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letter from the director

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The Richard and Jean Coyne
Family Foundation

creative start-up kit (CSK)

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Copyright 2008 Project Osmosis KIT. The information contained in

the Project Osmosis KIT may not be published, broadcast, rewritten
or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of
Project Osmosis Eduaction and Mentoring Initative.


m i s s i o n

The Project Osmosis Education and Mentoring Initiative is a non-profit,

501(C)(3) art and design mentoring program targeting grade school and high
school inner-city students. By going to schools and hosting seminars and
workshops, Osmosis volunteers help to increase design awareness while
also increasing students self-esteem. Through private funding and support,
programs are free for students. Osmosis Education and Mentoring Initiative
was established as a not-for-profit organization to further design education
for underserved minority youth. Today, Osmosis Education and Mentoring
Initiative is devoted to preserving and promoting the enduring achievements
of both professional designers and mentoring the talents of our youth. The
Osmosis philosophical principles are expressed in three words: Dreams, SelfExpression and Community. Osmosis believes that dreams come true, selfexpression matters and our communities will benefit from our youths creativity. Osmosis Education and Mentoring Initiative provides a unique understanding and appreciation of visual arts. Areas of focus include: graphic
design, architecture, fashion, interior design and multi-media. For more information visit

letter from the director
A s t he Executive Dire cto r of P roj e c t OS M O S i S , I am s o pl e a s e d to b e se r v ing a long with AIGA to fu r t h e r th e mi s s i o n of me n t o r i n g yo u n g c rea t i ve ta l e nt. A gain, thank you for you r su p p o r t an d for p a r tn e r i n g wi t h P roj e c t
Osmosis. I t g ives m e grea t pl e a s u re to i n t rod u c e th e A d o p t a n O s m o s i s K i t
as a resource for A IGA p ro fes s i o n a l an d th e va r i o u s st u d e n t ch apt e r s .
Adopt a n Osmosis is a de t a i l e d ki t on h ow to in c o r p o r a t e c rea t i ve me n t o r ing pro grams in AIGA chap t e r s wi t h o u t rei nven t i n g th e wh e e l . Th e o u t l i n e d
pro grams are proven co m mun i t y mo d e l s ge a re d t owa rd K- 1 2 g r a d e st u dents. Pro grams incorpo r a t e st r a t e g i c fol l ow- u p me t h o d s so ch apt e r s c a n
identify s tudents who wa n t to pu r s u e a ca ree r i n t h e de s i g n p ro fe s s i o n .
Adopt an Osmosis kits hi g h l i g h t p rog r a m s st a r te d in C h i c a go by P roj e c t
Osmosis. A IGA C hapters u s i n g th e s e ma t e r i a l s mus t fol l ow P roj e c t Os m o s i s
standard s and program ob j e c t i ves ou t l i n e d in th e ki t s . Th e pu r p o s e o f th e
A d o p t a n d O s m o s i s K i t is to ed u c a t e an d p rovi d e o r g a n i z a t i o n s , ed u c a t o r s
and l ike-minded suppor te r s wi t h de s i g n , p rog r a m s an d me n t o r i n g gu i d e l i n e s .
T he kit also provides spo n s o r su g g e s t i o n s an d i n for m a t i o n on sa m p l e p roj e cts fro m t he Creative S t a r t- U p Ki t ( C S K ) . Al l o f th e do c u m e n t a t i o n wi t hi n the Osmosis Kit was co m p i l e d by Os m o s i s st a f f an d a g rou p of d e d i c a t e d
profe ssional volunteers f ro m va r i o u s de s i g n di s c i p l i n e s , in c l u d i n g gr aph i c
design, f ashion, i ndustria l , a rc h i t e c t u re an d mul t i - m e d i a . T h e t e c h n i q u e s o f
the disciplines are the fo u n d a t i o n an d in s p i r a t i o n of t h e va r i o u s p rog r a m s .
The v arious themes for th e C rea t i ve St a r t - U p Ki t (C S K ) a re a ref l e c t i o n o f
our society. Considering th e bu d g e t cu t s in t h e a r ts , t h e s e ki t s wil l b e
essential t ools for introd u c i n g AI G A p ro fes s i o n a l s an d ed u c a t o r s to st a r t u p
m entoring programs that ca n ex p o s e you n g pe o p l e to t h e c rea t i ve wor l d o f
design. T he k its are desi g n e d to ca t e r t owa rd u n d e r s e r ved mi n o r i t i e s th a t
may n ot have any o ther ac c e s s to th e fi e l d s o f de s i g n . Th e k i t s ca n be us e d
a s a template to create li ke- m i n d e d p rog r a m s in you r a rea th a t ne e d t h e m
the m ost. Osmosis is al s o of fe r i n g co a c h i n g for A I G A ch apt e r s th a t ne e d
add itional suppor t to lau n c h a c rea t i ve p rog r a m . Th e ki t s we re de s i g n e d by
AIGA m ember Kim Lovely, wh o al s o se r ve s as P roj e c t O s m o s i s Di re c t o r o f
Education. I wo uld like to th a n k th e Os m o s i s st a f f a n d vol u n t e e r s for th e i r
vision i n cre ating these ki t s . It i s o u r ho p e th a t AI G A m e m b e r s ta ke fu l l
a dvantage o f this valuable to o l to h e l p th e c rea t i ve co m mun i t y in yo u r a re a
re ach its full p otiental.

