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Report of internship at JPCL Jamshoro Sindh.

Group members
Aftab Ahmed Khuhro (
Shahzeb Abbasi
Syed sohail Ahmed
Program:B.E Mechanical engineering.
Practical supervisor: Sir Abdul Wajid Mughul

First I would like to thank Dr Zeeshan, for giving us the
opportunity to do an internship within the organization. For us it
was a unique experience to be in thermal power station Jamshoro
and to study an interestingworking of plant. It also helped to get
back interest in research and to have new plans for our future

wewould like to thank all the people that worked at tps Jamshoro
with their patience and openness they created an enjoyable
working environment.
Furthermore we want to thank all the Engineers and workers,
with whom we did the fieldwork. We experienced great things
together At last but not least we would like to thank Sir Abdul
wajid for his kind guidance and help .He really made our work nice
and great.
1. Introduction about tpsjamshoro
2. Description of the internship
3. Internship activities
4. Reflection on internship
5. Conclusion
Within our study,we were interested in power plant engineering
specially steam power plant.It was great opportunity for us to do
an internship at tps Jamshoro. The internship was concentrated
on mechanical parts.At the beginning we all set our goals.During
several times visit to different units of plant and being involved in
different activities we tried to achieve our learning goals.The
objective was to study all mechanical parts thoroughly and to
know the reasons of failure of unit no 4.We also participated in

mechanical workshop there. Our supervisor helped us a lot in

making good relation with workers over there.
At last this internship has given us new insights and motivation to
prepare ourselves for our future career.So as we can work on our
own skills.After this we are feeling some motivation in our selves.

Jpcl i-e Jamshoro Power Company limited also known as tps
amshoro is one of the major electricity
electricity generating plants of our
country.It is located in district Jamshoro
Jamshoro 5 km north west of village
on the right bank of Indus river on mohrajabal
mohrajabal about 18 km from
center of Hyderabad.It is called thermal power plant because
steam is used as working fluid in the prime mover. Near
another plant is connected with tps,the
tps,the kotri gas turbine power
nt that uses gas as working fluid.
Tps Jamshoro has maximum
maximum capacity of producing 850 MW
.It consist of four generating units having the specifications
given below
Unit no
Fuel used
contractor Manufacture
Unit no 1 250
Furnace oil m/s electric m/s fuji

Unit no 2


Unit no 3
Unit no 4


and co
Gas and oil m/s CMEC
Gas and oil ======
Gas and oil ======

electric and
co japan
m/s harbine

Now a days unit number 4 is not working because the hydrogen

used for cooling of rotor of generator leaked inside and that
caused the serious damage to the generator. This unit is under
repair and soon it will be repaired. The tpsjamshoro produces
hydrogen gas for uses through its own plant situated nearby.
Description of internship
Mechanical Components :
(1)Boiler :
Boiler is major component of steam turbine power plant.It is
also called steam generator.It is the component which
generates the steam from water by transfereing heat of
combustion (of fuel) to water.This plant contains four boilers as
it has only four units.The type of boiler is water tube
boiler.(water circulates inside the tubes and furnace is below
these tubes.)
Specifications of boiler unit no 1:
Max evaporation=795,600kg/h
Steam max temp=540 C
Heating surface of SH and econmiser=17533
Furnace type=natural circulation pressurized furnace.

The turbine is prime mover ,it converts the kinetic energy of
steam into mechanical energy by rotating a shaft.There are
three types of turbine
(i)impulse (II) reaction (III) impulse reaction
The plant contains four impulse-reaction turbines with three
stages in each of them.First stage is HP turbine ,2nd stage is IP
turbine and 3rd stage is LP turbine.The stages are used to utilize
maximum amount of energy and convert it into useful work.

This component is heat exchanger and it converts steam
coming from turbine again into water and sends again into
boiler as feed water to again to be converted into steam.This
plant contains four condensers with their auxiliaries like CP.

(4)Feed water pump:

It is a device used to provide feed water coming from
condenser into boiler drum at a certain height and required
flow rate.The plant contains four feed water pump.FDP of unit
1 is centrifugal type and with power of 3800 kw,capacityof
485ton/hr and 1485rpm speed.Cooling system for pump such
as lubrication or water is also available to cool bearings and
rotating parts.

(5)Cooling tower:
The cooling tower is also called heat exchangers.These are
used to cool the hot water coming from condenser with help of
air and pump. This water also helps in cooling the pumps
bearings and other heated parts of plant.Hence this water is
circulated around the condenser and cooling tower.Cooling
towers contain number of fans that are used to suck air and
that air is passed around the tubes that contain the hot water.

(6)FD and ID fans:

These are electrically operated fans,used to force gaseous.FD
fan is used to force incoming air into furnace, travelling from
air pre heater while ID fan is used to obtain required draught.In
this power plant unit 1 contains only ID fan and all other units
contain both ID and FD fans (balanced draught).

Cause of failure of 4th unit generator.

We know hydrogen gas is used as lubricant to cool down the
rotor of generator.And tps jamshoro has its own plant to
produce hydrogen.That hydrogen leaked in the generator and
it caused a blast inside generator.And it was completely
damaged due to leakge of hydrogen as we know that hudrogen
can burnt as it is fuel of high calorific value.

Reflection On Internship:
It was such a nice experience dealing with professionals and
learning from their experience at thermal power station. We
have felt immense pleasure at our internship and were very
excited to know about different interesting procedures and the
all new equipments for us that we have seen here. We again
thanks a lot to our supervisor who has really committed
himself to us for our betterment. It was an experience which
we will never forget and it will help us in future achievements.

From our internship it is concluded that thermal power station
is a place of committed personals and staff, they are working
hard to keep plants in order and are always ready for any
incidence at any point in a plant. We tried our level best to
make our time useful to every possible limit and we will be
looking forward to make an impact on our future due to this

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