people are enslaved, they might do any number of things to
make their lives better or make that tyranny tolerable. But to achieve true freedom (Rose
Wilder Lane: "Freedom is self-control, no more, no less."), humankind has to evolve just
a bit further than where we are now. Social technology based on non-coercive institutions
has to develop to replace the State, and this will not likely happen until such institutions are
obviously better than their State counterparts at satisfying human desires. This judgment
must be made not only by libertarians, voluntaryists and anarchists, but also by the average
person who could[n't] care less about the elegant ideas of freedom we share. In short, the
product (freedom) should work better and be more marketable than it is today. We must
improve the product by building non-coercive organizations to replace coercive ones.
I applaud the efforts of your newsletter... and others who promote the ideas of individual
liberty through education... However, it seems to me that more than just education will be
necessary. Some technology which may not presently exist, combined with the increasingly
obvious inability of the State to provide everything for everybody, will one day allow for a
critical mass of dissenters to successfully implement civil disobedience. Perhaps the
collapse of banks, bond defaults, hyperinflation and/or debt liquidation (deflation) will
make this possible, or perhaps it will have to be more gradual. But I am convinced that it
will happen. Perhaps there just aren't enough freedom lovers yet to bring it about. Perhaps

there are, but they haven't been organized yet...

I have become particularly interested in the idea of creating non-coercive businesses
and other organizations to take over the functions of the State as it proceeds inevitably
down the path toward its own destruction. To me, this offers the most exciting prospect
for the future of freedom... Who is working on building such alternative institutions?
Perhaps those doing the most for tomorrow's freedom are those building businesses in
communications, alternative lifestyles, property protection services, computer software
(especially shareware), and other "cutting edge" activities...
What if someone were to develop an effective, inexpensive personal defensive shield? If
individuals could defend themselves against the aggression of the State without presenting
an offensive threat, the present coercive institutions wouldn't last long..." [emphasis added]
Such a "personal defensive shield" has been developed. It is called Freedom Technology. (described
below). However, you can't just buy the shield and use it. You have to discover who you are. You have
to discover your freedom. You have to shift from being outer-directed to being inner-directed. You have
to practice and develop your freedom. You need to develop the determination to live free, no
matter what!
In this context, freedom is like a brain and a muscle. The brain needs to learn. The muscle needs to
work. You need to actively beat the bureaucrats. Freedom in action! You shift from complaining about
lack of freedom to actually living free. Freedom Technology is something which anyone can learn - and
implement all or part of it to their liking.
What Is Freedom Technology?
Freedom Technology is the practical knowledge, methods, and skills for living free - the street-smart
know-how to outwit freedom-violators ("government" bureaucrats) at every turn.
Freedom Technology makes it possible for us to legally, elegantly, and safely exit coercive government
systems and to live free. By becoming proficient in Freedom Technology, you are able to live free
almost anywhere!
Some aspects of Freedom Technology are:
The practical means to protect yourself, your income and your assets against attacks from
An understanding of the phenomenon we call "freedom."
Understanding and recognising coercion in all its forms; and the ability to escape, avoid, evade,
or otherwise nullify anyone's ability to coerce you. The practical means to defeat coercers.
The discovery of your personal freedom - the realization that you are free and sovereign by
The methods for improving your brain and mind.
The methods for improving thinking skills.
The methods for achieving superhealth (We want freedom lovers to be the healthiest people on
earth - and the longest living. One way to beat the enemy is to outlive him!).
The methods for achieving freedom from illness, psychological and emotional problems, and
The methods to blow away the bogus power of political shysters.
"Freedom" can be described as the positive options practically available to you. Such options include:

physical survival; the ability to think; the ability to communicate; the ability to travel; the ability to
enjoy work and play; the ability to own and utilize property. Freedom is affected by personal factors
and external factors. Personal factors are those you have a great deal of control over, like your mind,
body, health, fitness, and happiness. External factors are those you have little control over: the laws of
physics; the weather; the political system; the police.
An important theme of Freedom Technology is that you primarily focus your attention on improving
personal factors so as to maximize your personal freedom, power, and wealth. It's much easier to
change yourself than to change others.
You also learn to minimize the negative effects the political system and their accomplices (such as
police) have on you. By improving yourself and being involved with a network of like-minded people,
you can greatly reduce the extent to which the political system and police limit the positive options
available to you. (Nevertheless, some people have developed and applied the freedom technology to
prosecute and obtain restitution from political individuals and agencies who fraudulently and illegally
violate their persons, property, or freedom.)
Freedom Technology In Practice
"Freedom Technology sounds good in theory, but does it work in practice?" you may well ask. Well,
just for a few examples: one person purchased our materials just over two years ago. He effectively
changed his status to that of a Sovereign Individual. He reorganized his business as a Sovereign
Business. In less than two years he increased the assets of his business from $285,000 to over
$12,000,000. He's had attempted attacks by terrocrats (terrorist bureaucrats or coercive government
agents) several times, but has stopped all the attacks so far. (See The Harry Plott Saga I & II.)
Another of our associates has been operating a free-enterprise gold-based bank (not part of the terrocrat
banking establishment) for about 18 years. So far he has successfully dealt with all terrocrat attempts to
interfere with his business.
For some specific examples of practical Freedom Technology information, examine the Practical
Freedom Reports, Manuals, and Documents area.
Operating in the free-enterprise sector can be very profitable. In fact, companies in the free-enterprise
sector (not being oppressively taxed or regulated) enjoy huge competitive advantages in the
marketplace. A free-enterprise explosion has started.
Your Own Mind is Your Most Important Freedom Resource
For those who have not yet discovered that they are free - or for those who are convinced that they are
not free - the biggest barrier to freedom lies in their own minds.
The most important resource that determines your degree of freedom is your own mind. In addition to
the reports, articles and books available here, there are two books you must study if you have not yet
discovered that you are free and you yearn to be free:
a. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne (Avon Books, NY; 1973);
b. The Discovery of Freedom: Man's Struggle Against Authority by Rose Wilder Lane (Arno
Press & The New York Times, NY; 1972 - first published in 1943).
There are two fundamentally different approaches to freedom:
a. Attempt to persuade politicians to change the system in order to give us liberty;
b. Discover that you are free by nature and acquire freedom technology to live free in an unfree
Both approaches involve education. In the first approach people attempt to educate others about the

morality and merits of liberty. In the second approach people educate themselves about the practical
knowledge, methods, and skills (freedom technology) for living free. The two approaches are mutually
enhancing. There are many organizations practicing the first approach, and a few that emphasize the
second. Our organization focuses on the second approach.
An outgrowth of the second approach is the creation of free institutions to serve the needs of the free.
Financial services organizations that enable people to handle their finances without coercive
interference are such institutions. Organizations that teach people how to legally protect their income
and assets against government theft and robbery are other examples.
There is a natural evolution from the first approach to the second. While involved in the first approach
you learn about liberty and how to educate others. After a while you may become dissatisfied with the
results. Then you find out that you don't need to change the system in order to be free. You start
thinking in terms of reorganizing your life to enjoy greater freedom. You discover that you are free by
nature. You may link up with other free people. You may start a real free-enterprise business. We seek
to accelerate this natural evolution.
A major shift in thinking is also involved. People applying the first approach tend to think that liberty is
something given to them by others (politicians changing the system). People applying the second
approach realize that they are free by nature and they develop their resourcefulness to overcome
obstacles to freedom so they can live free in an unfree world. It is a shift in thinking from being outerdirected to being inner directed.
We support all approaches that expand freedom. We believe that our best chances to achieve a free
world come from the combination of a wide range of different freedom-increasing activities circumvent, ignore, criticize, ridicule, weaken, reform, and replace the enemy on many fronts.
We also believe that regardless of the strategy you use, understanding and using Freedom Technology
is still essential and potentially of immense value to everyone. Freedom Technology also includes
having an in-depth understanding of the enemies of freedom. With this knowledge alone, many
freedom-activists could become vastly more effective in their current activities.
A Brief Summary of Our Strategy:
View freedom as a quality inherent in every individual, from where it can spread;
Provide individuals with the practical means to discover and develop their personal freedom,
power, and wealth, so that respect for them as individuals and respect for their property is
Create voluntary alternative institutions based on the principle of respect for individuals and
their property, in areas such as education, privacy & asset protection, currencies & banking,
justice, energy & water utilities, secure communication, etc.;
Bring about a massive shift of resources and economic activities into the real free-enterprise
Encourage people to shift their current businesses into the free enterprise sector, or start up new
free enterprise businesses - The Free Enterprise Shift (described later).
Freedom Technology enables you to legally, elegantly, and safely shift some or all of your
economic activities into the free-enterprise sector. The entrepreneurs who facilitate this shift
will become the millionaires and billionaires of the next century.
Eventually, the free enterprise economy will achieve a "critical mass." At that point, enough
people will be in the free enterprise economy so that fraudulent, coercive, illegitimate political
systems and their perpetrators will become less relevant to them. As the coercive institutions of
the freedom violators continue to worsen and collapse, more people are likely to naturally shift

their economic activities into the free enterprise economy.