project osmosis coach mission

"Reassurance, Confirmation, Results."

It has taken Project Osmosis several years to

develop our programs and services. Throughout
this time, there have been many learning experiences, challenges, and various stages of growth.
To help you bypass some of the hurdles that you
will face when setting up your program we offer
assistance by our expert Project Osmosis
Coaches (POC).

what is a project osmosis coach?

A Project Osmosis Coach works with the

organization head or project leader to:
Build shared vision within the organization/program
Build a learning environment/learning organization
Be a positive role model
Help recognize individual abilities and values
Reinforce self-confidence and independence
Support volunteers
Drive away fear caused by starting new programs
Encourage participation/self-expression of volunteers
Foster continuous improvement
Foster initiative and responsibility
Encouraging persistence
Facilitate change and growth
Emphasize intrinsic outcomes
Advocate shared leadership

how do project osmosis
coaches operate?
The Organization Head/Program Manager and Project Osmosis
Coaches (POC) define boundaries of relationships. The POC role
must be agreed upon to work effectively. The Project Osmosis
Coach is a resource. He/she is not in control of the relationship
or the actions and decisions or any person they are coaching. The
Organization Head/Program Manager makes final decision in any
given situation. The Project Osmosis Coach is to offer consultation that enhances capabilities and self-esteem, and strengthen
competency, not demonstrate that they know all the answers.
There will be a delicate balance of reassurance, confirmation,
assistance, but will not offer speculation about the right course of
Key Benefits
A Project Osmosis Coach helps to:
Identify and Maximize your Program Ideas and Opportunities
Get Clarity of Objectives and Strategic Plan
Understand Yourself as a Leader and Your Desires
Be Challenged and Creative
Stay Focused and on Track of Goals
If you think that you can benefit from the assistance of a Project
Osmosis Coach, contact us at 773-779-1352.

project osmosis mentoring programs

Mentoring is not only emotionally and professionally rewarding

for the volunteers but has several benefits for youth.
Benefits for youth:
Provides support for new behaviors, attitudes and ambitions
Improves social skills
Improvement in youths relationships with teachers, parents and friends
Helps raise goals and expectations
Improves school performance
Improves youths conversational skills, ability to listening and self-expression
Improves anger and conflict management skills
Gives youth access to new world of ideas and experiences

Project Osmosis favors inclusive approaches

to mentoring and recognizes and supports
more than one model of mentoring youth.

3 models of mentoring that
project osmosis supports
There are three (3) models of mentoring that Project Osmosis supports which are Traditional
Mentoring, One-to-one Mentoring, Group Mentoring , and E-mentoring.
Below is a quick break down of the benefits and challenges of each model, and suggestions to keep in mind
while employing each model. Use all the models of mentoring or pick the model that best suits your
organizational needs.

