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Ph# 1-647-379-8579
81, Earlsdale Ave, Toronto, ON, M6C1L2


To work as a Content Curator at your establishment performing what best befits
your needs with my experiences and qualifications.


Certificate in Multimedia in Final Cut Period: 2001-2003
Pro, Sound Track Pro, Photoshop,

Animator Pro, 3D Studio Max, Director


Triple Diploma in Contemporary Music Selkirk College of Digital Media and
& Technology

Nelson, BC, Canada

Performance (Piano)
Period: 2006-2009
Audio Engineering
Composition (Film-Scoring)

Certificate in
School Of Audio Engineering (SAE)

Logic Pro
Australia, (S.A.E)
Pro Tools

Period: May 2008

Grade 8 Classical Piano
Royal College Of Music, London

Abudhabi, U.A.E.

Period: April 2006

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As a Music Branding Consultant at Prescriptive Music (Concord, ON)

Working with brands to design tailored music packages for their physical
spaces and beyond.
Involved designing, supervising and managing customized music branding
concepts for a number of notable brands and establishments including Hard
Rock Hotel & Casinos, Four Seasons Toronto, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar & Lounge
NYC, Samsung Electronics Canada, Toyota USA locations, Hilton Hotels &
Resorts, Real Mex Restaurants (US), Carl's Junior (Canada).
The job involved working closely with Major Labels, being able to perform
quality control on incoming audio and video content and staying current with
music trends and performing time-sensitive editing of audio tracks and cues.
I worked as part of a group of highly skilled programmers and teamwork was
an essential element.
I gained a lot of experience in providing our clients with a sonic identity that
cuts through the noise and reaches target customers.

As an Audio Engineer at Prescriptive Music (Concord, ON)

Audio Processing: Performing Dynamic processing on Audio from a
multitude of sources on a daily basis, using Digital Audio Workstations
employing Noise Reduction, Compression, Limiting, Bit-Rate conversion,
Equalization, normalization, thus creating a relative uniformity in peak
levels, so as to suit the requirement of the industry standard.
Video editing using Virtual Dub, Adobe Premier and Vegas
Co-ordinate the work with other audio technicians to ensure integrity and
completion of work.

As an Assistant Audio Engineer at Canterbury Music Company
Worked as a Pro Tools Engineer.
Tracking, Editing and Mixing
Setting up of Microphones for big ensembles
Troubleshooting Studio Tech

As Teaching Assistant for the Audio Production Program at School Of Audio
Engineering (SAE) (Chennai Campus)

Responsible for troubleshooting technical difficulties in studio signal flow,
hardware and software.
Preparing course material and mentoring students.
Editing and recording audio.

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As Audio Post-Production Engineer/ Music Composer in MT2 (Dubai)

Responsible for Sound Design and Composition.
SFX, Foley and Ambience
Music editing and arrangement
Post production linear audio editing and mixing for promotional videos (in-
house and user-facing)


Music Curating
Sonic Branding Solutions
Music Composition & Production
ADR and Voice Over Recording
Editing, Mixing & Mastering
Casting & Voice Direction
Sound Effects Design, Foley Performing and Editing
Leadership and Project Management
Performance Capture Audio Supervision.


Chief Audio/ Video Editor, Prescriptive Music
Toronto, ON

Brian A Osuszek
Director Of Communications, Prescriptive Music
Toronto, ON

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