Another important theme of our organization is that, in general, we don't fight the system. When you
oppose something or try to reform it, you encounter opposition. Your effort elicits an almost automatic
counter-effort. Our organization does not attempt to change, oppose, reform or overthrow any political
or economic systems. One of our most fundamental principles is that we create what we want, rather
than oppose what we don't like. When you oppose things you tend to give them more power and you
diminish your own power.
We become adept at operating within the system to the extent we choose. We withdraw from the system
to the degree of our choice. We create our own alternative systems. We tell people: "Take a look at our
systems. If you like our systems, come play with us. We'll tell you how to play our systems."
The Three Economic Sectors
We can distinguish three economic sectors: the public sector, the private sector, and the free-market or
free-enterprise sector. The public sector is what the terrocrats (coercive government agents or terrorist
bureaucrats) do. It includes government post offices, government telephone companies, and other
nationalized industries. The public sector consists of coercive monopolies. Anyone who tries to muscle
in on the action is taken care of with violent means.
The private sector consists of privately owned businesses that in general kowtow to the terrocrats. They
pay terrocrat taxes. Some depend on terrocrat contracts and other terrocrat favors such as licensing and
special-interest legislation. Generally, private sector entrepreneurs are in league with terrocrats.
The free-market sector consists of economic activities outside terrocrat control. It is real, true, or pure
free enterprise. Some people call it the "underground economy" or "black market."
Many people conduct some of their activities in the private sector and some in the free-market sector.
Freedom technology enables people to legally and elegantly shift economic activities into the freemarket sector.
The Power of the Public Sector
The public sector is like a parasite that lives off the private sector. Discourse of Voluntary Servitude and
The Constitution of No Authority explain in detail why the power of the public sector is tenuous (fragile
and of little substance). Public-sector terrocrat power is based on lies and private sector victims
believing those lies.
Unwarranted fear (a human failure program) prevents many freedom-lovers from operating in the freemarket sector. My "guesstimate" is that most freedom-lovers overestimate terrocrat power by a factor
of 10 to 100! In other words, they believe the terrocrats are 10 to 100 times as capable of preventing
freedom as they really are.
Many freedom-lovers also tend to underestimate their own potential personal power by a fact of 10 to
100! Freedom technology - the knowledge, methods, and skills for living free - greatly reduces
terrocrat power to prevent freedom. The accomplished freedom-technology practitioner is, of course, a
careful calculator of risk. Learning Freedom Technology is also the means by which you discover your
true potential personal power.
Introduction to Free Enterprise
Many people have been led to believe that the U.S. and other countries in the "free West" are "free
countries" and that their economies are based on "free enterprise" or "capitalism." Nothing could be
further from the truth. Three basic principles characterize capitalism or free enterprise:
a. Private property - the inalienable right to own private property;
b. Voluntary exchange - no transactions forced on anyone;

c. The right to contract - supposedly guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Private property means that individuals own their lives, minds, bodies, the fruit of their labor, and
other property. "Tax" means a demand for money (or product) imposed by an "authority" - an enforced
exaction. It is taking property without permission. "Tax" is a fancy government word for theft. (In the
case of people who voluntarily pay the government, it is more appropriate to call their payments
"voluntary contributions," rather than "taxes.") In a capitalist or free-enterprise country there could be
no taxes.
Under a system of private property, individuals are free to form associations and own property jointly
or in common. For example, a group of individuals could purchase tracts of adjacent land and form a
socialist or communist community. Their system might cause themselves problems. However, if they
didn't try to impose their practices on people outside their community, there would be no outside
interference. Under capitalism people are free to practice socialism or communism on their own.
Voluntary exchange means that individuals decide according to their own judgment whether or not to
engage in transactions. When both parties judge that each will benefit from a transaction, then they
complete the transaction. If either party judges the transaction to not be beneficial to him or her, then
the transaction is declined.
If I point a gun at my neighbor and tell him, "Give me $100 or I'll jail or shoot you," then I'm
committing a form of theft called robbery. This is an enforced exchange. My neighbor has to give me
$100 in exchange for not being jailed or shot. Most people would consider this immoral.
Now, if ten people were to form an association and call themselves a "gang," and point their guns at
their neighbors, and demand $100 from each, most people would still regard this as immoral robbery.
However, if a million people were to form an association and call themselves "government," and point
their guns at their neighbors, demanding $100 from each - then how is this different? Children were
forced into government schools where they were brainwashed with fancy slogans like, "Your duty to
pay taxes," "You must pay your fair share," "Taxes are for the public good," etc. Have you ever
wondered why some taxes are called "duties?"
The third principle of capitalism or free enterprise is the right to contract. In theory this right is
guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 10). In practice it means nothing - like most of
the Constitution as presently "interpreted" by most. The de facto constitution of the U.S. is a phantom
called "Public Policy," which is whatever the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court decide it to
be, from day to day.
If the U.S. Constitution were applied, I would be free to contract with any person of my choice to
provide me with legal services, health services, banking services, etc. I would be free to use whatever I
wanted as money in such contracts. I or anyone would be free to create the currencies of our choice and
contract with others to use them. In a capitalist or free-enterprise country there could be no Federal
Reserve monopoly or FDA medical monopoly.
Free enterprise maximizes wealth. In a free-enterprise system people, by and large, engage in those
transactions which, according to their judgment, are most beneficial to all parties involved in the
transactions. When people are forced into transactions against their will, by using violence or the threat
of violence, it is generally so that the users of violence can gain at the expense of the victims.
Freedom technology is the means that enable you to practice real or true free enterprise in an unfree
world. The reason why you should be very interested in all this is that these are also the basic
principles of a civilized society. These principles made America the wealthiest and most prosperous
nation in the world. The violation of these principles is impoverishing America (and the rest of the

world) and destroying society.