Benefits of Tradition Mentoring:

Provides more individualized attention
Provides stronger relationships between the mentor and the youth
Usually attracts educated and higher income volunteers
More likely to promote positive changes in the youth
Less complicated than group dynamic
More likely mentors and youth can be matched by shared characteristics
Benefits of Group Mentoring:
Reaches large numbers of youth with relative little effort on recruitment, screening, and
supervision of mentors.
Able to reach volunteers that traditional mentoring can not because of particular location
of the program (eg. Schools, libraries, etc)
Offers a familiar setting in which youth can interact with peers and receive guidance
Provides a cross-section of guidance and examples of successful adults
Provides more structure and specified activities
Peer interactions also can provide mentors with important information about youths
individual needs
More feasible for college students and other volunteers with changing schedules
More likely to reach youth through peer recruitment
Mentors able to work as a Team.
Challenges of Group Mentoring:
Facilitating and managing peer interactions
Ensuring youth receive equal attention and contribute to discussions and activities
Keeping youth engaged
Pursing inexpensive activities because of the cost accommodating multiple youth
Transportation and cost are concerns, when meeting in specific locations
Relationship longevity between mentors and youth
* studies show that reports of fighting, teasing, or excluding youth from the group
are very rare.
There are several things to keep in mind when dealing with youth in a group dynamic.
1. Group mentors who had strong relationships with their youth exhibited behavior that is
close to that of Traditional One-to-One mentors, and are not afraid of close involvement.
2. Attended program and met with youth frequently.
3. Had fun with the youth, got to know them personally, without solely focusing on the
programs designated activities.
4. Being open to one-on-one conversations with youth when necessary.
5. Have fun with the youth, facilitate growth without being too serious.
6. Realize that youth vary greatly from each other and from a mentors own experience.
7. Make program sessions interactive.

relationship building
process of group mentoring
Benefits of E-Mentoring
Project Osmosis E-mentoring is a means of providing a guided mentoring relationship
between designers and youth interested in pursuing design fields as a profession, largely
through e-mailing. The core program structure is that of guided mentoring of students
around curricular projects, research and lifeskills, and preparing students for design careers.
These programs are overseen by a mentor coordinator. Students generally look forward
to receiving email from their design mentor, and have a high degree of respect for them.
The mentoring relationship brings an added interest and aim to the classroom that many
students benefit from in significant ways. For the professional designer the ease of use that
email provides allows the mentor to spend a small amount of time for a large positive
impact in a young person's life.

Benefits of E-mentoring
Program can be specifically designed to sustain the interest of high school students
in the design fields
Less expensive that other styles of mentoring
Community does not have to find a physical location to participate
Contact with youth as frequent as agreed upon, making it possible to support youth
as they pursue courses and careers in the non-traditional fields of design.

Challenges to E-Mentoring
Keeping records and youth emails updated
Making sure Youth have continued access to email (ie. School accounts, public
library, etc. youth may not have readily available access to computers so a mentor
can not always expect quick responses.)

components of e-mentoring

Components of E-Mentoring
One-to-One Mentoring:
Match youth with professionals to engage in discussions about useful strategies for
overcoming obstacles and fears, expert knowledge, and sound career advice.
Peer Lounge:
Each category of participants (Mentors, students, and/or teachers) will be provided
with its own mailing list referred to as lounges
Discussion Forums:
Detailed information about program and program related materials, current
research, college career information and other information sources that have
proven useful supporting youth in design fields.
Note: It is recommended that print-based implementation guides be created for
teachers/parents as well as orientation materials for students and mentors designed
to support participation in program
1. Recruit online as well as in person
2. Make sure substantial effort is made to ensure mentors represent a wide
range of backgrounds, including race, age, geographic location, career
fields andlevel of education.

creative start-up kit CSK samples

The creative start-up kit (CSK) samples are

various projects that were created by the
Project Osmosis staff for the annual Youth
Design Forum Workshop. Each year a different theme is created.
Please feel free to use these projects as a point of reference or inspiration for your program.

