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The Lofty Advice

to Al-`Allaamah, AlWaalid, Sheikh Rabee`

Recorded from a Lecture Given by the Noble Scholar Yahya ibn `Ali AlHajoori
Translated by Students of Knowledge in Dammaj

Daarul-Hadith| | Dammaj

Recorded on the 6th of Jumaadaa Al-Oolaa, 1434, Hijri Calendar, which corresponds to
17th March, 2013, Gregorian Calendar, between Maghrib and Ishaa at Darul-Hadith,
Dammaj, Yemen.

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajoori:

All praise and thanks are due to Allaah and I testify that there is no
deity worthy of worship except Allaah, He is alone without partners,
and that Muhammad is His Slave and Messenger.
Verily Allaah says in His Noble Book:
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l k j i h g fe d c b a M

: L { z y x wv u t sr q p o n m

And the believers, men and women, are Auliya' (helpers,

supporters, friends, protectors) of one another, they enjoin AlMa'roof (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islaam orders one to
do), and forbid Al-Munkar (i.e. polytheism and disbelief of all
kinds, and all that Islaam has forbidden); they perform As-Salaat
and give the Zakat, and obey Allaah and his Messenger. It is
those whom Allaah will have mercy on. Surely Allaah is AllMighty, All-Wise. (At-Taubah 9: 71)
The focus point of the Ayah being:
Believers, men and women, are Auliya' of one another
to the end of the Ayah.
And He, says:
~ } | { z y x w v u t s r q p o n m lM
: L

O you who believe! Whoever from among you turns back from
his religion (Islam), then Allaah will bring a people whom He
loves and they love Him, humble towards the believers, stern
towards the disbelievers, fighting in the way of Allaah, and never
fearing of the blame of the blamers
(Al-Maaidah 5:54)

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It was reported by the two Sheikhs (Imam Al-Bukhari and Imam

Muslim) in their two Sahih's (authentic compilations of Hadith) from
the hadith of An-Numan ibn Bashir that the Messenger of
Allaah said:
The similitude of the believers in their mutual love and mercy
and compassion is like that of the body, if a single limb complains
(of pain) the rest of the body complains of sleeplessness and
In this hadith you will find the virtue of the believers and the virtue
of their mutual mercy and compassion in addition to their mutual
love. Also in the hadith of Abu Musa Al-Ashari the Prophet
The similitude of a believer to another believer is like a building,
its various parts supporting each other.
And he intertwined his fingers.
The hadith is to be found in the two Sahihs.
In them as well (the two compilations), on the authority of Anas ibn
Malik the Messenger of Allaah said:
One of you does not (truly) believe until he loves for his brother
that which he loves for himself.
This hadith comprises loving all types of good for the believers;
sincere advice, support, and aid, as well as being distant from harming
and doing evil (to the believers).

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And along the same lines, with regards to loving good for the
believers and loving sincerity towards them, is the guidance of the
Prophets -may Peace and Blessings be upon them.
In Surat Al-Araaf many Prophets are mentioned, all of them are
described by Allaah with Nus-h (sincerity to Allaah with Tawheed and
to the people they call with good advice) for nations.
: L c b M
And I advise you sincerely
(Al-Araf 7:62)
: L ' & % $ M
And I am to you a sincere trustworthy advisor.
(Araf 7:68)
And so on, -may Allaah bless you- sincerity is from this great
religion, as has been narrated in Sahih Muslim on the authority of
Tamim Ad-Daari that the Prophet said:
The religion is naseeha (sincerity and sincere advice) We said,
To whom O Messenger of Allaah? He said, To Allaah, His
Book, His Messenger, the leaders of the Muslims, and their
common folk.
Al-Bukhari reported it without an Isnad 1.

Al-Bukhari did so with hadiths he considered to be correct in meaning or even

authentic, but not, however, up to the standard of authenticity requisite for his

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And it has been reported in the two Sahihs on the authority of Jarir
Bin `Abdillaah that he said:
We gave the oath of allegiance to the Messenger of Allaah to
establish the prayer, pay the zakaat, and to be sincere to every
That includes sincerity to every Muslim, whether he be old, young, a
commoner, ruler, scholar, layman, male or female; he is to be
advised, for it is deen (religion).
(After that), of those things for which we thank Allaah, is His
lifting and removing from us and this institute the plots of the
Raafidhees, after their transgression against us, as is known to all.
It was a severe transgression, against men and women, old and young,
as well as children, without provisions; seventy days under siege. As a
result the Muslims rose to defend this good -may Allaah reward them
with good- whether from inside Yemen or outside. From that which
led the best of people to defend this good is the right of the Muslim
upon (his brother) Muslim. From the best of those whom protected
this institute are Ahlul-us-Sunnah -may Allaah show them His
Gratitude and reward them with good- for that which they
undertook and continue to undertake, during, before, and after that
situation. Much good happened and Allaah defeated the evil.
: L M
And any bounty you have is from Allaah [An-Nahl 16: 53]
And this institute is considered an institute for all the Muslims, an
institute of knowledge, by Allaah, an institute of good. In it are
lessons known by all those who attend and perhaps even by those
who are absent; (lessons) throughout the day and the night. Many of
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its students have memorized the Quran -and all thanks and praise are
due to Allaah. Most of them (have memorized the Quran),
particularly those who have spent an appropriate period of time.
They memorize from the Sunnah, and their foundation in this affair
is the Book of Allaah. They give it special care as is known by those
present and those absent, especially those who follow the news of
this institute. We ask Allaah to bless it.
(As well as memorizing) Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, we have
not ceased to study them, from the time of Ash-Sheikh (Muqbil) may Allaah have mercy on him- until the present day. And they are
the most authentic of authored books, containing much good. Many
of the students memorize them; they memorize the hadith and recite
it, then we take another lesson, and some of them memorize by
themselves. They memorize Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and
Riyadhus-Saliheen, which are of the good books to memorize, (as well
as) An-Nawawis forty and many other books. And in fiqh and in
`aqeedah the book Kitaab At-Tawheed is not completed except
another lesson is started therein. Kitaab At-Tawheed by the revivalist,
An-Najdi -may Allaah have Mercy on him- the Imam Muhammad ibn
Abdul-Wahhaab an-Najdi -may Allaah have Mercy on him- the lesson
is not finished except another lesson is begun, year round. Likewise
Al-Usoolath-Thalaathah, Al-Waasitiyah, these books, the lessons
therein do not end. Calligraphy, reading and writing, Tajweed
(recitation of) the Quran, as well as grammar and (lessons) in
morphology. All types of books in these sciences and others, some
which I have mentioned and others which I have not mentioned. I
am mentioning all this from the aspect of recognizing good.
: L M
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And any bounty you have is from Allaah

(An-Nahl 16: 53)

`Uthmaan mentioned something similar to this in his hadith, so

the good be known and not depreciated, for verily, belittling good is
an error; by Allaah, it is not permissible. Then evil becomes rampant,
if the good is belittled and people abstain from it, evil becomes
rampant. And in the land of Yemen and in many of the Muslim
lands, as you can see, evil is on the march. Rafidhee da`wah from one
angle, (is influencing) all quarters of Yemen, along with a myriad of
other devastating ideologies. Likewise -may Allaah bless youHizbiyyah (is flourishing) as are various types of bid`ah, and shirk.
But from that which brings us happiness all praise is due to Allaahis that this da`wah has brought forth its fruits, by Allaah; its
influence and the peoples accepting it, due to what they see in it of
good and knowledge Quranic verses and hadiths- and advice and
guidance and hatred of fitan (trials and tribulations). No revolutions,
no (political) overthrows, nor fitnahs. No fitnah befalls except we
hate it, by Allaah. We warn about it to the best of our ability.
These are our books, these are our treatises, these are our cassettes,
this is our da`wah and these are our brothers. All of them -and
Allaah is Witness before everything- all of them are upon this
beneficial purpose. We perceive them to be so and Allaah knows
And there is no doubt, O brothers, that if the good is demeaned,
harm -perhaps consecutive harms- befall as a result. As is known
from the story of `Uthmaan when he was demeaned by the
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Khawaarij, and they transgressed against him and that which befell
him befell him, there ensued due to that, great evil.
The Prophet has said:
Verily this good has doors and the doors have keys, so Toobah (a
tree in Jannah, or an excellent life) for whoever is a key of good
and a preventer of evil, and woe to whoever be a preventer of
good, a key to evil.
When they killed him (`Uthmaan) in transgression and oppression, it
occasioned much evil to befall the Muslims, as is well known in the
(books of) Seerah (biographies of the Salaf).
The believer is such that people hope for good from him and feel
secure from his harm. As has been authentically narrated from the
Prophet from the Hadith of Abu Hurairah; he said:
O Messenger of Allaah, inform us of the best of us and the worst
of us. He said,
The best of you is he whose good is to be hoped for and whose
evil one feels secure from. And the worst of you he whos good is
not to be hoped for, nor is his evil felt secure from.
So the believer is held in high expectations, expectations of his
good yes and of security from his evil. And the evil person is the
opposite of that.
And this da`wah has always believed in these hadiths and has not
ceased (to believe in them) as do its students and Sheikh (Muqbil) may Allaah have Mercy on him- and so do I, By Allaah.

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We believe in good etiquette, and we worship Allaah thereby. We do

not believe that we are faultless, be it from bad manners, if that
occurs, or from any other (sins).
So adopt a middle accurate way (in worship), do your utmost,
and receive glad tidings (that you will be rewarded), and gain
strength by worshipping in the mornings, afternoons and some
of the night. With consistency, consistency, you shall reach.
(On the authority of Abu Hurairah - in Sahih Al-Bukhari)
Thats it, may Allaah bless you.
This has been an introduction for that which will be clarified. For a
sheet or two have been issued or some speech, from the virtuous
Sheikh, the erudite, Rabee` ibn Haadi Al-Madkhali, -may Allaah
keep him on point, grant him success, and protect him from
companions of evil and fitnah; those who strive to sow corruption
amongst Ahlus-Sunnah, the scholars as well as the students and callers
to Allaah. By Allaah, I believe he, as well as many others, are well
aware of this fact, however:
Every thoroughbred must trip
And every sword, though sharp, has a slip.
There is no doubt that neither he nor I, nor those higher than us in
status can feel safe from the adverse effects of evil company; those
that sow dissension amongst Ahlus-Sunnah, strive to cause fitnah, evil,
hatred and animosity: falsifying additions to statements and
circulating rumours, also belittling the good and exalting the evil to a
degree that only Allaah is All-Knower of.

