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SUMMER | 2015


Our company is
blessed to have
been recognized
for several major
milestones over the
past 12 months.
We kicked off
our long string
Greg Syfan, President
of awards late last year when Syfan
Logistics was honored in our hometown
community as mid-size Industry of
the Year, an award given by our local

Chamber of Commerce. That recognition

came on the heels of our being named to
the national Top 100 3PL list by Inbound
Logistics magazine, a ranking that quite
frankly surprised us while turning a lot
of heads in the transportation industry
(see story on page 3 about our repeat
of this award).
Our next recognition came from one of
our customers, United Parcel Service. We
partnered with UPS, the largest parcel
delivery service in the world, during their

peak holiday season and were presented

one of the companys top awards. It really
blew us away, and I was so proud of our
team led by James Syfan, Jon Couch and
Brian Miller.
Most recently, we learned that we made
Transport Topics prestigious Top 50 list
of the nations leading transportation firms.
Our Syfan Dedicated division also made
TTs list at No. 41.
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Syfan Logistics has announced four new key
management positions to address company
growth and better serve customers.
The company promoted the following
Syfan professionals to fill the new positions:
James Syfan, Vice President for
Sales Development and Special Projects;
Tre Anderson, Temp/Dry
Operations Manager;
Jose Rodriguez, Expedited
Operations Manager;
Jason Merck, Support Manager.
The growth of our business over the last
several years has led to the creation of these
new management positions, says Syfan
Logistics CEO Jim Syfan. We are pleased
to fill these positions with experienced

Jim Syfans Broken Hip Recovery, Page 2
Syfan Logistics Named to National Top
50 List, Page 2

people from within our Syfan team.

In his new role, James Syfan will work
closely with Vice President of Sales Jerry
Bell to cultivate new business opportunities.
They will work with senior management to
develop and implement a strategic plan for
continued business growth.
Anderson will oversee the day-to-day
activities of both customer and carrier sales
for refrigerated and dry loads. Rodriguez
will oversee customer and carrier sales for
Syfans Expedited division, which handles
deadline-sensitive loads. Merck will
supervise support teams for the companys
Expedited and Temp/Dry divisions, which
include three weekday shifts and two
weekend shifts.

Jose Rodriguez, Jason Merck,

Tre Andersonn and James Syfan

Syfan Named to Top 100 3PL List for

End of Year Golf & Fishing Trip, Page 4
Second Consecutive Year, Page 3
Bowling with the Falcons, Page 4
UPS Recognizes Syfan Logistics with Top
Performance Award, Page 3
New Employee Library, Page 3

Keeping Our Eyes Open, Focused on the

Busy Road Ahead - continued from page 1
In citing all these awards, I dont mean to sound like Im
beating my chest. Because in all sincerity, I know that our
success comes first from God and second from our Syfan team
members, shipper customers and carrier partners. Thank you
all from the bottom of my heart.
To me, these recognitions demonstrate our company is
growing and that the transportation industry is definitely
rebounding from the rocky economy over the past several
years. So, you can imagine my concern at a recent conference
where I heard a leading transportation economist deliver the
sobering news that our industry may be starting to decelerate.
Overall freight volumes still show growth, the expert said, but
at a slower rate.
Intermodal, a rapidly growing segment of our business where
we specialize in service recovery, is experiencing the biggest
slowdown. This trend, according to the economist, is likely
tied to lower fuel prices that have made trucking a more
affordable option. Truck tonnage indeed has been mostly
stable, but there has been a slight pullback in demand for flat
beds, likely due in part to cooling down of the hot fracking
industry in natural gas, which also has been impacted by
falling fuel prices.
Its all a bit confusing to me, because these economic indicators
seem to conflict and contradict. Where theres good economic
news, theres also bad news. Another example is that while
shippers and carriers are benefiting from cheaper fuel, shortfalls
in the driver market continue to create capacity issues.
With all the mixed signals, our company is more focused on
the positive. We are moving ahead with plans to break ground
in 2016 on a new headquarters building in Gainesville that
will double our space. This will allow us to accommodate our
growing team of 130-plus professionals and to consolidate our
operations under one roof.
To keep a better handle on our growth, we have organized a
middle management team with individual operations
managers now focused on each of our divisions. We also have
named a support manager to coordinate all five shifts of our
24/7 operations.
From where I sit, the future is bright. At Syfan Logistics,
we wont worry about what if but rather what can as we
continue to look ahead and focus on new ways to better serve
our customers and carrier partners. Were all in this together,
and I can never thank you enough for your support and our
partnership. Truly, our success is your success.



Transport Topics has named Syfan Logistics as one of the Top 50

Transportation Brokerage Firms and Top 50 Dedicated Contract
Carriers in the United States for 2015.
Founded in 2011, Syfan Logistics ranked No. 37 on the Top 50
Transportation Brokerage Firms list and No. 41 on the Top 50
Dedicated Contract Carriers list.
Syfans recognition is the first time the company has been named to
either of the Transport Topics Top 50 lists.
We are honored to be named to the Transport Topics Top 50 lists,
says Syfan Logistics CEO Jim Syfan. An honor like this shows
our teams ability to deliver the results our customers expect. It is a
tribute to their hard work that has allowed Syfan Logistics to grow by
exceeding expectations.
In compiling the Top 50 list, Transport Topics ranks companies on
the basis of net revenue, which is derived by subtracting the cost of
transportation provided by others from gross or total revenue.