(CSK) Project theme:

Sustainable Design:

DO Something All Natural

CSK sample theme

Project Theme:
Sustainable Design:

DO Something All Natural

Ways in which to improve our natural resources through design.
To positively promote and improve our health, education, community, and business.
To enlighten students to the idea that the design disciplines can
create a better environment, aid the disadvantaged, and improve
our community. Each student will be required to complete and
bring there templates the day of the Youth Forum. Use black ink
and pencil only. No computer renderings allowed.
Write a brief summary of your thoughts and sketches.

CSK sample for Architecture

The discipline dealing with the principles of design, construction,

materials, and the ornamentation of fine buildings and environments with consideration to their aesthetic value. Architects
design buildings/shelter of modest to complex form with careful
study and consideration of the surrounding landscape, public
spaces, large scale infrastructural and urban systems. It also
involves an emphasis on the ecological, technological, political,
and economic processes as it relates to design. (homes, office,
schools, libraries, museums, hospitals and retail stores are a few
examples.) Our effort this year centers on sustainable design and
those aspects of architecture that affect the sustainability, materials and design of a project. Sustainability has a myriad of
topics/solutions as it relates to materials, the natural environment, recycling, and the overall way a structure is used. Students
will discover how a building can be designed with the environment in mind as they chose a program, materials, site, and shape
the overall Life Cycle Cost of a building in an effort to DO

CSK sample for Architecture contd.

This effort will enable the student to simply design
any structure they would like where someone or
something must be housed in a comfortable climate during all four seasons. The design solution
will involve the following:
1.The use of the structure (house, library,
retail store, etc.)
2. How they site the project to take advantage
of the natural environment
3.What sustainable materials do they
choose that are environmentally friendly
4. How the structure takes advantage, and
also takes concern with the natural environment.
5. How well the structure is designed to
represent our time, our concerns, and the
visual preferences of today

CSK sample for Interior Design

Interior designers need to be creative, imaginative and artistic.

Interior designers plan the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior or space.This includes color schemes, arrangement
of pattern designs of fabric, space relations between objects in
that space. A designer develops a design concept for an interior
space and transforms this concept into a practical, functional, yet
innovative and exciting environment that meets the needs of the
client. Designers work in a wide range of settings, including commercial and residential space, and often collaborates with an
architect to enhance and obtain their goals. These spaces can
include home, office, restaurants, interiors for airplanes or yachts,
or hospitality and health care industries.
This year we will focus on the design of an interior space, with a

concept that includes the use of green and recycled

products. Students will be introduced to the many ways in which
sustainable design can be utilized creatively, to protect the environment and those who live in it. Students will Do Something
Natural in an interior space, by selecting a site, a program, materials and fabric, in a way that is environmentally friendly.

CSK sample for Interior Design contd.

Students will design any residential or commercial
space. They should also keep in mind that sustainable product must be used that will be comfortable
year round, depending on where the space
is located.
The design concept should include:
1.The use of the space (home, office, health
care, library etc.).
2.Which sustainable products will they select
that is environmentally friendly.
3. How well the space is built out to
represent sustainability.

CSK sample for Industrial Design

Industrial design is the fusion of art, business, and science.

Industrial designers create the products we buy and use. (shoes,
cell phones, water bottles, wheelchairs, toys, etc.) From personal care items to manufacturing machinery, industrial designers
help guide every stage of product development. In fields as
diverse as medicine and apparel, industrial designers impact sales
and drive consumer trends. Working as part of a product development team that often includes engineers and marketing specialists, industrial designers determine the look, feel, and usability of
a product destined to be massed produced for consumer purchase. Industrial designers are experts at assessing the human factors that go into developing products.
They understand how visual presentation, physical design, and
ergonomic characteristics can influence a products marketability
and success. [source: About; MS Kauffman]

CSK sample for Interior Design contd.

