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Love at first sight maybe is the most clich love story in the history.

It is the
most used love scenario. The sudden violently pounding heartbeat; the hasty
increase of pulse; the words of from the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I
love you all of these encompass the portrayal of love at first sight.
And Baekhyun believes not only in love at first sight; or in love in second sight;
but also in novels and dramas He believes in happy endings and fairytales; soul
mates and destinies. Maybe he is too much of a hopeless romantic but he
doesnt care, he is a firm believer that every love story, may have ups and
downs, bumpy roads and detours but everything, in time, ends happily.


Then they live happily ever after Baekhyun clasps together his tiny little hands
after he finished reading The Beauty and the Beast. Ten year old Baekhyun
emits the aura of buoyancy as he ended the third book he was reading for his
younger brother, Kyungsoo.
I want one more. Kyungsoo coos as he presses his body closer to his brother.
The boys savor the warmth of their blanket.
Its already midnight Kyungsoo, you need to sleep. If father finds us still wide
awake, he wouldnt let us visit mom tomorrow.
But I want you to read Cinderella again. The spark in Kyungsoos big eyes
makes Baekhyuns hands reach for the blue book on the pile of hard bounds on
their bedside table. He can't stand the pouty lips and the sparkly eyes.
Baekhyun completely adores his younger brother because he is his only treasure
left; ever since their mother died, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are inseparable
treating each other as their pillars. And when Baekhyun, at a young age of ten
has experienced the trauma of witnessing a loved one die, Kyungsoo became his
support, and instead of being swallowed by fear and worry, Baekhyun became

stronger and livelier because Kyungsoo is always there to make his life a
thousand times better.
His mothers last words are imprinted in his memory, Stories end; its a fact but
what remains are the memories and the beautiful endings.
Their mother never regretted the shackles of marriage, motherhood,
responsibility, and reality. Their mother had met their father when she was
twenty four while she was traveling through the town and asked for directions
and the lucky guy who had met her was their father. Baekhyun said her mother
didnt believe in fairytales until she laid her eyes on him. At a young age, his
mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has a few years to live, she
wasnt a patron of happy endings because she was too much of a depressed girl
mourning over her short life but when she met Baekhyun and Kyungsoos father,
everything became a wonderful world to live in.

He remembers his mothers voice ending the stories with those lines. Stories
end; its a fact but what remains are the memories and the beautiful endings. He
recalls the late night story telling that he and Kyungsoo adored. The light form
his mothers eyes, sparks and the magic are imprinted in his mind and his heart.
Their mother is undeniably, until her last breath still, is deeply in love with their
father. The love might have ended shortly but it ended happily because the love
that is present is true and will forever remain.
And Baekhyun is sure, his father will live a happily ever after ending because the
love is still there. As long as the love is present, fairytale exists.
He wants Kyungsoo to believe in fairytales too, to never forget too, to see the
magic too so ever since their mother passed away, Baekhyun doubled his effort
to quickly learn how to fluently read because he wants Kyungsoo to believe in
happy endings too.
Years have passed, Kyungsoo and Baekhyun, though the bond got tighter, they
grew up with two different personalities. Baekhyun is a dreamer, Kyungsoo is a
realist. Baekhyun doesnt settle for just okay but strives for the best.
As it turned out, Baekhyun couldnt be tamed and found it increasingly
frustrating being held in a small town where his dreams are restricted. Soon, he
decided to leave town and move to Seoul with all the wide ranges of courses he
can choose from, hes sure, his dream to be an author will be definitely be

fulfilled. His father once said, making childrens fairytale stories will end in the
dumps because no one reads them aside from the kids or maybe the children
arent even interested in stories anymore because the variety of gadgets that
are lined up before their eyes but Baekhyuns decision is firm. In the end, his
succeeds into getting his fathers affirmation.

