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(A Government of Kerala Undertaking)
3rd Floor, Carmel Tower, Vazhuthacaud,
Thiruvananthapuram 695014.
Tel: 0471-2735949


SI. No


Section I :Invitation for Proposal

Page Number



Consortium/Joint Venture


Contact Person

Address for Correspondence

Tender Price and Time


Section II: Project Information

Kaushal Kendra

Details of Kaushal Kendra


Details of Various Infrastructural Facilities



Section III: Instruction to Participants





Conflict of Interest



Validity of Proposal



Right to accept proposal



Fraud and corruption



Comments/Clarification in Tender Document



Amendments in Tender Document



Visit to Project Site



Preparation of Proposal



Pre-Bid Conference



Clarification on Proposal



Submission, Disqualifications, Receipts and opening






Section IV: Terms of Reference





Specific Objectives



Deliverables from Participating Agencies



Role of Stake Holders



Role of KASE



Role of operator







Section V : Tender Detail

Tender Notification
Invitation for Bids (IFB)
Tender Details
Technical Proposal
Eligibility criteria
Evaluation criteria
Terms and conditions
Technical proposal
Result Based Plan matrix
Project Period
Check list for Technical Proposal
Financial Proposal
Financial Proposal-letter
Format for Financial Quote
Evaluation Criteria
a. Evaluation of Technical Proposal
b. Evaluation of Financial Proposal
c. Joint Technical & Commercial Evaluation
d. Negotiation with Successful Bidder
Award of Contract






1. Introduction
1.1 Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development
for any country. India is expected to be home to a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022.
Although, Kerala being a totally literate state and home to a knowledge driven society, the
dependence on the Government Jobs is a spiralling addiction. The majority of the youth
coming out from the colleges and educational institutions are educated, but lack the skills
that make them readily employable. The lack of thrust on skill development, workplace
abilities lead the youth of our state to become desperate for Jobs. To overcome these
hurdles, our talent pool needs to be adequately skilled by imparting language skills and by
providing access to global technology and literature.

1.2 Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) is a fully Government owned Company
incorporated under section 8 of Companies Act 1956, established as an apex organization
for the skill development initiatives in the State of Kerala. Government of Kerala
acknowledges the critical importance of skill development both as a crucial engine of
economic growth and as a solution for unemployment. Coordinated and concerted efforts
are needed for reaping the benefits of various skill development initiatives. To achieve the
above objectives, a non-profit Company under the name KASE has been formed and is
vested with the responsibility of implementing Skill Development Programmes.

1.3 Providing a community skill centre for imparting career guidance, developing language
skills, providing access to world class e-literature and reaping the benefits of skill
development is the need of the hour. With this objective, Kerala Government through
Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) is looking forward to establish Kaushal Kendras.
Kaushal Kendras are being set up as community skill centres focused on rural population
with facilities for Language Lab, Digital Library, Assessment and Career Guidance, and Skill
Room. Initially the centres will be opened at Chavara Kollam, Koottanad Palakkad and
at Azhikode Kannur.

1.4 The building, furniture and other infrastructure facilities shall be made available for the
operation of Kaushal Kendras by KASE. The infrastructure facilities include hardware and
software required for candidate registration, Assessment and Career Guidance, Digital
Library, Language Lab and Management Information System.

1.5 The operations in the Kaushal Kendras include Registration, Assessment and Career
Guidance, Counselling, accessing

Digital Library, Skill Room having video conference

facility and Language Lab . Both private entities and suitable agencies from Government
sector can participate in the selection process intended for the operation of Kaushal

2. Invitation

As stated above, KASE intends to select Private/ Government agencies to run the
Kaushal Kendras in the Districts of Kollam, Palakkad and Kannur.


Proposal is invited from the reputed interested parties who are technically
competent and experienced for taking up the operation of the Kaushal Kendras
which involves the work of providing services like Assessment, Career Guidance,
Managing Digital Library, Language Labs and Skill Room having video conference

3. Consortium/ Joint Venture :

The interested Parties may apply either individually or as a consortium herein after
referred as "Group", subject to the condition that the participating companies together
satisfy the ToR and the eligibility criteria.

A detailed MoU between the partners of such Joint Venture/Consortium stating clearly
inter-relationship and division of work / tasks among the associates should be submitted
along with the Technical Proposal for proper examination by KASE.

4. Issuer
Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE), a section 8 company for promoting skill
development initiatives in the state of Kerala.