Winter Heating Bills Hit All-Time High.Why are your parents gas
bills so high? It's cold outside but summer is coming, the economy is low and bills are higher than ever because of two factors "the high price of natural gas and colder winter" AND "the
scorching Chicago summers with the use of ACs which drive up
electric bills and deplete the ozone.To help conserve natural gas,
lower your parents bills and save the ozone; PEOPLES ENERGY
wants you to design.

1. A small window alternative energy AC
unit that can function as air conditioning
and heater too. Also consider the current
size and placement of the AC unit.
2. A wind turbine. A wind turbine is a machine
for converting the mechanical energy.

CSK sample for Muliti-Media

As the name implies, multimedia is the integration of multiple

forms of media. This includes text, graphics, audio, video, etc. For
example, a presentation involving audio and video clips would be
considered a "multimedia presentation." Educational software that
involves animations, sound, and text is called "multimedia software." Interactive media designers create digital graphics, illustration, and animation for presentation programs, consumer CDROMs, online services, DVDs, touch-screen kiosks, and video
games.These designers work for a wide range of industries including entertainment, marketing, education, commerce, and training.
[source: Graphic Artist Guild] Students will develop a multimedia campaign about a natural environmental issue. and will create a visual
campaign/poster, video, and or webpage that will act as individual
components to demonstrate the overall "natural" message.
Celebrities use their fame and artistic talent to bring awareness to
issues that matter to them daily. For example, Kanye West used his
artistic abilities, in his song "Diamonds are Forever" to raise
awareness about the diamond mines in Sierra Leonne.. Think of
yourself as an acclaimed artist that will use your own voice to create a public service announcement (PSA) about dangers to the
environment (i.e. your neighborhood) and what you can do to
help solve the problem.

CSK sample Muliti-Media for contd.

Muliti-Media contd.
Think of things we constantly discard or throw away.
What effects do they have on the environment?
This is your chance to create and change the thought process of
the way the world currently thinks about conservation and how
it can drastically affects the live of future generations.

Choose from one of the following:
1. Animated billboard campaign that brings
awareness to a global issue of your choice.
2. PSA (30 sec. commercial). Explaining the
global issue
3.Website Layout Design that will promote
awareness about your global issue.

CSK sample for Graphic Design

Graphic Design of every form of visual communication in which

we come in contact daily. The designers uses both design and production elements (including color, typography, illustration, photography, animation, and printing or web design) to organize ideas
visually to convey a desired impact and message. The graphic
designer is experienced in evaluating and developing effective
communication strategies that enhance a clients image, service,
or product. Projects involve printed materials such as magazines
and books, three-dimensional packaging and products, and the
identity systems and sales campaigns of business and industry,
through logos and collateral promotion (annual reports, catalogs,
brochures, press kits, and direct mail packages. The talents of
graphic designers are also crucial to broadcasting as well as multimedia. [source: Graphic Artist Guild] Oprah Winfrey is working with
the City of Chicago Metropolitan Water Reclamation to save Lake
Michigan beaches from e coli bacteria. The beaches on the
Southside of Chicago are infested with e coli bacteria and so much
waste that the beaches in that area cannot be used all summer.
Adopt a Beach is a program where families, schools and community based groups participate in the year round program by conducting litter monitoring and testing water quality along Lake
Michigans shoreline. Earth Day is April 1st and Oprah needs you
to design one of the following items below for Adopt-A-Beach.
Choose from one the following items to make a Public Service
Announcement (PSA) for Oprahs Adopt-A-Beach
1.T-shirt design
2. Poster

CSK sample for Fashion

A fashion designer is a creative and technical professional who

designs clothing within a specific theme for a specific purpose and
a specific market. Examples of what a fashion designer creates,
which range from everyday clothes to precious metal jewelry at
various prices, shapes and sizes include: dresses, uniforms, shoes,
denims, umbrellas, and more. There are several career paths in
this field that you can choose based on your strengths and interests including, sketcher, cutter, pattern maker, taylor costume
designer, etc. Industries where work can be found include textile
manufacturers, haute couturier (high fashion), mens tailoring,
trend consultant and more.
The Fashion Workshop has been commissioned by a well-known
celebrity to design a few trendy accessories and garments that
reflect their decision to live a more natural lifestyle. This same
celebrity client, who is constantly inspired by nature, is also looking for a new designer to help them start their own fashion line,
targeted to consumers age 15-35. The celebrity has heard wonderful things about you and is now looking to you for ideas.
To prepare for the workshop choose two of your favorite objects
that fall into the categories of the items listed (ex. Flower=rose
or Animal=giraffe). Find or draw a picture of these objects and list
as many words as you can that give a full description of the
1. Plant or Flower
2. Animal
3. Fruit or Vegetable

