Rashik Sifat


1. The story takes place while the man started talking about a dog in

Czechoslovakia. The story is mainly about world war. A dog of a lady reminds him the images of that awful situation. At this point of the story, man was introducing a dog, which has survived with him in ditch of World War. So I was clearly ensured that the story has begun.

2. The man had survived in world war; he lost his wife and sister during

that time. He was alone, tensed and out of place. He came to New York, because he had something to do with supplies for Underground in Czechoslovakia. 3. He was a physician and it was so respectable to him.

4. His wife got killed by German soldier during World War. She had died

on her husband’s arm and her husband couldn’t forget that moment. He had no part of his emotion after his wife’s death.
5. The man initially tried to scare the dog away. The Czech man was

trying to pass the message for underground silently and secretly. The dog was with him and it has possibility to growl, which could break the silence. If the patrol could hear the sound, that would make him trouble. That’s why he wanted to scare the dog away from him. 6. Her dog became enthusiastic to the Czech man, and it always wanted to be with him. The dog owner didn’t like it, that’s why the lady (dog owner) called the dog away from the man.
7. a. The Czech man got his chance to tell the story of his life to the Red

Cross woman when she invited him to her home. The man, hesitant, eventually spoke of the mental and physical battle that he went through in Czechoslovakia. He told the woman this because he felt that Americans did not live real life brutal experiences and since he felt they see freedom as a "careless dress",

Rashik Sifat commenting b. "The Czech Dog", the main character is brutalised and loses all his dignity. The Czech man becomes an isolated figure who is very withdrawn from others around him. This character decide to express his past experiences, the substantial damage of the experiences, and how he deal with love after such experiences, yet there is enough differences in these aforementioned areas that extract him unique, no one else can enter into it. c. War is awful to all human beings and it can destroy a peaceful world. During world war, German soldiers has seized Czechoslovakia and killed numerous numbers of innocent citizens. Even though they were innocent, they couldn’t do anything against German soldiers, because they were scared of German weapons. Only thing they could do, that was ‘hate’. d. The dog of the lady was acting like the dog of Czechoslovakia. Lady’s dog became a fan of the Czech man, like the Czech dog did on ditch during World War. The Czech man used metaphor on his quote to compare between lady’s dog and the dog of Czechoslovakia. He wanted to express that the dog of lady was behaving like the Czech dog. That’s why he said “of course, it was a Czech dog”.

8. The story is mainly about world war in Czechoslovakia. A Czech man

who has lost his wife and sister during that time. Before the war, the man was a physician, secure and well respected. But after war, everything has changed and he lost his respect, job and became helpless, revived and then kicked hour after hour. A Czech dog became his companion on trench during war. The dog was starved but manners were decent and innocent. The man and the dog was a companion to each other and they both were innocent. In this point they both were similar.

Rashik Sifat

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