5. Contact Person


Shri.K J Harikrishnan
Chief Operating Officer, KASE
0471- 2735949
0471 -2735856

6. Address for Bid submission & Correspondence


: Shri. K J Harikrishnan


: Chief Operating Officer, KASE



: Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence

3rd Floor, Carmel Tower, Vazhuthacaud
: 0471 - 2735949

Email ID


7. Tender Price and Time Line

Sl. No Particular
Tender Reference




Tender Amount
EMD Amount


(Rs. 1,50,000/-)


Tender participating fee




Date of Commencement of issue of

Tender Document.
Last date for submitting
in Tender by mail
Pre-bid conference
Last date for submission of
and Financial Proposal

Date (T0)


Date (T1= T0 +5)


Date (T2 =T1 +2)


Date (T3= T2+7)


05.00 p.m


Opening of Technical proposal


10.00 a.m


Evaluation of Technical Proposal




Opening of Financial Proposal


Date will be






Government of Kerala, through KASE is desirous of setting up and operate a centre called
Kaushal Kendra as community skill centres focused on rural population to identify the
aptitude, occupational interests, values and abilities of Kerala youth. In addition, the centre
will be having facilities for Language Lab, Digital Library, Assessment and Career Guidance and
Skill Room with video conference facility.
The process in the Kaushal Kendra starts from the registration. Once the registration is
completed, the candidate will be given a unique Kaushal Kendra Membership Card and the
candidate will have the option of enrolling himself to any of the facilities available in Kaushal
Kendra Viz; any of the three different courses in the Language Lab, the access to Digital Library,
Assessment Test and Career Guidance or attending skill training imparted through the Skill
In nutshell, following are the components of Kaushal Kendra

The operation of Kaushal Kendra is to be managed by the selected

operator on behalf of Kerala Academy for Skill Excellence (KASE).

9. Details of Kaushal Kendra

The Kaushal Kendra will initially function on a pilot basis in the proposed centre at Chavara
(Kollam) followed by the centres at Koottanadu (Palakkad) and Azhikode (Kannur). Each
Kaushal Kendra will typically consists of a reception area, assessment room, counselling rooms,
digital library, language lab, skill room with video conference facility, server room and toilet

10. Details of various Infrastructure facilities available at Kaushal

Reception area with facility for candidate registration.
Assessment Room to assess the candidate candidates career aptitude.
Counselling Room to conduct Counselling (personal interview) of candidate.
Language Lab with a capacity to impart language skills using language lab software
Digital Library having touch screen all-in one PCs.
SKILL Room with video conferencing facility.
Washroom/Toilet facility in the premise
Signages and Boards that communicate the working of the centres, benefits and
motivation to the job seekers.

10 | P a g e



11 | P a g e

11. Definitions
Unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms whenever used in this Tender
Document and Contract have the following meanings:
a) "KASE" means Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence.
b) Kaushal Kendras means community skill centres focused on rural population to identify the
aptitude, occupational interests, values and abilities of Kerala youth. The centre will be
having facilities for Language Lab, Digital Library, Assessment and Career Guidance and Skill
room with video conference facility.
b) Language Lab means a component of Kaushal Kendra, consisting of necessary hardware
and software installations for imparting language training and assessment.

Digital Library means a component of Kaushal Kendra, which consists of touch screen PC
units with software for accessing large collection of literature in electronic form from
various subscribed and free sources including text, audio and video contents.

d) Assessment and Career Guidance centre means a component of Kaushal Kendra, which
aims at providing assessment and career guidance.
f) Skill Room means a component of Kaushal Kendra, which is a room with necessary
Infrastructure for video conference required for imparting various skill training.
e) "Applicable Law" means the laws, rules and regulations having the force of law in India as
they may be issued and in force from time to time.

Company means a company incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956.

g) "Contract" means the Contract signed by the parties and KASE along with the entire
documentation specified in the Bid Document.
h) "Day" means Calendar day

"Effective date" means the date on which the contract comes into force and effect.


"Evaluation Committee" means committee constituted by the KASE for

evaluation of Technical and Financial Proposals submitted by the Proposer(s).

k) "GCC" means General Conditions of Contract, specified in Section IV of Tender Document


"ITP" means Instructions to Proposers, specified in Section III of the Tender Document

m) "IFB" means Invitation for Bids, specified in Section I of the Tender Document
n) Service provider means the participant selected through this Bid process to join with
12 | P a g e

o) "Proposer" or "Bidder" means any private or public party eligible to respond as per the
eligibility criteria specified for this Tender Document.
p) "Services" means the work to be performed by the Proposer pursuant to the contract to be
signed by the parties or in pursuance of any specific assignment awarded to them by KASE.
q) "Taxes" means all applicable taxes in India.

"TOR" means Terms of Reference for the Proposers, specified in Section IV of Tender

12. Conflict of Interest

KASE requires that the Proposers must provide professional, objective and impartial advice
and services and at all times that uphold the interests of KASE, strictly avoid conflicts with
other assignments / jobs or their own corporate interests and act without any consideration
for the future. In case the bidders (Proposers) have any subsisting interest, either by
themselves or through their Partners/ Directors, that is likely to conflict the work specified in
the Terms of Reference, they shall declare such interests as part of their proposal.

13. Validity of Proposals

Technical and Financial Proposals shall remain valid for a period of 180 (one hundred and
eighty) days after the date of Proposal opening prescribed in Tender Document. A Proposal
valid for shorter period may be rejected as non-responsive. KASE may seek the Proposers'
consent to an extension of Proposal validity (but without modification in Proposal).