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It has been reported in a hadith you all know where the Prophet
clarifies that when Allaah wants good for a leader he grants him
truthful company.
This even applies to those greater than us, and this hadith is known.
Certain statements have been issued by the Noble Sheikh (Rabee`
ibn Hadee). By Allaah, they contain clear mistakes and exaggerated
claims. I dont know whether they have come from him or from
those who reported them to him. They necessitate a clarification
from us in order that no suspicions be held about the good and its
people. Refuting mistakes is from our `aqeedah and our da`wah, as
(found) in the books of knowledge and none can deny it, be they old
or young, in the past or present; constructive academic criticism,
delivered with good decorum in addition to making clear the
wrongdoers mistakes.
It is better for him and the Muslims. If it is delivered as sincere
advice and bearing in mind (the preservation of good will) in our
hearts, how many benefits have the Muslims derived in their deen due
to advising one another as well as rejecting mistakes.
If the mistake is not refuted it may spread amongst many of the
people; either amongst the ignorant who cannot differentiate, or the
spiteful who lie in wait for it, awaiting that apparent mistake, or
those who only Allaah is aware of.
So this paper in front us which our brother will begin to read from,
even its introduction we will comment on it -In-Shaa Allaah- with a
commentary; the intention behind it, by Allaah, is to advise myself as
well as my brothers and the most erudite Rabee` -may Allaah
preserve him and this Salafi Da`wah and its men and all those who
support this good.
10 P a g e

Go ahead May Allaah bless you. (Sheikh Yahya asks a brother to

read from the transcript of the conversation which took place
between him and the individuals from Darus-Sunnah)

Taken from the sitting of Darus-sunnah with Al-`Alaamah AshSheikh Rabee ibn Haadi Al-Madhkhali on 13th March which
corresponds to the Wednesday night...
Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajoori: Even this dating of March
(from the Gregorian calendar) it is befitting to employ the Hijri
dating (Islamic calendar). This is advice to the writer -may Allaah
give him tawfeeq- for indeed, the Hijri dating is agreed upon by the
majority of the `Ulemaa, and `Umar gathered the people together
upon it, so this type of dating, March and so forth, if one is in need
of it one may utilise it; if not then it is to be avoided, especially in the
likes of these papers which are circulated amongst Ahlus-Sunnah who
love to use the Hijri dating, yes, we have the Hijri dating so there is
no need to utilise March, April and February etc., theres no need.

Reader: ... which corresponds to Wednesday night, the 1st of

Jumaadaa al-Ulaa 1434 A.H. We, brothers from Masjid Daar us
Sunnah [DuSunnah] visited Sheikh Rabee Bin Hadee Al-Madkhalee at
his house in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. As you know, the Sheikh had
been ill for the last few days
Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajoori: May Allaah cure him, yes Baarak Allaahu Feekum- and, by Allaah, we love good health and
11 P a g e

well-being for him and we all like to be spared from trials and
tribulations (fitnahs). He is of advanced years. Sickness is common
amongst the elderly. By Allaah, it is beloved to us that the likes of
this man and other than him, that his lifespan is extended upon the
obedience of Allaah, that is, those from Ahlus-Sunnah; that he aids
and is aided and loves and is loved for Allaahs sake and also upon
that which is present from good Baarak Allaahu feekum.
Reader: [May Allaah cure him from his sickness, and grant him a
long life upon the obedience of Allaah]- we made great exertions and
hoped to receive the Sheikh at the Masjid adjacent to his house, in
order to give him salaams before our final journey back to London.
By the grace of Allaah, the Sheikh attended the congregation in good
health [May Allaah preserve him]. We, along with other Salafis from
around the world received the Sheikh. He then invited us all to his
house for a sitting between Maghrib and Esha.
As we patiently waited, the Sheikh descended into his library where
we sat. He requested one of his workers to host us with tea and then
asked about the well being of the students. There were around 15
people present, including brothers from Iraq, Libya, Malaysia and
two students from Dammaj, Yemen.
The Sheikh sat, gave his salutations of peace to the students, asked
about their wellbeing and supplicated for them. He then asked where
they had arrived from and how their affairs were. He then asked us
[brothers from DuSunnah] if they needed anything, to which we
replied in the negative except that we only came to give him the
greetings of peace and to visit him for the sake of Allaah.
The Sheikh then turned towards Abu Aisha Ahmed Jamaa from
Masjid Darus-Sunnah and asked:

12 P a g e

The Speech of Sheikh Rabee Bin Hadee al-Madkhalee: Where are

you from?
Abu Aisha Ahmed: From Britain O Sheikh.. without asking any
questions the Sheikh said;
Sheikh Rabee bin Hadee al-Madkhalee: By Allaah, I have many
things with me while shaking and holding his head. By Allaah, I
have many things with me.
By Allaah, nobody remains Salafi today. Are all of the Salafis are
innovators? By Allaah, today nobody remains Salafi. All the Salafis
are now innovators except for Yahya, all of them are innovators, the
Duaat, the Scholars, all of them are under his feet.
Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajoori: Alhamdulillah, to proceed:
This speech which Ash-Sheikh Rabee` has been persuaded of -may
Allaah give him tawfeeq- I dont know where it has come from! That
he should say no one remains upon Salafiyyah and all of them are
innovators: I do not believe this nor have I ever uttered it, be it in the
past or present. I do not know a true Salafi who makes such
statements, so I do not know where it came from. These are the
Salafis for you. Look at the Salafis around the world, be they from
Saudi Arabia, Dammaj or the rest of Yemen and the rest of the
world. We thank them all for their endeavours and their spreading
knowledge and counsel, (far) removed from partisanship (hizbiyyah),
innovations, superstition and shirk. So this statement of his, saying,
By Allaah, nobody remains upon Salafiyyah today. All of the Salafis
are innovators. I do not know where he got this from! I have never
said this at any time and I do not know of a student of knowledge, let
alone a caller to Allaah having ever uttered such a statement or held
it as his creed it at any time. This is a most unusual creed and all of
Ahlus-Sunnah condemn it. The aforementioned proofs clarify that
the believer rejoices in regards to the other believer; he supports him.
13 P a g e

And now no one remains upon Salafiyyah except for me?! No one
remains upon Salafiyyah except my brothers?! From where, exactly,
has this originated? And who is it, from the people of the Sunnah,
that utters such statements? If he is from our students we shall advise
him, and say, This statement is wrong; it is from extremism, and if
it is from other than our students then;
: L M
No soul bears except that which he has earned.
(Surah an-An`aam 6: 164)
I have no knowledge of this statement; All of them are innovators
with the exception of Yahya, and the sheikhs are all innovators, and
he has all the callers underfoot. I seek refuge in Allaah from such a
thing! I honour the sheikhs and love and esteem them for the sake of
Allaah. Here are their books being taught; the books of the callers
and sheikhs and the people of knowledge from the past and present. I
do not know how it is that the Sheikh deems it feasible to say and
accuse us of such things, and Allaahs aid is sought. No doubt this
speech was uttered at a time of anger and volatility. You all know
that some people misrepresent and machinate. They call from here
and there; this one says, The da`wah is going well, O Sheikh,
however, so and so has done this. Then another one phones from
another place saying, The da`wah is going well, O Sheikh, however,
so and so is up to that (affair). He hears this and thinks that the sky
has fallen upon the earth, and that there is no one left upon
Salafiyyah except for those who are complaining and they are the
ones suffering and fearing for the da`wah from that which is taking
place, and he does not know them. What is their situation? Who are
they? What are their intentions? And what are their goals?
Sheikh Rabee ibn Haadi Al-Madhkhali: And his followers are
waging a war against the Salafis and Salafiyyah.....

14 P a g e

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajoori: That which we know very well
and is famous and widely known in the books of the biographies (of
the Salaf) is that they say: He and his companions, and He and his
pupils. They also say: He and his students, but as for the word
followers, then we all follow the Messenger of Allaah. Allaah
: L ? > = <; : 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 M
Follow that which been revealed unto from your Lord and do
not follow besides it any Auliya (protectors, helpers, allies). Little
do you reflect.
(Surah Al-Araaf 7: 3)

Yes, we are all -I mean by that the Salafis- followers of the Book of
Allaah, followers of the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of the
Prophet, he is our example, he is our role model, upon the
understanding of the pious predecessors -may Allaah pleased be with
them all.

Sheikh Rabee ibn Haadi Al-Madhkhali: And his followers are

waging a war against the Salafis and Salafiyyah......

