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PMK Founder Dr. S. Ramadoss Statement


The Supreme Court has admitted Karnatakas appeal against the release of Jayalalithaa in the
disproportionate assets case. At the same time Tamil Nadu government is showing a documentary
named Dharmam Vellum celebrating the release of Jayalalithaa from the disproportionate assets
case made by its films division, in all theatres.
The documentary informs the public that the disproportionate assets case foisted on Jayalalithaa was
a false case filed on political vendetta and the release of Jayalalithaa is victory of justice. Everyone
knows the circumstances under which Jayalalithaa was released and the controversies surrounding
the judgement of the Karnataka High Courts special judge Justice Kumarasamy. The basis for her
release was accounting her illegal gift receipts and income shown through fake subscriptions to
Namadhu MGR dailyas income receipts and underestimating Jayalalithaas expenses and assets.
In a daring wrong miscalculation her income receipts were totalled as Rs. 24.67 crores instead of Rs.
10.67 crores and the Jayalalithaa and her associates were let to escape using this loophole. Even after
bending justice to this extent her release was not assured. The judgement went further and cited a
Supreme Court judgement wherein excess income up to 10% may be exempted and a Andhra Pradesh
government circular permitting 20% excess of unaccounted assets for government employees as
acceptable, to justify Jayalalithaas release. The judgement is vehemently condemned by legal
luminaries. It is hoped the Supreme Court judgement would rectify this mistake after its deliberations.
In these circumstances it is a mockery that Jayalalithaa is engaged in self-praise through a government
documentary. It is highly condemnable.
In a way this documentary is against the government itself. It is the Tamil Nadu governments Directorate
of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption that filed the case against Jayalalithaa. Commenting the foisting of
case against Jayalalithaa amounts to condemning the government itself. So to praise Jayalalithaa a
documentary is made to degrading the Government itself.

Even if you set aside the debate whether Jayalalithaas release is correct or wrong, still the release of
such a documentary about Jayalalithaa in public money is not acceptable. The disproportionate case
foisted on Jayalalithaa and her release are entirely her personal matters. They are not government
affairs. When the Government has so many matters to propagate and educate the people of Tamil
Nadu, spending its money to fawn Jayalalithaa is a betrayal of the people of Tamil Nadu.
Hence the documentary Dharmam Vellum should be taken off from the theatres immediately. The
Governor of Tamil Nadu should initiate measures to collect the cost of making the film and the cost of
showing it in cinemas from Jayalalithaa.

(Dr. S.Ramadoss)