And, from your personal perspective, the more people there are who don't follow these principles, the
more your life, property, and success are at risk. The better you understand these principles and are able
to spread them, the more civilized wealthy, and prosperous society becomes -- and the safer are your
life and property, and the better your chances for long-term success.
Basic Principles For Civilization
[Acknowledgment to those who assisted in the formulation of our code.]
Our code is tentative and preliminary. Your comments and suggestions for improvement will be
1. Free Sovereign Individuals own their own lives, minds, bodies, and labor, and may do with
them anything that doesn't violate the equal rights of others. This principle of individual
sovereignty or self-ownership is the foundation for all legitimate property.
2. Free Sovereign Individuals have the right to own property, which consists of all possessions
acquired without coercing others. They respect the equal right of others to own property, which
forms the basis for productive and cooperative human relationships.
3. No individual, group, or majority has the right to initiate or threaten force, fraud, violence, or
theft against Free Sovereign Individuals or their property.
4. Free Sovereign Individuals have a right to choose whether to communicate or associate with
others. These rights of speech and privacy follow directly from the principle of individual
sovereignty or self-ownership.
5. Free Sovereign Individuals have the right to associate with others and to enter into agreements
and contracts. For a contract between Free Sovereign Individuals to be valid, it needs to be
entered into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally.
6. Free Sovereign Individuals have the right to produce and exchange property, and to own the
products of their labor and thought. No individual, group, or majority has a right to the labor,
ideas, production, or property of a Free Sovereign Individual, or any part thereof, without prior
consent or agreement.
7. Free Sovereign Individuals have the right to defend and protect themselves and their property
against coercive aggression, and to contract with others to assist them. The authority of
voluntarily-chosen agents to defend or protect Individuals and/or their property is strictly
limited to that defense or protection.
8. Free Sovereign Individuals consider a crime to occur only when there is a damaged person or
property. Therefore, there is no such thing as a "victimless crime," and no Free Sovereign
Individual can commit a crime simply by disobeying the arbitrary rules of tyrants or coercive
9. To be legitimate, courts and trials must be based on voluntary association and agreement, rather
than on coercion. However, anyone who infringes on the person or property of another may be
subject to a requirement for restitution by the damaged person.
10.Free Sovereign Individuals recognize that social order and cooperation develop spontaneously
in the absence of coercion. They also recognize that leadership by example and productive
effort is more beneficial than leadership by force, violence, compulsion, or fear.
11.The principles stated in this Code apply to all Free Sovereign Individuals without regard to age,
race, religion, philosophy, background, birthplace, geographic location, gender, or sexual
12.For a right to be valid its exercise may not impose a positive obligation on another; it only
depends on others not taking coercive actions. Free Sovereign Individuals respect the equal
rights of other Individuals, and therefore do not expect others to contribute to their interests,

except through voluntary transactions or contributions.

The Power of Information
In his book Powershift, Alvin Toffler describes how power has shifted from being based on violence to
being based on money to being based on information.
Coercive governments are rooted in violence, and probably largely controlled by money monopolists
behind the scenes. The first weapon used by these monopolists is the perversion of information compulsory state education, control and censorship of the media. Their second weapon is control of the
money system. Their third weapon is violence or its threat - using "alphabet vampires" such as IRS,
CIA, FBI, BATF, FDA, SEC, USDA, AMA, EPA, OSHA, EEOC, etc. to terrorize people into
The free sovereign individual uses superior information to legally, elegantly, and safely exit the systems
of the alphabet vampires (in America as well as the rest of the world). We seek to bring about an
explosion in the dissemination of this information (freedom technology). You can assist in this
endeavour by learning, developing, and disseminating our "secret weapon", which is Freedom
Technology. (We also need to rapidly expand private currency and financial systems.)
Money-and-violence-monopoly political and economic systems are gradually collapsing, because they
depend on misinformation. As Nietzsche said, "Everything the state says is a lie, and everything it has
it has stolen." Advancing information technology renders inherently corrupt and violence-based
political systems obsolete.
The Free Enterprise Shift
In Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, John Galt said in his radio address:
"If you find a chance to vanish into some wilderness out of their [i.e. the terrocrat's] reach...
build a productive life of your own with those who accept your moral code and are willing
to struggle for a human existence. ...[R]aise a standard to which the honest people will
repair: the standard of Life and Reason. Act as a rational being and aim at becoming a
rallying point for all those who are starved for a voice of integrity - act on your rational
"...Such is the future you are capable of winning. It requires a struggle; so does any human
value. All life is purposeful struggle, and your only choice is the choice of a goal."
The Free Enterprise Shift has the following elements:
1. Choose the goal to live free to the maximum degree practically possible;
2. Inform yourself of the knowledge, methods, and skills for achieving the maximum degree of
freedom (freedom technology);
3. Increase your personal power (primarily through knowledge and developing your thinking
4. Create a personal support network containing people with expert knowledge in areas where you
might need support (this step may or may not be necessary, depending upon your own
knowledge and confidence.);
5. Decide where you want to live and work or run your business (could be almost anywhere in the
6. Implement the appropriate aspects of freedom technology to achieve maximum freedom;
7. Inspire others to do the same.
The idea behind the Galt's Gulch proposed by Ayn Rand is that a group of producers move away into