Our CEO Jim Syfan is
recovering well from a broken
right hip he suffered on
Mothers Day.
Jim and the family were
enjoying Mothers Day lunch
at a local restaurant when he
fell and broke his hip. It was a
clean break that was repaired by
surgery and hes going through
physical rehabilitation now.
He shouldnt have gone back
for seconds, said his son, Greg
Syfan, jokingly. His feet just
went out from under him. If he would have landed on his head, he
would have been all right.


For the second year in a row, Syfan Logistics has been named one of the Top 100 Third-Party Logistics
companies in America by Inbound Logistics magazine.
Each year, the editors of Inbound Logistics conduct personal interviews and evaluate information about
logistics companies to determine the countrys top transportation logistics firms. The honor is awarded
based on criteria such as operational excellence, innovation, network of customer relationships, and
quality of services.
Syfan Logistics earned a place on Inbound Logistics Top 100 list last year for the first time. It is truly an honor to make the
Top 100 3PL for the second straight year, said Syfan Logistics CEO Jim Syfan. Our team takes a lot of pride in the service we provide our
customers. Recognition like this means a lot to us, and we thank our professional staff and loyal customers for making it happen.
Inbound Logistics is the leading transportation industry magazine targeting business logistics and supply chain managers.
For demonstrating strong supply chain expertise and strategic vision, Inbound Logistics editors recognize Syfan Logistics as a 2015 Top 100 3PL
Provider, said Felecia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics. Third-party logistics providers have always provided tactical, operational results. But
their strategic input has also become increasingly important to outsourcers. 3PLs that are consultative, proactive, take the lead in sharing best supply
chain practices, and help to drive enterprise business process improvement rank high in importance to Inbound Logistics readers.





United Parcel Service

(UPS) has honored Syfan
Logistics for its high-level
performance during UPS
peak holiday season this
past year.

Syfan Logistics has

opened a company library
that features more than
200 titles in book and
audio format.
The library, which
opened in December
2014, features a variety
of book topics including
leadership, sales, business,
personal growth and
spiritual development.

For its work with UPS,

Syfan Logistics received
the 2014 UPS Peak Season
Syfan Logistics employees Brian Miller, left,
Power 5 Champion Award.
James D. Syfan and Jon Couch accepted the
award from UPS.
It was the third peak season
that Syfan Logistics has partnered with UPS, the worlds largest package
delivery company.
In addition to receiving the highest service-performance rating of all
carriers in the national UPS network of logistics providers, Syfan logged
the second most total miles.
Weve always had a strong relationship with UPS, Syfan Logistics
President Greg Syfan says. We have particularly enjoyed partnering
with their company for the last three years during the peak delivery
season. That is an extremely important time for UPS, and we appreciate
the confidence the company has shown in trusting us with its
logistics needs.

Levi Nix, Syfan training officer, looks over

some of the books in the company library.

We recommend every
employee check out items
from the library, but we
also use the library to
support the job training
programs, says Levi Nix,
Syfan training officer.

The top five recommended reads from the Syfan library are:

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie


The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale

In 2014, Syfan Logistics formed a special UPS Peak Season team with 74
professionals focused on managing the parcel service companys needs.


21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni

I am extremely proud of our team and how they performed, Syfan

says. Our team members showed the dedication our customers expect.


The Little Red Book of Selling, Jeffrey Gitomer


Several members of the Syfan Logistics team
took part in the Challenged Child & Friends
annual Bowling With The Falcons at
Dave & Busters on Sugarloaf Parkway in
Duluth, Ga. Brady Carlton, son of SLIs Bruce
Carlton, met Atlanta Falcons running back
Antone Smith. Syfan Logistics is proud of its
support of Challenged Child & Friends as a
Champion For Children.


To celebrate an outstanding year, a group of Syfan Logistics employees
took a trip to Orange Beach, Ala. for a day of fishing and golf.
The bus left our Gainesville office after work and arrived in Orange
Beach around midnight.
Half of the group was dropped off at the pier for an 18-hour deep sea
fishing trip. The other half caught a few hours of sleep before heading
to the golf course for a round of golf.
It was a tradition from our old Turbo days, said Greg Syfan,
company president. We have a lot of guys on the team now who were
with us at our former company. We would do a trip when we met and
exceeded our goals. They asked if we could do it again and we did. It
was a great trip. We all had a lot of fun and fellowship.

Above: Syfan Logistics team members

board the bus for Orange Beach, AL.
Right: Bruce Carlton shows off
his catch.

The fishermen and golfers got back together at the end of the day for a
great seafood dinner before heading back to Gainesville.

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