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajoori: This is not correct; that my

brothers and I are waging a war against the Salafis and Salafiyyah. By
Allaah, they have suffered harm for the sake of the Salafis and
Salafiyyah, they call to Salafiyyah and they condemn its opposite.
15 P a g e

And who are these Salafis that we have waged war against?! Perhaps
Sheikh (Rabee) -may Allaah grant him success- came across some
Salafis from (the sect) of Al-`Adani; those that used to be here from
the students (of Dammaj) and from their allies and those that have a
strong fanaticism for them, such as `Ubaid. This is incorrect. This is
an exaggeration. These are people who studied with us and they were
in this institute previously, with Sheikh Muqbil. After the Sheikhs
death they remained in this institute. They perpetrated that which
was condemned by everyone; those now present and listening, and
those who are absent now but witnessed and heard.
Students would come, loving this good, from a distant place after
having undergone numerous hardships and adversities, then, when
they finally arrived -due to the severity of these peoples transgression
against me, this good, and their ardent love of tribulations for methey would instigate them (with hatred and fitnah), instigate them,
instigate them, and fill them with fitnah until they would leave (here)
without any background of knowledge, in fact, without any
manners. They left as insulting, abusive, harmful individuals.
Would the Sheikh be pleased with this for himself? Would the Sheikh
or anybody else besides him from the people of knowledge be pleased
with this in their circles of knowledge?
The evidence for respecting ones teacher is known. The respect that
a brother should have for his brother is also known. Likewise, the
assiduousness that one should have when it comes to deriving benefit
is well known. All of this, of course, should be within the guidelines
of the Sharia (of Allaah), without sanctification, and within the
guidelines of the Sharia (of Allaah).
I said to those who were once here taking down names of (the
students) from my circle, Whoever wishes to go to this place or that,
16 P a g e

or go to Fuyoosh or another place (let him go). I criticized them and

advised them about this registration saying, O brothers this is a
mistake. You all are now in the gatherings of knowledge. Call to the
way of Allaah. Whoever wants to go to you, he may go, and may
Allaah protect you. We support and assist all of the Sunnah institutes
in Yemen as best we are able to, despite our weakness, so whoever
comes to you, may Allaah protect you all. But after I advised them
they began an aggressive attack and rose against me and this institute
and their brothers. Things amongst the students deteriorated so I
was forced to say, My brothers, you either remain here upon
goodness, or, whoever does not want to remain with us upon this
good, then, Allaahs earth is vast.
Sheikh (Muqbil) -may Allaah have mercy upon him- is to be thanked
for supporting this by saying to Abul-Khattaab, as I recall: Let him
not cause fitnah in Dammaj; either he calms down, and if he does
not, then let him go and cause fitnah in his own land.
This statement is correct. I was appointed successor by Sheikh
Muqbil himself-may Allaah have mercy upon him- over this institute.
I vaunt not, rather this is the reality! This is the situation! How many
countries in which evil occurs, are infiltrated by those who have
ulterior agendas under the guise and in the name of good, yet cause
corruption. Places that were upon good, people of ulterior agendas
enter upon them and they have ulterior motives and desires and they
have certain issues with them and we do not know their status.
I said to many of them, -even visitors came and heard me say so-:
Whoever wants to remain in this place then he is my brother and I
am his brother upon goodness, upon Sunnah and upon seeking
knowledge, and Hayyahullaah.

17 P a g e

But as for this commotion, and playing truant -which was the case
with many of them (then it is unacceptable). Some would say:
Hajoori has no religious piety, and another would say: Hajoori is
such and such, using foul words; nothing but cursing and swearing!
This is something which nobody is pleased with, not Sheikh (Rabee`)
and not anybody else.
The Prophet said:
Do unto others as you would they do unto you
These people caused fitnah from the first day, and this has been
affirmed in different treatises and books in which we have proven
them guilty and clarified their mistakes, uprising, and Hizbiyyah
(partisanship) against us and this good and their fitnah. (The likes of
that which they perpetrated) was not even perpetrated even by
Jam`iyyatul-Hikmah (the organization of Hikmah) who were given
this exact same ruling by the Sheikh and he expelled them and also
the people of Jam`iyyatul-Ihsaan, who were with us; they caused
fitnah and he also expelled them.
So when it was like that, they declared their hostility against us and
caused fitnah. They were incited by whoever incited them and
motivated by whoever motivated them. By Allaah, many of them
are idle loiterers. (Cruising around) in their cars, and then, off to the
scholars! (Driving around) from scholar to scholar, by Allaah, sowing
dissention and fitnah!
At that time some statements were made by Sheikh `Ubaid, so I
drew his attention to it and said: Oh Sheikh, these people are such
and such, these people have caused fitnah and wrought this and that.
(I wrote this) in (several) pages, review them; they were from a
correspondence between me and Sheikh `Ubaid which was
18 P a g e

consequently released back when they first started their sittings with
him. They would appear to him as mild-mannered, meek individuals
(saying), `O Sheikh this and that occurred. They sway a scholar
perhaps even more than sorcerers can. As has been reported in the
narration about tale-bearing (nameemah); it (tale-bearing) can do that
which not even a sorcerer can.
So these people spread fitnah inside the da`wah.
Then after that we said, Perhaps the other sheikhs can influence
them. Ill invite them Inshaa Allaah. I said, Communicate with
them and invite them, you (the sheikhs) can advise them. So the
sheikhs were invited and came and we appreciated that.
They sat with them in the guest room and rebuked them for this
registration. They ordered that the registration be stopped, but Al`Adani (`Abdur-Rahmaan) failed to comply.
They (the sheikhs) wrote a document (the purport of which was) that
the centre of Fuyoosh would be under the (supervision of) the
scholars, so-and-so and so-and-so; from them they mentioned me. So
they themselves found him guilty of having caused fitnah, yes, and he
was even requested to apologize for some of his doings.
So they departed as did we; but they went to work, by Allaah,
agitating the people and spreading fitnah and dissension amongst the
people. That which is occurring right now from Sheikh Rabee` in
this severe attack -that is, this severe speech which one is astonished
by- all of this is a product of the fomentation of (`Abdur-Rahman Al`Adani), nothing more. The Salafi Da`wah is upon good, however,
there are agitators in this affair (spreading the fitnah), so it is a must
that we clarify their status so that the people beware of what they are
19 P a g e

By Allaah, this fitnah and this evil are not permissible. I am not, at
the moment, able to fully enumerate every single thing that took
place in the fitnah, but it has been written in treatises. There was a
treatise written making a clarification of all that took place in their
uprising and harm. This treatise was entitled Mukhtasarul-Bayaan;
refer back to it, that this evil which they carried out and the fitnah in
which they rose up against us at that time should be made clear.
So, this is what is intended by saying that we speak about the Salafis;
as for other than them, never, by Allaah.
As for these (those that spread dissension and fitnah), yes indeed, for
they rose against us and spread fitnah. We condemned them, clarified
their Hizbiyyah, and clarified the evils they wrought. It is like this; we
have been oppressed, and they are the ones who perpetrated fitnah.
I personally taught many of them, wrote forewords for their books,
and used to encourage them, but now many of them are forsaken.
Some of the masjids which they took, they did not establish these
masjids as Ahlus-Sunnah do. This affair is well known to the Salafis.
Some of them were busied away from knowledge. Now most of the
burden has had to be borne by those who were granted patience and
remoteness from this fitnah by Allaah. These are the facts. I mention
them and they are known by those present and those who are

Sheikh Rabee Bin Hadee al-Madkhalee: The people of innovation

are at ease.

20 P a g e

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajoori: The fact that they are relaxing
is not from me. If they are relaxed then they are upon their affair and
we condemn them. They find no rest from me or from my students.
You know what was recently perpetrated by the people of
innovation, by the Raafidhees, and other than them, against us. By
Allaah, they did not attack us due to us making them be at relaxation
and ease, but rather, because of our condemnations against them.

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: And the people of

innovation are relaxing and watching. Is this from good manners?

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajoori: By Allaah, I have no like for

this. I have been patient for years with this hostility and
intimidation. By Allaah, I have borne this burden heavily, by Allaah,
for the sake of Salafiyyah, and to aid it. Allaah is a witness -and every
believer who was present from those who speak the truth and have
justice- that I have carried this burden to succour it (the da`wah), for
the sake of Allaah, not to transgress, violate, nor be seen or heard,
and not to become a tyrant upon the earth, nor spread corruption.
Then after all of that, we are accused of this and so and so speaks
(against us)?! For what wrongdoing? This is wrong! Wrong! By
Allaah, were this done by the likes of Imam Ahmed, the Hufaath (the
leaders of the people of Ahadith) would have criticized him, let alone
Sheikh Rabee` -may Allaah grant him success.
Rabee Bin Hadee al-Madkhalee: Complaints have been coming to
us from all over the world ....
21 P a g e

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Haajoori: O Sheikh -may Allaah give

you success- these complaints are fabricated. These people wrought
fitnah against me here, -may Allaah bless you- wrought fitnah against
me as well as wreaking fitnah against the da`wah, the da`wah of the
Islamic world. Its not Yahyas da`wah and neither is it Sheikh
Muqbils da`wah alone. It is the da`wah of the Islamic world, a
benefit for the whole Islamic world. It supports the true deen of
Allaah. So it is impermissible to be lenient towards any harm or
fitnah against it from whomsoever it may occur, be he close or far,
It could be that the complaints come from people who are themselves
afflicted by fitnah. I surmise that those that call me, yourself, and the
rest of the scholars, are a myriad of types and groups. Amongst them
are those who do not understand certain issues, congenital liars, and
fitnah mongers, striving hard to spread it, persistently gathering
(material for) the fitnah. They have no compunctions about
provoking a confrontation between Sheikh Rabee` and Sheikh
Yahya, or between Sheikh so and so and Sheikh so and so, in order
to prolong friction between the people of knowledge. They just (sit
back and) watch. What do they have to lose?
Perchance, you may find that some (of these individuals) have twenty
names on the internet. They write statements (pseudonymously) and
then underneath he (himself) comments (using another pseudonym),
May Allaah reward you O Abu so and so!, and then underneath
that statement (using yet another alias) he says, MashaAllaah! O
Abu so and so, using another pseudonym or alias; thus kindling the
fitnah and setting it ablaze; he (Sheikh Rabee) knows full well about
this (type of activity.)

22 P a g e

These callers are unknowns. They may be from those who are biased
and envious against me and this da`wah. Everyone is familiar with
envy. Whenever any good occurs, be it big or small, envy is
commonly found. They may, to boot, be spreaders of fitnah or not
understand certain matters, and so forth. One should follow that
which is clearly known.
Darul-Hadith in Dammaaj is considered a fount of good; wellknown, in the past and present. How is it that you believe someone
calling from such and such country concerning me? Some are nonArabs, some are unknowns, and so forth; and they call from around
the world. It is not correct (i.e. for you to base a ruling on what they
say without full awareness of what really took place), -may Allaah
bless you.