some wilderness and start their own civilization in accordance with their own moral code and values.
The difference between Galt's Gulch and the free enterprise shift is that you don't have to "vanish into
some wilderness." (Nor do you have to try the other method which some have tried, which is to buy or
lease some "territory" from a "government", upon which to build your free city.)
Most people can achieve a high degree of freedom right where they are now. It requires a change in
attitude (the determination to live free), education (learning freedom technology), creating a support
network (to access experts in freedom technology), and a change in action (implementing freedom
technology). It involves a withdrawal - to whatever degree is appropriate for you - from the statist
slave-economy. With the free enterprise shift, you can effectively move out of the reach of terrocrats,
while staying right where you are. You inspire others to do the same, because the more people who
shift into the free market, the stronger you and your associates become, and the weaker the terrocrats
Examples of The Free Enterprise Shift
The most basic example of the free enterprise shift is to practice an occupation which enables you to be
paid in cash: Babysitter, Groundskeeper, Landscaper, Gardener, Plumber, Elecrician, Carpenter,
Language Teacher, Music Teacher, Private Tutor, Mechanic, Handyman, TV/VCR Technician, Carpet
Cleaner, Janitor, Flea Market Operator, Garage Sale Entrepreneur, Professional Gambler, Mail-Order
Entrepreneur, etc. There are thousands of activities that can be started as hobbies and turned into true
free enterprise businesses.
One of the highest priorities is to become financially independent so you can easily shift your economic
activities into the free enterprise economy.
You may also want to set up a Trust to increase your privacy and safeguard your assets. And you could
find out how to use bank accounts without compromising your privacy. Following are some examples
of how others might implement the free enterprise shift:
Independent Consultant (computer and other professionals)
Create an entity (trust or foreign company) that is invisible to or beyond the jurisdiction of local
Work on a contract basis - contract between your entity and the client company - you are not an
independent contractor to the client company; the entity you manage provides services to the
client company.
Create other entities, if necessary, to receive income and manage assets.
Reduce or eliminate assets held in personal name.
Greatly reduce or eliminate interaction with terrocrats.
Business Owner (Some Employees Freedom-Oriented, Some Not)
Create an entity that is invisible to or beyond the jurisdiction of local terrocrats. Multiple
entities may be necessary.
Freedom-oriented employees become independent consultants as above.
Utilize a personnel leasing company to employ slave-oriented employees.
Reduce or eliminate assets held in personal name.
Greatly reduce or eliminate interaction with terrocrats.
Doctor's Practice
Create five entities:
1. Owns practice property and equipment;

2. Provides services (no assets, no income);

3. Manages practice; handles income and expenses;
4. Owns vehicles;
5. Owns home.
Freedom-oriented employees become independent consultants as above.
Utilize a personnel leasing company to employ slave-oriented employees.
Reduce or eliminate liability insurance - entity 2 has no assets, therefore essentially judgmentproof.
Reduce or eliminate assets held in personal name.
Greatly reduce or eliminate interaction with terrocrats.

Statist Corporation Employee (Applies to 50 American States)

Legally change status to non-taxpayer;

Legally stop company withholding part of earnings;
Create an entity that is invisible to or beyond the jurisdiction of local terrocrats - owns assets.
Reduce or eliminate assets held in personal name.
Greatly reduce or eliminate interaction with terrocrats.