14. Right to accept Proposal

KASE reserves the right to accept or reject any Proposal, and to annul the Proposal process or
reject all Proposals at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any
liability to the affected Proposer(s) or any obligation to inform the affected Proposer(s) of the
grounds for such decision. No bidder shall have any cause of action or claim against KASE for
rejection of his proposal.

15. Fraud and Corruption

KASE requires that Proposer selected through this Tender must observe the highest standards
of ethics during the performance and execution of such contract. In pursuance of this policy,
KASE defines for the purposes of this provision, the terms set forth as follows:

13 | P a g e

i. "Corrupt practice" means the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting of anything of value to
influence the action of KASE or any personnel of Proposer(s) in contract execution.
ii. "Fraudulent practice" means a mis-presentation of facts, in order to influence a
procurement process or the execution of a contract, to KASE and includes collusive
practice among Proposers (prior to or after Proposal submission) designed to establish
bids at artificially high or non-competitive levels and to deprive KASE of the benefits of
free and open competition;
iii. "Unfair trade practices" means supply of services different from what is ordered on, or
change in the Terms of Reference which was given by KASE in Section IV.
iv. "Coercive practices" means harming or threatening to harm, directly or indirectly, persons
or their property to influence their participation in the execution of contract.

Will reject a proposal for award, if it determines that the Proposer recommended
for award engaged in corrupt, fraudulent or unfair trade practices.


Will declare a proposer ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time,
for awarding the contract, if it at any time determines that the company has
engaged in corrupt, fraudulent and unfair trade practice in competing for, or in
executing, the contract.

16. Comments/Clarifications on Tender document

Your comments on TOR and facilities required from KASE (sections IV and V) should be
submitted by you within 5 days from the issue of Tender document.
Every effort will be made to provide any additional information desired by you. Requests for
additional information, or any delay in complying with such requests, shall not, however, in
any way affect the obligation of companies invited to send complete proposals by the deadline
indicated above.

17. Amendments in Tender document

At any time prior to deadline for submission of Tender Bid documents, KASE may for any
reason, modify the Tender document. The prospective Proposers having received the Tender
document shall be notified of the amendments through e-mail/website and such amendments
shall be binding on them.

18. Visit to project site

The bidders are advised to visit the proposed Kaushal Kendra in Kollam to get an idea about
14 | P a g e

the Infrastructure facilities provided for running the centre. The identical infrastructure will be
replicated in the Kaushal Kendras being set up in Koottanadu and Azhikode. It should be
clearly noted that any costs incurred by the bidders for attending the pre-bid conference, visit
to the project site, collection of preliminary information for preparation of the said proposal,
or subsequent negotiations, would not be reimbursed.

19. Preparation of Proposal


The Proposer is expected to examine all the instructions, guidelines, terms and conditions
and formats in the Tender Document. Failure to furnish all the necessary information as
required by the Tender or submission of a Tender not substantially responsive to all the
aspects of the document shall be at Proposer's own risk and may be liable for rejection.

b. The Proposers' shall comply with the following requirements during preparation of the
i. The Proposer is expected to examine all the instructions, guidelines, terms and
conditions and formats in the Tender Document. Failure to furnish all the necessary
information as required by the Tender Document or submission of a proposal not
substantially responsive to all the aspects of the Tender Document shall be at
Proposer's own risk and may be liable for rejection.
ii. Any interlineations, erasures or over writings shall be valid only if they are initialled by
the authorized person signing the Proposal.
iii. The original and each copy of the Proposal shall be typed or written in indelible ink (if
required) and shall be signed by the Proposers or duly authorized person(s) to bind the
Proposers to the contract. The letter of authorization shall be indicated by written
power of attorney and shall accompany the Proposal. All pages of the technical and
financial proposals must be initialled by the person or persons signing the proposal.
iv. In addition to the identification, a covering letter indicating the name and address of
the Proposer, to enable the proposal to be returned in the case it is declared late,
pursuant, and for matching purposes, shall also accompany the proposal.
v. Proposals received by facsimile shall be treated as defective, invalid and rejected. Only
detailed complete proposals in the form indicated above received prior to the closing
time and date of the proposals shall be taken as valid.
vi. Proposers are not permitted to modify, substitute, or withdraw Proposals after its
15 | P a g e

submission, beyond the extent specified herein.

20. Pre-bid Conference

Proposers are invited to attend Pre-bid conference at 10.00 a.m. on 24th April 2015 at the
office of KASE at Vazhuthacaud.

21. Clarifications on Proposal

During Technical and Commercial evaluation of the Proposals, KASE may, at its discretion, ask
Proposers for clarifications or documentary evidence on their proposal.

22. Submission, Receipts, Disqualification and Opening of Proposals


The Technical Proposal and the Financial Proposal must be submitted in ONE ORIGINAL
and THREE COPIES. SOFT COPY of the Technical Proposal shall also be kept along with
the hard copy of the proposal.


Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal shall be sealed in separate envelopes. On

every envelope shall be superscribed with;
1. Name of work viz. Operation of Kaushal Kendras
2. Name of Proposal, viz., Technical Proposal/ Financial Proposal, as the case may be.
3. Original or Copy.1 or Copy.2 or Copy.3, as the case may be
4. Address of KASE
5. Name and address of Bidder


The Technical Proposal in Original and 3 copies along with Soft Copies thereof should
be put in separate envelopes duly sealed. These four envelopes (one containing the
Technical proposal in Original and other three containing copies thereof) should be put
in an outer envelope, which should be duly sealed and marked clearly as TECHNICAL


Similarly the Financial Proposal in Original and 3 copies thereof should be put in
separate envelopes, duly sealed. These four envelopes (one containing the Financial
Proposal in Original and other three containing copies thereof) should be put in an outer
envelope, which should be duly sealed and marked clearly as FINANCIAL PROPOSAL.


The covers containing Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal should be kept in an
OUTERMOST envelop, which should be duly sealed and marked clearly as TECHNICAL
PROPOSAL and FINANCIAL PROPOSAL. The envelope will bear the address of KASE,
name and address of the Bidder, the NAME OF WORK, TENDER No and DUE DATE. The

16 | P a g e

envelopes must be clearly superscribed DO NOT OPEN EXCEPT IN THE PRESENCE OF


In the event of any discrepancy between the copies of the proposals, the original shall


The Evaluation committee reserves the right to request part or all of the proposal
documents in soft copy format.


During the course of evaluation of Proposal, as well as during the currency of contract,
the Evaluation Committee has the right to carry out a due diligence in a manner relevant
to understand the facts.

KASE may at their sole discretion and at any time during the evaluation of Proposal, disqualify
any Proposers, if the Proposers have:
a. Submitted the Proposal documents after the response deadline.
b. Made misleading or false representations in the forms, statements and attachments
submitted in proof of the experience.
c. Submitted a proposal that is not accompanied by required documentation
d. Failed to provide clarifications related thereto, when sought.
e. Submitted more than one Proposal.

Declared ineligible by the Government of India and, or Govt. of Kerala for corrupt and
fraudulent practices or blacklisted.

g. Submitted a proposal with price adjustment/variation provision.

h. Indicated the financial terms of services in Technical Proposal.

17 | P a g e

Submission of Proposal by Proposers

Proposers shall submit responses (referred to as 'Proposal' herein) in prescribed
manner to the contact person mentioned. Late submission of proposal would not be
entertained under any circumstances.
Proposals from Proposers complete in all respects must be received by KASE at the
address specified in Section I before the last date and time.
Any proposal received after the above stipulated date and time (IST), will not be
considered. They will be opened as per the time schedule given in Section I of the
Tender document, in the presence of the Authorised Representatives of Bidders, who
choose to be present.

Proposal Opening
Proposals will be opened in the presence of the Proposers or their authorized
representative who chooses to be present, at the address, date and time indicated in
Section I. Preliminary scrutiny will be done at the proposal opening and proposal not
confirming with the stipulations will be rejected.

18 | P a g e


19 | P a g e

23. Objectives
The objective of Kaushal Kendra is to impart skills to the rural youth by providing them access
to various resources and ensuring that they are globally competitive.

24. The specific objectives of the project

1. To impart language training of various levels and provides certification through language lab.
2. To assess the aptitude of the candidate and provide them career guidance using scientific
3. To enable the rural youth to access world class e- literature in the form of text, audio &
video, enabling them to gain domain knowledge related to various skills through digital
4. To impart technical and vocational skills through skill room, where assessments are done and
certifications provided, enabling rural youths for better employment.

25. Deliverables from Participating Agencies:

Deliverable 1
Managing the operations of Kaushal Kendra:
Managing overall operation of Kaushal Kendra including language training, counselling, business
development, mobilisation of candidates for various facilities in Kaushal Kendra and all other
incidental things needed for the smooth functioning of Kaushal Kendra.
1.a. A Centre Head cum Business Development Officer shall be employed at each Kaushal
Kendra having a graduate degree with good communication skills and experience in marketing.
1.b.The Centre Head shall take care of administration, coordination, marketing and all other
steps necessary to make Kaushal Kendra the hub of all skill development activities of the area.
The Centre Head shall be the point of contact of KASE and its technical partner for all purposes
related to Kaushal Kendra.
1.c. Two (2) persons shall be employed as registration assistants cum data entry operator cum
multitasking personnel. The two personnel should always be available at the registration
counter for taking care of the registration process. The other personnel should be available at
all time in the Kaushal Kendra to support the Centre Head in managing the various other
facilities including language lab, digital library and assessment and career guidance centre.
20 | P a g e

1.d. Registration of the candidates at the Kaushal Kendra, issuance of Kaushal Kendra id cards
to the candidates, maintenance and upkeep of database of candidates registered and
generating reports from the Management Information System as and when required by KASE.
1.e. The Kaushal Kendra shall work from 07.00 a.m. to 08.00pm on all days including Sundays
and public holidays. Kaushal Kendra shall remain closed on Monday.