Sheikh Rabee Bin Hadee Al-Madkhalee: By Allaah, whom there is

none worthy of worship but him, a person would go (to Dammaj)
for two, three days or a month or two and would then go to a far
place as Russia, saying: Ubayd, Ubayd, Yahya, Yahya

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Haajoori: May Allaah reward youanyone who leaves here, having come from Russia, for example, to
this place possessing good with him, we can but judge them by what
is apparent. Let us suppose they stay for a day or two and leave in
ignorance, not having obtained much knowledge; such people
deserve to be taught and deserve to be advised. If he makes a mistake
he should be told, Leave the mistake and adhere to the truth. If he is
correct, then he should be told, May Allaah reward you- keep
23 P a g e

Whoever Allaah wants good for, He gives him understanding of the

The best of you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.
- : L \ [ Z X W V M
Read! -and your Lord is the Most Generous, Who has taught
(writing) by the pen.
(Suratul-Alaq 96: 3-4)

Having said this, I am personally unaware of anyone having stayed

but for a day or two and then gone off calling to such (i.e. doing what
you accused him of). I am not accountable, (in any case), for the
mistakes of others.
: L M
No person earns any (sin) except against himself and no bearer of
burdens shall bear the burden of another.
(Suratul-Anaam 6: 164)

As for the case of `Ubaid- it is `Ubaid that oppressed us. He is the

one who began against us, and not the other way around, and Allaah
knows this. My statements about him have been, from day one,
chronicled and spread on the internet as well as written in different
treatises. `Ubaid came to Yemen and was instigated by these fitnah
mongers -may Allaah give them what they deserve. They incited and
rallied round him, (saying), O our Sheikh, our Sheikh, our Sheikh!
24 P a g e

until he became even more fiery than they. He barraged us with

tribulation and harshness, so we were forced to defend ourselves.
: L n m l k j i h gf e d c b a ` _ ^ M

Then whoever transgresses against you, transgress likewise

against him. And fear Allaah and know that Allaah is with the
(Suratul-Baqarah 1: 194)

(A man said to the Prophet:) O Messenger of Allaah, a man

wants to kill me. He answered, Then fight him. The man
asked, What if he attempts to take my wealth? He said, Do
not give him your wealth. The man asked, What if he kills me?
He said, You shall go to Paradise. He asked, And what if I kill
him? The Prophet responded, He shall go to the (Hell) fire.
He who has a right due to him, is entitled to state his case. The
Prophet said:

Verily, he who has a right due to him is entitled to speak.

A Bedouin asked (the Prophet) (harshly) for that which he was

owed. The Companions of the Messenger of Allaah were about to
take measures. The Prophet said:
Leave him! For verily, he who has a right due to him is entitled
to speak.
25 P a g e

So, when we saw that we had the right to speak, and were oppressed
and transgressed against, and that `Ubaid clung fanatically to Al`Adani and his fanatical sect, this sect of fitnah-mongers, (we spoke).
Indeed, by Allaah! He clung to them fanatically. Here is an example
of that harshness and fanaticism. He went so far as to denigrate
Shubah (the renowned Imam of hadith) for his cause! He (also) went
so far as to say, Foreigners must not go to Dammaaj, and whoever is
in Dammaaj must leave! The locals should take such and such
measures (to remove me) and request government assistance in doing
so! This was in a pamphlet of his entitled My recommendations to the
different groups! It was released on the internet. (So I ask), Is this
permissible? (It has been narrated in hadith) From the perfection of
ones Islam is to leave off that which does not concern one.
Neither `Ubaid nor anybody else has any right to make this type of
From the perfection of ones Islam is to leave off that which does
not concern one.
When these circumstances arose, and he was insulting, cursing, and
swearing at us, (I wrote a refutation, so) look at my refutation on his
attack upon us and his erroneous statement concerning the issue of
one who says, Ahlus-Sunnah are the closest of the groups to the
truth (i.e. they are the real ones upon the truth). I wrote on the issue
in a treatise entitled: The Gentleness of Allaah with His Creation
Regarding the Erroneous Statement of Sheikh Ubaid in Falsely Accusing
of Atrocities those who say Ahlus-Sunnah are the Closest Group to the
Truth, (i.e. that Ahlus-Sunnah are the ones actually upon the Truth,
and it is permissible to say this statement, this being the meaning of
26 P a g e

Many of the Scholars (have said this), from them is Imam Ibn Baz may Allaah have mercy upon him- along with the Permanent
Committee of the Scholars (of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) led by
Ibn Baz; his statement is quoted in my treatise. Ubaid launched a
vicious attack on the statement, berated me, and spoke with the most
repulsive speech.
Now, I do but appeal to whomsoever has the Salafi methodology as
their criterion for advice and sincerity, and that the (specious)
principle of Hasan Al-Banna not be implemented in our midst (i.e.):
Let us cooperate on that which we agree upon and overlook each
others differences. Ubaid, he spoke ill of these quotes from the
scholars with harsh speech; the Permanent Committee, amongst
whom is the great scholar, Ibn Baaz -may Allaah have mercy upon
him- and others whom I have mentioned (in my treatise).
He was under the impression that he was denigrating only us, but in
reality, all were the butt of his speech. Why was he not advised?
Perchance he might have retracted his statement. Ubayd also spoke
ill of Kaab ibn Maalik, (he said): Had he died in that state, he
would have died misguided and a misguider of others! Ubaid has
perpetrated much, and behaved with ill-conduct towards us. We
merely defend ourselves. Then he (Sheikh Rabee`) is silent about
Sheikh Ubaid as well as the other fitnah-mongers, but launches this
barrage upon me and my brothers heads!? We want integrity, this is
the Salafi methodology!
It is obligatory to uphold the Religion of Allaah without (biased)
favouritism for `Ubaid, or anybody else. When Ubaid transgressed
against and oppressed us -and whatever happened took place- by
Allaah, we did but defend ourselves, O brother.

27 P a g e

All of you are from Aadam, and Aadam is from soil.

Verily, one having a right due to him is entitled to speak.

One is either raised up by the truth or brought down by falsehood.

When students of knowledge go (i.e. for dawah), they do not make
(their call) revolve around this (fitnah). No, by Allaah, this is not the
case. However, if they are asked about so and so who is at fault, and
has transgressed against the Salafi Da`wah, and committed a certain
act, (then they clarify it to them); I have yet to hear that this is their
stock-in-trade (in teaching the people). As for those who have no
concern for knowledge, we care not for them. We are only concerned
about those who strive for knowledge, the Sunnah, and good.
: L M
No person earns any (sin) except against himself (only) And no
bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another.
(Surah al-Anaam 6:164)

Sheikh Rabee ibn Haadi Al-Madhkhali: Ubaid Ubaid, Yahya

Yahya. Yahya is in the sky and Ubaid is an innovator. This is their

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Haajooree: Do you really believe that,

O Sheikh, that our da`wah is only `Ubaid and Yahya? Do our
28 P a g e

callers not call to Tawheed? Do they not call to the Sunnah? Do they
not teach academic books on a myriad of subjects? They have no
other da`wah but Ubaid and Yahya? This is not correct, by Allaah.
(If you want to know about) those that go for dawah to numerous
places around the world, ask those they went to. Do not ask the
biased and envious, those who are against them and affected by this
(fitnah). Ask those they went to, and you will find they go to them
and, in a month they finish several classes. Abridged books in
Tawheed; either Kitaab at-Tawheed, Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah or (Al`Aqeedatul) Al-Waasityah, or other books, applying themselves with
their students until they finish these lessons, also giving lectures, then
they return. How can it be said that all they are about is `Ubaid and
Yahya and that is their only dawah?

Sheikh Rabee ibn Haadi Al-Madhkhali: Britain, Sudan, Egypt,

Turkey, Kenya, Libya; every country is filled with hatred in
opposition to the Salafis and As-Salafiyyah

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Haajooree: We seek refuge with Allaah

(from this accusation). I swear by Allaah, we are not (from this type
of people filled with hatred towards As-Salafiyyah). If it be the case
that the aforementioned places be filled with the Hizbees, Secularists
(who ridicule the Sharia), Jews and Christians (who anathematize AsSalafiyyah), then we are not to be taken to account and held
accountable for them. As far as us making the Salafis and AsSalafiyyah hated to the people, then this is incorrect.
: L | { z y x w v u M
29 P a g e

O you who believe, fear Allaah, and say a word which is clear
and correct.
(Surah al-Ahzaab 33:70)

However, let us say for example, that one was asked about the case of
an individual who oppresses and commits other such actions, then he
responds by alerting them and clarifying his mistakes, then there is
nothing upon him for doing so. The door of refutation remains open.
How many people have you yourself refuted? Never did we say,
He is refuting As-Salafiyyah. Rather, we said, He warns against this
one and that ones mistakes and clarified so-and-sos condition. We
never said, He is refuting all of As-Salafiyyah. What is this?!!

Sheikh Rabee: There is not found a war like it.....

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: By Allaah, rather, there is no

scathing severity like unto this scathing severity upon me! As far as a
war against the people of As-Salafiyyah then this never occurred from
us. We hold them (the Salafis) in high expectations, and by Allaah we
are in need of their aid and support. We are thankful and grateful to
them, and to everyone that exerts their efforts along with us. As for
trying to attack this good by saying, There is not found a war like
it, are we waging a war against Islaam, O brothers? Subhaanaka
(Disassociated be You from all that is (falsely) ascribed) O My Lord!!

30 P a g e

Sheikh Rabee: We have remained patient for 7 years, whilst letters

and complaints...

