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Obamas Short-Form Birth

Certification Form Placed Online in June

2008 Is a Computer Generated Forgery!

View These Excellent Video Reports Prepared By

Ron Polland, PhD:
See All of Dr. Pollands Video Research Reports Re
His Work and Proof That Both of Obamas Birth
Documents, the Short-Form (released June 2008)
and Long-Form (released April 2011), Are
Computer Generated Forgeries at This Link:
Links courtesy of:


of Live Birth [aka COLB] Short-Form
Birth Certificate Form Released Online in
June 2008 is a Computer Generated
Forgery Via Research and Analysis by
The Prove It to Yourself Series
Nail in the coffin
YouTube Video - Create Your Own Obama COLB

Links courtesy of:

Research and Analysis Work

of Albert Renshaw
Watch his YouTube Video Report:

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