Private Currency Financial Services Organization

Create an entity that is invisible to or beyond the jurisdiction of local terrocrats - owns assets.
Create a second entity that provides services.
Create a third entity that has bank account in "regular" statist bank - to handle interface with
"regular" statist banking system.
Arrange appropriate bonding and private deposit insurance.
Immortalist / Cryonicist
Create an immortal entity that is invisible to or beyond the jurisdiction of local terrocrats.
Arrange perpetuity of entity and ownership by entity of assets to be managed in accordance
with instructions of Immortalist / Cryonicist.
Entity replaces will.
Entity eliminates probate, death taxes, and estate taxes.
Reduce or eliminate assets held in personal name.
Permanent Tourist
Arrange your affairs so you have no taxable income or assets in your "official domicile."
Implement recommendations of Scope International Ltd.
In most countries of the world, freedom-lovers can use variations of the above to live, work, and/or
operate businesses, relatively free from terrocrats. I have personally used these methods to live free for
nearly 20 years in several countries. My interaction with terrocrats has been minimal. For example,
during over five years in the U.S.A. I have suffered only two incidents of direct coercion. I was stopped
by cops twice while travelling, once for "looking suspicious" in Las Vegas, once for allegedly speeding
in Scottsdale. On both occasions the cops let me go after a few minutes. Generally, the only type of
coercion I have suffered from is being charged sales tax when I purchase items.
In general, the freedom-lover who practices freedom technology judiciously is far less at risk from
coercion than the "obedient slave" who toes the terrocrat line.
Notes on Personal Power

The key factor that determines the extent to which you will implement the free enterprise shift is your
personal power. See Report #10: How To Achieve and Increase Personal Power. In order to increase
your personal power it may be useful to examine the evolution of personal power.
Consider how much power an individual had before humans learned to utilize fire, before the bow and
arrow were invented, before agriculture was practiced, before the horse and ox were domesticated,
before the wheel was invented, before reading and writing?
Then consider how much power an individual had 150 years ago: no cars, no telephones, no radio, no
TV, no planes, no copy machines, no computers.
Now consider how much power an individual has today. I can walk into a building and collect a week's
food in exchange for a few pieces of paper. I can pick up my phone and speak to someone on the other
side of the world. I can travel to almost any city in the world in less than 24 hours. I can write things on
my computer and send them to thousands of others by pressing a few buttons. A group of individuals
can build a huge dam or fly a man to the moon.
But also consider how much power an individual might have 10 years from now. By then individuals
will probably have largely overcome death, and will be able to extend their lives almost indefinitely.
There will probably be several space colonies. A group of individuals will probably be able to
"terraform" Venus so it becomes suitable for human habitation. Space migration to the planetary
systems of other suns may have become a reality.
We have developed technologies that provide individuals or groups of individuals with awesome
powers. The rate of increase of human technological power will probably continue to accelerate.
What distinguishes humans from other animals, what provides us with our phenomenal evolution of
personal power, is our increasing use of tools. We can think of a "tool" as anything we use to increase
our personal power. In this wide context, everything we build or manufacture and all our economic,
social, and political institutions are tools. We can create the tools to achieve practically everything we
can imagine or conceive.
So why do we suffer from petty pathetic little problems like crime, drug addiction, depression, suicide,
rape, child abuse, murder, terrorism, government, state education, brainwashing, war, monopolies,
inflation, poverty, homelessness, pollution, famine, etc., etc., etc.? Why do conscious humans with the
ability to reason indulge in such idiocies?
Could the reason be that many of our economic, social, and political systems have been knowingly or
unknowingly designed to destroy personal power? Coercion is essentially the overwhelming of the will
of another. Coercion destroys personal power.
Or could the reason be that our minds are all fouled up? Could our minds be so full of human failure
programs that no matter how hard we try to solve the petty pathetic little problems, we just go around
in circles? Could it be that previously, almost everyone who has attempted to straighten things out has
really attempted to do so from within the old unworkable economic, social, and political systems?
Our parents, teachers, preachers, psychologists, politicians, writers, and journalists have so filled our
heads with human failure programs that no matter what we try, we get dragged back into the old
unworkable systems. These human failure programs stem from all the times we were told: "No!,"
"Stop!," "You can't do that!," "You'll hurt yourself!," "You're a naughty child!," "It's against the law!,"
"You must share your toys!," etc., etc., etc. What if "government" is no more than a grown-up version
of these infantile human failure programs, clothed in rhetoric and legalese?
Our organization is a complete jump out of the old unworkable systems. I declare my self-ownership,
my individual sovereignty, my freedom. I declare that I'm not subject to the stupid rules of the old

