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Curriculum Vitae

Zahra Asgharpour
Zahra Asgharpour
Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH
Sachsstr.16 D-80850 Germany
Phone: (49) 176-82055602

 Advanced Computational Biomechanics
 Bone Fracture Analysis at Macroscopic Scale using FE Models
 Human Modeling and Simulation
 Injury Analysis using FE Models
 Concept Development for Preventing Injuries using FE Method

2012 - present : Project Engineer –Automotive Safety Technologies /AUDI AG
Coordinator of Occupant Safety activities using the Finite Element Human
Model (THUMS) for biomechanical Analysis and Assessment
 Further Development of the Finite Element Human Model (THUMS)
 Fracture Analysis of Skeletal System, Extremities and Thorax
 Development of Injury Scales for Human Head and Brain
 Development of Methods for Biomechanical Analysis of Human Models
 Active Cooperation with R&D Engineering Division at VW/AUDI /Porsche

2009 - 2012


PhD Student & Researcher in Human Biology and Biomechanics
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)/Faculty of Medicine
 Research Collaborations within the framework of the EU-Project-ROSETTA
 Numerical Simulation of Finite Element Human Models
 Development of Mathematical Models for Human Bones (Tibia, Femur)
 Validation of FE Human Models using Experimental Test Data
 Fracture Prediction of Bones and Human Skull using FE method
 Injury Risk Analysis of Traumatic Head and Brain Impacts
 Academic Cooperation with Strasbourg University, Biomechanics Laboratory

Patras. Tehran. Biomechanics Azad University.2003 : Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in Fluid Mechanics Khajeh Nassir Toosi University of Technology. IFSTTAR. France (2011)  Travel Grant Award of the 6th World Congress of Biomechanics. Iran  Research Topic: Modeling and Simulation of Mitral/Aortic Stenosis 1998 . Computational Mechanics Technical University of Munich (TUM)  Research Topic: Numerical Simulation of Flow Field around the Bridge Deck 2003 . Marseille. France 06/2011-10/2011 : Temporary Replacement as Project Leader of Biomechanics Group at LMU 03/2011-04/201 : Lecturer in Graduate Program – Car Body Design in Technical University of Munich 01/2010-10/2010 : Research Stay at Group of Biomechanics. Ranked 1st among of all alumni of the Biomechanics Program (2006) . Marseille. Science and Research Branch. Greece (2013)  Winner of Best Presentation Award at SIMBIO-M Conference. Germany 06/2007-02/2008 : Research Assistant at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) SUPERVISION OF MASTER STUDENT PROJECTS  Injury Risk Assessment of Human Long Bones Using Finite Element Method in Crash Applications by Emin Oguz Inci (02/2014)  Validation of THUMS-D Neck under Compressive Loads. (2003)  Outstanding Graduate Student . Munich.Curriculum Vitae Zahra Asgharpour ________________________________________________________________ 2006-2008 : International Master Program. Singapore (2010)  Doctoral Fellowship Grant of the EU-Project ROSETTA (2009-2012)  1st rank and the highest score in the Master entrance examination of Biomedical Engineering Department (out of 200 applicants). Tehran. Iran  Research Topic: A Study on Mathematical Modeling of Blood Flow in Arteries SCIENTIFIC AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES 11/2011-12/2011 : Academic Visit to the Laboratory of Biomechanics . 19th Congress of European Society of Biomechanics.Master Project in Cooperation with TUM HONORS AND AWARDS  Travel Grant Award from ESB Awards Committee. France 06/2008 -12/2008 : Master Thesis at Deutsche Bahn AG. Science and Research Branch.2006 : Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering. Azad University. Strasbourg University (IMFS).

Pages 16-23. Persian (Native). Application and Validation of Human Models for Crash Scenarios. PEER-REVIEWED CONFERENCE PUBLICATIONS 1. 2. Z. P. S. Graw. Asgharpour.Multicultural Skills  Language Skills (German. English. . D. LS-PrePost.RADIOSS. (236). Z. Fuerst. Greece. (2014). Journal of Forensic Science International.Full Professional Proficiency. Patras. Asgharpour. M. P. Z.Full Professional Proficiency. French -Elementary Proficiency) PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS & ROLES  European Society of Biomechanics: Active Member Since 2006  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomechanik: Active Member Since 2011  Iranian Society of Biomedical Engineers: Active Member Since 2005  Reviewer of Journal Biomechanics JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS 1. Animator)  Knowledge on Matlab & AutoCAD INTERPERSONAL SKILLS  Strong Communication Skills  Excellent Organizational Skills  Outstanding Presentation Skills  Global Outlook. Zioupos. Graw. The Validation and Application of a Finite Element Human Head Model for Frontal Skull Fracture Analysis. Development of a Strain Rate Dependent Material Model Human Cortical Bone for Forensic Applications. Pam-View. 109-116. Zioupos. Baumgartner. Peldschus. (33). S. P. PAM-CRASH. Asgharpour. Vol. Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. Willinger. August 2013. R. ANSYS)  Pre & Post Processing Software (Hyperworks. F.Curriculum Vitae Zahra Asgharpour ________________________________________________________________ SOFTWARE & ENGINEERING SKILLS  Expert in Biomechanics/ Trauma  Expert in Human Modeling & Simulation  Finite Element Analysis of Bone Fracture  Numerical FE Study of Skull & Brain Models  Fracture Prediction using FE Methods  Finite Element Explicit Solvers (LS-DYNA. M. Vol. 19th Congress of European Society of Biomechanics. (2014). Peldschus.

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med. Z. Simulation of Valvar Heart Disease in Combination of Two cases including Stenosis and Insufficiency. M. Navidbakhsh. Wolfgang Eisenmenger Head of Ethics Committee Institute of Legal Medicine.Curriculum Vitae Zahra Asgharpour ________________________________________________________________ 15. Cranfield University Asgharpour. IFMBE Proceeding Volume 12.uni-muenchen. Asgharpour. Peter Zioupos Vice President of the European Society of Biomechanics Reader in Biomechanics of Materials Department of Engineering and Applied Science. Seitz. Asgharpour. M. Prof. Effects of Excersie on Circulation with Heart Rate Fixed. Simulation of Pulmonary Edema in Mitral and Aortic Valvular Diseases. 2005. H. Navidbakhsh.eisenmenger@med. 16. 2005. REFERENCES Dr. Dr. . Proceeding of the 24th IASTED Conference on Biomedical Engineering. Z. 2006. IFMBE Proceeding Volume 12. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich wolfgang.zioupos@cranfield.