project osmosis initiatives

Project Osmosis is unique in design, in addressing the

concerns of minority youth, in being anchored in human
development. The initiatives exposes young people to
the career opportunities in design and prepares young
people with the various skills they will need to be
designers of the futurea blend of generalist and specialistwho can service the great demand in the global
economy. Osmosis gives our children a head start!
The programs, events, materials, and topics below are
described within the KIT
All High School Design Competition (event)
Project Osmosis Design Youth Forum (program)
Express Yourself Portrait (program)
Project Osmosis Kick-Off (event)
Project Osmosis Presents (event)
Creative Start-Up Kits (material)
Kids Saftey Guildlines (topic)

project osmosis initiatives contd.


Our All High School Design Competition helps to create design interest in
the minds of young people from low income brackets who may not otherwise be exposed to design careers. We believe programs such as
OSMOSiS are unique in creating self-esteem and awareness to creative
minds, while at the same time influencing design professionals to become
more active in the design community.The Design Competition encourages
high school students to be creative thinkers and innovators by expressing
their natural talents and creating a piece that best expresses themselves
through 6 areas of design: architecture, industrial, graphic design, interior,
fashion, and multi-media design.

project osmosis initiatives contd.


(See CSK details in section 4 of the Kits)
Project Osmosis Design Youth Forum is an all-day showcase of the design
fields for high school students city-wide that immerse them in their selected
disciplines by assigning projects the best of which are awarded with prizes.
Students take home materials of the chosen discipline, and certificates for
To support pre-professional career discovery in design disciplines
among minority youth.
To identify mentors and role models.
To harvest participants for candidacy in the mentoring program the
following year. Along with immersing students in a college learning
The Design Youth Forums curriculum entails instruction in the following:
Basic principles of design
Definitions of design disciplines
A design project and critique
Career opportunities within a particular design discipline
Preparing and applying for design school
Applying for design jobs
Building a design portfolio
Design resource guide (schools, organizations, publications, libraries,
databases etc.)

project osmosis initiatives contd.

The Project Osmosis Express Your Self-Portrait, is designed to encourage young
people to follow positive career paths in art and design.The Express Your SelfPortrait program creates self-esteem by having kids paint a portrait of themselves with the assistance of a professional designer or artist. Osmosis
design and art professionals will work one-on-one with children to help each
of them utilize the basic principles of design, such as color, line and shape, to
create a large-scale self-portrait. Kids are able to use this art medium to
learn more about themselves. Its an opportunity for them to explore their
self-concepts in a unique and expressive way. For each of them, the artwork
is a reflection of his or her own self- image. This introduces children to the
possibility of having a career as an artist. They are encouraged to take the
portraits home when completed or have them displayed at the Library in the
communities in which they live.
To expose primary and middle school children to art and design.
To become a training ground for future mentors.
To create a framework geared towards educators involving teacher more
substantially. It also addresses how to present and educate teachers
about design, so that it can be integrated in their regular curriculums with the goal of
implementing a yearly workshop that instructs teachers about design, in addition to their
regular classroom engagements with students
To excite interest in design and introduce career options other than sports and entertainment.

project osmosis initiatives contd.