Sheikh Yahya bn `Ali al-Hajooree: By Allaah, I have endured

more, by Allaah, I have endured more. O Sheikh -may Allaah give
you success (tawfeeq)- people who love you, whether they be the
students from Dammaaj or elsewhere, come to you, yet you receive
them by inciting them against me! You tell them: Do this to Yahya!
Try and wreak this upon Yahya! Do not do such and such for
Yahya! The proof for this will come in this letter. For me to
enumerate everything (right now) would be difficult, but examples
shall be mentioned.
This is something that you do not approve of, nor would be pleased
with for your own, nor myself. This will cause a split in the dawah,
and harm it. The believer, his efforts should be towards rectification
of mutual relations. Let us suppose that they did accept this, and
some of them were to carry out (your orders) -and the number of
students here are in the thousands and all praise belongs to Allaah- if
one were to reiterate your command: Arise (against him) and wreak
such and such! Others would say, This is wrong, we see no bad or
evil. O Sheikh, would it please you to see them fighting one
another, O Sheikh? Would it please you to see them in altercations
with one another, O Sheikh? Would it please you to see them
stabbing one another, O Sheikh? Would you be pleased with this?
Fitnah amongst the Salafis? Some (students) quarrelling with and
boycotting others, as well as other different evils, all in one centre of
learning while there are people upon good, seeking knowledge and
calling to Allaah? (Would you like all of this to take place) due to
your statement which shall be mentioned?
31 P a g e

I have been oppressed, oppressed for seven years. All of these seven
years, by Allaah, I remained patient. From those wrongs -if (what he
said) was established and true- is that which Sheikh Muhammad ibn
`Abdil-Wahhaab relates; that he sat with (Sheikh Rabee) -and Allaah
is Witness. The other Sheikhs were present and hurt by this
statement. He (Sheikh Muhammad ibn `Abdil-Wahhaab) reported
that Sheikh Rabee said: Drag Al-Hajooree from the chair and let a
standby be ready! Subhaanallaah! my brother! I am carrying out the
wasiyyah ( bequest, will and testament) of the one in charge of this
affair (Imam Muqbil). Allaah says:

: L M
So whoever changes it (the bequest) after hearing it, the sin shall
be on those who make the change.
(Surah Al-Baqarah 1:181)

This dawah, this affair, it is an affair of dawah. This is not a

presidential position, (where the demonstrators for the Arab Spring
chant): Get out! Be gone! Be gone. In earnest! This is from the
affairs of dawah and religion. So what, my brother, is this? The
Prophet said,
From the goodness of ones Islaam is to leave alone that which
does not concern one.
May Allaah bless you all.

32 P a g e

Sheikh Rabee: Whilst letters and complaints have reached us. And
now you have to force him to change his ways.

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajooree: O Sheikh -may Allaah give

you success (tawfeeq)- this is wrong. By Allaah, it is not for you to
force me nor is it for me to force you. It is not from the guidance of
the Prophets, nor is it from the conduct of the Ulamaa that we
learned from (to say), Force him! It is a must that he be forced.
Allaah said to His Prophet:

- : L M
So remind them, you are only one who reminds. You are not a
dictator over them.
(Surah Al-Ghaashiyah 88: 21-22)
(The Sheikh repeated the last verse twice)

As far as the matter of forcing and compelling in an issue, then

advising is better than forcing. Advising is far better than main force.
You give advice and I give advice. Love and brotherhood are better
than imposing oneself by force (and saying,) Such and such needs
must be! O Sheikh, whole countries fail in forcing certain people to
yield to their will! O Sheikh, I do not think that I, nor yourself, are
able to compel our own sons were they to disobey us. Even your
33 P a g e

own son, you are not able to impose yourself upon him, so how
myself, whilst I am engaged in dawah? Neither you, nor anybody
else can deny that. How can you contemplate forcing me while I
have thousands of men behind me -and all praise belongs to Allaahall of them upon the Sunnah? If you issue a statement they shall issue
many more, by Allaah. I am at present withholding a number of
refutations (they have written on this affair). How can you force me?
This is incorrect -may Allaah bless you and give you success

- : L M
So remind them, you are only one who reminds. You are not a
dictator over them.
(Surah Al-Ghaashiyah 88: 21-22)

: L 0 / . - M
And recommend one another to the truth, and recommend one
another to patience.
(Surah Al-Asr 103: 3)

(As for your saying): It is incumbent to force him to such & such,
then this is not correct. Now suppose you caused a group of my
brothers to rise up against me -I ask Allaah to protect us and you
from this. Whether they be from those who used to be here, or from
those influenced by those who used to be here and this is not
34 P a g e

correct- and attempt to put pressure on me by using these people and

Sheikh so-and-so or Sheikh so-and-so to compel me to say such and
such? I will not do so, by Allaah! By Allaah, we did not learn this
from our Ulamaa; Force such and such to do this, or such and such
to do the other. We learned gentleness, (from them, such as the

Nothing is imbued with gentleness except that it beautifies it,

and is not removed from anything except that it mars it.

: L VU T S R Q P M
And say to My slaves that they should only say those words that
are the best.
(Surah Al-Israa 17: 53)

As for forcing, then this speech can only come from one in a state of
agitation. O Sheikh, may Allaah pardon you.

Sheikh Rabee: If he carries on upon his ways, it will cause an

incomparable fitnah...

35 P a g e

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: O my brother, my methods

and my dawah, are in accordance with the Book and the Sunnah.
This is what I believe and opine. But I am not infallible, so which
methods do you refer to? Which methods? Do you mean by my
methods that I should not refute `Ubaid? I shall indeed refute him!
Do you mean by my methods that I should not refute Muhammad
ibn `Abdil-Wahhaab, who still has introductions in his book AlQawl Al-Mufeed by a Sufi, as well a Mutazilite? He (Sheikh
Muhammad Al-Wassaaby) who now says that I am an innovator and
have gone against various Quranic verses, and that Islam is free from
them (the students of Dammaaj and those with them) and they are
free from Islam? I reiterate to you, do not employ Al-Bannas
principle! O Sheikh, do not employ Al-Bannas principle: Cooperate
upon that which we agree upon and overlook each others
These people have oppressed and transgressed against us, as well as
fanatically taking sides, as I have previously mentioned, which led to
this commotion. They are instigators. One of them -and I swear by
Allaah this is what was related to me- he said: Verily, I will sow
dissension between Al-Hajooree and the rest of the Ulamaa. By
Allaah, I do not like it (the situation) to be like this. I love for the
Ulamaa to be my brothers, helpers, and from those who aid me; that
they be like fathers to me, calling to Allaah, I aiding them and they
aiding me, cooperating upon righteousness and piety. However, this
fitnah has been brought upon us by these people. The ones causing
fitnah are the ones who want to kindle it, and it is certainly not me.
So they should be advised, and everyone should tend to his own
affair, Allaah says:

36 P a g e

: L 6 5 4 3 M
And Allaah will see your deeds and His Messenger
(Surah At-Tawbah 9: 94)

: L J I H G F E D C B A @ ? > M

So whoever does righteous good deeds while he is a Believer, his

efforts will not be rejected. Verily, We do record (it in his book of
(Surah Al-Anbiyaa 21:94)

As for this fierce attack against me, because I am causing fitnah, then
I am not the one who caused it (the fitnah). I free myself in front of
Allaah from fitnah. However, I have to defend myself to the best of
my ability, and I seek refuge with Allaah from fitnah, both apparent
and hidden. So if we are put to trial with any fitnah that comes
against us, such as these accusations, then it is obligatory upon me
that I clarify (any) mistake. The fitnah is not from me and I seek
refuge with Allaah. Add to that, these accusations that you are
hearing and other things, as well as the fitnah against me. You
maintain silent about these matters, then after all of that, launch an
attack on Yahya.
O Brothers look, this is one thing. The second thing being, that he
should be advised about these mistakes that have been brought
against him. They are being written down and recorded in a volume
37 P a g e

in which his mistakes -being of various kinds- have been made clear
by the people. How is it that you lie in wait for any mistake of mine
with students gathering them while you remain quiet about them?
They have been gathering them since the time of Abu Hasan; each
one handing them down to the next, and so on. From the time of AlAthary website (i.e. the website of Faalih al-Harbee) they did the
same, from treatise to treatise, book to book, and tape to tape,
hoping to find some error to attack me with. But you do not debate
with or advise them regarding mistakes which are clear, evident, and
manifest? By Allaah, this harms the Salafi Da`wah.
(In the book Al-Qawl Al-Mufeed by Sheikh Muhammed ibn `AbdilWahaab Al-Wasaabi) there still remain various introductions (from
the people of innovation), from them is the introduction of AlAmraani, still in his book. He (i.e. Al-`Amraani) is a Mutazilite, he
remains neutral as to whether or not the Quran is created or not. He
also holds the view of the Mutazilites in regards to the viewing;
meaning the viewing of the believers of their Lord on the Day of
Judgement. Also, some of the Sufis have written introductions to his
book, from them At-Tussi (a known Sufi), and to this day it remains
in his book. He attacks us, the people of Sunnah, while the
aforementioned are fine. He gives lectures for the Hizbees whilst
bashing us? He goes and accuses the scholars of spying, then after all
of that O my brothers after accusing them of spying, -and, by
Allaah, we were hurt by that- he goes and makes an agreement with
them (the scholars that he accused of spying) in order that they
collaborate against me! We have never known this to be (from the
Religion)! What we know is that every Muslim should be advised.
Maintaining silence about ones mistake in order that he should arise
with you against someone else? (this is wrong). Rather, you should

38 P a g e

criticise whoever you deem to have erred for the sake of helping the
religion of Allaah, and as sincere advice to the religion of Allaah.

Sheikh Rabee: We have advised him many times, at a time two

and a half hours.

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: By Allaah, he once called until

the phone cut off, it was a long call. The entire call was about the
issue of Al-`Adani. Al-`Adani has strained the Dawah with his
fitnah. He (Sheikh Rabee) deems him not a Hizbee and I judge that
he is a Hizbee; and the truth is with me. I have clarified and released it
(the clarification). Those present see what the absent see not. He did
not hold him to be a Hizbee and I view him to be a Hizbee. He
wanted to convince me of his opinion and I was not satisfied with
that (from what I knew from Al-`Adanis actions), and this was our
phone conversation which went on for two hours. However, the
affair was only about this (the case of Al-`Adani). There is nothing
between me and Sheikh Rabee, verily there is nothing between me
and him except the issue of Al-`Adani. This whole fiasco is an attack
(upon myself) because of Al-`Adani and those with him.

Sheikh Rabee: Sometimes two hours and a half, afterwards he does

not listen and does not fulfil his promises.

Sheikh Yahya: Never, by Allaah. I am not aware of ever having

made a promise and not kept it. Verily, fulfilling ones promise is
something commanded in the sharia. His saying, He promises and
39 P a g e

does not fulfill his promise. I do not know of this, this is not

Sheikh Rabee: And his students are unequalled in their fanaticism.

