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Pathognomonic Signs:

1. PTB
low grade afternoon fever
rusty sputum.
wheezing on expiration.
4. EMPHYSEMA barrel chest.
5. KAWASAKI SYNDROME strawberry tongue
6. PERNICIOUS ANEMIA red beefy tongue
7. DOWN SYNDROME protruding tongue
8. CHOLERA rice watery stool.
9. MALARIA step ladder like fever with chills.
rose spots in abdomen.
11. DIPTHERIA pseudo membrane.
12. MEASLES koplick s spots
13. SLE
butterfly rashes.
spider like varices
15. LEPROSY lioning face
16. BOLIMIA chipmunk face.
17. APPENDICITIS rebound tenderness
18. DENGUE petichae or positive herman s sign.
19. MENINGITIS kernig s sign (leg pain), brudzinski sign (neck pain).
20. TETANY hypocalcemia (+) trousseu s sign or carpopedal spasm/ (+) chvostek sign
21. TETANUS risus sardonicus
22. PANCREATITIS cullen s sign (echymosis of umbilicus) / (+) grey turners spots.
23. PYLORIC STENOSIS olive like mass.
24. PDA
machine like murmur
bronze like skin pigmentation.
moon face appearance and buffalo hump.

AIDS opportunistic and malignant manifestations, T4 below 200/dl. (Opportuni

stic infection - infection that occurs because of a weakened immune system. Oppo
rtunistic infections are a particular danger for people with AIDS. The HIV virus
itself does not cause death, but the opportunistic infections that occur becaus
e of its effect on the immune system can.)
bloody mucoid stool.
Ascariasis vomiting, passing out of worm.
cheeselike discharge.
Chicken pox vesiculopopular lesions.
Cholera rice-watery stool.
Dengue/Hemorrhagic Fever Herman s sign. It appears on the upper and lower extr
emities, purplish or violaceous red with blanched areas about 1 cm or less in si
pseudomembrane, a localized inflammatory process; Grayish-white, l
eathery consistency.
Enterobiasis nocturnal itchiness.
Filariasis - Elephantiasis.
German Measles/Rubella
Forscheimer s spots, a mild enanthem of petechial lesio
Gonorrhea thick purulent discharge.
Herpes Zoster
lesions follow peripheral nerve pathway.
Leptospirosis orange eyes.
Malaria fever and chills.
Koplik s spots, little spots inside the mouth. The spots look
like a tiny grains of white sand, each surrounded by a red ring. They are found
especially on the inside of the cheek (the buccal mucosa) opposite the 1st and 2
nd upper molars.
Meningitis nucchal rigidity.

swollen parotid glands.
paroxysmal coughs ending with whoop.
Pneumonia rusty sputum.
Polio flaccid paralysis, weakness or paralysis and reduced muscle tone witho
ut other obvious cause (e.g., trauma).
Rabies hydrophobia, a morbid fear of water. Because of this name, many peopl
e think that rabies makes one afraid of water. In fact, this is not the case (al
though rabies does cause mental confusion of other kinds). The name hydrophobia
comes from the fact that animals and people with rabies get spasms in their thro
at muscles that are so painful that they cannot eat or drink, and so will refuse
water in spite of being very thirsty.
weeping itch.
Scarlet Fever
raspberry tongue.
Syphilis painless chancre or ulceration.
locked jaw or trismus.
Tuberculosis initially ASYMPTOMATIC.
Typhoid Fever
3 cardinal signs: ladderlike fever, rose spots, spleenomegaly
(enlargement of spleen beyond its normal size).
1. COPD ----------->Barrel-Chested
2. Pneumonia--------> Greenish Rusty Sputum
3. Pernicious Anemia------ -> Beefy Red Tongue (Schilling s Test)
4. Kawasaki Dse.---------> Strawberry Tongue
5. Malaria ---------. Stepladder Fever
6. Typhoid ---------> Rose Spot
7. Tetany ---------> Chvostek Sign (Muscle Twitching Face)
----------->Trosseau s Sign (Jerky Mov ts)
8. Pancreatitis ->Cullen Sign(Bluish discoloration preumbilical area)
9. Appendicitis-------->McBurney s Point (rebound tenderness)
-------------.> Rovsing Sign (RLQ pain w/ palpation in LLQ)
-------------> Psoas Sign(pain on lying down putting pressure on MB pt)
10. Thrombophlebitis --------> Homan s Sign
11. Hepatitis------------>Icteric Sclera (yellowish discoloration of sclera)
12. Meningitis----------->Burdzinski Sign (Pain on nape)
-------------> Karnig Sign (pain on leg/ knee area)
13. Pyloric Stenosis ---------> Olive-Shaped Mass
14. Hyperthyroidism -----------> Exopthalmus
15. Addison s Dse. ------------> Bronze-like skin
16. Cushing Syndrome----------> Buffalo Hump
17. Cholera ----------->Rice Watery Stool
18. SLE--------->Butterfly Rashes
19. Leprosy---------->Leoning Face (contracted face)
20. Bulimia Nervosa --------->Chipmunk Face
21. Liver Cirrhosis ---------> Spider Angioma
22. Asthma---------->Wheezing Inspiration
23. Hyperpituitarism ----------->CAROTENEMIA (Discoloration of skin)
------------------ >- XANTHAMIA
24. Down Syndrome-----------> Single Crease on Palm
25.TOF >Clubbing of Fingernails
>Ventricular Septal Defect
>Pulmonary Stenosis
>Overriding of Aorta
>Right Ventricular Hypertrophy
26. Cataract----------.>Blurry Vision / Hizzy Vision
27. Glucoma-------->Tunnel-like Vision
28. PTB------------------>Low grade fever in afternoon
29. Cholecystitis--------->Murphy s Sign (pain RUQ)
30. Myasthemia Gravis (MG) Ptosis (inability to open upper eyelids)
31. Dengue------------>Petechiae
32. Parkinson s Dse. - Pill Rolling Tremors

33. MI--------->Levine s Sign (Clutching of the chest)

34. Measles---------->Koplick s Spot