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An Advice to the People of Ibb1 (specifically)

and to Ahlus-Sunnah (generally)

Written by:

Ash-Shaykh Abu Abdillah Muhammad Bin Hizaam

Al-Fadli Al-Badaani
May Allah show him the right way and pardon him
Friday the 27th of Jamaad Al-Awwal 1430H
Dar Al-Hadeeth Dammaj

Translated by Abu Ishaaq Sad Bin Musa As-Soomaalee

A city in Yemen, where the Shaykh himself is originally from.

All praise is for Allah; the Lord of all that exists, the most gracious, the most
merciful, the only owner of the day of recompense, there is none worthy of

worship except Allah and he does whatever he wills, whatever he wills takes

place, and whatever he wills not does not take place, he guides who he wills and
protects and guards (against harm) generously , and he misguides who he wills

and forsakes and tests who he wills justly, and I send prayers and peace upon
his messenger and his close friend; the one sent as a mercy to the creation, the

one who conveyed the message, clarified the evidences, fulfilled the trust and
advised the Ummah and I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship

except Allah alone with no partners and I bear witness that Muhammed is his
slave and his messenger.
As for what follows:
It is not hidden from Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaaah what Abdurahmaan AlAdani came with by way of fitnah towards Shaykh Yahya Al-Hajooree (may
Allaah preserve him) and towards Daarul-hadeeth in Dammaj (may Allah
protect it) specifically, and the Dawah of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaaah
generally, which resulted in division and in the wasting of a group of students of

knowledge in the rest of the Islamic countries. And he was also the cause for

incitation of hatred and enmity in the hearts of many people (in causing them to

be) against this centre (Dammaj) and against Shaykh Yahya, may Allah grant
him success and good health,

And indeed the city of Ibb was in security from the fitnah of this man up until

recently, then we saw that his fitnah began to creep into this city; therefore I
wrote this advice for them and the rest of Ahlus-Sunnah, so I say:

This mans hizbiyyah has become clear even if there are no other proofs against
him except the following:
1 What I have previously indicated towards from his causing of division in the
dawah and him being pleased with it, taken from his statements and his

2 His slander of the virtuous Shaykh Yahya Bin Alee Al-Hajooree, may Allah
preserve him, and that has within (i.e. the slander) a warning to the people

against him (Shaykh Yahya), his knowledge and Daarul-Hadeeth in Dammaj

(may Allah protect it).

3 His evil oath, which had made apparent the filth he kept within himself,

where he said: I swear by Allah - the Great, that I have never known, since I
started seeking knowledge till now one who is ascribed to knowledge and
uprightness, more wicked when disputing and hatred and greater in lies, deceit
and deception than Yahya Bin Alee Al-Hajooree.

The people of sound intellect understand from this oath that the man is a

troublemaker in this fitnah, with a purpose and an objective and that he was

playing games when he had signed the declaration of Mabar and Hudaydah

(two cities in Yemen), that which the Mashaayikh had issued, may Allah
preserve them, protect them, and grant them success to every good, and that this
man belittles the scholars, those whom he had signed with (on this declaration)

and agreed to adhere to whatever he agreed to adhere to whilst being

unconcerned with them.

4 What his companions and close ones carry out from stealing masaajid from
Ahlus-Sunnah and provoking the people who are in authority upon them.

5 - Restricted allegiance and disassociation, so they ally and aid those who are
with them even if he (the one who is allied with) gives a verdict in opposition to

the Haqq, and they show enmity towards those who oppose them in their

hizbiyyah and Fitnah.

6 His and his companions striving in inciting hatred between the scholars of
Ahlus-Sunnah and their causing a separation between the Dawah of some of

the scholars from Ahlus-sunnah, may Allah preserve them and the Dawah of
Shaykh Yahya, may Allah preserve him.

7 Their drawing nearness to some of the hizbiyeen (people of partisanship),

those who are known to be upon hizbiyyah from the companions of Abul-Hasan
and other than him without them making the tawbah thats well-known.

8 Entering sins and innovations into this dawah which was known from their
predecessors from the hizbiyeen. And these issues that we have just mentioned,
are issues that have been affirmed from them from what has been seen and
heard, and indeed many proofs have been mentioned pertaining to this issue in
the book The Clear Summarised Clarification Regarding the Hizbiyyah of

Abdurahmaan Al-Adani and Those who Follow him Upon Fitnah and Enmity .
And indeed I did not mention what has proceeded to please anyone, rather I
mentioned it to clarify the issue to the one who doesnt cease to be deceived,
seeking by it nearness to Allah, glorified is He the most High.
And I advise the Mashaayikh of Ahlus-Sunnah, may Allah preserve them, those
that do not cease to be defending Abdurahmaan, that they look deeper into the
affair and that they take a stance against this man, the one that does not care
about them but rather takes them as a shield for himself.

Therefore we ask Allaah - Azza Wa Jel, that he opens our chests to the truth and
that he shows us the Haqq as Haqq and provides us with the ability to adhere to

it, and that he shows us the Baatil as Baatil, and provides us with the ability to
stay away from it.

And we ask Allaah - Azza Wa Jel, that he diverts from us and our dawah every
tribulation, evil and harm.

And we ask him, glorified is He, the most High, that he returns those who are
struck by fitnah, and from them is Abdurahmaan Al-Adani, to the Haqq with a
good returning or that he saves us from their wickedness and their fitnah, and
all praise is to Allaah, lord of the all that exists.