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajooree: That is, by Allaah, an error. I

bid him have Taqwa of Allaah. It (that erroneous speech) is
unacceptable. It is unacceptable to the righteous and it is also an
error from he who says it.
L a ` _ ^ ] \ [Z Y X W VU T S R Q P M

And say to My slaves that they should (only) say those words
that are the best. (Because) verily the Shaytaan sows disagreement
among them...
(Suratul-Israa 17: 53)

: L | { z y x w v u M
O you who believe! Keep your duty to Allaah and fear him, and
speak (always) the truth.
(Suratul Ahzaab 33: 70)

My students, many of them are students of Sheikh (Muqbil) -may

Allaah show him mercy- yes, they still remain. Some of them have
40 P a g e

been here (seeking knowledge) for ten years; some for less than that
and others for more. My students as well, you are well aware -alhamdulillah- of the good that is with them, and of their hate,
collectively, for fanaticism. If an individual is extreme and
exaggerates or commits a sharia infraction, then he is to be advised by
myself, you, and the rest of the upright people, whether it occurs
here or elsewhere. The (common) good is not to be held accountable
for the error of an individual.
I do not say that none of them commit errors, but to accuse the
students; men, women and sheikhs, of an entire dawah? There are
thousands in Dammaj and thousands outside Dammaj from my
students and the students of Sheikh (Muqbil) from before. All of
them; those who are here, they are all fanatics?
The truth is that this statement is itself fanatical. The truth must be
spoken, by Allaah. To accuse (innocent) people of this is, by Allaah,
in and of itself extreme.
Yes, unfathomable extremism. A sweeping, unqualified accusation of
And amongst the severest of innovations is extremism. By Allaah,
we dissociate ourselves before Allaah from extremism, and are then
accused of it? When Abul-Hasan accused me of being a Haddaadi
extremist Sheikh (Rabee) himself said, Bring your proof! These
people are such-and-such, and they are such-and-such. But (now)
when these rabble-rousers narrate to him whatever they want, he
does a complete turnaround, uttering statements that he himself used
to defend me against (in the fitnah of) Abul-Hasan! Thats it, and by
Allaah, this statement is itself extreme, this sweeping, unqualified
accusation of innovation! Amongst the prerequisites for declaring
41 P a g e

someone to be an innovator is the establishment of proof against

them. But, despite this, (behold) this extremism.

Sheikh Rabee Bin Hadee Al-Madkhalee: Imam ath-thaqalain

(Imam of Humans and Jinn), Imam ath-thaqalain, an-nasih al-ameen

Sheikh Yahya: I tell you -may Allaah bless you- I am not to be held
accountable for this particular statement, Imam Ath-Thaqalain. I
personally, have never and do not believe or approve of it, not in the
past or present, and those present listen (and bear witness). A poet
happened to err, and has already repented to Allaah; repentance
from sins is recognized even amongst the Khawaarij let alone others!
But despite this, they (the rabble-rousers) continue repeating it,
Imam Ath-Thaqalain. I have clarified this (before), and it has been
released on the web. It was a mistake and I do not like exaggeration
about me or others, and I seek refuge with Allaah. I believe in the
saying of the Prophet:
Do not overpraise me as the (Christians) overpraised Isa son of
Maryam, for I am only Allaahs slave and Messenger so say,
Allaahs slave and Messenger.

They said, O Messenger of Allaah, our Sayyid (master,leader) and

son of our Sayyid, best of us and the son of the best of us. He said,
O people, adhere to your previous statement, and do not be
misled by the Shaytaan

42 P a g e

So it, by Allaah, is not a statement of mine, nor do I approve of it.

Sometimes I may be busied from paying attention to the poems, they
read and go. So if my attention is drawn (to a particular error) I call
the poets attention to it. I did call his attention to it and I noted that
it is a mistake. He has expunged and retracted it, so how is it that you
still constantly reiterate it?
They are on a hunt for anything to substantiate (the allegations) of
extremism, thats what this is. They are on a hunt for anything so as
to substantiate (the allegations)! There is nothing.

Sheikh Rabee Bin Hadee Al-Madkhalee: and An-Naasih alAmeen (the trustworthy adviser), fanaticism, fanaticism, fanaticism!

Sheikh Yahya: As for An-Naasih al-Ameen, by Allaah, this

statement was uttered by the Sheikh (Muqbil) himself -may Allaah
show him mercy- out of good opinion for me, and -Al-Hamdulillah- I
ask Allaah to grant me success in sincerely advising the Muslims, and
I ask Allaah that I be trustworthy. I do not like exaggeration. I tell
many of them, Erase this, I dont want these words, remove this.
And I do not like it. But the statement, An-Naasih Al-Ameen is
legitimate. Trustworthiness is present in the righteous and sincerity is
present in the righteous -thats one thing- it is legitimate. Another
(proof for its acceptability is) in the penultimate hadith in the
Chapter treating of Dream Interpretation in Sahih al-Bukhari. AlHaafith (ibn Hajr) -may Allaah show him mercy- said, And none is
to interpret dreams except for one who is a scholar, beloved, naasih,
ameen such are his words in his explanation of the hadith. He
even said about At-Tustury, in Al-Hilyah by Abu Nuaim, He was
43 P a g e

naasih ameen. And the Prophet said regarding Abu Ubaidah,

Ameen of this ummah. This is all a proof for the acceptability of this
issue. As for me loving it? By Allaah, I do not love it. Rather I love
to be humble, tranquil, and calm. Whoever says, Naasih Ameen, I
tell some of them, Leave off such speech. And others (I disapprove
in other ways)
You yourself, some people perchance utter more extravagant
statements than that in your regard, so why the attack on me? The
people love the one whom they see teaching them good, and some of
them may fall into excessiveness. But all errors are to be rejected.
May Allaah grant us all success.

Sheikh Rabee: The dawah of Sheikh Ibn Baz and Sheikh al-Albani
was not like this

Sheikh Yahya: And our dawah, by Allaah, is not like this, in times
gone by or now. And a mistake that occurs from one or two people,
then they repent (from it), is not to be continuously broadcasted,
may Allaah grant you success.

Sheikh Rabee: Go advise him, do not drum for him, do not clap for
him, and take the stance of men in front of him

Sheikh Yahya: Is this not instigation, my brothers? Who would

accept this? By Allaah, the Sheikh (Rabee) would not accept this
against himself, nor would any scholar accept it, nor would even a
44 P a g e

military officer accept this from his soldiers. It was said to a military
officer, Al-Adani perpetrated such and such so he was told, Go, and
if Allaah grant you success to good (then that is good) or stay and
everyone goes about his business, without any fitnah.
The officer said, By Allaah, Al-Hajoori is right. Were that to occur
from one of my troops in my barracks I would expel him, discharge
So what about one who causes corruption in the dawah?
Are you pleased that they should rise up to overthrow me? I have
been suffering from this fomentation for more than seven years. For
more than seven years this fomentation has been going on against
me. By Allaah, it is impermissible, O Sheikh, and I will hold it
against you before Allaah, it (this undermining) and other than it. I
call to the Sunnah, by Allaah, and I am harmed for its sake and I am
patient upon it. I think you know that I am neither working for the
sake of worldly gain, nor (do I labour) to attain high status in the
land, nor do I seek to spread corruption.
Then after all that (you say), Stand up against him!, Do not roll the
drums for him. They do not beat drums! These (brothers) are callers
to Allaah! They refuted Sheikh Rabee, let alone Yahya. I have
several treatises on hold now, and they are saying, We will respond.
How can we not? This is an error. Let alone (their refutation of)
Yahya (were I to be guilty of which you accuse me).The call for me
being overthrown is not permissible may Allaah bless you.

Sheikh Rabee: He (Sheikh Yahya) is the most harmful of people to

the salafi dawah, none is more harmful than Yahya.
45 P a g e

Sheikh Yahya: There is no deity in truth, except Allaah, O my

brothers! O brothers, there are Jews, Christians, Rafidhees. There
are (all types) of abominations. All of them wage war on the Salafi
dawah, yet I am (to be judged) the most harmful of all? Did I not tell
you that this is extremism, O Brothers?! Now, the Sheikh condemns
extremism, under the pretense that he hates it, and wants unity. O
Sheikh, is this from unity and striving for it? Is this, O Sheikh, a
condemnation of extremism? (Your saying) that I am the most
Al-Adani likewise says, The most wicked of people and I do not
know of anyone more wicked! This is extremism, by Allaah,
extremism. Ubaid too, yells from yonder saying, That man, if he
does not repent, then, off with his head!
There was a fatwa I gave years ago. I then retracted it a few pages
later in the same volume. It was somewhat like that currently being
propagated by Muhammad Al-Imam -may Allaah grant him successbut they do not criticize Sheikh Al-Imam, because their objective is
not criticism, rather they want Yahya; he is the target!
And (`Ubaid says), That man (i.e. Sheikh Yahya), if he does not
repent from that saying, that the Raafidhees may be prayed behind
and that they are not (all) Kafirs, then, off with his head! Meaning
that he is an apostate like Al-Hallaaj; he has apostatized by that
So when Sheikh al-Imam says this why dont you criticise him? Did
I not tell you that you are employing the principle: Let us co-operate
upon that which we agree upon and overlook each others
46 P a g e

Sheikh Rabee Bin Hadee Al-Madkhalee: Only Dammaj is to

remain, and the rest of the marakez (institutes) are under the (my)

Sheikh Yahya: I seek Allaahs refuge from this. Behold (the dawah
in) Aden! Behold (the dawah in) Lahj! Behold (the dawah in)
Hadhramawt! Behold (the dawah in) Maharah! Behold the South and
North of Yemen, Tanzania, Ethiopia. Many countries contain
students of mine, calling to Tawheed, Allaahs Book and the Sunnah
of His Messenger. How can they all be abandoned while they have
such goodness present in them? And others besides them,
establishing good in various countries. When I am informed of those
who establish goodness, I praise and speak highly of them.
I do not speak against anyone, by Allaah, unless he does evil,
oppresses and fabricates lies against this dawah. (In that case) I have
the right, as does every Muslim, to defend this good. It is the
(common) good of the Muslims, (including) yourself, O Sheikh, and
other than you.

The Speech of Sheikh Rabee ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: Only

Dammaj is left [considered Salafi] and all the centers are under the
feet [nothing]except Dammaj. O my brother we have many centers
and all of them are upon the Manhaj of the Salaf. They call to it and
defend it, and all of them are under the feet (according to Yahya) and
no one tells him your wrong!!? [They only applaud him with]The
Sincere Advisor the Sincere Advisor this is not a Salafi cultivation
47 P a g e

and this is not from the Salafi Manhaj. He has left nobody, and now
there are only a few Salafis.