Deliverable 2
Managing the operations of Language Lab:
The Language Lab consists of an instructor student module based software which will be used
to impart language training of different levels as decided by KASE from time to time. The
contents for each level shall be updated and courses added to the Language Lab software by
KASE. The software also consists of assessment at the end of various modules of each course,
additional supporting courses for candidates requiring the same and certification for successful
candidates. English and Foreign Language University (EFLU), Hyderabad will support KASE in
development of curriculum, certification and also training the trainers. The courses to be
imparted will be in English language, ranging from Basic Functional English to Advanced
Business English depending on the target group. The candidates are free to select the courses
according to their needs and preferences.
2.a. Provide two (2) qualified language trainers who shall work in shifts.
The trainers should have experience in handling English language training using language lab
The trainer should manage the student time slot using the Management Information System
and provide training to the students using the as per the student requirement.
The trainer needs to be trained in EFLU. The training cost and other expenses related to EFLU
will be managed by KASE. However, logistics and other expenses for the trainer have to be met
by the operator. After the training, if EFLU communicates that the trainer is not important
enough to manage the language lab, the operator shall remove him and a new trainer shall be
placed at the earliest, who shall also undergo training in EFLU.
2.b. The language lab shall work from 07.00 a.m. to 08.00pm on all days including Sundays and
public holidays. language lab shall remain close on Monday.
2.c. The operator will have the target of ensuring a minimum 50 % capacity utilisation the
resources available in the language lab including time slots and infrastructure. However, it shall
be the endeavour of the operator to ensure 100% capacity utilisation of the resources of the
language lab.

21 | P a g e

Deliverable 3
Managing Assessment and Career Guidance:
Assessment of the career aptitude of the candidate will be done by scientific assessment
software provided for this purpose. The result of which shall be made available to the
counsellor. The Counsellor shall provide career guidance and counselling using the career
aptitude test result and also the demographic variables provided by the candidate. The
counsellor shall impart career guidance in the specially designed career guidance room and has
to provide the candidate with various career options, the details of the institutions where the
candidate can pursue education/ training and the job prospects available to the candidate as
per his aptitude.
3.a. Two (2) qualified counsellors shall be provided by the operator who has graduate degree in
Psychology and enough experience in providing counselling.
3.b. The language lab shall work from 07.00 a.m. to 08.00pm on all days including Sundays and
public holidays. language lab shall remain close on Monday.

Deliverable 4
Managing the operations of Digital Library:
KASE, through its technical agency is implementing a Graphic User Interface (GUI) based digital
library software, which is being installed in all-in-one touch screen PCs in a room specifically
designed as digital library. A candidate who has registered himself for the digital library services
shall be able to access and search various literature in electronic form including e-books, e
magazines, audio and video data. The candidate will be given the facility to read, listen and
watch e contents. For this purpose, KASE has subscribed to various electronic literature
providing forums. The candidate will also have the facility to take print outs and softcopy of the
electronic data.
4.a. The operator shall ensure that the digital library is working properly and connectivity &
speed is available. In case of any connectivity related issues, it is the responsibility of the
operator to flag the issue to the KASE Technical Team for immediate rectification.
4.b. The data entry operator, who will be assisting the centre head, should also act as the
technical support in assisting the candidates in digital library, helping the candidates in getting
print outs and also taking necessary data in the form of soft copy.
4.c. The digital library shall work from 07.00 a.m. to 08.00pm on all days including Sundays and
public holidays. Digital library shall remain close on Monday.

22 | P a g e

Deliverable 5
Managing the operations of Skill Room:
KASE, through its various technical Skill training providers shall from time to time undertake
skill training in various vocational skills either physically at the skill room of the Kaushal Kendra
or through the video conferencing facility available at the Kaushal Kendra.
5.a. The Centre Head cum Business Development Officer of the operator shall be responsible
for mobilising candidates required for skill training for the various courses which are being
imparted through the skill room.
The Centre Head should also coordinate with the technical training partner, local schools,
colleges and other educational institutions and industries for skill training.


a. Role of KASE

KASE will be the issuer of the Tender and execute the management of the contract for
running various functions of Kaushal Kendras.

The Management contract will be executed between KASE and the Operator.

The revenue that accrues as registration fee of candidates need to be transferred into

the account of KASE within 5 of the succeeding month

The officer deputed from KASE will do the overall monitoring on the functioning of the
Kaushal Kendras.

The infrastructure as well the space for running the Kaushal Kendras will be provided by

The Chief Operating Officer of KASE will be project Director for the Kaushal Kendra.

b. Role of Operator

Role of the operator is to run the Kaushal Kendras as detailed out in the Project
note towards attaining the deliverables.

To achieve the milestones of the project in the specified timelines.

Design, formulate and provide access to digital library, language lab, skill room and
assessment and career guidance for the candidate.

Coordinate with local schools, colleges and other educational institutions and industries
for skill training.

Provide necessary managerial guidance, innovation and leadership to make the Kaushal
Kendras, a model for replicating it across the state.