The Project Osmosis Kick-Off Retreat is a one day Program design to energize
the organization. Held as a whole. Held in the month of September, the event
is broken into two components: one for the internal board, the other is open
to the public.The first part of the program is attended only by The Project
Osmosis board members, staff and volunteers to recap the years progress,
current programs and activities as it relates to the mission. During this part
of the program the board and staff consider the structure and progress of
the organization as a whole followed up by a brainstorm session for future
movements and events. The second portion of the program focuses on
Project OSMOSIS and its mission by providing networking and creative
activities to the general public Designed to promote volunteerism and
encourage young people to pursue careers in the field of design and to also
talk one-on-one with designers in the fields of architecture, fashion, graphic,
interior, industrial, and multimedia design. Students and professionals are
encouraged to sign-up for our mentoring program and learn more about
Project Osmosis.

project osmosis initiatives contd.

Osmosis Presents is a Jazzy Show and Tell that introduces
K thur12th teachers and their students to design professionals and their areas of expertise.
Establishes a relationship with the school
Build a professional relationships with students and teachers
Recruit students for the annual Design Youth Forum and
other programs
Circulates literature to teachers and students about current
and future Osmosis events
Recruit students to volunteer for future programs
Keeps the school connected to the professional design community

Gaining Sponorship and Support

Project Osmosis finds sponors primarly by reaching out to the local
community in which the events are held. We put which the events are
held.We put on yearly fundraiser to raise money along with reaching out
for additional financial support from art foundations like the IIIinois Arts
Council and Richard H. Dreihaus Foundation.
Work with the local Libraries in the community to host events.
Contact local museums to host and sponor programs
Recruit volunteers through like minded organizations like
AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and NOMA
(National Organization of Minority Architects.
Works with local churches and schools to recruit the children
that particpate and to help facilitate were the programs are held.
Partner with local Universities in the inner
city that have design curriculms and materials
to do open houses for young people.
Reach out to local design vendors for support.

Kids safety comes first

In this section we will list safety regulations that all volunteers and events
planners must be conscience of when having events in public places. It is
extremely important to make sure that all the kids are safe and
accounted for.


Very important not to bring hazardous design tools such as exact
knives, toxic paint or sprays.
When going to the bathroom kids should not be completely alone.
The volunteer should wait for the child outside restroom facilities.
Stay with the child inside the bathroom if the youth is very young.
Make sure the child washes their hands.
Background checks should be run on all volunteers participating
in programs.
Make sure that a responsible parent is dropping off the child as well as
picking them up.
Watch the interaction between the child and adult as well as who is
pick ing up child.
Always check with the libraian or program coordinator when a child
is unclear

project osmosis staff

Executive Director: Vernon Lockhart

Director of Program Development: Lisa Moran
Director of Education: Kim Lovely
Director of Mentoring: Craig Stevenson
Director of Finance: Raquel Dowdy
Director of Creative Services: Marti Parham
Director of Electronic Media: Fredricka Holloway

Opening Eyes, Expanding Horizons, Designing Futures

NAME ____________________________________________________________________________
Age: _______
ADDRESS _______________________________________ CITY ______________________ STATE_____ ZIP_______
PHONE _________________________________ EMAIL __________________________________________________________
NEIGHBORHOOD _________________________________________________________________________________________
PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME _________________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS _______________________________________ CITY ______________________ STATE_____ ZIP_______
PHONE _________________________________ EMAIL __________________________________________________________
____ ASIAN
SCHOOL ____________________________________________________________________________________ GRADE _____
SCHOOL ADDRESS ____________________________________ CITY ______________________ STATE_____ ZIP_______
SCHOOL PHONE ______________________________________ TEACHER/ART DEPT. ________________________________
What part of the day did you enjoy the most?
What did you like least?
What would you change or like to see in the future about the Design Youth Forum?
What theme or project would you suggest for next year?
Rate the presentation and instruction given by the workshop instructor?
POOR EXPLAIN_________________________________________________________________________________________
What area(s) of design are you interested in?
Do you plan to attend college? What college(s) are you thinking of applying to or attending?
Have you participated in the Design Youth Forum in the past? If yes, when and with what group?
Which career(s) would you like to learn more about?







Do you have a portfolio or are you currently working on your portfolio?

Are you familiar with how to build and present a portfolio?
Does your class discuss design history?
Are you familiar with any minority Design professional or Design firm(s)? If so, which ones?
Would you like to learn more about minority designers?
Are their any design professionals in your family?