unworkable systems. I find creative ways of living my life accordingly. I tell people it is futile to try to
oppose or change the old unworkable systems. Just jump out of the old system, join me, and let us
create a new system. If our system works, people will soon flock to it.
To the extent that I submit to the coercion of the old system, I perpetuate it. By paying unnecessary
taxes I finance the old unworkable system. And what do I achieve when I vote? What would happen if
nobody voted? When I vote, do I express my personal power, or do I relinquish it?
The power of the old system is based on lies and naive victims believing those lies. Paradoxically,
opposing or trying to change the old system tends to reinforce its power. We are now entering the realm
of advanced freedom technology. The old system in its entirety is really a fraud and a hoax. It is really a
nothing that pretends to be a something. If you try to oppose or change it, you are reinforcing the false
belief that it is a something. You are, in fact, making a something out of a nothing.
This will become clearer once you have read Discourse of Voluntary Servitude and The Constitution of
No Authority.
The Spooner-Insight
Difficult as it may be to grasp, the British Empire was always a nothing. Gandhi subconsciously
realized this, and it enabled him to drive the British out of India. Gandhi the individual was superior to
the nothing British Empire. The "powers" that maintained the Berlin wall were really a nothing all
along. When enough people stopped regarding the nothing as a something, nothing could (not) keep the
Berlin Wall standing. The Soviet Empire was a nothing all along. When enough people lost their
respect for it, it collapsed overnight. One day, seemingly, there was a Soviet Empire. The next day there
was nothing. The reason that the transition from a "seeming something" to a nothing was so quick and
complete is that the "seeming something" was really a nothing all along. The "seeming something"
endured only as long as it did because naive people believed in it.
Lysander Spooner was a lawyer and a freedom fighter who lived during the 19th Century. He used
impeccable and irrefutable logic to demonstrate that the political institutions of his time were really
nothings. I call this the "Spooner-insight."
For us to grasp the Spooner-insight is extremely difficult. From earliest childhood, at school, constantly
by the press, radio, and TV, we are brainwashed with messages to convince us that our political
institutions are somethings. We are all so brainwashed that even for our most ardent freedom-lovers the
Spooner-insight is difficult to grasp. Once you have studied Discourse of Voluntary Servitude and The
Constitution of No Authority, you may grasp the Spooner-insight more easily.
The Debilitating Fear of the Tax Collector
For thousands of years the perpetrators of nothing political systems have used tax collectors to terrorize
their victims and to brainwash them into believing that their systems were somethings. That is why you
are informed by the press, radio, and TV about people whose property is confiscated and auctioned off
by the tax collector, people who burn their houses rather than let the tax collector seize them, people
who are jailed by the tax collector, and people who commit suicide because of being terrorized by the
tax collector.
To implement the free enterprise shift, you may have to overcome your fear of the tax collector. Many
freedom-oriented people suffer from a debilitating fear of the tax collector. As a result they think and
talk freedom, but they live slavery. They finance their slave-master.
In the U.S.A. we are fortunate that practically everything the tax collector does is unconstitutional,
illegal, and fraudulent. Methods with a high degree of workability have been developed to defeat the
tax-thief. You may occasionally hear of the "tax protestor" (usually a blunderer) who is jailed, but the
IRS (Internal Revenue Service) doesn't tell you as loudly about the tens of millions who don't submit to

their theft and robbery and get away with it.

As an informed individual, your chances of beating them are very high. Tax attorney Donald W.
MacPherson (Tax Fraud & Evasion: The War Stories) calculates the chances of an individual being
prosecuted in any given year being about 1 in 70,000; and the chances of being jailed at 1 in 146,000.
As a general rule, the IRS goes after the "easy pickings." In reality you don't deal with the "IRS
monster," but with individual bureaucrats - often not the most competent individuals. Once you know
the major weaknesses of the IRS - the soft belly of the monster - you have little to fear. To the informed
individual the IRS really is a paper tiger. Inform yourself by reading the Tax-Reports.
Whatever country you live in, you can use variations of the free enterprise shift, as described in this
report, to beat the tax collector with little risk, and to live as free as you wish.
The Challenge to Overcome
There are three basic reasons why freedom-lovers don't live free:
1. Unfamiliarity with freedom technology;
2. Psychological and emotional weaknesses such as fear;
3. Deficiency in thinking skills.
The first reason is simply a lack of practical knowledge. The answer is to inform yourself, educate
yourself. You have to take total responsibility for your knowledge. You have to study the information
available here and perhaps more. Don't expect freedom to be given to you on a silver platter.
The second reason constitutes human failure programs. The answer is increasing personal power replacing human failure programs with human success programs. You may want to study Report #12:
How to Achieve Emotional Control.
Government is not the problem here. Paradoxically, the worse government becomes, the better! The
higher their taxes, property seizures, and other violations, the more attractive freedom technology
becomes as an alternative.
The problem is human ignorance, fear, and weakness. The solution is to get freedom technology into
people's heads. But how do we do that? I can only get freedom technology into my head. I can change
myself, but I can't change anyone else. They have to change themselves. But I can make freedom
technology available to people.
America represents the world's greatest freedom resource because of these reasons:
1. The U.S.A. has a relatively freedom-oriented constitution.
2. Most actions taken by government at all levels are unconstitutional, illegal, and fraudulent.
3. Advanced freedom technology has been developed whereby practically anyone can legally and
elegantly exit coercive government systems with little or no risk.
4. Advanced freedom technology is being developed to take the offensive against corrupt
5. The number of people willing to exit coercive government systems - and take the offensive
against corrupt terrocrats, if necessary - is growing rapidly.
6. We have the communication media to spread the word.
Developing Thinking Skills
The third reason is that most people are severely deficient in many thinking skills. People who can't
think soundly about a particular area or topic, tend to get bogged down in strategies, tactics, and
activities that just don't work; producing very limited or even negative results. They tend to become
disillusioned, despairing, and hopeless. Freedom-lovers who lack thinking skills find it difficult to learn
practical freedom. We have to teach both thinking skills and practical freedom.