23 | P a g e



24 | P a g e


Tender No. KASE-11/2014


Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE), a Section-8 company under Government of Kerala,
invites sealed tenders in prescribed format from reputed, technically competent and
experienced firms/groups of individuals for taking up the operation of Kaushal Kendras which
involves the work of providing services including Assessment and career guidance, candidate
registration and mobilisation, imparting English language training through language lab,
facilitating access to digital library and facilitating skill training in skill rooms with video
conference facility. Government of Kerala intends to implement the pilot Kaushal Kendra in
three places. Each Kaushal Kendra will be having language lab, digital library, assessment &











details/clarification/suggestions, if any, can be discussed in the pre-bid meeting. Completed

sealed tender along with (Technical & Financial bid in separate covers) along with EMD should
be addressed to Managing Director KASE may be submitted latest by 02.05.2015 before 05.00
p.m. The Technical bid would be opened on 04.05.2015 at 11.00 am in the presence of
tenderers/ their authorized representatives. Successful Technical bidder will be intimated the
date of opening of financial bid. The under signed reserves the right to reject any/all tenders
without assigning any reason.


Managing Director

25 | P a g e


KASE the apex skill development agency of Government of Kerala is setting up Kaushal
Kendras as community Skill Parks across Kerala. The first three Kaushal Kendras on a pilot basis
are being set up at Chavara (Kollam), Koottanadu (Palakkad) and in Azhikode (Kannur). The
Kaushal Kendra are being set up with completely automated Management Information System
(MIS) and state of the art IT hardware and software which needs to be managed professionally.
KASE intends to manage the Kaushal Kendra through a professionally competent operator
either from the private or public sector. KASE will enter into a management contract with the
selected operator wherein KASE will provide the entire required infrastructure and the grant in
aid for developing Kaushal Kendra as well all such steps which are crucial to meet the desired
KASE desires to invite applications from parties that are willing to operate Kaushal Kendras for
providing services to the youth of Kerala as detailed below. The details of the functions
required to be delivered by the operator are detailed in the Project Note and the Deliverables.

1. The Managing Director, Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence invites sealed proposal for
operating Kaushal Kendras in Kerala as listed below:

Sl. No.

Place of Kaushal Kendra

Chavara, Kollam District Kaushal Kendra

Koottanadu, Palakkad District Kaushal Kendra

Azhikode, Kannur District Kaushal Kendra

2. Due to any circumstances, if the Kaushal Kendra cannot be started in the places mentioned
above, KASE reserves the right to shift the location to the nearby districts. The technical
and financial bid should consider the same and the quotes shall not vary due the change of

3 The Bidder or their authorized representative may attend a pre bid meeting to be held on
specified dates and time.
26 | P a g e

4 The envelope containing the EMD and Technical Bid will be opened on the specified date &
time in presence of Bidders. In the event of the date specified for bid receipt and opening
being declared as a holiday, the due date for submission and opening of bids will be the
following working day at the appointed times. The financial bid will be opened only for
those who have qualified in the technical bid.

29. Tender Detail

The proposal needs to be submitted in two separate sealed covers as indicated in the table.

Original Proposal

Cover 1


Cover - 2

Technical Proposal

Cover -3

Financial Proposal

27 | P a g e

Additional Copies



Eligibility Criteria for Bidders

The Bidder should fulfil the following conditions and must also submit documentary evidence in
support of fulfilment of conditions. Claims without documentary evidence will not be

Eligibility Criteria

Documentary Evidence to be attached

The bidder should have been in business

for atleast 3 years. The bidder should
A self certified list on Number of trainees
have conducted Engilsh Language
who have undergone language training
training for over 5,000 persons on an
provided by the Bidder at State or
annual average basis in the last three
National Level.
years ending 31st December 2014.

The bidder should have provided career

guidance to around 500 persons on an

annual average basis in the last three

years ending 31st December 2014.

The bidder has to have an annual

average turnover of over 3 crores in the
last three years ending 31st March 2014

A self certified list of candidates who have

been provided career guidance
by the bidder.

Chartered Accountant Certificate

indicating the required average annual
turn over

Note: Any false certification or wrong certification will disqualify the bidders and if found
after the award of Contract, the contract may be terminated, EMD will be
forfeited and Criminal Proceedings will be initiated.

28 | P a g e

b. Evaluation Criteria Kaushal Kendra

The evaluation of the proposal will be based on the assessment of the proposal against
the following criteria:-

1. Experience in Training and assessment of students in English Language and also in

English language certification courses.
2. Experience in integration and content development and online delivery of English
language and assessment tools.
3. Experience in providing professional consultancy, training and research and innovation
in the field of English language development.
4. Expertise in developing learning materials in functional English.
5. Previous association with English and Foreign Language University(EFLU),Hyderabad in
content development related to English Language.
6. Approach Paper and Methodology and Operational plan for the execution of
deliverables of Kaushal Kendra as detailed in the Project Note and the Deliverables.
7. Experience in student counselling and career guidance, personality assessment and
research and publications related to counselling

c. Terms and Conditions

The proposal is to be submitted for all the three Kaushal Kendras.

