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Student Admissions Office
Dasmariñas, Cavite 4115 Philippines
Trunklines: (02) 844-7832 or (046) 416-4531 local: 3029 or 3126 Direct Line: (046) 416-4552 E-mail Address: Website:

Academic Programs
College of Business Administration (CBA) Graduate Courses: Doctor of Philosophy major in Business Administration • Master of Business Administration (Regular MBA• Techno MBA • Executive MBA) Undergraduate Courses: BS Accountancy • BS Business Administration major in: Agribusiness Management, Business Management, Economics, Entrepreneurial Management, Human Resource Development, Management Accounting, Marketing and Advertising Management, Office Administration, Associate in Office Administration (2 yrs.) • Free Evening Program-Business Management College of Education (COE) Graduate Courses: Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in: Educational Management, Counseling Psychology • Master of Arts in Education major in: Educational Management, Guidance and Counseling, Religious Education Undergraduate Courses: Bachelor of Elementary Education • Bachelor of Secondary Education • Bachelor of Physical Education College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Graduate Courses: Doctor of Philosophy in Language Education major in English • Master of Arts major in Filipino • Master of Arts in Teaching major in: English, Social Sciences Undergraduate Courses: AB Broadcast Journalism • AB Communication • AB Community Development major in Community Psychology • AB Development Studies • AB Philosophy • AB Political Science • AB Psychology College of Science (COS) Graduate Courses: Master of Science in Biology, Master of Arts major in Mathematics Undergraduate Courses: BS Applied Mathematics • BS Biology major in Human Biology • BS Computer Science • BS Information Technology • BS Physical Science • Associate in Computer Science (2yrs.) with specialization in: Internet Technology, CISCO Networking Technology College of Law Enforcement Administration & Public Safety (CLE) Undergraduate Courses: BS Criminology (Semestral) • BS Criminology (Trimester) College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CET) Undergraduate Courses: BS Architecture • BS Civil Engineering • BS Electrical Engineering • BS Electronics and Communications Engineering • BS Environmental and Sanitary Engineering • BS Industrial Engineering • BS Industrial Technology • BS Mechanical Engineering • Two-Year Certificate in: Automotive Technology, Computer Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology major in: Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics College of International Hospitality Management (CIH) Undergraduate Courses • BS Hotel and Restaurant Management • BS Tourism Management

Application for Admission
Student Admissions Office
Note: This portion is to be filled-out by the applicant. Use black ink. Write in print. No erasures. Place 2x2 colored picture here

Bring 1x1 identical photo for the Exam Permit



Entrance Category: Please check (
High School Graduate Transferee

) one
Second Course Taker

Course/s Applied for:
First Choice Second Choice Third Choice

Educational Background
Name of School Address Year Graduated

Name of School Address Year & Section Year Graduated

Tertiary/College (Transferees and Second Course Takers only)
Name of College/University Address If No, Semester/Summer and School Year last Attended Previous Course Have you ever enrolled in DLSU-D? Yes No Graduated Year Graduated Yes No

If Yes, Semester/Summer and School Year last attended Previous Course Student Number

Honors/Awards (Please include date and place)

Clubs, Societies and Other Organizations List names and addresses of all clubs, societies,
employee groups, or organizations (including membership in/or support of any organization having headquarters or branches in a foreign country). State your position and period of membership.
Name/Address Position

Period of Membership

Date of Birth Place of Birth Civil Status







Complete Home Address Complete Provincial Address Telephone Number/Mobile Phone Number E-mail Address

Family Background
Last name First Name Midle Name

Occupation Name of Employer/Business Mother
Last name

Citizenship Address

Educational Attainment Monthly Income

First Name

Midle Name

Occupation Name of Employer/Business

Citizenship Address

Educational Attainment Monthly Income

Person (most accessible) to be Notified in Case of Emergency
Name Address Signature of Applicant Date Relationship Telephone/Mobile Phone Number
Date of Entrance Exam: O.R. No: Room No: Encoded:

Recommendation Form
Note: This form may be filled up by any one of the following: Principal, Guidance Counselor, Adviser, or Discipline Officer. The original copy of the Certificate of Good Moral Character must be submitted on the day of the confirmation of application. This application form should be placed in a sealed envelope with the principal or guidance counselor’s signature over the flap.

Last Name Year & Section School Factor Academic Achievement Character and Attitude Overall Recommendation Strongly Recommended

First Name School Address


Recommended with Reservation

Not Recommended

Please check one: In the entire graduating class composed of _______ students, the applicant belongs to the: Top 10 Upper 25% Upper 40% Upper 50% Lower 50%

Other comments/observations:

Signature over Printed Name



Certificate of Enrollment and Good Moral Character
This is to certify that _______________________________ (Name of Student), ____________ (Year and Section) is a bonafide student of __________________________ (Name of School) for SY _______-_______. This further certifies that he/she has no pending case and has not been given any disciplinary action/s due to violation of any of the school policies. This certification is issued upon the request of the aforementioned student for whatever legal purpose it may serve him/her best. Issued on _________________ (date), at ____________ (city/municipality), ________________ (province), ______________ (country).

Signature over Printed Name

Not Valid Without Official Seal

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