Many people are so deficient in thinking skills that they don't even know that there is a subject called
"Thinking Skills." Recently I met with an author who claimed he had "discovered the secret of the
cosmos," as well as the "single cause" of and the "single solution" to all human problems. He claimed
that to implement his "solution" people had to develop "accelerated thought."
I said to him that for people to develop "accelerated thought" they would have to systematically learn
thinking skills. He gave me a blank look and said, "There's no need to teach people to think. They just
do things, think about what they do, and from that they learn how to think!"
Imagine that someone has two weapons: thought and force. Imagine further that when confronted with
a problem or obstacle, a person will first attempt to use thought. If his or her thought doesn't work, the
person may resort to force.
Terrocrats can get by with minimal thought, because they can always fall back on force when their
thought fails. To succeed, freedom-lovers have to develop their thinking skills to a level that enables
them to overcome both the thought and the force of the terrocrats.
The development of thinking skills is covered in many other Reports. If the quality and range of your
thinking skills are deficient, you will suffer coercion. As long as people can't think, they will substitute
coercion or force for thought. This also tells us that for there to be a "critical mass" of freedom oriented
people who live freely, a significant portion of the population of earth will have to learn thinking skills.
The main thrust of our efforts have to shift to teaching people thinking skills.
Maybe, the main reason why all efforts up to now to teach freedom have met with limited results is that
people can't learn freedom if they can't think. Before we can teach freedom, we have to teach people
how to think. And we have to start with ourselves.
The Small-Step-Progression Principle
For you as an individual, the prospect of developing into a free sovereign individual operating in the
free-enterprise sector might seem quite unattainable - too big a jump to even contemplate. However,
you don't have to make one big jump; you can successively take small steps. The first step might be to
make the decision to get going. A second step might be the decision to follow through, to persevere, to
persist. A third step might be the decision to make a sustained conscious effort to work on your
personal development. (If you don't know where to start, take a look at any personal difficulties or
problems you experience in life or from terrocrats at the IRS ("Tax Office").) Don't just think about it do it!
It's Not All-or-Nothing
You don't have to suddenly switch from one extreme to another. You can do it in stages. You can
compartmentalize your life and affairs so your assets, earnings, and economic activities are partially in
the private (or even public!) sector and partially in the free-enterprise sector.
Abusive Relationships
With freedom comes awareness of choice and responsibility. If you're in a relationship with a spouse
who abuses you, the best solution in most cases is to break off the relationship and leave that person. If
you harbor fantasies about changing that person so he or she will stop abusing you, the most likely
outcome is that you'll continue being the victim of abuse. In any case, it's useful to recognize that if
you're in an abusive relationship, it's your choice that keeps you in that relationship, and you're
responsible for the consequences.
Now consider the possibility that, similarly, if you're in an abusive relationship with terrocrats, that, at
least to some extent, it's your choice to be in that relationship. And if you finance terrocrats in order to
give them the wherewithal to abuse you, that's also your choice. If you harbor fantasies about changing
the terrocrats so they'll stop abusing you, you may be living in a fool's paradise! As long as there are

supine victims, kowtowing to terrocrats and willingly financing them, the abuse will continue. Don't
just think about it - do something about it!
Values and Results
New-age people like to say: "If you continue to do what you did, you will continue to get what you
got." I propose a corollary: "If you continue to value what you used to value, you will continue to get
what you got." I invite you to consider the following pairs of values and activities:
Failure Programs
Status Quo
I Know
Do Same Thing
Give Me Liberty
Call them "Government"
Respect for "Authority"
Being Right
Symbolic Behavior
Big Cause
Vicarious Pleasure
External Authority
Old Programs

Success Programs
I Learn
Continuous Improvement
Effective Action
I Seize My Freedom
Call them "Terrocrats"
Producing Results
Substantive Action
Achievement and Profit
Creating Value
Action Pleasure
Individual Sovereignty
New Programs

If you have been actively promoting freedom, I invite you to examine your actions in the light of the
above pairs of values and activities. Read them several times. Think about how I structured them. How
would you change or structure them?
Several additional suggestions are provided, particularly for freedom activists, in the article: How To
Sell Freedom For Profit.