A committee will scrutinize the proposal.

The operator must bring in the employees as per the qualification and experience set
out by KASE.

The operator should be able to build strategic processes for the management of Kaushal
Kendras, optimum utilization of the resources, and other organization for training
requirements, ensure the operations are aligned to expectations and international
standards, and ensure all round improvement of key stakeholders (staff, management
and students) through apt programs.

Ensure sustainability of the Kaushal Kendras.

The organization should not be placed under black list by any Govt. agencies

The organization will have to give wide publicity through appropriate media about the
various services being provided by the Kaushal Kendra.

29 | P a g e

The organization will have to enrol the trainees by following objective and transparent

The organization will have to allow officers of KASE, or authorized persons/ experts
deputed for examining, inspecting etc.

The organization will have to sign Agreement with KASE which will be framed out in due
course stipulating therein the acceptable terms and conditions of the contract.

The decision of the MD of KASE is final in selection or rejection of any proposal.

All establishment expenses including the salary of the employees of the service provider

shall be paid immediately after each month on or before 5 of the succeeding month,
failing which KASE resume the right to pay the amount directly and adjust it against the
amount payable to operator.

The Payment to the operator will be strictly linked with the accepted performance
terms and details of the same will be included in the proposed Contract documents.

The technical proposal should be sent in the following format.

30 | P a g e



TO :


Technical Proposal for the operation of Kaushal Kendras


herewith enclose Technical Proposal for selection of our

organization as Private Participant under Management Contract, in association with KASE, for
operating the Kaushal Kendras.
Yours faithfully,
Full Name

(Authorised Representative)

Proposers are required to cover the entire scope of work as mentioned in the Terms of
Reference given in section IV in the proposal.

No information relating to financial terms of your services should be included in the Technical
Proposal. Any such mention of financial terms in the technical proposal will render the tender
as invalid.

31 | P a g e

e. Result Based Plan Matrix:

The technical proposal should contain the template with the deliverables in quantity and quality
in terms of registration of candidates, assessment and career guidance, language lab, digital
library ,skill room etc as detailed out in the deliverables.

Qualitative & Quantitative

Means of


f. Project Period.
The initial project period is for a period of one year starting from the date of agreement which
can be extended up to three years based on the performance.

32 | P a g e


Sl. Particulars
1 Whether applied in prescribed format
2 Whether the application is submitted in 2 separate sealed cover & super
scribed as Technical Bid and Financial Bid separately?
3 Whether EMD, given in the form of DD enclosed along with Technical Bid?

Whether the organisations having sufficient experience and requisite


5 Whether a note on the firm, giving details of registration, key

professionals, relevant experience and abstract of works under taken so far
with emphasis on the immediate last 3 years submitted?
6 Whether the applicant has minimum prescribed professional experience?
7 Whether the applicant has provided the registration number of the
8 Whether PAN No. is furnished?

Whether the firm is capable to take up work in the Kaushal Kendra?

Whether Service Tax Registration Certificate is furnished?

11 Any other information furnished by the applicant?

33 | P a g e


31. Financial Proposal

The Financial proposal should quote the Management Contract amount for running each
Kaushal Kendra towards achieving the Deliverables as detailed in the technical part.
The financial proposal must take into account, all the related taxes, duties, cess and liabilities.
No tax liability or expenses will be borne by KASE. However, any concession/exemption in the
taxes, duties and cesses as are extended to KASE will be passed on to the Kaushal Kendra.

There will be performance linked payment method (from the payment of fourth month
onwards) as indicated below:
If the minimum projected capacity utilisation as per the deliverables is not
met, 10% of the payment will be held which will be released when the
projected capacity is covered in the subsequent month over and above that
months target.
The financial proposal has to be given as per the format given below:

34 | P a g e





Subject: Operation of Kaushal Kendras - Financial Proposal Regarding

herewith enclose Financial Proposal for selection of our
organization as Private Participant for operating the Kaushal Kendras.

Yours faithfully,
Full name

(Authorized Representative)

35 | P a g e

b. Format for Financial Quote

The following format is to be used for the financial quote for operating all the three Kaushal
Kendras. The evaluation shall be done for the total amount quoted and not independently for
each Kaushal Kendra. However, the payment shall be made separately for each Kaushal Kendra
as per the deliverables.
Sl. Item
Amount in Rupees
Kaushal Kendra 1
I. (Chavara,kollam)
Kaushal Kendra 2
2. (Kootanadu-Palakkad)

Kaushal Kendra 3
3. (Azhikode-Kannur)
Total quoted amount

Note :
1. The financial quote should include human resource, management fee, operating
expenses, housekeeping and maintenance, security, marketing and outreach and
mobilisation expenses and all other expenses for successful running of the Kaushal
Kendra.(Electricity and Water charges will be met by KASE as per actuals)
2. Please give all figures in numbers as well as words.
3. The quote should be against the deliverables in Rupees

Signature ......................................
In the capacity of .........................
Duly authorised to sign Proposal for And on
behalf of .........................
Date ......................
Place .......................