Kyungsoo has been supportive but Baekhyun knows his younger brother is
deeply saddened, he is too but Baekhyun had vast dreams and he wants the
dreams to be fulfilled. Kyungsoo can study in Seoul too after a year; thats what
they have agreed upon. Baekhyun decides to take up Literature. A year has
passed and he receives a call from his brother telling him Kyungsoo wont be
able to study in Seoul because the younger one decided to stay in the province.
Its more practical.
Months later, Baekhyun became aware of the reason; his younger brother is in
love and wouldnt leave town with the fear of being away with his love.
Baekhyuns visit began to lessen; the every weekend stay turned into once a
month trip and soon became a once a year visit. He would take the time to
reach Kyungsoo and his father by phone or video call. It isnt because Baekhyun
has grown tired of visiting but his too focused on his studies and part time jobs.
And soon, Baekhyun stopped visiting.
After college, Baekhyun started his career as writer, his first job is to proof read
children stories that are about to be published. Two months after, he is given an
opportunity to contribute to the childrens book. He also got a job to regularly
write an article for a magazine. In seven months, Baekhyun is starting his first
Five years later, Baekhyuns steps foot once again on the sands where he grew
up, the air still smells fresh, it still feels home. He took a week leave from work,
not because he needed a vacation but because Kyungsoo requested for it. It
isnt always that his younger brother will ge married.
Who would have thought his younger brother would get married before him? He
laughs at the thought but hes more than happy because Kyungsoo will have a
happy end to his fairytale. Baekhyun can feel though they are miles apart that
Kyungsoo is head over heels for the guy. Every call exchanged between him and
his brother consists of I really love him hyung and more stories of love and

He recalls a week before when Kyungsoo called him in the middle of the night.
The call was so sudden, Baekhyun feared something bad had happened, it made
him more frightened when Kyungsoo started sobbing, he was starting to tear up
to until Kyungsoo announced, Im getting married Baekhyun remembered
crying because of the panic he felt but soon calmed down and started shrieking
because what the actual hell, his younger brother is getting married.

Once again, he steps foot into his hometown. Baekhyun is cut from his trance
when he hears a familiar voice calling his name, when looked around the bus
station, he sees a teary eyed Kyungsoo from afar.
What are you doing here? Baekhyun exclaims because Kyungsoos wedding is
today and hes supposed to be pampering himself.
No words came out as Kyungsoo enveloped his older brother into a hug, the
sobs are muffled by Baekhyuns shirt as the younger one continues to cry.
I missed you. Baekhyun whispered while he places gentle strokes onto
Kyungsoos back.
It takes a few minutes before Kyungsoo has calmed down, Baekhyun wipes away
the fallen tears from his brothers eyes.
I miss you too hyung.

The roads are familiar, childhood memories are coming back and all throughout
the car ride from the station to the venue, Baekhyun cant stop himself from
Youll love him Kyungsoo encourages as he continues to bombard Baekhyun
with praises on their way to the wedding venue.
I get it Kyungsoo. Baekhyun smiles wholeheartedly, You love the guy.
I do. I really do hyung.

Youll meet him soon.

Im excited.

Baekhyun has been in two relationships, one is with his childhood sweetheart
Kris who dumped him during junior high but the failed relationship became a
successful friendship. The other one is Sehun, who is 2 year his junior. After a
few months of dating, they both realized they are meant not as lovers but as
best friends. And best friends theyve become.
Baekhyun knows his happy ending will come true. When he meets the one, hell
know. Baekhyuns reverie is cut short when he heard his brother calling him,
I want you to meet my soon to be husband. Kyungsoos smiling is like the sun,
its so bright that it seems blinding. Baekhyun can feel how happy Kyungsoo is.
Okay, lets meet this guy.
I cant see him before the wedding so, well, because of the superstitions. So, I
asked him to meet you outside.
Were living in the 21st century and you still believe in superstitions?
You believe in fairytales too hyung.
Okay, point taken. So how do I know hes the one.
He has this creepiest smile?
Baekhyuns expression can be read by anybody, it basically conveys You have
got to be kidding me.
Baekhyun is excited to meet the guy.
Baekhyun prides himself of being imaginative and creative. Being an author, he
needs such abilities. So in tough times, he doubles his imaginations and barely