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: By my Lord, the land of

Yemen abounds with good (people) from the Salafis. Aye, by Allaah;
go to any town or city and you will probably find a Salafi masjid and
Salafi dawah. It might decrease (in a place) and be on the increase (in
another), but there is not a land except that there is good in it. This
is good. By Allaah, O Sheikh, it is not be depreciated -may Allaah
give you success. These are from the blessings and bounties that have
been nurtured by Allaah then also by Ahlus-Sunnah, all of them,
and you (Sheikh Rabee) are from them. I mean to say that whether
it be the scholars before or after you; Ibn Baz, Al-Albaani, AlUthaymeen, Al-Fowzaan, Al-Abbaad, and the rest of the people of
knowledge that call to As-Salafiyyah, (and likewise) our Sheikh -May
Allaah have mercy on him- the rest of the people of knowledge and
the rest of the people of Sunnah, that call (to As-Salafiyyah), this is
from the fruits of their dawah, this good is not be depreciated
because of this instigation.
I say to you: the Sheikh (Rabee`) -may Allaah give him successcannot substantiate (that this affair is) anything more than the fitnah
of Al-`Adani. All this speech revolves around the fitnah of Al`Adani. For this reason (he considers) that the Salafis are Al-`Adani
and his clique or whoever has been influenced by him, and whoever
oppresses us is Salafi, and whoever is with us is an extremist.
Laa Ilaaha Illa Allaah! Let us remind each other to fear Allaah.
L ? > = < ; :9 8 76 5 4 3 2 1 0 / . - M

48 P a g e

O you who believe fear Allaah and let one look at what one has
sent forth for the morrow; so fear Allaah, for verily, Allaah is
Aware of what you do.
(Al- Hashr 59: 18)

This is wrong, O Sheikh. It is harmful, by Allaah; harmful to the

Salafi dawa, harmful to me, and harmful to you in the dunya and the
hereafter. It leads to undesirable ramifications. People throwing
accusations at each other; for what? This is not legitimate; it affects
me and the Salafiyyah (i.e. dawa).

Sheikh Rabee ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: A small group of the salafis

in one side and some students from Dammaaj on another side, you
dont find salafis except for them? This is extremism, leave this
extremism!!! Leave it.
Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: I will leave it, and you (also)
desist, for -by Allaah- were I extreme it would be compulsory upon
me to leave extremism. If that sweeping unqualified accusation of
innovation by Muhammad ibn Abdil-Wahhaab, and yourself, against
the Salafi Dawah in Yemen and (your) opposition to it O my
brother, if you undermine Dammaj because it is not Salafi, where
then exactly is the Salafi dawah in Yemen -that you are (allegedly)
defending- to be found? Is it not indeed Mariyyah (the sect led by
Abdur-Rahmaan al-Mar`iy al-Adani)? If you undermine the Salafi
Dawah which they themselves and others from the Muslim lands
learned in, what then, is this Salafi dawah that you claim to defend
out of protectiveness? May Allaah grant you success.

49 P a g e

The Speech of Sheikh Rabee ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: Meaning,

Imam al-Thaqalayn, Imam al-Thaqalayn [the Imam of both Mankind
and Jinn]. and an-Naasihul-Ameen [the Trustworthy Advisor]
Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: I am not their imam nor am I
in need of anyone to tell me so. I am not imam of men or jinn. I am
(but) a teacher to my brothers. I have been put to trial with this and I
ask Allaah to benefit me, and benefit my brothers with me. I ask
Allaah to avert every fitnah and harm from you and me -may Allaah
grant you success. The situation does not call for attacks on me,
informing me that I am not the imam of men and jinn. This has been
my stance from before, and remains so.
Allaah has revealed to me that you humble yourselves, lest one
boast over another, or transgress against another. (Hadith)
By Allaah, I know my own worth. I am in no need of anyone to tell
me that I am not the imam of men and jinn. Were anyone to
address me as such, I should condemn (his speech) and consider him
at fault.
Sheikh Rabee: You are not the imam of men and jinn as is
claimed by his followers.
Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: The word, followers,
displeases me. (Say), Your brothers, your students, your pupils. As
for the word followers; we are all followers of the Messengerof
Sheikh Rabee: Every time we hear about him, Imam of men and
jinn, imam of men and jinn.
50 P a g e

Sheikh Yahya: This confirms -O Sheikh- that you only hear evil
about me, yet you hear not any of my merits. If that is all you hear
about me, then know that they report about me nothing but evil.
They have not related to you the good, or the knowledge that is to
be found here. If that is all you hear, then that shows you that they
do not relate except that which brings about friction and fitnah.
Who says that O brothers? That I am not except Imam of men and
jinn and all I have is fanaticism?
Student from Dammaj: O Sheikh, that is not from Sheikh Yahya
al-Hajoori, he does not hold that. It is from (some of) the students, it
is from (some of) the poets.
Sheikh Yahya: Not only was this the speech of a poet, but he has
already repented. I (reiterate), repentance from sins is recognized
even amongst the Khawaarij! And Allaah says,
: L f e d c b a ` _ ^ ] \ M
He is the one that accepts repentance from His servants and
forgives sins: and He knows all that you do.
(Surah Ash-Shoora 42:25)
Constant repetition of this (is incorrect). The narration about Musa
and Adam is well known (in which Musa -alayhi salaam- mentioned a
sin which Aadam had previously committed, and which Allaah had
already forgiven him for). The man (i.e. the poet) made a mistake and
has retracted and repented from his statement. Exaggeration occurred
in it. Poets try to exaggerate, and the like of that. Some say, The
most untruthful poetry is best, but I say that the best of poetry is
that which is most sound, correct and so forth. By Allaah, I believe
in the Truth and I worship (Allaah) and seek nearness to him by
means of it. This is wrong (i.e. constant repetition of this issue).
51 P a g e

Sheikh Rabee in Hadee al-Madkhalee: Did he [Yahya] rebuke it?

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: I advised them. Its not

imperative that I rebuke everyone that makes a mistake. It is not
imperative. Were you to weigh out wealth for people by the basketfull whilst belittling, coercing, and forcing them, by Allaah, they
would not be comfortable with you or accept your dawah.
However, if advice is given with kindness and gentleness, which is
the way of the Messenger of Allaah, they will accept advice and
benefit from it. My intention is to eliminate mistakes. My intention
is not to compel the people and rebuke them; You be quiet! or Do
this and that! My brother, this is wrong. This is wrong my brother.
The Messenger would have a Bedouin come and grab him like this
(by his chest) and say, O Messenger of Allaah, give me from the
wealth of Allaah not from the wealth of your father, and the
Prophet would order for him to be given (a gift). (Another said) O
perfidy! perfidy! (Addressing the Messenger) seeking that which he
was due. They (The Companions) said, May Allaah destroy you!
would the Messenger of Allaah defraud? The Prophet said,
Leave him! so they went and brought his belongings. The
Prophet gave him more than he was due. The Bedouin said, You
have paid me in full, may Allaah pay you in full.
A man came to the Prophet seeking permission to have fornication
made permissible for him.
(He said,) O Messenger of Allaah, declare fornication
permissible for me. The Prophet said, Leave him and bring
52 P a g e

him closer. He came closer; the Prophet said to him, Would

you like this for your mother? He replied, No, O Messenger of
Allaah. (The Prophet then said, Would you like this for your
sister? He replied, No, O Messenger of Allaah, and so on. The
Prophet then said, O Allaah, purify his heart and protect his
private parts.
So that individual departed upon good without being reproached.

We do not deal (with the people) here by chastisement. We deal with

them with goodness, except those that cause discord within the
dawah. I may rebuke them and speak harshly against them as they
deserve, for verily, this is the da`wah of Allaah. Speaking against it
harms Islam and the Muslims. By Allaah, this is the true call.
Likewise, the Companion that spoke in the prayer said, By Allaah,
the Messenger of Allaah did not scold me. He (The Companion)
said, May my mother be bereaved. The Prophet then said to him,
Indeed, no speech of the people is permissible in As-Salaat.
Also, the man who urinated in a part of the masjid and they (the
Companions) intended to rebuke him. The Prophet did not
admonish him and he did not say to him do such and such nor did he
eject him. Rather the Messenger of Allaah said,
Leave him! Leave him! And do not stop him from urinating.
He (the Messenger) said,
Pour a bucket of water over his urine.
This is the guidance of the Messenger of Allaah and we have in him a
good example.
53 P a g e

A woman said, Amongst us is the Messenger of Allaah he knows

that which will occur tomorrow. He did not rebuke her, rather, he
made clear to her the mistake.

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: Did he openly free

himself from this speech? No! You people applaud him when he
arrives at this extremism.

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: There was no clapping,

clapping is impermissible. Clapping is for women and Tasbeeh (saying
SubhaanAllaah) is for men. How is it that we clapped?! Not one of
us clapped.

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: We have sat together, we

have called him but he does not listen.

