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How to Defeat Islam and Radical Islam

A Conservative Christian Tired Of War Because of Stupid Democrats and





No Military Force: you will not and cannot defeat Islamic Fascist Ideology with
guns, drones or bombs.
Got to get rid of Political Correctness and start speaking out and confronting
Islamic nations on human rights abuses, towards Christians, Yezidis, The Druze
People, The Kurds and other Minorities.
Close all US bases in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain having US Soldiers on who the
Muslims call Infidels or Kufar near Islam's holiest sights is an offense to them and
this increases Recruitment into terrorism.
There spread lies, history and make up false claims we must conquer that with
real journalism and the truth and nothing but the truth.
We have to realize the battle with Islam cannot be a Military one and it is not a
military one but it is a Cultural one.
While entertainers, academics and pundits of a liberalized West are free to
criticize and impugn Christianity and Judaism, Islam is a No-Go Zone!!! While
Judaism and Christianity cannot be taught in schools of the liberal West, Islam
can be and is...! Muslim religious artifacts can be displayed, Muslim religion
taught and its holy books present, whereas those of other religions cannot. This
elevates Islam to a special status. It gives Muslims power over other religions and
they use that power to their whims! In a society, their own traditional religion is
mocked, Islam is held sacred.
Sheltering Islam from criticism or negative appraisals by the same comedians and
academics, who tear apart Judaism and Christianity, gives Islam a status of being
better than other religion? And this is exactly what Muslims want.

War on Terrorism Through Culture not Bombs and Bullets

We Must Fix Our American Culture and show the Muslim World that our culture is
better than theirs and this will drive them to jealousy and there will stop the
recruitment. This includes:
1. Ban on Abortion, must have respect for human life this goes a long way with
Muslims this is how you win their respect and when you have their respect there will
listen to you, when there listen to us you can tell them honor killing is wrong,
terrorism is wrong and so on.
2. Ban on Pornography, Sex Industry, Prostitution and degradation of women as we
see in the west in rap videos and on our TV screens again Muslims view Pornography
as one deadly sin and believe it or not the reason why there launch attacks against
America and Europe is because of this simple thing which is morally evil.
3. Ban of Alcohol either manufacture friendly alcohol beverages made from fruits
that will not make you drunk.
4. Ban on Cigarettes and Drug abuse and usage.
5. Going from the hadith of the Koran Muslims respect good values and good hygiene
teach this to American kids but teach them good values from the new testament bible,
teach good values and lessons from Jesus Christ, help the poor, feed the hungry, take
care of the sick and so on.
6. To Emphasize on the Sanctity of Human life in the Koran Verse 5:32 it says If
anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole
people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he
saved the life of the whole people. If we continue to kill our
children in the womb with Abortion and keep bombing Muslim nations we will always be
at war with Muslims, there will always want to attack America because for them it is a
duty to attack sinners
7. Stop all Foreign Aid and Escepially Military Aid to Islamic nations and also our
support of Saudi Arabia is another big recruitment tool for Islamic radicals, the Muslims
hate Saudi Arabia and the wine of her fornication which is the crude oil the kings of the
earth go into bed with her for.
If we do this few things we could eradicate terrorism in our life times before my
Almighty Saviour Jesus Christ comes back something I take no shame in Expressing
Behold he comes, riding on the clouds, shinning like the sun.

I mean if you want to continue on at war, go ahead by I want you to be the ones to
tell and look at that mother in the face on why youre sending her only son of to war,
look at that wife in the face why are you sending her husband of to die look into the
eyes of those military kids like me and explain why are you sending our daddies and
mummies of to war.

Average age of that typical Conservative All American Kid serving in our Military just
22 years old, My Lord says that kid should still be at Venice Beach hanging with girls
and picking up girls not in a coffin but what do I expect in 1973 democrats legalized
the killing of unborn children.

Hes Dead, There is no coming back from Death.

If you want to send young kids of to war, be prepared for its ramifications

Lastly you gotta understand there is only thing that can move a Kingdom or a nation