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The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police Presents

Rockhill & Halton’s
2015 Sergeants Written Exam Training & Preparation

◈ Learn strategies and techniques to study more effectively – retain the material better for recall
during the test
◈ Develop techniques to process the study material in a more efficient manner so that you begin to
think like a test writer when you study rather than a test taker
◈ Develop a schedule to form good study habits to maximize your study time

8821 N. 7th Street
Suite 210
Phoenix, AZ 85020

◈ Learn test-taking strategies and techniques to avoid mistakes which cost valuable points
◈ Formulate guessing strategies to gain points on those few test questions of which you’re just not
sure of the correct response
◈ Practice study and material processing techniques in class with Phoenix P. D. source material
◈ Practice taking examinations written from Phoenix P. D. source material
◈ Practice tests will allow you to formulate effective test-taking habits to avoid careless mistakes
◈ Practice tests facilitate diagnosis of your strengths and weaknesses across the different source
materials – allowing you to fine tune your studying
◈ Practice tests help you identify the type of material which attracts the attention of the test writer
so that you can focus on the material which is similar

August 21
Saturday August 22
Both Classes are
0830-1630 hours
(Limited Seating)

Thomas L. Rockhill
Rockhill & Halton, Inc.
Skill Development

18-years full-time law enforcement & command experience and an Industrial/Organizational
Over 25-years experience in preparing candidates for promotional tests
Conducted over 700 promotional preparation seminars
Trained over 18,000 candidates for promotional tests
Developed and implemented 39 pre-employment and promotional selection procedures and tests for
law enforcement and fire services clients throughout U.S.
Managed recruiting, selection, and personnel units for a growing organization (800 to 1600
Over 20 years’ experience in test and assessment design, development, and administration
Over 20 years’ experience as an assessor for emergency services, govt., and private sector

You can interoffice your personal check (payable to “Arizona State FOP”) to Lieutenant Pat Tortorici or mail/drop off at the
Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 2 (Phoenix) 12851 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029.
PPD Employees using Direct Pay or Reimbursement (blue card) must complete an In-County Registration Form (#12-60D), obtain
your bureau/precinct Commander’s signature, and interoffice the form to Pat Tortorici or mail or fax it to the Fraternal Order of
Police Lodge 2 (Phoenix) 12851 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029 (Fax: 1-602-532-7492)
Direct all questions to Pat Tortorici (FOP Lodge 2) at 602-451-9590 or