36 | P a g e

Signature of the Bidder with seal

32. Evaluation Criteria


Evaluation of the Technical Proposal:

The technical evaluation and comparison of the bids shall be done for the following parameters.
The evaluation committee will carry out technical evaluation applying the evaluation criteria
specified below. Each responsive proposal will be attributed a technical score (TS)

Sl. No Evaluation Criteria (with Max.marks)


Experience in Training and assessment of students in English Language and


also in English language certification courses on an annual average basis for

the last three years.

5,001 10,000

- 5 Marks
- 7 Marks


- 10 Marks
Experience in integration and content development and online delivery of

English language and assessment tools


Experience in providing professional consultancy, training and research


and innovation in the field of English language development.


Expertise in developing learning materials in functional English.

37 | P a g e


Previous association with English and Foreign Language University


(EFLU),Hyderabad in content development related to English



Approach Paper and Methodology and Operational plan for the
execution of deliverables of Kaushal Kendra as detailed in the
Project Note and the Deliverables.
Experience in student counselling and career guidance, personality

assessment and research and publications related to counselling




Based on the evaluation of the Technical proposals, the Proposers shall be ranked highest to
lowest in accordance with the total marks obtained. The decision of the Evaluation Committee
shall be final in this regard.
Before opening of the Financial Proposal, bidders will be allowed to make non-substantive
amendments in their Technical proposal only

38 | P a g e


Evaluation of Financial Proposal

The bidders will be informed by registered letter or by e-mail or by Fax the date and time of
opening the financial proposal, with a request to attend the same. The Evaluation Committee will
then open the financial proposal and determine if it is complete and without computational
Any non-comparable components in the financial proposals will be brought to comparable levels
using methods that deemed fit by the Evaluation Committee.
The lowest financial proposal (Fm) will be given a financial score (FS) of 100 marks. The financial
scores of other bids shall be computed as follows:
FS = 100 x Fm/F
(F= Amount quoted as per financial bid)


Joint Technical & Financial Evaluation

The Evaluation Committee shall follow a Quality cum Cost Based System (QCBS) for finalization
of the Proposer.
A composite weightage shall be calculated for those bidders whose bids are found to be in
The weightage for the composite evaluation is as described below:




Bidder with the highest composite score (Technical & Commercial = TS*0.70 + FS*0.30) will be
called for negotiating the contract. In case of a tie in the overall score bidder with the superior
technical score will be invited for negotiations first.

39 | P a g e

d. Negotiations with the Successful Bidder.

Negotiation will be conducted with the first ranking bidder only.

The aim of negotiations is to arrive at a reasonable agreement on the terms of the contract
with a view to initiating a draft contract by the conclusion of Negotiations.

Negotiations will commence with a discussion of the Technical proposal, the proposed
methodology (work plan), staffing, training and any suggestions the bidder may have made to
improve the TOR. Agreement must then be reached on the final TOR. Special attention will be
paid to optimise the required outputs from the Center.

The negotiations will be concluded with a review of the draft General Terms of Contract
given in RFP, to which specific terms of contract will be added. The KASE and the Selected
Operator will finalise the contract agreement to conclude negotiations.

33. Award of Contract

KASE will issue a letter to the Selected Operator after the negotiations have been completed.
The terms as per this RFP as finalised in negotiations will be included to form a contract and
after legal vetting, it will be entered between KASE and the Selected Operator. Within fifteen
days from the date of issue of the letter of acceptance, the Selected Operator will be required
to execute the Contract Agreement

34. Confidentiality
Information relating to the examination, clarification and comparison of the Proposals shall
not be disclosed to any Proposers or any other persons not officially concerned with such
process. The undue use by any Proposers of confidential information related to the process
may result in rejection of its Proposal. Except with the prior written consent of the KASE, the
Proposer and the personnel shall not at any time communicate to any person or entity any
40 | P a g e

confidential information acquired in the course of the Contract.

Neither party will disclose to any third party, without the prior written consent of the other
party, any confidential information which is received from the other party for the purposes of
providing or receiving Services which if disclosed in tangible form is market confidential or if
disclosed otherwise is confirmed in writing as being confidential or if disclosed in tangible
form or otherwise, is manifestly confidential.

Each party will take measures to project the confidential information of the other party that,
in the aggregate are no less protective than those measures it uses to protect the
confidentiality of its own comparable confidential information, and in any event, not less than
a reasonable degree of protection. Both parties agree that any confidential information
received from the other party shall only be used for the purposes of providing or receiving
Services under this Contract or any other contract between the parties. The Proposer shall
not, without KASE's prior written consent, disclose the commercial terms of this assignment to
any person other than a person employed by the Proposer in the performance of the
The clause on Confidentiality shall be valid for a further period of one year from the date of
expiry or termination of the assignment, whichever is earlier.

41 | P a g e

42 | P a g e