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: They sat with me when we

performed Hajj as is known. We visited him and he honoured us for
which we thank him. By Allaah, my brothers, he loves the people of
Sunnah. I speak the truth, I speak the truth, by the permission of
Allaah the Mighty and Majestic, about him or other than him; by
Allaah he loves the people of Sunnah. After his hospitality, (I saw
that) the Sheikh inclined towards not considering Al-`Adani to be a
Hizbee whilst I declare him so. The fellow and those who were with
him here are from my students; I am better acquainted with them
than anyone else!
54 P a g e

They went to him throwing (statements) at him, O Sheikh, you

need to control Al-Hajooree; no one but yourself can rebuke AlHajooree, and other similar statements. So he (Sheikh Rabee) said to
the scholars (asking each one of them), Do you opine Al-`Adani to
be a Hizbee? Do you opine Al-`Adani to be a Hizbee? Do you opine
Al-`Adani to be a Hizbee? I remained silent, aye, by Allaah. They
then forsook me in that very same gathering and contradicted their
previous statements. They said: O Sheikh, even if we do not declare
him Hizbee, we consider him to be in the wrong. (At this point) I
saw a strong attack looming, by Allaah. In front of me were a
number of scholars -amongst them Sheikh Rabee- all of them on my
back, so when I saw that I stayed silent. I said: May Allaah reward
you all, HayyaakumAllaah. What could I say? Was I to remain there
bandying words with Sheikh Rabee and the rest of them? So I
remained silent. As for my having said that he (i.e. Al-`Adani) is not
a Hizbee, (that is not true), rather I said to them: O Sheikh, say (for
arguments sake) that he is not a Hizbee. Is he or is he not at fault?
So Sheikh `Abdul-`Azeez Al-Buraee said: The Sheikh would not
have kissed your beard to forgive him were he not at fault. Upon
that we departed and this is what took place in the Sheikhs
guestroom. If I forgot anything or added anything then it has been a
while, however, by Allaah, this is what I know, may Allaah bless

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: By Allaah he believes

that the attack from the Raafidha is a blessing

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: By Allaah, I do not believe

this. By Allaah, I have been oppressed by them, and my brother was
55 P a g e

killed, my brother from my father and mother. How can I believe

that its a blessing? My house was damaged. How can I believe that it
is a blessing and a mortar shell (landed) within a few cubits of me and
another struck the place where I (normally) exit but Allaah spared
me. And some of my students were (seriously) injured. Do I
consider all of this a blessing?! Seventy martyrs were wrongfully and
wickedly (slain) on the Barraaqah (i.e. the mountain overlooking the
masjid), by the Raafidah. You used to be hurt by this. Who changed
you? Yes, by Allaah, it is these rabble-rousers. You used to be in
contact with me, distressed, burning (out of anxiety), out of love for
me and I having love for you. Between you and I was love and
brotherhood, and now these villains have corrupted our

: L | { z y x w v u M
O you who believe! Fear Allaah and speak the truth.
(Surah Al-Ahzaab 33: 70)

The wounded are still in different countries around the world seeking
treatment. I am pleased with all of this and consider it to be a
blessing?! I consider this to be a trial!
: L M
And we will try you with evil and good and to Us you shall be
(Surah Al-Anbiyaa 21: 35)
56 P a g e

Evil and good can be considered a trial and an affliction.

The Messenger of Allaah said:
A person is tested in accordance to (the strength) of his religion,
the Prophets (suffer the hardest trials) then those who resemble
them, then those who resemble them. So if he is weak in his
religion, his test is lessened, and if he is strong in his religion; (his
test) will be made more severe upon him.

Suppose we are sinners; we are not free of sin.

The Prophet said that Allaah said:
Verily, you err by night and day, and I forgive all sins.
Perchance Allaah may make (these events) an expiation for our sins.
It has been narrated in Al-Bukhari and Muslim -and some of its
wordings are only found in one of the twoA Muslim is not smitten by fatigue, illness, harm, or sorrow even a thorn which he is pricked by- except it is an expiation for
his sins.
By Allaah, I am hurt by the conduct of our father Rabee may Allah
protect and grant him success. They (the sowers of discord) have
turned him around completely, from that which he was previously
upon. (He used to) be distressed (for us), a sincere advisor, yes, giving
counsel, having love, maintaining contact (with us). He even said:
That which is between Sheikh Yahya and I has ended forever, and
so on. By Allaah, I rejoiced at that, out of concern for the da`wah,
57 P a g e

and (hoping to bring about) mutual love between the people of

Sunnah. However those (sowers of dissension) were intent on
pitching camp at his house (in order to cause discord); inciting him,
inciting him. Some of them said: Verily, I will sow dissension
between al-Hajooree and the rest of the people of knowledge. And
the Sheikh (i.e. Sheikh Muqbil) -may Allaah have mercy upon himsaid before and I remind you of this, O Sheikh, (i.e. Sheikh Rabee)
-may Allaah grant you success-: our Sheikh (i.e. Sheikh Muqbil) -may
Allaah have mercy upon him- contacted him saying: Do you say that
I have Hizbees with me? Meaning that the Sheikh (i.e. Sheikh
Muqbil) was criticizing Sheikh Rabee and he replied (i.e. Sheikh
Rabee): It is possible that you may have Hizbees with you, you may
not be safe from this, or words to that effect.
Then he (i.e. Sheikh Rabee said to Sheikh Muqbil): An individual
claims that he will sow discord between you and Sheikh Rabee`, and
he is determined to do this. So I remind you (Sheikh Rabee`) of
that. Then the Sheikh (i.e. Sheikh Muqbil) said: Were two
mountains to crash together no evil or discord should come between
you and me inshAllaah. The Sheikh (Sheikh Muqbil) informed me
of this and said to me: I remind you of this. And I have not ceased
to be on this (i.e. being wary of those who try to sow discord), by
Allaah. As for you, those people have caused discord between you
and me. Fear Allaah, this is impermissible. They have oppressed the
da`wah, they have perpetrated and perpetrated, and wrought other
(evil) works which have been reported in treatises and internet sites
that are ablaze (with their antics). This is what is happening. All of
this resulted from their influence. (I recall) some of the statements
(of Sheikh Rabee`). He used to speak highly and say, You have been
tested and Allaah shall aid you. But he was then swayed by the exact
same statements we used to hear from them (i.e. the Hizbees) here in
58 P a g e

Yemen! They deserted us in front of the enemies of Allaah. They

were saying that this (the war) was brought about by our sins and
this is just what we need, and some of them were hoping I die a
martyr, and so on. It is impermissible to be pleased (with the acts of
the Raafidhah).
The believer is to (his fellow) believer like a structure.
He feels his pain; he is saddened by his grief and rejoices at his
pleasure. As for me being pleased with this and it being a blessing;
how is it a blessing? Many of our brothers who I used to love and
respect, who had memorized (the Quraan) and so forth, some of
them were slain in the path of Allaah, defending this good. You
yourself used to show gratitude to the people of Sunnah for this,
defending this good. Who is it that brought about this change?
Indeed, it is they! (i.e. the sowers of dissention).

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: but wallahi this is a

punishment from Allaah

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajooree: If it was a punishment from

Allaah, perhaps Allaah will expiate our sins by it, as mentioned in the
said narrations, perhaps Allaah may expiate our sins by way of it, as
in the aforementioned proofs.
Having said this, I do not
intentionally commit any sin. Allaah knows that I dislike to
intentionally commit any sin, however, I am not free from that. So if
Allaah purifies me the from these sins, by putting me to trial with
these types of trials such as (that taking place) between the scholars
and myself, perhaps it will be a cleansing for me from sins.
59 P a g e

: L & % $ # " ! M
that Allaah may test (or purify) the believers (from sins) and
destroy the disbelievers.
(Al- Imran 3: 141)
And it has been authentically reported by Abu Yala, on the
authority of Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said:
A slave may indeed have a (lofty) position in Paradise, and it is
not with many (good) actions that he attains it. So Allaah will
not cease to put him to trial [meaning in his family, wealth, and
self] until he makes him reach that position.
Hopefully this may be applicable to me. As for this being a
punishment of the same type (inflicted upon) the disbelievers - : L ? > = <; : 8 7 6 5 4 M
We shall punish them gradually from directions they perceive
not. And I will grant them respite. Verily my plot is strong.
(Surah Al-Qalam 68: 45)
-(i.e. this being a punishment of the same type (inflicted upon) the
disbelievers.) No, but perhaps Allaah will expiate our sins, if indeed
that is the case (i.e. a punishment).

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: But wAllaahi this is a

punishment from Allaah due to his slander of Ahlul Sunnah for the
past seven years.

60 P a g e

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali Al-Hajooree: No, I never falsely accused

(any one), however I defended my brothers and (defended) this good,
I have been oppressed, I am the oppressed one, and this is the reality
and these are my proofs and there are many more from me and my

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: the splitting he caused all

over the world in his cultivation of ghuloo in all of these countries

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: No, not at all. The fitnah
which occurred was due to the incitement (of the people against me),
O Shiekh -may Allaah grant you success- not from my extremism.
This (fitnah) was because of this incitement. For example: visitors and
groups would come and some of them were for this incitement and
some of them were not. They (i.e. those who wanted to incite) would
say, attempting to provoke a reaction: Stand up against so and so!
Do this to so and so! O men, arise! This fitnah occurred against me.
My students, brothers, and companions in many places (attempted
to) prevent this evil and advised with distancing from it, as well as
warning against those who incite fitnah. This was the cause of the
As for this (fitnah) being caused by my extremism, then no! I do not
have extremism, I do not believe in it nor do I worship Allaah by
way of it, and I seek refuge in Allaah from it.

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: in all of these countries

that Ive previously mentioned. By Allaah this is a punishment while
61 P a g e

he believes it is to be a blessing. He believes this, but it is a

punishment from Allaah

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: I do not believe that. I do not

believe that. I am better acquainted than you with that which is in
my heart.

Sheikh Rabee` ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee: Due to his actions and

the actions of his students. By Allaah, we have not seen this type of
extremism from the people of innovation that we see from his

Sheikh Yahya ibn `Ali al-Hajooree: O my brothers, fear Allaah,

how is this? Do the Raafidhees not have extremism with them? They
say: O Husein, (i.e. the son of Ali -may Allaah be pleased with him)
why do you not come to us! And the Soofis who crawl and then
carefully proceed (in the direction of the one they deify) and kiss him
on his knee and then retreat, they are not as extreme as us?
I say to you (O brothers), this speech has come as a result of anger
and agitation, to the point that some of those present have informed
me that he (Sheikh Rabee`) was shaking as he spoke. If speech comes
at a time of anger there could possibly be (in it) additions or
omissions, and this is an addition that occurred. No one can deny
This is advice. If there are any mistakes in this advice, I hope that the
Sheikh (Rabee) and those listening can pardon me for any lapses or
mistakes. By Allaah, I did not intend any slips of the tongue (which
62 P a g e

may have occurred), (I hope that they) pardon me. I only desire
reconciliation (and attempted this) to the best of my ability, and my
success is not except by way of Allaah. In Him I trust and to Him I

Subhaanaka (Disassociated be You from all that is (falsely) ascribed to

You) and to You is all praise. I bear witness that none has the right
to be worshipped except You, and I seek Your forgiveness and to
You I repent.

63 P a g e