considers undergoing the stage of grief. He keeps his beliefs full no matter what
which maybe why he always manages to escape the call of depression.
Love is not always rainbows and butterflies. Love isnt only seen in movies or in
dramas. Love is not restricted to the amount of time you spend with one
another. Sometimes, love is found in the most unexpected place, the most
unreal time, and the most unanticipated person.
Sometimes, everything is unforeseen.
Baekhyun never meant to feel anything. He didnt plan on anything. To know
that his younger brother Kyungsoo is happy is Baekhyuns top priority. But then
suddenly, he cant control the beating of his heart and his stomach hurts a lot.
Its scary and heart breaking and it feels like the world is shaking. Its making
him dizzy.
He stands there outside the door, eye to eye with a person taller than him with
the creepiest smile he ever since and then it hits him.
It all goes down to the most clich story, love at first sight. Its painfully heart
breaking because undoubtedly, Baekhyun is experiencing one of the most
overused scenes because to hell with everybody, he may be in love with a
person who has the most stupidly beautiful but creepy smile.
Fuck he curses almost a whisper and he runs away. He can hear the faint
words of Hey, hyung. As soon as the coast is clear, he tries hard to entertain the
guests and keeps himself busy. He keeps himself faraway as possible because
its fucking terrifying. This has got to stop.
He succeeds for almost an hour but Baekhyun is sure hes being punished for
the bad deed he did to Kris Wu back in junior days when he threw paint balls
into Kriss car. Baekhyun is pretty sure today is day hell receive the karma
because someone is approaching him and his heart beats uncontrollably fast. He
fears hell suffer from a heart attack though he is 200 percent sure he doesnt
have any heart problem or maybe their family doctor is a con actor because
maybe he does have a heart disease because right now, his heart is in pain. As
the person walks nearer and nearer, his chest pain seems to escalate even
Baekhyun feels light headed and his heart still hurts. And maybe he died a little
inside because of so many emotions and maybe a part of him will die again

Hi Baekhyun hyung, Its really nice to finally meet you. Im Chanyeol

Baekhyun is terrified, he wants to cry.
And maybe his heart breaks into a million pieces and maybe in that little span of
time, Baekhyun questions his belief, Do happy endings still exist? Because he
might be in love with his brothers husband.
Ive heard so many things about you and I promise you, Ill forever love


Baekhyun is happy. Yes, he is. Why wouldnt he be?

Maybe he is just tired from the long train ride or maybe he is too stressed about
his first book. His heart is just beating wildly because of wariness and somehow,
excitement too because his younger brother is getting married. Sorry to say, it
isnt the real explanation on the twinge in Baekhyuns heart.
Its crazy, Baekhyun thinks because everything doesnt make sense. Why would
he fall in love so easily? And its crazier because why would he fall in love with a
man on a white suit that is about to marry his most loved younger brother.
Everything is crazy, perhaps, Baekhyun needs to pay a visit to a psychiatrist.
Baekhyun rethinks his decision and settled for a cardiologist because theres a
problem with his heart and it isnt funny. He tampers with his decisions once
again because he needs to go to a psychiatrist and a cardiologist too.
He is supposed to be beaming with happiness; jumping in joy but he isnt and
hes trying his best to keep up his trademark eye smile.
Baekhyun lets out a heavy and weary sigh, his brother who is now standing
wearing an elegant suit Baekhyun has picked out for him, is about to say his
vows, the wedding will end soon.

Kyungsoo delivered a simple yet touching vow that focuses on promises and
oaths hell do for Chanyeol. To love you forever and be with you all the time; to
support you in the best way I can and be the best husband for the rest of our
lives. And then Kyungsoo sings with his soothing voice that unquestionably
wows the crowd.
Baekhyun is definitely proud and he came into a conclusion that hes happy for
his brother but then it changes abruptly. Someone call the doctor because
Baekhyun thinks hes bipolar. One moment he is happy then one moment he is
feeling this sickening feeling in his stomach.
Too caught up with his dilemmas, Baekhyun doesnt even notice Kyungsoo
stopped singing until he hears a deep voice over the speakers.
It is Chanyeols turn to say his vows.
It was love at first sight Chanyeols smiles proudly, the first few words of his
vow were uttered beautifully. With his deep voice, everyones ears are focused
on every syllable.
I never believe in novel-like stories because I think theyre all bullshits.
Chanyeol pauses and mouths an im sorry to everyone which made the guests
laugh in response.
How can one person feel his heart burning in pain if our emotions come from
our brain and not from the heart? Its based on science. But you see, Ive been
too nave for the past years because suddenly, fairytales become real.
Butterflies in the stomach never made sense until I made an eye contact with
you. It was so immediate and powerfulfar deeper and inexplicably beyond any
calculation of time and place. Its unexplainable but somehow its so novel-like.
Chanyeols voice begins to crack, muffled by the tears and the hiccups, Ive
always had goals, aspirations, things I wanted to do. But when I met you, I
learned what it was to dream. My dream is to be with you for the rest of my
days. The day you told me you love me too, that was the best day of my life.
Until today, its still the best day because I have you. I love you Kyungsoo.
Baekhyun needs no cardiologist, he needs no psychiatrist because now he
knows what he needs, he desperately needs Disney because he needs a love
story, he needs a fairytale, he needs a fairytale ending with happily ever after

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